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Lead Safe

Bold Graphics

Thick Outlines

Lead Safe

Underground Hideout

Blue Sky Flight

Elusive Green

Dollish Magenta

Standout Hot Pink

Interest has been growing on the terms of famous and memerable comic book figures among teenagers. This has lead to graphic of the characers being place on fashion, such as Avengers T-Shirts, Marvel backpacks. Due to this, comics are beginning to make a comeback, being remade with better style and brighter colors. Those into these bright and colorful heros like to stand out, be their own heroes. Therefore, a living comic book is made to surround them. Colors like Lead safe and Underground hideout provide a base of softer colors to create a blended feel while the bolder colors such as Elusive Green, Dollish Magenta, Standout Hot Pink, and Blue Sky Flight pack the punch for the teenager’s need to standout and write their own story. Thick outlines wraps this all up to finish the comic feel by creating a solid contrast between the colors. Overall, this mix will create a colorful world for one to create their own hero in.

Rolling Roads

Aging Bark

Faded Asphalt

Autumn Sunset

Herbal Airs

Fresh Leaf

Racoon Tracks

Yellow Fall

Fashion and interior design has always held themes of a reoccuring, natutral feeling to it. Teenagers these days are leaning into a more earthy, relaxing feeling among colors that resembles that of a countryside road. Colors like Faded Asphalt and Aging bark provide not only a base and neutral feel to balance out the colors around it, but also can creat a relaxing form of contrast that seems to belong. Colors like Herbal Airs and Racoon Tracks bring in the fresh forest feel that brings the relaxing air teenagers need to escape to a quiet world. Meanwhile colorful tones such as Fresh Leaf, Autumn Sunset, and Yellow Fall bring out the color to keep things interesting, all while staying in the relaxing and caring palette. With these colors, teenagers can return back to the roots of the most beautiful season of the year while feeling stylish and updated all the same, creating a perfect feel for people who just want to lay back and relax.

London Street

Casting Iron

Double Decker

Slate Roofing

Partly Cloudy

Sunny Blue

Royal Purple

Building Bricks

American teenagers have always been interested in other cultures from that of other countries, particularlly that of the English. Starting with the Beatles and continuing with the infamous One Direction, London has become a magical place, in and out of the Harry Potter series. Therefore, colors like Double Decker and Slate Roofing are seen everywhere in Union Jacks, creating the recognizable English flag. While the two noticable colors bring in the theme, colors like Royal Purple and Casting Iron bring in the city life feeling, bringing in the nightlife energy to match the energy brough in with the color of Sunny Blue. Tones of Builing bricks bring in the atmosphere of a century old history with the color theme, making the air of importance. The color of Partly Cloudy create an odd contrast color to stand out and bring in the light. Teenagers see these colors everywhere, and the Englophile inside calls out for them constanly.

80’s Return

Fishnet Gloves

Sunny Yellow

Electric Green

Hottie’s Pink

Nightlife Party

Denim Miniskirt

Crimson Scarves

The 80’s are making an avid comeback, having been popular in it’s original time and today. Neon colors are everywhere, and demin jackets are popping up. At this rate, the new generation where be back to where the trends originally began. The teenagers of Pop-Culture know this year very well. Due to this, they would want to surround themselves in this great time. By using the colors given as Sunny Yellow, Electric Green, Hottie’s Pink, and Crimson Scarves, they can bring these lively moments into their home and life. The colors of Denim Miniskirt add a blending compliment to combine these noticable and bringht colors while Nightlife Party and Fishnet Gloves provide a bit of a rebellious feel that belongs and will always stay with the 80’s. Styles, such as high-waisted short and pants, and colors, such as Neon Pink and Yellow, that were once considered out of date will be rising again, and everybody wants to be part of it.

Color Forecast - 2014 Courtney Cole

There has been a large hole in the design industry for one particular type of people. Teenagers can’t find their own form of niche easily. They have always been left in the gap between children and adult, lacking any idea of what they could possibly do to keep up with the current trends. While this group has been gaining some attention from the heads of the fashion industry, they still lack a varity, and interior design is at a complete loss for them. This color forecast, aimed for teens in particular, is made to draw their attention and tell them that there will be options, a niche for them and only them. Teenager will no longer be a forgotten industry. Bold Graphics - Bold Graphics is a color forecast aimed for teenagers avidly into comics, movies, and anything that screams adventure. Bold Graphics scream a world needing a hero to protect and save the day. A theme off of comics brings in bold colors that stand out from the rest, creating great and noticable contrast from the rest. It gives off the feeling of power and strength, as well as offers confidence. Everybody needs a hero in their life, and there is no better hero than that of yourself. These combinations of color open up to this world, a world where anything is possible, where a single name is spoken with respect. Rolling Roads - Every teenager stuggles with stress and juggling clubs, sports, friends, and schoolwork all at the same time. Therefore, all teens avidly with for a form of escape from the world. A place where they can be alone and take their time doing what they want in a beautiful world of natural and soothing colors. Rolling Roads provides that, a feeling of travelling to another place, sitting in a car and not having to worry about getting to where you want to be anytime soon. The colors provided give off a feeling of Autumn’s natural beauty, and a place of changing and the start of something new coming soon. Teenagers often feel as though they have nowhere to turn, and being alone in a relaxing place can often help to clear their thoughts. London Street - England is a place of fantasic culture, and also produces popular bands of which American will tie their hearts too. The Beatles helped begin the craze of Anglophilia within the United States, and the craze has continued with Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and other various things throughout the years has kept it on our minds. On top of it all, the craze of the English has been born once again as One Direction rolled along, and it doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. Teenager are known for reaching out to try new things, and one of these things is taking interest in different cultures with new things to offer them. London Streets provides a brief escape to this country represtened by the beloved Union Jack. 80’s Return - Leg-Warmers and Tube-Tops may not ever be seen again, but not all of the 80’s is old news anymore. 80’s Rock is still popular today, and colors and some parts of make-up and fashion are rising again. At this rate, it’ll become one of the biggest trends in teenagers of this generation. Graphics form the time are returning, and Pop-Culture is already flocking over the colorful and accepting times. Neons are on teenagers everywhere already. While they may seem out of date, and the term may seem overused, but the 80’s are making a comeback. Anybody who keeps up with trend will follow back to the roots of the last generation, and we’ll return to the times where “Tubular” and “Groovy” were fun to say. These are based for a massive amount of teenagers, so that there is one for everyone out there. Each color forecast should hold interest in one way or another, and there will be something out there for any type of people. Whether you are a fan of the 80’s or comic books, or you like to relax in the country or listen to music from England, there is something for you. No matter what, you’ll find something you want.

Courtney Cole - Forecast