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Focus on Korea Road Infrastructure, Inclusive Development and Traffic Safety in Korea This report combines empirical research on the l ti hi b t relationship between road infrastructure, inclusive economic development and traffic safety with an assessment of policies and governance structures to help Korea find ways to create effective, safe and inclusive transport infrastructures.

All publications available at and The Korean Public Procurement Service: Innovating for Effectiveness

This report on the Public Procurement Service of Korea examines the effectiveness of its system, identifying good practices that can inspire reform efforts in other countries.

ISBN 978-92-64-24941-7 January 2016, 116 pages €24 $29 £19 ¥3 100

Government at a Glance: How Korea Compares

ISBN 9-7892-64-25550-0 May 2016, 148 pages €30 $36 £24 ¥3 900 OECD Skills Strategy Diagnostic Report

Korea 2015

OECD Skills Strategy Diagnostic Report: Korea

This diagnostic report presents the main outcomes of Korea’s collaborative project with the OECD. It identifies 12 skills challenges that need to be addressed to build a more effective skills system in Korea.

2015, 222 pages

Schools for 21st-Century Learners: Strong Leaders, Confident Teachers, Innovative Approaches (Korean version) This report summarises evidence from the OECD TALIS and PISA surveys that underpins the three themes of the 2015 International Summit on the Teaching Profession: school leadership, teachers’ self-efficacy and innovation.

ISBN 978-92-64-25417-6 March 2016, 132 pages

This report provides a series of indicators on Korea’s policymaking practices and government performance compared to those of other OECD countries and of the G7 countries.

ISBN 978-92-64-25899-0 July 2016, 180 pages €33 $40 £26 ¥4 200

Compact City Policies: Korea This report examines Korea’s urban policies and offers customised policy recommendations based on the OECD publication, Compact City Policies (2012). Some Korean policies, such as urban regeneration, new town development or multi-modal transferring centres, have implicitly implemented compact city policies to a certain degree.

ISBN 978-92-64-22549-7 December 2014, 208 pages €62 $87 £56 ¥8 000

Employment and Skills Strategies in Korea With the rising economic importance of human resources and skills, employment and training agencies are now often expected to play a more important role in local strategies to support new creation, facilitate restructuring and increase productivity. This book examines the contribution of local labour market policy to boosting quality employment and enhancing productivity in Korea. It focuses on the Bucheon and Busan regions.

ISBN 978-92-64-21655-6 October 2014, 84 pages €33 $47 £30 ¥4 200

OECD Economic Surveys: Korea 2016 Korea has been one of the fastest growing OECD economies over the past 25 years, boosting its per capita income from 39% of the average of the top half of OECD countries in 1991 to 75% by 2014. The 2016 OECD Economic Survey of Korea examines Korea’s recent economic developments, policies and prospects.

ISBN 978-92-64-25718-4 June 2016, 168 pages €49 $59 £39 ¥6 300

Industry and Technology Policies in Korea The Korean innovation system is in many ways highly developed and has helped to underpin Korea’s rapid industrialisation. i d i li i However, H long-standing policy emphases on manufacturing and large firms are today in question. This review addresses Korea’s industry and technology policies and institutions, and provides policy recommendations.

ISBN 978-92-64-21321-0 June 2014, 208 pages €60 $84 £54 ¥7 800 OECD Observer No 308 Q4 2016


OECD Observer No 308 Q4 2016  
OECD Observer No 308 Q4 2016