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Autocoro 8

The high-tech revolution in rotor spinning

A new era in rotor spinning begins: The Autocoro 8 represents the most important innovation in rotor spinning for more than three decades. Benefit from the increased economic efficiency for all market segments, from large quantities through to special applications. The fastest Autocoro technology With the innovative single-drive technology, every spinning position is autonomous and has its own automation. Every rotor is driven singly and completely electromagnetically. The rotor motor in the new spinbox SE 20 is designed for speeds of up to 200,000 rpm. Up to 25% more productivity Even piecing is integrated in every single spinning position. For you that means no more waiting times for central automated units – for high efficiency ratings with any raw material and any application. Even better yarns and packages The quality of the yarns and packages can now be exactly adapted to your requirements. DigiPiecing guarantees high piecing quality. With DigiWinding the packages are better than ever, having straight flanks and perfect yarn displacement. Weaving mills love the packages of the Autocoro 8, because they have up to 50% fewer yarn breaks.

Reduced spinning costs A dream comes true. With the Autocoro 8 you can spin any raw material with a high efficiency rating. The packages contain up to 10% more yarn, which reduces logistics costs. In addition you save energy as there are no more idle times. The most flexible rotor spinning machine in the world With the Autocoro 8, the cost efficiency of long machines is combined with the flexibility offered by short machines. From now on, you produce up to 5 lots simultaneously on one machine. You can freely choose how many spinning positions are used for the individual lots – and lot changes are flowing, during full production. Thus you cut your storage costs and earn money even with smaller lots. Production not cleaning Stopping the machine, changing belts, testing drives and bearings – with the Autocoro 8 you no longer need to do any of these. While single spinning positions are maintained, the other spinning positions continue producing.

Highlights SynchroPiecing 6 Up to 6 simultaneous piecing processes QuickStarter Up to 12 simultaneous piecing processes 300 m/min for any machine length PilotSpin Test and produce at the same time MultiLot MultiLot 3 – up to 3 lots, MultiLot 5 – up to 5 lots Flowing lot change Lot changes during full production DigiWinding More package weight, better package quality FlexPack All package formats


Rotor motor designed for speeds of up to 200,000 rpm

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Up to 25% more productivity Even piecing is integrated in every single spin- ning position. For you that means no more wait- ing times for c...

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