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Impact FX

No loss of compact power


Impact FX No loss of compact power Why the compact power may never drop Textile professionals can tell the quality of compact yarn by the very low hairiness. For this purpose, an airflow is created during the spinning to tie up the fibres into the yarn. The power of this airflow, the compact power, is crucial. Only if there is no loss in compact power the fibres can be continuously tied up. With fading compact power, the spun yarn will loose its compact characteristics – slowly and unnoticed. Impact FX will protect you from compact power loss. Only Impact FX guarantees compact power without loss With Impact FX by Oerlikon Schlafhorst, you have the most intelligent system available on the market at your disposal. Only Impact FX – is automatically self-cleaning – has an aerodynamically optimised design – comes with a separate, regulated vacuum unit.





With these advantages, Impact FX produces exactly the compact yarn you require – metre for metre and cop for cop.





ER Ensure full compact power with Impact FX. Its superior and unique design avoids the loss of compact power.

Produce superb compact yarn as easily as normal ring spun yarn – with Impact FX.


Zinser 351 Impact FX New: The world’s longest compact spinning machine Perfect compacting on 1680 spindles Oerlikon Schlafhorst offers the longest compact spinning machine in the world: 1680 spindles are ready for duty. Impact FX makes it possible.

Compact spinning in a new dimension: The new Zinser 351 Impact FX is the most productive

More length with no loss of compact power Impact FX ensures the full compact power, even with 1680 spindles. This means compact spinning with highest cost efficiency at best floor space utilisation. Along with the certainty that every metre spun results in optimally compacted yarn.

compact spinning technology you can

This speaks in favour of the Zinser 351 Impact FX The Zinser 351 Impact FX gives you innovative, state-of-the-art technology by Oerlikon Schlafhorst. Let our technological lead work to your competitive advantage in the market.

get to date.

The aerodynamically optimised suction tube ensures the precise air guidance – essential for super-long machines.


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Impact FX is automatically self-cleaning No more regular inspections »Uncloggable« is the most beneficial innovative solution Impact FX is the only compacting system that automatically cleans itself. This is accomplished by innovative solutions in the design of the apron and the material chosen for the unit. Because its holes for the airflow – and thus for the compact power – are »uncloggable«. Intelligent fulling effect The fulling effect at the apron’s deflecting points alters the diameter of the apron’s holes. Dirt particles and fibre fragments can not accumulate within these openings.

... they are immediately sucked off

The apron stays clean taking advantage of the fulling effect

Dirt particles can not accumulate within the holes ...

What you can gladly do without By contrast, other systems clog up, for example when using a fixed drum. Here, the dirt particles are virtually driven into the openings. Both compact power and yarn quality deteriorate. This requires constant checks and shut-downs for cleaning. Impact FX: No loss of compact power – automatically With Impact FX you can forget regular inspection tours and machine breakdowns. The intelligent system produces constant compact quality automatically – metre for metre, spindle after spindle, lot upon lot.

Impact FX with its self-cleaning fulling effect saves personnel-intensive inspections and production downtimes due to cleaning.

Impact FX provides a straight airflow You can do without dirt traps and machine standstills Unrivalled: the perfect aerodynamics With Impact FX, the air flows through the system in a straight line. There are no concealed bends, corners or edges. No corners, no dirt, no clogging – instead, simply a consistent compact quality. Nobody else in the market offers this advantage. Production downtimes for quality control? Not with Impact FX The machines of our competitors stand still time and again because of the way they are designed. Poorly shaped air ducts create turbulence and allow dirt to build up. The compact power and thus the compact quality continuously drops. Therefore, production requires constant, intense monitoring and maintenance by staff – even requiring ‘emergency stops’ for quality control! An enormous loss of production which is unfortunately necessary with other systems. Automatically safe without manpower requirements In contrast, Impact FX works in a way one would expect from an intelligent and well-engineered technology: reliable, efficient and quality assured. With Impact FX, you choose full compact power and automatically consistent compact quality.

Straight air flow

Perfect aerodynamics: The direct airflow picks up all the particles along the way. Impact FX never clogs up and never looses compact power – automatically and without additional manpower.

Impact FX has a separate vacuum unit Avoid conflicting air flows Independent on principle Unlike other systems, Impact FX has a separate regulated vacuum unit. Thus the full compact power is available at all times – because the compact power can not be “absorbed” by the yarn breakage collector.

Compacting with Impact FX

Advantageous in design Other systems often have only one vacuum aggregate to supply both the yarn breakage suction and the compacting units. This will at times let the compacting underpressure drop considerably below the optimum. The negative consequences: – strong variances in the compact yarn quality – more yarn breaks.

Impact FX vacuum unit

Yarn breakage suction box Yarn breakage collector Yarn breakage suction

Impact FX in contrast always compacts with the perfect amount of underpressure and thus with the full compact power. Down-the-line compact vacuum With Impact FX, you can adjust the underpressure without compromise to achieve the desired quality. The detachment from the yarn breakage suction makes it possible. Absolute yarn consistency, spindle for spindle Using a regulator circuit with a vacuum sensor and frequency-regulated motor, Impact FX keeps the compact underpressure precisely at the specified level.

Uncompromising and precise: A separate, regulated vacuum unit gives the Impact FX its constant compact power. The yarn breakage suction and the fill level of the yarn breakage bin have no influence on the compact quality.

Free choice of material Impact FX lets you adapt to all materials Compact spinning of the entire raw material range Top compact quality in all yarn counts, from denim to fine yarn: With Impact FX, you have complete freedom in choosing a material. All the important types of fibres and their blends can be processed to create all the essential ring spinning qualities and yarn counts. Precise characteristics for your compact yarns through individual adjustments With Impact FX you can spin exactly the compact yarn you desire: Specify the overfeed unit-wide and adjust the compacting individually according to the raw materials. Furthermore, you can spin any raw material using the precisely adjustable separate compact vacuum and thus adapt to the “compacting willingness” of different fibres. The setting is centrally and conveniently managed via the EasySpin touchscreen. Yarn Engineering – adjustable yarn structure, new textile products With Impact FX you can achieve exactly the yarn characteristics you need. You can specify character and structure of the compact yarn and fine-tune it for the intended use. Impact FX offers you all the possibilities of yarn engineering – break into new markets with innovative textile products.


No loss of compact power EN M P A O C Only Impact FX guarantees compact power without loss With Impact FX by Oerlikon Schlafhorst, you have...

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