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Epoca 6 The embroidery machine

inspiring embroidery

Inspiring Embroidery

Inspiration for embroidery Based on current market demands and the experience gained from more than 150 years of producing embroidery machines, Oerlikon Saurer has developed a new generation of shuttle embroidery machines – the Epoca 6. The Epoca 6 opens up previously unattained dimensions in shuttle embroidery and in doing so sets groundbreaking standards in every respect. When designing the new Epoca 6, our engineers placed great emphasis on the central requirements of professional embroidery: maximum productivity absolute reliability best embroidery quality The exceptional user-friendliness is unique and in conjunction with the graphical user interface perfectly completes the all-round qualities of the system.

Innovative solutions With the Epoca 6, Oerlikon Saurer has produced a product platform that combines entirely new drive and control concepts. With the benefit of a large variety of innovative details and individual solutions, a vast diversity of materials can be worked into sophisticated designs with the highest quality of embroidery. The new concepts for drive units, adjustability and thread cutting guarantee maximum productivity and absolute reliability. motion Benefit from a drive system that has yet to be equalled. The new drive unit concept represents the highest level of productivity and at the same time a perfect precision and maximum service life. set Make use of your and our combined experience. The unique adjustment options allow you to control all embroidery parameters and enable production with previously unattained embroidery quality and substantially reduced setting-up times. cut Turn your ideas into bottom-line success with the help of absolute reliability and ultra-short process times. With the new thread cutting device, there are no limits to your creativity. Thanks to the modular concept, you can choose the right production machine to cover all your needs and requirements. On the pages that follow you can see for yourself the new horizons that the Epoca 6 can open up for you. Oerlikon Saurer Epoca 6



Oerlikon Saurer Epoca 6

Oerlikon Saurer Epoca 6


motion – the innovative drive unit concept Maximum performance – the new drive units The reliable and easy-to-maintain drive system is configured individually to suit your requirements. The balanced cam drive units integrated into the machine pillars on the needle and shuttle sides guarantee smoothest possible operation and precise kinetic processes at maximum speeds.

Revolutionarily simple – flexible cardan shaft Due to an entirely new and maintenancefree drive unit on the shuttle side, combined with a high-precision linear guide, a previously unattained level of reliability is achieved. What is more, it enables maximum accessibility when changing materials.

Pinpoint accuracy – the new fabric presser Because it is directly driven by dynamically responsive servo motors, the new fabric presser works quietly, dependably and precisely. The ideal settings for the best embroidery results can be controlled directly through parameter configuration.


Oerlikon Saurer Epoca 6

Improving the proven – the frame drive Benefit from the highest average speed across all stitch lengths. Regardless of the configuration of your machine, maximum productivity and quality are guaranteed by precise and vibrationless frame positioning.

Ideal handling for your products – the new fabric roller system The new multifunctional roller with a larger cross-section reduces machine downtimes and simplifies precise spanning-up without compression points. Ideally dimensioned system components enable maximum load capacity even with extreme fabric tension.

Perfect guidance for your shuttles – the new shuttle box with patented gliding surfaces High-quality metal gliding surfaces across the entire guide guarantee the longevity of your shuttle and shuttle guides under all operating and ambient conditions.

Perfect handling – the unique shuttle changing position Reduce your setting-up time when changing shuttles. When the rear carriage is opened, the shuttles move automatically into the easiest accessible position for changing.

Oerlikon Saurer Epoca 6


set – top quality at the touch of a button Decades of know-how – the Oerlikon Saurer standard settings Benefit from our experience. The Epoca 6 has a whole range of standard settings that represent more than 150 years of shuttle embroidery machine manufacturing and experience. Outstanding embroidery quality can normally be achieved simply by using those standard settings. Invisible high performance – Oerlikon Saurer design optimisers Regardless of the source of the embroidery designs, the integrated Oerlikon Saurer design optimisers convert them into ideal production data. A large variety of functions such as empty-stitch reduction and indication of embroidery problems are other highlights of the powerful optimisation software.

Quick and easy – control of thread tension Individual control of thread tension optimises embroidery quality in a matter of seconds. The adjustment can also be made while the machine is running – which means without interrupting production.


Oerlikon Saurer Epoca 6

For a vast diversity of materials – and a multiplicity of possibilities Use the optimum settings for any material – reproducible from sample to full production.

Perfect timing – the electronic fabric presser Because of the adjustable opening angle and presser timing, every design can be produced without distortion.

Cotton Unique – the adjustable shuttle timing With the possibility of electronically adjustable shuttle timing the embroidery process can be optimised for any yarn, at any given time. This means that quality and productivity are further increased – for example, when working with cotton.

Cord laying


Gentle and precise – continuous thread delivery Adaptation of thread delivery does justice to the varying requirements of effects and materials. The correct amount of thread is automatically delivered without tension and absolutely reliably.

Experiment! Optimise your productivity and give free rein to your creativity. You can return to the Oerlikon Saurer standard settings at any time with a single touch of a button.

Oerlikon Saurer Epoca 6


cut – unlimited creativity Tough and reliable – the new shuttle side thread cutting device Simplest possible handling, absolute reliability and suitability for world-wide use are the features of this innovative solution. New individual controlled cutting elements, shortest possible tails and the unique thread clamping allow you to produce the most complex designs with the highest level of quality.

Quick and reliable – the needle side thread cutting device The combination of the shuttle side system and the versatile and universally proven thread cut on the needle side forms the perfect solution. Thanks to the simplified function and unrivalled process speed, you can produce even your most creative ideas economically.


Oerlikon Saurer Epoca 6

What really counts

All specifications and targets are of no importance if the solutions produced do not perform in reality. Therefore, our new generation of machines has been thoroughly field tested. The first Epoca 6 machines have been in use in industrial production world-wide since June 2010. The results are extremely positive and already being backed-up by subsequent orders. That motivates us even more to follow our innovative path as rigorously as possible. But let us give the last word to our first Epoca 6 customers:

Christof Leemann, owner of Union AG (Switzerland): “What is interesting about this machine is not only its higher speed but the possibility of producing new exclusive articles.”

Timmy Kokar, owner of Mastex (Thailand): “The machine has been running smoothly without any problems since day one. We are producing 24/7 at the maximum speed promised.”

Anil Khanna, owner of SIPL (India): “The machine runs constantly and without any problems at maximum speed and best embroidery quality – a worthwhile investment!”

We would like to thank our first Epoca 6 customers for their trust and permission to publish their comments. Special thanks to Albert Bösch GmbH (Austria) and Forster Rohner AG (Switzerland) for providing the embroidery designs.

Oerlikon Saurer Epoca 6


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Epoca 6 The embroidery machine inspiring embroidery Inspiring Embroidery

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