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Temco速 Friction Discs

Temco速 Friction Discs

Temco has been committed to the development of texturing units and discs for over 30 years. The depth of experience gained in this process has enabled us to meet the ever increasing demands in: -

Yarn quality Production speed Process flexibility Process economics

In texturing, friction discs are the key component for a successful and profitable yarn production.

Through the development of PU material, the optimization of threadpath geometry and adherence to tight manufacturing and quality control tolerances, Temco has indeed set world standards with its PU friction discs.

Customer satisfaction is our prime target. Our texturing experts will be pleased to offer you further advice, or run trials in our textile laboratories relating to customer specific applications.

As a result at high texturing speeds, the highest quality demands can be met for textured yarns:

PU friction dics


Twist level and stability Yarn tensile performance Yarn bulk and elasticity Low process and machine CV

As pacemaker in the development of PU friction discs we keep on setting new milestones in friction disc technology. Our texturing experts are in close cooperation with universities and technology leaders in textile industry. Inhouse R&D facilities include texturing machines with different profiles and heater types and a complete textile laboratory.


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Temco offers the most suitable friction discs with a range of thickness and diameters to satisfy all commonly used friction units. Different shore hardness and shape can be selected to get the best results for the specific yarn range and processes of our customers.

Ceramic discs always create some abrasion of the yarn surface. The result: Lower tenacity and elongation, more filament and yarnbreaks and contaminated machines. With increasing texturing speeds and finer filaments, the negative effect is getting more severe. PU discs are softer than the yarn, handle the yarn with care during the twist insertion process. Top yarn quality is based on a careful selection of PU material, disc geometry and surface structure. Numerous tests with stringent limits are keeping the texturing performance of our discs within narrow limits. Measuring of physical properties is followed by texturing tests with different yarn types. As result, our customers can rely on a top yarn quality that is uniform on all machine positions. Besides, texturing performance is kept constant for different PU lots.

TemcoÂŽ Friction Discs

PU final surface

Polished surface (PA)

PU raw material and production methods are selected to provide highest wear resistance and unsurpassed resistance against spinfinish. Due to the long service life of our discs, customers experience excellent economics.

PU discs for PA yarns

PU discs for heavy deniers

Temco has developed a new PU compound especially for PA yarns. Special additives prevent polishing and the following problems. In addition, a unique disc profile is supporting a constant surface roughness over the whole disc lifetime.

For heavy deniers and abrasive yarns such as carbon black etc., standard PU discs are limited in lifetime. Therefore, texturing plants are still using ceramic discs for such yarns, despite reduced yarn quality and other problems. Temco has developed an innovative PU compound, based on nano particle additives for improved wear resistance. In abrasive texturing conditions, this new PU compound has been proven to double the disc lifetime.

Up to now, ceramic discs are still standard for texturing PA yarns. Because of the low tension levels, the PU disc surface gets polished after some time. Threading the friction units becomes too difficult.

Yarn guide discs Lowest friction Yarn guide discs are as important as the friction discs for optimal texturing results. They ensure a precise entry and exit yarn angle on the friction discs.

Special PU compound with anti-polishing effect

The top layer is composed out of chromiumoxide, as hard and wear resistant as aluminiumoxide ceramic. Pre-structuring and coating parameters provide a special surface structure, similar to an orange peel. The yarn is handled as gently as possible.

Yarn guide disc

Guide discs must have a very low friction that remains constant over the whole lifetime. Temco is offering special guide discs with chromium plated surface and aluminum core

Chromium plated surface structure


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