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Gallery Collection 2014

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Cover: Artwork by Etienne Labbe - redfield v2, 2013 Inside Cover: Artwork by Lucy Maki - Slats, 2013

Foreword Art & Design: A Collaboration For over 10 years, the Oeno Gallery has been a trusted resource for art buyers, designers, and collectors. Why do our clients and designers keep coming back? 1. Expertise. We know where the best works are and we have “good eyes”. Our experienced staff have developed relationships with artists, dealers, collectors and designers across Canada and the United States. While we represent over 50 contemporary mid-career artists, we frequently have access to important Canadian work by members of the Group of Seven, the Painters Eleven, and others sought after by collectors. If we do not have the work you are looking for, we know where to find it. 2. The Experience. Our philosophy is that buying art is one of life’s great pleasures. It doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming. While people acquire art for many different reasons – building a collection, decorating, investing – it should always be a joy. 3. Convenience. Our main exhibition venue is located between Toronto and Ottawa, on the grounds of one of Canada’s leading wine estates. But three days a week, our consultants are on the road, bringing work to client’s homes or offices throughout southern and eastern Ontario and western Quebec. With the help of other art shippers, we have collaborated on projects with designers in places such as Australia, Hong Kong, England, New York, California, and Texas. Geography doesn’t matter very much any more. 4. Value. We make sure that the buyers receive fair pricing and good service through the entire process from selection to installation. We recognize and value the dialogue with a client’s designer and make sure that their input is heard and rewarded. 5. A Great Road Trip. Clients don’t have to come to the gallery, but when they do, they experience Huff Estate vineyard just steps from our door. We have one of Ontario’s great inns, fine dining, an exceptional sculpture garden and private barrel cellar that is worth the tour. And of course, they get a private consultation in the gallery’s back room. All reasons why this year, Ontario named us the Best Retail Commercial Gallery in the Province. Our team looks forward to working with you.

Carlyn B. Moulton Sandra Goldie Owner/Curator


Heather Allen-Hietala “My work explores the relationships between individual pieces, their materials, forms and ideas. I am interested in duality and the idea of two (or more) things that are intrinsically bound together, made by the same hand. Created separately, individual pieces are presented in pairs or groupings that strengthen and highlight this sense of similarity and contrast. A dialogue is created by the contrast of 2D and 3D, of male and female, of clay and cloth, of hard and soft, of line and form. The negative spaces and shadows enter into the dialogue, extending the pieces and representing the unsaid between individuals or the spiritual world. The 3D pieces are designed for the wall and the pedestal, allowing them different expressions and personalities. It is my goal that in presenting different groupings and installations, provocative relationships and dialogues are created.�

- Heather Allen-Hietala

The Space Between 25in x 38in x 4.5in mixed media

Prices range from $800 - $9,500 Sizes range from 5in x 22in x 5in to 27in x 81in x 4in 4

Heather Allen-Hietala

Holding On To 30in x 39in x 4in clay and wire


Cali Balles Cali Balles is a graduate of the Material Art and Design program at Ontario College of Art and Design, and studied glass at Sheridan College of Crafts and Design. She is a recipient of the Royal Bank of Canada Award for glass and has received support from the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Sketch, Branch series 12in x 4in x 3.5 in glass

“Natural forms and city structures shape my work; I explore the interaction between them. Using photography as a research tool, I document and study these images at close range. Referencing these images, I assemble glass sculptures and branches, fronds, and tendrils become a vocabulary for composition. Working in clear glass the focus on form and structure predominates, combining various glass techniques, I attempt to illustrate the details of my environment.�

Sketch, Aloe series 2.5in x 2.5in x 1.5 in glass

- Cali Balles

Opposite page: Sketch (leaves) 9in x 6in x 3in glass

Prices range from $350 - $1,800 Sizes range from 2.5in x 2.5in x 1.5 in to 28in x 28in x 4in 6

Cali Balles


Nie Jian Bing Nie Jian Bing’s artwork offers a twist on classic portraiture by challenging how we look at historical figures and images of the Renaissance. The artwork begins with a Western face which is then superimposed with a grid of asymmetrical acupuncture meridians and Chinese characters. In this way, the artist contrasts Eastern and Western symbolism, bringing about a new way of looking. Trained in France, Nie Jian Bing divides his time between MontrÊal, Paris and China.

Venus 30in x 30in oil on canvas

Opposite page: Portrait de Jeune Homme 48in x 60in oil on canvas

Mona Lisa IV 30in x 30in oil on canvas

Prices range from $7,000 - $13,500 Sizes range from 30in x 30in to 74in x 60in 8

Nie Jian Bing


Alison Brannen In her work, Brannen mimics the dynamic forces at play in the earth’s crust. Working directly on the wheel and then by hand, Brannen creates ‘three dimensional drawings’ on which the flame plays the final act. The vessels are organic and expressive, rims and edges are altered to create rugged and subtle surfaces on which the smoky, mineral rich atmosphere in the kiln fuses to the surface in unusual ways. Brannen prefers simple ancient pots that reveal the maker’s hand and the markings of the fire striving to make the work appear ancient, eternal and fresh from the fire.

Desert Grasses II 14in x 9in x 9in Saggar fired porcelain

Prices range from $500 - $1200 10

Alison Brannen

Desert Grasses III 14in x 9in x 9in Saggar fired porcelain

Desert Orchid I 14in x 8in x 8in Saggar fired porcelain


Alex Cameron Alex Cameron is celebrated as a well known contemporary painter with an exceptional outlook on the world. His oils, watercolours and early acrylics are in many museums, corporate and private collections and catalogues. His current work displays the virtuosity of an artist in his prime as he continues to create new abstract and landscape canvases that are among the best. Cameron studied at the New School of Art in Toronto under Graham Coughtry as well as Gordon Rayner, Dennis Burton, and Bob Markle. He worked as a preparator at the Art Gallery of Ontario and as a studio assistant for Jack Bush. Cameron was strongly influenced by Painters Eleven members William Ronald, Kazuo Nakamura and Ray Mead.

Reno 24in x 20in oil on canvas

Opposite page: A Look Towards the West 48in x 36in oil on canvas

Prices range from $2,500 - $13,500 Sizes range from 11in x 14in to 60in x 60in 12

Alex Cameron


David Cantine David Cantine is a senior Canadian painter who has been painting the same still life for 36 years. The painting began as a pair of apples and its shadow and it evolved, under pressure of colour, into the present imagery. Cantine was born in Jackson, Michigan (1939) and studied at the University of Iowa (BFA, MA) before moving to Alberta and working as a professor in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Alberta. His work has been exhibited at the Art Gallery of Alberta, FAB Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art among others and is represented in numerous public collections.

Primary Still Life With Browns 27in x 27in framed acrylic on plexiglass

Price $4,800 14

David Cantine

Still Life with Gray 27in x 27in framed acrylic on plexiglass


Neil Clifford “Each kayak I sculpt has a direct relationship to the granite on which it is cradled, and is unique to that stone. My kayaks are hand built directly in wax using a technique that I have developed and refined over time. I work with strips of wax, creating a hull and deck shape in direct proportion to the length and volume of the stone. The profile of the vessel must relate to the lines of the stone, as each stone has its own shape and movement.

Calm and Clear 9in x 45in x 19in bronze and granite

Prices range from $7,400 - $34,000 Size range varies Available for commissions 16

Neil Clifford My kayaks are designed to follow and complement established curves and lines. Their curves, edges, textures and patina take a cue from the base upon which it rests. And just as each selected stone is a unique creation, so too, are the kayaks.�

- Neil Clifford


Susan Collett RCA Toronto-based artist Susan Collett studied printmaking and ceramics at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Collett’s ceramic, print and copper pieces have brought her many achievements. She is a recipient of the Winifred Shantz Award and an elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics, as well as the Royal Academy of the Arts. While exhibiting throughout North America, Collett has also participated in several residencies at the Sanbao Art Institute in Jingdezhen, China, 2003 and Fuping, China, 2007. Her work can be found in many collections including the Bata Shoe Museum, the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, the Ernst & Young Collection and the Bank of Montreal. She has recently been asked to exhibit work in Israel, Italy and China.

Bloom III 27in x 9in x 10in clay

Opposite page: Laurel II, detail 24in x 32in x 18in clay

Prices range from $6,000 - $14,000 Size range varies 18

Susan Collett RCA


Susan Collett RCA Works on Paper

Family Tree Study I 35in x 49in framed monoprint

Family Tree Study II 35in x 49in framed monoprint

Opposite page: Lineage X (black maze) 43in x 29in framed monoprint

Prices range from $3,000 - $6,000 Sizes range from 28in x 21in to 65in x 60in 20

Susan Collett RCA


Shayne Dark Shayne Dark was born in 1952 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and currently resides in Hartington, Ontario. Dark creates sculptural works that evoke the contrast between urban settings and the natural world. Since he began his artistic career in the mid-1980s, he has participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada and the United States. Among his many awards and honours, Dark was one of three Canadian artists selected to participate in ARTiade 2004 - Olympics of Visual Arts’ in Athens, Greece.

Entangled Blue 85in x 11in x 11in steel Trio Transparent Red 119in x 40in x 40n Steel

Prices range from $6,000 - $150,000 Size range varies Site specific pieces by commission 22

Shayne Dark


Phil Darrah Phil Darrah was born in the United Kingdom and immigrated to Canada in 1968. Darrah taught at the University of Alberta from 1968 until 2003. He currently lives and works in Alberta. “I am inclined to think of paintings, at least my paintings, as songs. Songs are about something and my pictures are about something although I rarely have a clear sense of what that may be until completion. I work intuitively but within gradually shifting landmarks. I am interested in percept as opposed to concept and all of my paintings derive in part from a perceived experience in either daily life or from “sign posts” left by other artists and cultures I have come to revere. Over the last few years I have felt it important to work the paintings loosely, to allow the paint it’s own life and to allow a wide range of hand and arm gesture in the painted and drawn transactions.” - - Phil Darrah

Couplet 44in x 32in acrylic on canvas

Opposite page: Asian Summer 44in x 31.5in acrylic on canvas Harbinger 26.5in x 30in acrylic and paper on canvas

Prices range from $3,000 - $4,800 Sizes range from 26.5in x 30in to 46in x 34in 24

Phil Darrah


Franco DeFrancesca A Toronto native, DeFrancesca graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1990 and later attended the University of Guelph (2004-05) to further his studies. Defrancesca has been a multidisciplinary artist since 2004, and has exhibited art projects ranging from sculpture/installation, photography, digital art and sound art. His work can be found in corporate and public collections, as well as in private collections in North America and Germany.

Sombre Reptiles 18in x 48in pigment print and resin on board

Opposite page: Looking Through Bent Back Tulips 18in x 18in pigment print and resin on board

Prices range from $2,500 - $10,000 Sizes range from 18in x 18in to 48in x 72in 26

Franco DeFrancesca


Franco DeFrancesca

clockwise: Autopoietic, Subproject, Rinse and Repeat, Post Sustainable Flush 30in x 30in ea. pigment print and resin on board

Opposite page: Lobot 30in x 30in pigment print and resin on board 28

Franco DeFrancesca


Sophie DeFrancesca Sophie DeFrancesca was born in Toronto in 1967, and attended the Ontario College of Art, graduating in 1990. Influenced by iconic dresses of the twentieth century, De Francesca creates delicate figurative pieces out of galvanized steel. She has also developed a whimsical series of animal heads. She has exhibited and is represented in prestigious galleries in Toronto, Montreal and New York. Her works are held in collections in Canada, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

I Will Survive 38in x 22in x 28in mixed media

Opposite page: Slytherine 59in x 36in x 36in mixed media

Prices range from $3,900 - $14,500 Sizes range from 24in x 21in x 20in to 70in x 42in x 22in 30

Sophie DeFrancesca


Stefan Duerst “My sculptures are predominantly in steel, fabricated and forged. During the forging process, I enter a state similar to meditating. Working with fire, machinery and hand tools, my body and mind must be totally present in order to shape the material while it is hot. It requires instant action. These pieces are an extension of myself, interpreting and expressing my thoughts and feelings through my aesthetic. The sculptures are abstract, exploring archaic forms, space/non-space relations, and the use of colour. I apply painted surface treatment on the sculptures with epoxy primer and sprayed polyurethane top coat.�

- Stefan Duerst

Supreme Whiteness XI (Red) 30in x 15in x 6in forged steel

Opposite page: Supreme Whiteness XII (Turquoise) 30in x 16in x 9in forged steel

Prices range from $1,500 - $18,000 Sizes range from 20in x 10in x 5in to 144in x 48in x 12in Available for commissions 32

Stefan Duerst


Dale Dunning Dale Dunning holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Mount Allison University, New Brunswick (1969) and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan (1971). The head is the central visual theme in his work. “My representation of the head is nonspecific as to gender, time, colour or creed. As an object of contemplation it functions as a mirror of the viewers’ experience, reflecting and evoking conscious and subconscious memories, thoughts and feelings.“

- Dale Dunning

Among the many collections housing Dunning’s evocative sculptures are the National Library of Ottawa and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. A prolific sculptor, Dunning has regularly exhibited his work in private and commercial galleries since 1980.

Opposite page: Letterhead 27in x 26in x 17in bronze

Whisper 23in x 13in x 13in bronze

Prices range from $550 - $16,500 Sizes range from 6in x 4in x 4in to 27in x 27in x 18in 34

Dale Dunning


Floyd Elzinga Floyd Elzinga’s work is fundamentally inspired by the natural world. His sculptures explore the traditional landscape through non-traditional techniques. Through the subject of pine cones in particular, Elzinga explores the nature of seeds and highlights their ambitions in representational and abstract landscapes. Pine cones have traditionally been used as symbols of immortality and fertility.

Unzip the Earth 13in x 120n x 504in stainless steel and concrete

Opposite page: Pine Cones Sizes vary corten steel or stainless steel

Prices range from $500 - $18,000 Sizes range from 7in x 13in x 7in to 96in x 52in x 52in 36

Floyd Elzinga


Edward Falkenberg RCA Alberta-born sculptor Edward Falkenberg, RCA, attended the Ontario College of Art, graduating in Industrial Design in 1965. Soon after, he opened ‘Design House’, a residential and commercial furniture design company. He attained his first major commission for the Cadillac Development Corporation in 1966 and has been working steadily since then. Falkenberg’s large and small sculptures have brought him acclaim, resulting in many solo and group exhibitions and much media attention. His work is held in corporate collections including Imperial Oil in Alberta and Orfus Investments in Ontario. In 2004, Falkenberg co-founded the Durham West Arts Centre, a self-sustaining public art centre in West Durham, Ontario.

Opposite page: Blue House 14/30 9in x 5in x 5in steel Solace II 17.25in x 7.75in x 5.25in wood and steel

Prices range from $400 - $12,000 Size range varies Available for commissions 38

Edward Falkenberg RCA


Catherine Farish The work of Catherine Farish has been described as emotionally sophisticated and provocative. Her large mixed media works on paper form lyrical abstractions which are both sensitive and innovative. Her intuitive approach is guided by a dialogue with the materials and a sensitivity to the physical characteristics of each technique. Her latest series uses the paper ‘scores’ from antique player pianos. Farish received a diploma from the Montreal Museum School of Fine Arts and her BFA from Concordia University. She went on to study with a master printer in the French tradition of printmaking, and has spent the last twenty-five years experimenting and developing her own techniques. Catherine Farish has shown extensively in Europe, Canada, the United States, Mexico and Asia with over forty solo exhibitions and her work can be seen in many collections. Farish is a founding member of Atelier Circulaire, an artist-run printmaking facility. She presently lives and works just outside Montreal.

Maiden’s Prayer 21in x 50in mixed media on paper

Prices ranges from $1,800 to $9,500 Sizes range from 18in x 18in to 45in x 80in 40

Catherine Farish

Prince of the Night 6 42in x 78.75in mixed media on paper


Lynne Fernie Lynne Fernie is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker who has been active in Toronto’s art, feminist and cultural communities for 30 years. She was the founding member of many collectives, the editor of Parallélogramme, and has co-directed award-winning documentaries. Currently, Fernie is teaching at York University and the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has exhibited in artist-run galleries across Canada and was the curator of the 1987 groundbreaking exhibition Sight Specific: Lesbians and Representation. Fernie’s visual art is included in numerous private collections. “I continue to work on drawings that explore the narratives, gestures and malleability of bodies and libidos - animal and human - and the pure shape - shifting pleasure that emerges during the act of drawing.” - Lynne Fernie

The Boy Who Came From the Sea 50n x 36in framed ink and latex on paper

Prices range from $1,800 - $5,500 Sizes range from 10in x 30in to 50in x 36in 42

Lynne Fernie

Antonia’s Line (for Marleen Gorris) 36in x 50in framed ink and latex on paper


John Fox Montreal, (1927 - 2008). John Fox attended McGill University and then enrolled at the École des Beaux-arts de Montreal. Dissatisfied with its academic approach, he studied at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, School of Art and Design from 1946 to 1949, where he was influenced by Goodridge Roberts. He then worked for the critic-painter John Lyman in McGill’s Department of Art. In 1952, he received a British Council Scholarship to study at the Slade School of Art, University of London, followed by two years of independent work in Florence and Paris. Returning to Montreal, Fox began his career as a painter; he would also teach at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in the later 1960s and became a professor in the Painting and Drawing Department at Concordia University in 1970 until his retirement in 1998. John Fox has had numerous solo exhibitions in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Throughout his career, he participated in many group exhibitions across Canada and internationally. His work is represented in major public, corporate and private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Untitled 58in x 46in acrylic on canvas

Opposite page: Untitled 7812 66in x 78in acrylic on canvas

Prices range from $9,000 - $25,000 Sizes range from 43in x 32in to 80in x 90in 44

John Fox


Camilla Geary-Martin Geary-Martin has participated in numerous exhibitions in Toronto, New York and China. In 2004, she was selected by the Sculptors Society of Canada to show in their annual Emerging Artist Exhibition. In 2005, she was invited to China to participate in an Artist Residency at Jinher Bronze Works. In 2007, Geary-Martin won the award for Best Solo Sculpture/3D at the New York Art Expo. Her work is held in collections across North America and in China. “The creative process is an important element in my work, combining the sensuality of moist clay with a fascination for the human form. While my work is both representational and semi-abstracted, I particularly enjoy the freedom of the abstract. I like to work quickly and let the piece direct me- a form of meditation in motion. But even in my abstract work, I continue to work with a model; the presence of the model informs my work, giving meaning and credibility to the form.�

- Camilla Geary-Martin

Dancer #2 34in x 16in x 32in bronze

Prices range from 9,800 - $13,000 Sizes range from 30in x 12in x 12in to 47in x 12in x 12in 46

Camilla Geary-Martin

Having Two Legs He Preferred to Sit 30in x 12in x 12in bronze


Jay Hodgins Jay Hodgins attended the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and has a BA in Interior Design from Ryerson University. Integrating encaustics, acrylics, resins, oils, photography, collage and drawing, Jay’s work reflects an aesthetic that is both bold and complex. Layering personal perspective with the moody stimulation of nature in a textured environment, the resulting work encompasses dark transition, organic transformation and a breadth of nature’s historical symbolism.

Opposite Page: Paska #12 60in x 48in acrylic & resin on panel

Straumi #13 30in x 60in acrylic & resin on panel

Prices range from $2,000 - $7,000 Sizes range from 24in x 30in to 72in x 60in 48

Jay Hodgins


Peter Hoffer Peter Hoffer was born in Syracuse N.Y. in 1965. He has a MFA from Concordia University in Montreal, and degrees from the University of Guelph, Ontario, and the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. He has lived and worked in Toronto, New York City, and Montreal where he now resides. “These latest paintings are my most recent in the Landscape series. The surfaces of these works have a glossy finish and some are further stressed and worked over. Challenging this is the thick high gloss encapsulating surface, slick and precious in its packaging. These paintings draw attention to areas of the landscape that can be considered ‘less than spectacular’. As such, they force the viewer to search for landmarks or meaning. The paintings are perhaps less serene than works from the past. Being a bit more painterly, the works fluctuate between rest and discontent, optimistic in anticipation.”

- Peter Hoffer

Cloister 24in x 60in mixed media on panel

Prices range from $1,000 - $15,000 Sizes range from 14in x 36in to 42in x 96in 50

Peter Hoffer

Tempest 24in x 24in mixed media on panel


Jennifer Hornyak Jennifer Hornyak was born in 1940 in Grimsby, England, where she studied at the Grimsby School of Art (1957-59) before coming to Canada in 1961. Since 1973, when she decided to devote herself entirely to her painting, she has had numerous shows across Canada and the United States. In 1987, Hornyak was the only Canadian invited to participate in the World Exhibition in Paris which featured artists such as Modigliani, Picasso and van Dongen. Her semi-figurative, almost abstract, works which emanate a deep mysticism, are built up through a complex technique of richly coloured glazes creating a remarkable texture.

Une fleur rouge 18in x 18in oil on panel

Opposite page: Flowers with Origami Birds 24in x 24in oil on canvas

Prices range from $2,500 - $10,000 Sizes range from 12in x 12in to 36in x 36in 52

Jennifer Hornyak


Daniel Hughes Through figure studies, portraiture and landscapes, Hughes examines relationships between the psychological and the physical which are captured through his strong painting technique. Since graduating with honours from the New York Academy of Art MFA programe in 1995, Hughes’ work has been featured in solo shows throughout Canada and in London, England. He has also shown in numerous International Art Fairs, as well as exhibitions in New Jersey, New York, Florida and New Mexico. Hughes has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Elizabeth Greenshields Award for Figurative Art in 1991 and 1995. In 2005, one of Hughes’ works was accepted into the prestigious group show at The National Portrait Gallery in London, England.

Lesley II 24in x 24in oil on canvas

Lesley III 24in x 24in oil on canvas

Opposite page: Shayne I 40in x 30in oil on canvas

Prices range from $3,500 - $11,500 Sizes range from 14in x 11in to 48in x 36in 54

Daniel Hughes


Chen Jiagang Chen Jiagang was born in 1962 in Chongqing,  Sichuan,  China. From 1980-1984 he studied Architecture at the Jianzhu  University in  Chongqing, China. Architecture school provided him with his his first experience with photography and in 2001 he became a full time photographer. Today his work is exhibited extensively throughout the world. His large-scale images, are a mix of documentary, conceptual and staged photography. Within his images he puts a beautiful woman, often dressed in a Qipao, and sometimes a young girl. They are symbolic and create a reference to China’s history as well as raising questions about it. He currently lives and works in Beijing, China.

Pond (Temptation Series) 43in x 71in chromogenic print

Prices range from $20,000 - $23,000 Sizes range from 50in x 50in to 47in x 88in 56

Chen Jiagang

No Trail (Temptation Series) 43in x 71in chromogenic print


Burton Kramer RCA Burton Kramer is a painter of lyrical geometric abstraction. Kramer studied at Yale University, The Institute  of Design at the Illinois  Institute of Technology, The Royal College of Art, London (as a Fulbright Scholar) and The State University of New York. Kramer gained international success with a number of group and solo exhibitions in North America and Europe, as well as with lectures and publications. He was a part-time member of the faculty at the Ontario College of Art & Design for 21 years and, until recently, worked in his own design firm in Toronto. In 1999, he received the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from Arts Ontario. In 2002, Kramer was awarded ‘The Order of Ontario’ by the Province and an Honorary Doctorate from the Ontario College of Art & Design.

TTH Trio 6.4 60in x 17in x 1in acrylic on aluminum

Opposite page: All That Jazz 48in x 48in acrylic on canvas

Prices range from $2,000 - $12,000 Sizes range from 60in x 3in to 48in x 96in 58

Burton Kramer RCA


Etienne Labbé Etienne Labbé was born in Quebec City and grew up in the Saguenay region of Quebec. Dividing his time between explorations in art and science, he trained as a molecular biologist in Montréal and Toronto. Now living and working in Toronto, he has experimented with several art forms - sculpture, watercolour, mixed media and photography. His photographic work consists of rapidly shifting explorations of scale, color, movement, light and mood. They are mounted on steel with a clear modern acrylic face. Each piece is unique, only 3 variations on each photograph are produced. “The images are imprints of everyday sights, fleeting glimpses of familiar landscapes rendered abstract and otherworldly by motion.“

- Etienne Labbé

did you bring your raincoat 24in x 48in chromogenic print on dibond

Prices range from $1,600 - $6,000 Sizes range from 16in x 16in to 48in x 72in Custom Sizes Available 60

Etienne LabbĂŠ

curl 24in x 60in chromogenic print on dibond

ripples v2 24in x 60in chromogenic print on dibond


Etienne LabbĂŠ

day 24in x 60in chromogenic print on dibond

Opposite Page: fiery 48in x 48in chromogenic print on dibond


Etienne LabbĂŠ


Jean-Michel Laberge “This series speaks about the understanding and beliefs on how we perceive time and how it refers to collective memory. The subjects used in the images are chosen for their symbolic value or archetype and can connect us to the collective memory. The compressed coloured digital horizontal bands composed of thousand of lines are actually real compressed digital images, on the same subject. For me, this represents our forgotten memories, negated and locked in our subconsciousness as lessons not learned. These memories await to be reactivated to become the new focus in our present time. They also refer to time passing by that does not wait for us and to our actual choices made. To important times in our life that were not well integrated, because of our emotional reactions and that were then stocked on a cellular level, awaiting a new becoming more conscious, to be eventually transcended.�

- Jean Michel Laberge

Follow That Car 23in x 33in limited edition print

Limited edition prints in this series priced at $750 Image area 23in x 33in or 37in x 24in 64

Jean-Michel Laberge

Lotus Garden 37in x 24 in limited edtion print


Zhu Lan Building on the traditions of techniques learned through the study of painting in China and Japan, Zhu Lan’s latest paintings fuse her trademark rhythmic tranquility with an almost violent and passionate streak. The result is something elegantly experimental, as she merges serenity and fury. In discussing her work, Zhu Lan has compared the act of painting to a personal spiritual exploration of the senses. Zhu Lan was trained at the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art in Beijing, China, and holds an MFA from the City University of Art in Kyoto, Japan. Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions in North America, Europe and Asia. In 2004, she was included in a prestigious exhibition of Canadian art held at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and was invited by the Fine Arts Museum in Beijing to participate in an exhibition. Her work can be found in many collections, including the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, UK General Electric and the Bank of France. She has completed commissioned mural projects for restaurants, offices and museums.

Untitled II 28.5in x 55.5in acrylic and tea on rice paper

Prices range from $2,000 - $9,000 Sizes range from 28in x 18in to 38in x 61.5in 66

Zhu Lan

Untitled VIII 27.5in x 18in acrylic and tea on rice paper


Christopher Langstroth Christopher Langstroth attended the Ontario College of Art from 1978-80 and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute from 1981-85. He has been widely exhibited in Toronto and Vancouver and has been the recipient of several awards including the Artist for Artists Award, First Prize at the Praxis Group Show, and the Annual Purchase Award from the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. “I don’t observe anything but the picture in progress while painting. Subjects (or forms) are seldom predetermined nor sought after. They come about in the process of investigating paint application and its connection to remembered or imagined visual characteristics. Essentially, I’m searching for a method to give my own imagined forms a tangibility that suggests the representation of something seen.”

Sea Shells II 40in x 36in acrylic on canvas

- Christopher Langstroth

Opposite page: Inquiry 52in x 48in acrylic on canvas

Prices range from $4,200 - $5,400 Sizes range from 40in x 36in to 52in x 48in 68

Christopher Langstroth


Rick Lapointe Rick Lapointe was an accomplished woodworker and blacksmith before adapting his skills to the production of fine metal artworks. His recent success as an artist has led to several exhibitions in Kingston, Gananoque, Perth, and Australia. Lapointe’s work can be found in private and public collections including the Gananoque Sculpture Park. “When viewers consider metal sculpture, it is often with the idea that welding is an industrial process and is therefore obliged to produce industrial forms; however, I like to improvise with steel. By using manufactured steel parts in an abstract way, I have created expressionist assemblages that explore the unpredictable principles of deconstruction, accident, and balance, demonstrating the inevitable outcome of order.”

- Rick Lapointe

L’Gros 29in x 17in x 14in steel & lacquer

Prices range from $2,500 - $16,000 Size range varies Will do commissions 70

Rick Lapointe

Helvis 33in x 12in x 12in stainless steel


Adam Lodzinski Adam Lodzinski’s digital drawings of imaginary biological specimens contain direct visual references to biological forms that are familiar to us such as membranes, orbs, tails and the like. Created by photographing light, the translucence and in some cases implied movement, combine with biological form, to evoke a sense of living energy and presence. Although there are enough references to living things to evoke a sense of familiarity, there are not enough for the viewer to positively identify what is being seen.

Drawing #49 1/10 28in x 28in framed digital drawing

Opposite page: Drawing #42 1/10 16in x 16in digital drawing

Drawing # 55 1/10 28in x 28in framed digital drawing

Price $950 Size 28in x 28in framed Custom sizes available 72

Adam Lodzinski


Sylvain Louis-Seize


Sylvain Louis-Seize Self-taught artist Sylvain Louis-Seize, originally from Montreal, now lives and works in Calgary, Alberta. After working up the courage to exhibit his work in 2005, Louis-Seize’s moody landscapes, with their interesting combinations of materials (liquid metal, tar, acid, acrylic paint and resin), have gained him several group exhibitions and soldout solo exhibitions. Louis-Seize has done large scale commissioned work in Toronto and New York and is in private and corporate collections in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Europe.

Beyond Arras 60in x96in mixed media

Price range: $3,500 - $11,500 Sizes range from 40in x 40in to 60in x 96in 75

Sheila Luck Sheila Luck was born and raised in Edmonton. She received a BFA and MVA from the University of Alberta. She has worked from various Edmonton studios and as an instructor at the University of Alberta’s Department of Art and Design. Her work is in a number of public collections.

The Over Under 41.5in x 61.5in acrylic on canvas

Opposite page: Stacked 44.5in x 32.25in acrylic on canvas

Prices range from $3,000- $10,000 Sizes range 45in x 32in to 50in x 100in 76

Sheila Luck


Andrew Lui Originally from Canton, China, Andrew Lui moved to Canada in 1972. Lui now lives and works in MontrĂŠal, QuĂŠbec. He studied art in Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada from 1970-77. His painting career started in the early 1980s and his work is now internationally exhibited. He is part of a large number of private and corporate collections, including HSBC of Canada, DKNY and Sun Life Insurance.

Opposite page: Duologue III 30.5in x 30.5in ink and acrylic on rice paper

Improvisation Vert 28in x 40in ink and acrylic on rice paper

Prices range from $2,500 - $14,800 Sizes range from 26in x 26in to 84in x 66in 78

Andrew Lui


Tanya Lyons “I have always been a gatherer, collecting and taking in objects, moments and memories. As I move through life I take traces with me, from the places I walk and the people I meet. I started making dresses to express the idea of changing how you feel as simply as changing your clothes. Thinking about how different clothing can affect how we feel, I chose the dress form with the idea of dressing up, or coming out of our day to day. I feel these necessary objects of our daily lives are perfect to reflect on life, society, and the emotions that fill us every day. Clothing has become such a powerful statement in our society for who we are and who we want to be. So they become pieces that hold character, personality, and emotion.“

- Tanya Lyons

Shojiru 50in x 35in x 3in solid worked glass, brass mesh, and mixed media

Prices range from $4,500 - $6,800 Size range varies Will do commissions 80

Tanya Lyons

Two for Tea 43in x 46in x 12in solid worked glass, brass mesh, and mixed media


Lucy Maki Lucy Maki has been a professional painter for over 25 years. She was born in Ames, Iowa in 1955 and received her MA and MFA from the University of New Mexico, finishing in 1982. Committed to her style, which is influenced by early Modernist Abstraction, Maki has received much success, with exhibits in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Her work can be found in collections such as the Albuquerque Museum and the Museum of New Mexico.

Diad 72in x31in mixed media

Opposite page: Night Garden Variation 30in x 23in x 2in mixed media

Prices range from $1,000 - $13,000 Sizes range from 13in x 13in to 84in x 56in 82

Lucy Maki


Lucy Maki

Slats 16.5in x 9.5in x 0.75in mixed media

Opposite page: Cadence 59.5in x 57.5in x 0.75in mixed media


Lucy Maki


America Martin America Martin is a Colombian-American fine artist based in Los Angeles. She is a traveller between mediums. From painting to sculpture, she is relentless in the conquest of new terrain. Martin’s favorite landscape is that of the human form. Her work is distinguished by a command of line and color, making playful reference to both classic and indigenous art forms. “The artist cannot be idle. It is only duty, love and discipline that make art. Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working. The artist is gluttonous, constantly devouring life in order to translate all that she sees, smells, lives or breathes into her own language.“

- America Martin

Crosslegs and Soft Cloth 18in x 14in framed pencil and ink on paper

Leeks, Pears and Milk 19in x 41in oil and acrylic on canvas

Prices range from $1,500 - $20,000 Sizes range from 18in x 14in to 70in x 100in 86

America Martin

Plants and Sunshine 68in x 72in oil and acrylic on canvas


Graham Metson Born in London, England in 1934, Graham Metson has been an exhibiting artist for over 50 years. His work has been represented by prestigious galleries throughout Europe, the United States and Canada. He has been a visiting artist at over 28 American universities and has taught at five universities in Canada and the United States. In 2009, Metson was honoured by a 50 year retrospective  of his work at the Gibberd Gallery in Harlow, England. Metson has been written about in numerous publications and is part of many public collections including the Nova Scotia Art Bank and the Canadian Council Art Bank. He now lives and works in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Trio I 17in x 21in framed mixed media on paper

Opposite page: Gown Series #4 40in x 32in acrylic on canvas

Trio II 17in x 21in framed mixed media on paper

Prices range from $2,400 - $8,400 Sizes range from 17in x 21in framed to 60in x 72in 88

Graham Metson


Paula Murray RCA Regarded as one of Canada’s finest ceramic artists, Paula Murray lives and works in the Gatineau Park area of Quebec. Murray has received many honours and awards and was elected into the RCA in 2006. Many of Murray’s pieces can be suspended, wall mounted, or set on a steel base. Murray’s work has reached international acclaim and has been given to dignitaries such as U.S. President George Bush and U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan by the Canadian Government. Her work can be found in museums, collections and galleries worldwide.

Remembrance 7in x 30in x 12in mixed media

Opposite page: Peace Studies 2 36in x 36in x 2.25in porcelain

Prices range from $950 - $10,000 Sizes range from 8.5in x 6in x 5in to 48in x 72in x 5in 90

Paula Murray RCA


Scott Pattinson Canadian painter Scott Pattinson was trained in architecture and urban design (University of Toronto, 2003), but chose to be a visual artist. His subject matter continues an exploration and meditation upon urbanization and tensions between manufactured landscapes and spiritual fulfillment. For Pattinson, painting offered a more immediate creative flexibility and emotional multiplicity that architectural design could not. His formal training enables him to draw upon sculptural elements to define his painting style. He often uses a wide brush, thick and raucous palette, and actionable approach. A prolific painter, Pattinson’s body of work uniformly evokes the energy of his intense and conscious engagement of the moment where emotion and sensuality are built into mapped geometries of specificity and architectural endorsement. In 2014, a retrospective of his work will be mounted at Gallery Stratford.

Opposite page: Pacific II # 14 40in x 36in acrylic on canvas

Clyde House # 3 50in x 60in acrylic on canvas

Prices range from $800 - $10,000 Sizes range from 14in x 14in to 60in x 80in 92

Scott Pattinson


Sandi Ralph Sandi Ralph is an Honours graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design and winner of numerous awards in painting and printmaking. She attended a self-directed Creative Residency at The Banff Centre for the Arts in 2000. She produces works in painting, printmaking and photography. All images are photographs by the artist. Images are enlarged on mylar. The mylar images are transferred to photo-sensitized screens. Each print is then handprinted by the artist with the highest quality water-based acrylic inks and pigments on high quality aluminum panels or the finest archival papers available.

Cowley Ridge 19in x 50in screenprint on aluminium

Opposite Page: The Grange of Prince Edward II 36in x 36in screenprint on aluminium

Prices range from $1,000 - $8,000 Sizes range from 18in x 18in to 30in x 80in 94

Sandi Ralph


Susan Rankin “Through the past 22 years as a glass artist I have explored the idea of garden through my work. The landscape that surrounds us shapes us and influences us as we function within it. I live in a hard wood forest on the edge of the Canadian Precambrian Shield. The change in this landscape from season to season has inspired me to examine how my glass columns can evoke a new sense of space by enlarging the groupings of columns to evoke the feeling of forest. I have worked with scale to create a presence; the columns demand that observers engage with them in a more physical and direct way. The shifting movement of the light throughout the day illuminates the beauty of the glass elements, creating moments when it appears that the color itself sings and that color is actually commanding the space. This integration of light and object is something that I have been exploring throughout my work with sculptural forms.”

- Susan Rankin

Location Series Tall Reds with yellow O’s 12in x 6in x 3in glass

Large Red Bottle 10.5in x 6.5in x 4in glass

Shard Vase Tall Yellow 13in x 5.5in x 4in glass

Prices range from $350 -$10,000 Sizes range from 7in x 5in x 3in to 91in x 51in x 30in 96

Susan Rankin

Garden Column - Group of 3 96in x 22in x 19in glass and metal


John Paul Robinson Award-winning glass artist and instructor John Paul Robinson was educated at the Georgian College of Arts and Technology in Barrie, Ontario, and the Ontario College of Art, in Toronto, where he subsequently taught for a number of years.

Run 28in x 4in x 4in glass

Prices range from $1,800 - $33,000 Size range varies Available for commissions 98

John Paul Robinson John Paul Robinson’s work has been exhibited in solo shows throughout Canada and the United States, in cities such as Montreal, Toronto and Chicago. Robinson’s works are held in the collections of The Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, Ontario, the Museum of American Glass in Millville, New Jersey and the Musee des Beaux-arts de Montreal, Quebec.


John Paul Robinson

Probability 36in x 144in x 5in glass


John Paul Robinson


Otto Rogers Born in 1935 in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, Otto Donald Rogers now resides in Prince Edward County, Ontario. After receiving his MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Rogers taught at the University of Saskatchewan from 1959 – 1988. He was instrumental in sustaining the Emma Lake Workshops, a meeting point for artists such as Jack Shadbolt, Anthony Caro and Barnett Newman. Considered one of Canada’s senior abstract painters, his work is included in the collections of the Art Gallery of Ontario, the National Gallery of Canada, the National Gallery of Iceland, Barcelona Collection of Modern Art, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Saskatchewan Horizon 36in x 36in steel, acrylic and wood on panel

Opposite page: Opening 72in x 60in acrylic on canvas

Prices range from $8,500 - $24,000 Sizes range from 25in x 20in to 72in x 84in 102

Otto Rogers


Otto Rogers Works on Paper

Vertical Energy 39in x 31in framed acrylic and mixed media on paper

Table Still Life 39in x 31in framed acrylic and mixed media on paper

Opposite page: Memory of Graham Sutherland 39in x 31in framed mixed media

Prices range from $2,200 - $10,500 Sizes range from 7in x 5in to 39in x 31in 104

Otto Rogers


Otto Rogers Sculptures

Circle Dance 29in x 16in x 16in steel

Opposite page: Dancer’s Space/Time 42in x 56in x 22in steel

Prices range from $18,000 - $35,000 Sizes range from 29in x 16in x 16in to 60 in x72in x 40in 106

Otto Rogers


Sasha Rogers Award-winning painter Sasha Rogers received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours degree in Drawing and Painting from the University of Saskatchewan in 1983. She went on to receive her Masters of Painting from the University of Alberta in 1987, where she later taught painting for 12 years. Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions and international art fairs and is in numerous private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Peaceful Place 50in x 60in acrylic on canvas

Opposite page: Sea 42in x 36in acrylic on canvas

Prices range from $6,000 - $16,000 Sizes range from 24in x 41in to 72in x 84in 108

Sasha Rogers

Laurie Rolland Rolland has been a full time potter for over thirtyfive years. She makes handbuilt vessel forms and fires her work in oxidation. There has been a natural progression through the organic process-based approach that she uses in her practice. Rolland’s current work integrates the natural and cultural object in an attempt to symbolically heal the conflict between the two while recognizing that their unity is becoming more critical for the healing of the earth. These ideas, and particularly the recalling of the Feminine Sacred, inform her work and are manifested through form and surface, pattern, colour, repitition and scale.

Adumbration 28in x 8.5in x 2in ceramic

Prices range from $200 - $2,000 Size range varies 110

Laurie Rolland

Regeneration 26in x 40in x 2.5in ceramic


Daniel Solomon “I am a Toronto-based artist and art teacher. I divide my time evenly between work in my studio and work as a Professor of Art at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Two elements seem to be present in my work throughout my entire career: a love of intense, vibrant colour and an interest in complex pictorial space. This same combination of elements is found in my paintings, watercolours, sculptures and also in my stage sets. I have shown my paintings and sculptures regularly in solo exhibitions in major galleries in Toronto. For many years I had significant gallery representation in both Houston and Montreal. I have participated in the international art world by exhibiting my work in group shows across Canada, the USA and Europe.�

- Daniel Solomon

New Blue Spaces 55in x 48in acrylic on canvas

Opposite page: Light on the Water 45in x 30in acrylic on canvas

Prices range from $3,800 - $6,800 Sizes range from 45in x 30in to 55in x 48in 112

Daniel Solomon


Keijo Tapanainen “The human figure is potentially the most complex and demanding form an artist can represent. Subtle distinctions in the subject’s physical language and in the artist’s perspective can vastly modulate interpretation. Figures are originally drawn from life using handcut carbon paper pasted onto a kraft substrate. Selected drawings are then digitally captured and integrated with collage elements to express personal memories and to evoke visual associations. The graphic quality of the simplified human form is complemented by the intricacy and detail of the associated imagery. The contrast is balanced through an extended improvisatory process. Final pieces are limited editions of Inkjet prints, produced with pigment-based archival inks on museum-quality watercolour paper. A native of Finland, I currently reside and work in Toronto, Canada.” - Keijo Tapanainen

Midnight Hop 16in x 16in digital collage

Huomenta 16in x 16in digital collage Opposite page: Salty or Sweet 30in x 33in digital collage

Prices range from $950 - 1,400 Sizes range from 24in x 24in to 32in x 36in framed 114

Keijo Tapanainen


Alice Teichert Born in Paris in 1959 and raised in Brussels, Alice Teichert has been a successful practicing artist for 20 years. Her graduate studies in Belgium and France focused on philosophy, visual poetry, visual arts and printmaking. In her post-graduate studies she examined North American abstract painting, which led her to New York and Toronto, where she settled in 1984. During the next five years, she received regular studio visits from noted New York art critics Clement Greenberg and Karen Wilkin. Teichert has built an international career with exhibitions in France, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. She now has a studio in Port Hope, Ontario. “The visual vocabulary in my paintings develops slowly as a language interacting with glyph-like inscriptions and many layers of vibrant colours and pigmented glazes. Transparency and translucency extend the physical environment further allowing me to move deeply into a playful dance of light and textural exchanges. Over the course of creating these paintings, a visual notation slowly unfolds into its own form of resonance like ripples of language dancing in space, water and time. I hear these paintings singing. For me, everything has a melody, a music within.�

- Alice Teichert

Tablet 24in x 54in acrylic and crayon on canvas

Opposite page: Open Secret 73.5in x 49.5 in acrylic and crayon on canvas

Prices range from $3,000 - $14,300 Sizes range from 24in x 24in to 54in x 82in 116

Alice Teichert


Alice Teichert

Nuance 55in x 40in acrylic and crayon on canvas

Opposite page: More Time 40in x 40 in acrylic and crayon on canvas


Alice Teichert


Alice Teichert Works on Paper In 2008, Alice launched a limited edition of 8 serigraphs, titled “The Text is Still Unwritten�, in collaboration with artists/fine art printmakers Robert Game and Susan Farquhar of Atelier GF in Toronto.

Tango 30in x 22in serigraph on archival paper

Sympatique 30in x 22in serigraph on archival paper Opposite page: Amour 30in x 22in serigraph on archival paper

Framed price $1,750 Set of 8 $7,000 Framed sizes 39.5in x 31.5in 120

Alice Teichert


Richard Tosczak “I find the most direct way to observe and catch the form and feeling evoked by a subject is through the simple and direct act of pen and ink drawing, which can be a quick study or a series of refinements. Working in clay from already distilled drawings allows me to focus on what is essential to a particular moment. What is revealed in the line of ink is what I look for in the clay. With this essential information in front of me, I can at once work from observation freely exercising my formal instincts as if I were working completely abstractly. It is here, in the tension between the reading of an image of the human form and the process to overcome the material’s resistance - the rigorous attention to contour, weight, and structure, executed in a quick gestural manner - that I find my place to communicate the ineffable, vital qualities of the human spirit.”

- Richard Tosczak

Sculpture XXIX 17in x 14in x 7.5in bronze

Prices range from $5,500 - $12,500 Size range varies 122

Richard Tosczak

Sculpture XXX 18.75in x 6.5in x 4.5in bronze


Catherine Vamvakas Lay Born in Crete, Greece, Catherine Vamvakas Lay now lives in Toronto. She attended York University for a degree in the Fine Arts, specializing in sculpture. Shortly after graduating, she enrolled at the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, where she obtained a Diploma in Glass. Vamvakas Lay has exhibited extensively and has received several honours and awards, the most significant of which was the receipt of a full time residency at the Harbourfront Centre Glass Studio for three years. Her work has been exhibited in, and is part of, many collections in Canada, the United States, Amsterdam and Korea.

Seed on Shelf, thin 6.5in x 24in x 5in blown glass and wood

Prices range from $500 -$13,500 Sizes range from 5in x 5in x 5in to 27in x 12in x 6in 124

Catherine Vamvakas Lay

From the Earth: Emergence 8in x 9.5n x 8in blown glass


Alice Vander Vennen Alice Vander Vennen lives in Cobourg, Ontario. Vander Vennen completed her BA in Art Education at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has studied visual art at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has practiced as a professional artist since 1980, with exhibits in Canada and the United States. “I work with multiple types of materials, fabric, branches, wire, copper, paper and ceramic shards as part of a visual language suggesting a story. “

- Alice Vander Vennen

Ash Bend 60in x 20in mixed media

Prices range from $1,800 - $3,400 Framed sizes range from 38in x 16in to 73in x 20in 126

Alice Vander Vennen

Celebrate 60in x 20in mixed media Time Circle 60in x 20in mixed media


Carl Wiens “My work examines fragments and objects, deconstructing and reassembling commonplace images. I have introduced a sense of playfulness and experimentation with objects gleaned from textbooks, catalogues and encyclopedias. Elements are overlapped and offset using three or four colours. We live in a time when we can see inside an atom and look at the farthest reaches of the universe. I’m just trying to make sense of what I see. When you can unlock the building blocks of living organisms and start rearranging things, it provokes a response. These prints speak to that.�

- Carl Wiens

Music 38in x 32in digital collage Opposite page: Mechanical Monarch, detail 32in x 42in digital collage

Prices range from $300 - $1900 Sizes range from 6in x 4in to 35in x 46in framed 128

Carl Wiens


J.T. Winik Throughout her career J.T. Winik has been both a painter and an arts administrator. She is the past Gallery Director of the Modern Fuel artist-run centre, Kingston, Ontario and has spent time serving on their Board of Directors. Since 1996, she has dedicated herself entirely to painting, dividing her time between Spain, Holland and Canada. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in the Netherlands, Mexico, Montreal, British Columbia and throughout Ontario.

The Teacher 48in x 24in oil on canvas

Pink Room 24in x 24in oil on canvas

Opposite page: A Cup of Tea 30in x 30in oil on canvas

Prices range from $1,100 - $8,000 Sizes range from 9in x 12in to 48in x 48in 130

J.T. Winik


Robert Wiseman Robert Wiseman lives and works in Montreal. He earned his BFA, with distinction from Concordia in 1997 where he was student and friend of John R. Fox. His art practice places an emphasis on drawing with ink and water colour techniques and painting with oil. Wiseman’s paintings are from life experience and his natural surroundings, although seen with his own particular vision. He teaches at the Visual Arts School in Montreal. His works can be found in private and public collections throughout North America.

Trenton 46in x 54in oil on linen

Prices range from $3,000 - $14,300 Sizes range from 24in x 24in to 54in x 82in 132

Robert Wiseman

Moon and Two Poppies 50in x 72in oil on canvas


Nancy Zboch Nancy Zboch is a graduate of the Art and Art History Program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. Her interior and exterior pieces are created through the layering of found objects, painting and mosaic work. Her beautiful tactile creations have been exhibited throughout Ontario since 1984 and she has completed numerous commissioned pieces in private collections. Zboch lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario. “My work is a combination of the current (materials and experiences) and the historical (found objects and memories). I strive to achieve tactile beauty with this combination via abstracted design, compelling texture and complexity of colour… To my mind each of my pieces is alive with lyrical energy and reflection.”

- Nancy Zboch

Remember Me 27in x 9in mixed media

Prices range from $1,800 - $8,400 Size range varies Will do commissions 134




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