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Saurer Era Technical Data Machine types


automatic embroidering position selector with thread cutting device


• Universal roller cloth system FastSpan, suitable to all common roller cloths


œrlikon saurer

Saurer Era


Embroidery length

[yard] [m]

No. of embroidering positions

1.75 1.6 60

Machine length



Fabric shaft length







Net weight (approx.) Maximum speed 1)


The speed depends on the article to be manufactured, the yarns used and the operating conditions.

Embroidery height 2)



Machine height

maximum height operating height transport height


2.10 1.12 1.70

Room height




Machine width




2) Restriction for machines with thread cutting and roller cloths with longitudinal tension rods:

The thread cutting device can be used 10 cm above the lower longitudinal tension rod and higher.

Oerlikon Saurer Arbon Ltd. Textilstrasse 2 9320 Arbon, Switzerland Phone +41 71 447 51 11 Fax +41 71 447 54 11 DS0.0023.E00 05/09 Subject to technical modifications






Saurer Era Technical Data General technical data

Smallest needle repeat: 4/4 french inch = 27.07 mm Lateral movement: max. 56/4 repeat = 400 mm Smallest stitch unit: 0.1 mm horizontally and vertically

Control system


Fabric shaft-Ø: without cloth: 92 mm; wound with fabric: max. 110 mm Spool sizes: Ø 50 x 85 mm Shuttles: Saurer "Silenzio"

Boring depth: 0 to 20 mm stepless (= max. Ø 4.2 mm with borer 12%)

Bobbin size: 43 0/-0.2 x 14.7 0/-0.2 mm

Operation: Color touch screen monitor; manual control unit

Data format: Standard Highlevel Code (SHC)

Thread monitor: OptiPoint (single embroidering position monitoring)

Data interface: LAN; USB; diskette

Electrical supply: 3 x 400 VAC +/- 10% + PE 50/60 Hz +/- 2% A transformer is needed for other voltages (option)! We recommend using an UPS for the entire company. Overvoltage protection in accordance with our specification is required.

Pre-fusing: 25 A time-delay 3 phases (supply wire gauge min. 4 x 6 mm2) If local regulations require the installation of RCCB's, use an RCCB with a sensitivity of 300 mA, selective, pulse-power stable and inverter proof. Compressed air (customer): Compressed air supply 7 to 10 bar

For further specifications refer to document DS0.0171.E00.

DS0.0023.E00 05/09

Subject to technical modifications


Embroidery height 2) [mm] 780 Machine height maximum height operating height transport height Machine types Pentacut automatic embroidering...

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