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2274 County Rd. 1 Bloomfield Ont. K0K 1G0 613.393.2216 © Oeno Gallery 2011 All works © the Artists 2011 Edition re-design by Ivan Tanzer 2009 Edition by Chrissy Poitras & Scout Design Printed in Canada Acknowledgements: Special thanks to the artists, authors of quotations, and the following photographers: Dave Allen, David Barbour, Michel Boucher, Bernard Clark, André Cornellier, Ronika Dayton, Atelier GF, Melanie Gordon, HIMAGIA, Arn Jacenty, Klaus Lang, Guy L’Heureux, Dan McCully, Cheryl O’Brien, Sybil Rampen, Inger Whist, Valerie Wilcox, Cindy Taylor. Front Cover: Marni Grossman - Ghost (detail) Inside Cover: Don Stinson, Eileen Gordon, Alice Teichert, & Catherine Vamvakas Lay.

Foreword ART & DESIGN: A COLLABORATION There is a moment – after all the construction workers are gone, the last of the drywall dust has disappeared, and the sofa is in its place – when a space begins to take on its intended purpose as a home, a country refuge, boutique hotel or office. So many decisions have already been made – flooring, window treatments, furniture - but few choices will have more impact on the mood, tone and energy of a room than the art selected for it. People collect art for many different reasons. Many people buy art as an investment – and it can prove to be a very good one. Some want to create a comfortable space that expresses who they are. Some desire a beautiful, contemplative or provocative space. Many collections are built over time; others are acquired quickly to suit a new home or environment. Buying art can be complicated. Galleries are scattered and their hours limited. More than one person is usually involved in the selection process and it can be a challenge to get everyone to the gallery at the same time, much less to agree on which work to buy. It can be difficult to visualize what a work will look like outside of a gallery environment and in a specific room or lighting conditions. More often than not, one sees a great deal of mediocre work before experiencing what people in the trade call “SIBS” – the sharp-intake-of-breath-syndrome that means someone has fallen in love with a painting that really speaks to them. The Oeno Gallery has the expertise and experience to simplify this selection process. In an initial on-site meeting with a designer and/or client, we will identify the most important opportunities for art placement, and with the help of print and online resources, ask a series of questions designed to guide our proposed selection. We will then make our suggestions to meet your priorities – whether for one piece or several. We represent contemporary artists from Canada and around the world. Our art consultants also source work through other dealers, auction houses, and private collections; and commission works for site-specific indoor and outdoor installations. We bring the gallery to you. While you are welcome to visit our gallery in Prince Edward County, the heart of wine country, many of our clients have never been here. We will bring a number of pre-selected options to your home or location, and if necessary, leave them for a time while a final decision is being made. We take care of the installation and collaborate with experienced framers and lighting experts as required. We also arrange shipping anywhere in the world. The quest for the right piece of art can be exhilarating – the works themselves are inspiring. We look forward to working with you. Carlyn B. Moulton Curator, Oeno Gallery

Painting: Sasha Rogers; Opposite: Nie Jian Bing

Painting What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit. John Updike

Fiona Ackerman Prices range from $3,600 - $9,000 Sizes range from 36in x 48in to 75in x 75in Born in 1978, Fiona Ackerman grew up in MontrĂŠal. She studied art at Concordia University and graduated from The Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design with a BFA in 2002. She received an honorable mention for the Kingston Prize for Canadian Portraiture in 2009, and was included in Carte Blanche 2: Painting, a survey and showcase of the current state of painting in Canada. While working on a painting over weeks, sometimes months, I am engaged by a paradox: free-fall invention must be met by a careful, sometimes ruthless paring of shapes, forms, patterns. The finished work may not resemble the original at all, yet is imbued with its history and could not have existed without it. I am sustained throughout by the surprise of seeing one element come into play as others are suppressed. The process is spontaneous. I have enjoyed a playful approach with my new paintings, where I allow my brush to explore the endless possibilities of invention.

Hunt the Dog 75in x 75in oil on canvas

-Fiona Ackerman

Patience 48in x 36in acrylic on canvas

The Night Watchman 48in x 36in mixed media on canvas 8

Fiona Ackerman

The Invitation 36in x 48in oil & acrylic on canvas


Photography & Works on Paper All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness. Eckhart Tolle

Susan Collett RCA Prices range from $1,900 - $3,800 Sizes range from 20in x 27in to 12in x 70in

Toronto-based artist Susan Collett studied printmaking and ceramics at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She is a past winner of the Winifred Shantz Award and an elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics as well as the Royal Academy of the Arts. While exhibiting throughout North America, Collett has also participated in several residencies, including the Sanbao Art Institute in Jingdezhen, China, 2003 and Fuping, China, 2007. Her work can be found in many collections including the Bata Shoe Museum, the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, the Ernst & Young Collection and the Bank of MontrĂŠal. The finished prints, with their quick, graceful sketches, their hand-stitched centres, resemble pages in a tattered old sketchbook, and somehow manage to convey that same sense of being deeply personal, completely original creations.

Lineage IV 38in x 24in copper plate monoprint

Family Tree Study I 24in x 37in copper plate monoprint

Tracing 4 20in x 27in copper plate monoprint 60

- Kristen den Hartog

Family Tree Study III 24in x 37in copper plate monoprint

Susan Collett RCA

Navigate IV 36in x 38in copper plate monoprint


Sculpture: Dale Dunning; Opposite: Shayne Dark

Sculpture & Mixed Media Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. Twyla Tharp

Heather Allen-Swarttouw Prices range from $800 - $7,200 Sizes range from 5in x 22in to 36in x 65in My work explores the relationships between individual pieces, their materials, forms and ideas. I am interested in duality and the idea of two (or more) things that are intrinsically bound together, made by the same hand. Created separately, individual pieces are presented in pairs or groupings that strengthen and highlight this sense of similarity and contrast. A dialogue is created by the contrast of 2D and 3D, of male and female, of clay and cloth, of hard and soft, of line and form. The negative spaces and shadows enter into the dialogue, extending the pieces and representing the unsaid between individuals or the spiritual world. The 3D pieces are designed for the wall and the pedestal allowing them different expressions or personalities. It is my goal that in presenting different groupings and installations, provocative relationships and dialogues are created.

Vanguard 5in x 22in x 5in clay & gold leaf

-Heather Allen-Swarttouw

Sounding IV 28in x 35in x 5in clay & fabric 100

Heather Allen-Swarttouw

Archetypes 36in x 65in x 5in clay, wire & sinew



Carlyn Moulton t. 613.393.2216

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