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SPECIALISTS in components for industrial automation

OEM Automatic is one of Europe's leading suppliers of components for industrial automation. A wide and deep range of products from leading manufacturers gives customers a unique opportunity to assemble their purchases with a single supplier.

Added value for our customers At OEM Automatic we take an overall view, supplying our customers with optimum solutions in terms of product, service and quality. What is unique about our offer is that we supply high quality products, at the same time as providing expertise and fast service. Our product specialists and sales staff have long experience and help customers to find the optimal technical

solution, and at the same time we put the deal together effectively from a commercial perspective. Fast deliveries, clear responses and information are a matter of course for us. Purchasing from OEM Automatic should be simple and enjoyable!

Jens Kjellsson, Managing Director

Specialised manufacturer Our manufacturers' collaboration with OEM gives them a strong, market-leading partner with some 5,000 purchasing customers.

Knowledge of the local market

Strong local market presence

Marketing of the manufacturers' products

Feedback about the customers' requirements for new products

Creates logistics solutions that meet the customers' requirements

Customer Our customers' collaboration with OEM gives them access to a unique range from world-leading manufacturers, directly from the source, with a strong local partner. •

Access to a wide and deep product range

• •

Fast & high level of delivery capacity Opportunity to reduce the number of suppliers Depth of product- and application knowledge Lower overall cost for customers

• •


480 million SEK







Turku Stockholm


Tallinn Tranås Gothenburg Riga Allerød Malmö





Trnava Budapest

Product areas To become a competent and effective partner we have devided our organisation into specialised product areas. In this way we combine advantages of beeing experts in small areas with advantages of having a large organisation.


Electrical machine



Pressure & Flow

Image analysis & Vision


manufacturer & specialised organisation For nearly 40 years we have been developing a close collaboration with specialised and leading manufacturers from all over the world. OEM Automatic acts as the manufacturers' sales organisation in the Swedish market.

The manufacturers Our manufacturers are specialists within their field and leaders within their industry. By functioning as the manufacturers' local organisation with full responsibility for all sales, we can offer a unique range, with over 25,000 items from more than 100 leading manufacturers. Six product areas So that we can utilize the cutting-edge expertise that we have in relation to the product range, we have divided the company into six different product areas, each with its own sales staff and product specialists.

The product specialists Our product specialists are the manufacturer's extended arm into OEM Automatic and work closely with the manufacturer's organisation. They often have a direct collaboration with the manufacturer's development department. The sales staff The sales staff have knowledge about the products in an entire product area, and their primary task is to work closely with the customers and provide both commercial and technical advice to find the optimum solution for our customers. Customer support Our customer support department is always ready to give customers the best possible service. We answer questions concerning delivery notification, price enquiries or general questions of a technical character.

PANEL components for constructing cabinets

Terminal blocks· Relays · Contactors · Signal converter · Switches · Power supplies · Micro PLCs · Hour counters · Cable trunks · Marking systems · EMC filters · Climate control · Temperature controllers

ELECTRICAL MACHINE components and cables for constructing machines

Flexible cables · Signal products · Energy chains · Protective conduits · Connectors · Enclosures · Mechanics

SENSORS sensors and barcode readers

Photosensors · Barcode readers · Proximity switches · Encoders · Ultrasonic sensors · Limitswitches · I/O boxes & cordsets · Attachment systems for sensors · Foot switches · Microswitches · Counters



components and systems for personal safety and manufacturing machines

Safety switches · Safety relays · Safety PLCs · Controll devices · Safety edges · Safety mats · Cable pull switches · Safety light curtains · Fence systems · Laser scanners



components for control/regulation of flows for liquids and gases

Flow control · Pressure monitoring · Force · Level monitoring · Connectors · Foot switches · Valves


Mesa Labs


cameras and accessories for all types of applications

Cameras 路 Software 路 Industrial computers 路 Smart cameras 路 Accessories

Midwest Optical Systems, Inc.

ALWAYS AVAILABLE We are always close by, constantly available 24 hours a day. Through personal visits, trade fairs, catalogues, customer magazines, website and customer support.

We are close by Our head office and warehouse is in Tran책s. We have sales offices in five locations in Sweden and sister subsidiaries in 12 other countries. Customer visits Every year our specialist sales staff make around 7,000 customer visits. It is always easy to reach us, we give prompt feedback, answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.

Customer support Our staff in customer support are highly trained in our product range. They provide fast and effective support by phone and e-mail, as well as take orders and answer questions. Online and full-scale e-catalogue Our website provides up-to-date information about our offers and range. Our fullscale e-catalogue contains a detailed presentation of our entire product range.



Each product area has its own catalogue. Our catalogues describe each product with technical specifications, drawings and order numbers.

Our e-catalogue is available for all our products. Place an order online before 16.30 and it will be dispatched on the same day. Find us at

Customer magazine

Customer support

21,000 copies of our customer magazine OEM Informerar - are printed per issue and it is published 4 times per year. It contains news about innovations within product development.

We are always available! Our team will answer your questions and find solutions to your problems. E-mail: Tel: +46 (0)75-242 42 00

DELIVERIES fast and on your terms

Our logistics centre is located outside Tran책s and effectively supplies Swedish, Norwegian and Danish customers with deliveries. If an order is placed before 16.30 then the goods are dispatched on the same day and in most cases they are with you on the following day.

By setting our ambitions at a high level, our work delivers efficiency and quality that benefits customers in that the right product is delivered at the right time in accordance with the customer's delivery requirements. OEM Automatic's target is to achieve 97% delivery precision to our customers, and together with our manufacturers we are continuously engaged in increasing efficiency and our level of service. Customised solutions OEM Automatic has an overall view and our main aim is to supply our customers with the absolutely optimum solution. By putting together two or more components into one unit, we make things simpler and more streamlined for our customers. OEM Automatic has a technical department where more than 1,000 customer-specific item numbers are produced each year. Trained and involved fitters, in combination with proximity to our warehouse, make our work more effective and contribute to higher quality. Production is certified for quality, cost-effective and each customer-specific unit is documented with clear assembly instructions.

FACTS - Logistics centre STOCKED PRODUCTS 25,000 items WAREHOUSE SPACE 2 7,000 m DAILY DELIVERIES 400

QUALITY MANAGEMENT an important part of business development

We work on a daily basis to make improvements, large as well as small. The aim is to improve the work environment for our staff, to streamline our logistics processes and to refine our offer to customers.

Our method Responsibility is allocated through our daily quality meeting and the work is documented on the boards that are present and visible out in the

operation. Our quality management (OEM Quality Development) enables us to implement continuous improvements that lead to a high level of security of supply and also development of our customer offers.

Quality certification Quality management is an important aspect of how we run our business and we are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Effectively dealing with complaints Unfortunately complaints are unavoidable. However, a complaint can be a source of development and new knowledge. The aim when OEM Automatic receives a complaint is to speedily and effectively resolve the matter so that the customer obtains relevant compensation but also to implement corrective measures to avoid repetition of the fault. We always deal with a complaint within three working days and 70 % of complaints are settled within three working days.

Head office: Dalagatan 4 Box 1011, 573 28 Tranås Tel: +46 (0)75-242 41 00, Fax: +46 (0)75-242 42 10 Sales office: Göteborg August Barks gata 6A, 421 32 Västra Frölunda Fax: +46 (0)75-242 42 09 Stockholm Fagerstagatan 4, 163 53 Spånga Fax: +46 (0)75-242 42 39 Malmö Kantyxegatan 29, 213 76 Malmö Fax: +46 (0)75-242 42 29

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OEM Automatic - Company presentation 2013  
OEM Automatic - Company presentation 2013  

OEM Automatic - Company presentation 2013