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Textile Bearings Texparts® Bearing Units For intelligent movement Exact guiding and supporting of machine elements is one of the standard design requirements of mechanical engineering. The key to success, however, is to design the bearing so that the special requirements of the textile industry are met. Particularly in the textile industry - with a lot of dust and fibre fly - it is of utmost importance to seal the bearings, requiring special solutions. But also the high variations in temperature in textile mills make very high demands on the bearings. The target of Oerlikon Textile Components mechanical engineers is to design elements which are fulfils following requirements: • Maximum friction reduction • Lowest vibration • Absolute low maintenance demands • Highest resistant to soiling • Highest resistant to temperature • With easily installable design Due to this design targets the customers having a product in there hands which offers them following advantages: • Maximum energy saving • Supporting high quality of the textile product • Low noise level • Low maintenance cost • Long service life Oerlikon Textile Components has a team of highly qualified and experienced experts, who develop bearings for individual applications as well as for mass-market applications. The

competence of Oerlikon Textile Components consists in the combination of classical mechanical engineering and textile technology, i.e. the application and its needs. The Oerlikon Textile Components experts know the interactions between the textile machine and the textile product. Oerlikon Textile Components provides advice for mechanical engineers and end users in the textile industry concerning the efficient development or application of bearing assemblies in the textile manufacturing process. The Texparts® Bearings are subdivided into 3 main areas: • Bearings for ring spinning • Bearings for rotor spinning • Bearings for any other application in the textile industry

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Each application area has its special demands on bearing technology. According to the variety of loads to be expected and the installationdepending facts of the textile machine, the bearing assemblies are designed with needle bearings, roller bearings or with integrated and discrete ball bearings. The lubrication system and the bearing seals are always adapted to the special application case.

Texparts® Bearings for Ring Spinning Texparts® Top Roller LP The quality of top rollers used in the spinning process - for back, front or apron rollers - is of vital importance for the quality of the produced yarn. Because of the direct contact of the top rollers to the roving drafting results and therewith the achieved yarn quality are influenced by the running behavior of the top rollers. Oerlikon Textile Components Product Portfolio includes 2 Series: • Texparts® LP 1200 Series • Texparts® LP 1000 Series Texparts® Top Roller LP 1200 Series

Benefits Benefits Long service life

LP 1000 Series ++ Proved seal gap

Maintenance intervals

LP 1200 Series +++ Optimized and therewith state-of-the-art gap at seal +++ Two deep groove ball bearing raceways in outer ring +++ Absolute uniform diameter of axles and therewith better raceway quality due to state of the art automatic production equipment +++ Saddle shaft corrosion free due to nickel plating +++ Potential for extreme high load capacity +++ Maintenance free due to life time lubrication

Silent - smooth running



Production know-how and precision

+++ +++ +++

Two deep groove ball bearing raceways in outer ring High raceway quality Nearly no bearing play Fully automatic production with state of the art equipment, and automatic quality control in Germany

++ ++

+ ++ ++

+++ ++ ++

One deep groove ball and one cylindrical bearing raceway in outer ring Semiautomatic production

Saddle shaft not plated High load capacity possible Long term maintenance intervals. Simple lubrication One deep groove ball and one cylindrical bearing raceway in outer ring High raceway quality Reduced bearing play Semi automatic production with 100 % human quality control in Singapore

Texparts® Bottom Roller Bearings UL All Texparts® UL Bearings base in principle upon the proved needle bearing concept. The Texparts® Bottom Roller Bearings are applicant for roving-, ring- and air jet machines. Oerlikon Textile Components is offering several UL type designs according to the different mounting options in the machines. • Central guidance through central holding lug of locating cap for matching recess in roller stand • Lateral guidance through inside fixing at roller stand by means of lateral lugs of locating cap • Die-cast caps with locating clip for lateral guidance Benefits • Precision needle bearings for absolutely precise running behaviour • No edge running of the needles in sagging roller stands due to crown ground outer rings • Smooth and jolt-free start-up • Hardened locating caps for firm seating of the bottom roller inside the roller stand • Secure positioning of the locating cap on outer ring by fine thread of

• • •

the lubricating nipple Low consumption of lubricant, long re-lubrication periods Equability running behaviour of all bottom rollers Dependable sealing of bearing against fibre fly and dirt

Texparts® UL 3665 with central holding lug

Texparts® Bearings for Ring Spinning Texparts® Contact Roll Assemblies AR Texparts® AR provides the necessary, reliable belt contact pressure to the spindle wharves. Modular design consisting of leaf spring links with angle brackets and contact rolls with integrated bearing units. All Texparts® AR Contact Roll Assemblies are using the same integrated deep groove ball bearing unit. The modular design of the Texparts® AR Series allows the use of various pulleys with different diameters and heights to adapt the AR assemblies to the standard and sectional tangential drive systems. Oerlikon Textile Components is offering AR Contact Roll Assemblies for spindle gauges from 70 mm up to 90 mm. Also one-sided Texparts® AR Contact Roll Assemblies are available.

Texparts® AR 5047

Benefits • Steel pulleys with guide flange for belt at maximum concentric running • Optimised pulley diameter at given space • Modular design for all known tangential drive systems • Robust integrated deep groove ball bearing unit with highest loading capacity at smallest required space

• • • • •

Energy saving Low noise level Long relubricating intervals Easy access to re-lubrication bore from front side Highest angularity accuracy of the rolls for a perfect guiding of the drive belts Contact roll covered on both sides against fibre fly accumulation at rotating elements

Texparts® Bearings SR Texparts® Bearings SR are designed to function as guide pulleys as well as tensioner in tangential belt and tape drives. The field of application includes ring spinning, twisting and rotor spinning machines. General application in various textile machines and various application in general engineering are as well included. The user can choose the right SR types according his special load case, his intended mounting option and his required space. Our Bearings Experts are looking forward to provide advice to our customer.

Texparts® SR 45

Texparts® Bearing Product Portfolio Overview by Application

Bottom Roller Bearing UL Top Roller LP

Roving Frame ⃞

Ring Spinning Ring Frame ⃞

Rotor Spinning Direct Indirect Drive Drive

Twisting Twister

⃞ ⃞

Opening Roller Bearing Unit LE

⃞ ⃞

Twin Disc Bearing Unit IL Bearing Unit DR

Bearing Unit ZL

Bearing Unit CK

Bearing Unit CR

Bearing Unit ZB

Air Jet Spinning MJS MVS

Contact Roll Assembly AR Tension/ Guidance Roller Bearings SR/FR Rotor Bearing Unit TL

Winding Machine

⃞ ⃞

Texparts® Bearings for Rotor Spinning and General Application Texparts® Bearings TL Texparts® TL Rotor Bearings for direct driven open end machines are integrated bearing units with highest requirements concerning the accuracy of manufacture. The bearing raceways are ground in directly into the shaft and the bearing housing. The choice of a premium rotor bearing allow higher rotor speeds and a increase of the production of manual or semiautomatic rotor spinning machines. Texparts® TL Bearing Units offering the right solution to upgrade a mid-tier to a high-tier rotor spinning machine. The silent and equal running behaviour of the rotor bearing has an essential influence on the yarn evenness. Portfolio Maximum rotor speed (rpm)

TL 240 75,000

TL 226 80,000

TL 2260 60,000

TL 2280 80,000

Texparts® TL2280

TL 2290 90,000

Benefits • Bearing geometry design for very high rotational speeds and highest productivity • All bearing components, attenuators and the spinning rotor are optimized as a dynamic system for their respective working speed range • Low bearing temperatures where the lubricant shows its optimum tribological characteristics and its longest service life. Therefore, long maintenance intervals • Use of high-tech materials with best tribological characteristics for minimising friction and wear • Optimised bearing design and efficient sealing system Texparts® Bearings LE Texparts® Opening Roller Bearing LE sets the standard for the yarn quality as well as for the productivity. As more foreign particles are combed out of the sliver as lower the no. of ends down in the spinning process. The internal forces during the combing process by an average speed from 9.500 rpm which affects the bearing are extremely high - only a premium bearing will fulfil these demands. Two types are offered to the market. Portfolio: LE 222 and LE 1630 each with - and without wharve. Texparts® Bearings IL IL Bearings for twin disc drives mainly in full automatic premium rotor spinning machines. Portfolio: IL13, IL14.

Texparts® LE 1630

Texparts® IL12

Texparts® CK 12 with Accotex® 118

Texparts® ZL 17 and CR 2

Texparts® Bearings CK The yarn take up is a important phase during the open end spinning. Texparts CK Delivery Rollers are ensuring a constant yarn processing and significantly influencing the yarn quality. A smooth running of the delivery roller due to a premium bearing combined with the right selection of the cot is the formula of success. Portfolio: CK12 with – and without cot Texparts® Integrated Bearings ZL, ZB, CK, CR, DR, SR, FR Oerlikon Textile Components is offering a wide variety of standard bearing units for various applications in textile machines and in general engineering. the Texparts standard bearing units are integrated bearing units where the raceways are directly ground-in into the shafts and the outer rings simultaneously take over the shell function. The bearing units have been designed either as one-/ two rows ball bearings or as combined ball-/roller seating rows bearings. The shaft journals can project over the outer ring - on one or two sides. For certain types deep-drawn flange shells are available, which can be screwed down with the support element independent of a location hole. Portfolio: Journal bearings ZL, Journal shells ZB, Bearings CK, CR, DR, SR, FR.

Texparts® ZB 7

Texparts® SR 35

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The target of Oerlikon Textile Com- ponents mechanical engineers is to design elements which are fulfils fol- lowing requirements: • Maximum...