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Whether used for outerwear, household or industrial textiles, fancy yarns now account for up to ten per cent of all yarns produced worldwide. A large number of these yarns, which are in demand throughout the world, are produced on Saurer machines. Fancynation – the Saurer solution for economical, high-quality fancy yarns – is going in a new direction, for it offers spinning mills and doubling mills all the features required to produce fancy yarns in one package.

Fancy yarns – Spinning technology at the

Fancynation – Highlights at

highest level.

a glance:

What's a fancy yarn? The term "fancy yarn" is applied

➔ Customised fancy yarn

in practice to single or plied yarns that are structured or multicoloured.

solutions to meet all requirements. ➔ Product development and optimisation geared to

■ Fancy yarns and twists.

practical implementation

Fancy yarns are spun single yarns with the addition of

thanks to the integration

various types or colours of fibre or knops. They can also

of upstream and downstream process stages.

Fancynation – Fancy yarn manufacture with

be doubled yarns with a structure that is modified by a

all it entails.

change of draft or by discontinuous texturing. In con-

Fancynation is based on extensive competence over a

trast to fancy yarns, fancy twists always consist of sever-

range of processes. No matter where the customer's

al individual yarns and/or fibre components. Loop yarns

throughout the life of

interest lies, whether in economical and fashionable

are some of the most well-known fancy yarns. In the

the machine.

Fancy yarns for denim, imaginative knitting yarns or

case of fancy yarns and twists, a distinction is drawn

sophisticated yarns for household or industrial textile,

between controlled and uncontrolled effects. With

Saurer offers the optimum processes at the highest lev-

Fancynation, Saurer offers technologies that are equal to

els of engineering and efficiency for all effects. Saurer is

the highest technical, technological and economic

also on hand to assist and advise customers over the

demands for all types of effects.

entire service life of their installations. With Fancynation Saurer demonstrates its outstanding competence in

The complete range from Saurer.

total solutions, both with regard to engineering and

Allma, Barmag, Schlafhorst, Zinser – Each company a

technology and customer-friendly service.

specialist in its line, together they are guarantors for a wide variety of effects. ■ Allma – Leading the field in engineering and technology. With over 40 years of expertise, Allma is the number one producer of fancy yarn twisting machines. Many of the shimmering effects seen on the world's catwalks were only made possible using Allma technology. Allma relies on hollow spindle technology, a direct twisting process that offers very high production capacities. All

Just some of the many effects that can be produced using Saurer machines.

fancy yarn twisters from Allma thus produce both controlled and uncontrolled effects from filament and / or

➔ Less process complexity ➔ Extensive technical and technological support

staple fibre yarns. To produce fashionable fancy twists that also satisfy the demand for maximum economic

■ Zinser – The place to go for Fancy yarns made of long- and short-staple fibres.

efficiency, Allma has developed the Fancynator ERC, ERP.

Zinser's 351 / 451 ring spinning machines with the Servo-

With its broad yarn count spectrum, the Fancynator is

Draft electronic drafting control system are setting new

particularly versatile and offers an economical solution

standards for Fancy yarns both from short-staple and

for large batches too, with up to 192 spindles.

long-staple fibres. The draft and twist can thus be varied in a controlled manner. Slubs of differing thickness and

Mohair-Loop produced on the Fashionator.

Fashionator – The direct route to the package: If flexibility

length are introduced into the yarn. The twist can also be

and special effects are especially in demand, for example,

varied for the production of multitwist yarns. In contrast

the Fashionator EHP / EHC is the ideal machine. Simple

to retrofit solutions, even yarns with long-wave draft vari-

programming of the effects makes lot changing easy. The

ations can now be spun for the first time.

plied yarns are also wound directly onto packages, a performance feature exclusive to the Fashionator that makes time-consuming, cost-intensive rewinding unnecessary.

■ Schlafhorst – Developed by market leaders for market leaders.

This makes the Fashionator particularly economical for

Fancynation also offers a new direction for rotor spinning

smaller lots too. All Saurer customers benefit from Allma's

machines, both for the market leader in automatic rotor

excellent know-how; extensive cooperation between

spinning machines, the Autocoro, and for semi-automat-

Saurer companies ensures that technological advances are

ic BD machines. Both the Autocoro 360 with the Corobox

incorporated into all Saurer fancy yarn machines.

SE 12 and up to 360 spinning units and the BD 350 Fancynation with the NSB 33 spinbox and up to 320 spinning

■ Barmag – Advantages for textured fancy yarns all the way down the line.

units have a new integrated fancy yarn device. Using Fancynation, Schlafhorst rotor spinning machines spin made-

Anyone looking for something special with regard to man-

to-measure fancy yarns with an unprecedented level of

made yarns opts for fancy yarns. Textured fancy yarns are

machine flexibility and productivity, for both machines

to be found everywhere, in furnishing and curtain fabrics,

can naturally also produce smooth yarns.

functional sportswear and luxurious outerwear. For specialities such as two-tone yarns, thick and thin yarns, elastane bypass yarns, core or bicomponent yarns, the com-

Belcoro Fancy yarn made of 100 % CO, produced on the Autocoro 360.

■ FancyPilot – Software for ring and rotor spinning.

pany has developed the FK6-1000 draw-texturing

Saurer's fancy yarn know-how is demonstrated also by

machine. It has become established worldwide, with over

FancyPilot, the new versatile software for Zinser ring spin-

650 machines in service. The FK6-1000 excels with regard

ning machines and Schlafhorst rotor spinning machines.

to yarn quality, flexibility and efficiency. Every metre of

The effects are designed, managed and controlled on a

textured yarn is subject to online quality control with

laptop, with all design parameters, lot and customer data

UNITENS. Fancy yarn combinations of differently textured

being stored in a database. This database also lends valu-

yarns or combinations of textured yarns with special core

able assistance in the production of standard yarns.

yarns can be produced at an extremely favourable cost. Compared with conventional systems, production costs

Fancynation – A far-sighted solution.

can be cut by up to 40 %. The KF6-1000 multispindle

Genuine, successful yarn and fibre to fabric engineering is

machine offers further potential savings in many cases

now more efficient and simpler than ever before with

and, even more importantly, further yarn combination

Fancynation, meaning that Saurer customers are always a

options and thus an even wider range of applications.

step ahead, both in engineering and technological terms. And Fancynation also takes active account of upstream

■ Schlafhorst and Zinser – Creating new milestones for Fancy yarns.

and downstream processes through close cooperation with specialists in adjacent spheres, such as with

Fancy yarns from ring and rotor spinning mills are found

Trützschler for spinning preparation processes and with

most frequently in denim and household textiles, as well

Picanol for weaving applications. That means fancy yarn

as in single jersey and fine outerwear fabrics. Fancy yarns

know-how across the entire textile process chain, from

are setting new trends in denim in particular, with over

the fibre to the finished textile product.

two million tonnes consumed by denim weaving mills worldwide in 2002 alone. One new development here is

No matter which markets you're active in

Saurer's strategy of focusing specifically on integrated,

and which services you require for your indi-

user-friendly total solutions for ring and rotor spinning

vidual fancy yarn solution, let your imagina-

machines. In the past, additional mechanical devices were

tion take flight: Fancynation made by Saurer.

retrofitted to the machine to produce Fancy yarn, resulting Contact:

in a reduction in productivity and also in increased complexity of the system as a whole. Fotos: Spengler, Saurer


The complete range from Saurer. Allma, Barmag, Schlafhorst, Zinser – Each company a specialist in its line, together they are guarantors for...


The complete range from Saurer. Allma, Barmag, Schlafhorst, Zinser – Each company a specialist in its line, together they are guarantors for...