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International Fiber Journal



JUNE 2007

International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens

Extended Trade Show Circulation

Volume 22 No. 3

Oerlikon Neumag -

Improving the Carpet Yarn Production Chain June 2007

The Fiber Year 2006/2007

Manmade Fiber Maintains Market Lead

INVISTA Breaks Ground in Shanghai



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Oerlikon Neumag – Improving the Carpet Yarn Production Chain

Modular S5 plant system

Extrusion level

uring the last five years Oerlikon Neumag has delivered around 600 BCF positions worldwide, enabling the company to expand the average market share in the BCF plant business to just under 80%. However, Oerlikon Neumag does not rest on their laurels. The company has not only invented and developed new solutions for BCF yarn production, but has also expanded their competencies along the production chain up to the carpet and has incorporated their findings in optimized process set-ups.

combined practically. This results in maximum flexibility for the creation of the BCF process. It also ensures that investments are only made in project-relevant features. If new process requirements result during the life cycle of the plant, the modular design and standardized interfaces help the plant adapt to the new developments. Besides PP and PA6, Oerlikon Neumag plants can also be configured to produce BCF yarns from economical, ecological, or new polymers such as PA66, PET, PTT and 3GT. Altogether more than 300 positions of the S5 type have been delivered since their introduction to the market - mainly with a 3-end configuration (3 ends per position), but also plants with 2, 4, and 6 ends per position.


S5 – HIGH-END BCF SYSTEM With the modular S5 plant system, Oerlikon Neumag has been very successful in creating BCF plants that optimally fulfill the customers’ demands. The classic focus of the S5 plants is capacities exceeding 2,000 tons per year. The strict modularization of the S5 makes the plant adaptable to the needs of the individual customer and functions, and components can be 26 June 2007

S3 – DIRECT WAY TO BCF The new compact plant S3 has also been well accepted by the market since its introduction 15 months ago. The

plant is especially developed for smaller production quantities and enables the production of PP as well as PA6 yarn. A total capacity of more than 20,000 tons is already successfully in production in the U.S., China, Iran, and Turkey. Even very demanding BCF yarns, such as solution-dyed nylon, are successfully being produced on plants of this type. VARIOMELT PLANTS The unique “Variomelt” distribution system lets customers move from producing tricolor yarns to producing three different monocolor yarns. In monocolor mode, each position is provided with its own extruder and an individual dosing system. The Variomelt system is integrated in the spinning beam enabling the plant to be converted from tricolor to monocolor mode in less than 30 minutes. The close connection of the extruders to the spinning beam guarantees the shortest possible product lines and the lowest



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COVER STORY possible flushing losses during product change. In combination with one extruder per position, this offers advantages especially for small lots of monocolor yarns; the running times of the lots are increased, the numbers of color changes per spin pack cycle are reduced, and flushing losses are thus minimized. SPECIAL SOLUTIONS A 2-end, tricolor plant was developed, which has a vast color separating range and enables the production of coarse three-colored yarn, reaching a total capacity of up to 2880 kg/day per position. These coarse yarns of up to 6,000 dtex are produced on 2 ends per position and it is no longer necessary to combine two yarns to one. A different degree of color separations in the carpet, from melange to color pop, can already be produced during the production of three-colored carpet yarns with the aid of the patented CPC (Color Pop Compacting) unit. PROCESS OPTIMIZATION At the beginning of this year, the Carpet Competence Center was officially opened at Oerlikon Neumag’s headquarters in Neumßnster, Germany. Besides two monocolor plants and one tricolor BCF plant from Oerlikon Neumag, the Competence Center is equipped with a Volkmann Carpet Cabler from Oerlikon Saurer, a 2-channel heat-setting machine from PowerHeat-Set, a conventional tufting machine for 200 packages, as well as a highly flexible Mtuft carpet sample machine from Modra. Additionally, the yarn can be heatset at Superba. With the Carpet Competence Center, the carpet yarn production process can be optimized by improving the single processes and overall performance along the value chain. The customer can see the results of his test trials directly in the carpet, because at the end of the day, the appearance of the carpet is what counts. COMPLETE PRODUCTION CHAIN Together with their partners, Oerlikon Neumag support their customers in almost all sectors along the value chain, from spinning to heat-set

Inlet section

Cooling drum

yarn, utilizing synergy effects. Carpet Yarn Solutions enable the customers with the installation of costeffective, ergonomically, and logistically optimized plants. Their support reaches from special process knowhow, right up to the delivery of complete carpet yarn factories, and their guarantees for the quality of the products and the performance of the scope of supply are a matter of course.

innovation, representing more than 100 years of numerous groundbreaking technologies. Oerlikon has been a pioneer in vacuum technology and the inventor of thin-film coating and has basically influenced the history of European Space Business since its early days. From 2007 on Oerlikon will additionally be recognized in the field of IFJ textile manufacturing.

MORE ABOUT OERLIKON Since the beginning of 2007, Saurer and its brands are a new part of Oerlikon - a synonym for high-tech

For more information please contact Stefan Kalies, Oerlikon Neumag. Tel: 49 4321 305 391 Fax 49 4321 305 212 Email: Website:

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INVISTA Breaks Ground in Shanghai INVISTA Breaks Ground in Shanghai Manmade Fiber Maintains Market Lead Manmade Fiber Maintains Market Lead...

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