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Volume 17 • Issue 8

AUGUST 9–22, 2013



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Mas and Roy at Club Nur EXP 12. 31. 13

contents... T HE C OLUMN. S NEE T CH Y ONGIN A . G O G O G O. W HO ? CHER . F R EED OM. T HE MU S IC . T HE W IG S . L A DY BUNN Y. the family... PUBLISHER Mike Everaert CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian J. McCarthy EDITOR IN CHIEF Cheyne Hauk DESIGN DIRECTOR Jay Cribas ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Joshua Miller THE WIGS Barbie Q THE PORN Scotty B THE MUSIC Will I. Havetochangemyname HOROSCOPES Mrs. Hello PHOTOGRAPHER AT LARGE Brenden-John


EXPERIENCED IN OBTAINING SPECIAL IMMIGRATION STATUS BY ASYLUM BASED ON LGBT AND HIV+ STATUS & OTHER LGBT IMMIGRATION MATTERS You may be eligible for asylum if conditions in your country are hostile to the LGBT community. Obtaining asylum lets you stay in the U.S. with work authorization & a path toward citizenship.

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Barack Obama Dustin Lance Black Neil Patrick Harris Cher. Pat Rogers David Cooley Richard Grossi Jeffrey Sanker Sam Sharif Sam Nazarian Bryan Graden Ellen Degeneres David Geffen Bryan Singer Andy Cohen Bryan Lord Elton John Brett Henrichsen Tom Whitman Paul Nicholls Orlando Puerta DVDJ Ray Rhodes Jason Lavitt Wesley Hull Woody Woodbeck Dale Warner Anthony Lopez Ray&Dante Michael Brown Wayne Castro Chris Diamond Wayne Elias Justin David Nero | Rigal Stefano Rosso applesTimCook Jinx Monsoon Lady GaGa Lady Madonna Lady Bunny Jackie Beat Candy Ass AlexisistArquette Rupaul Sharon Needles Raja Detox Chad Michaels Viki Vox Chi Chi LaRue

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Cellulosic Ethanol Earvin Johnson III DJ Casey Alva Chaz Bono Wanda Sykes ShaMANtha Cox Perez Hilton Fenton&Barbato Tharin Smothers Bobby Trendy Ricky Martin Rachel Maddow James St. James Andrew Christian Jason Gould Alec Mapa Sandra Bernhard Lawrence O’Donnell Chad Hudson K.D. Lang Paul Lynde Aron Bradshaw Jude Tade Caesar Torres Divine John Waters Jay Cribas Jane Lynch Rosie O’Donnell Sandy Sachs Alan Cumming Melissa Etheridge Marc Almond Andy Bell Margaret Cho George Takei Michael Moloney Lance Bass Kathy Griffin Luis & Jim Turner Bruce Villanch Gus Van Sant Greg Louganis Marc Almond Liberace Harvey Milk Oscar Wilde Brad&Mangelina Hugh Hefner Kristin Beck

Bang!! Crash!! Pow!! What’s this?? Sounds like another gossip bomb is about to go off after another terrorist strike from the top tranny who specializes in Hollywood terrorism, Shamantha Cox, and her weapons of mass gossip destruction, found only in the explosive pages of everyone’s favorite fag rag Odyssey mag!!!!!! Huh?? Shamantha’s sister from the Sand Land, Khloe Kardashian, is rumored to be getting ready for divorce! Rumor has it she’s been crying nonstop after yet another Lamar Odom cheating scandal erupted!!  Oh dear! Pop music diva, Chaka Khan, has revealed she had a nasty prescription drug addiction that she managed to kick; and she’s praying for Lindsay Lohan to stay on track in her sobriety after her recent completion and release from a 90-day lock down, court-ordered rehab facility! Sources close to old fire crotch say she’s doing fine and gearing up for her biiig reality television show with Queen of the airwaves, Oprah Winfrey!! According to media reports, Lindsay has been avoiding her messy mom, Dina, and is back on good terms with her father, Michael Lohan, and her siblings, all of whom have been spotted in New York City dining together as part of Lindsay’s new family friendly sober life!  Oh no! Sexy R & B singer, Usher, almost lost his adorable 5-year-old son who ended up in the ICU after he nearly drowned!!! And, his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, who he had a nasty divorce with is blaming Usher for the accident, saying he didn’t do his parental job in supervising their young son, and Tameka ran as fast as possible directly ODYSSEYMAGAZINE.NET • AUGUST 9–22, 2013

to the clerk’s office at the court to file documents demanding primary custody! The incident is especially tragic considering Usher’s 11-year-old stepson, Kile Glover, was killed after being struck by a Jet Ski on Lake Lanier!!

Wow!! 1980’s wrestling relic, Hulk Hogan, has revealed Hollywood is developing a big budget feature film about his life!! Let’s hope they include the gay sex scenes that his ex-wife, Linda Hogan, declared took place between the hunky Hulk and his fellow wrestler, Brutus Beefcake!! Linda later retracted her gay claim after some legal threats were made!! Sad news!! Margaret Pellegrini on of the last living Munchkins from the original Wizard of Oz 1939 classic film starring Judy Garland has passed away at 89 years old after suffering from a stroke! And, it’s another fight for the Queen of Fights that no one likes, Nicki Minaj!! It wasn’t enough that she already counts top royalty like best female rapper of all time, Lil’ Kim, and singing diva, Mariah Carey, as her enemies! Now, the annoying nonpassable, bad transvestite lookalike has started a war with a talented rapper named Ransom!! Apparently she hears a rumor  that Ransom suggested he may have written some songs for her!! Well, Nicki got super pissed and called him “fucking desperate” in a long rant to one of Harvey Levin’s henchmen at TMZ!!

Kids in the Hall, who??? The new ruler of sketch comedy is Cotton Venus and her hit show, “Furry Creek”!! Speaking of hit shows don’t miss, “Orange is the New Black”, the AMAAAZING new original series from Netflix about a woman in prison starring major talents like Natasha Lyonne, Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Jason Biggs, Michelle Hurst, Kate Mulgrew, Taryn Manning, and gorgeous real life t-girl turned A-list actress, Laverne Cox!! We are so proud of girls like Laverne, Candice Cayne, and Calpernia Adams for giving transsexual actresses a voice and a place in Hollywood where they rightly belong!! Sigh. Another bad behavior scandal for Miss Justin Bieber! It looks like she hacked some spit at her fans from a hotel balcony in Toronto and one smart fan captured the saliva as it dripped out of Justin’s barely legal mouth!!! 

What’s this??? Has old cracker Simon Cowell lost his senile mind?? He WAS dating the world’s most gorgeous woman of all time, Carmen Electra, and NOW it has recently been revealed he was simultaneously in a relationship with Lauren Silverman who is pregnant with his baby!! Now, he’s supposedly calling off all his other affairs to be with Lauren only!!! Who can even keep up with Taylor Swift’s rapidly changing love life?!! She’s had affairs with everyone from Harry Styles of “One Direction” to

“American Royalty” like Connor Kennedy!! Now, rumor has it she is shacking up with “Criminal Minds” superstar, Matthew Gray Gubler!! Career killer surprise!! Looks like Jennifer Aniston better start filling out some welfare paperwork and standing in the unemployment line after the big budget flick, “We’re The Millers”, that she starred in alongside Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts has tanked big time at the box office!! The film only took in $1.7 million in disappointing ticket sales across the country!! Speaking of her costar Emma Roberts, Emma was arrested in Montreal last month after she got into a domestic fight with her boyfriend, “American Horror Story” actor, Evan Peters!! Friends close, like her Aunt, mega-star Julia Roberts, fear that Hollywood is taking its toll on Emma and she may be headed for drug/ alcohol related combustion!! Well, well, well!! Everyone’s favorite Disney girl gone bad, Miley Cyrus, has announced her forthcoming album will be called “Bangers”!! She’s up for some stiff competition this season as Lady GaGa has announced she will be releasing the first single to her album, “Artpop” on August 19th!! Lady Gaga recently won a court battle to have secret documents put under seal because apparently they contain damaging information that would ruin her career!!! Don’t worry! No secret gets past your lady of the gossip Hamas, the #1 leader of the Hollywood Gossip Taliban, Shamantha Bin Laden Cox!! Keep your civilian eyes on Odyssey Magazine at all times for all the secrets, and of course, the best in nightclubs, restaurants, bars, shopping and gay happenings!! See you soon, kids!!


SHOWGIRLS! Micky’s 8857 SM Blvd 310.657.1176. Fine Top Tranny Review MUSICAL MONDAYS Eleven 8811 SM Blvd 310.855.0800 Broadway Vid invasion by Ryan OConnor LIP SERVICE The Abbey 692 N Robertson Bl. 310. 289-8410 RuPaul’s Drag Race Stars IN THE BIG HOUSE Fubar 7994 SM Blvd. Viewing Party/ Karaoke SEXY BITCH Rage 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055 Pop & hip hop with Aubrey!  HOT MESS MONDAYS Panama Joes 5100 E.2nd St. LB. 562.434.7417 MONDAY MADNESS Alibi East 225 South San Antonio Ave, Pomona GODDESS MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL 323.660.1503 Leslie Monroy & T-girls


DREAMGIRLS REVUE HM 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900. 9p show MUSTACHE MONDAYS! La Cita 336 S Hill, LA. Hot DJ Josh Peace, Total Freedom! mustacheMondays ISRAEL’S CANTINA Chico 2915 W Beverly Blvd, Montebello 323.721.3401 Happy Hour prices all night long!  CHEAP & EASY Paradise Piano Bar 1800 Broadway Blvd LB 562.436.2433 ASIAN NIGHT 1350 Club 510 W Anaheim St, Wilmington. $8 lockers from 5pm-10pm 6-hr rental 310.830.4784  STRIP PARTIES Midtowne 615 Kohler, downtown 213.680.1838 SHOWTUNES MONDAY Club Ripples LB 5101 E Ocean Blvd. w/ George - Broadway, Movies and Comedy Clips - Drink Specials and No Cover. showtunes.htm 1/2 PRICE ROOMS Melrose Spa 7269 Melrose 323.937.2122. $13.50




RECESS Eleven Nightclub 8811 SM 18+ with DJ’s Ray Rhodes and HowieT RIM JOB! MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL 323.660.1503. Nice & sleazy www. DREAM GIRLS Rage 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055. THE O.G. SHOW! MANHOLE Motherlode 8944 SM Blvd 310.659.9700 Hip Hop w/ DJ Ben Dirty Burty’s “Dirty Dancers” and monthly “Hot Hole” Contest!! EVITA BLOK Hollywood 1650 Schrader Boulevard/ Hollywood Blvd NERO | RIGAL KARAOKE Velvet Lounge 416 W 4th St Santa Ana, CA Karen Cobb! BOYS NIGHT OUT Circus 6655 SM Blvd 323.462.1291 DJ Ernie Pearl. $3 cover! KARAOKE Fubar 7994 SM Blvd 323.654.0396 Comedy Mic w/ Bruce Daniels and Cher Madonna HAMBURGER MARYS WEHO Latino Heat 8288 SM Blvd 323.654.3800 Taco Bar! HAMBURGER MARYS LB Margarita Mondays! 21+ No Cover 10PM Latin Drag Show, GOGO’s & Dancing!! T-GIRL HM 740 E. Broadway LB 562.436.7900 T- Girl Tuesdays Packed CHIC @ Club Ripples LB 5101 E Ocean Blvd. New style of Drag. DJ RPM keeps you dancing All Night - No Cover. http://www. KARAOKE Alibi East 225 S San Antonio Ave, Pomona. Taco Tues on the patio - Karaoke 9pm-1am No Cover!

GANG BANG Faultline 4216 Melrose Ave. S.L. 323.660.0889. Music, video, hot boys, cheap happy hour ‘til Midnight. 1/2 PRICE ROOMS Midtowne 615 Kohler DT 213.680.1838. $15 THE MINESHAFT 1720 E Broadway LB 562.436.2433. Beer Specials & Free Pool! Wall to wall LB Babes always on Tops Only! YOU CALL IT Flux 17817 Lakewood Blvd Bellflower 562.633.6394. top shelf premiums only $3. MARIX TACO TUESDAYS! Marix WEHO 1108 N Flores St 323.656.8800. ALL-YOU-CAN EAT TACO bar only $7.95.

WEDNESDAY STRIPPER CIRCUS Here 696 N Robertson Blvd 310.360.8455. Paul Nicholls & Woody Woodbeck hump day for the Gays of the Week....WeHo a GoGo style. SCOTTY B.’s DIRTY DISH! Revolver 8851 Santa Monica Bl. 7-930pm Every Horny HumpDay! HOT ROD! Micky’s 8857 Santa Monica 310.657.1176 Stefano Rossi RULES!CLUB CHILE Rage 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055 DJ Salvador keeps the Chicos Hottest!!! KARAOKE WEDNESDAY Club Ripples LB 5101 E Ocean Blvd. Hosted by Edie. Enjoy drink specials. Be a star. No cover. karaokewednesday.htm FAUX PAS BISTRO WEDNESDAYS! 7910 Third Ave at Fairfax. A fresh mid-week Moulin, with Dinner Deals, 2 for 1 drink specials and Musical stylings til 12










FLASHBACK Trunks 8809 SM Blvd 310.652.1015 Igenue and DJ Draven! CHERRY Velvet Lounge 416 W 4th St Santa Ana, CA 92701 LADIES NIGHT INFERNO Cobra 10937 Burbank Bl. 818.760.9798 BiLatinMen. com. DJ Aaron Hernandez. Pop, HipHop, Dance, Top 40 CLUB METRO MJ’s 2810 Hyperion 323.660.1530. R&B Ivan Daniels! WILD WEDS! HM 740 E. Broadway LB 562.436.7900. 18+. Wild Wed and Starlette Revue Jewels hosts COCKFIGHT Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd. 818.760.9798. Hot Hot NoHo! MARGARITA MADNESS Roosterfish 1302 Abbott Kinney, Venice. $3 Cuervo Gold Margaritas all day! BINGO! Hamburger Mary’s WeHo 8288 SM Blvd 323.654.3800. Fierce celebrity ball throw-down. PACKED TO THE TRANNY WALLS, LOADS OF MAD FUN! KENNY’S KARAOKE Fiesta Cantina 8865 Santa Monica Bl. Starts 10pm. New groovy jungle local. This is “The” Karaoke! 2-4-1drinks! DELICIOUS Arena 6655 SM Blvd 323.692.3636. Ghetto Hip-Hop R&B, Merengue Room. 18+. DJ Manny C.  FLASHBACK WEDS Melrose Spa 7269 Melrose$8 lockers 5p-11p (6hr.rental) 1/2 PRICE ROOMS 1350 Club 510 W Anaheim St, Wilmington 310.830.4784. Rooms $14.50, lockers $12.50 for 6-hours OASIS 1386 Foothill Bl. Upland 909.920.9590. 18+ / $3 Drinks & $4 Premiums going on hump day!


TIGERHEAT & HEAVEN The Avalon 1735 Vine St. Hollywood. 18+. DJs Jason Lavitt, Ray Rhodes and Howie T. RULE. BIG FAT DICK! Fubar 7994 SM Blvd. Mario Diaz with DJ Riley Moore CLUB NUR MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL. 323.660.1503. Gevo and Hrair hookah you some dessert dick! JEWELS STARLETTE REVIEW HM. 8288 SM WH 323.654.3800. DRAGRACE legends RULE!RAGE 18+ 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055. 18 & ova star type young fresh chickens! Daddies! Drink Specials. PAN DULCE Micky’s 8857 SM Bl. 323.692.9573 Hot Latinos! GUYS GONE WILD Abbey 684 Robertson Bl. 310.289.8410. w/ Rhea Litré. Official “GGW” Giveaways. Free Shots & Performances. MAGNUM Robertson Nightclub 665 N. Robertson Bl. Hosted by: Joe Sparks KYSS Here Lounge 696 Robertson 310.360.8455. DJ Lezlee and Asha ICONS Club Ripples LB 5101 E Ocean Blvd. Drag Show starring Miss Conception. Fantastic Rotating cast. $4 Well Drinks. $3 Domestic Bottles. $5 Cover. icons.htm LATIN NIGHT Executive Suite 3428 E PCH LB 562.597.388. $2.50 Coronas

PAPI CALIENTE Velvet 416 W 4th St Santa Ana 714.664.0663 Dj Derek DOLL HOUSE HM 740 E. Broadway LB 562.436.7900. 18 + gurls! SNATCH Menagerie 3581 University Av W. Raven. 951.788.8000 THURS. NIGHT DELIGHT VIP Nightclub 3673 Merrill Ave. 951.784.2370. Stripper. Sexiness, $5 all-u-can drink draft. Karaoke patio. THIRSTY THURSDAYS Trunks 8809 SM Blvd 310.652.1015 TRANZIT at Josephs 1775 Ivar St. Hollywood 818.660.9472 with Veronica resident DJ Jonney Miles big beats, FRAT HOUSE 8112 Garden Grove Blvd G.G. 714.373.FRAT. Hot Strip Shows Sat & Sun! Drag review on Saturdays! KLKPORN STAR J.O. PARTY Midtowne Spa. 615 Kohler LA 213.680.1838. 8pm. Big Porn. Industry slabs of beef! Dinner is served! DANCE IDOL Oasis Nightclub 1386 Foothill Blvd Upland 909.920.9590. 10 wk. contest. Cash prizes – puta! C.FRENZ-KARAOKE (form. Bananas) 7026 Reseda Blvd. 818.996.2976 with Tony B. The best karaoke in the Valley! 


EVOLUTION Metropolitan Nightclub 652 N La Peer. Paul Nicholls brings you the Newest and Hottest Nightclub Evolved. GoGos TOP DJ’s Hosts: Rhea Litré & Shokra

FRESH Eleven 8811 SM Bl. 310.855.0800. Don J.S.& Paul Nicholls 9pm. Cocktails. 11pm dancing with resident DJ Morningstar &Guest SuperStar Djs weekly, Afterhours til 4am. FRESH MEAT M.J.’s 2810 Hyperion 323.660.1530. $6 Drinks ‘til 12 TRUCKSTOP GIRLS 696 Robertson 310.360.8455. Linda gets this fine-ass Friday homo & Lezbo mix hang going! Always packed! FILTHY 340 Nightclub 340 S Thomas Street, Pomona 909.865.9340. DJ Wes ”BULLSH*T H Mary’s 8288 SM Bl. WH 323.654.3800 A DRAG SHOW, RULES! REBELDE MJ’s 2810 Hyperion S.Lake 323.660.1503 Go-Go Boys, Drag Hostess Dior Monet, Supermodel DJs Medium top 40s, Latin beats and Avant Garde No cover.  GAMEBOI RAGE 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055. Packed every Friday! . 18+, 2 dance floors Pop/ Dance/Asian music videos all night. BOYSROOM via Tigerheat Executive Suite Nightclub 3428 E.PCH, L.B. 562.597.3884 21+. $3 beers/$4 vodkas + Red Bulls FLEX Velvet Lounge 416 W 4th St Santa Ana, 21 + OC BABES DANCerteria! ROOSTERFISH 1320 Abbott Kinney, Venice 310.392.2123. Beach Boy Babes out in droves! Blondes and butch! Drink specials. FUZZY 1123 Vine St. Hollywood Mario Diaz & Cody Bayne’s 2nd Fri. Butch



STAG AT ROCKWELL 1714 Vermont Av 323.669.1550  CUB SCOUT Eagle LA 4219 SM Blvd 323.669.9472. Chris/Vic. 1st Fri. FILTH FRIDAYS Faultline 4216 Melrose Blvd 323.660.0889. DJ Matt Moody. Rockin Redneck Strip-pole. Pabst Beer Cans 9-2am CLUB HOMBRES Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd. Showers! Undies Contest FAME Circus 6655 SM Blvd WEHO 323.721. 1291. Latin, house, R&B. Latina Diva Karlota 9pm-3:30am. 21+. The most caliente cholos! 18+ Oasis 1386 E Foothill Upland 909.920.9590. Beef stick!  HAMBURGER MARYS LB The Dream Girls Revue occurs at 930pm Before SOAKED every Friday night CLUB DIVA VIP Club 3673 Merrill Av Riverside 951.784.2370. Vanity Halston, Raven, Mayhem, Bridgette Diamond, Kiwi. Krazy Gurls! 11pm  ALIBI EAST 225 San Antonio Pomona 909.623.9422. Latin love! $2 domestic beers. Two DJs spinning afterhours ‘til 3am! Slammed & Sexy! FLASHBACK FRIDAYS Chico 2915 Beverly Blvd Montebello 323.721.3403. DJ Frank aka DJ TJ playing videos & old skool. $2 Coronas AZUCAR at C. Frenz (form. Bananas) 7026 Reseda Bl., Reseda 818.996.2976 FREE BARRIO ENTRANCE Frathouse 8112 Garden Grove 714.373.3728 UNZIPPED GIRLS Club Ripples LB 5101 E Ocean Blvd. GoGo Girls. Karaoke. Drink Specials. Always Packed! No Cover before 10pm with Unzipped Ad. $7 Cover after 10pm. unzipped.htm


HOOKER CASINO Here 696 Robertson 310.360.8455. Paul Nicholls, Rhea Litré, Hookers, Slot Machines and More. Come play with our Slots. PRIVATE SOCIETY Eleven 8211SM Bl. 310.855.0800. HOUSE at its Premiere Fiercest, LOUD 340 Nightclub 340 S Thomas Street, Pomona 909.865.9340 Tigerheat DJ Ray Rhodes

STAR BAR Velvet Lounge 416 W 4th St Santa Ana,18+. BOYS THE “ABBEYWOOD” 684 Robertson Blvd. 310.289.8410. Bi-sexy scene ROCK & ROLL FAG BAR Fubar 7994 SM Bl. 323.791.3041 The Boulet Bro. Jay Krimas serve you Flesh Trade & all w. DJs Jasten King & Barbeau spinning. CATWALK 340 Nightclub 340 S Thomas Street, Pomona 909.865.9340 DJ Wes RAGE 18-25 8911 SM Bl. 310.652.7055. Younger, fresher, hotter! 18+. Two rooms of dance dolls. Hip hop too. Hot damn! ARENA 6655 SM Bl. 323.462.1291. Gene La Pietra’s Grande!  FRICTION MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL 323.660.1503. By Scandal! 10p-2a REFLEX Ultra Suede 661 N Robertson Bl. Flesh pool every other Saturday after-hours for info MONTHLY at LA Stock Exchange! RASPUTIN 665 N. Robertson Bl. Sean Wagner gets it all O.C. to L.A. CHIC! SCREW MJ’s 2810 Hyperion Av. Third Saturday of month for your kink needs. Tattoo Chris’s raunchiest Dick Down. SPIT Faultline 4216 Melrose 323.969.2530. Third Saturday. DJ Paul V. OLE OLE Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Bl. NoHo. Latin Pop, Cumbias, COBRA dancers and our fave El Show de Karlotta VIP 18 & OVER 3673 Merrill Ave. 909.784.2370. Hairspray. 3rd.Sat. of month. Packed hot teen scene, drink specials! CHICO 2915 W Beverly Bl. Montebello 323.721.3404. DJ Brett spins hip hop, house, old skool and Latin. $3 Dirty Water Shots! BLENDER Palms 8572 SM Bl. 310.652.6188. DJ Raw Bert Monthly Mayhem HAMBURGER MARY’S 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900. 1st 2nd “Play Hard” 21+ No Cover. DJ Dancing 4th Sat BEARS  STUNNING HM. 8288 SM WH 323.654.3800 Calpernia Addams Drag and burlesque show CLUB VENUS Executive Suite 3428 E PCH LB 562.597.3884. Ladies! 18+ OASIS 1386 E Foothill Upland 909.920.9590 FULL FRONTAL DISCO Akbar 4356 Sunset S.L monthly Disco Daddy Mario Diaz

HOT MEN’S NIGHT Club Ripples LB 5101 E Ocean Blvd. Different themes. Drink specials. Hot GoGos. Best DJs. 1st Saturday “La Playa Latin Night”. 2nd Saturday “Bear Bar”. 3rd Saturday “Inv[Azn]”. 4th Saturday “Mediterranea”. ALIBI EAST 225 S. San Antonio Av Pomona 909.623.9422. $2 domestic beer, $4 well drinks. DJs and Dancing! No Cover.


SIZE U. Here 696 Robertson 4p-2a, Happy Hr, Wii, Tom Whitman HIP HOP SUNDAYS Eleven 8811 SM Blvd 310.855.0800 Weho’s Bombass HipHop weeklyParty CLUB EXL Ember Cafe & Music Club, 714.991.3686 401 North Anaheim Boulevard, Anahm RELEASE Micky’s 8857 S.M. Bl. Afternoons Stefano Rossi. DJ Strange Machine and guests. DECADES Micky’s 8857 SM Blvd 310.657.1176 Stefano Rosso 70s 80s 90s! !HOUSE BOI! @ Velvet Lounge 416 W 4th St Santa Ana Electronica Hauz! UNREAL Hamburger Mary’s WeHo 8288 SM Bl. 323.654.3800. Calpernia Addams, Delilah DeMilo & Drag Stars Galore. 9pm. No Cover POPRAZZI Rage 8911 SM Bl. 310.652.7055. DJ Tony G. Pops it up! Snap! BEARBUST Micky’s 8857 SM Blvd 310.657.1176. DJ Ryan Jones upstairs! BOOTY BUMP Fubar 7994 SM Blvd 323.654.0396. Dirty Burty & boys. BUSTED! Motherlode 8944 SM Bl. 310.659.9700. Beer bust. $5 Infinity/$1 glass. DJ Bobby Y and karaoke 11p-2a. ALIBI EAST 225 S San Antonio Av. Pomona, Beer Bust 3-9pm HAMB MARYS WEHO 8288 SM Bl. WH 323.654.3800 Brunchettes Daytime Drag 11am. Sunday night Ben Roman Karaoke

HAMB MARYS LB 740 E Broadway LB Brunchettes Daytime Drag 11am. Sunday night CLUB SWAG with DJ Ernie Pearl LUCKY SUNDAYS 18+ Tia Juana’s 14988 Sand Canyon Av. Irvine $2 shots, Lucky Star Revue 10-11pm. DJ Zach. CLUB BOOMBASTIC HM 740 E Broadway L.B. 526.983.7900. Blacktino! DRAG IDOL Oasis 1386 E Foothill Upland 909.920.9590 $300 weekly cash prize C.FRENZ 7026 Reseda Bl. Reseda 818.996.2976. Beer Bust Valley 3-8pm. BOTTOMLESS BEER BUST Club Ripples LB 5101 E Ocean Blvd. Patio BBQ. $9 Buy-In with Free Refills from 4-8pm. Karaoke with Bobby Hardy. DJ RPM. No Cover. sundaypromo.htm SPLASH Ripples 5101 E Ocean Bl. L.B. 562.433. 0357 Drink Specials 11am-5pm! NO COVER. $4 Coronas ALL NIGHT! NO COVER till 10pm $5 After. Free Parking VIP SUNDAYS 3673 Merrill Riverside 909.784.2370. Opens 3pm. Beerbust till 11p, L.I. Tea’s $3.75 and stiff martinis! STRIP PARTIES Midtowne Spa 615 Kohler. 3pm HOOK-UP 1047 E 2nd St. Pomona 909.620.2844. Beerbust 3p-8pm . $1.00 16oz. tap, no cover www.  UNDIES SUNDAYS Crest Bar 5935 Cherry Av. L.B. 562.423.6650. $2.50 wells ‘til 10p. Free. BBQ 4p-8p. Hot boys ‘n’ briefs!

LADYBRITNEYBUNNY IS STUPID AND SEEMS TO BE During Bush’s presidency, Britney Spears was asked how she thought he was doing. Her response was something like, “I just think we ought to trust the president.” (At the time, the president was engaged in a baseless, illegal war against Iraq.) Britney is stupid and seems to be on drugs. So what’s your excuse for trusting the government? Now our top news story is chatter which has revealed possible Al Qaeda plots to attack embassies and as a result, we’ve shut many of them down all over the world. I don’t want terror attacks and we should be on guard for legally-obtained chatter, but I also can’t ignore these points. In the same way that Bush manipulated us into a state of panic with the color-coded terror alert system, this chatter comes at a very convenient time. The Obama administration and Congress are unpopular. What perfect timing! The chatter will make us afraid and in fear, we’ll rally behind the government which can protect us from the Muslim boogeyman. Our government will magically become heroes and protectors and not so unpopular all of a sudden. And we’ll forgive the government for its surveillance on US citizens ODYSSEYMAGAZINE.NET • AUGUST 9–22, 2013

ON DRUGS. SO WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE FOR TRUSTING THE GOVERNMENT? which has shocked the nation since it was discovered how heavily the Obama administration was spying on us. With this mounting Al Qaeda threat, we’ll gladly give up more civil liberties just to stay safe. (Safe from a threat that we’re learning of from a government we shouldn’t trust unless we’re Britney Spears.) Republican hawks like Lindsey Graham, the Sissy Hawk, are using this chatter as an excuse to justify the NSA program—actually agreeing with democrats for once. And yes, it’s easy for obstructionist republicans to reach across the aisle and agree with them when democrats start acting like republicans. Obama’s a specialist in this field. As Glenn Greenwald pointed out: “And so, here we are in the midst of, you know, one of the most intense debates and sustained debates that we’ve had in a very long time in this country over the dangers of excess surveillance, and

suddenly an administration that has spent two years claiming that it has decimated al-Qaeda decides that there is this massive threat that involves the closing of embassies and consulates throughout the world.” I hope there isn’t a threat at all. But if there is a real threat, anyone who exploits it is a low-down skunk. This seems like it could be a bipartisan coalition of skunks in both parties designed to trick us. And if we were truly worried about stopping terrorism, maybe we should stop creating generations of terrorists who arise directly as a result of US foreign policy. You don’t wage illegal wars like the one in Iraq and send drones to bomb innocent children without serious repercussions for decades to come. They’ll pop up at 9/11, at the Pentagon, on airlines and at marathons in Boston. Unless we stop the US foreign policy which creates more of them.

Hey now, kittens! Come over here and let me yell at you for a minute about some hot new things happening in the mean streets of West Hollywood. First up is a fresh’n’fancyfree new night at Micky’s every Tuesday from 10pm-2am! What do you get when you mix a pack of lawless, f*ck the rules drag and burlesque entertainers with the beats of resident DJ Johnny Jewel, and my particular brand of Quirk‘n‘Twerk hosting on the mic? You get WHORE HAUS! Helmed by punk rock mistress of the night Saint Peter D’vil, Whore Haus embodies her noholds-barred approach to just plain old having a good time. Come as you are or how you want to be. Her tagline of “No gender, no rules, no religion” sums it all up perfectly. DJ Johnny Jewel consistently crafts the perfect soundtrack to the Freak show, displaying quite a knack for knowing just what his crowd needs to hear to take the party to the next level. Ranging everywhere from old-school punk to modern pop to industrial to everywhere in between, he’s got my vote for President. The rotating cast of performers rounds out the night quite nicely. Varying from theater trained to punk rock “I’m going to roll on the floor and make you eat it” to

burlesque hotties to classic drag performance, we’ve got something for everyone. Next on my list is one of my favorite new shows: Drag Happy Hour at Lola’s, every Sunday starting at 4pm. Hosted by Misty Violet, she brings her brand of accidentally on purpose dumb girl humor to the table and it works every time. Misty seems to never be quite sure what the words coming out of her mouth mean, which results in her malapropos monologues never failing to leave me and the rest of the audience gasping hysterically on the floor. She brings that same “Where Am I” humor to her performances and her “dance moves”. Not saying anything, but you should see what she can do with a shake-weight. Imogene Autry is her weekly powerhouse knock’em’dead performer and co-host. Imogene brings such a light and energy to each of her performances that you simply can’t help but fall in love with her. They bring in a rotating cast of girls, giving the show a lil’ extra dash of spice for sensational pleasure! P.S. Try the Misty Violet Cocktail. I hear it tastes like purple and shame. Stay dangerous, loves! ALLUSIA ALUSIA

THEMUSIC So, I knew that when Pet Shop Boys announced ELECTRIC, their 12th album with super producer Stuart Price, that it would be a masterpiece. Now listening to it over and over, it goes beyond my expectations and takes the group back to the dance floor. They’ve  returned with a bangin’ record that haunts. Back in 1986, most of us discovered them in the clubs and they are back on dance floors worldwide with their first single “Vocal”.  To say that every one of the 9 songs on the album is good, is underselling it. All of the 9 tracks on “Electric” make for a solid collection that sounds even better when you play it from beginning to end.  Stuart has produced an incredible collection of songs that will take them to a new generation of fans if they listen. They are critics’ darling again with the new album, and after being in the music game for almost 30 years,  they’ve consistently stayed on course with their music and their showmanship.  Their “Electric” tour has been selling out everywhere in Europe and it’s coming to the US in September and October. The LA date is October 12th at LA’s Shrine Auditorium.  Get your tickets now before they are sold out.  This show has been getting critical praise everywhere they’ve performed.  They really never

BY WILL I. HAVETOCHANGEMYNAME went away for this reviewer as Pet Shop Boys have always kept me interested in everything they do and release.  “Electric” is them being on top of their game.   So in case you didn’t hear, Cher went to Rasputin and created such a stir that queens were losing their minds (in a good way) when it was announced that Cher would be appearing (not performing) at Rasputin, Luke Nero and Andres Rigal’s Saturday night party.  Chad Michaels was hired to perform for her majesty and Shangela did a number too.  In case you did not make it, just seeing Cher that close and personal left this reporter kind of in awe of this legend.  The crowd there was losing their cottonpicking mind when she entered the club. Her and her entourage watched the performances, and it was so hot in there that Cher almost passed out and left right after the last homage by Chad.  Overall the night was magical and Cher, who was really there celebrating her #1 Dance Single, “Woman’s World”, was very pleased to be celebrating with the Gays.  “You’ve always been there for me”, she said, as she exited the club and her heartfelt address really seemed very sincere to me.  I know she’s an incredible actress, but Cher has always had the Gays to thank for their support… and still does.




The LA based gurls are back from “vacation” and back to work! Adore Delano is werqin’ her SOUR PUSS at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa on FRIDAY NIGHTS with April Showers, Veronica Pop, Wilhelmina Cavier, Mae Loda-Bride, Bynx Maru and Jakarta Jam’ie. Laganja Estranja is everywhere, really. The most talked about gal Courtney Act is making her 340nightclub in Pomona debut as Mistress of the ball for STRIPPED: ALL MALE REVUE on Saturday, August 17th with DJ Derek Montiero! Southern California’s Queen Of Queen’s Raven hosts her own show every THURSDAY in RIVERSIDE at MENAGERIE and every SUNDAY in POMONA at 340nightclub for RAVEN’S RACOUS ROUNDUP DRAG COMPETITION where 1st prize is $2,000 CA$H (Finals, September 22nd). Miss. Mayhem hosts “HOW ‘BOUT THAT” every WEDNESDAY as well as “FUCK YEAH FRIDAYS” at VIP in RIVERSIDE at 10pm both nights with

fabulous Drink & Shot Specials all night! Morgan McMichaels has her own show on SATURDAY Nights at the VIP and always brings in the Drag Racers! Sharon Needles will be in Pomona at 340nightclub this weekend (August 9th & 10th) and Manila Luzon, Pandora Boxx, Jessica Wild, Raven. Trina Model and Nadya Ginsberg will bring the house down on Friday, August 16th for MADONNA’S BIRTHDAY celebration at 340! Oh my, did you know that Shannel is taking over the DIVA’S show in Las Vegas as hostess? Apparently Frank Moreno has so many projects in the works, he needs an understudy, who better than Eve, I mean Shannel to do it! Coco Montrease told me that Shannel hosted the entire show two weeks ago and did a bang up job! The Long Island Medium said spirit is with her, AMEN! I’ve gotta SHAKE, conDRAGulations to everyone supporting the art of Drag in Southern California!

with the 2013

Damron LGBT Travel Guides LGBT resorts, spas, B&Bs, nightclubs, restaurants, cruises, tours & much more, across the US, Canada, Europe & beyond. We’ll show you where to go! Trip OUT with Damron. Got iPhone or iPad? Find Gay Scout and Gurl Scout in iTunes.




Okay, hello.  Here we are, already more than half way through 2013, and now smack dab in the middle of Summer or what I am calling, The Summer of Stability.  This is defined as a time where you find you are doing or beginning to do what it is that you are meant to do; you are with the people you are meant to be with; and you are in the place you are meant to be in. This is underscored by the recognition that you are in harmony with yourself; find you are moving toward peace with yourself; and happy with the blessing of life you have been given.  This all falls in line with the very essence of the year 2013, and that essence is peace, love, harmony, and compassion. These aspects are displacing the more frustrating and negative elements that have crowded out the now emerging essence for all. Just the other day, a friend made mention that folks one after another were now stepping right into his life, into his sphere; that all he had to do was to sit there and the most interesting and dynamic individuals were making themselves known to him, all with some contribution to make to his current direction.  Imagine, a contribution, not a deduction. It is possible.  Read your horoscope.  Kiss someone.  Clowns to the left. Jokers to the right. After all, you’re all stars.   ARIES MAR 21–APR 19: Isn’t it about time you got a goodie or two, after all the energy and work you put into the mix? It would seem that payday is almost upon you.  Try to hold your course, and simply guide yourself in for a smooth landing, and this time, be ready to step into your own.  Go on, you can do it, it’s okay.  MIKE MANNING/THOMAS P. ELLIOTT   TAURUS APR 20–MAY 21: Hey sailor, want to have a good time?  It is perfectly acceptable, long about now, to go have some fun!  Use the satisfaction you should be feeling from the good show, and go show them what’s good.  The difference is in the timing. You are always on time, it’s just the time that is wrong.  MICHAEL ALIG/CHRIS BROWN ODYSSEYMAGAZINE.NET • AUGUST 9–22, 2013

If you desire the advantage of knowing how and when to make the best moves you can in your life, Mrs. Hello would love to assist you with personalized Astrological guidance. The cost is nominal, the benefit great, and your confidence assured. Address interest in these services, as well as any other astrologically inclined correspondence to: and be sure to include “Mrs. Hello” in the subject line.

GEMINI MAY 22–JUN 21: Stand up for what you believe, and believe what you stand for. Use the time now to showcase your convictions, and know that the confidence to take a stand will make one. Even if the masses don’t all nod their heads at once, stand your ground, and know they will come around. And that’s that. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS/MORRISSEY   CANCER JUN 22–JUL 22: The most beautiful sound is that of our own name, so no wonder it seems a little flat when others fail to mention you. The tide is changing, however, even though you’re doing this and signing that, there is a spotlight headed in your direction, and as ever, you will be ready for your close-up.  JOHNNY MCGOVERN/VIN DIESEL   LEO JULY 23–AUG 23: The sun is shining bright from you now, Leo. This is a good time to express what you feel from the heart. In general, these feelings also shine, but into every sunny day, a little rain must fall. Question is: are you the rain maker, or the guy with the umbrella? ALEXIS ARQUETTE/PETER GAITAIN   VIRGO AUG 24–SEP 22: You have had a busy day today, and yesterday and tomorrow looks…well, busy. Don’t let a full calendar prevent you from getting more than two scoops of raisins. After all, a balanced diet is what you need to sustain the energy you need now.  Be wise and leave the small potatoes alone. MATTHEW PAUL KRUPNICK/ JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS LIBRA SEP 23–OCT 23: Living in the moment is a challenge, as sometimes others pull you in one direction or another, but this is summer time, and the living is supposed to be easy, remember? Try to move with a lilt in your step, and if you find you have stepped into confusion, simply excuse yourself, and step back.  The future will take care of itself. Enjoy the beauty now. REX REED/ZAC EFRON

SCORPIO OCT 24–NOV 22: Sometimes the change in the way you do things is better than changing the things that you do.  There is a good measure of positive energy that will influx the professional arena for you soon. This will also make a difference in all other aspects of your world.  Put your hat on backwards…dashing! JOSHUA MILLER/CALVIN KLEIN   SAGITTARIUS NOV 23–DEC 21: A seed of self-doubt could sour your plans which would be a bit of a shame, seeing as you have worked hard to get it right.  The effort to rise above it will not be wasted this time, and the key will work, but only when you put it in the correct lock.  If family is near, they are dear.  Make a call. COLE ESCOLA/NICK STAHL    CAPRICORN DEC 22–JAN 20: Lo and behold, what you knew was a bad situation turned out to be, that’s right, a bad situation. Trust in your notions, as even though the rest of your life may get a little full and complicated from time to time, you will always be able to sniff ‘em out.  Also, this increases as time goes by.  Lend a hand to those who have put you on a pedestal. NICK GRUBER/J. EDGAR HOOVER AQUARIUS JAN 21–FEB 18: As swift as you are, there may be the feeling of performance anxiety. The key here is to never let them see you sweat, or better yet, don’t sweat it at all.  The person closest to you has nothing bad to say, so maybe they are hiding something. Look around the corner. See what is really  going on. TREVOR WAYNE/JOHN TRAVOLTA   PISCES FEB 19–MAR 20: If others don’t seem interested in what you are doing, ask yourself if in fact you are. It doesn’t seem that the grandiose is really such a good idea, so bring focus down a notch or two, and you might see the end of a project along with the ever so many beginnings. This is the way to your goals. JEFFERY SELF/RIHANNA

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