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Volume 16 • Issue 6

JULY 13-JULY 26, 2012

on the cover...

Griffin Marc Photo by Paul Boulon Photography

contents... T HE C O LUMN . S N EE TC H Y IDA . G O G O G O. WHO? R O C K W EL L . T HE W IG S . T HE M U SIC . H O R O S C O P ES . T HE P O R N . the family... Publisher Creative Director Editor in Chief Design Director Advertising Director The Wigs The Porn The Music Outstars Photographer At Large

Mike Everaert Brian J. McCarthy Cheyne Hauk Jay Cribas Joshua Miller Barbie Q Scotty B Will I. Havetochangemyname Mrs. Hello Brenden-John

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Odyssey Magazine is published bi-weekly in Los Angeles and New York; monthly in Hawaii. All material herein is copyrighted 2012 Odyssey Magazine. Reprint by permission only. For more information regarding advertising, please call: 201.839.5209 or email No implication regarding sexual orientation or personal practices of contributors or advertisers appearing in this publication is intended and none should be inferred by the reader.

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One Penn Plaza, 36th Floor New York, NY 10119

(212) 786-7320 7/13/12 10:41 AM

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Let’s see here... 101, 102, 103... Oh shoot! A girl simply cannot keep count of the many fights and problems in Hollywood!! Fortunately, your favorite fishy accountant, Shamantha Cox. is crunching all the numbers for you and reporting on the best stories only, exclusively in this fine fag rag, Odyssey Magazine, Mary!! Hey, whatever happened to that Perez Hilton person?? Oh dear!! Super divorce sensation!! Everyone’s in a tizzy over the biiig Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes split!!! Sources close to the situation say Katie left because she was worried Tom was brainwashing Suri with his Scientology problem!!! Surprisingly, both parties were able to reach a very quick divorce settlement and it looks like they will have joint custody of little Suri, unlike Tom’s last divorce to Nicole Kidman, where he took full custody of their adopted children, Connor and Bella!!!

RHEA Southern California, sorry for not writing in the last issue, because well... a bitch has got to sleep sometime! Lol. As I sit here with Willam & Detox after an amazing photo-shoot in the luxurious back alleys of Melrose with Jeremy Kost, we reflect on the past couple of weeks. Trannyshack was a HUGE success with amazing performances! Heklina brought the house down, Willam hosted, Traci Lords signed autographs & Rolling Blackouts caught it all on film! visit to find out when Trannyshack is hitting your town! One of the biggest of the year for the bar industry is July 3rd, and it was a HUGE HIT @ Billy Francesca’s Lip Tickler. Countre Black performed, Derek Monteiro spun, and Billy rana-muck throughout Micky’s making sure everyone had a smile on their face! July 4th kept the party rolling @ Stripper Circus @ Here Lounge with a jaw-dropping performance by the hottest new openly-gay recording artist, Ryan Adames. That boy has some moves! Spotted: Paul Nicholls, Woody Woodbeck, Chi Chi Larue, Allusia, Lexi Leventhal, Willam, Samuel Garfield, and more! Vicky Vox celebrated her birthday @ MJ’s bar with some of the hottest stars in town: Willam Belli, Detox, Chanel Perrillo,

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Wow!! American Idol executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, has revealed they are in talks with top warlock Charlie Sheen to be a judge on the show’s upcoming season!! Secret production sources are saying crazy Charlie is probably going to sign on- if they cough up enough cold hard cash!! Oops!! Lady Gaga has launched her own social network for her fans called “Little Monsters”!! Gee!! Katy Perry is winning in the music world, after her sophomore album, “Teenage Dream” got a huge sales boost this week, thanks to her smash hit 3-D documentary film, “Part of Me”!!! In other music success news, Rihanna’s domestic-violence-inducing-ex, Chris Brown’s latest album, “Fortune” rocketed to the #1 spot on the charts in the US, the UK, and many other countries worldwide!! Good news!! It looks like Channing Tatum Mathu Andersen, Cody Bayne, Josh Peace, Glamorous Monique, Nelstar. WeHo hits Logo TV in their newest series, “In The Big House”. Think your family’s “whack”? Meet the Verdis from Logo’s new docu-reality series, “In the Big House.” When Michel Verdi and her husband, Jay Krymis [Fubar/ St Felix], moved from just outside Philly to West Hollywood, they thought they were leaving it all behind – until their entire family followed. Now, Michel and Jay share their home with Michel’s mom, Dotsie and ex-con, former Mafioso dad, “Big Lou” who’s been in and out of prison for 25 years. Did we mention Michel’s parents have been divorced for 25 years, can’t stand each other and haven’t lived together until now? Rounding out the clan is Michel’s out-and-unapologetic gay brother, Louis, who is eager to make it on his own, but unable to leave the family nest as of yet. “In the Big House” documents a new type of modern family, as these over-the-top characters struggle to succeed with humor, heart, and a whole lot of drama. Comprised of eight, half-hour episodes, “In the Big House” premieres on Monday, July 23 at 10PM ET/PT on Logo. Save-The-Date: LABOR DAY WEEKEND Wanna travel? Come with me to Southern Decadence in New Orleans Stay local: Matinée LA PARTIES NOT 2 MISS: Tuesday: Lip Tickler @ Micky’s Wednesday: Stripper Circus @ Here Lounge Thursday: BACK @ The Abbey Bitches!!!! Friday: Hype @ Ultra Suede/ Factory Saturday: Hooker Casino @ Here Lounge Sunday: Drag Brunch @ Hamburger Marys PARTY HARDY, BE SAFE, AND OF COURSE WRAP IT UP! Xoxo, Rhea Litré @RheaLitre |

will be taking off his clothes again because a Magic Mike sequel is already in development!! Wow!! Another unnecessary problem for top female rocker, Courtney Love!!! Her ex ASS-istant with a hookerish stripper name, Jessica La Brie, is suing the gorgeous Miss Love, claiming Courtney asked her to break the law by demanding she hack into a computer and create counterfeit legal documents!!! Hmmm... sounds like a bunch of nonsense!!! It seems like Ms. La Brie is just looking for some quick cash and attention because she is also shopping a tell-all (lies only) book about Courtney called “Get Me A Xanax”! Don’t worry Courtney!!! Your friend at Odyssey Mag, Shamantha Cox, will always be loyal to fierce girls like you, Lil’ Kim, Heidi Fleiss, Janice Dickinson, and Alexis Arquette!! And, Shamantha will always be nothing but mean, mean, mean to her enemies like Dr. Who (sorry, she is not publishing the real name of any fake television witch doctors - but she knows her loyal readers can DREW the math!) It’s yet another Celebrity Rehab super problem, after the show’s asshole host, Dr. Who, has been exposed for taking $275,000 in bribe money from evil pharmaceutical company, Glaxo, to make false claims supporting their horrible and unsafe anti-depressant drug, Wellbutrin!! And now, all of Dr. Who’s shady bribe money deals are suddenly surfacing!!! Hey, Dr. Who... who knew the Karma Chameleon could work so quick!!!! Hooray!!! Sexy mainstream hip hop artist, Frank Ocean, (who has collaborated with heavy weights like Jay-Z and Kanye West) has shaken up the rap world after announcing he is gay!! While he did receive some backlash from more ignorant unheard of types like an idiot rapper named Mysonne, real stars like Beyoncé Knowles, Jake Shears, Russell Simmons, Trina, Lil’ Scrappy, Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Wayne, and Rick Ross showed their acceptance by sending lots of love tweets and public statements supporting his decision to come out of the closet!!! In other out news, Anderson Cooper has finally made it public that he is indeed gay and proud!!! Wheee! It’s fights, fights and more fights in the hip hop world!!! After Chris Brown and Drake got into a nightclub scuffle that left several sue happy innocent bystanders injured, rappers the Game and 40 Glocc must have been feeling left out of the drama because they got in a punch out fight at a Hollywood Hills party, and now both sides are making death threats against each other!!!! Sounds like it’s another 1990’s Notorious B.I.G. vs. 2Pac killer situation!!! Uh oh!! Ashley Judd is declaring war on her ex-step dad, Michael Ciminella, because she has taken steps to foreclose on his home, claiming he owes her almost $250,000 in borrowed money!!! Oops!! Food network chef, Cat Cora, must have been doing her best 2006 Nicole Richie/Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan impression because she was arrested for a big fame heavy D.U.I!!! Hey!! Don’t get overwhelmed by all the drama!! Just make sure you always pick up a copy of the best fag rag around, Odyssey Magazine, and take a dive in the dirt, so you are always in the gossip know!! Shamantha loves to serve her loyal readers with only the finest filth available!! See you in two weeks, kiddies!!

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MUSTACHE MONDAYS! La Cita 336 S Hill, LA. Hot DJ Josh Peace, Total Freedom! SHOWGIRLS! Mickys 8857 SM Blvd 310.657.1176. Fine Top Tranny Review SEXY BITCH Rage 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055 Pop & hip hop with Aubrey! HOT MESS MONDAYS Panama Joes 5100 E.2nd St. LB. 562.434.7417 MONDAY MADNESS Alibi East 225 South San Antonio Ave, Pomona GODDESS MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL 323.660.1503 Leslie Monroy & T-girls POPCORN The Abbey 692 N Robertson Bl 310. 289-8410 DJRayRhodes DREAMGIRLS REVUE HM 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900. 9p show ISRAEL’S CANTINA Chico 2915 W Beverly Blvd, Montebello 323.721.3401 Happy Hour prices all night long! CHEAP & EASY Paradise Piano Bar 1800 Broadway Blvd LB 562.436.2433 ASIAN NIGHT 1350 Club 510 W Anaheim St, Wilmington. $8 lockers from 5pm10pm 6-hr rental 310.830.4784 STRIP PARTIES Midtowne 615 Kohler, downtown 213.680.1838 1/2 PRICE ROOMS Melrose Spa 7269 Melrose 323.937.2122. $13.50 RUPAUL MONDAYS Club Ripples LB 5101 E Ocean Blvd. 2 For 1 Well’s, $2 Jello Shots


RIM JOB! MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL 323.660.1503. Nice & sleazy www. DREAM GIRLS Rage 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055. THE O.G. SHOW! MANHOLE Motherlode 8944 SM Blvd 310.659.9700 Hip Hop w/DJ Ben Dirty Burty’s “Dirty Dancers” and monthly “Hot Hole” Contest!! MR BLACK LA Bardot 1737 Vine St. Luke Nero’s O.G. Dance Den goes off with Rusty U., Lenora C., and Gregory A! RECESS Eleven Nightclub 8811 SM 18+ with DJ’s Ray Rhodes and Howie T. LIPTICKLER Mickys 8857 S.M. Blvd RIDE! KARAOKE Velvet Lounge 416 W 4th St Santa Ana, CA Karen Cobb! BOYS NIGHT OUT Circus 6655 SM Blvd 323.462.1291 DJ Ernie Pearl. $3 cover! KARAOKE Fubar 7994 SM Blvd 323.654.0396 Comedy Mic w/ Bruce Daniels and Cher Madonna HAMBURGER MARYS Latino Heat 8288 SM Blvd 323.654.3800 Taco Bar! T-GIRL HM 740 E. Broadway LB 562.436.7900 T- Girl Tuesdays Packed TIPSY TIPSY TUES Ripples 5101 E Ocean LB $3 well Vodka $4 Jäger KARAOKE Alibi East 225 S San Antonio Ave, Pomona. Taco Tues on the patio Karaoke 9pm-1am No Cover! GANG BANG Faultline 4216 Melrose Ave. S.L. 323.660.0889. Music, video, hot boys, cheap happy hour ‘til Midnight.

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1/2 PRICE ROOMS Midtowne 615 Kohler DT 213.680.1838. $15 THE MINESHAFT 1720 E Broadway LB 562.436.2433. Beer Specials & Free Pool! Wall to wall LB Babes always on Tops Only! TEQUILA RM East West Lounge 8851 SM Blvd. Tequila from Jalisco México YOU CALL IT Flux 17817 Lakewood Blvd Bellflower 562.633.6394. top shelf premiums only $3. MARIX TACO TUESDAYS! Marix WEHO 1108 N Flores St 323.656.8800. ALL-YOU-CAN EAT TACO bar only $7.95.


STRIPPER CIRCUS Here 696 N Robertson Blvd 310.360.8455. Paul Nicholls & Woody Woodbeck humpday! HOT ROD! Mickys 8857 Santa Monica 310.657.1176 Stefano Rossi RULES! FUEGO Rage 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055 DJ Salvador keeps the ChicosHot. COCKTAILS W.THE STARS! Mickys 8857 SM 310.657.1176. ScottyB This legendary Industry Flesh fest is landin on humpday with Stefano too! 25 CENT BEER!!! Club Ripples 5101 E Ocean Blvd 562.433.0357 25 Cent Beer, BBQ, Music Videos, Dance Music, Fun, No Cover NEON BLACKOUT! Eleven Nightclub 8811 SM Blvd - 310.855.0800 Glow Lights and Bright beats! Mykee Be & Wayne Castro FLASHBACK Trunks 8809 SM Blvd 310.652.1015 Igenue and DJ Draven! CHERRY Velvet Lounge 416 W 4th StSanta Ana, CA 92701 LADIES NIGHT INFERNO Cobra 10937 Burbank Bl 818.760.9798 DJ Aaron Hernandez. Pop, HipHop, Dance, Top 40 CLUB METRO MJ’s 2810 Hyperion 323.660.1530 R&B Ivan Daniels! WILD WEDS! HM 740 E. Broadway LB 562.436.7900. 18+ Wild Wed and Starlette Revue Jewels hosts COCKFIGHT Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd. 818.760.9798 Hot Hot NoHo! MARGARITA MADNESS Roosterfish 1302 Abbott Kinney, Venice. $3 Cuervo Gold Margaritas all day! BINGO! Hamburger Mary’s Weho 8288 SM Blvd 323.654.3800. Fierce celebrity ball throw-down. KENNY’S KARAOKE Fiesta Cantina 8865 Santa Monica Bl. Starts 10pm. New groovy jungle local. This is “The” Karaoke! 2-4-1drinks! DELICIOUS Arena 6655 SM Blvd 323.692.3636. Ghetto Hip-Hop R&B, Merengue Room. 18+. DJ Manny C. FLASHBACK WEDS Melrose Spa 7269 Melrose Ave. $8 lockers from 5p-11p (6 hr-rental) Cheap Fun SEX Slurp! 1/2 PRICE ROOMS 1350 Club 510 W Anaheim St, Wilmington 310.830.4784. Rooms $14.50, lockers $12.50 for 6-hours 18+ / $3 Drinks & $4 Premiums Oasis 1386 Foothill Bl. Upland 909.920.9590. Drink cheap and get it all going on humpday!




TIGERHEAT & HEAVEN The Avalon 1735 Vine St. Hollywood. 18+. DJs Jason Lavitt, Ray Rhodes and Howie T. RULE. www. BIG FAT DICK! Fubar 7994 SM Blvd. Mario Diaz with DJ Riley Moore PAPI CALIENTE Velvet 416 W 4th St Santa Ana 714.664.0663 Dj Derek CLUB NUR MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL. 323.660.1503. Gevo and Hrair hookah you some desert dick! RAGE 18+ 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055. 18 & ova star type young fresh chickens! Daddys! Drink Specials. PAN DULCE Micky’s 8857 SM Bl. 323.692.9573 Hot Latinos! SANCTUARY Abbey 684 Robertson Bl. 310.289.8410. Tom Whitman KYSS Here Lounge 696 Robertson 310.360.8455. DJ Lezlee and Asha ROCK N’ ROLL FAG BAR GYMBAR 8737 S.M. BLVD 310.654.2004 THE PLAYGIRLS SHOW Club Ripples in LBC 5101 E. Ocean Blvd. 562.433.0357 A Drag Show Spectacular, Karaoke, Martini Specials, Dancing, DJ RPM, $5 Cover LATIN NIGHT Executive Suite 3428 E PCH LB 562.597.388. $2.50 Coronas DOLL HOUSE HM 740 E. Broadway LB 562.436.7900. 18 + gurls! BURLESQUE SHOW HM. 8288 SM WH 323.654.3800. SNATCH Menagerie 3581 University Av w. Raven 951.788.8000 THURS. NIGHT DELIGHT VIP Nightclub 3673 Merrill Ave. 951.784.2370 Stripper. Sexiness, $5 all-u-can drink draft. Karaoke patio. THIRSTY THURSDAYS Trunks 8809 SM Blvd 310.652.1015 TRANZIT at Josephs 1775 Ivar St. Hollywood 818.660.9472 with Veronica resident Dj Jonney Miles big beats, FRAT HOUSE 8112 Garden Grove Blvd G.G. 714.373.FRAT Hot Strip Shows Sat & Sun! Drag review on Saturdays! KLKPORN STAR J.O. PARTY Midtowne Spa. 615 Kohler LA 213.680.1838. 8pm. Big Porn. Industry slabs of beef! Dinner is served! DANCE IDOL Oasis Nightclub 1386 Foothill Blvd Upland 909.920.9590. 10 wk contest. Cash prizes – puta! C.FRENZ-KARAOKE (form.Bananas) 7026 Reseda Blvd. 818.996.2976 with Tony B. The best karaoke in the Valley! JEWELS BODYPARTS Falcon 1435 E Broadway LB 562.422.1928. $1beer

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ROCKWELL: Table & Stage

Located in the heart of Los Feliz Village, Rockwell: Table & Stage offers Angelenos a truly unique experience by staging live, musical performances all the while serving unwavering cuisine with seasonally altering menus. With a newly renovated indoor supper club and bi-level open-air patio restaurant, the entertainment destination attracts a dynamic crowd seeking the ambiance of a relaxed, yet cuttingedge community. Baroque chandeliers and dark rustic furniture fashion a warm indoor eatery and performance space, while a robust California Coral tree and flourishing vegetation set the scene for a lush, outdoor dining experience. Rockwell: Table & Stage is Weho Royalty and much missed on the Westside.... Mark’s Mary, Chris Diamond and Catering to Divine Dish Magician Chef Wayne Elias. Their always Babe & Babes Magnate Eastside Eatery & Bar - Club Staple is located at 1714 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027. The indoor remodeled dining room opens each night at 5:30pm with music shows beginning at 8pm or 9pm. The outdoor patio space is open daily from 11am – 12am Sunday through Thursday and 11am 2am Friday and Saturday. After work specials are served on the patio daily from 5pm - 8pm while brunch is served daily from 11am – 3pm and features health conscious lunch and brunch specials and innovative beverages. DJ’s spin Thursday through Saturday evenings and at Sunday Brunch from 12 -4pm. Reservations can be made by calling (323) 669-1550. Find Rockwell: Table & Stage at as well as on Facebook.

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FRESH VICE Eleven 8811 SM Bl.310.855.0800. Don J.S. and Steve Machuca 9pm. Cocktails. 11pm dancing with resident DJ Morningstar and VIP VICEsquad. HYPE Ultra Suede 661 N. Robertson Bl. Paul Nicholls Brings you the Biggest Performers from all over the world!! DJ Morningstar - FRESH MEAT M.J.’s 2810 Hyperion 323.660.1530. $6 Drinks ‘til 12 TRUCKSTOP GIRLS 696 Robertson 310.360.8455. Linda gets this fine-ass Friday homo & Lezbo mix hang going! Always packed! ”BULLSH*T HMarys 8288 SM Bl. WH 323.654.3800 A DRAG SHOW, RULES! DANCE BITCH Fubar 7994 SM Blvd 323.654.0396. Hosted and DJ’d by The Gorgeous Gay Mobstars Billy Francesca and Herm’s homotley screw crew! GAMEBOI RAGE 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055. Packed every Friday! . 18+, 2 dance floor playing Pop, Dance and Asian music videos all night. BOYSROOM via Tigerheat Executive Suite Nightclub 3428 E.PCH, L.B. 562.597.3884 21+. $3 beers/$4 vodkas + Red Bulls www. FLEX Velvet Lounge 416 W 4th St Santa Ana, 21 + OC BABES DANCerteria! ROOSTERFISH 1320 Abbott Kinney, Venice 310.392.2123. Beach Boy Babes out in droves! Blondes and butch! Drink specials. FUZZY 1123 Vine St. Hollywood Mario Diaz & Cody Bayne’s 2nd Fri. Butch STAG AT ROCKWELL 1714 Vermont Av 323.669.1550 CUB SCOUT Eagle LA 4219 SM Blvd 323.669.9472. Chris/Vic. 1st Fri. FILTH FRIDAYS Faultline 4216 Melrose Blvd 323.660.0889. DJ Matt Moody. Rockin Redneck Strip-pole. Pabst Beer Cans 9-2am CLUB HOMBRES Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd. Showers! Undies Contest FAME Circus 6655 SM Blvd WEHO 323.721.1291. Latin, house, R&B. Latina Diva Karlota 9pm3:30am. 21+. The most caliente cholos! 18+ Oasis 1386 E Foothill Upland 909.920.9590. Beef stick! BOYBAR HMarys 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900. 18+ Hot gogo dancing DJ Zach Moos and Boy U. Baby Doll Go Go’s ! CLUB DIVA VIP Club 3673 Merrill Av Riverside 951.784.2370. Vanity Halston, Raven, Mayhem, Bridgette Diamond, Kiwi.. Krazy Gurls! 11pm ALIBI EAST 225 San Antonio Pomona 909.623.9422. Latin love! $2 domestic beers. Two DJs spinning afterhours ‘til 3am! Slammed & Sexy! FLASHBACK FRIDAYS Chico 2915 Beverly Blvd Montebello 323.721.3403. DJ Frank aka DJ TJ playing videos & old skool. $2 Coronas AZUCAR at C. Frenz (form.Bananas) 7026 Reseda Bl., Reseda 818.996.2976 FREE BARRIO ENTRANCE Frathouse 8112 Garden Grove 714.373.3728 UNZIPPED Ripples 5101 E. Ocean 562.433.0357. Hot new GoGo Girls. $6 Absolut, $3 Bud Light Bottles, $1 Jello shots & Trish’s Kitchen

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HOOKER CASINO Here 696 Robertson 310.360.8455. Paul Nicholls, Woody Woodbeck, host Billy Francesca & Rhea Litre. MONSTER Eleven 8211SM Bl. 310.855.0800. Tigerheat Hotties WeHo Style! Ray Rhodes & Howie T. big Pop Top! STAR BAR Velvet Lounge 416 W 4th St Santa Ana, 18+ BOYS THE “ABBEYWOOD” 684 Robertson Blvd. 310.289.8410. Bi-sexy Scene CHERRY POP Ultra Suede 661 N Robertson. Tom Whitman’s Soda Tops! ROCK & ROLL GAY BAR Fubar 7994 SM Bl. 323.791.3041 The Boulet Bro. Jay Krimas serve you Flesh Trade & all w. Dj’s Jasten King & Barbeau spinnin’ RAGE 18-25 8911 SM Bl. 310.652.7055. Younger, fresher, hotter! 18+. Two rooms of dance dolls. Hip hop too. Hot damn! ARENA 6655 SM Bl. 323.462.1291. Gene La Pietra’s Grande! FRICTION MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL 323.660.1503. By Scandal! 10p-2a REFLEX Ultra Suede 661 N Robertson Bl. Flesh pool every other Saturday after-hours for info MONTHLY at LA Stock Exchange! RASPUTIN 665 N. Robertson Bl. Sean Wagner gets it all O.C. to L.A. CHIC! SCREW MJ’s 2810 Hyperion Av. Third Saturday of month for your kink needs. Tattoo Chris’s raunchiest Dick Down. SPIT Faultline 4216 Melrose 323.969.2530. Third Saturday. DJ Paul V. OLE OLE Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Bl. NoHo. Latin Pop, Cumbias, COBRA dancers and our fave El Show de Karlotta VIP 18 & OVER 3673 Merrill Ave. 909.784.2370. Hairspray. 3rd.Sat.of month. Packed hot teen scene, drink specials! CHICO 2915 W Beverly Bl. Montebello 323.721.3404. DJ Brett spins hip hop, house, old skool and Latin. $3 Dirty Water Shots! BLENDER Palms 8572 SM Bl. 310.652.6188. DJ Raw Bert Monthly Mayhem HAMBURGER MARYS 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900. 1st 2nd “Play Hard” 21+ NO Cover DJ Dancing 4th Sat BEARS STUNNING HM. 8288 SM WH 323.654.3800 Calpernia Addams Drag and burlesque show CLUB VENUS Executive Suite 3428 E PCH LB 562.597.3884. Ladies! 18+ Oasis 1386 E Foothill Upland 909.920.9590 FULL FRONTAL DISCO Akbar 4356 Sunset S.L monthly Disco Daddy Mario Diaz RIPPLES 5101 E Ocean Bl. LB 562.433.0357 -1st: LaPlaya, GoGo Papis,DJ Felix,$3 Coronas,Dancing -2nd: Bear Bar, Bears, Daddies, Chubs, Admirers, DJ Jon Williams - 3rd & 4th: PUMP Saturdays,DJ RPM, Hot GoGos, Drink Specials, No Cover ALIBI EAST 225 S. San Antonio Av Pomona 909.623.9422. $2 domestic beer, $4 well drinks DJs and Dancing! No Cover. TRANNYSHACK Monthly @ EchoPlex 1154 Glendale Blvd 213.413.8200. Hosted by Heklina & Cody Bayne. SF Meets LA-DramaDrag Show




SIZE U. Here 696 Robertson 310.360.8455. 4p-2a, Happy Hr, Wii, Prepare to get Schooled” by Tom Whitman RELOAD Robertson 665 N. Robertson Blvd. 11-4pm Brunch & Beats! Woody Woodbeck $15 All you can Eat Brunch SERVICE Robertson 665 N. Robertson Blvd. Rob Dorman & Justin David, GoGos! 4pm RELEASE Mickys 8857 S.M. Bl. Afternoons Stefano Rossi. Music by Res. DJ Strange Machine and guests. Relax. Retreat. Release. DECADES Mickys 8857 SM Blvd 310.657.1176 Stefano Rosso 70s 80s 90s! !HOUSE BOI! AT Velvet Lounge 416 W 4th St Santa Ana Electronica Hauz! UNREAL Hamburger Marys WEHO 8288 SM Bl. 323.654.3800. Calpernia Addams, Delilah DeMilo & Drag Stars Galore. 9pm. No Cover POPRAZZI Rage 8911 SM Bl. 310.652.7055. DJ Tony G. Pops it up! snap! BEARBUST Mickys 8857 SM Blvd 310.657.1176. DJ Ryan Jones upstairs! BOOTY BUMP Fubar 7994 SM Blvd 323.654.0396. Dirty Burty & boys. BEARS IN SPACE Akbar 4356 W Sunset Bl. SL. 2nd Sun. Dancing bears! BUSTED! Motherlode 8944 SM Bl. 310.659.9700. Beer bust. $5 Infinity/$1 glass. DJ Bobby Y and karaoke 11p-2a. ALIBI EAST 225 S San Antonio Av. Pomona, Beer Bust 3-9pm HAMB MARYS WEHO 8288 SM Bl. WH 323.654.3800 Brunchettes Daytime Drag 11am. Sunday NIght Ben Roman Karaoke HAMB MARYS LB 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900 Brunchettes Daytime Drag 11am. Sunday Night CLUB SWAG with DJ Ernie Pearl LUCKY SUNDAYS Tia Juana’s 14988 Sand Canyon Av. Irvine $2 shots, Lucky Star Revue 10-11pm. DJ Zach. 18+ CLUB BOOMBASTIC HM 740 E Broadway L.B. 526.983.7900. Blacktino! DRAG IDOL Oasis 1386 E Foothill Upland 909.920.9590 $300 weekly cash prize C.FRENZ 7026 Reseda Bl. Reseda 818.996.2976. Beer Bust Valley 3-8pm. RIPPLES SUNDAY PLAYGROUND 5101 E Ocean Bl. L.B. 562.433.0357. free Mexican BBQ 6p-9p. VIP SUNDAYS 3673 Merrill Riverside 909.784.2370. Opens 3pm. Beerbust till 11p, L.I. Tea’s $3.75 and stiff martinis! STRIP PARTIES Midtowne Spa 615 Kohler 213.680.1838. 3pm HOOK-UP 1047 E 2nd St. Pomona 909.620.2844. Beerbust 3p-8pm . $1.00 16oz. tap, no cover UNDIES SUNDAYS Crest Bar 5935 Cherry Av. L.B. 562.423.6650. $2.50 wells ‘til 10p. Free. BBQ 4p-8p. Hot boys ‘n’ briefs!

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WHO 7-13-12.indd192 2012-07-13.indd

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Southern Decadence 2012:

All Roads Lead to Bourbon Pub and Parade Disco in the Heart of the French Quarter

NEW ORLEANS—A New Orleans landmark and one of the world’s Top 10 Gay Bars and Clubs, Bourbon Pub & Parade sits at the center of all the Southern Decadence happenings Labor Day Weekend 2012: Wed, Aug 29-Mon, Sept. 3. Bourbon Pub is located in the heart of the French Quarter at the corner of Bourbon & St. Ann. Weekend Passes and VIP Weekend Passes are on sale now at: Weekend Passes $60 include all events Thursday – Sunday; Welcome Cocktail and Priority Admittance. VIP Weekend Passes $100 include all events Thursday – Sunday; Welcome Cocktail; Hosted Cocktail Reception Saturday night; Express Check-In; Express VIP Entrance and Commemorative T-shirt. Your hosts for the weekend, direct from Los Angeles: Billy Francesca and Rhea Litre! Upstairs, dance non-stop to Parade’s decadent DJ line-up, including: Thursday - DJ Sean Michael (NOLA); Friday - DJ Mike Bryant (Los Angeles); Saturday - Masterbeat DJ Brett Henrichsen; Sunday Tea - DJ Robbie Leslie (SiriusXM-Studio 54 Radio); Sunday Night - DJ Max Rodriguez (New York) and Monday - DJ Jayskee (NOLA).

NOLA.indd 20 20 2012-07-13.indd

Named #1 Gay Bar for 2012

Downstairs at the Pub, enjoy our local VJ’s Brendan Thompson and Chris Allen! Also: Thursday night, don’t miss the infamous Big Bulge Contest, hosted by The Bearded Lady herself Billy Francesca & the newly crowned King Cake Queen Miss Nicole Dubois. Register “your assets” upon arrival! At Sunday’s T-Dance, be there as Disco Diva legend, France Joli, performs her classic “Come To Me” and more, live on stage! Bourbon Pub & Parade is New Orleans’ largest gay & lesbian bar and nightclub. Named #1 Gay Bar- 2012 Times-Picayune Readers’ Choice awards and ranked among the world’s Top 10 Gay Bars and Clubs that “Cannot be Missed” - Operating continuously for over 38 years, Bourbon Pub & Parade is the epicenter of New Orleans’ LGBT community, but also welcomes all visitors from all over the world. For more information, visit:

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BY BARBIE Q • • Events are updated and can be found at Miss Barbie-Q’s Hotplate Calendar of Events at

Hello my loves! As the summer rolls on, I wanna stop, put down my busy schedule, look away from the calendar and give HUGE congrats so many of my fellow artists in their various mediums for their success this summer with their launches, openings, screenings, openings and receptions! FRUITION seems to be what’s going on right now! And it is awesome! All of those chats of dreams, ideas, seeds of what may come is coming true for so many and it is up to us to stop and revel in the that light! Take a look around you. Look at your friends plugging away, disappearing to work hard on their projects and click on the link they have been aching for you to take a gander at. Look at what they have have been planning and doing. You will find yourself looking into the fellow artist in their “zone”. In the moment of what attracted you to them as friends, colleagues and future collaborators in the first place. It’s a beautiful thing. Take the time to click on that link, donate to that kickstarter, do a little shout on the invite or event send a personal text to let them know “Hey love, you are kicking butt like I knew you would!” it would do them a world of wonder more than you know. Selfless pats on the back is something we aren’t used to doing, but should do more of. Just saying. OK. Nuff said. Outfest is here along with San Diego Pride! OUTFEST/TRANS FILM FESTIVAL/REDCAT SPOTLIGHTS -THE THING @DIRECTOR’S GUILD IN THE OUTFESTTRANS SHORTS PROGRAM $13/21+/SAT, JUL 14TH @4:15P AND WED, JUL 18TH @7:30P -HOMEBOY SCREENING @THE REDCAT (631 W @ND ST. - DTLA) $13/21+/SAT, JUL 14TH @4:30P. Q&A, reception after screening WILDNESS @DIRECTOR’S GUILD (7920 SUNSET BLVD.) $13/21+/SAT, JULY 14TH @7:30P One of the highlights in the Platinum and Doc sections. Post-Screening Reception: DGA ATRIUM featuring DJs NGUZUNGUZU and Total Freedom AFTER-PARTY: TBD -I DO @THE FORD AMPHITHEATRE $18/21+/ WED, JULY 18TH @8:30P AFTER-PARTY @Hollywood St. Felix (1602 N. Cahuenga Blv., Hollywood, CA 90028 HOT AND FREE! Grand Performances in DTLA - Free Events at Noon and 8p!! For more info go to OTHER HOT SCREENINGS 7/19: SELENA’S LAST OUTDOOR CONCERT @ ALTA MED YOUTH SERVICES (512 INDIANA AVE. - BOYLE HEIGHTS)FREE/18+/8:30P. Dress up in your best Selena inspired ensembles and participate in the Selena Realness Contest!!! HOT ART JUNE 28TH THRU DECEMBER 28TH SHARED THREADS @CALIFORNIA AFRICAN MUSEUM (CAAM) (600 STATE DRIVE - EXPOSITION PARK) FREE/21+/2P. California African American Museum (CAAM) &

2012-07-13.indd 22

California Artist Coalition of Los Angeles (CACLA) presents. Artists: Duane Paul, Charla Puyer, Nikki Presley,Michael Massenburg, Pam Douglas and Tanaya Aguiniga. Shared Thread explores connections between us and our physical environments. Some artist choose to emphasize their affinity towards the natural elements while others investigate family relationships and the paradox of living in an urban setting . HOT PARTIES 7/13: GOING MONTHLY AT LOS GLOBOS!! WHORE HAUS @LOS GLOBOS $5/21+/CLUB HRS. Saint Peter D’vil presents! Whore Haus Friday The 13th Horror Kabaret Return To Camp Crystal Lake! Sounds: Johnny Jewel and A/D/A/M XVI. Hosted By Rudeness And Sir James (Full Set / Runway). MC: Billy Arriaga. Live Musical Performance: Puma & Pegasus (HAUNTED Haus Beats). Performances: Ali Kat, Aneal Pleasures, Ani Nhervoxa, Bebe Gunn, Cherry Locs, Donna Laroux, Eddie D-Lite, Judas Joe Manson, Londyn Bridges, Paul Lamarche, Rahab Inheels, Rudeness, Saint Peter D’vil. Images/Art/Photos: Carlos Gomez Aranda. Door:Michael Esquivel 7/14: BRUTUS @FAULTLINE $5/21+/CLUB HRS. Special Guest Cruise Director Ambrosia Salad (House of Salad, SF). Chris Bowen (Bears In Space, Cub Scout) and Mario Diaz (Full Frontal Disco, B.F.D.) presents! Happy Birthday you handsome devil MARIO DIAZ! Captain Video: Mark Cuadrado. Deck Hands: Ry Kirk, Dare Williams, Davey Silva, Dustin, Trane, Oscar, Thor & Chris. Photos: Rolling Blackouts KINGS @HAMBURGER MARY’S LONG BEACH $5/18+/SHOW @8P. DragKINGExplosion is back for our monthly takeover of Hamburger Mary’s Long Beach! Hosts: Landon & Jewels. Special Guest: Papa Cherry. Performances also by: Lucky Johnson, Havok Von Doom, Haywood Jablowme and Melvin Urpants! 7/20: RAUNCH @FAULTLINE (4216 MELROSE AVE.) $5/21+/CLUB HRS. The Official Outfest after-party for the film “BearCity 2”. Jeremy Lucido + Gabe Ayala presents. Sounds: DJ Josh Peace. Special Host: Miss Honey Bee. 7/21: BLENDER @FUBAR (7994 SANTA MONICA BLVD.) NO COVER BEFORE 11P - $5 AFTER/21+/CLUB HRS. Kiki Beach Party! Sounds: DJ Rawburt. Feat: RuPaul’s DragRace Pit Crew Stud - Shawn Morales & Pornstar Hanz Berlin! 7/22: BEARS IN SPACE 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY LOT PARTY @AKBAR (4356 SUNSET BLVD.) NO COVER/21+/2P. Sounds: Music Dept (Disco Dive, Nox Illusio, LA), Jeniluv ( Making Shapes, LA) and Critter Control (Cub Scout, LA). Host: Phyliss Navidad. HOT SPECIAL EVENT 7/14: DRAGSTRIP 66 @THE ECHOPLEX

$15/21+/CLUB HRS. - CROSS DRESS $5 COVER - OUTFEST 7/14 FESTIVAL TICKET OR OUTPASS = $5 COVER/21+/ CLUB HRS. - 12AM SHOW. Dragstrip 66 at The Echoplex presents: “20,000 Queens Under The Sea” + Official Outfest After-Party! Sounds: DJ Paul V. Host: Gina Lotriman. Guest Host: Momma. Performances: Jackie Beat, Kay Sedia & Chico’s Angels and The Glitterati Dancers. HOT BENEFITS 7/22: CONFESS-ANAL @EAGLE LA $3 DONATION/21+/SHOW @6:30P. Benefits: COLAGE. A night of Confession, Performance, and Story-Telling with the LA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence! HOT THEATRE 7/25–8/12: CHICO’S ANGELS 3 @CHICAS IN CHAINS @CASITA DEL CAMPO $30/21+/ SHOWS: THURS AND SUN @8P - FRI AND SATURDAY @9P - SUN MATINEE @3P. The chicas for undercover as high school hookers! Kay Sedia, Chita Parol, Frieda Laye & Bossman serve it for 3 weeks ONLY! 7/6-27: IAN MACKINNON’S GAY HIST-ORGY SHOW @MOVING ARTS HYPERION STATION (1822 HYPERION AVE.) 20 / $15 STUDENTS/21+/SHOW @8P.“The Gay Hist-Orgy revives our hidden history in living color, beginning in the ancient world, and tracing the evolution of gay consciousness up to the present day. Ian includes famous gay icons and also introduces the audience to more obscure, but equally fascinating figures who bravely pioneered gay liberation against the odds.” Part 1: Horny for History/Part 2: The Search for Gay Love. 6/28-7/22: GOING GREEN THE WONG WAY @THE BOOTLEG THEATRE (2220 BEVERLY BLVD.)$15 TICKETS/21+/THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS @7:30P/SUNDAYS @3P. An eco-comedy written & performed by Kristina Wong. Directed by Paul Tei. In this critically-acclaimed madcap comedy, Wong weaves her true-life adventures as a tireless missionary of recycling. From confrontational 6th grade science projects to exploding vehicles powered by vegetable oil, join Wong as she crusades for sustainable living in today’s complicated climate. Printing sponsorship provided by Gather Green. For complete listings of festivals, theatre runs, comedy shows, gallery openings, launches, special events, panels and links (even in San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco and New York!) to these events go to Miss Barbie-Q’s Hotplate Calendar of Events Thank you so much for letting me share just a little of what I know! Thanks to all of you! Miss Barbie-Q ( Life is good!

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BY WILL I. HAVETOCHANGEMYNAME This week’s music releases read like a Russian novel: long and difficult! With a few exceptions, Florence and the Machine’s single, “Spectrum” ( the Calvin Harris remix will have you moving), with a beautiful video by David LaChapelle, is a nice surprise from the ginger warbler. Speaking of nice tunes and grooving, Ellie Goulding‘s, “Lights”, is followed by “Hangin’ On” which is doing just that - hanging on in my iPod playlist!

“Blow Me”! ( One Last Kiss) by P!NK is so much fun to sing, and the we all know why. Getting to sing BLOW ME out loud in crowds has always been a way to draw attention and show off your voice while subtly suggesting help. The song is dance ready in its original form, but, of course, has been remixed a dozen times to fill every gay niche of dance to insure her presence on every gay dance floor from here to Kissimmee. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one!)

“Sorry” doesn’t seem to be the hardest word for Madonna who recently apologized for anyone offended by her flashing her nipple onstage during a concert in Italy. She also followed that with “if you don’t like it”, you can also kiss her ass which she then flashed. She’ll turn it up once again on the dance floor with her next single which is indeed, “Turn Up The Radio”. Yes, it bears a resemblance to “Hello” featuring Dragonette, but change the words and a few chords and, voila, you have a hit! “Hello” was a success and a great dance tune, so we give Madge a 7 for this, not original, but if you’re gonna “Lady Gaga“ a song, at least make it a good one! She has just shot the video in Florence, Italy, so expect a debut of the video and a slew of mixes to hit soon. Just in time for her Madgesty’s MDNA tour that lands here on August 28th in Philadelphia, so get your tickets… oh wait.. never mind, SOLD OUT!

2012-07-13.indd 24

7/13/12 10:41 AM

2012-07-13.indd 25

7/13/12 10:41 AM



Okay, hello. This weekend, there can be a lot of emphasis on talking about our feelings, but perhaps not a lot of depth to it. Venus forms a pleasing aspect to Mercury on Saturday, but because Mercury turns retrograde just hours later, there can be some misunderstandings involved. It is possible that we might say things now and later change our minds about them. (Can you imagine?!) We are not inclined to want to face reality while the Moon is in dreamy, impressionable Pisces. It can be a compassionate time. We are especially imaginative, and our intuition reigns under this influence. Boundaries and walls come down, along with inhibitions, and pants (okay, hello) as Pisces energy merges and blends. It’s a time when details are overlooked for the greater good of the greater good. (Follow??) And feelings of all types seem to defy description. We’re motivated by a strong desire to start fresh. Our impulses are strong, and we feel energetic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic. Hoo! Hoo! Sounds like ideal conditions with which to enjoy the Spa. If you do elect to do just that, don’t fall into that La-La land of a floating magic carpet ride for too long, as when you do return, you may find that some steep overtime fees have accrued. Read your horoscope. Kiss someone. Grab your keys and clothes. After all, you’re all stars.

If you desire the advantage of knowing how and when to make the best moves you can in your life, Mrs. Hello would love to assist you with personalized Astrological guidance. The cost is nominal, the benefit great, and your confidence assured. Address interest in these services, as well as any other astrologically inclined correspondence to: and be sure to include “Mrs. Hello” in the subject line.

CANCER JUN 22 – JUL 22: No more lame excuses. Now is the time to go out, even if you don’t have a thing to wear. The rest of the world needs you there, so even if you aren’t feeling your best, you can show up and in so doing, look at what this good exposure will bring to your personal re-release party! The fact remains, any summer can be “The Summer of Love,” so catch a wave and sit on top of the world. I recommend it, the view is stellar. LINDSAY LOHAN/MERV GRIFFIN LEO JULY 23 – AUG 23: It seems that among friends who are usually your right hand and seeing eyes, many have become “fixtures” as their contributions are so in line with yours… but there have been times when you’ve been out of sync with these people. This feels worse than it is, but don’t worry, you are not going to be voted off the island. This time can be utilized to good advantage inasmuch as these individuals are not plotting against you, but rather are in some heavy transitions as well. The shift will come soon. The compromise(s) are not wasted on anyone, and there will be much comfort in this. TONY JOHNSON/STEPHEN DORFF

shouldn’t call them at all, especially if the phone keeps being answered by someone else… Feeling me yet? Thought so. It’s okay to want something, but if you doubt, then maybe you don’t. It works for Opera give it a try. ROCK HUDSON/ETHAN HAWKE SAGITTARIUS NOV 23 – DEC 21: You have a lot on your mind, and your insatiable curiosity can lead you to exciting new learning experiences. However, nervous energy can burn out quickly, so do what you can to feed your need for information in constructive ways; maybe log off for once. Also, watch that a playful attitude isn’t misinterpreted as flighty, and try not to read too much into something that is just meant to be fun. JOHN GALLIANO/NICK STAHL

ARIES MAR 21 – APR 19: “I don’t care about your other girls, just be good to me.” It seems that you are putting attention on getting noticed and gushed over, but the question is, by whom?? Your desire for recognition has become a little top-heavy, and thus some of your good instincts have suffered as a result. By cultivating some of those who tell you what you want to hear, you might be running the risk of inviting more wolves in sheep’s clothing back into your world. Remember what happened last time. Ask yourself if you’re needy, or greedy. JIM PARSONS/GRAHAM KERR

TAURUS APR 20 – MAY 21: Well now, aren’t you smart! The time has come for more people to notice you for what you can do (some of which has been kept out of the big picture), but no more! Your talent abounds, and this is the perfect time to express that. By doing so, you will open yourself up to the potential of better people which could prove to be significant for your advancement,. Go on now with your fancy self. MICHAEL ALIG/ROBERT PATTISON GEMINI MAY 22 – JUN 21: Saying (or writing) it with style comes natural now. A yen for variety is a hallmark of this phase, and this especially applies to romantic experience and artistic tastes. (The latter tends to focus on literature in general and poetry in particular.) A sociable, congenial, slightly frivolous orientation sets in. ANDERSON COOPER/ZACHARY QUINTO

2012-07-13.indd 26

VIRGO AUG 24 – SEP 22: There are some things in life you have to develop a taste for; some people are that way too. I think you maybe understand that when we first meet others, sometimes there needs to be a warming up period. Look at this time to be an indicator of who is worth the time and who might not be. Those that stick around, and in turn, those to whom you keep keeping company, could be the new money shots. For all others, cut ‘em loose… it’s time to clean house, not just spray it down with Lysol. GERI JEWELL/TYLER PERRY LIBRA SEP 23 – OCT 23: A new language could be on the horizon either in the way of your cultivation and maybe journey, or maybe it will be from someone new in your life who gets you all carried away (in a good way), and indulges you with something out of the ordinary and a little exotic. This all comes at a time when most all aspects for you have been pretty even keel, and even a little bland. Be sure to tidy up your house and yourself. Pretty soon you won’t have time. CLIVE BARKER/RUSSELL SIMMONS

SCORPIO OCT 24 – NOV 22: “Well I heard you were High Class, but that was just a lie.” Did your adventures with Make-Believe Man leave you a bit disturbed? Okay, well remember that you can’t always “call ‘em as you sees ‘em”, and maybe you

CAPRICORN DEC 22 – JAN 20: And whoosh! As you shake much of the past six months out of your head, you may have a new and sudden clarity that allows you to relax, and see past many blocks that stood in your way, to some extent, for a while now. At this time, it is hard to do any wrong, Now isn’t that a welcome change? People respond better than before, and you regain much status… just like you… Again. The pieces fit together, and as you ascend to this level, you do so with ease and grace, which pretty much makes it real. DANNY PINTAURO/GAYLE KING

AQUARIUS JAN 21 – FEB 18: Your ruler, Uranus, is approaching a station before turning retrograde this weekend. You might want to watch for impulsiveness and impatience this week, as the shift may leave you feeling a bit confused. Uranus has been introducing you to a wider and perhaps eclectic array of mental interests recently, and the retrograde period prompts you to search within for answers and new insights. It can be challenging keeping a schedule, as distractions are many, so try to put yourself in a good environment that is quiet just until you get ‘er done. Then join ‘em out and about! JAMES DEAN/TYLER LAUTNER PISCES FEB 19 – MAR 20: Decisions revolving around money and personal possessions tend to come suddenly or are made quite impulsively now, but because there is a bit of a risk taker in you at the moment, it›s probably best to avoid situations in which you could lose significant amounts. This energy can also play out on the level of values rather than finances, and there can be some conflicts over what you feel you›re worth and the value or respect others are showing you. WANDA SYKES/QUEEN LATIFAH

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Hey gang, I’ve been missing in action for about a month: my apologies. Ever since the porn world was turned upside down by the untimely passing of Erik Rhodes, it forced me to sit down and really take a look at the porn industry and how far it has come, and more importantly how I feel about it after being part of it for six years. More on that later... To recap, Austin Wilde & Anthony Romero exited from their exclusive contracts with Next Door Studios for reasons you can find on hundreds of blogs out there. Since we last spoke to Wilde & Romero, not only have the two been focusing on their side project, but they also jointly signed an exclusivity contract with The two will be stopping by COCKTAILS WITH THE STARS on 7/25 to talk about their new ventures and celebrate Micky’s & COCKTAILS’ first ever XXXMAS N JULY party on the downstairs patio. If you can remember, please bring an unwrapped toy as they will be delivered to the city of West Hollywood Sheriff Department for distribution. DJ Kid Magik will be spinning, we will have Council Member John Duran stopping by and lots of socialites and celebrities - we’ll see you from 6 - 9:30pm! More details are coming soon so follow our show on Twitter for all the latest info @ COCKTAILSXXX or subscribe to our mailing list by messaging me: As previously noted Erik Rhodes passed away in his sleep of a heart attack on 6/14. It struck a cord and left me devastated for way too many reasons to articulate. When I was starting out as a porn columnist, the gods of porn were Tyler Riggz, Christian Owen, Matthew Rush, François Sagat, Damien Crosse, Michael Brandon, Francesco D’Macho, Chad Hunt, Johnny Hazzard, Tommy D, Robert Van Damme & Erik Rhodes. Fast forward six years later Tyler & Tommy are out, Chad, Christian & Johnny are semi-retired and Erik is gone - this all leads me to ask ‘Who of the current porn stars that are performing in 2012 will be remembered in six years?’ Who do you think it will be? Tweet me and let me know! Speaking about Robert Van Damme he dropped by COCKTAILS WITH THE STARS last week promoting his new album THE REAL ESCORTS OF AMERICA (buy it now on and while we were on break (in between sets) I was able to get some private face time with him and he was not only candid but also the lovable Robert we’ve all come to love! YOU TOOK A BRIEF BREAK IN THE PORN INDUSTRY, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? I never really took a break from industry, My last movie release was early 2011 Muscle God Celebration and prior to that I released one of my best selling DVD, Dirty Muscle. As everyone knows all Studios have suffered During the last few years so I used my time to completely revamp my website in order to be competitive in todays online internet porn industry including Live Cam Show for my Members! I am open to work for other respectful studios,If they are interested all they need to do is call! VERY FEW STARS CAN TAKE BREAKS AND COME BACK AND BE SUCCESSFUL, HOW DO YOU ACCOMPLISH THIS? I continue to stay in contact with my long term fan base and create new fans through my web site, social media and special appearances. TWO PART QUESTION: A LOT OF STARS THAT ARE MORE MATURE EITHER RETIRE OR START TO LOSE FANS, HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR FANS? Thats easy by staying in shape, giving them what they want, something good to look at! WHEN YOU DO EVENTUALLY RETIRE, WHAT DO YOU SEE YOURSELF DOING POST MODELING? I think my body look better than 10 years ago and am much more business smart so I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon! WHEN YOU WERE STARTING OUT WHERE THERE ANY PORN STARS YOU LOOKED UP? Not really, I was guided by Blue Blake who mentored me. But late in my career I had big respect for some of them what were able to made amazing careers and walk out of Porn as a not ruined trash!

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LA 7.13.12