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Saurer Total Solutions.




Carpet Yarn Solution contains maximum customer support in almost all sectors along the value chain from spinning to heat set yarn by utilization of synergy effects together with Neumag, Volkmann and partner companies. Carpet Yarn Solution is also offering tailor-made solutions for cost-effective investment and economical production.

where Carpet Yarn Solution starts. Maximum support is


offered to the customer by utilization of synergy effects

➔ Extended plant design.

within the Saurer business units Neumag and Volkmann,

➔ Extended engineering

as well as connected partners (for example for the installation of a carpet yarn factory).

support. ➔ Optimization of partial processes or of the com-

Within the frame of Carpet Yarn Solutions, Neumag has furthermore extended their already existing Service and

plete carpet yarn process. ➔ Administration and analyzation of all process

Consultancy Package. The offered volume of services,

parameters in the "Plant

The production of carpets includes many process steps,

for example, consists of the plant design, the supply of

Operation Center" soft-

beginning with the provision of the chips to the produc-

turnkey plants or the global optimization of the single


tion of BCF yarn and, if necessary, the finishing of the

partial processes.


carpet yarns up to the production of the textile surface structure of the carpet. High quality carpet yarn is pro-

Customer value and features.

duced in three process steps. First of all the bobbins with

Carpet Yarn Solution aims for three main targets:

texturized BCF yarn are produced. In a subsequent step,

1. Customer support in almost all sectors along the val-

these are cabled resp. up-twisted and finally heat-set on a heat-setting system.

ue chain of his product. 2. Offering tailor-made solutions for individual customer requirements. 3. Putting the company into the position for cost-effective investment and economical production.

The selection of suitable equipment for producing carpet yarns was up to now complicated and time-consuming. For each partial step, several suppliers had to be contacted and their machines had to be coordinated with each other. Up to now, no total solution was offered. Regarding the engineering, coordination of the machine layouts, the erection and commissioning, further costs accrued with each additional supplier. This is

➔ Automation of the plant

■ Plant design with engineering support. The plant layout of a carpet yarn factory is optimized with regard to production processes and logistics – within the frame of the complete engineering, a whole carpet yarn factory can be planned with an optimum process flow. The full machine and facility investment is already considered during the quotation phase – the machine investments include the leading equipment, e.g. BCF plants from Neu-

An uniform data storage of the single process steps

mag, cabling and twisting

guarantees a transparent plant performance – the man-

machines from Volkmann as

agement can control the operating efficiency of the

well as heatset plants. Fur-

plants and the costs which accrue for a certain product

ther finishing possibilities of

can be ascertained.

the carpet yarn can also be considered even at this early

■ Automation.

state of planning. Apart

Carpet Yarn Solution follows the vision of a continuous

from the leading equip-

bobbin logistics.



stockkeeping, retraceability of bobbins and the reduc-

includes an extensive assort-

tion of costs for the plant operation. First of all different

ment of necessary periphery

partial solutions are optionally offered within the frame



of the Carpet Yarn Solution. These are for example,

with the transformer station and leads via the textile lab-

Autefa doffer and tube feeder for the Neumag BCF

oratory, workshop sectors, forklift truck, to the packing

plant or the knotter and palletizer behind the take-up

system of the palletized carpet bobbins.

winder of the heat-set unit. Volkmann and Neumag par-




The aim is an optimally organized

ticipate in a project of the Textiles and Flooring Institute ■ Process optimization.

(TFI) for the traceability of yarn bobbins. A bobbin trac-

Carpet Yarn Solution offers the possibility of optimizing

er enables the stock to be checked in real time and to

the process chain. The partial processes are coordinated

assign claims with little expenditure to certain processes

with each other so that the yarn quality and production

or machines and offers new possibilities for the quality

capacity are optimal. Parameter suggestions for each


partial process are generated from a process guide. With the process guide, the partial processes are adjusted to an optimum overall result with regard to quality and quantity. The customer is provided with all the necessary key data in order to build up a cost optimum production. ■ Plant Operation Center.


In the Plant Operation Center (POC), the process know-

Carpet Yarn Solution enables the customer through

how and the tools for the operation of the carpet yarn

partnerships of several machine suppliers as well as

factory are administrated. The heart of the POC is a

incorporation of computer-assisted production systems

central data server which collects operating and status

to install in future with less effort cost-effective,

data from the single key components. These can be

ergonomically and logistically optimized plants but to

analyzed with the aid of the individual modules of the

also produce his future products economically.

POC. The POC is split up into the following modules: – Planning – Production planning in connection with stockkeeping. – Operation – Indication of the actual operating data of the leading equipment. Contact:

– Quality – Quality monitoring, process guide. – Maintenance – Link to maintenance software.


Features: ➔ Extended plant design. ➔ Extended engineering support. ➔ Optimization of partial processes or of the com- plete carpet yarn proc...

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