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Spindle Units Texparts® Zero Underwinding Prevents under wounded ends to avoid subsequent cleaning The new Texparts® Zero Underwinding concept with smart design ensures the prevention of under wounded yarn ends for precise function during all stages of a spinning cycle. No under wounded ends due to Texparts® Zero Underwinding has an influence on several factors. A reduction of the air friction and energy consumption per spindle unit in comparison to clogged standard underwinding systems. Savings up to 10 % can be achieved due to a spindle movement free of yarn rests. No yarn rests and less flying fibers ensure a significant reduction of maintenance costs by eliminating subsequent cleaning. An extended spindle life time will be achieved by avoiding an unbalanced spindle movement. No yarn and fiber material will be hurled off from the wharve area this leads to an improved yarn quality and less ends down. The use of the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system guarantees a reduction of material loss. The new concept with smart design based on four outstanding arguments for the Texparts® Zero Underwinding System. Reliable Clamping of the Yarn Ends The smart design enables an at all times strong enough clamping force.

A preloaded spring ensures a securely yarn clamping. Fail-Safe Yarn Cutting Thanks to the steel yarn cutter warrant cutting results based on V-shaped teeth with sharp cutting edges will be achieved. In comparison to other systems retains the solid metal yarn cutter its superior cutting quality. Even challenging yarns like very course counts or out of man made fibers can be cut simply and safely. Precise and Long-Lasting Function The centrifugal ball principle of the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system ensures a precisely defined opening

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and closing speed. A uniform large enough clamping and opening gap for safe operating process is assured at all times. The yarn will be securely hurled off. Easy Handling The easy and quick replacement of the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system - in cases of maintenance - is ensured due to less working steps. Technical Requirements Following limits have to be followed to guarantee the full function: - max. 360° under winding angle - min. underwinding speed 4,500 rpm

Spindle Units Texparts® Zero Underwinding Texparts® Zero Underwinding ensures the precise function during all stages of a spinning cycle. Opening Phase While the Re-Start of the spindle, balls are pressing with centrifugal forces the sliding sleeve to an open position. The result is a clamped yarn end which is released and the underwinding section is completely clean and free from yarn. Closing Phase As the centrifugal force is smaller than spring force the sliding sleeve actuates to closed position. The yarn ends are safely clamped. During the tube change is even the clamping of short yarn ends assured. An integrated steel yarn cutter is cutting any yarn material. The new spinning cycle will reconvene with the Re-Start of the spindle.

With Texparts® Zero Underwinding

Texparts® Zero Underwinding with preloaded spring

Without Texparts® Zero Underwinding

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