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Bearing construction for demanding applications

Do you want reduce your budget for spare parts without accepting losses in your production quality? Do you have too much downtime due to maintenance? Then you should demand better solutions from your bearing producer!

Temco was formerly the textile bearing division of FAG Bearing Company. We have decades of experience in the design and production of specialized bearings for demanding applications. Our most successful product group is the integrated bearing series. Integrated bearings

are economical solutions for applications where speed, lifespan, construction space or load-carrying capacity is critical. What are the advantages of integrated bearings and for which applications can these advantages be used?

Standard bearing: For common applications, standard bearings like ball bearings are typically used. In the standard ball bearing construction, a shaft is inserted into the bearing, and this assembly is placed into the housing. This classical bearing construction has limitations. There are size constraints, speed limitations, life cycles, and inertia constraints that must be considered. The build up of tolerances in the construction of the assembly can lead to higher failure rates. In order to eliminate some of these design constraints, a single component bearing system is necessary. Integrated bearing of TEMCO: Temco’s integrated bearings incorporate the shaft and the housing into the bearing construction. The inner race of the bearing is ground into the shaft. The outer race of the bearing is ground into the shell. Thus the complete assembly is one unit (shaft and shell included). Integrated bearings have the following advantages: • Longer life when compared to conventional bearings of the same size. • Smaller size with the identical load rating. • Higher possible speeds due to less tolerances in the bearing components and optimized construction. • Lower startup inertia. • Custom designs for special applications. • Lifetime lubrication Let Temco design a specialized bearing for your application.

Reduced outer diameter (D) for the same shaft diameter (d)

Larger shaft diameter (d) for the same outer diameter (D)

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Bearing construction for demanding applications We are pleased to present below a few examples of our product range with a brief description of application areas for individual anti-friction bearing components:

Journal bearing SL 1116 – 01 • Very compact, durable, integrated double-row journal bearing. • Outside diameter 11 mm, length 16 mm; journal diameter 5.4mm with hexagon socket M3 and set screw. Journal bearing ZL 52104 • Integrated double-row journal bearingwith two shaft ends. • Basic bearing for various attachments, pulleys, gears, rollers, etc. Separator roller VR 2177-N • Hard chrome coated / ceramic coated • Suitable for temperatures up to 70°C / 130°C.

Journal bearing LAG 12.467 • Integrated double-row bearing

Special bearing SSL 7519 • Compact double-row integrated bearing unit to support knife discs for cutting foil, paper. • Inner ring manufactured as a high precision coupling flange. SW series Support Rolls • Used for driving material widths and slivers as well as in the winding of yarns. • Outside diameters ranging between

• • •

Bearing rated for 70,000 rpm. Extremely low bearing friction moment. Bearing particularly suitable for highspeed applications that have limited space.

Available in different dimensions and sizes.

Suitable forspeeds up to 1,500 / 2000 r.p.m

A universal bearing that can be used in a variety of applications.

Outer ring with integrated mounting flange for the knife discs. Extremely small tolerances to ensure precision rotation.

12 mm and 23 mm, with a maximum length of 600 mm. Speeds up to 50,000 rpm for the smallest rollers.

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What are the advantages of integrated bearings and for which applications can these advantages be used? Temco was formerly the textile beari...