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Innovation has a name – Oerlikon Oerlikon Textile stands for highest technological standards in the efficient production and processing of fibers, yarns and nonwovens. With innovative total solutions in the field of textile machinery and plant manufacture, the global player acts a leading part in shaping the international textile future sustainably.

The Company Oerlikon Textile is a segment of the high-tech Oerlikon Group, drawing on more than 150 years of know-how in textile technology. The history of the traditional companies united under this roof dates back to 1853. Today, Oerlikon Textile is divided into the three business units Manmade Fibers, Natural Fibers and Textile Components with five strong brands that are the market leaders in virtually every technology area: Oerlikon Barmag, Oerlikon Neumag, Oerlikon Saurer, Oerlikon Schlafhorst, and Oerlikon Textile Components. They cover the entire textile value chain with comprehensive complete solutions, from plant design for the production of man-made fibers or nonwovens to systems for ring spinning, rotor spinning, winding, twisting or embroidery. The operating range encompasses the whole world. Approximately 6,250 employees currently work at more than 40 production and service locations around the globe. Main target markets are the large growth regions of the textile industry in China and India as well as the Americas, Turkey and the Middle East. The products and services of Oerlikon Textile play a key role in the value adding pro-

cess of the global textile industry and with all well-known manufacturers. All innovative developments and solutions have one common goal: achieving maximum quality, and efficiency as well as environmental protection and resource conservation in textile production. Success through innovation Innovation is the continued key to success for Oerlikon Textile. Every year, about 80 million Swiss Francs (CHF) are allocated to research and development. More than 400 scientists and engineers are dedicated to turning innovative ideas into productive applications and establishing them quickly in the market. One result of these efforts is, for instance, the sustainability-oriented e-save energy efficiency program which is characterized in particularly by resourceconserving production processes. Customers can also test product attributes and production sequences on (semi) manual and automatic systems around the world in special technology centers as well as research new applications and business areas.

From Tyre Cords to Geotextiles The growing variety of technical textiles is a great opportunity for Oerlikon Textile to show its innovative strength – with some highlights. As one of two manufacturers worldwide, Oerlikon Barmag produces machines for extremely robust HMLS yarns which are used in tires. This tire cord material is processed on Oerlikon Saurer twisting machines into even tougher three-ply yarns for modern run-flat tires with emergency running properties. These and other solutions for the production of technical yarns are among the most productive and flexible concepts in the world. The connecting points for technical textiles are varied and range from geotextiles for reinforcement of streets and roofs, canvas covers and conveyor belts all the way to airbags and safety belts. Input materials for modern geogrids as reinforcement materials are high-tenacity, even-quality polyester yarns. Until just a few years ago, even high-performance spinning machines were pushed to the

very limits of efficiency in the case of titers of 2,000 deniers. Today, multipleply and energy-saving manufacture of coarse yarns of up to 6,000 deniers is possible by deploying high-performance godets that are tailored to the respective requirements of the yarn to be produced. Modern, e-save certified Oerlikon Barmag HF godet systems ensure high-quality and even drawings of yarns with a total titer of up to 16,000 deniers per work position with a simultaneously drastic reduction in the energy consumption. In turn, this has a noticeably positive impact on the yarn manufacturer’s operating costs. Of course, the quality of the end product is fundamentally dependent on the quality of the input material – the yarn. But also the interaction between the individual production steps – in other words, from the spinning plant, drawing

Prize-winning energy-saving miracle machine: Allma CC4 Saving energy is becoming more and more a part of dayto-day production, and modern machines contribute to this. The Allma CC4, which has just been introduced into the tire cord cabling market in 2011, is a real energy-saving miracle machine. In normal operation, customers save up to 50% energy with the cabling machine. The progressive technology was acknowledged at the Tire Technology Expo in Cologne with the „Tire Technology Award for Innovation and Excellence 2011“ in the category „Tire Industry Supplier of the Year“.

system, weft-inserting machine all the way through coating – is of decisive importance. As a solutions provider with its own engineering division, Oerlikon Barmag offers the entire process chain. In the special field of synthetic staple fibers, Oerlikon Neumag produces polypropylene short-cut fibers, used for cement and concrete reinforcement. In nonwovens production, very high fiber densities are achieved with special technologies. This results in extremely low unit weight for meltblown nonwovens and at the same time in high barrier effects for filtration applications, such as facial masks. Further applications for nonwovens, that are produced on Oerlikon Textile machines are e. g. geotextiles, roofing membranes, automotive headliners, insulation material and wipes for hygiene and medical use.

“By expanding our sustainabilityoriented energy efficiency program e-save we are increasing value through high-quality innovative industrial solutions made by Oerlikon, continuously.â€? AndrĂŠ Wissenberg, Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications Oerlikon Textile

Future-oriented technologies and highlevel services The services provided by Oerlikon Textile cover the entire textile value chain. Oerlikon Barmag provides future-oriented and worldwide leading technologies for the spinning and texturing of man-made fibers, for the production of yarn with focus on quality and costs. Oerlikon Neumag offers comprehensive solutions covering BCF carpet yarns and staple fibers as well as all key nonwovens production processes such as spunmelt, meltblown and airlaid. With its product lines Allma, Melco, Saurer and Volkmann, Oerlikon Saurer

provides complete highlevel service to the special areas of twisting and embroidery. Oerlikon Schlafhorst is the market and innovation leader in the world of automatic ring and rotor spinning as well as winding and offers customized spinning solutions for excellent yarn and package qualities in short staple and long staple spinning. With the product lines Accotex, Daytex, Heberlein, Temco and Texparts, Oerlikon Textile Components supplies premium components for the entire field of filament and staple fiber spinning.

Facts Company Established 1853 Employees (Oerlikon Textile Group) Approx. 6,250 Sales 2010 (Oerlikon Textile Group) approx. CHF 1.6 billion Sales 2011 (Oerlikon Textile Group) approx. CHF 2 billion Product Groups ƒƒ Filament Spinning Machinery ƒƒ Texturing Machinery ƒƒ Nonwovens Machinery ƒƒ Carpet Yarns and Staple Fibres Machinery ƒƒ Spinning Machinery ƒƒ Ring spinning Machinery ƒƒ Winding Machinery ƒƒ Twisting Machinery ƒƒ Embroidery Machinery ƒƒ Cabling Machinery ƒƒ Premium Components for all filament and staple fiber spinning applications

Brands / Licenses Oerlikon Barmag


Oerlikon Neumag ƒƒ S+ ƒƒ RoTec Oerlikon Saurer ƒƒ Allma CC3 ƒƒ Allma CC4 ƒƒ Allma TCS ƒƒ Volkmann Oerlikon Schlafhorst ƒƒ Autocoro ƒƒ Autoconer ƒƒ Zinser ƒƒ BD-Linie ƒƒ Belcoro ƒƒ Impact FX ƒƒ Autotense FX ƒƒ Ecopack FX ƒƒ Propack FX ƒƒ PreciFX ƒƒ DigiPiecing ƒƒ Corolab Oerlikon Textile Components ƒƒ Temco ƒƒ Daytex ƒƒ Heberlein ƒƒ Accotex ƒƒ Texparts ƒƒ Fibrevision

Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG André Wissenberg Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications Leverkuser Str. 65 42897 Remscheid Germany T +49 2191 67 23 31 F +49 2161 28 447 23 31


Oerlikon Textile stands for highest technological standards in the efficient production and processing of fibers, yarns and nonwovens. With...

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