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Zinser 451 C3 and Zinser 451 sC3 Highest worsted yarn compact quality provided by the market leader Technical Data Machine types K Zinser 451 C3 for CompACT3 spinning K Zinser 451 sC3 for CompACT3 plus spin finger technology

Zinser CompACT3 is self-cleaning – for a guaranteed even, perfectly compacted yarn without labourintensive monitoring

Application area K All wools, high quality animal hair, silk, ramie, man-made fibres and their blends up to 200 mm Yarn count range K 38 tex and finer / Nm 28 and finer / Neworsted yarn 25 and finer Zinser CompACT3 technology convinces famous worsted yarn spinning mills throughout the world, in particular even in Italy. Due to the flexibly adjustable tension draft, the separate constant vacuum supply, and the self-cleaning system, the Zinser CompACT3 system became the recognised market leader. Zinser 451 C3: the technological highlight of the worsted yarn market leader Zinser worsted yarn spinning systems are globally acknowledged as top-quality technological products. Zinser Modular Concept 451: for premium worsted yarns – bundled in a flexible system. The flagship of this series is the Zinser 451 C3 – equipped with the superior CompACT3 system, it makes the best use of its technological powers, particularly in the challenging field of worsted spinning. CompACT3: intelligent, low-maintenance technology for top results The flexibly adjustable tension draft is ideal for processing wool fibres, because every wool quality with its specific crimp can be optimally adjusted due to the adaptation of the overfeed. Even the finest top-dyed yarns can be spun safely and efficiently in highest compact quality.

Options K Spinning and twisting with SiroSpun K Core yarns with CoreSpun K Combination of SiroSpun and CoreSpun K Fancy yarns with FancyDraft K Individual yarn monitor FilaGuard K Roving stop RovingGuard K Data recording with DataGuard and RingPilot

Benefit from highest productivity In addition to the excellent yarn quality, naturally the productivity of a system is the most important thing in compact spinning. The Zinser CompACT3 system scores here too. Compared to classical ring spinning, a reduction of approx. 50 % in yarn breaks can be recorded. As well as this, the twist factor can be reduced by 10–15% with equal strength and elongation. The bottom line is a significant increase in productivity for you.


The system is very reliable: precisely compacted yarn is spun all the time. Due to the intelligent, self-cleaning system, the Zinser CompACT3 technology is inured to wool grease, textile lubricants, and finishing agents. The separate vacuum for the compact unit also ensures constant and even yarn quality in worsted compact spinning.

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Even the finest top-dyed yarns can be perfectly spun with the Zinser CompACT3 technology.


Zinser CompACT 3 is self-cleaning – for a guaranteed even, perfectly compacted yarn without labour- intensive monitoring Zinser CompACT 3 te...