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Autocoro 480 A step ahead Technical data Rotor speeds 40,000 to 150,000 rpm Take-up speeds up to 300 m/min Piecing Coromat, up to 4 units per machine Yarn quality monitoring Digital Technology Corolab XF The new Autocoro 480: Rotor spinning with highest quality and productivity. With 480 spinning positions and optimised automation. Up to four Coromat units produce invisible piecings that are indistinguishable from the parent yarn. The intelligent Event Identification System (EIS) guarantees the optimal and fully digital control of all Coromat units and now also allows flowing package changes. Thus highest productivity is guaranteed. Maximum yarn quality with Digital Technology The new digital Corolab XF System for the first time combines the world-wide market-leading Corolab XQ analysis of thick and thin places with the analysis of foreign material. High-resolution sensors and the most up-to-date digital technology at every spinning position ensure that nothing remains in the yarn that ought not to be there. Make use of the brandname for the most soughtafter rotor yarns world-wide: Belcoro. The Autocoro 480 offers you best prerequisites for Belcoro certification.

Packages Autocoro packages up to 320 mm and 5 kg weight Yarn count range 145 to 10 tex/Nm 7 to 100/Ne 4 to 60

Never before has the production of fancy yarns been easier and more reproducible, even on 480 spinning positions: Even before production starts, Fancynation permits 3D simulations of woven and knitted fabrics, analyses foreign yarns and offers an extensive “fancy yarn library”. Corobox SE 12: The all-rounder for Belcoro yarn quality and maximum productivity – engineered and made in Germany – excels with several technological highlights, such as the Single Drive Sliver Intake SDSI, a perfect precondition for an exactly dosed fibre guidance, and the wear-resistant Magnetic Rotor Positioning System (MRPS).


With EVA (Electronic Vacuum Adjustment), the Autocoro 480 additionally ensures a constant spinning vacuum, considerably reducing the number of yarn breaks and the power requirements of your machines.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Zweigniederlassung der Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG Blumenberger Strasse 143–145 . 41061 Mönchengladbach . Germany Telefon +49 2161 28 0 . Telefax +49 2161 28 2645 .

Spinning settings exhibited machine ITMA 2007 Yarn count: Nm 50; Ne 29.5; 20 tex Material: 100 % cotton Application: Knitting Rotor speed: 130,000 rpm Yarn twist: 127am Production: 146 m/min

The Corobox SE 12: As the market-leading high-tech box it meets all conceivable requirements regarding quality, flexibility, and productivity


Rotor speeds 40,000 to 150,000 rpm With EVA (Electronic Vacuum Adjustment), the Autocoro 480 additionally ensures a constant spin- ning vacu...

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