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Solutions for tape production Tape systems FB 9

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Systematic solutions

We will prepare you for the future. How can we be so certain? Because we listen to you. Because we make your requirements our own requirements. Because we plan to be still revolutionizing the market with you in 50 years’ time.

Oerlikon Barmag stands for high technology. We develop innovative solutions from ideas that result from intensive dialog with our customers. This makes our customers our development partners – and the journey to success becomes a joint one. Technology and support go hand in hand. Innovative machines and units are just part of the story. Our process solutions turn machines into teams, integrating production processes and providing perfect solutions throughout the entire process chain. Oerlikon Barmag’s solutions take a big weight off customers’ minds. Our one-stop shop covers everything from finance through to turn-key plants. High-end machinery, comprehensive process skills, professional consultation and service are all part of our total solutions package.


Carpet primary backing Carpet secondary backing

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FB 9 film tape systems

In geo-textiles and in the agricultural sector, in big bags and in carpets – tapes are deployed almost everywhere. Correspondingly diverse are the demands made on their properties. However, what is decisive for a top-quality end product – regardless of the area of application – is the homogeneity of the tapes.

Good, better, FB9 Product quality is decisive. For your customers’ trust in you, for your trust in us. Oerlikon Barmag’s FB 9 tape system deserves your trust. Coupled with the spinning pump, the T-die provides highprecision uniform distribution of polymer melt, which – together with excellent temperature distribution during all process stages – establishes the basis for achieving extremely uniform tape quality. This combination enables you to achieve very quick formulation changes. The FB 9 is able to reach high process speeds due to the effective removal of water using the film drying unit, particularly when using the UV stabilizer.

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Customized solutions for customized tape manufacturers The FB 9 is adaptable – both to you and to your requirements. We create perfect systems in accordance with your specific requirements. This is possible as a result of the proven modular system and the countless components available in the Oerlikon Barmag product portfolio. Correspondingly, the FB 9 comes either with an automatic winder or a manual winder. To this end, you can be certain that your system is unique – with components perfectly tailored to each other.

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Applications of industrial film tapes produced on FB 9



Count range


Circular woven bags (FIBC and small bags)


650 up to 2.100 dtex

High speed at low production costs, perfect properties in high speed looms

Flat woven FIBC‘s

Polypropylene + Polyethylene

1.100 up to 2.800 dtex

High tenacity with low property loss at weaving, partially precision fibrillated

Flat woven geotextiles

Polypropylene + Polyethylene HD Polyethylene

1.500 up to 10.000 dtex

Low elongation with low property loss at weaving, partially precision fibrillated


HD Polyethylene

600 up to 1.000 dtex

Reduced shrinkage for coating, high speed for very thin and UV stabilized tapes

Carpet primary backing


300 up to 1.000 dtex

Low shrinkage, very equal tapes, partially precision fibrillated

Warp and weft yarn woven carpet

Polypropylene + Polyethylene

900 up to 4.400 dtex

Low shrinkage, very low elongation, partially fibrillated and twisted

Sewing yarn for woven bags

Polypropylene + Polyethylene

1.000 up to 5.000 dtex

Fibrillated, twisted

Baler twine


8.000 up to 60.000dtex

High tenacity, material save, fibrillated, big bobbins for high efficiency

For special applications we are also your Partner.

Baler twine Carpet weft yarn

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Systematic Solutions

Block bottom bags FIBC´s

Sewing yarn for woven bags Bobbins for circular weaving

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Technical data

Extruder variants - 6E 27D (up to 200 kg/h) - 9E 27D (up to 500 kg/h) - 10E 27D (up to 750 kg/h)

Working widths - 1.000 mm - 1.400 mm - 1.600 mm

Optional - Co-extrusion - Product specific dosing units - Inline recycling system without second extruder is available - Special, tailor-made screw geometries - Choice of different melt filters - Static eliminator - Film quenching systems as water bath, with chill roll, or by air cooling - EMV net filter - Thickness measuring device and automatic die as an option - Various lengths of hot air stretching oven - Various fibrillation units - Tempering system for fine tuning of cooling godet - Tape aspirating system or vacuum box (according to local requirements) - Lubrication system - Air cooling unit for electrical components

Process Control & Management System (Win PCMS)

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Possible machine configurations


FB9 WS-300

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Key Components FB 9

Dosing and extrusion unit Oerlikon Barmag’s extruders provide gentle and homogeneous melt production with high reliability and service life. The utilization of high-quality, low wear materials – in particular for the extruder cylinders and the extruder screw – ensure long-term, trouble-free operation. The screw geometries with special homogenizing components have been determined to ensure excellent homogenization. Low degradation of polymer caused by low melt temperatures are the basis for excellent, high quality melt and hence first-class tape quality. More than 15,000 spinning extruders sold give evidence of Oerlikon Barmag’s expertise in this sector. Based on this experience, the extruders are state-of-the-art. Oerlikon Barmag extruders fulfill the energy saving requirements for e-save. This e-save label is given to systems and components that have energy consumptions significantly lower than standard equivalent systems and components available on the market. Stretching unit The stretching unit is equipped with high-speed godets, featuring an equal temperature profile across the working profile. The robust design provides a long service life.

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Downstream Process

ATW The key competence of the winder ATW is its easy handling. The serial length measurement system guarantees equal running lengths also with different raw material batches. Multi-step precision winding is available as an option.

DD2000 This highly productive two-for-one twisting machine produces packages with highest density, due to precision winding. The drives for the twisting positions are completely autonomous. Maximum spindle speed is 10.000 rev/min. Optional are lubrication unit for the sewing process, multi-step precision winding and tubeless or conical take-up.

For complete turn-key solutions see our brochures „Complete Projects“ or ask us.

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Solutions for tape production Tape systems FB9 02 FB 9 • Oerlikon Barmag We will prepare you for the future. How can we be so certain? Becau...