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Winding solutions for special yarns WinDuro winders

WinDuro1 for rayon tire cord

You would like to wind viscose yarns, rayon, aramide, polyethylene or similar materials? Our specialist for non-standard yarns is called WinDuro. With its modern control system, the winder and its precision winding unit ensure perfect package build even in the case of these special hightech yarns.

01 WinDuro • Oerlikon Barmag

WinDuro6 for high tenacity tapes

WinDuro6 for aramide multifilament

You have to react flexibly to quicklychanging customer requirements? This is the reason we have equipped WinDuro with an electronic transmission that will provide you with reliable support. Various formulations are simply stored to allow swift adaptation of the crossing ratio. By transferring the speed signal from your system and the winders’ yarn tension-controlled control unit, changes are possible without substantial time and material costs. Regardless of how sophisticated your customers’ requirements are – you will be able to fulfill them with WinDuro.

Efficiency is also one of the most important commandments in your business. Your well-trained staff should be able to concentrate on the important issues. For this reason, it is essential to us that our machines and components are easy to handle and require minimum maintenance. A considerably faster return on investment (ROI) will show you what this is worth down to the last penny. More than 26,000 sold precision winders speak for themselves: you can rely on our experience.

Technical data WinDuro





with maintenance aisle

with operator walk


WinDuro 1

WinDuro 2

WinDuro 6

Taking up with electronic yarn tension regulation

Type of winding

precision winding

precision winding precision winding


multifilament yarn multifilament yarn multifilament yarn


PA/ PET/ rayon


PA/ aramide/ PET/ PE

Denier range (dtex)

550 … 2200

45 … 660

125 … 5000


WinDuro 6 WinDuro 1

Yarn tension (cN)

50 … 450

10 … 150

100 … 600


WinDuro 6 WinDuro 1

Winding speed (m/min)

up to 350

up to 800/200

300 … 600


WinDuro 1

Tube i. d.* (mm)

90/ 75/ 73

90/ 82.5


Tube length (mm)

330/ 290

Package diameter (mm) (max. Ø x stroke)

Ø 260 x 300/ 250 1 x Ø 230 x 225

Package volume (dm3)

max. 15.0

filament textile yarn

viscose WinDuro 2

filament industrial aramide WinDuro 6 yarn PE

* max. values cannot be combined

1 x 250/ 2 x 250 216/ 290/ 300

Ø 350 x 190.5/250/260

2 x Ø 230 x 225

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max. 1 x 7.75 max. 2 x 7.75

max. 23.0

Phone +49 371 23 88 240 Fax +49 371 85 21 42

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You would like to wind viscose yarns, rayon, aramide, polyethy- lene or similar materials? Our specialist for non-standard yarns is called W...