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MD’s comment Adding value Our basic business idea is to represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial automation components and supply these directly to UK based OEM machinery manufacturers. However a part of our business that is growing fast is what we call “added value ”. This is where we use our products to make up sub-assemblies, or modify standard products to better suit the customers’ application. The aim is to make life easier for our customers and save them time and hassle when the ordering and fitting. If this sounds interesting to you then please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can help. Despite several punctures, wrong turnings and minor accidents, four of our colleagues recently completed a sponsored cycle ride from Leicester to Skegness. Nik Page, Neil Bailey, Richard Hammond and Adam Parkin completed the ride of approx. 100miles in 6 hours 8 minutes and are shown here just before their dawn start from our office. They raised £2135 pounds for our nominated children’s charity Bamboozle so well done to them and a big thank you to their sponsors. If you’re interested in the great work that Bamboozle do then please visit

Still using AC rated MCB’s for protecting DC loads? LOCC-Box from Lutze is an intelligent current monitoring device that provides reliable protection of dc circuits in a slim line 8.1mm housing. Traditional MCB’s are designed to protect against short circuits on ac loads but do not offer adequate protection for overload conditions in dc circuits. In addition many typical dc power supplies are not able to deliver enough short circuit current to blow or trip the protection. The problem only gets worse as the cable gets longer and in many cases the system is effectively unprotected! The LOCC-Box electronic fuses have no moving parts and use a microprocessor to accurately measure current. This means short circuit and over current fault situations are detected and acted upon immediately even where long cable runs are employed. The units can be grouped together to protect multiple branch circuits with fault finding made easy due to built in status indicators and a fault signalling output. Combine the unit with communication output plus a gateway module and you open up many more possibilities. This includes free software for monitoring and analyzing all parameters plus the ability to remotely monitor and reset multiple units.

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Selectable rated current setting 1A to 10A Class 2 version Selectable characteristic from fast to slow acting Status signal output & remote reset Optional comms / bus interface

For more information please contact Paul Adkins on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail

LED pilot lights This new range of LED pilot lights offers a greatly improved solution at a significantly reduced price.

The one piece unit with integrated LED mounts in a diameter 22.5mm hole and has a modern, aesthetically pleasing design ideal for many kinds of applications. The tamper proof lens is non removable and the reduced dimensions of the housing means the required behind panel depth is now only 37.2mm. Enhanced protection rating of IP66 & IP69K means they are perfect for harsh industrial environments requiring greater protection from dust, submersion and high pressure / high temperature wash-down.

Reduced behind panel dimensions

• • • • •

Lifetime up to 100,000 hours IP66 & IP69K – IEC60529 Reduced behind panel depth of 37.2mm 10 year guarantee Significantly reduced price

The units are available in red, green, yellow, white and blue with voltage options of 24V, 130V & 230V ac/dc. Lifetime stated is up to 100,000 hours of operation for the red LED but all versions are covered by the Baco 10 year guarantee. Finally the price of these units is greatly reduced compared to the previous solution and so offer a significant cost saving as well as enhanced performance.

One piece design with integrated LED & tamper proof lens

* Please note all previous versions of Baco one piece pilot lights are now

For more information please contact Anthony Wrighton on 0116 2849900 or e-mail

obsolete and only available until stocks are exhausted. The new versions can be used as a suitable replacement as long as the required voltage is available as an option. All versions of the new range are available from stock for immediate delivery.



Motor & Gear Solutions Motors and geared motors from high quality, market leading manufacturers for OEM applications. From direct drive motor only to motors with integrated dsp motion controllers and precision gearheads. Output power ratings from 0.05w to 1.5Kw. • • • • •

a.c, d.c, brushless, servo, stepper and linear motors Worm, spur, planetary and combination gear options Torque up to 1000Nm Custom designs for OEM projects Full customer support with a world class logistic operation from our Leicester warehouse and offices

For more information please contact Adam Porter on 0116 2849900 or e-mail

Temperature controllers The CAL range of temperature controllers are designed to be easy to use and provide reliable control even in highly demanding applications. Integrated auto-tune functionality makes PID control simple and efficient. Unique dAC functionality minimises overshoot problems that are common in conventional PID temperature controllers. Programming of the CAL units can be done via front buttons in a simple menu driven interface. Created for industrial or scientific applications CAL has an impact resistant smoked fascia with rubberised buttons. Available in the following formats: CAL33 – 1/32 DIN; CAL93 – 1/16 DIN; CAL94 – 1/16 DIN with two line display; CAL95 – 1/16 DIN with two line display and profiling functionality.

For more information please contact Karolis Cicenas on 0116 2849900 or e-mail



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Thermocouple and PT100 input Two outputs: SSR driver and/or relay Ramp/soak program IP66 protection RS232 or RS485 versions available.

Add analogue I/O to any application The Lumel S4AI and S4AO allow you to add I/O to your application quickly and easily.

S4AI for converting analogue input values into RS-485 for your HMI/Scada package and S4AO to add new or further analogue outputs to your RS-485 devices. The units can also be used together without a PLC or HMI to enable the transfer of analogue inputs and outputs via RS485.

RS 485

RS 485

RS 485

-20...20 -10...10 -150...150 mA V mV S4AI • Convert 4x input signals (voltage, current, temperature) into RS-485 output • RS485 MODBUS slave only • Two programmable alarm outputs • Mathematical functions • Programmable operating time counters • Configuration via USB


S4AO • Convert RS-485 input into 4x standard output signals (0/4-20mA or 0-10V) • RS485 MODBUS master or slave • Galvanic isolation between outputs • Programmable working time counters • Configuration via USB

For more information please contact Paul Adkins on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail



High performance with a quality connection

• Supplied with machined ends ready for connection • From 2mm to 45mm shaft input • Available in aluminium or stainless steel • Cost effective • Rapid delivery

With a proven depth of research development and production, Sungil of Korea produces a large range of motor and shaft couplings. From an industry standard jaw coupling up to a zero backlash, high torque, flexible clamp coupling there are possibilities for nearly all

For more information please contact Adam Porter on 0116 2849900 or e-mail


Remote control The 26 series from Rechner Sensors was originally designed to cope with the problems of highly adhesive products sticking to the outside of the sensor, however these sensors also have excellent characteristics for general use in level control.

For more information please contact Ross Bland on 0116 2849900 or e-mail



The semi round sensor tip is a striking feature of this series. The electronics are based on Rechner’s High Performance Technology and guarantees high quality and reliability.

For these situations Rechner Sensors

It is often a real challenge for the user to achieve good level control in large silos or in some containers with difficult access. The direct adjustment of a sensor in a large container is often not possible due to the access being too dangerous to enter, too high or possibly space is extremely limited.

Rechner’s EasyTeach technology has

now offer capacitive sensors with remote adjustment. The adjustment is made using an additional wire on the connection cable. been adopted for this series. Like the rest of the 26 family they are suitable for use in both wet and dry areas and are ideal for use in industries such as chemical or food processing.

Pressure monitoring solutions Pressure switches and pressure sensors proven in the field for more than 75 years. Suco offer a full range of mechanical pressure and vacuum switches, electronic pressure switches and pressure sensors to cover the majority of pressure monitoring applications. All products are developed, tested and produced to meet the highest demands.

For more information please contact Jon Vanham on 0116 2849900 or e-mail

High quality touch screen counters Introducing a new range of touch screen counters and process controllers. These units offer a high quality, modern and simple to use design featuring a 3 colour LED touch screen display. This gives clear indication and removes the need for any mechanical pushbuttons to operate the device. Available as a multifunction counter, position display or process controller these units will bring any counting or process application into the 21st century. • 13mm high, 8 digit touch screen • Glove operation • Position display (570T)

• Multifunction counter (571T) • Process controller (573T) • IP65

For more information please contact Paul Adkins on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail



Series T+U the great all rounder These modular beacons are available in many different configurations making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Installation in harsh environments is no problem thanks to IP66 ingress protection and IK08 impact resistance. A built in ventilation element allows for pressure equalisation during severe changes in humidity and temperature fluctuations. High performance LED’s give great performance and the sounder is the only IP66 option available on the market that can be used alone or combined with a beacon. • • • • •

Ø75mm & Ø60mm size options High performance LED IP66 ingress protection IK08 impact resistance 88 - 100dB sounder also IP66

For more information please contact Paul Adkins on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail

Pressure data logger ESI-USB© software ESI-USB© software

Graph Screen

Graph Screen

Monitor Screen

Monitor Screen



Dimensions (in mm) The new GD4200 USB digital pressure transducer has been Dimensions (in mm) designed to measure, analyse and record pressure directly on your computer without the need for costly I/O Ø28 Ø28 interface boards. It allows the user to measure up to 16 pressure inputs simultaneously and easily create customised test certificates.



• Choice of pressure ranges from vacuum to 5,000 bar 19 A/F • Auto detect and HEX configuration 12 • Create customised test certificate 1/4" BSPM (G1/4) OR 19per A/F • 1,000 readings second 1/4“ NPTM OR F250-C

HEX 12

For more information please contact Jon Vanham on 0116 2849900 or e-mail

1/4" BSPM (G1/4) OR 1/4“ NPTM OR F250-C

NOVA22 power & versatility

High I2t for use with circuit breakers (8320 A2sec) Rated up to 35 Amps DIN (rail mount) and 95 Amps (panel mount)

Zero voltage or instantaneous turn-on High resistance to shock and vibration

600 VAC or 200 VDC models

C-UL-US Listed, CE, and TUV certified

Built-in overvoltage transient protection

NOVA22 solid state relays were developed combining technology and innovation to offer high performing solid state relays in a 22.5mm industrial package. The advanced design and technology used in NOVA22 products provide greater power density than any other 22.5 mm wide SSR in the market: available up to 35A in DIN rail mount and 95A in panel mount package.

ID marker for easy identification

100 kA SCCR

LED input status indicator Input control available in DC and AC voltage options

Industry standard panel mount package available

The range is ideal for heating applications, but is also suitable for demanding applications such as motion, power and lighting loads that require higher levels of reliability. • AC and DC applications • Proportional control versions up to 90A • Load monitoring module option

Screws or spring cage input terminals

Relay or Contactor configuration For more information please contact Karolis Cicenas on 0116 2849900 or e-mail

Standard or elevator innovative output screw

Length and inclination measurement with one single device! Draw wire system with integrated inclinometer. Sensors have become indispensable in the mobile automation market; they make a major contribution to the sophistication and safety of the systems in which they are fitted. Draw wire devices are the preferred choice for length measurement applications, where inclinometers are used in applications such as vehicle levelling. This means that the vehicle manufacturer has to select and integrate two separate components when addressing their specific applications. Kuebler has created the solution to remedy this problem; length and inclination measurement in one single device. The new draw wire systems C100 and D125 have an integrated inclinometer and still remain very compact and easy to install.

Key features: • Output types: Analogue, Incremental, CANopen, Relay outputs or Switching outputs • Measuring range: 1...5 m for the C100 and 6...10 m for the D125 • Protection level IP67 • Temperature range of 40°C ... +85°C • M12 connection • Power supply 9 ... 30 V DC or 5 V DC For more information please contact Gareth Ford on 0116 2849900 or e-mail



The power to scan DPM in your hands Datalogic’s market leading industrial handheld scanner can now be used to decode Direct Part Marking (DPM) barcodes using the enhanced Evo DPM model. The PD9530-DPM Evo has enhanced decoding software and will support any kind of DPM technology be that laser mark, dot pin or inkjet. • • • •

1D/2D omni directional reading Intuitive aiming system Soft white light illumination Available with optional display with 4-keys

OEM offer a full range of general purpose and industrial hand scanners please call to discuss your application.

• • • •

Datalogic’s Motionix™ motion-sensing Ergonomic shape Image capture Datalogic’s 3GL™ (3 Green Lights) technology

For more information please contact Richard Hammond on 0116 2849900 or e-mail

Non contact RFID locking switches with up to 1500N holding force! Idem’s MGL range has been developed to provide a high level of functional safety whilst providing a reliable magnetic guard door interlock. The MGL combines magnetic sensing and RFID technology to provide non contact operation and high anti-tamper coding. In addition an electromagnet is used to lock machine guards ensuring maximum safety. Available with holding forces ranging from 600N to 1500N depending on the model selected and offered in either high specification robust plastic, die-cast, or 316 grade stainless steel (IP69K) versions ideal for hygienic/food applications.


For more information please contact Martin Illston on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail



• • • • • •

Stainless Steel (IP69K), Die-cast, and Plastic Versions Uniquely coded RFID available Connects to most safety relays to give up to PLe / Cat 4 Holding force up to 1500N LED Status Indication Flexible actuator with tolerance to misalignment

Magnetic flow meters Low maintenance wastewater monitoring The Aplisens PEM-1000 mag flow meter is the ideal solution for monitoring wastewater or any other conductive media such as acids, alkalis, paints and pastes (minimum 5µS/cm). With no moving parts the PEM-1000 is not prone to obstructions and has low installation and maintenance costs. Independent of density, viscosity and pressure with low running costs.

• • • • • •

Available in DN10 up to DN1000 Flow range 0 – 28274 m3/h Accuracy of +/- 0.5% Excellent repeatability Virtually no pressure drop Available with a remote mounted sensor/display • Quick response to changing flows • Lining options of rubber or Teflon • Electrode materials include Hastelloy, Titanium, Platinum and Tantalum

For more information please contact Jon Vanham on 0116 2849900 or e-mail



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Inside Automation #3 2017  
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