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enabling customer success The key to success at Oerlikon is above all, the ability to transform the results of cutting-edge research into solutions customized to our customers’ needs. At the same time, technology used to protect the environment becomes a crucial competitive factor. As one of the world’s leading technology companies, we have a particular responsibility in this area. It is no coincidence that clean technologies are one of Oerlikon’s main innovation areas. These technologies not only help us meet the ecological challenges of our time, but they also help our customers achieve long-term success in the global market.

Dr. Uwe Krüger Chief Executive Officer

enabling high technology Oerlikon is one of the world’s most innovative industrial firms. Our products are represented in numerous sectors across the globe; from the textile, coating process and semiconductor industries, to solar energy and vacuum technology, to drive systems and the space industry – with over 19,000 employees at 170 locations in 35 countries, we are developing solutions and synergies for key industrial applications and future markets. Oerlikon Textile

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One group. One goal. In all its business sectors, the Oerlikon name stands for global innovation in key technological markets. As distinct as the company’s activities are, the challenge is always the same: to be a sustainable partner for customers and to use our unique expertise, ideas and products to open new market opportunities.

The Oerlikon organization is clearly structured into the following business segments based on key technologies: Oerlikon Textile, Oerlikon Coating, Oerlikon Solar, Oerlikon Vacuum, Oerlikon Drive Systems and Oerlikon Components. Our research centers are devoted to product development, market cultivation and customer relations in their respective core areas. The company directors are responsible for overall global strategy and controlling of the company, as well as for establishing guidelines and standards. This transparent structure allows for efficient business processes, and creates the foundation for rapport and trust

among employees, customers, partners and investors. To make the development and marketing of revolutionary technological innovations possible, Oerlikon will be engaging in completely new forms of cooperation. Collaboration with leading scientific organizations will be given even greater emphasis, and close partnerships – in some cases even joint ventures – will be forged with seed and start-up companies. Founding the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) was a decisive step toward establishing a worldwide knowledge network. Only in this way can Oerlikon guarantee to continue delivering groundbreaking innova-

tions into the future. Knowledge is created by the exchange of information. For this reason, continual knowledge transfer within business segments and their specialized units has been, and continues to be, an essential aspect of Oerlikon’s sustainable success and growth. Streamlined structures network interdisciplinary teams and lead to project-specific knowledge pools that greatly accelerate development and innovation processes. It is this kind of vigorous exchange of experiences and information that has kept a large corporation like Oerlikon so flexible and innovative over its 100-year history.

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Today, textiles are an essential part of our everyday lives. New fibers and new processing technologies aren’t just taking the world’s catwalks by storm – their increasingly widespread use in the high-tech industry is opening up new markets and value-added potentials.


Oerlikon Trendsetting Technology Oerlikon Textile provides comprehensive solutions for yarn manufacturing and processing as well as for the nonwovens production, covering the entire supply chain for the textile industry, from plant engineering for the production of synthetic and nonwoven fibers to facilities for ring spinning, rotor spinning, winding, twisting and embroidery. In virtually every technology area, Oerlikon Textile’s five business units are market leaders, continuously setting new international standards for textile production. Oerlikon Neumag Oerlikon Neumag delivers comprehensive solutions for all important nonwoven production processes. The company’s portfolio not only includes turnkey solutions for the manufacturing of spunmelt, carded and airlaid, but also new innovative nonwoven production technologies – all from a single supplier. As the market and technology leader for BCF carpet yarn and synthetic staple fiber production plants, this business unit is currently – worldwide – the company introducing such revolutionary technologies onto the market. Oerlikon Barmag Oerlikon Barmag is the global leader in the construction of spinning facilities for such synthetic fibers as nylon, polyester and polypropylene as well as texturing machines. Core competencies in this area include plant design, facility design and construction, and the production of related components like winding heads, pumps and godets. Located at the business unit’s headquarters in Remscheid, Germany, the Oerlikon Barmag R & D center is the largest of its kind in the world. Here, over 100 engineers and technicians develop technologically-leading products for the future.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Oerlikon Schlafhorst provides innovative and economical solutions for ring spinning, rotor spinning and winding systems. With its Autocoro, Autoconer and Zinser brand names, this business unit sets new quality benchmarks. As the world’s leading textile machine manufacturer, it offers superior expertise in the production of high-grade yarns and yarn packages from staple fibers. Regardless of the process used, Oerlikon Schlafhorst supplies spinning facilities with a complete line of products, right down to finished yarn packages. A worldwide service plan for the entire life-span of a product rounds off our customer offerings. Oerlikon Saurer Oerlikon Saurer is the worldwide market leader for twisting and embroidery production systems. Here, extensive experience accumulated over many generations is combined with modern knowledge to help shape the future of textile production. In this unit, age-old textile traditions meet state-of-theart technology in a symbiosis of expertise, quality and safety. In the embroidery area, the Saurer and Melco product lines are the clear leaders in shuttle embroidery and multihead machines. In the twisting area, the Allma and Volkmann series are at the top of the market segment for clothing staple, carpet yarn, tire cord, industrial and glass yarn.

Oerlikon Textile Components As the world´s leading manufacturer of premium-quality components, Oerlikon Textile Components offers a product portfolio aligned to all spinning applications and the nonwoven industry. The well-established Accotex, Daytex, Enka Tecnica, Fibrevision, Heberlein, Temco and Texparts product lines are known worldwide for their unbeatable quality and reliability.

Well-conceived and efficient technology, such as the kind used in the world of Formula 1 racing, also requires special production methods. Stateof-the-art coating technologies from Oerlikon create product lifespans, safety characteristics and load peaks that a few years ago were unthinkable.


Oerlikon Cutting-Edge Technology Tools and engines – for over 30 years, Oerlikon Balzers has stood for coating solutions that meet even the most stringent product and process quality expectations. Oerlikon Balzers Oerlikon Balzers is the world’s leading supplier of plasma-enhanced coatings for tools and precision components. These robust coatings are only a few thousandths of a millimeter thick, but are harder than steel. They don’t just protect tools and components from wear and tear, but maximize their performance and lifespan. For our customers, this means maximum productivity at lower production costs. As a comprehensive provider, we serve the world market with coating services, facilities and in-house solutions. Over 20,000 customers use our applications, primarily in the automobile, aircraft and machine production industries, as well as in metal and synthetic material processing and tool manufacturing. In a dynamically expanding network of over 80 coating centers all around the globe, we’re everywhere our customers need us to be, and are thus able to efficiently integrate products and services into their value-added chains, optimize their work processes and reduce their logistics expenses. With automated and standardized manufacturing methods, we guarantee the same superior quality worldwide.

With the RS 90 coating equipment, Oerlikon Balzers has begun tapping the world market in the mass coating of components for highperformance engines. The RS 90’s fully automated processes and high processing volumes allow for utmost productivity, the lowest possible per unit costs and consistently high quality. Coatings developed at Oerlikon Balzers are customized for the most diverse applications and tribological loads. With the P3eTM method developed by Oerlikon Balzers, corundum-like, aluminumoxide-based coatings can now be applied at temperatures under 600°C. Also groundbreaking is the combination of traditional nitride coatings with an almost endless range of hard metal oxides. This opens up entirely new design possibilities for high-performance tools. The experts agree: this innovation sets new technological standards. BALINIT®, Oerlikon Balzers’ leading product line, includes solutions for special applications as well. Low-temperature coatings that can be applied at just 200°C create a whole new range of uses for temperature-sensitive materials, leading to an increase in productivity when used in synthetic materials processing as well as in the automobile, textile and medical equipment industries. Coatings with higher elevated-temperature hardness and improved oxidization resistance are setting new standards in the prestigious field of hard machining. In the tool and mold construction industries, the cutting of harder steels can yield greater productivity benefits.

Traditional energy resources are becoming obsolete. Today, we are already experiencing the dramatic effects of climate change. We must act now. With highly innovative new concepts, Oerlikon Solar is leading the way.


Oerlikon Clean Technology At a time when raw materials are becoming scarcer and climate change is reaching a critical point, the development of renewable energy sources represents a huge future market. In the field of photovoltaic energy, Oerlikon Solar offers innovative solutions for the economical mass production of very large, thin-film solar modules. Oerlikon Solar Oerlikon Solar is the world’s leading provider of cost-efficient, high-performance manufacturing solutions for thin-film solar modules. With low-cost, readily available materials, proven facilities technology and state-of-the-art processes, production costs can be reduced by 30% in comparison to conventional, crystalline solar cell technology, while maintaining the same level of efficiency. Continual development of mass production methods will lead to even greater savings. The real breakthrough for alternative solar energy is closer than ever. It’s only the beginning of Oerlikon Solar’s success story. While conventional solar cells are made from crystalline silicon that is both difficult to obtain and expensive, with Oerlikon Solar’s process an extremely thin film of amorphous silicon is produced. The basic raw material used is silane gas. Using this technology, about 200 times less silicon is needed. The low material costs, highly efficient mass production and high performance of the 1.4 square meter (approx. 15 sq. ft.) solar modules are critical for the drastic reduction of production costs per watt. Thanks to their size and uniform appearance, Oerlikon’s solar modules are ideal for roofs and building facades – which in turn also increase their attractiveness.

The potential of this new production solution is immense, though this is no reason for Oerlikon’s scientists to rest on their laurels. The next generation of thin-film solar modules has already been successfully tested. Initial production lines will be ramped up in 2008 and continually expanded: the micromorph tandem cells, with a double coating of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon, will increase the effectiveness of solar modules by as much as 50 percent.

Every day, modern medical technology saves lives all over the world. However, without the use of vacuum pumps, the production of many medical devices would not be possible. Oerlikon Vacuum is making a valuable contribution in this area. Because when it comes to saving lives, every second counts.


Oerlikon Vacuum Technology In the development of groundbreaking innovations and in the production of everyday consumer items, Oerlikon’s vacuum technologies play an essential role. The company’s main areas of expertise are in the development of applications and customer-specific systems for the creation of vacuums and gas production processes. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum technology is utilized in many areas of our everyday lives, for example in air conditioners, automobile applications and lighting. Clean technologies such as energysaving lamps and solar cells would not be possible without vacuum technology. Even high-tech processes such as the coating of microchips, CDs and DVDs as well as the manufacturing of optical glass and analysis devices would be unthinkable without Oerlikon Leybold’s vacuum technology. With 157 years of experience in the field of vacuum technology, Oerlikon Leybold has comprehensive knowledge of processes and applications which it utilizes to its customers’ advantage. Exclusive technical expertise is combined with the industry’s largest sales and service network. In its specific business areas (process industry, semiconductor, coating technology, analysis methods, research and development), Oerlikon Leybold is one of the world‘s leading suppliers. Whether it’s in space technology or fundamental research, nanotechnology or high-energy physics – vacuum technology is absolutely essential for innovation. Oerlikon Leybold is a pioneer and leader in this area. By the mid-19th century, we created the foundations for modern vacuum technology. Today, our name stands for innovative drive in the industry. We offer a comprehensive line of products for the production of fore, high and ultra-high vacuums, including everything from smaller devices like measuring devices, leak detectors and pumps to fully integrated vacuum systems. Utmost precision, performance and durability combined with low operating costs make both our standard solutions and customized products superior.

This combination played a key roll in the construction of the world’s largest particle accelerator – the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – at the CERN Research Center in Geneva, Switzerland. In order to study the forces contained within elements, particles are hurled at each other, colliding up to 800 million times a second in an enormous ring accelerator that would stretch up to 27 kilometers if uncoiled. It was only through the ultra-high vacuum technology of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum that these kinds of extremes were made possible.

Anyone who sets high standards can expect high performance. In today’s mobile world, there is hardly a product more closely linked with engineering, personal image and emotions than our cars. Oerlikon Drive Systems is the exclusive supplier of premium brands in this sector.


Oerlikon High-Performance Technology Oerlikon Drive Systems is the leading worldwide provider of complete drive systems, gear parts and single components for transmissions. Our product portfolio encompasses transmissions for high-performance cars, complete solutions for all-wheel-drive vehicles and agricultural tractors, as well as planetary drives (Torque HubŽ) and gear components. Superior manufacturing, engineering and innovative expertise have made us the market leader for high-tech transmission systems. It’s no coincidence that our transmission and drive systems are behind the power and speed of high-performance cars such as Aston Martin, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. These also include drive and differential components for all-wheel-drive vehicles. Oerlikon Drive Systems is furthermore the preferred partner in co-design tests and in the manufacture of drive systems for specialized applications of the off-highway and city bus market. Our range includes complete product lines and specific applications for heavy-duty tractors and construction machines, materials handling, utility and golf carts, and zero-emission vehicles.

The range of applications goes even further: Torque HubÂŽ Planetary Drive Solutions is, for example, a well-known worldwide brand in planetary drive engineering. The spectrum of use for these high-performance gear components ranges from off-highway machines to marine applications, and from energy-generating windmills to hybrid-driven machinery. As the market leader in the construction, development and manufacture of synchronization systems and hydraulic clutches for construction and agricultural vehicles, our technologies are used in 70% of all agricultural tractors produced worldwide. We are also the leading service provider for customized products in agriculture, in the energy market and in industrial applications.

Unimpeded mobility, worldwide availability and constant access to information are decisive success factors in the business world. High-tech solutions from Oerlikon Systems and Oerlikon Esec ensure that the information arrives.


Oerlikon Nano Technology “Anything, anytime, anywhere” – this summarizes the demands of today’s market as well as captures the increasingly complex challenges facing the semiconductor industry. Today, telephones are no longer just used to make calls or to send text messages and images. They are date books, digital cameras, video cameras, game consoles, MP3 players and are now increasingly being used as mobile offices to carry out essential tasks, anytime and anywhere. Oerlikon Systems Faster, smaller, more compact – the dynamics of the telecommunications and electronics markets can hardly be beaten. Mobile telephones, MP3 players, laptops as well as motor vehicle sensors all function thanks to the technology of Oerlikon Systems. We are one of the key players in production systems for the semiconductor industry. Our facilities are used to coat and etch substrates (wafers) from which microchips are made. In cooperation with leading microchip manufacturers, we are developing production methods for future generations of ultra-thin, high-performance chips. For this we are focusing, above all, on innovative nanotechnology applications. For the production of the next generation of computer chips, Oerlikon Systems has developed a new etching system for photomasks. The GEN V system meets the most stringent requirements in the high-precision production of chips with line widths of no more than 22 nanometers. High-resolution televisions, complex computer games, unlimited music – advancements in electronic entertainment have meant an explosive increase in storage capacity requirements. Oerlikon Systems is the world’s leading company for coating systems for optical and magnetic data storage. Over 30% of all hard drives, 70% of all CDs and CD-ROMs and 90% of re-writable CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays are coated with Oerlikon Systems´ equipment. The fastest throughput, the lowest

production costs and absolute precision characterize our coating facilities, which process CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs in twosecond intervals. The storage capacity of the new generation of hard drives will increase 14-fold in the next few years. For a long time now Oerlikon has been leading the way in this innovation process. The Racetrack coating facility runs with the new production method known as Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR), which saves data bits perpendicular to the disk surface and not parallel. This allows for the creation of data bits that measure just a few nanometers and feature up to ten times more storage density than was previously possible.

fined industry standards for years to come. As a technological leader for over two decades, Oerlikon Esec has now exceeded all expectations with its launch of the new die attach platform Die Bonder 2100. The knowledge acquired over the last 40 years has been invested in this new generation of products, which feature a 45% increase in performance. Launched in mid-2007, Oerlikon Esec’s Wire Bonder 3200 is currently the fastest and most precise wire bonder on the market. The signals created on the chip are transmitted over a gold wire thinner than a human hair. Today, thanks to optimized techniques, up to 22 connections per second can be made with the highest placement accuracy. Oerlikon Esec Since 1968, Oerlikon Esec has stood for innovative product solutions for the semiconductor and microtechnology industries, where utmost precision and speed are in especially high demand. Since its foundation, Esec has again and again made critical contributions to technological advancement in this area, and is now the leader in the development and production of automatic assembly machines, process technologies and system solutions for microchips. The company’s main products include Die Bonder (for fixing the open, unprotected semiconductor to the base) and Wire Bonder (for creating electronic connections between semiconductors and connection points on the base), which have already rede-

Oerlikon Esec fulfills ultimate performance requirements thanks to its principle of continual improvement. A good example of this is the Lean Manufacturing Program introduced in mid-2007 and now used in a variety of production areas. Thanks to this innovative concept, up to 50% higher productivity is now possible. For Oerlikon Esec “anything, anytime, anywhere” means the combination of innovation, operational excellence, the best-trained employees and a global footprint. With service centers in all strategic markets, customer focus, availability and optimal service are guaranteed. Working hard to fulfill Esec’s motto: faster, better, more precise.

Anyone who wants to understand the world and the larger context of the universe must be willing to change their perspective. The great dream of space exploration is now closer to being fulfilled than ever before – in part thanks to the innovations of Oerlikon Space.


Oerlikon Future Technology For years now, space travel hasn’t just been reserved for science, but it has also moved into our everyday lives. Telecommunication satellites make it possible to quickly and efficiently transmit television images, data or telephone conversations around the world. Navigation satellites help us find our way. Satellites deliver data for weather forecasts, climate and environmental research; for emergency assistance and for more security. All of this is driven by technology from Oerlikon Space. Space travel is an industry with enormous innovation potential. Technologies created for space travel can often be used in a number of other areas as well. Oerlikon Space is, for example, the world leader in payload fairings built with composite technology. Extremely light, extremely durable structures made of carbon fiber composite materials can now also be found in airplanes, and have piqued interest in the automobile industry as well. With our ideas, developments and products, we are opening up new technical possibilities every day. We’re at home in outer space! For about 40 years, Oerlikon Space has also been developing and building satellite structures. The majority of satellites of the European Space Agency (ESA) are equipped with shells made by Oerlikon Space, custom produced from metal, composite or with hybrid technology. The requirements that these structures must meet, in order to reliably function in outer space, are formidable. They don’t just have to stand up to the massive mechanical strain at liftoff, but must also resist the temperature fluctuations of over 100°C that a satellite is subjected to on its orbit. One specialty of Oerlikon’s is engineering extremely precise drive mechanisms for the expansion and positioning of solar generators, antennae and instruments. In the positioning mechanisms for solar generators (Solar Array Drive Mechanisms or SADM),

Oerlikon Space has assumed a leading role. The range of products includes SADMs for all kinds of satellites – from micro satellites to the largest platforms for telecommunications and earth observation. The experiences that Oerlikon Space has gained in the construction of precision mechanisms for space travel are also useful for applications here on earth – for example in the production of microchips. Here, too, utmost precision is required, for example when conductor paths are exposed with EUV lithography onto carrier substrates. Data transfer using laser beams is another technology with an enormous future potential. Since the mid-1990s, the engineers at Oerlikon Space have been researching and developing solutions for laser-enhanced communication in space. Now Oerlikon Space can offer its customers established solutions for broadband communication with laser terminals.

enabling world champions Products and processes developed by Oerlikon set worldwide standards and even manage to fascinate and impress technical experts. It is no coincidence that Oerlikon is leading the way in practically every key technology. This success is the result of years of hard work and the desire to be the very best in everything Oerlikon does.

Every day there are new races to be won Innovation, speed, efficiency and passion are essential not only to car racing but also in the highly competitive key technological industries. Commitment to these qualities is what drives Oerlikon every day to the highest performance levels. We’re raring to go in many areas The European nuclear research organization CERN is using Oerlikon vacuum technology in the construction of an enormous particle accelerator. For its ARIANE satellite launcher, the ESA uses Oerlikon’s payload fairings. New standards in the global coating market will be set by Oerlikon’s “P3e” technology, which allows coating properties to be adjusted depending on the application. And with our revolutionary thin-film technology for the production of new kinds of solar modules, we are leading the way in this industry as well. Our goal is to create cleaner environmental technologies A core development goal for the newly aligned Oerlikon research and development organization is the early recognition of key long-term clean technology markets and development of new processes. Along with thin-film solar processes, clean technologies already play an important role in many Oerlikon business divisions. For example, under the slogan of “e-Save,” textile facilities are being developed that consume significantly less energy. New aggregates, such as the MPS texturing machine from Oerlikon Bar-

mag, reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. Oerlikon Graziano has recently signed a long-term contract with TH!NK Technology, a Norwegian manufacturer of emission-free vehicles, for the delivery of special drive systems. Oerlikon Balzers’ highly resistant surface coatings are increasingly being used in engine manufacturing, helping to increase the components’ lifespan by ten times and decreasing fuel consumption by up to 4%. With its unique expertise in gear manufacturing, Oerlikon Fairfield has been able to successfully position itself in the wind power market, and has signed a long-term contract with Winergy, a subsidiary of Siemens. Oerlikon Space has developed special sensors to be used in satellites deployed for environmental research. In the booming solar market, Oerlikon Vacuum has successfully established itself as a preferred supplier for components used in both the production of silicon wafers as well as thin-film modules. Developing tomorrow’s markets As the world’s leading technology company, it isn’t enough for Oerlikon to maintain its position at the top of existing market segments. In its ventures into future markets, Oerlikon

A man who doesn´t just honor these values, but also embodies them, is Oerlikon´s brand ambassador: the three-time world champion Niki Lauda

is also among the most innovative high-tech firms. With our globally networked research teams, we are working to develop new hightech processes for solar energy and nanotechnology. Oerlikon Balzers has developed cutting-edge thin-film technology and made highly precise application processes possible – a revolutionary breakthrough and technological milestone in the coating segment.

enabling global technology The world is our market As a global player, Oerlikon lends its worldwide customers critical competitive advantages with leading high-tech products and services. Essential for this is customer proximity as well as our own research centers and manufacturing facilities.

Global expertise Oerlikon is a global player with a clear commitment to traditional Swiss values: innovation, quality, precision, reliability. We are leading the way in the world’s high-tech markets – our enormous innovative power comes from high performance and synergies created through our global network of research centers. Over 19,000 employees have a single, common vision: securing technological superiority into the future and setting new standards in high-tech industries all over the globe. In ten European research centers, Oerlikon is bringing together unique knowledge along the entire value-added chain in all the business areas in which we’re active. Two technology centers in the U.S., with specialized expertise in thin-film coatings, are driving innovation forward in semiconductor and precision technology. In Asia, the world’s central information technology market, we maintain a leading position in product certification, sales and customer support. With the opening of a new facility in Singapore, Oerlikon Esec has proven just how well global collaboration and market proximity can be combined.

Global presence With over 170 locations in 35 countries on four continents, we are everywhere our customers need us to be. For example, we operate over 80 coating centers worldwide, providing customized solutions and in-house services. We are continually developing our presence in the three most important strategic regions – Europe, the U.S. and Asia – based on our customers’ locations. Partnerships with customers are forged along the entire value-added chain: from close collaboration in product development, to manufacturing and quality control, to an expansive service and support network.

Oerlikon maintains intensive and long-term relationships with its customers. Collaborations extend far beyond the development and manufacturing of products. They include production ramp-up, maintenance as well as regular on-site service, support and training. For these purposes, Oerlikon has created a global infrastructure that includes a network of 170 locations in 35 countries.

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