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Cots and Aprons Accotex® 78210 G KN Apron The Trouble Shooter - Finding the structured way As market leader in the area of high-performance cots and aprons, Oerlikon Textile Components demonstrates once more its ability to respond to the latest spinning mill requirements with its Accotex product line, ensuring that its customers are provided at all times with the best-possible help. The Accotex® 78210 G product portfolio, which has already achieved significant success in terms of quality and productivity, now includes the newly developed Accotex® 78210 G KN. The key to the success of the Accotex® 78210 G KN apron lies in the defined and structured surface of the inner layer, which ensures that it meets the requirements of the latest market developments: • • •

Increasingly long ring spinning machines Use of increasingly low-quality cotton Demanding spinning applications

The Accotex® 78210 G KN Troubleshooter offers the answer to extremely specialist requirements and is recommended for the following:

In addition to the benefits of the Accotex® 78210 G, the Accotex® 78210 G KN also offers the following positive aspects thanks to its detailed structure: •

Use of long machines (more than 1200 spinning positions) in combination with the use of extremely short-fibre and contaminated cotton Use with fine and compact yarns

• •

Uniform and constant structure over the entire life cycle Controlled removal of fibre and dust accumulations Reduction of torque

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Technical data: • Internal diameter (mm): 72.5; 79.0 Rieter ring spinning machines • Width (mm): 30.0 • Wall thickness (mm): 0.9; 1.1

Cots and Aprons Accotex® 78210 G KN Apron Long ring spinning machines Machines that have more than 1200 spinning positions require a lower torque between the bottom roller and the bottom apron. The Accotex® 78210 G highperformance apron offers a reduction in torque thanks to the optimal interaction between the surface and the rubber mix. If increased performance is required, the inner side (consisting of the same mix) can be complemented with a defined and structured surface. This achieves a reduction in contact surface between the bottom apron and reversing rail, thus significantly reducing the torque.

Lower-quality cotton During spinning fibre and dust contamination accumulates mainly in the area of the reversing rail and the bottom apron. Because of constantly rising cotton prices, the use of dust-contaminated and short-fibre cotton is becoming more common and this increases the dust accumulation in the critical area. The detailed structure of the Accotex® 78210 G KN enables the controlled removal of dirt and thereby ensures the problem-free and stable running behaviour of the apron.

Demanding spinning applications The use of compact and fine yarns places particularly heavy demands in terms of a problem-free and stable running behaviour. This requirement is completely met because the Accotex® 78210 G KN removes fibre and dust accumulations in a controlled manner. Unstable running behaviour has a negative influence on the yarn quality of fine and compact yarns and therefore increases the risk of yarn breaks.

Highly precise, defined structure of the apron inner side

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