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Tangling jets Temco LD4 LD4 for high BCF installations up to 7,000 m/min Temco know how in tangling for BCF yarns Since market launch of the new jet generation LD32 for BCF yarns as well as for industrial yarns, nearly 3,000 BCF installations have been equipped with these jets in one-, two-, three- or four-thread design. Thanks to universally exchangeable ceramic inserts for various yarns and titers, yarn speeds could be raised up to 3,500 m/min, which means an increase of 50% with regard to conventional jets.

Easy change of yarn running direction by turning insert support and cover by 180 degrees. Includes quick change set for insert

Tangling jets LD4 for new high speed BCF installations The new LD4, which incorporates the jobproven engineering and technology of the LD2 jet, has especially been designed for the new high-duty BCF installations, can however also operate on other machines, such as for instance for processing CF-, POY-, FDY- and HOY-yarns: Titer ranges up to dtex 10,000. Thanks to the tandem layout of the LD4 (patentee Temco) it is possible to optimize the tangling effect, even at highest yarn speeds.

Production increase: 50% Yarn speeds up to 7,000 m/min can be achieved depending on the yarn, titer and requirements placed on the tangling quality: This results in a further increase of approx. 50% with regard to the LD32 profiting from the mechanical speeds of the new BCF installations. Having an amortization time of scarcely 6 months, the LD4 jets offer a most interesting costeffective investment. In future OEM and end user need spinning air jets for speed up to 7,000 m/min. The LD4 tandem air jet has been developed for such high speed. - Production speeds up to 7,000 m/min for standard titer PA 1100 dtex

Tangling jet LD4 in tandem design for BCF yarn, speeds up to 7,000 m/min

Progression of yarn speeds on processing BCF yarns

Advantages of the LD4: ready at hand - Application fields: High efficiency BCF installations and installations for other industrial yarns - Yarn/titer: BCF-, CF-, POY-, FDY- and glass fibre HOY yarns: up to dtex 10,000 - Yarn speeds: up to 7,000 m/min

- Very good tangling quality with high knot-number and uniformity - Low air consumption - Interchangeable ceramic inserts (depending on titer) - Long service life of ceramic inserts - Small amortization period below 6 months

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Tangling jets Temco LD4 Identification LD4

Air consumption LD4 per yarn position

*Point of reference T = 293°K = 20°C = 68°F DIN 1343

Range of jet types for LD4 Tandem

Regular interlacing and high interlacing density up to 4000 m/min

Count range [dtex] Denier in jet Typical range Limits of application LD4 LD4.01 LD4.02 LD4.03 LD4.04 LD4.05 LD4.06 LD4.07

Jet insert No. LE11.05 LE11.06 LE11.07 LE11.08 LE11.09 LE11.33 LE11.34

dtex (den = 0,9dtex)



1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 5000 6000

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Advantages of the LD4: ready at hand - Application fields: High efficiency BCF installations and installations for other industrial yarns -...