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Saurer PitStop Technical Data Functions

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Bobbin supply as bulk material Shuttle supply as bulk material Separates and aligns the bobbins and shuttles Opens, empties and cleans the shuttles Fills and threads the shuttles and regulates the shuttle thread tension Storage of the shuttles as bulk material















Height with lamp tower Weight


Max. number of shuttles per hour

Emptying, cleaning, filling, threading, without thread tension regulation

700 1)

Emptying, cleaning, filling, threading, with thread tension regulation

300 1)

1) The performance depends on the operating conditions (bobbins, thread tension,...).

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Saurer PitStop Technical Data Shuttle requirements

CC shuttle "Silenzio" • Cover with lateral opening • Large spring

Lateral opening

other types on consultation with Oerlikon Saurer Arbon Ltd. only

Bobbin requirements

Large spring

• Standard dimensions (check with the gauge) • Fixed thread around bobbin, tail not longer than 5 mm • Thread tail approx. 10 mm long • The thread’s beginning end may not be pulled out by the bobbin’s own weight

Control system

Operation: Operating control by touch screen


Electrical supply: 3 x 400 VAC +/- 10% + PE 50 Hz +/- 2% A transformer is needed for other voltages (option)! We recommend using an UPS for the entire company. Overvoltage protection in accordance with our specification is required.

Fixed thread around bobbin Thread tail

Pre-fusing: 16 A time-delay 3 phases

Compressed air (customer): Compressed air supply 7 to 10 bar

For further specifications refer to document DS0.0174.E00.

DS0.0137.E00 04/11

Subject to technical modifications