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Yarn Splicer Heberlein庐 AirSplicer III-70 For knot-free joining of aramid fibers This device produces knot free yarn splices that will run through all yarn processes without causing any problems. The III-70 gives best splicing quality having neatly bound-in yarn ends and highest strength. This is achieved by means of an extra long spliced join. The automated cycle reproduces high quality splices independently of the operator. An extremely robust design with a ceramic knife having high wear resistance guarantees a long life. Developed for aramid yarns in anti-ballistic weaves, for the manufacture of cabled yarns and cords and for many other difficult applications. Thanks to the high strength especially suited to the manufacture of overland cables. Application from 420 to 8,400 dtex with 6 different air blow chambers.

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Yarn Splicer Heberlein® AirSplicer III-70 Technical Data Application

Aramid fibers

Air pressure

4 - 6 bar

Dimensions (L x W x H)

150 x 80 x 120 mm


1.9 kg

Quick connect

DN 10 plug-in (or 3/8“ hose connection)

Type of blow chamber







Aramid fibers








Optimum splicing will only be achieved by selecting the correct blow chamber and splicing time, as well as the air pressure corresponding with the type of yarn and its fineness. For special demands optimisation trials are offered with the customer’s yarn at no extra cost. Yarn strength of spliced standard yarns 75 - 100% of the original strength of the yarn. Compressed air requirement Use only filtered (< 5 m) and dried compressed air (dewpoint < 10 °C).

Stands with foot or hand operated switch

For simple, repetitive splicing without tiring

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Thanks to the high strength especially suited to the manufacture of overland cables. An extremely robust design with a ce- ramic knife havin...

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