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Belcoro Premium Quality The sought-after seal of quality for your products Our offer:  Belcoro Quality Standards – with the target of granting the Belcoro seal of quality. Your benefit: Your product becomes more attractive  Oerlikon Schlafhorst promotes for you the Belcoro label and the Belcoro products – worldwide.  You benefit from the high degree of popularity and the outstanding acceptance of the Belcoro seal of quality  Your yarns are convincing on the basis of German quality directives and achieve more steady earnings in sale.  Downstream processors and end customers appreciate the quality and the wearing comfort of Belcoro yarns and textiles.

Stand in the forefront – with Belcoro All over the world, knitters and weavers request Belcoro yarns – because they stand for more profit and guarantee the optimum downstream processing. With the Belcoro seal of quality, you show your customers that quality means more than just a word to you – and that your products easily meet the demands of weavers, knitters and end users. If you are already producing with Autocoro machines, it is easy for you to get the certificate and thus to show your high quality standards. So: what are you waiting for?

You are a part of it  You are a member of the Belcoro Community – of the “cream of the crop”.  As a member of this community, you will have attractive rebates on technology services from Oerlikon Schlafhorst. All over the world. It is easy to get the certificate  For the certification of your Autocoro yarns, you send us five yarn packages of each yarn quality with 3,000 m yarn length each.  For the certification of your textiles from Autocoro yarns, you send us three samples of the tailored fabric for each quality.

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The Belcoro Quality Standards criteria for the properties of your yarns and of your finished textiles are objectively measurable – thus they are an approved yardstick for products that are popular with the end user and that promise higher profits.

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Belcoro Certification The Belcoro certificate is obtainable for all Autocoro machines.


Belcoro Certification All over the world, knitters and weavers request Belcoro yarns – because they stand for more profit and guarantee the op...