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Machine Vision and Identification OEM Automatic's new business area

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Barcode and RFID Identification High performance 1D/2D imagers for industrial barcode applications




Teknomega’s low voltage insulators

Where safety is paramount

Dual display fibre optic amplifier

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O E M A U T O M AT I C — I N S I D E A U T O M AT I O N # 1 2 0 1 8

Comment Richard Hammond

Specialist Machine Vision and Identification team now in the UK OEM Automatic has always endeavoured to provide quality products which offer an advantage to our customers in terms of features, cost and reliability whilst continually staying at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

Machine Vis

A New Business Area for OEM Automatic

Machine vision cameras from Datalogic & Crevis GIG-E, USB3, Camera Link VGA to 14MP Up to 475fps Colour & Mono

After several years of success and growing demand for machine vision products within our Scandinavian operations, OEM Automatic made the decision at the end of last year to also dedicate a specialist team to this industry within the UK. Datalogic, the market leader in identification products and smart camera vision systems, works closely with us to offer our customers the full range of technology and application solutions. Machine vision is a successful and growing industry becoming more accessible, easier to integrate and more reliable over recent years. With our technical team based in Leicester and with support from Malmö (Sweden) we can assist you in finding a machine vision solution to suit your requirements. Boasting a full product offering from lighting to dedicated vision IPC’s, lenses to Software if you would like further information please contact any member of the Machine Vision and Identification team on 0116 214 5267.

Wide range of machine vision lenses from Kowa & Azure: High quality and cost effective Manual & Auto Iris 10MP+ models High vibration models

OEM Automatic Ltd is part of the Swedish Group OEM International AB which is a public company listed on the Swedish stock exchange.

O E M A U T O M AT I C — I N S I D E A U T O M AT I O N # 1 2 0 1 8

sion and Identification Industrial, modular and robust machine vision lighting

High quality and well supported range of Industrial PC's for machine vision applications

Highly user configurable

Atom to i7 processors

High IP rating up to IP69K

2 to 12 camera ports

Built in drivers


RGB and WUI options

Inherent PoE capabilities

Full packages from Datalogic with pre-installed IMPACT software 2 to 4 port i3 to i7 processors GIG-E or USB3 Pattern sorting tool & advanced OCR capability's

Easy to use and user focused software packages which do not compromise on capability A  daptive Vision Studio D  L.CODE D  atalogic IMPACT O  CR & Object Detect



O E M A U T O M AT I C — I N S I D E A U T O M AT I O N # 1 2 0 1 8

Teknomega’s low voltage insulators are a cost-effective range that offers great stability of electrical and mechanical parameters and a very high resistance to leakage current. For more information Contact: Peter Knight 0116 214 5267 Email:

Available in two ranges, ISO & COMPRHEX, both are manufactured with galvanised steel inserts in self-extinguishing V0 – UL94 material. These insulators can be used as a ‘stand off’ and insulating supports for active busbars and distribution rails in applications up to 1000 V ac/1500 V dc.

ISO: Injection moulded – Black

COMPRHEX: Compression moulded – Red

• Polyamide 6.6 reinforced with 30% glass fibre

• Polyester reinforced with 20% glass fibre

• Halogen free

• Working temperature -40°C to 130 °C

• Working temperature -40°C to 130°C

• RAL 3031

• Glow wire tested to 960°C

All comply with standards EN 60664-1 and EN 61439-1 and are available in a large range of sizes

Do YOU need a torque motor? Torque motors excel in their ability to directly drive applications. There’s no need for a transmission/gearbox. The moving rotor of the torque motor is fixed directly on the driven part and the torque is constant through the speed range. Required torque and available space help determine the diameter and width of the motor. Motors can be very slim but large in diameter or have a height close to their diameter, resulting in a compact but high-torque motor.

Features All torque motors, large or small, follow a similar design. Important characteristics of the torque motor are: • Low system inertia for dynamic movements • Brushless and maintenance free • Permanent magnet rotor (4+ poles) • Direct drive • High level of control • Low mass For more information Contact: Adam Porter 0116 214 5267 Email:

O E M A U T O M AT I C — I N S I D E A U T O M AT I O N # 1 2 0 1 8


nstalled in mobile generator control panels the units were carefully selected to give an audible visual warning when fuel levels are running low. The LED beacon can be configured through the wiring connections to be steady or flashing and the buzzer to be continuous or pulsing tone. This feature has been utilised to give operators a 2 stage warning of fuel levels. Flashing LED and pulsing tone for low level, steady LED and continuous tone for critical level. As the beacons will be located outdoors in a cold environment then ingress protection and temperature rating were key considerations. These were satisfied by the lower operating temperature range of -25°C along with IP65 protection rating.

These panel mount LED beacon and buzzer modules from Auer will be helping to keep the power flowing at this year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea. • Operating temperature range -25 to +60 °C • Ø65 mm panel mount buzzer beacon • High performance steady or flashing LED • Configurable 3 tone 103 dB buzzer • Ingress protection IP 65 For more information Contact: Peter Knight 0116 214 5267 Email:

NEED APPROVAL? Aplisens is known for its high quality and flexibility in producing field instruments for monitoring flow, pressure, level and temperature of gases, vapours and liquids. To compliment their range, various certifications such as DNV for offshore applications, Ex for explosive environments and SIL2 where safety is paramount are available. There is also the added benefit when choosing the HART protocol option as the sensors can be remotely monitored, adjusted and run self-diagnostics.

There are also the many mounting options which include flanged seals with extended diaphragms on capillaries and direct mounted diaphragms. This combined with the vast options of materials which include Hastelloy and Inconel makes for a solution for most applications. Please visit our website for specific instrumentation details or call us to speak to a technical sales engineer. For more information Contact: Jon Vanham 0116 214 5267 Email:

Any concerns about hearing the buzzer during operation in a potentially noisy environment were eliminated thanks to a sound pressure rating of 103 dB (A). High performance LED’s offer great performance and lifetime making these beacon sounders suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.



O E M A U T O M AT I C — I N S I D E A U T O M AT I O N # 1 2 0 1 8

GSM MODULE PRO 2 The New GSM-PRO2 is a simple & easy to use module for remote monitoring and control of equipment that can signal changes of inputs and outputs through text messages and email.

ONE SENSOR, TWO FLOW DIRECTIONS Hydraulic systems are used in many industries today to power and control machines used in agriculture, mobile hydraulics and where powerful forces are required such as metal pressing.

O E M A U T O M AT I C — I N S I D E A U T O M AT I O N # 1 2 0 1 8

Features • Works on 2G/3G GSM Network • Expandable IO • Over The Air programming • 0-10V/0.20ma direct input

Adding the GPS function and the free Smart Phone App makes it easy to locate the equipment through Google Maps and keep track of any equipment that is moved around.

This compact unit is available with or without GPS functionality and has two multifunction inputs, a pulse count input and a change over relay output as standard. For applications that need more IO, a range of ‘plug in’ expansion modules are available of which up to 15 can be used on a single base module.

The wide operating voltage of 10..30 Vdc make it ideal for mobile applications such as remote pumping sets, where monitoring of the fuel level and pump pressure can help manage costly down time. The output relay can also be linked to an input, so for instance it could be used to shut down the pump set if a pipe bursts. Planning maintenance can also be made easy by using the built in hours run counter and logging function so you can see exactly when and how long a system has been operational. Adding the GPS function and the free Smart Phone App makes it easy to locate equipment through Google Maps and keep track of any equipment that is moved around.


With GPS receiver

The iPhone and Android smartphone apps provide a simple and fast solution so you can get an overview of each distributed system and application.

For more information Contact: Paul Adkins 0116 214 5267 Email:

• Shielded to prevent the effects of electrical/magnetic influences

• IP67 electrical protection with 330mm2/mm viscosity

• Pre-set switch point of 1l/min providing rapid indication of fluid flow

• 300 bar max pressure capabilities


fter researching the market for a solution to indicate when the automatic reversible plough attachment had changed positions, a large European manufacturer of automated ploughing equipment chose the FW4V flow switch. It was chosen due to its capability of flow switching in both flow directions.

The switch achieves this with its unique design which incorporates two separate switches operated by a single magnetised piston. This moves within a flow chamber designed to permit equal high flow rates in both directions. Normal flow switches usually only allow a regulated flow in one direction.

The FW4V flow switch is not affected by pressure pulses and will only switch when there is flow in the system giving a reliable and sustained method of accurately indicating when the plough has changed positions.

The switch is designed to operate in the most demanding environments found in mobile hydraulics and possesses an impressive array of in-built features.

3D view of the FW4V with viscosity stabilization and shielding plate

OEM Automatic is the UK partner for Honsberg, part of the GHM group. From our office and warehousing facility in Leicester we are centrally placed to offer technical advice and support. For more information Contact: Neil Bailey 0116 214 5267 Email:

FW4V standard version in brass housing Opposite: FW4V for agricultural applications such as reversible ploughs (Image © Fotolia)



O E M A U T O M AT I C — I N S I D E A U T O M AT I O N # 1 2 0 1 8

Stego's N t generation • 50 – 250 W • IP66 • Anodized aluminum • Pre-wired 1m cable

Stego launches a new series of Ex enclosure heaters and corresponding thermostats for use in zone 1 gas and zone 21 dust. The range has 11 models ranging from 50 -250W over three temperatures classes T3, T4 and T5, making it easy to select the right size heater for the application. The series is both ATEX and IECEx approved to cover the majority of the global market and have the option of either DIN rail or screw mounting. The thermostats are available in two models with preset switching points of 15°C or 25°C and a switching capacity of up to 10A, so can be used to control multiple heaters. These Ex heaters and thermostats are also IP66 rated and can be used in a wide range of industries, such as chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, marine, petrochemical and mining. Typical applications include frost protection or to prevent unexpected temperature changes producing condensation within the enclosure.

For more information Contact: Paul Adkins 0116 214 5267 Email:

F85RN The Leading Dual Display Fibre Optic Amplifier The F85RN is a leading dual display fibre optic amplifier from Takex. It can simply be taught four separate teaching modes through the use of one set button. With two large, clear, 4-digit, 7-segment LED displays and three raised buttons with positive click feedback, it makes mode setting even easier The F85RN is also equipped with an optical transmission type, mutual interference prevention function to suppress the interference between up to eight units. The sensor comes with a QR code on the side of the amplifier to access a quick reference guide on your smartphone or tablet. This is useful when checking the manual or changing the settings while installing on site.

FEATURES • NPN/PNP dual output • Simple teaching using a single button • Large, easy to read display • Mutual interference prevention function • Two types of display options available

For more information Contact: Ross Bland 0116 214 5267 Email:

O E M A U T O M AT I C — I N S I D E A U T O M AT I O N # 1 2 0 1 8

SMALLEST INTELLIGENT MOTOR DRIVE IN THE WORLD! The new iPOS2401 range of intelligent drives is based on a new design concept that has resulted in a low power, cost-effective, compact and lightweight solution. The iPOS2401 adds to the extended iPOS family of products which is available up to 1.6Kw (80Vdc/20A) • Motor supply / logic supply: 12-24 Vdc

iPOS2401 MX-CAN (TMLCAN & CANopen communication)

• Output current: 1A continuous/peak

• Size: 46 x 19 x 8mm

• 5 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 1 analogue input

• Weight: 6g

• Open-frame PCB, horizontal plug-in design

iPOS2401 MX-CAT (EtherCAT communication)

• Feedback supported from incremental quadrature encoder & hall sensors

• Size: 50 x 19 x 10mm

• 2 versions available for different communication options

• Weight: 12g

The single plug-in module combines both servo drive and motion controller in one small unit that is suitable for controlling brushless, DC, linear and stepper motors up to 24 W. For stand-alone, single or multi-axis systems, the drive can operate as a slave executing motion sequences received from the master CANopen or EtherCAT controller or standalone operation from stored motion sequences programmed in TML (Technosoft Motion Language). The drive can be quickly configured and tuned using one of Technosoft’s software platforms EasySetUp or EasyMotion Studio. EasySetUp is recommended when motion programming is done exclusively via an external device (a PC/PLC using Technosoft motion libraries for C/C++ /Delphi/VB/LabVIEW, a CANopen or an EtherCAT master) while the EasyMotion Studio includes both drive setup and motion programming. Designed specifically for precise and repeatable positioning applications and where space is critical, such as packaging/labelling, medical, textile, machine tools, aerospace, robotics and factory automation. iPOS2401 MX-CAN version

For more information Contact: Nick Burchnall 0116 214 5267 Email:

Medical devices

Packaging & labelling

Industrial robotics

Factory automation



O E M A U T O M AT I C — I N S I D E A U T O M AT I O N # 1 2 0 1 8




25% Smaller and 15% Ligh

The heart of a system kage! in only a 48 mm wide pac

Good things come in small packages


The Dimension CP-Series sets a new standard for DIN rail mounted power supplies. Higher efficiency, smaller size and weight will save precious space and lower running costs. Conformal coating is available for harsh environments. Standard screw termination is not the only option to choose from – springclamp terminals for applications that are exposed to vibrations or push-in terminals for automated wiring are also available. Extra continuous power of 96W is always at hand if temperature is kept below 45°C.

For more information Contact: Karolis Cicenas 0116 214 5267 Email:


he Taurus level switch is designed for level regulation in drainage plants, pumping stations, irrigation systems, dirty water systems and generally any tank. Unlike traditional level floats that float on the surface the Taurus is unique in that it remains underwater. This is due to its special construction that includes a built in counterweight in one of three water tight chambers. The switch point can be easily altered by extending or shortening the cable in the water with no need for adjusting separate counterweights on the cable itself. The Taurus is available with single or double switching functions, cable options including H05RN-F or H07RN-F and can be submerged up to 20 metres.

For more information Contact: Jon Vanham 0116 214 5267 Email:

O E M A U T O M AT I C — I N S I D E A U T O M AT I O N # 1 2 0 1 8


For 35 years, Anderson-Negele has delivered hygienically certified measuring instruments for the most demanding applications within the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. The requirements for hygiene and reliability are of top priority within these industries and Anderson-Negele design and produce their products specifically for such environments.

With an ever expanding and innovative hygienic range, Anderson-Negele is at the forefront of hygienic instrumentation design and production

These systems ensure that the sensors can be installed on most existing process connections for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

In addition to features such as high surface quality and minimisation of "dead spots" for CPM, Anderson-Negele has developed special aseptic installation systems such as PHARMadapt (within pharmaceutical) and CLEANadapt as well as FLEXadapt (in food).

All development and manufacturing is of the highest quality to meet the stringent requirements of the FDA, 3A and EHEDG.



• Temperature sensor with aseptic sensor pointer

• Potentiometric level measurement without moving parts, insensitive to foam and adhesion

• Calibration, replacement, cleaning without interrupting your process via thermo wells • Adaptable to existing systems using CLEANadapt, FLEXadapt & PHARMadapt • Quick response time - Mechanical spring mechanism • Flexible range and a solution for almost every application • ATEX Certified pharmaceutical range

• Double diaphragm hydrostatic pressure sensor, hermetically sealed for a non-drifting sensor and low maintenance • Conductive level monitoring with up to 5 probes • Capacitive level monitoring for dry or wet media, regardless of fluid conductivity, insensitive to adhesion and a comprehensive range of solutions



• Pressure measurement in pipes (from ¼") and vessels

• High repetition accuracy and fast response time

• High accuracy and fast response time

• Compensation for optic coating/contamination

• Surface quality for media-related parts down to Ra >0.2μm

• Colour-independent measurement (wavelength 860nm)

• Up to +177 °C process temperature

• Immune to reflections in small diameters

• Autoclavable pressure sensor

• Cost-effective models



• Magnetic inductive flow and volumetric measurement of liquids of at least 5μS/cm • Calorimetric flow monitor for clean media, dry pump monitoring/protection • 3A certified turbine flow meter for filling and dosing, non-conductive media • Ultrasonic flow monitoring for media with particles >50µm


Temperature Pressure

For more information Contact: Andrew Bailey 0116 214 5267 Email:



Whiteacres, Whetstone, Leicester LE8 6ZG Tel: 0116 214 5267 Fax: 0116 284 1721 e-mail:

Inside Automation Issue 1, 2018  
Inside Automation Issue 1, 2018