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JULY 21:

HOUSE OF STANK (Christy Love & W. Jeremy) with Host: Duane Roggendorff of

JULY 28:

KIM ANN FOXMANN (of Hercules & LoveA Affair) & SILVIA PRAD Plus your weekly residents Y GRAVES JOOLS PALMER + MAND hunks DRINK SPECIALS served up by bar EG GR + DY AN $4 Long Island Ice Teas $4 Corona $3.50 Rolling Rock & Bud Lites FREE!! ||



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FILM BUFF‘‘ED! ED! This is the primary version of the branding.

2 0 1 1 N E W F E S T. W H E R E F I L M S C O M E O U T .


JU LY 21 – J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 1 G E T Y O U R T I C K E T S T O D AY AT N E W F E S T. O R G

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JULY 20-AUGUST 2, 2011 ON THE COVER... Cockyboy Jimmy Clay, courtesy of

CONTRIBUTORS... Lady Bunny Lady Bunny The Wigs Sherry Vine The Column Frankie C

THE FAMILY... Publisher Account Executive Creative Director Editor in Chief Design Director

Mike Everaert Cheyne Hauk Brian J. McCarthy Noreen B Jay Cribas

P.O. Box 178, Jersey City, NJ 07303 Advertising Office: 201.839.5209 National Advertising Rep. Rivendell Media 212.242.6863

Odyssey Magazine is published bi-weekly in New York and Los Angeles; monthly in Hawaii. All material herein is copyrighted 2011 Odyssey Magazine. Reprint by permission only. For more information regarding advertising, please call 201.839.5209 or email me@odysseymagazine. net. No implication regarding sexual orientation or personal practices of contributors or advertisers appearing in this publication is intended and none should be inferred by the reader.

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Are You Living with HIV? Clinilabs is currently enrolling participants in paid clinical research studies of HIV. If you are over the age of 18 and are HIV positive you may qualify. Eligible participants may earn up to $1,000 and will receive study-related medical assessments at no charge. Insurance is not required. Contact Us Today. 212-994-4567 423 W. 55th Street, 4th Flr NYC Get social with us!

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I along with Eric Andrew of NYC Socialite, Aiden Lee, Stuart Billmeier, Brandon Cohen and Bruce Robert Harris were the invited guests of Jamie T. Ranieri of AFruitFli to celebrate the Grammy Award Winning group Kool and the Gang. They were honored for Fame-Wall’s 1st Annual “Summer in the City” Celebration. As Kool and The Gang posed for pictures and socialized, all I could see were smiles on everyone’s face who came out to show love for the group.

The event was hosted by Dale Badway, and its sponsors were Hurley’s Restaurant, AFruitFli, Downtown161, and Dr. Eda Ellis. Hurley’s is one of NYC’s hidden hot spots. I expressed to Eric and Aiden that I could go for a little nosh and before I knew it, the boys were guiding me into a hidden room, and I was blown away when the door opened. The room had a swanky yet speakeasy style to it - with a twist. We talked with Anne Calimano, the owner of the establishment, who gave us some insight and knowledge on the space. The food was amazing! I had a fresh homemade veggie burger, but the next time I am going to have the fish and chips. I say it’s a place to stop in before or after a show. It’s in the theater district so you don’t have to travel far, but for their food, I would make the hike. It was time for Cocktails, Sushi and Friends that was set up by the Odyssey Magazine dinner party at Bamboo52. It was a gathering of friends to say Thank You for making Odyssey’s presence in NYC’s 2011 Gay Pride a special one. As DJ Charles spun, we cocktailed it up, ate and chatted. To sum it up, the dinner party was grand and no one wore a tiara. Good time amongst good people. Talking about grand, can I tell you... I along with Franco DiLuzio, Mark Lander, Vincent Vega, Francis Legge, Jason Russo, Eddy Barrena, Adam Ruiz, Danny Tortora, Chris Di Giovanni, Antonio Strazzullo, Axe Anthony, Trey Diego, Capriese Murray and

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the dazzling “due-O”, the lovely Miss Julia and Miss Tracy Von Becker, just to name a few, were all front and center for the Birthday extravaganza for Jonathan Fisher hosted by Ken Hunt....yes the man of Steel Gym.

Ken left no stones unturned for it being a catered affair, open bar, and you know what happens when you mix alcohol and heat… less clothes are worn. Need I say more? Oh, but I will. He opened his home on the island of fire – yes, Fire Island, that is, to host and toast the birthday boy. It was hot and sexy and everyone had nipples popping in the wind and doing shows. As if that wasn’t enough, he had Mr. DJ Hottie Jalil Z work his sexy magic, turning us out at the poolside event. No, I must stop here. For the last half, close your eyes and fantasize about the rest! So I was called by Curators Lady Clover Honey and Lovari to partake in “Bright Lights, Queer City” Visual Art Group Show for the Fresh Fruit Festival. It was hosted by Michael Musto of the Village Voice. The event was held at the Leslie Lohman Gallery in Soho in NYC. Photographers who contributed to the show include Jeff Eason, Seth Clark Silberman, Ves Pitts, Andrew Werner, Dex Star G, Tracy Von Becker, Ryan Wolowski, Alina Oswald, Hannah Ulrich, Athena Reich, Dick Mitchell, Jill Pomrantz, Fussy LoMein, Heidi Russell, Jed Ryan and, yes me, Frankie C. “New York City is world-famous for both its vibrant nightlife and vast, diverse Queer Community. The pictures capture the City’s Queer Nightlife. They provide some of the most unique, exciting and artistic images.” A quote from Lady Clover Honey. The images went from Drag Queens/Kings, Bartenders, Go-Go Boys, Dancers, Club Kids, Nightlife Personalities, Transgender, Flaggers and Patrons on New York City’s LGBT Nightlife Scene. I want to say Thank You to Lady Clover Honey and Lovari for inviting me to show

my photography. It was an honor, and it was exciting. Thank you again. Seen at the events: Bianca Leigh, Geronimo, Christine Rez, Evie G, J Colona, Brad Lebeau, Jeff Campione, Charlie Rice, Mr. Wayne, Cheyne Hauk, Brian Mills, Manila Luzon, Sahara Davenport, Sherry Vine, Michael Formika Jones, Jamie T. Ranieri, Marco De Los Rios, Matt Conrad, Markus Kelleman and Francis Legge. Thank you, Mr. Todd. The show is up till July 23rd at the Leslie Lohman Gallery 26, Wooster Street off of Grand Street in Soho. You never know when or where you are going to run into “Logo’s the A List”. As I was chatting away on Fire Island, I looked to the upper deck and who did I see? None other than Mr. Hottie himself, Mike Ruiz. He was smiling away, and you know, I needed my Mike Hug. He and boyfriend Martin Berusch give Good Hugs. Mike, Rodiney Santiago, Derek Lloyd Saathoff, Nyasha Zimucha and co-executive producer of The A-List, Dominick Pupa were on the island working, but it was a pleasure to see them as always. While Mike and I were chatting, he told me he was the spokesperson for Meoko Vodka and invited me to the billboard unveiling in Soho (Watts and Thompson Street). It was beautiful to see, and to top it off, he was dressed in a tux. You want to talk about hot? Check it out for yourself! I mean, if he wearing less I can only imagine, but wearing more and still being hot? Now that’s something a lot of people can’t do... but he can. Bravo Bello Bravo. It was time to put the pumps on and show your stuff and that’s just what they did at Club 57. Tony Fornabaio and Brandon Voss flew in the YouTube Sensation Kazaky to work it, and that’s just what they did. They pranced, danced and showed what a boy can do in heels. I say congrats to them for being able to put on pumps and turn it out. Well, talking about pumps and being hot, wait till you see the photos of Eddy Barrena by photographer Thomas Synnamon. I can sum it up in one word – HOT! Other things to check out: Best to all of you, Frankie C. You can follow me on twitter: @FrankieC_

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Pampered luxury in the heart of it all.

Scrumptious breakfast prepared daily by our Chefs Spectacular water, town and/or garden views ?aXePcTQPcWa^^\┬У0Xa2^]SXcX^]X]V ATUaXVTaPc^abX]bT[TRcbdXcTb┬У5[PcbRaTT]fXcWRPQ[T FX5X┬У?aXePcTQP[R^]XTbX]bT[TRcbdXcTb

CertiямБcate of Excellence 2011

"'%2^\\TaRXP[BcaTTc?a^eX]RTc^f]<0!%$&┬У$'#'&%# fffcWTfPcTaU^aSX]]R^\

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WIGS And the blonde tour continues… After an amazing time in Europe, I headed up north to Canada for more amazing times! First stop, one of my favorite cities, Montreal! I’ve performed at Cabaret Mado many times but nothing was like this last time. It was the eve of Canada Day so Mado was packed!! At one point, I think there were 600 people crammed in. The show was so much fun - I love the people there. The night before I went to dinner and hung out with my dear friend, Francois. We stopped by a bar to see our ami, Andre (Gigi), and watched the Michel Dorian show. She’s very famous in Canada for her Celine show. If you haven’t been to Montreal, I highly recommend it. The next night I jumped over to Toronto for their Gay Pride celebration. It was my first time there and my friends, Cotton and Mark, were there to make sure I had a good time and saw the city. We walked around the fair and watched some of the parade. It’s mammoth! Possibly the largest event in Toronto. And that night, I did a show at The Barn (yes, The Barn, next door to The Stables). It was also packed. Lady Kier was DJing and Cazwell was performing also, although we never saw each other. Lol. It was great to pop my cherry there and everyone was nice and crazy, in a good way. Came back to NYC just to unpack and repack and air out my boobies, and then it was off to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with my sister

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“CAME BACK TO NYC JUST TO UNPACK AND REPACK AND AIR OUT MY BOOBIES...” Joey Arias! We performed at The Blue Moon last year, but something about this summer is bringing people out in droves. The place was packed and they were loving it. Maybe venues are spiking the drinks… dunno. But we tore it up and had a blast with Miss Mona! It’s really beautiful there, and if you hit the boardwalk make sure to sample Thrasher’s Fries with vinegar! The low cal ones, of course! I was literally back for a day to air my panties out this time, and then off to St. Petersburg, FL for a show at Georgie’s Alibi. I hadn’t been there in about 6 years, so it was nice to return. The show was fun - again, packed with fun people including my Aunt and cousins! lol. I warned them it was dirty! It was storming the whole time, but they gays still came out. Saw ex-New Yorker Amber. They

know how to pour the Jack down there! I’m happy to announce that “The Blonde Leading The Blonde”, starring myself and Epiphany, has returned after a year hiatus. We are performing together every Monday night at Therapy now at 11pm. Last week was the first and it was so nice to be back onstage with Lil Sis! So if you are in need of an all live show with Broadway, pop, and more, check us out! meow baby, Sherry The Sherry Vine Show every Sunday at Barracuda at Midnight. The Blonde Leading The Blonde every Monday at Therapy at 11pm.

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Odyssey is pleased to spotlight Rainbow Mountain Resort in East Stroudsburg, Poconos, Pennsylvania. Sexy and fun new owners, Rich Spezzano and Ray Miller, recently acquired this amazing 25-acre high mountain gay playground. “We are so busy and having a great time. We love all of our clientele! It’s amazing how we attract all different types and everyone fits in. We’ve been coming here since 1984,” says Mr. Spezzano At the 45-room resort, amenities include gorgeous mountain views, an Olympic size pool with bar, barbeque, restaurant, barn disco and karaoke lounge with views of their private lake with paddleboats. Odyssey staff had the best time with Manager Jayson Stout and bar gods Ray Ray, Tim and Eddie. After the bar closes at 2 a.m., the party continues at the pool. You don’t have to keep imagining. Just rent a car and experience the magic that is Rainbow Mountain Resort. You’re bound to have an amazing time just as we did! Plan to see “Dragaret” featuring Carol Ann, and the glamorous Heaven Leigh on Labor Day Weekend! Rainbow Mountain Resort is only an hour and a half from NYC! Rainbow Mountain Resort • 570.223.8484

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Cancer Jun 22 - Jul 22: There is nothing wrong with a bicycle built for two, but it’s time to remove the training wheels. Get honest with who and what you want, bare your soul, as well as your butt. Until you do, you will never get much more than a passing fancy, and you should be tired of that now. You’re a good pretender, but in so doing, you only shortchange yourself. This is no dress rehearsal. Now… on with the show. Amelie Mauresmo

to channel that energy. Tim Campbell

Leo July 23 - Aug 23: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but if it done broke down, toss it out and free yourself. You gain nothing from things that consume too much of you, causing you to miss the real goodies that you deserve. You’re not the same, so adjust accordingly. There’s no need to end up in the La Brea tar, it’s the pits. Jonathan Adler

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21: Ask and ye shall receive – but rise above the frivolous and go after something a little closer to what you deserve. This time should dispel a lot of self doubt, so just own it, and move away from your sophomoric reactions of the past. It can be good, and real, and yours – you’ll see. Simon Amstell

Virgo Aug 24 - Sep22: There comes a point… diminished returns, I believe they call it. Take a moment to back way off, and maybe look at things from a higher viewpoint. Survey the whole lot, and if it’s time, separate yourself. This will greatly reduce anxiety. Replenish your ego by getting something fresh and fun, and let them do the work for once. Coco Peru

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20: Even though you could use a break, try to avoid giving in to too much temptation. You can relax while still in active and conscious alignment with your “higher” goals. Security may be a way off, but take stock in yourself by not eroding the structure you put in place. Do the twist, just don’t get twisted. David Sedaris

Libra Sep 23 - Aug 23: What once seemed so simple and easy has become so encumbered, it’s virtually unrecognizable. No wonder your emotions are raw and on edge – get back to basics, and you get back to you. In the meantime, take a deep breath and avoid blowing a fuse. Find a good place

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Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22: Just like a Chinese puzzle, everything seems to be falling nicely into place for you now. Take it to the one in charge. You will be rewarded in ways you will like, but don’t grab the package and run before you share a little of your good fortune with those who made sure this time would come. Andrew Hayden-Smith

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 18: A shift is on the forefront, and it’s bursting with good news for you. After a long dark spell, the light shines once again. In fact, it seems to come from you. Be mindful that you still must remain grounded, but the renewed energy you feel should be worth hanging onto for a while. A special delivery is a nice surprise. Ari Gold

Pisces Feb 19 - Mar 20: You posses all the tools with which to embark on the results of a major decision, but first you need to make it. Call upon what you already know. Realize it took this long to become so well qualified, so even if others don’t understand your actions, it’s your satisfaction you work for, not theirs. Stay true to you. Stephen Gately Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19: Answers are revealed to you now, and you don’t even need to peek over at your neighbor’s paper. (You may give a gander at their window though, if you like.) You may also wish to use this time to take a journey to a place where your surroundings reflect your inner environment. By spearheading this action, you move into a space that inspires you to reach goals without the stress you once attached. Graham Norton Taurus Apr 20 - May 21: Your creative side answers the call now as your application to work, and your service to others is fortified when you connect your energy to theirs. It’s kinda like a tug-of-war with everybody on the same side. Tug all you want and take one for the team! Armistead Maupin Gemini May 22 - Jun 21: Looks like a Pledge Week “hazing” for you – spiritually, that is. Take your ego down off the shelf, and dismount your high horse. If you can sacrifice control, your perception will begin to recognize a higher level of your potential – and just think of the fun to be had when things look more like they sprang up from an A&F catalogue. It’ll be worth any humility experienced. Anderson Cooper If you desire the advantage of knowing how and when to make the best moves you can in your life, Mrs. Hello would love to assist you with personalized Astrological guidance. The cost is nominal, the benefit great, and your confidence assured. Address interest in these services, as well as any other astrologically inclined correspondence to:, and be sure to include “Mrs. Hello” in the subject line.

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SUNBEAM SUNDAYS Splash 50 W 17 (5/6 Ave) Bingo with Ginger 5p. $7 beer blast starts 4pm, all night long. 10pm hot stripper contest. Cash prizes. BEER BLAST The Eagle 554 W 28 (10/11 Ave) DJ Paul Ferrer, Duron; 5pm, free. Rooftop T-dance at Hudson Terrace 621 West 46 St, 6pm to midnight 2-4-1drinks 6-7pm, free. ROOFTOP POOL & SOCIAL CLUB @ Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC, 18 Ninth Ave. Josh Wood Productions & Jared Needle presentation. July 24 dance all night to music by DJ Demarko at Rooftop Pool & Social Club. Sunset cocktails 8pm. Then, from 9pm to 2am, join host Marco Ovando poolside for best outdoor disco party NYC has to offer. HAUS @ Cielo 18 Little West 12th St. No Exit Productions, Maggiacomo & Papadakis, present weekly Sunday night dance spectacular with resident DJ Honey Dijon. 10p-4a. Free before midnight. $5 after. More info: VANDAM Greenhouse 150 Varrick (VanDam) 212.719.4479 Susanne Bartsch, Kenny Kenny, Desi Monster, Ladyfag, DJs Johnny Dynell, Will Automagic, Michael Magnan; 10p, free. SUNDAY BEER BLAST RockBar 185 Christopher St. $3 Bud/Bud Lite. Free food. $5 Rokk Vodka 9pm-close. SHERRY VINE SHOW Barracuda 275 W 22 St (8 Ave) 212.645.8613 Sherry Vine @ midnight with DJ David Serrano 10pm. Free. SHARK Dream Downtown Hotel Pool & Beach Club 355 W 16th St. Josh Wood Productions and Jared Needle. July 24: join Host Kris Haigh & DJ Coleman from 5:30pm-9:00pm for drinks by the pool, lounging in the sun, and dancing on real sandy beach. SPERM The Cock, 29 2 Ave (1/2 St) DJ Man Parrish and BarStar Mark. Trashy Go-Go, Filth ‘n Fun, Lights ‘n Lasers. ESCANDALO NIGHTS El Morocco 3534 B’way (145th) DJ John Rizzo, Eddie Cruz, Lorena St. Cartier; last Sunday of month, reduced on guestlist,10pm. BOYS NIGHTS El Morocco 3534 B’way (145th) DJ Nesto, open bar 10-11; 10pm. Free. SASSY SUNDAYS Posh 405 W 51st off 9th Hot and Humpy Happy Hour 4p-9p. “The Remix T-Dance” with DJ JRoc at 9pm who’ll take you on retro pop journey ’til 4am spinning hits from 70s, 80s, 90s . $3 Rolling Rock Beer served all night. Pizza served on us at 10pm. BAMBOO 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 Happy hour all day and night. Late night Sushi 30% discount 12am-2am. Chef James cooking up fabulous Sushi & Sashimi dishes. Draft beers $3. Big screen TVs. Broadway theme. Come and mix with exciting Broadway and models crowd. SUPER SUNDAYS Club Atlantis 76-19 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights 718-4573939 Guest hostesses, DJs Yayo, Rafael Cantina; 10p. KUTE G Lounge 225 W 19 St (7/8 Ave) 212.929.1085 Epiphany, Joey Israel, Joey Murray & Matty Maggiacomo host, DJ Xavier, 9p-1a. Free. SUNDAY TEA-SNAXX Monster 80 Grove St (7 Ave) 212.924.3558. Open 2pm. Video Tea Dance 5:30pm. DJ Tony Cruz 10pm. $3.50 Rolling Rock. $4 Heineken & L.I. Iced Tea. Free b4 8pm/$4 after. (Monthly): Muscle-bear night w/Derek Scott Graves. DJs Rich King and Gustavo. 5pm-12pm. $10w/flyer / $15. TY’S 114 Christopher (Hudson/Bleecker) 212.741.9641 happy hour 4-8p. Free. THE PHOENIX 447 E 13 St (Ave A) 212.477.9979. Infamous Tommy G from Nowhere on Mondays gets booze and boys going with hottest strippers in town. 10p. Happy Hr. Free. XES LOUNGE 157 W 24 St (6/7 Ave) 212.604.0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour 4p-9p. “Desperate Housewives” shown 9p followed by Sing Out Sister Karaoke 10p. Join Peppermint & TJ for fun and sometimes amazing Karaoke night. 20,000 songs! No cover. PARADISE/The Empress Hotel 101 Asbury Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 732.988.6663 Shep Pettibone’s famous Tea Dance every Sunday ‘til midSeptember 4p-8p. Karaoke 8p-2am. LATIN NIGHTS @ Laura’s Night Club 62 Dover St, Paterson, NJ Heart-pumping music from “bachata” to house. Strippers and awesome queen show. Hottest happenings place in Paterson. PROHIBITION Resorts Casino Hotel 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City NJ 800.334.6378. 6-10pm Music Videos. 10pm-3am different DJ each week.


MUSICAL MONDAYS Splash 50 W 17 St (5/6 Ave) 212.691.0073 VJ John Bantay with Showtunes & Video. 7p-12a; $5. Curtain Call with Emily McNamara. Broadway guests perform. Midnight; $5. Happy Hr. 2-4-1 drinks 4-9:30p. MADNESS OF MONDAYS Posh Bar & Lounge 405 W 51St (9 Ave) poshbarnyc. com. Happy Hour 4p-9p. Hot Bingo with Gusty Winds. DJ Claymation at 9pm will spin you out ‘til 4am. All draft beers $3 all night long. Pizza served on us at 11p and 11:30p.

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MACHO MONDAYS Nowhere Bar 322 E 14 St (1/2 Ave) Tommy G, DJ Rico, Latino Go-Go; $3 drinks, $2 Pabst, 10p, $5. SAKE MAKI MONDAY Bamboo 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 RSVP bamboo52nyc. com Happy hour 12p-9p. Chef James prepares Sake Maki dinner $18.95/person (min. 2 people). Frozen Lychee Cosmos $5 all night. Sushi happy hour 12am-2am. Late night Sushi discount 30% midnight to 2am. Big screen TVs. Party all night. LE BAIN @ The Standard Hotel 444 W 13th St. Steve Madden Music & Giant Step presentation. July 25: Grammy-nominated soulstress Melanie Fiona and “dj.shErOck” 7pm-9pm. RSVP: stevenmaddenmusic. Cocktails provided by Svedka Vodka. THERAPY 348 W 52 St (8/9 Ave) 212.397.1700 “The Blonde Leading the Blonde”. Sherry Vine and Epiphany 11pm. RUFFHAUS @ The Cock 29 2nd Ave (1/2 St) Haus beats with DJ 5ive, cheap drinks served by sexy bartender Bryan, hottest go-go boys in NYC, featuring Jay; and a little bit of old NYC sleaze. 11p-4a. CABARET FEVER Uncle Charlie’s 139 E 45 St (Lex/3 Ave) Michael Thomas Murray; 8p. Free. XES 157 W 24 St (6/7 Ave) 212.604.0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour ‘til 9p where virtually everything is buy-one-get-one-free including premium brands, Ketel One and Absolut. At 9pm, Gary serves $3 Domestic bottles & drafts and $12 pitchers for Monday night bear fest called, “And bears, oh my!” DJ Big Ragoo spins. No cover. SABOR LATINO MONDAY Monster 80 Grove St (7 Ave) 212.924.3558. With Barbara Herr and DJ Eddie Cruz 10pm. $4 Corona & Cuba Libre. Happy Hour 4pm-9pm. $6 cover. FRAT PARTY Gym Bar 167 8 Ave (W 18/19) 212.337.2439 DJ Andrew 9p; happy hour 2-4-1 drinks, $4 Long Islands, Bud pitchers. Free. LUCKY CHENG’S 24 1 Ave (E 1/2) 212.473.0516 Asian dining & drag karaoke; 8:30p. BOOGIE NIGHTS Boiler Room 86 E 4 St (2 Ave) $3.50 Drinks. Free. STAND-UP @ RockBar 185 Christopher St. Neil “D’Bear” Thornton hosts new weekly showcase of NY’s best working and up-and-coming alt, queer, and awesomely hot comics. SUGARLAND 221 N 9th (btwn Driggs/Roebling) Brooklyn. Karaoke w/DJ Dan Paul & Mary Jo Camel Toe. $3 well drinks. No cover. Hours 9p-4a. PARADISE/The Empress Hotel 101 Asbury Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 732.988.6663 Night school every Monday in July and August. Dance to your fave retro hits.


TWINK TUESDAYS Splash 50 W 17 St (5/6 Ave) 212.691.0073 Krazy Karaoke hosted by Ginger Snapt along with guest judges. $200 in cash prizes 7p10p. Twink Tuesdays with DJ Steve Sidewalk. Mid-week hump night for horny college boys! 18+ every wk. $5 before 11p, $10 after. Happy Hr. 2-for-1 drinks 4p-9:30p. TRANIMAL TUESDAYS Posh Bar & Lounge 405 W 51 St (9 Ave) poshbarnyc. com. Happy Hour from 4p-9p. The night hits with DJ JRoc at 9p who keeps things moving. Tina Burner at 10p with “Tranimal”, hottest drag competition to hit Hell’s Kitchen. $100 weekly prize and $1,000 grand prize. Delicious $5 Posh Martinis all night long. THE BOX 189 Christie St (Delancey/Rivington) 212.982.9301 IMAGE TUESDAYS @ Fashion 26 Hotel 152 W 26 St (6/7 Ave) Enclosed heated roof-top space. 9pm. Happy Hr. Free. THE EAGLE 554 W 28 St (10/11 Ave) 646.473.1866 Foot Men 8p, 1st/3rd Tues $10; Smoking Tuesday, last Tues, 8p. Free. ‘CUDA KARAOKE Barracuda 275 W 22 St (8 Ave) 212.645.8613 Mimi Imfurst/DJ Busted; 2-4-1 drinks happy hour until 9p. Free. XES 157 W 24 St (6/7 Ave) 212.604.0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour ‘til 9pm. Watch “Glee” at 8pm during Happy Hour. Night for Tranimal starring Tina Burner: new drag contest where someone wins $100 every Tuesday and chance to win $1,000 grand prize at end of 12-week cycle. Starts 11pm. Cover. SUPER LOUNGE Bamboo 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 bamboo52nyc. com Happy hour Noon to 9pm. DJ Roberto X 6pm. Mojitos Madness $5. Late night Sushi discount 30% midnight–2am. Party ‘til 4am. TURNTABLE TUESDAYS Monster 80 Grove St (7 Ave) 212.924.3558. DJ Michael Wilson spins iconic retro dance hits. $3.50 Rolling Rock & Budweiser. Happy Hour 4pm-9pm. Free. DR!P RETURNS @ BOY500 54 W 21 St. 9:30p-2a. Stylized slate. New disco & video projections. Ensemble drag performance. TOWNHOUSE 236 E 58 St (2/3 Ave) 212.754.4649 $500 prize talent competition. TWINKY TUESDAY The Web 40 E 28 St (Park/Madison) Twinky Go-Go at 8p. DESTROY YOUR LIVER Boiler Room 86 E 4 St (2 Ave) $1.50 off draft, import, domestic beer, $3.50 drinks. Free.


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KARAOKE TUESDAYS Uncle Charlie’s 139 E 45 (Lex/3 Ave) 212.661.9097 Open mic w/pianist Mike Murray; drink specials. Free. TWISTED TUESDAYS RockBar 185 Christopher St. Game Night @ Rockbar! 7:30pm (Team Rounds start 9pm) $3 draft beers. BIG GULP 29 2nd Ave. between 1st & 2nd Sts. DJ Kindbad. Bar Babe David Serrano. $10 all you can drink. RAINBOW TUESDAYS @ Guitar Bar 181 Railroad Ave., Ironbound, Newark, NJ DJ Marcos Carnivale spins this popular Tuesday hot-spot filled with hot Latinos, drag queens and everyone else. Known for its outdoor bar patio. Hosted by Miss Nickyy Skyy Blakee.


GOOD TIMES Eastern Bloc 505 E 6 St (Ave A/B) 212.777.2555 easternblocnyc. com DJs Sparber, Jimmy Im, guest DJs, musical themes; 10p; happy hour. Free. OCEAN Splash 50 W 17 St (5/6 Ave) Yamil X and Nathan Williams present “Ocean”, NYC’s weekly Blatino party. DJs MK & Beyond. Hip-hop, Reggaeton & house music. Go-Go dancers, live performances 10p. $10 before midnight, $20 after. Happy Hr 2-4-1 drinks 4p-9:30p. WACKY WEDNESDAYS Posh Bar & Lounge 405 W 51 St (9 Ave) poshbarnyc. com. Happy Hour 4p-9p. Tacky Trivia hits with Alfi and Duff, prizes and giveaways. DJ Charles at 9p who slams it down on the decks ‘til 4am. Hot juicy sliders served on us from 123 Burger Shot Beer at 10p. $5 Cosmos and $5 Margaritas all night. BAMBOO 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 Happy hr. Noon-9pm. DJ Javier. Margaritas madness $5 all night. Late night Sushi discount 30% midnight to 2am. Chef James cooking fabulous Sushi and Sashimi dishes. Mid-week place to hang out. OPEN MIC WEDNESDAYS RockBar 185 Christopher St. Hosted by Rudy Lippar. The stage is YOURS! Music, poetry, comedy – whatever you want! 9pm. $5 LI Teas, $7 Big Boy Teas! WEDNESDAYS ARE WHATEVER Monster 80 Grove St (7 Ave) 212.924.3558 Stilettos and Sequins. Jesse Volt’s game show. $3.50 Rolling Rock & Bud. 11:30pm. Happy Hr 4-9p. No cover. KINGS AT JULIET 539 W 21st (10th/11th) Chelsea Gallery District. Rafferty/Mazur Events. 9pm-3am. Open bar 9:30-10:30pm. $8 Vodka all night. $6 beers all night. DJ Vito Fun! Pre-party dinner/cocktails 7-9p. $35 4-course dinner, unlimited wine. Reservations 212.929.2400. More info BAR XVI Rooftop 251 W. 48th St. (nr 8th). Calypso Party every Wednesday 10pm-3am presented by Kevin Wiltz and Frank Carrasquillo. Open bar 10pm. Resident DJ Steven Paul (rotating schedules with guest DJs). CATTLE CALL WEDNESDAYS @ Therapy 348 W 52nd St (8/9) 212.397.1700 DJ Cory Tut and Peppermint. Drink specials. Happy hour, 11p. Free. REWIND WEDNESDAYS The Ritz 369 W 46 St (8/9 Ave) Only gay retro party in NYC 80s, 90s. Two levels open. Current Pop upstairs w/rotating DJs. Retro downstairs with DJ JonJon Battles. $4 drinks, weekly specials. Major giveaways and performers each week. Hosted by Akash, Joe Toulon and Richard JMV. More info THE EAGLE 554 W 28 St (10/11 Ave) 646.473.1866 Jockstraps; DJ Mirchi; $3 Jager/Bud, 10p. Free. LEBOY Bid D*** 104 Dyckman (200 St betw. Post & Nagle) leboynyc. Polaris Bomb and Exxxtreme Ent. $5 Long Islands, $3 Tequila shots. GoGo boys. Hot body contest. Private area. DJ JeNRG spinning house, Latin, hip-hop. Happy Hour 9p-11p (2-4-1 drinks). Open 9pm-4am. No cover. HUMPDAY KARAOKE XES 157 W 24 (6/7) 212.604.0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour ‘til 9pm. Join newest drag sensation, amazing Ms. Tina Burner @ 9pm. PIZZA PARTY Boiler Room 86 E 4 St (2 Ave) free pizza 8p. Free. POP WEDNESDAYS @ Feathers 77 Kinderkamack Rd., River Edge, NJ Well known party for having $2 drinks all night and cute college boys. DJ Steve Sidewalk spins all the pop hits with campy high heel that rotates in the corner of the dance floor. Bar Manager Eddie often refers to the club as “the gay Cheers with a Golden Girls flare”. RETRO WEDNESDAYS @ The Den 700 Hamilton St., Somerset, NJ. A more relaxed night with 70’s, 80’s & 90’s music all night long. 21+ with ID. GEORGIE’S BAR 812 5th Ave & Memorial Dr. @ The Track, Asbury Pk, NJ 732.988.1220. The gay “Cheers” of Asbury. Karaoke Dance Party. Four years rated #1. Biggest, cheapest drinks in town. Friendly staff and great bar food.


CAMPUS THURSDAYS Splash 50 W 17 St (5/6 Ave). Alan Picus presents NYC’s largest weekly gay pop party. DJs John Marto, Vito Fun, Steve Sidewalk. Hosts Dougie Meyer, Justin Luke, Chris Ryan. Go-Go dancers & live performances. Pop music. 10p. Free before midnight w/student ID. $5 without. $10 general admission. Happy hr 2-for-1drinks 4p-9:30p. BAMBOO 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 Happy hour Noon-9pm. Late night Sushi discount 30% midnight to 2am. DJ Anthony 6pm. Cosmos madness $5 all night. Chef James cooks Sushi & Sashimi dishes. One more day ‘til weekend. DARRELL’S DUNGEON Paddles 250 W 26 St (8 Ave) All types, all ages, anything goes play party for men of color, videos, music; 8p-3a, $25. EASTERN BLOC 505 E 6 St (Ave A/B) 212.777.2555 DJ Gant Johnson; early happy hour. Free. MATTACHINE Julius 159 W 10 St (Waverly Pl) 212.243.1928 Last Thurs: PJ DeBoy, DJs John Cameron Mitchell, Amber Martin; happy hour. TY’S 114 Christopher (Hudson/Bleecker) 212.741.9641 Bear Night/drink specials 8p; happy hour. Free. BASSMENT @ The Monster 80 Grove St (7 Ave) 212.924.3558. Downstairs disco. July 21: Guest DJs House of Stank (Christy Love and W. Jeremy). July 28: Guest DJs Kim Ann Foxman and Silvia Prada. Drink specials: $3.50 Bud Lite & Rolling Rock; $4 L.I. iced teas; $4 Corona. Bartenders Greg & Andy. 10pm-4am. Free. HYPE THURSDAYS @Therapy 348 W 52 St (8/9 Ave) 212-397-1700 therapy-nyc. com $6 Vodka & Redbull. DJ David Scott. TWISTED THURSDAYS Posh Bar & Lounge 405 W 51 St (9 Ave) poshbarnyc. com. Happy Hour from 4p-9p. DJ Javier at 9p brings the house down with Top 40s and Rock Classics ‘til 4am. Hot juicy sliders served on us from 123 Burger Shot Beer at 10p. $3 Coronas all night. KARAOKE THURSDAYS RockBar 185 Christopher St. Over 100,000 songs to choose from. DJ Frankie Grizz, hosted by Jim Collier 8pm. Crazy strong drinks all night. SUGARLAND NIGHTCLUB 221 N 9th (btwn Driggs/Roebling) Brooklyn. Electric Donkey Show hosted by Epiphany. Live queer bands & dance party w/DJ Bryan Black. 2nd Thurs. – Rebel Cupcake Girl Party $5 cover. Hours 9p-4a. CODE THURSDAYS @ The Eagle 554 W 28 St (10/11 Ave) 646.473.1866 Reserved exclusively for men dressed in leather, fetish, uniform. No exceptions. $4 Bud/Bud Light. 10p. Free. ASPEN SOCIAL CLUB 157 W 47th St (betw 6/7 Av) 212.221.7200 Night Affair Productions present Thursdays all new dance party with rotating DJs. Open bar 10p-11p. DJ Corey Craig. Door by Roze. GORGEOUS G Lounge 225 W 19 St (7/8 Ave) 212.929.1085 Franco DiLuzio, Mark Lander, DJ Lina, 10p. Free. XES LOUNGE 157 W 24 St (6/7 Ave) 212.604.0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour ‘til 9pm.Then a night of music videos and fun as TJ the DJ turns video jock with best pop & dance videos every Thursday 8pm. CDs, videos, clips and more. If you go to Chelsea Classics at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas on 23rd St., give our bartender your ticket stub and he’ll give you free drink! No cover. FUEGO LATINO Latin Night @ Paradise 101 Asbury Ave., Asbury Park, NJ, 732.988.6663 DJ MicMac, 10pm, free FEATHER’S Legendary Latin Thursdays 11 Kinderkamack Rd., River Edge, NJ Party from 9pm-2am. 21+ (ID a must). $4 cover. Two levels. $3 Corona & Tequila shots. RAW THURSDAYS @ Rio Lounge 618 Market St., Newark, NJ. 21+ only free before 11pm & $10 after. Party ‘til 3am. Music by DJ Rico. Sexy and exotic male & female dancers. $5 mix drinks ‘til midnight, $8 blue/regular Long Islands & Red Devils. VIP packages call 347.261.4650. HOOK UP THURSDAYS @ The Den 700 Hamilton St., Somerset, NJ. DJs James Anthony & Warren Carter. Karaoke main bar DJ Nick. $2 Bud/Bud light bottles, $3 Svedka Vodka. Free admission until 10pm. 18 to party/ 21 to drink. PROHIBITION Resorts Casino Hotel 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City NJ 800.334.6378. 6-10pm Music Videos. 10pm-3am different DJ each week. PARADISE/The Empress Hotel 101 Asbury Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 732.988.6663 Hot Mess Thursdays. Music by DJ MicMac.


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F*WORD Splash 50 W 17th St (5/6 Ave) Mark Nelson & Michael Formika Jones present the F*Word. Rotation of hosts include Amanda Lepore, Jane Lane, Joey Israel. Music by DJs Cazwell, Kindbud & Billy Lace. Go-Go dancers & live performances. 10p; $10 before midnight, $20 after. Open ‘til 5am. Happy Hr 2-for-1 drinks 4p-9:30p. ROCKIT @ District 36. 29 W 36th St. Table reservations: Tony Fornabaio, Brandon Voss, DJ Keo Nozari, DJ Lady Bunny, Door/Giovanni 10p. Free. FRISKY FRIDAYS Posh Bar & Lounge 405 W 51St (9 Ave) Happy Hour 4p-9p. DJ Javier at 9p will turn you out for start of weekend with hot pop and top 40 hits ‘til 4am. SNAXX Westside Tavern 360 W 23 St (8/9 Ave) 212.366.3738 westsidetavern. com DJs Rich King, Gustavo, muscle bears; 2nd/4th Fridays 10p, $5. BARRACUDA 275 W 22 (8 Ave) 212.645.8613 DJ JonJon Battles; 2-4-1 drinks happy hour until 9p. Free. FUNK FRIDAYS The Web 40 E 58 St (Park/Madison Ave) 212.308.1546 Hip Hop DJ Carlos, Go-Go; $10/8 web ad/free b4 10p. FUSION FRIDAYS Monster 80 Grove St (7 Ave) 212.924.3558. DJ James Anderson (Roxy). $8. 10pm. Happy Hour 4pm-9pm. NO PARKING 4168 Broadway (W 176/177) 212.923.8700 DJs Mike Da Wizard, Jav Teran , Go-Go; 2-4-1 happy hour. BAMBOO 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 Happy hour noon to 9pm. DJ Charles 6pm. Ladies night. Chef James cooking fabulous Sushi & Sashimi dishes. Late night Sushi discount 30% midnight to 2am. Come and mix with exciting Broadway and models crowd. FLEX FRIDAYS @The Ritz 369 W 46 St (8/9 Ave) Chris Ryan presents performers and guest hosts weekly. FLEX show monthly with big prizes. $2 Cosmos shots by fierce Chaka-Khanvict. VJ Tony Built upstairs; DJ Xavier downstairs. Three levels now open. Info: ROCKBRA (1st Friday) Rockbar 185 Christopher St. NYC’s Multi League Women’s Sports Party! 42 Below Vodka $5 after 9pm. $3 Rockshots. Beer pitcher specials 9pm. (Last Friday) Underbear Party! Joe Fiore’s underwear party for bears. $3 cover. Free clothes check. 9pm. $5 Rokk Vodka 9pm-close. LEBOY Sexy Fridays 104 Dyckman (200 St betw. Post & Nagle) leboynyc. Live Drums, GoGo boys, DJ Mike Touch spinning top 40, house, Latin, hip-hop. 2-4-1 Happy Hour 9p-11p. Free Tequila shots 2am. Hookahs available. Free before 11p; $5 after. Open 9pm-4am. DANCE SUGAR Sugarland Nightclub 221 N 9th (btwn Driggs/Roebling) Brooklyn. DJ Emjay spins dance pop/electro/nugroove and more. Old skool dance party. $5 cover after 11p. 2-4-1 well before 11pm. Hours 9p-4a. CLUB ATLANTIS 76-19 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights 718-457-3939 Drag Queens, DJs Israel, Boli 10p. DENIM SHORTS Phoenix 447 E 13 St (Ave A) Rock, metal, punk and indie dance DJ Armartini; 10p. Free. HARDON The Eagle 554 W 28 St (10/11 Ave) DJ Reed McGowan, guest hosts & DJs, live performances, dancers, 10p. Free. BLACK COCK 29 2nd Ave (l/2 St) House of Black. Grooves, Go-Go, Gagging – Get it! DARK FRIDAYS @XES 157 W 24 (6/7 Ave) 212-604-0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour ‘til 9pm. Experience night in the dark with laser lights and great house, dance & pop music videos at DARK! TJ the DJ spin every Friday. No cover. RAWHIDE 212 8th Ave. Cheap, strong drinks. Good music. Hot dancers. Good service. LIVE FRIDAYS @ Georgie’s Bar 812 5th Ave & Memorial Dr. @ The Track. Asbury Pk, NJ 732.988.1220. The gay “Cheers” of Asbury. Free concerts from local gay artists. 10:30 show time. No cover. DEKO LOUNGE 1979 Rt. 35-S Sayreville NJ DJ Steve Sidewalk spins pop main floor. DJ Rico spins Latin and hip hop in bar room. Hosts include Lisa, Skooba, Nermin, and Anthony Lamont. Known for cute college crowd guys and girls from Jersey and Staten Island. PARADISE/The Empress Hotel 101 Asbury Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 732.988.6663 Friction Fridays Midnight Drag Show hosted by Miss Paradise 2011, Juliza Alezae. Dance ‘til 2am. DJ George. FEATHERS 77 Kinderkamack Rd., River Edge, NJ DJ John Rizzo spins dance floor into frenzy. Open 9pm-2am $5 cover. 21+ only. PROHIBITION Resorts Casino Hotel 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City NJ 800.334.6378. 6pm-10pm Music Videos. 10p-3am or later dance ‘til you drop with DJ Zathan Radix. 11p-3am hot, hot, hot GoGo boys.

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DOUGIE MEYER SATURDAYS Splash 50 W 17 (5/6 Ave) A rotation of world-renowned circuit DJs on main floor (house music) with resident DJ John Marto in lower lounge (Pop music). Live performances & Go-Go dancers. 10p; $10 before midnight, $20 after. Open ‘til 6am. Stud Search with Jesse Volt 8pm. $200 cash prize. Free. CLUB 57 Providence 311 W 57 St (8/9 Ave) Brandon Voss, Tony Fornabaio. SEXY SATURDAYS Posh Bar and Lounge 405 W 51 St (9 Ave) Happy Hour from 4p-9p. DJ Claymation at 9pm gets you hooked as he spins hot beats ‘til 4am. Hot Bartenders serve banging cocktails throughout the night. BAMBOO 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 Happy hour 4pm to 9pm. Weekend party. Late night Sushi discount 30% midnight to 2am. DJ Charles 7pm. Chef James cooking fabulous Sushi and Sashimi dishes. Sunset 4-course dinner 4p-8p only $14.95. Come and mix with exciting Broadway and models crowd. CLUB ATLANTIS 76-19 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights 718-457-3939. Latin party. 10pm. Email for free admission. THE RITZ 369 W 46 St (8/9 Ave) DJ JonJon Battles. Free. SHUT THE F*KUP AND DANCE Monster 80 Grove St (7 Ave) 212.924.3558. Open 2pm. DJ Tony Cruz. $8. 10pm. BARRACUDA 275 W 22 (8 Ave) 212.645.8613 DJ Vito Fun. Free. GAYS GONE WILD Therapy 348 W 52 St (8/9 Ave) 212-397-1700 therapy-nyc. com DJ James Palmer; drink specials, happy hour, 11p. Free. SUGARLAND 221 N 9th (btwn Driggs/Roebling) Brooklyn. Say Say Cray Cray!! DJ Emjay spins dance pop/electro. $5 cover after 11pm. 2-4-1 well before 11pm. Hours 9p-4a. TY’S 114 Christopher (Hudson/Bleecker) 212.741.9641 happy hour 4-8p. Free. NO PARKING 4168 Broadway (W 176/177) 212.923.8700 Man Explosion: DJs Rico and Digiprana, Go-Go; 2-4-1 happy hour. SUMMERSNAXX BY THE SEA Ice Palace in Cherry Grove, Fire Island. DJs Rich King and Gustavo. Holiday Saturdays: July 2, Sept. 3. 10p-4a. No cover before 11p. $10 after. BARRAGE 401 W 47 St (9 Ave) DJ David Serrano; 9p. Free. VIDEO PLAY SATURDAY XES 157 W 24 (6/7 Ave) 212-604-0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour 4p-9p. Great video music mixes with VJ Calvin 9pm. Special 2-4-1 Happy Hour Midnight to 1:00am. Fun! Drinks are cheap and no cover charge. TWINKY SATURDAYS The Web 40 E 58 St (Park/Madison Ave) 212.308.1546 DJ Ducky, 1st Sat Calendar Boy 2a show, Go-Go; Karaoke 8-11p; Happy Hour 8-9p, $5 well drinks 9p-12a, $5/free w/web ad. NIGHTCLUB Q Nightclub 632 Midland Ave, Staten Island $4 long islands, $3 draft beer, $5 after 12a/free b4. LEBOY Papi Chulo 104 Dyckman (200 St betw. Post & Nagle) leboynyc. Special monthly theme parties. GoGo boys and girls. DJ Alex spinning house, Spanish, and hip-hop. Hookahs available. 2-4-1 Happy Hour 9p-11p. Open 9p-4a. Free before 11p. $5 after. LIVE BANDS RockBar 185 Christopher St See for details. $5 Rokk Vodka 9pm-close. SUPER SIZE SATURDAYS 29 2nd Ave (1/2 St) DJ Nashom pushing Big ‘n Sexy, House ‘n Happy Beats. Mark and Ari serving. SWITCH 202 Myrtle Ave., Boonton, NJ DJ Augie spins house, 80’s, even Country depending on which Saturday you attend. Bartenders serve discounted drinks in former Train Station turned into night club. PARADISE/The Empress Hotel 101 Asbury Ave., Asbury Park, NJ 732.988.6663 New Jersey’s ultimate dance party and after hours. Summer cover $10 after 9:30. $12 after midnight. FEATHERS 77 Kinderkamack Rd., River Edge, NJ Party time with hottest DJ’s. $7cover. BUMP SATURDAYS @The Den 700 Hamilton St., Somerset NJ 18 to party/ 21 to drink. $5 Long Island Iced Teas, $2 shots, giveaways, special guests & tri-state area’s hottest go-go dancers. PROHIBITION Resorts Casino Hotel 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City NJ 800.334.6378. 6-10pm Music Videos. 10p-3am or later DJ Kevin Edge. 11p-3am hot, hot, hot GoGo boys. If you do not see your listing in this issue of Odyssey Magazine, but would like to list in the future, please email us: Thank you.

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The Sea Tea boat cruise, located at Pier 40 in the West Village on Christopher Street and the West Side Highway on Sundays from 7pm to 11pm, is a NYC tradition!

Sea Tea sails every Sunday in the summer. Board at 6:00pm, sail at 7:30pm, return at 10:00pm. TIckets are $22 in advance online, otherwise $25 at the dock. Ticket includes: FREE gourmet dinner. Michael Fesco is your host and entertains all of his guests with a live DJ, a huge and tasty gourmet buffet & a live show! Set sail across the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty and back! Come aboard the gayest SEA TEA DANCE PARTY dance in town. For more information, please visit: â&#x20AC;˘ 212.675.2971

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