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Complete Spindles Texparts® SLA – Spindle Lubricating Apparatus A solution for every spindle lubricating demand The lubrication of a spindle bearing supports the extension of spindle lifetime and the reduction of energy consumption. Oil loses its lubricating effect over the time of use, due to the oxidation and contamination with foreign particles. Therefore a periodically oil change is required. Product Portfolio Oerlikon Textile Components offers two types of lubricating devices - the Texparts® SLA - electrical with a electrical oil pump, and - the new Texparts® SLA - manual, with a manual oil pump The proved working principle is absolute identical for both types. That means the users of the Texparts® SLA types benefit from the same advantages. Clear customer benefits Optimal lubricating results by - a working principle that avoids over excessive lubrication – the correct oil level is guaranteed - no contamination of the machines with oil - automatic flushing of the spindle bearing - First filling already guarantees the moisturization of the roller bearing Use for first lubrication and relubrication - Only one device for two processes

System-assisted quick and easy process - lubricating time of 10s per spindle, also possible for non-specialists - Easy and clean solution for the removal and disposal of waste oil

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Flexible solution - Manual or electrical pumping principle, depending on costumers’ requirements - Adapters for main ring spinning machine types and spindles are available

Texparts® SLA Technical Details


Texparts® SLA - electrical With an electrically driven pump

Texparts® SLA - manual With a manually driven pump

Lubrication of all types of Texparts® Spindle Bearing Units (CS, HF, HZ, and SF)

Power connection

Requires power connection

Not required

Voltage (V)

110 or 230


Oil container size (l) Waste Oil Fresh Oil

20 20

Dimensions Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg)

720 380 450 29

Pressur (bar)



Full portfolio of Texparts Lubricating Adapters

800 380 590 18 By hand ®

Working Principle - The spindle lubricating apparatus supplies clean oil and drains waste oil simultaneously - The pump supplies the spindle bearing with clean oil. The oil flow passes the lubricating nozzle (1) and the lubricating adapter (2) with return pipe (3) - The incoming clean oil moistens the roller bearings - The clean oil extrudes the waste oil through the windings of the damping spring, the footstep bearing and then out of the bearing unit through the return pipe - The oil volume is fully replaced and the bearing carefully rinsed at the same time - The specific design of the lubricating adapters ensures the correct oil level which is automatically achieved inside the bearing unit - The additional fine tuning of the oil level takes place by adjusting the lubricating pressure - Extended lubricating time increases the rinsing effect, with no influence on the oil level. A shorter lubricating time decreases the rinsing effect. - When you pull the lubricating adapter from the spindle bearing unit, the channels for clean and fresh oil in the lubricating nozzle are automatically locked, which prevents oil from spilling or flowing back to the pump - Overfilling of bearings or contamination of drive belts, belt channels or spindle rail is thereby avoided




Texparts® Lubricating Adapters - The different adapters can be used for both types of lubricating devices - The form of the adapters depends mainly on the spindle bottom part - Different lengths of lubricating adapters are available depending on machine types and position of the ring rail during lubrication

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Use for first lubrication and relubrication - Only one device for two processes Clear customer benefits Optimal lubricating results by - a w...

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