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Texturing Units Temco® FTS523M Friction texturing single unit series FTS523M The FTS unit series FTS523M is a motordriven single friction unit for highest yarn speeds. The top part of the unit and motor are in line and are connected by means of a plastic coupling without intermediate drive. The shaft diameters 14.45 mm of the bearings have a high rididity and assure, in combination with an additional damping, low vibrations at high yarn take-off speeds. The compact base plate ensures an accurate fit of the integrated high-speed bearings and ensures an exact positioning of the friction discs, which is a precondition for high yarn uniformity on the machine. The friction discs are inserted with push fit on the bearing shafts and are fixed by means of a spring cap with defined pressure force. This construction, together with the open design of the units, allow fast disc change. Due to the design of the motor plate, the timing belt is protected from contamination and thus a long service life is assured. Yarn threading is through a mobile threading device and as a result the units are particularly user- and maintenance friendly. Another significant advantage is the high visibility of the yarn path within the unit. The units can be used for new equipment as well as for upgrading all established high-efficiency texturing machines.

Texturing unit FTS523M-Set with mobile threading device

Important characteristics: - Disc diameter - Disc width - Max. disc combination - Shaft diameter - Minimum pitch - Yarn entry and exit guides - Axial distance - Diabolo spacers - Fitting caps with defined pressure force - Drive (to the motor)

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52 up to 53.5 mm 9 mm 1-8-1 14.45 mm 92 mm snap-in 37 mm


Texturing Units Temco® FTS523M Yarn tension measuring: The motor bracket of the FTS523M units can be optionally equipped with chute or yarn tension sensors resp. can be converted at any time. Motor brackets: For mounting in different machine types Temco offers the corresponding bracket types.

Reduction of noise emission level [dB(A)]: Comparison of FTS52R (tangential belt driven) with FTS523M (motor driven) in dependence on the speed [r.p.m.]

Yarn running speeds VA [m ⋅ min-1] and disc speeds ns [min-1] in dependence on D/Y: Friction discs 52 mm diameter VU = Scheibenumfangsgeschwindigkeit [m⋅min-1] VA = Fadenabzugsgeschwindigkeit [m⋅min-1] ns = Scheibendrehzahl [min-1]

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