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Creating Textile Values.

Saurer is at home around the world. Our roots are in Switzerland and Germany. Our factories, offices and people are near you. Investors can buy our shares on the Swiss Stock Exchange. Our company serves customers everywhere in two major sectors. Saurer Textile Solutions provides top-quality answers to the challenges of fiber and thread manufacturing. Saurer Transmission Systems – Graziano Trasmissioni – is a premier supplier of transmissions, components and systems for sports cars, agricultural, earth-moving and special vehicles. This brochure is about Saurer Textile Solutions.

Imagine the staple fiber business. Imagine a machine that would produce more. And then imagine one even better. The Schlafhorst Autocoro 360 has 360 spinning positions and a production speed of up to 300 m/min. They make it the most productive rotor spinning machine in the world. Choose a Saurer original, and you’ll find imagination really works.

Saurer is the world market leader for full-service solutions in textile machinery, and constantly sets new benchmarks for efficient textile production.

Saurer unites a group of leading brands: Barmag, Neumag, Schlafhorst, Zinser, Allma, Volkmann and Melco. Together, they provide products and services that play key roles along the textile value chain. Our aim is clear, and a challenge we enjoy daily: to give our customers a decisive edge over their competitors. We do that by combining the best in technological skills with the finest in customer care. Saurer is the world market leader for an extensive range of yarn manufacturing equipment. The fabric of that leadership draws on a variety of threads. The first of these is our breadth. Saurer offers the widest range of goods and services in textile machinery – around the world and around the clock. Another leadership thread comes with our technological breakthroughs. Saurer employees listen to customers’ needs. And then generate the innovations to meet them. Leading the field also means pulling together what we do best. Saurer looks beyond components to solutions. Sometimes that solution will be a single machine, sometimes an equipment combination. Increasingly, it’s all-in provision of turn-key facilities.

Whether it’s a single machine or a Total Solution, Saurer puts innovation first. That requires knowledge and experience. It also needs room for people to take a new look at established ideas. Permanent innovation is one of the three pillars on which we build our full-service solutions. The other two are good economics and respect. Innovation means setting yardsticks. Together with you, our customers, Saurer aims to shape the future of textiles. So we look ahead, anticipate trends and needs. We provide new impulses, and deliver the ideal solution. Together, we find what is right for your business, and make it happen. Fast. Because leading into tomorrow means being ready today. Economics is a science. Saurer provides machines that run faster, safer and longer. That saves you money all the way. And our plants produce top quality. Which earns you money, again and again. Our solutions make better business sense allround, and prove the true meaning of payback and return on investment. Respect is an art. We listen to our customers, and turn their needs into their success. We respect our partners’ varied views, and those of our employees. Saurer recruits service staff and management locally. Together, we excel in multicultural teams. We keep an open mind. We encourage, train and trust. Welcome to the world of Saurer.


Heinrich Fischer CEO and Board Delegate

Dr Dirk Burger CEO Twisting Systems

John Cundill CEO Rotor Spinning Systems

Dr Jürg Henz CEO Embroidery Systems

Hansjörg Jaussi Human Resources

Heinz Kamp CEO Ring Spinning Systems

Klaus Karrasch CEO Texturing Systems

Stefan Kross Chief Technology Officer

Gerard Küsters CEO Winding Systems

Claus-Ulrich Mai CFO Saurer Textile Solutions

Jan-Markus Röttgering Chief Commercial Officer

Josef Steiger Market Development

Martin Stillger CEO Spinning Systems

Dr Carsten Voigtländer CEO Neumag

Peter Stiefenhofer CFO Saurer


Neumag. Our word for nonwovens. And one of our words for customer benefits. The Neumag Spunbond Solution Center takes the guesswork out of testing. Saurer customers can use it to check product characteristics and process settings on a fully equipped spunbond plant.

Innovation. Setting Benchmarks. Technology Centers.

Saurer is an innovation and technology leader. We create the textile future. With know-how and creativity we continue to accompany customers into new fields of activity. Saurer sees its employees and its customers as the source of innovation. Together, we set the pace in the world of textiles.

Around the world, Saurer Technology Centers help customers take their applications further. Our labs provide the very best answers to textile technology questions. First-class staff uses top equipment to test the properties of raw materials, yarn and fabrics. Our doors are open, right now.

Speed to market. Market trends continue to change. Saurer teams up with customers to anticipate their future needs. And then proves best at meeting them. Saurer also looks beyond, to the requirements of our customers’ customers, and of textiles’ end users. We invest around EUR 70 million per year in research and development. That represents about 6 percent of sales.

launch and follow-up. Success requires teams as mixed as the tasks. Marketing, sales, development, manufacturing and service work together across disciplines. Their interplay generates solutions for tomorrow. Today. All from one partner. Innovative machines and units are just part of the story, however. Total Solutions are another. Total Solutions take a big weight off customers’ minds. Our one-stop shop covers everything from finance through to turn-key plants. Top machinery, comprehensive process skills, professional advice and service are all in the package. With Total Solutions, technology and support go hand in hand – for results in a class of their own.

In today’s markets, action has to match local needs, not central planning. Saurer achieves the crucial speed between idea and installation. Winning the race from“brain to market”guarantees maximum customer benefit. Saurer views the creation of new products as a path to smarter solutions. Product development spans the whole process from customer need to

Why doing less produces more. Let us suppose that Saurer found a way to save long-staple yarn producers three process stages. Let us suppose that this could almost halve costs. And


cut waste by 80 percent. Well, Saurer has. The WinPro spinning / twisting process represents a massive leap forward. Our new system feeds flanged bobbins directly from WinSpin to WinTwist. The

2005 2004 2003 2002 Highlights. 2001

Nonwovens Neumag

Neumag enters the nonwovens segment and the next Saurer breakthroughs are just about to come.

i-QOON Barmag

The i-QOON 20 ends technology consists of ultraproductive winding heads and outnumbers again existing technology limits in POY and FDY processes.

Styleguide Saurer

Saurer Software Solutions’ styleguide marks the launch of a unique multi-product user interface with smoother operations both on the machine and plant levels and maximum transparency.

VGT 10 Volkmann

The new GlassTwister VGT 10 conquers the demanding fiberglass segment with high-quality glass yarn packages up to 10 kg due to precise ring rail guiding and flexible programming.

WinPro Spinning/ twisting system Saurer

WinPro revolutionizes the long-staple spinning/ twisting process with a new technology which eliminates 3 process stages.

Autocoro 360 Schlafhorst

Autocoro, the most successful automatic rotor spinning machine for over a quarter of a century. The new generation 360 again sets benchmarks with the individual control Corobox SE12, integrated fancy yarn unit Fancynation, and digital yarn clearer Corolab XQ.

BCF plant generation S5 Neumag

A new dimension in carpet plant design: The next step in quality and productivity through customization of the S5 modules.

MPS Barmag

MPS – Multipurpose Superflex – the only automatic, fully modular texturing machine makes any processing of specialities possible: PET, PA, PP, PPT.

Autoconer 338 with FX series Schlafhorst

Autoconer – the synonym for winding machines worldwide. With the FX series it provides precision package quality with never reached yarn length control for any yarn-specific application.

CompACT3 Zinser

Equivalent to flexibility, reliability and profitability – the decisive factors in compact spinning. Solely this technology can process all important raw materials for all significant ring yarn counts – in cotton and worsted ring spinning.


The first completely modular single- and multihead embroidery machine in the world. Operators can vary the configurations in seconds.

result: no steaming of the spinning cops, no winding, and no doubling. That means extremely rapid production. Here are the numbers: a WinSpin with 48 spinning positions produces 1,200 kg of Nm 56/4

knitting yarn every three-shift day. Two- or four-fold yarns come out at 250 m/min. Lower staff and energy costs help cut the overall bill by as much as 50 percent. Quality remains outstanding.


Economics. Creating Value. Market presence. Leadership is also a question of reachability. Wherever you are, Saurer is likely to be on call nearby. The USA, China, India and Turkey are just four of the more than 120 countries in which we currently serve customers. Saurer has over 10,000 customers worldwide. Turnover of the textile division is some EUR 1.3 billion a year. 70 percent of that come from Asia, with the lion’s share in China. Europe and America account for about 15 percent each.

Keeping business running and running. Saurer solutions make real business sense. Because we put quality and productivity first. Leading-edge technology generates top output quality in every market. Quality that our customers’ customers see, feel and measure. And buy. Our machines are highly reliable. Every single one runs exactly as it should. Our machines get on with the job, with a maximum of efficiency. Better still, they carry on doing so. So downtimes stay low, and productivity stays high. Day in, day out, Saurer defines the true meaning of profit, payback and return on investment. Tailoring service to needs. Services need to be available worldwide to cut downtimes to a minimum. As ours do. Customers have permanent access to a skilled service partner. So rapid response to every need and question is always guaranteed. Saurer Service Centers are based in our major markets. The Centers combine all our Business Units’ main service areas under one roof: technology expertise, original parts, repairs and rapid delivery. And when customers call, they find that local Center engineers speak their language.

From winding to winning. Saurer provides whatever each customer needs. Product development takes two main routes: One is direct partnership for customized solutions to current local challenges. The other is creating the answers today to the questions of


Backing the original parts service is our modern e-commerce system SECOS. This turns online requests into precise and rapid delivery. It also provides a comprehensive overview of modernization and conversion options. So where Saurer machines are installed, they can easily keep pace with change. Doing what counts and pays. If it doesn’t help customers, we don’t do it. That straightforward attitude ensures maximum efficiency in every area. We put major emphasis on local decisions. That speeds up development, keeps structures lean, and puts the answers where our customers are. Total commitment to customer benefit makes Saurer a reliable long-term partner. Strong Business Units and their ability for teamwork offer synergies that make real business sense. Saurer aims for sustainable value and profitable growth. Commitment to your growth is commitment to ours. Which is all very good news – for customers, investors and employees alike.

tomorrow. So we also develop fundamental innovations based on our observations in the market. The man-made fiber market is highly cyclical and fiercely competitive. So one of Saurer’s tasks is to help yarn manufacturers keep production costs as low as possible.


Market volume in EUR million

Zinser Schlafhorst Schlafhorst Neumag

350–650 350–500 250–550 150–300

10–40 % 35 % 65 % 40 %

2,1 1,2 1 1

Rieter, Toyoda, Cognetex Murata, Savio Rieter, Savio Zimmer

Barmag Neumag Barmag

450–700 50–100 250–500

40 % 75 % 35 %

1 1 1

TMT, Rieter Rieter, Filteco TMT

Allma, Saurer, Volkmann


30 %


Murata, Rieter, Leewa, Savio

Saurer, Melco


50 %


Lässer, Tajima, Barudan



10–50 %


Reifenhäuser, Dilo, NSC

Textile Market Position. Staple fiber process Ring spinning Winding Automatic rotor spinning Synthetic staple fiber Filament process Filament spinning Filament spinning (carpet yarn) Texturing Twisting Twisting, cabling Embroidery Embroidery Nonwovens Airlaid /spunbond /carded

Market Saurer share position

Main competitors

*excl. multi-head

Barmag engineers teamed up with a customer to develop the next generation of ACW and i-QOON winders. The objective was to raise productivity. The team achieved this by increasing the number of threads per winding position from 12 to 20. Quality require-

ments and physical yarn properties had to remain at the highest level – and did so. Put another way: A customer needed a solution tailored to the demands of his high-speed spinning operations. And Barmag provided exactly that!


Respect. Partnering Progress.

We take responsibilities seriously. The world may not really be a village. But this morning’s e-mail to India can provide the information for an afternoon call to Brazil. Saurer feels very much at home in global society. A role there is a privilege. But with it come duties. Saurer takes its responsibility for people and the environment very seriously. Our key to responsibility is respect. The respect for people’s needs. We listen to what others feel and want, and what moves them. The respect of open-mindedness means welcoming alternative

approaches, and being receptive to good ideas. Respect for those who trust us translates into transparency. And our respect for the environment keeps us constantly on the watch for sustainable solutions that protect it. Saurer partners for customer wins. Saurer defines successful partnering as providing the top technology that enables its customers to win. Respect for clients means raising their quality and productivity – and continuing to serve them professionally long after a product has left our works. The textile markets change daily. We have to keep pace so that our customers can. We help them

Problem-solving benefits us both: A customer kept having difficulties with a new series of Volkmann twisting machines, even though Saurer had taken all the operators through standard train-


ing. It turned out that the step from conventional hand controls to process automation had left staff behind. So Saurer and a group of customers developed a special training program. Operators learnt

The cultural fabric.

with skills enhancement. Our Training Centers provide courses tailored to individual company needs. Special Customer Days offer additional information in major markets. Skills are one part of winning. Facts and statistics are also crucial. Saurer helps customers take the right decisions. One tool for this is “The Fiber Year.” This publication examines international market structures, analyzes developments, and highlights current trends. Talents need to breathe. Every individual has particular talents. Making the most of them requires the chance to open up, talk things through, and apply creativity. Respect is crucial here. Respect for different educational, cultural and professional backgrounds. For people’s varying aims in life. And their rich range of skills. Best of all is combining the various capabilities. Saurer employees have a whole host of different strengths. Saurer succeeds because they perform as a team. Throughout the working environment, Saurer takes leadership to heart. So we encourage our

how to use the diagnosis facilities to maximum advantage and deal with any disruptions as fast as possible. The extra training was a resounding success. Saurer and the customer benefited mutually.

employees to show it, help them develop it, and give them the opportunities to grow with it. Here, too, special training is important. The Saurer Academy provides courses for staff in all our Business Units. The“Saurer CAMPUS”program identifies and stimulates high potentials across the company. Participants can call on experienced managers as their dedicated mentors. Teaming up for excellence. For Saurer, partnerships are founded on trust, and built to last. As well as with customers, we also work closely with suppliers. Everybody involved contributes particular strengths, and profits from the synergies of pulling together. For example: Saurer linked up with a group of suppliers to define quality control processes. With precisely the right goods leaving their plants, we were able to save the cost of double-checking on arrival at ours.

In the world of textiles, every type of thread in every color has a role to play. What counts is the combination. Saurer applies that principle to staffing. We systematically bring together ideal mixtures of people. Employees identify closely with the company, and are highly motivated to perform. We put major emphasis on local recruiting. That applies to our service teams, for example. It also applies to management, around the world.

Saurer works worldwide, through our own employees and company agents. These local partners know their markets and customers’ needs. Saurer gives them all the freedom and support they need to guarantee first-class service. Respect, tolerance and trust keep partnerships on track for excellence.

We trained operators, and they gave us great suggestions for the next generation of machine controls. Which is what we both call a win-win situation.


8,000 meters per minute. That is 480 km per hour, which is 50 % faster than a Formula One racing car. Add 240 kilos of filament yarn per doff, and you’ve got a very special kind of benchmark. This kind of technological achievement has made Barmag the number one supplier of filament spinning solutions.

Total Solutions. Providing all-in answers.

Turn-key plants. Saurer can take a weight off your mind. We offer all the services that turn plants from an idea to fully finished reality. No need to hunt around for separate planners and installation engineers. In addition to our other services, we take entire production lines all the way from drawing board to commissioning. So whether you are expanding or starting up, turn-key solutions can open some interesting doors. With one company as your partner all the way.


Saurer Total Solutions provide leading equipment, process know-how and comprehensive value services. Total Solutions support customers from the first business idea through to plant operation, and on to successful marketing of the products. All the elements of each Total Solution come from one company. Customers can order entire textile plants wherever they decide. Like the one an Egyptian entrepreneur recently wanted in the desert.

SECOS. Saurer customers expect reliable perfection, year in, year out. When they order a spare part, they want it fast. SECOS gets what is needed to where it’s needed, when it’s needed. The Saurer e-commerce system is available 24 hours a day. So customers have constant online access to up-to-date data and ordering facilities. SECOS also helps with upgrade and conversion information. provides the clicks for the fix.

Leading Equipment. The heart of a Total Solution is Leading Equipment. Saurer provides innovative machines, components and units that make real business sense. The very latest generation of equipment gives customers the best in quality and economic production of fibers, yarns and nonwovens. Process Solutions. Process Solutions turn machines into teams. They integrate production processes and match every item of equipment perfectly to the next. Customers profit from Saurer’s comprehensive process know-how all along the textile value chain. Saurer’s tailored process integration coordinates equipment with each customer’s production and process environment. We add automated handling of input and output products, and help change, adapt, increase, modify and optimize production. Value Services. Value Services maximize customer benefit from Saurer equipment. They cover the full range of our services and packages.

We plan and design plants, including turn-key installations for man-made and natural yarn production and for nonwovens’ production. All-in project planning guarantees top design of plants, including the process environment. Total plant installation covers machines, units or complete factories: whatever the customer requires. Saurer also takes care of optimum commissioning, plus instruction and training of customer personnel. Saurer support goes further than supplying technology. Our Financial Services teams advise customers on their ideal commercial and financial options. Company specialists also provide on-site support around the world, around the clock. Internet-based support enables remote-controlled maintenance and process assistance. This includes e-commerce for ordering original parts via SECOS. Saurer marketing and technology experts also help our customers market and promote their products.

Financial Services. Saurer runs a dedicated Competence Center for financial consulting and support on customers’ equipment and project finance needs. Our experts there form an integrated part of the international Saurer sales and service network. They guide customers through preparing and presenting a business plan. They also provide the latest information on national and international financing sources, reputable commercial banks, and the insurance facilities from the major export credit agencies. That’s advice worth cashing into.


Value chain. Covering the widest spectrum.

Staple fiber process.

Raw material preparation

Spinning preparation

Synthetic fiber spinning

Blowroom Card Drawframe Combing system Roving frame

Wool Cotton

Filament process.

Yarn spinning / winding

Ring spinning/winding

Rotor spinning

Filament spinning

Textile yarn spinning (POY, FDY) Carpet yarn spinning (BCF) Tirecord and industrial yarn spinning (T& I)

Nonwovens process.

Raw material preparation

Web forming


Long fibers

Carding Crosslapping

Mechanical bonding (needle punching, spunlace)

Short fibers (pulp) and powder


Short fibers


Polymer resin


Thermal bonding (calendering)


Chemical bonding (via binders)

Saurer is a leading provider of innovative and dependable solutions for spinning, winding, texturing, twisting, embroidery and nonwovens. Together with customers, we create textile value. Saurer brands lead the way in goods and services all along the value-added chain. We supply machinery and solutions for every step of the

S Saurer

S Saurer partners


route to quality yarn, and for all the core processes in nonwovens production. The company has continued to build its leadership across markets. Saurer now serves the world’s largest spread of applications in the textile machinery industry.

Other suppliers

Fabric production

Weaving Twisting

Fabric finishing

Shuttle embroidery Multi-head embroidery


Printing /dyeing


Fabric production

Fabric finishing



Shuttle embroidery



Multi-head embroidery



Printing /dyeing



Dyeing Festooning Printing Coating Winding Flocking


Saurer brands. Cultivating excellence. Technologies. Barmag stands for technological leadership in innovative spinning plants and texturing machines. A core area are turn-key systems for processing a range of polymers.

With its expertise in engineering, Neumag offers innovative leading technologies for the production of BCF carpet yarn and synthetic staple fibers. The Neumag, Fehrer, Autefa, M&J Fibertec and Kortec products cover key technologies along the nonwovens value chain.

Autocoro and Autoconer continue the long Schlafhorst tradition of meeting the highest demands in automatic rotor spinning and winding. The semiautomatic and manual BD-lines complete the range.

Zinser is known worldwide as a specialist in innovative ring spinning technology. The product portfolio comprises ring spinning machines, roving frames, additional devices, production monitoring systems and automation solutions. A complete range of services for the ring spinning industry is available.

Allma and Volkmann are experts in the entire yarn twisting and cable twisting sectors. Volkmann draws on a century's competence in yarn finishing.

Saurer and Melco lead the world market for embroidery machines. The brands provide innovative solutions, from technical embroidery design through to the finished product. They offer shuttle embroidery as well as single and multi-head embroidery machines.


Core products. ■ ■

■ ■ ■

Extruder series E10, E11 ACW technology

BCF plants S5, S3, and S5 variomelt 2-step staple fiber plants up to 250 t /d 1-step staple fiber plants “inline”

■ ■

■ ■ ■

■ ■

■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■

Autoconer 338 FX Autocoro 360

Roving frames: Manual doffing, integrated automated doffing, roving bobbin transport systems

CompactTwister FOCUS WinPro

Epoca 04 Unica 5040 E

i-QOON high-speed winder HF godets (spinning and cooling technology)

Spunbond & Meltblown technology (Neumag) Airlaid technology (M&J) Crosslapping technology (Autefa)

■ ■

■ ■

Needle punching technology (Fehrer) Festooning technology (Kortec) Aerodynamic carding technology (Fehrer)

BD-line – semiautomatic rotor spinning BD-line – manual rotor spinning

Ring spinning machines: Modular Concept 351 (cotton spinning), Modular Concept 451 (worsted spinning)

CarpetTwister, CarpetCabler CableCorder MultiCorder


MPS texturing machine FK 6 texturing machine AFK texturing machine

■ ■

■ ■

Production monitoring systems CompACT3 FancyDraft

GlassTwister TechnoCorder Fashionator

AMAYA Design Shop




Saurer Saurer Ltd. Textilstrasse 2 CH-9320 Arbon T +41 71 447 52 91 F +41 71 447 52 88 Saurer Management AG Bahnhofplatz 12 P.O. Box CH-8401 Winterthur T +41 52 264 09 11 F +41 52 264 09 10

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Austria Fehrer GmbH Wegscheider Strasse 15 A-4021 Linz T +43 732 37 39 0 F +43 732 38 16 72 Brazil Saurer do Brasil – Máquinas Ltda. Av. Theodomiro Porto da Fonseca 2123, Bairro Cristo Rei BR-93032-000 São Leopoldo (RS) T +55 51 3579 8500 F +55 51 3588 1363 China Barmag Beijing Machinery Co., Ltd. 18, Tian Shui Yuan Dong Jie Chaoyang District CN-100026 Beijing T +86 01 6501 8821 F +86 01 6501 9014 Saurer China Investments Ltd. Units 3806B–3807 38th Floor, Wu Chung House 213 Queen’s Road East HK-Wanchai T +852 2827 4314 F +852 2827 5250 Saurer Far East Ltd. Units 3806B–3807 38th Floor, Wu Chung House 213 Queen’s Road East HK-Wanchai T +852 2827 4314 F +852 2827 5250

Saurer Textile Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. Changjiang Nan Road 28–75 Land Lord No. 100 CN-214028 Wuxi New District Wuxi, Jiangsu Province T +86 510 5342 721 F +86 510 5342 799 Saurer (Suzhou) Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. 35, Baiyu Road Suzhou Industrial Park CN-215021 Suzhou Jiangsu Province T +86 512 6763 0086 F +86 512 6763 0586 Saurer Trading & Services Ltd. Units 3806B–3807 38th Floor, Wu Chung House No. 213 Queen’s Road East HK-Wanchai T +852 2866 35 01 F +852 2861 27 15 Saurer Textile Systems Far East SHG Rep. Office Room 1410, New Town Center No. 83 Lou Shan Guan Road CN-Shanghai 200336 T +86 21 62 36 80 18 F +86 21 62 36 89 81 Czech Republic Saurer Czech Republic s.r.o. Lhota 261 CZ-46107 Cerveny-Kostelec T +420 491 469 200 F +420 491 469 502 Denmark M&J Fibretech A/S Vejlevej 3 DK-8700 Horsens T +45 75 64 62 00 F +45 75 64 59 00

Germany Autefa Automation GmbH Röntgenstrasse 1–5 DE-86316 Friedberg T +49 821 2608 0 F +49 821 2608 299

Poland SEP Sp z o.o. ul.Transportowa 1a PL-68-300 Lubsko T +48 68 4572 5500 F +48 68 4572 501

Barmag-Spinnzwirn GmbH Zwickauer Strasse 247 DE-09116 Chemnitz T +49 371 2388 0 F +49 371 2388 349


Schlafhorst Electronics GmbH Waldnieler Strasse 73 DE-41068 Mönchengladbach T +49 2161 28 0 F +49 2161 28 3575 India Saurer India Pvt. Ltd. EIL Complex 414, Senapati Bapat Marg Lower Parel IN-Mumbai 400 013 T +91 22 565 27 900 F +91 22 565 27 90 Zinser Textile Systems Pte. Ltd. c/o A.T.E.Enterprises Pvt.Ltd. 43, Dr. V.B.Gandhi Marg, Fort IN-Mumbai 400 023 T +91 22 2287 2245 F +91 22 2204 1690 Mexico Saurer Mexico SA de C.V. Av. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz No. 14–7 piso Col. San Lorenzo C.P. MX-54000 Tlalnepantla T +52 55 55 65 6200 F +52 55 55 65 6160

Saurer Hamel AG Textilstrasse 2 CH-9320 Arbon T + 41 71 447 51 11 F + 41 71 447 54 11 Turkey Saurer Middle East Tekstil Makinalari Dis Ticaret A.S. Büyükdere Cad. Dergiler Sok. No: 5 TR-80300 Esentepe/Istanbul T +90 212 212 81 85 F +90 212 267 38 37 USA Melco Industries Inc. 1575 West, 1245th Avenue US-Denver, CO 80234 T +1 303 457 1234 F +1 303 252 0508 Saurer Inc. 8801 South Boulevard P.O. Box 240828 US-Charlotte, NC 28224 T +1 704 554 08 00 F +1 704 554 73 50

Gifted embroiderers have been delighting eyes and hands for centuries. Around the world, their imagination and skill slowly turned a commodity into works of art. We have added science and speed. The Saurer Epoca 04 has a thread cutting time of just 12 seconds. And we have stitched in some other bright ways to increase output. Together, they mean 35 percent more embroidery each time. Which is a lot more delight per day.

Saurer Management AG Bahnhofplatz 12 P.O. Box CH-8401 Winterthur T +41 52 264 09 11 F +41 52 264 09 10


Creating TextileValues. This brochure is about Saurer Textile Solutions. Imagine the staple fiber business. Imagine a machine that would pro...

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