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Temco速 Nip Roller Units

Nip Roller Units Daytex® cots and Temco® Nip Roller Bearings

Modern false twist texturing (DTY) machines are equipped with up to 4 nip roll feeds per texturing position. Nip roller units have a main impact on the drawing process and therefore a direct influence on the quality of the textured yarn.

Key Benefits The Nip Roller Unit consisting of a Temco® Nip Roller Bearing and a Daytex® Cot is synonymous for: - Up to 50% energy savings compared to a conventional nip roller - Outstanding bearing quality for long life time without relubrication - Perfect operation based on integrated vibration absorber and gimbal-mounting - Extended unit life time - Engineered and produced in Germany

To insure perfect texturing results nip roller units need to feature following characteristics: - Vibration free smooth running with low bearing friction - Secure grip without any yarn That means a huge savings potential slippage on manufacturing costs and increas- Cots and bearings designed ing profits for the user. for high speed operation up to Immense energy saving 1,500 m/min - Long service life of bearing Rising energy costs nowadays have and cot a wide influence on your production costs. Nip Roller Units ensure a dramatic reduction of power consumption and maximize your competitiveness.

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Daytex cots are made to meet the highest quality and service demands Features of the cots The safe clamping of the yarn is a guaranty for a longer durability of the Daytex® Cot. High surface friction guarantees an excellent yarn fixing. No yarn faults caused by slippage – improved production quality. High resistance to spin finish and abrasion to avoid a groove building on the cot surfaces. Close tolerances and characteristics provide uniform excellent results on every position of the texturing machine. Optimized Cot Material The novel rubber compound of the cot 121 (black) is slightly softer, compared to the existing cot it shows a higher abrasion resistance.

Types of Nip Roller Units Nip Roller Units are available for all current texturing machines. Due to the different constructions from e.g. the connection pin diameters of the Temco® Nip Roller Bearing and the varying diameters of the Daytex® Cots, we recommend to contact us for the specification of the type matching to your demands. There are two types of Daytex® Cots: Pressfit and Springloc. Pressfit cots consist of an aluminum core and virtually tension free rubber. This guarantees constant results during the whole life cycle. Springloc cots consist of an elastic core and are used when it is not possible to use pressfit cots because of limited space. There are two different rubber compounds available: besides the time-proven type S-880 (red color and 72 ShoreA hardness) the new development type 121 (black color and 70 ShoreA hardness).


Bearing Bearing LR4535-10

Niproller LR7035-10.S.301P LR7035-10.B.301P LR6534-10.S.301P LR6534-10.B.301P LR7035-10.B.621S LR7035-10.S.621S

Niproller Mach.Type Barmag Barmag Barmag Barmag Barmag Barmag Barmag


A 45

50,8 LR6538-10.B.334S LR6538-10.S.334S LR6438-10.B.624S LR6438-10.S.624S

Scragg Scragg Scragg Scragg

B 35



70 70 65 65 70 70

35 35 34 34 35 35

65 65 64 64

38 38 38 38


E 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 10 10 10 10 10

F 62 62 62 62 62 62 62 51 51 51 51 51

G 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 17,5 17,5 17,5 17,5 17,5

S = Springloc, P = Pressfit S = type S-880 (red color and 72 ShoreA hardness) B = type 121 (black color and 70 ShoreA hardness)

Reduction of Power Consumption

Cost Saving Potential

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Temco ® Nip Roller Units