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With the CompACT3-Solution Zinser opens up the whole world of conventional ring spinning for compact spinning, too. And Schlafhorst completes these application packages with its fully developed and flexible winding technology.

made fibres (carded and combed), pure manmade fibres

The highlights at a glance:

and also for wool and blends containing wool.

➔ The whole world of appli-

The target is viewing the process in a comprehensive manner, e.g. the processing stages spinning mill preparation, winding and further yarn processing are also taken into consideration.

cations of conventional ring spinning also for compact spinning. ➔ All important raw materials can be processed to produce all major yarn

In cooperation with partner companies and in the scope of the CompACT3-Solution, Zinser realises spinning pro-

counts. ➔ Not only combed cotton ring yarns, but also card-

CompACT3 – The new dimension in ring

jects for which the know-how of every individual, spe-


cialised partner is utilised. These business partners may

As a supplier of compact spinning machines for short-

be Saurer Business Units, as e.g. Schlafhorst – the spe-

fibres (carded and

staple and long-staple spinning, Zinser exceeds the

cialist in innovative winding technology. Apart from

combed), pure manmade

applications existing so far – combed cotton yarns – and

that, also partner companies, as e.g. Trützschler – the

fibres, wool and blends

opens up new applications for compact spinning which

specialist for innovative spinning mill preparation.

are also important in conventional ring spinning. Above all, however, customers who are looking for new Using the compact spinning technology is possible not

innovation potential are involved. They are offered the

only in the field of combed cotton yarns, but is also rea-

possibility to develop – in the scope of these projects –

sonable and profitable in other fields. Precondition for

tailor-made solutions for their own company, i.e. for

this is a compact spinning technology that is flexible and

their particular application. In this connection, a great

can be adapted to different applications.

advantage for the customers is the global, technological advice and optimisation of the processes through the

CompACT3 made by Zinser meets these requirements in

close cooperation of the Saurer companies and their

an ideal way. With this compact spinning technology,


which is based on a perforated apron, all important raw materials can be processed to all major yarn counts.

In the scope of the CompACT3-Solution, extensive trials have been carried out in this connection. The results of


these trials as well as experiences gained before with the

The CompACT3-Solution shows the advantages involved

Zinser CompACT3 spinning technology for different raw

in using such a flexible system. This, however, not only

materials and yarn counts are presented in this Saurer

applies to the field of combed cotton ring yarns, but

Factsheet on the subject of CompACT3.

also to carded ring yarns, blends of cotton with man-

ed ring yarns, blends of cotton with manmade

containing wool.

Yarn engineering in the compact spinning

A new yarn structure through compact



The CompACT3-Solution allows yarn engineering. In all

The process compact spinning leads to a new yarn

processing stages, different possibilities are conceivable,

structure. This is characterised by higher strength and

starting with the textile raw material through all pro-

lower hairiness. The new textile characteristics of the

cessing stages to the final textile product. Looking first

CompACT3 yarn, its new appearance and the new grip

at the raw material input, the yarn parameters can be

result in considerable advantages in the following pro-

influenced by this. The increase of the fibre strength

cessing stages, as weaving mill preparation and weaving

utilisation, the displacement of the spinning limit and

mill, as well as in the knitting mill.

the improvement of the spinning stability are determined by the raw material.

The difference in the yarn character is apparent through to the final product, e.g. by an increased lustre or a

The new card made by TrĂźtzschler and the compact

clearly enhanced colour contrast in coloured and pat-

spinning machine Zinser 351 C3 also considerably influ-

terned fabrics. The higher quality of the final product

ence the control of the yarn parameters, a possible pro-

can be clearly felt and seen.

ductivity increase at the ring spinning machine and all


yarn quality values. Increasing the fibre strength utilisa-

Technological advantages.

tion and displacing the spinning limit become possible.

The advantage of the more stable surface of the yarn as

Process cutting is also conceivable. The high spinning

a consequence of the new yarn structure is of course

stability of compact spinning influences the classical

also noticeable at the winding stage. The increase in

quality values, in particular the low variance of quality

hairiness caused during winding is substantially lower

values (e.g. CVb% of hairiness).

than in the case of conventional yarns. At the same time, the variation of yarn hairiness in the bobbin is

Yarn engineering in the processing stage winding has


direct effects on yarn evenness, IPI values and dynamometric values. The yarn character, particularly the hairi-

After the winding process the higher resistance to

ness and the volume, can be influenced at the winder.

sloughing and abrasion displayed by the CompACT3

Thus the Autoconer 338 keeps the specific yarn struc-

yarns opens up good prospects for cost savings at the

ture of the CompACT3 yarn. There is nearly no increase

weaving preparation stage. An effective reduction of up

of hairiness. Irregularities in the yarn are cleared away.

to 50 % in sizing liquor application is possible when

The quality cross-wound bobbin of the Autoconer 338

using CompACT3 yarns. If, on the other hand, the use of

particularly distinguishes itself by the splicing quality

sizing liquor is reduced to a lesser extent, the yarn offers

similar to the yarn.

improved running properties at the warping and weaving stages. Apart from the chance to obtain considerable cost savings in the subsequent processing stages it is also possible to execute an aimed yarn engineering with the Zinser 351 C3. This yarn engineering results in new textile products and involves new value added potential in the spinning mill. Combed compact yarns – Established in the market. Compact spinning is used world-wide for producing high-quality yarns of combed cotton. In this field, the compact spinning technology has established itself today. Compared to conventional ring spinning, this technology results in a real progress in yarn quality. The progress mainly lies in the higher fibre strength utilization and in the reduction of yarn hairiness. Here, particularly the longer hairs are eliminated which have a negative influence on further processing. Typical final products as high-quality business shirts show these excellent yarn quality.

Compact yarns – Not only combed.

The evaluations led to the following findings, related to

Yarn engineering can be executed in many fields. New

the raw material quality used and the yarn count (trial

application fields, which were not used by spinning mills

series Ne 30 - Ne 50):

up to now, can be opened up. The large range of carded compact yarns, but also compact yarns of manmade

– The UT4 hairiness can be significantly reduced for

fibres and blends of cotton / manmade fibres are con-

carded cotton in the compact spinning process. The


trial series resulted in up to 20 % lower values compared to conventional ring spinning. The S3 hairiness

CompACT -Solution – Focus carded cotton. 3

In a common project by Trützschler, Zinser and Schlafhorst together with a customer spinning mill, a

value acc. to Zweigle was reduced by up to 93 %. – Yarn irregularities acc. to Zellweger Uster showed improvements of up to 6 %.

project has been realised in this connection which had

– Particular improvements can also be obtained for the

the target to show the advantages of compact spinning

IPI values. The trials showed up to 25 % lower IPI val-

in combination with a specific spinning mill preparation

ues acc. to Zellweger Uster.

and further yarn processing for the field of carded cotton yarns in clearly defined spinning trials.

– Tenacity values can also be clearly improved in the compact spinning process. The trial series showed up to 20 % higher values compared to the values of conventionally spun yarns.

Apart from these excellent yarn values the following essential findings could be obtained for carded compact yarns: – Productivity increase at the spinning machine by up to 10 % through increasing the spinning speed and / or reducing the yarn twist. – Displacement of the spinning limit by up to 15 %. Nearly two thirds of the world-wide spun ring yarns are carded ring yarns. Applications for these coarser yarns are mainly in the field of knitted goods, here particularly in circular knitting. But also woven goods, for example for outerwear, are made of carded ring yarns. In these areas there is an enormous potential for carded compact yarns. Possible applications for carded compact yarns are knitwear for T-shirts as well as underwear and socks.

Through yarn engineering to a new value added potential in compact spinning.

CompACT3-Solution – Focus manmade fibres

With the CompACT3-Solution, an important value

and blends.

added potential for spinning mills all over the world has

Also yarns of 100 % manmade fibres and cotton/man-

been created. For nearly all yarn count ranges and near-

made fibre blends can be produced without any prob-

ly all fibres, in the short-staple as well as in the long-sta-

lem. Possible applications for these yarns are woven and

ple range, practical solutions are existing and new solu-

knitted goods, but also hosiery goods, mainly in the

tions can be worked out. Undreamt-of possibilities for

fields of technical textiles, decoration and home textiles.

the development of new textile yarns and products are opened up.

CompACT3-Solution – Focus wool and blends with wool.

CompACT3-Solution – The advantages.

CompACT can also be used in the field of long-staple

– The whole world of applications of conventional ring


spinning for a wide yarn count range for pure wool yarns, blended wool yarns and manmade fibre yarns. Here, applications are fine fabrics, specially very high-

spinning also for compact spinning. – All important raw materials can be processed to produce all major yarn counts.

quality suiting fabrics made of fine pure wool and

– Not only combed cotton ring yarns, but also carded

blends of wool and silk. Apart from that, CompACT3

ring yarns, blends of cotton with manmade fibres

woollen yarns are also used for producing knitwear in

(carded and combed), pure manmade fibres, wool

the medium and fine yarn count range.

and blends containing wool. – Possible with Zinser CompACT3 due to the systeminherent flexibility. – Cooperation with specialised partners such as Trützschler (spinning mill preparation) and Schlafhorst (winding). – Comprehensive technological advice for textile processes and process optimisation.



made fibres (carded and combed), pure manmade fibres and also for wool and blends containing wool. The target is viewing the process in a co...

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