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Bing Cherry Maroon

Icing Pink

Green Apple

Cotton Candy Pink

Creme Brulee

Vanilla Cake

Sweet Tooth Palette


The Sweet Tooth Pallete is meant for young mothers wanting to add a little color to their kitchen. the Vanilla Cake and Creme Brullee are meant for the walls whilst the other 4 colors are meant to incorporate in appliances, towels, and other decorations. This pallete appeals to these mothers because while having to chase around young ones the Bing Cherry Maroon and Green Apple give a comforting vibe. The Icing Pink and Cotton Candy Pink Soften the environment to make these mothers feel young again.

Sunset Gazing

Midnight Violet Lukewarm lilac

Cotton Candy Clouds

Peach Shine

Tangerine ray

Pocket full of Sunshine


The Sunset Gazing palette is meant for 7-11 year old girls. These young girls are wanting to get out of the babyish soft pinks and move on to the bright, fun colors. These colors make these young girls feel a little older but its not too mature and still fun to be around.

Midnight Indigo

Waterfall blue

Pistachio lights

Take My Breath Away Sky high purple

Bright light yellow

Street light green

Justification: Take My Breath Away: This pallete has mainly cool colors,

aimed to attract the eye of 20-28 year olds living in the city. the palette is to turn a stressful environment into a peaceful get-away. With work and busy lives, these young adults in their mid-twenties can relax in the essence of dreamy, cool, relaxed colors.

Strut your stuff. Peacock Purple

Robin egg blue

Feather forest green

Electric Egg Purple

Mockingbird maroon

Ostrich Egg Olive green

Justification: The Strut your Stuff palette is meant for late highschool/college female students. Green is known to be one of the most relaxing colors so when these students are stdying they can feel like they are in a relaxed environment. The blues and purples add fun color to the room.

Virginia Cardello-Forecast  
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