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Victoria Greenhalgh’s Color Palettes Spring 2014

t s i w T n o d n o L Midnight Purple

Skysckraper Grey

Evening Black

Sunset Magenta

Granite Brown

Palette one London Twist The colors in this palette bring the night life to our homes, begining with the excitement of London. This palette designed for young adults from the age of 25 to 35 who like to go out with friends and enjoy the night life. The colors in this bring the dark purples, magenta and soft brown colors in to the group. Adults from age 25-35 living in big cities and urban areas will be drawn to this to bring the night life and excitement in to their homes.

Vall ey Trut h Canyon Mauve

Sunset sun

Valley Sunset

Desert Pink

Valley Brush

Palette two Valley Truth Colors from out doors bring us to the place where we long to go. This palette is made for young adults 25-35 year old who enjoy traveling and adventure with fall in love with this palette. This pallet brings the calming sunset colors such as mauve, lavender, and a subtle orange. Along with the pink of rocks and Greens of the flora in to a home of travelers.

Fruit Market Mandrin Orange

Sky Blue

Apple Red

Pear Green

Basket Brown

Palette three Fruit Market Fruit Stands are a common yet glorious sight in the summer time. Fresh fruits bring fragrence and color in to a kitchen. This Palette had been designed for young adults the age of 25 to 35 who love the rich vibrant colors of fresh fruits. The red and orange brings excitement, blue and green to calm the enviornment along with a neutural Brown to creat a full circle of circle of colors and emotion to the room. The use of theis palette in a room will calm the room and people with in and bring excitment to the accents.

Common Shores Beach Taupe

Sea foam green

Sea waves

Sea Stone


Palette Four Common Shores The Calming blues, warm brown and energetic green will bring life to any room for a 25-35 year old looking to calm down a room, and bring alittle bit of the world and tropics with them. Bringing the colors from the common shores colection in to any room will creat serinity and bring peace to a home.

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