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Proven features and experiences on a small scale Compact Monofilament Line

Co ompact Monofilam ment Liine We will w prepare you y for the future. f How can c we be so s certain? Becau use we liste en to you. Becau use we mak ke your requ uirements our ow wn requirem ments. Becau use we plan n to revolutio onize this market m togetther with ou ur custo omers over the t next 50 years. y

Mono ofilaments are e utilized alm most everywh here. In artific cial turf fo or sports or la andscaping, in the paperr machine or geo-te extile sector and many more m applicattions. As suc ch, the de emands mad de on the mo onofilament p properties are e corresspondingly diverse. d However, what iss decisive forr a top-qu uality end product – rega ardless of the e area of app pli cation n – is the hom mogeneity an nd customize ed microstructure of the e monofilame ents.

mono o-colour execcution

The Compact C M Monofilame ent Line is available a w with: -

mono-co olour line bi-colour line bi-component line

he mono-colour line the e extruder iss positioned d in a 90 de egree angle to On th the machine m for optimal spa ace saving. The Barmag B Com mpact Mono ofilament Line is designed for a production of artificcial grass monofilaments and small quantitiess of up to 12 250 tons pe er year.

Compact Monofila ament Line Monofilament Line

Comp pact Monofila ament Line • Oerlikon Barmag 02

Compact Monofilament Line Making no compromise to the yarn quality due to proven features and experiences on a small scale. Ź Low floor space requirement down to 50% of a big size production line Ź Cost savings due to operation by one person only Ź Keeping the investment/output relation low, close to the big size production line Ź High efficiency even for small quantities Ź High flexibility Ź e-save

bi-colour line

Line output can reach maximum of Ź 1 x 180 kg/h (1 x 60 mm extruder) Ź 2 x 90 kg/h (2 x 45 mm extruder)

Compact Monofilament Line • Oerlikon Barmag 03

The three hot airr channels are a mounted into one frame, f wherre the mono ofilaments pass through in a zig-zag-ziig direction.. It is reduciing the spac ce requirem ment drastically.

00 mm for up u to 96 mo onofilamentss Workking width 50 As on n the big pro oduction lines typically used in the e market the e monofilam ment yarn at the e end of the monofilament line can n be: -

ed bobbins for f high spe eed wound 4-, 6- or 8-ends on flange e twisting in n a second operation o two-for-one wound on individual bobbins b for assembly-w a winding com mbined with spiral wrap pping in a se econd operration for gre eat flexibility y in-line spira al wrapped and wound d with precission winding g (no twistin ng) in-line textured and wound w with precision p winding

Comp pact Monofila ament Line • Oerlikon Barmag 04

Artificial turf solutions Artificial turf solutions for contact sports For artificial turf for contact sports (football, American football, rugby), LLDPE in a count range of up to 2,000 dtex (4 ‌ 8 ply) is used. The material can be wrapped or twisted.

Monocolour wrapped


Monocolour with textured infill

4-8 end flanged package

Twisted yarn

Wrapped bi-colour yarn

Artificial turf solutions for landscaping and non-contact sports For landscaping (backyards, gardens, terraces, balconies, traffic/road islands) LLDPE, PP or Polyamide is used, mostly texturized. Artificial turf for non-contact sports (hockey, tennis, golf) made from LLDPE, HDPE, PP using flat or texturized monofilaments, which can be additionally wrapped.

Textured landscaping

LLDPE-textured wrapped multifunctional

Textured wrapped landscaping

Compact Monofilament Line • Oerlikon Barmag 05

Downstream equipment: Winding for artificial turf The WUFF8 winder is suitable for manufacturing parallel wound flanged packages. From which, for example, full two-for-one twisted packages can be produced using the DD2000GT.

The ATW winder is suitable for manufacturing precision wound packages by winding single monofilaments on standard tubes.



Twisting for artificial turf High-speed universal twister for two-for-one twisting is combined with multi-step precision winding and oil applicator unit. This takes the special requirements of artificial turf monofilaments into account. Two-step process is perfectly-harmonized with equipment from a single source. The result is a very even twist due to yarn tension separation between twisting and winding.

Compact Monofilament Line • Oerlikon Barmag 06

Arttificial turf te exturing and d spira al wra apping g cial turf spirral wrapping g Artific Availa able either ass an automattic inline proccess or the most m flexible high-speed d stand-alone solution po owered by matic package e change and multi-step precision winding. autom The in nline system means less waste, fewer operators and a no inte erim storage e of the packa ages. A selff-contained solution s is mo ore flexible.

Spiral wrapping eq quipped with the Chemca at-M winder:

Ź Mo onofilament 8 x 550 dtex up to 6 x 2,5 500 dtex Ź Wrapping yarn PES S-DTY (draw w textured yarn) Ź Number of spiral wrapss 30 up to 55 per meter Ź Takke-up speed 70 up to 350 0 m/min

Artific cial turf textturing Availa able as inline e or stand-alo one version combined c witth autom matic winderss or combined with spiral wrapping and automatic win nders for the highest flexibility.

Ź Feeding with up to four diffe erent yarns Ź Less energy and aiir consumptio on Ź Low mainte enance expe enses

Compact Monofila ament Line • Oerlikon Barrmag 07

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Proven features and experiences on a small scale Compact Monofilament Line