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Texturing Units Temco® FTS524M-L/R open/close Friction texturng double unit series FTS524M-L/R The FTS524M-L/R series friction units are single-motor driven texturing units that are particularly suitable for the production of S/Z folded yarns. The application area, however, extends to their use as single units. Due to their open/close design, even critical yarns can be threaded safely and quickly and at the highest process speeds. Yarn tension peaks are signifycantly lower when threading an open/ close unit as opposed to a fix centre unit, resulting in significantly reduced numbers of yarn breaks during threading.

The drive from the motor is through a toothed belt to an intermediate bearing and from there to the unit head via a plastic coupling. Two different speed transformation possibilities on the synchronous belt drive enable optimum adjustment of the desired yarn take-off speeds. The bearing shaft diameters of 14.45 mm are high rigid. This, together with an additional damping, guarantees low vibration even at high yarn take-off speeds. The accurate positioning between the two housing components ensures a precise fit of the integrated, high-speed bearings


and friction discs, which is a prerequisite for high yarn uniformity on the machine. The friction discs are attached to the bearing shaft via a slide fit and are secured with a spring cap that has a defined pressure force. This construction, together with the open design oft he units, enabels a rapid disc change. The cover of the toothed belts prevents contamination and ensures a long belt-life. The units are suitable for new machines, as well as for modernizing all the usual high-speed texturing machines.

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Important Characteristics: - Disc Ø 52 mm - Disc width 9 mm - Max. disc combination 1-8-1 - Shaft diameter 14.45 mm - Minimum pitch 92 mm - Yarn entry and exit guides snap-in - Axial distance 37 mm - Diabolo spacers - Fitting caps with defined pressure force - Drive (to the motor) clutch/belt

Texturing Units Temco® FTS524M-L/R open/close Yarn tension measuring: If desired, the motor housing of the FTS524M-L/R units can be equipped with chute or with yarn tension sensors resp. Can be converted at any time. Motor housings: For mounting in different machines types Temco offers the corresponding bracket types.

Noise emission reduction [dB(A)]: Comparison FTS522R (tangential belt driven) - FTS524M-L/R (single motor driven) in dependence on speed [r.p.m.]

Capacity data: Yarn running speeds VA [m ⋅ min-1] and disc speeds ns [min-1] in dependence on D/Y: Friction discs 52 mm diameter VU = Disc circumferential speeds [m⋅min-1] VA = Thread delivery speeds [m⋅min-1] ns = Disc speeds [min-1]

Subject to change without notice © 2011 Oerlikon Textile Components GmbH, ZNL Hammelburg, Germany, FTS524M-L/R-FE-08-2011


Important Characteristics: - Disc Ø 52 mm - Disc width 9 mm - Max. disc combination 1-8-1 - Shaft diameter 14.45 mm - Minimum pitch 92 mm -...

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