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Safety Solutions from OEM As part of our Machine and Safety business area we offer a comprehensive range of safety products including safety interlock switches (with or without guard locking), non contact safety switches, safety light curtains, safety relays and controllers, resistive safety edge, rope pull switches, trapped key interlocks, safety limit switches and emergency stop stations. Supported by a dedicated and highly knowledgeable team of product specialists, sales engineers and customer support staff we are able to offer a high level of expertise and technical support to our customers. This not only enables our customers to choose the best possible solution but also means that we can co-operate with our suppliers regarding the development of new products for the market. If you would like a copy of our safety product overview or would like technical help and advice on any of our safety products please contact a member of our Machine and Safety team or contact me directly at martin. or by telephone on 0116 2849900.

Safety solutions Tried and tested safety! If you are looking to add operator (or machine) protection with a simple guarding operation then the KP or K-SS will no doubt provide you with the required solution. A traditional tongue interlock switch offered with plastic or fully Stainless Steel 316 housing and a variety of actuator options. The KP or K-SS offers cost-effective guarding and when used with a safety relay can achieve up to Ple/Cat4 (ISO 13849-1).

Martin Illston

Product Manager Safety

• Forced disconnect of the safety contacts at the withdrawal of the actuator • Anti-tamper, not easily defeatable mechanism • Head can be rotated to provide four different actuator entry points • Contact blocks are replaceable • Explosion proof models available • Patented cam system with specially developed double seal lid gaskets • Maintenance Lockout Actuator available for extra protection of operators

• Designed to fit to the leading edge of sliding, hinged or lift off machine guards

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For more information please contact Martin Illston on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail

SLIM versatile and cascadable Master

The large choice of available lengths and resolutions, and three different types of brackets make its mechanical installation highly versatile. Up to three units can be connected to protect the sides of a single dangerous area without losing resolution in the corners. The configuration 15.4 of basic functions Actual (automatic size or manual restart and external device monitoring) is done by wiring, making its use and maintenance easy and fast. 32.6

The new Datalogic SLIM safety light curtain is the perfect solution to protect machines where space saving and simplicity of use are the main requirements.

Slave 1

Slave 2

Features: • SLIM 15 x 32mm Profile • No dead zone • 14, 24, and 34mm resolutions • 34 different protection lengths from 150mm-1200mm (30mm steps) • Cascadable up to 3-units • Same cable for Emitter and Receiver

For more information please contact Martin Illston on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail

Safety edges Gelbau Safety Edge is designed to protect people from crushing in trap points and is suitable for a wide range of applications including automatic doors (retracting, folding and sliding doors), platform lifts, AGV’s, public transport (doors on buses, trains etc.) and for protection against trapping on the moving parts of machines. They can also be used as an ergonomic emergency stop switch.

• Up to Safety Cat.3 (PLd) • Easy and quick to install • Various profile heights and colours available • Sold by the metre or pre-assembled at OEM to customer specification • Can be build to fit irregular shapes and go around corners

value Added rovide e can p w n e t Of a little tomers s u c r u o ddition ra in a he bit ext rd off t standa . s to the t c rodu shelf p

For more information please contact Martin Illston on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail



PIANO power supplies – where value meets quality • 20 - 40% lower in price • Up to 95.2% efficiency • Fully approved

High reliability & attractive price The PIANO series of DIN-rail power supplies from Puls offers high reliability and long service life time but now with a significant price advantage. Despite the low cost requirements, an MTBF of more than 1.4 million hours and efficiencies of 90.5 to 95.2% have been achieved. This was made possible by a clever single circuit board design, cost-saving polycarbonate housing and an engineering team focused on an intelligent design for manufacturability. Technical features PIANO series units include a DC-OK signal, operational temperature range up to +55°C (without derating) and large screw connection terminals. All housed in a light and compact housing with the 24V/10A unit being only 49mm wide. For applications that do not require a mains voltage of 100-120V further cost reduction can be made by choosing one of the units specifically developed for 200-240V.

For more information please contact Karolis Cicenas on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail



• Slim line housing • Set it and forget it solution

New additions to the range The original range has been extended with the addition of a 480W/20A unit. Plus there are new versions of the 120W/5A and 240W/10A units with wider range voltage inputs to cover 115V applications. Finally there is a 24V/20A diode redundancy module which can be used to build cost effective 1+1 and N+1 redundant power supply systems.

20 – 40%


1.4 Mill

lower in price

highest efficiency

hours service life

Mount it anywhere! The Easy Mount from Rechner Sensors has been produced to make the handling, mounting and application easy for the user. The sensor itself features excellent technical characteristics and is very small in size. • • • •

For use in level control of liquids Level control of bulk material Leakage detection Position control of objects and much more...

It can be mounted in various ways; it can be glued in the desired position, fixed with a cable tie or it can be mounted with one of the holders from the range accessories. The sensitivity or sensing distance adjustment is almost made by itself thanks to the EasyTeach function. The teaching steps one has to pass through are easy and quick to complete so the user does not lose time when setting each individual sensor. With the use of the newest production technologies the components of the sensors are embedded in the plastic body. They are watertight and operate wear-free with an IP rating of IP68.

For more information please contact Ross Bland on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail

Flexible remote management ®

OEM Automatic is pleased to announce that we are now an official distributor of the Ewon Netbiter range of remote management units. These devices enable users to control, monitor and data log their applications using a “bolt-on”, high quality and flexible product. The Netbiter range will communicate with devices via RS232/485, TCP/IP Ethernet or directly using its’ on board I/O. With 3 versions available, 2G with Ethernet, 3G with Ethernet or Ethernet only the Netbiter offers a flexible remote management addition to your existing or future applications. • • • • •

Remote management of your field equipment 2G/3G and or Ethernet connectivity RS232/485 & TCP/IP Communications On board I/O Full remote web platform for monitoring, control and data logging

To view a live demonstration of the Netbiter platform please visit the “Remote Management” link within the panel section of our website.

For more information please contact Jay White on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail



ALL YOUR PROCESS INSTRUMENTATION IN ONE PLACE OEM Automatic has grouped together products from some of the most respected European instrument manufacturers we represent to offer a portfolio of products to integrate into, and enhance the performance of, most water and process systems. Our sales engineers and product managers, are on hand to offer advice in selecting the most suitable item and assist in any customisation necessary, to make the product truly enhance the application.

Smart temperature sensors

Flow switches

l -200°C up to 550°C

l Wetted parts - brass/stainless steel

l 4-20mA

l Max switch point 165 m³/hr max flow rate 240 m³/hr

l Hart protocol

l Pipe size 1" - 8" l 250V. 15A change over switch function

Isometric drawing copyright: tele52/123RF Stock Photos and background image: Leonid Tit/123RF Stock Photos



Smart pressure sensors

Smart hydrostatic/submersible level

l -1 up to 1000 bar

l 0-1.5 meter up to 0-100 meter

l Gauge and absolute versions

l Polyurethane or ETFE cable

l Hart protocol

l Hart protocol

Magnetic flow meters


l DN10-DN1000 l Accuracy 0.5%

l Specifically designed for process and drinking water applications

l 1 – 28,274 m3/h

l Water/wastewater monitoring l Water quality control

Ultrasonic level

Pendant floats

l 0.03 - 8 meters range

l Single or double switching function

l Two programmable alarms

l Mounting brackets and kits

l LCD display and buttons for programming

l H05RN-F and H07RN-F cable options

For more information please contact Pressure and Flow on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail



POE temperature & humidity monitor • Measure temperature, relative humidity and 5 other parameters • POE or 6VDC control voltage • Built in web server • MODBUS TCP/IP Slave • Email and local alarm alerts The new HT20 temperature and humidity monitor from Lumel has been designed to offer a high specification and simple to install device for any climate monitoring or data logging application. The unit offers POE (power over Ethernet) so all that is required to power and monitor the device is a connection to the internet. This means the unit is simple to add into applications where power is not available, permitted or to simply remove the requirement for an electrician.

For more information please contact Jay White on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail

With a built-in web server, web platform, local audible alerts, the potential to link multiple devices in a network and even email alerts the HT20 is feature packed and perfect in any application where the monitoring and/or logging of climate is essential.

Upfront control, behind the scenes MAXVU Rail from West Control Solutions is the ideal solution for “Behind Panel” control. DIN rail mount, only 22.5mm wide the MAXVU RAIL can be used as a temperature controller, transmitter or a limit device. Unique OLED display guarantees clear and crisp image with wide viewing angle even in direct sunlight. These new devices are quick and easy to integrate and set up using text and graphic based menu through front keypad or free PC configuration software. Universal input and up to 3 outputs make MAXVU RAIL an affordable solution for essential temperature control. • • • •


Compact rail mount Thermocouple, RTD, linear and digital inputs Up to three outputs : relay, SSR and linear RS-485 communication option


For more information please contact Karolis Cicenas on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail

Compact motors for demanding applications ROTEK has been producing very efficient small motors for over 30 years and have a range of four well defined modular series developed to provide precisely what each individual application needs…

Intelligent and networked l 80 - 200 W output l 400 - 4000 1/min l 24 - 48 V DC

low-vibration and low-noise l 11 - 40 W output l 1500 1/min l 1 ~ 24 V - 3 ~ 500 V

• Powerful & efficient BLDC motor with integrated drive • Sensorless commutation (SmartDrive Technology) • Integrated bus systems (Modbus & CANopen) • STO (safety torque off), brake & 1024ppr encoder options

• Smooth running AC synchronous motor (SmoothDrive Technology) • Low vibration & low noise • Compact design • Constant speed under varying load

• Highly efficient AC synchronous motor (GreenDrive Technology) • Up to 90% efficiency Extremely compact and efficient • Extremely compact with high power l 20 - 85 W output to size ratio l 1500 1/min • Constant speed under varying load l 1 ~ 24 V - 3 ~ 500 V

Versatile and self-holding l 8 - 50 W output l 1000/1500 1/min l 1 ~ 24 V - 3 ~ 500 V

• • • •

Classical AC synchronous motor Excellent self-holding torque Long life expectancy Very short start-up and stopping times

To complement the motor range Rotek can also offer a range of gearboxes & ratio’s to ensure the correct output speed & torque is achieved. This includes spur, worm, planetary & flat gearboxes.

For more information please contact Nick Burchnall on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail

As part of the modular system Rotek, as standard, can offer brakes, encoders & different electrical connection options. Other electrical & mechanical adaptations available ensure that an individual solution is provided. Typical applications include agricultural seed dispensing, packaging, labelling, conveying, weighing, inspection, medical, pharmaceutical testing, filling/dosing, warehouse storage systems, AGV’s & general industrial automation.



Hot or cold ? No change there! Stego’s range of tamper proof thermostats takes away the worry of the incorrectly set climate control in your enclosures. The FT thermostats are pre-set so they cannot be adjusted by the user and are available as normally open, normally closed or as a pair for heating and cooling applications. By removing the mechanical adjustment the switching tolerance has also been improved and the compact size make them easy to mount in the smallest of spaces. • • • •

Din rail mount Compact size 3 default temperature settings High switching accuracy

For more information please contact Paul Adkins on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail

SYR-Line timers, greater power… smaller size Crouzet has always been at the forefront of timer technology beginning with Syrelec in the 1980’s and followed by the Chronos and Chronos 2 ranges. They have now introduced the SYR-line range to the market. This range contains a higher, 16A rated, single output, multifunction timer, perfect for use in applications with higher inrush currents and greater loads. They have also introduced a dual, 8A timer but in the same, slim, 17.5mm housing meaning two separate devices can be controlled by a single unit thereby saving space and cost compared to two individual timers. As with all Crouzet timers the units are simple to wire and set up and have LED status indication for normal running and any fault conditions. Offering a timing solution for any application the SYR-line range further increases and develops the timer portfolio available from Crouzet and OEM Automatic.

For more information please contact Jay White on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail



• 17.5mm wide, multi-function DIN rail timers • Single 16A or dual 8A relay outputs • 12-240V AC/DC • LED indication

KDSClick the all rounder Conta-Clip has now added ‘split glands’ to the KDS range of cable entry systems. These versions are ideal for applications where pre-assembled cables need to be connected in to smaller enclosures and can be easily retro-fitted to existing systems that already use standard skin top glands.

Outstanding seal: IP66 protection Multi-resistant, tapered seals feature inner and outer sealing gills.

Intelligently split seal Their wave-cut profile makes them easy to install and ensures a perfect fit around the cables.

The glands are available in 6 sizes from M20 to M63 and share the same inlays and inserts as the frame version making the KDS range one of the most flexible solutions on the market. • IP66 • Simple modular design

• 80 different sealing inserts • Halogen & silicon free

Separable locknut Easy to attach to cables that have already been guided through.

Versatile assembly Up to four assembled cables can be used with one cable gland. Maximum versatility More than 80 different seal variants are available.

For more information please contact Paul Adkins on 0116 214 5267 or e-mail



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