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Air Migration Filament Spinning Heberlein® FibreJet Migra Heberlein quality for an optimal yarn compaction The Heberlein® FibreJet Migra enables air migration of all synthetic continuous filament yarns. Air migration Individual filaments are lightly interlaced and compacted by means of compressed air and possible broken filaments are integrated again into the yarn. At the same time a thrifty and uniform migration of the spin finish into the yarn core occurs. The finish migration leads to an optimal yarn compaction and stable yarn path that increases the machine efficiency in the spinning process. Range of Application Suitable for the migration of textile, technical and BCF yarns. Product Advantages The robust, corrosion resistant housing guarantees a long product life even under extreme environmental conditions. Better protection of the high grade ceramic parts by means of the special housing design. The low friction surface of the yarn contacting ceramic parts ensures higher yarn quality. Conversion to the Heberlein® PolyJet series for higher migration quality is possible at any time, thanks to identical connections and the same yarn running position. Handling More user comfort through the open design with secure retention of the threadline.

Jet Product Range FibreJet-SP Migra For all textile yarns up to 350 dtex in the jet. FibreJet-TG Migra For technical filament and BCF yarns up to 5,000 dtex in the jet.

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Air Migration Filament Spinning Heberlein® FibreJet Migra Technical Data Type

Yarn Count in jet 1) [dtex]

Winding Speed 1) [m/min]

Gauge Pressure Air Usage qvn per yarn pe [bar] channel 2) [m3/h]

Threadline Spacing [mm]

SP Migra 13.0

- 350

~ 7‘500

0,5 - 2,0

0,786 (pe+1)


TG Migra 32.0

- 5‘000

~ 7‘500

0,5 - 2,0

4,759 (pe+1)


1) Indicative values: Depending on the properties of the feeder yarn, the machine settings and yarn guides (den = 0,9 x dtex) 2) Under standard conditions according to DIN 1343: Temperature = 0° C; Pressure = 1,01325 bar; Relative Humidity = 0% (1 standard cubic meter = 1,293 kg, psi = 14,7 x bar, CFM = 0,588 x m3/h) In the case of locations at more than 1,000 m above sea level please ask.

Yarn Characteristics (in a water bath)

Compressed Air Requirements Air pressure (gauge):

Dimensions and Weight

0,5 - 2 bar

Max. residual oil content: 0,1 mg/m3 (2*)

– Particle density 1 mg/m3



Max. residual water content: (5*) – Residual water 7,732 g/m – Dewpoint + 7 °C * Quality classification according to DIN ISO 8573-1



69.8 19.6

Max. residual particle content: (2*) – Particle size 1 μm

Ø 5.5 31.8







[mm] FibreJet-SP Migra (Weight 56 g)

[mm] FibreJet-TG Migra (Weight 144 g)

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Range of Application Suitable for the migration of textile, tech- nical and BCF yarns. FibreJet-TG Migra For technical filament and BCF yarn...