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NY voLUMe 2 / issUe 2 octoBer 29-NoveMBer 11, 2010 Advertising Office: 201.839.5209

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am so sick of hearing gays whine, “I voted for Hillary”, whenever someone gripes about Obama. Hillary isn’t running in the approaching mid-term election. So stop being such babies and deal with the choices in front of you. Or be prepared to lose… BIG! A low turn-out is predicted, but there is so much at stake. If we stay home because we’re dissatisfied with Obama, this is what could happen: the Democrats, the economy (which Bush, not Obama, left in tatters), the fact that DADT has not been repealed, or that we can’t get married, would allow the tea party to elect candidates to represent their districts. But once in office, they won’t just be making laws for their districts. They’ll also be voting on issues that affect the whole country. I’m disenchanted with the Obama administration, and the current Congress as well. But I’ll take disenchanted over fear any day. Petrified is how I feel about the tea party. If your primary agenda is about repealing DADT and allowing same-sex marriage, you can kiss both of these goodbye if the GOP triumphs! No, Obama hasn’t repealed DADT, but he has promised the repeal “on his watch”. And he’s kept most of his promises so far. How many republican lawyers support its repeal or even pay lip service to it?

just look at the freak show that’s waiting in the wings if you don’t exercise your vote.

And Christine O’Donnell, the tea party candidate from Delaware, considers masturbation to be adultery. How do you think this nut views gays’ right to marry? Or even exist? Many tea party candidates are so viciously anti-abortion that they would force a rape victim, even ones who get raped by a relative, to give birth to that child. Forget worrying about your baby daddy. Imagine having your daddy’s baby? Most would agree this is an incredibly extreme and heartless position.

But the tea party’s insane demands don’t stop there. Bloomberg Magazine’s new cover article reports, “Why Business Doesn’t Trust The Tea Party”. Usually, republicans are tireless supporters of big business. Yet the tea party has its nose buried so deep in the Bible that they can’t even create policies appealing to the corporate world! Nor are they pulling for the average Joe. Common tea party demands are supposed to end the not perfect, but better-than-nothing ObamaCare, along with social security and minimum wage. WHO THE HELL WOULDN’T WANT A MINIMUM WAGE? Hmmm… I can’t think of anyone, except possibly a disgruntled mob of gun-toting, racist evangelicals who want to take back their country from a president who they still believe is a Muslim not born in the U.S. Even the garden-variety republicans dismissed these turds as too far out until they started winning primaries. Now the GOP is funneling a fortune into backing their campaigns. Remember the republican candidate who became a national laughing stock after suggesting that we fix health care by returning to the days when we traded chickens with our doctors? After that ridiculous claim, she lost the nomination to Sharron Angle, who actually wants to outlaw booze… and she’s representing Nevada, home of Las Vegas! This freak may unseat current House leader Harry Reid, and she’s so deranged that most of the top Nevada republicans have endorsed her democratic opponent. HELP! We can’t permit the most extreme brand of republican to arise in decades to gain ground in Congress. For better or for worse, Democrats are the party that supports gay rights in general. They’re in deep trouble because everyone’s broke, and people tend to blame the party in power. Even in a robust economy, mid-term elections tend to unseat incumbents. So, just look at the freak show that’s waiting in the wings if you don’t exercise your vote. Staying home is simply not an option!

Lady Bunny

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the coLUMN BY frANkie c.


an the young LGBT community believe “It Gets Better” when we’re still being beat up for being Gay?! Has President Obama forgotten that we still don’t have the marriage right, and does that tell the Gays of any age that it’s getting better? ....Seriously........ NO SERIOUSLY! As JoAnne Colonna and I were whisked off to see Broadway Legend Camille Saviola in her one woman show, “Ancora Pazzo”, it was a night to remember. She entered portraying one of her various characters, and all you could hear was the roar that came over the awaiting, packed house. Making her way to the stage, she tossed out little baggies of macaroni aka pasta as she sang “Ancora Pazzo”, a song written by the Ms. Saviola herself. Her band: Musical Director Gerald Sternbac, also on piano, Zick, Jonny Morrow on bass, and Kiel Feher on drums. Ms. Saviola sang “Soliloquy” from Carousel, “River Deep, Mountain High” (a few bars of) “Mary’s a Grand Old Name”, “It Ain’t Necessarily So” (with special lyrics written by Saviola), followed by a few bars of “One for My Baby (And One More for the Road); a ballad version of “There’s No Business Like Show Business”, and “The Rose Tattoo” from Barry Keating’s Hollywood Opera. The audience called, “Encore! Encore!” and Saviola, being true blood of Broadway, came out singing “My Book” from “Tango Apasionado”. It was a star-studded night in the house with Doris Roberts, Donna Mills, Anna Maria Horsford, John Glover... just to name a few. From the looks and sounds of it, Camille Saviola is not a force to be reckoned with. This is a must-see show. “Ancora Pazzo”! can be seen on NOVEMBER 11th, 2010, at BARRE @Vermont Restaurant. A special Thank You to Shane Scheel for a wonderful nigh!. After dinner, Diane Warren and I made our way to Luck Strike Lanes for Dannielle Thomas’s birthday bash -- it was balls to the wall. Cocktails and cake for everyone, that cake being cheese cake, and since I’m Italian, hey… need I say more?! Well I have to say it, and yes I will, at the party was recording artist, Haviland Stillwell (who was just seen at Joe’s Pub), Christopher J. Hanke, Nolan Funk, Brandon Liberati, Craig Ramsay (trainer on Bravo’s “Thintervention” with Jackie Warner). This was one hot party... and the Diva of high heel pumps, Leslie Sank! Gays, she’s a woman after our own Gay hearts -- Love her! Happy Birthday, Dannielle! It’s always a pleasure to see all of you!! It was cocktail time as jewelry designer Glynneth B, Emma B, and I met up to talk about the Glynneth B Collection and upcoming photo sessions with new designs. Glyn-

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neth shared some one-on-one with me, and as you know, I always share with all of you. Her jewelry can be seen on the cover of Vibe worn by Keri Hilson on Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Natalie Cole (on the cover of her autobiography), and Lindsay Lohan. Also, look for her collection on Americas Next Top Model. You can see her collection at: I was the invited guest of Diane Warren for a private party and performance of the group Due Voci. It was a stunning evening. Due Voci mesmerized the room with their stunning vocals and fabulous musicians. Legendary Songwriter, Diane Warren, joined forces with Grammy winning producer Humberto Gatica to create Due Voci, featuring the magnificent voices of Kelly Levesque and Tyler Hamilton who sang classic reinterpretations of Warren’s many hits. Their album “Due Voci” was released on Universal Music Enterprises (UME). They sang “Unbreak My Heart”, “How Do I Live Without You”, and “Catch My Breath”, to name a few. Among the invited guests were Sandra Bernhard, Haviland Stillwell, Glynneth B, Emma B, and Steven Rosen. For more information on the group: Sunday night, Cherry Jubilee’s Glammy Awards @ Splash brought out the best of the best, and yes, 2010 Glammys was the best yet. Its Hostess for the evening, Bianca Del Rio and Shequida kept us well entertained. Thank You, Cherry Jubilee, for a wonderful event! Thank You, Brian Landeche, and the Splash Family for hosting the night. Yes, this year, I presented along with Ginger Snap and Ken Hunt. A side note - just before we started, I asked the packed house to shout out the word LOVE for the six teens, Tyler Clementi, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase and Billy Lucas who committed suicide because of homophobic abuse in their homes and at their schools. The sound was chilling as the room roared and came together as one! As I’ve said before, the only way to see a change is to make a change!!

Morgan, Jesse Volt & Ginger Snap at the GLAMMYS Happy Birthday to Tony Fornabaio Happy Birthday to Dougie Meyer

Best to all of you. Frankie C.

You can email me at

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just got back from Zurich, Switzerland where I did three shows for the reopening of the largest gay club there, T&M. T&M has been around for some 25 years owned by drag queens Petra and Tamara. They remodeled and this was the official opening weekend. I’ve performed there before several times but hadn’t been since 2004! I was so lucky to get work release from high school to be able to go… I had the best time! Every night was better than the previous! The club was full and people were so nice - and cute!! I got the chance to meet and hang out with many sisters! Jazzmin Dian Moore is gorgeous. She looks exactly like Beyonce but skinny! Lol. We hung out my first night and then she invited to be a guest on her radio show, Zurich Pride, the next night. It’s so weird doing a radio spot in drag! It’s like, “Why am I in drag??” Just kidding. I had to go to the club right after to do a photo shoot for the gay rag there. Oh the life of an international prostitute! Anyhoo- had a blast with Jazzmin. I also met Hellmine Tell! So funny!! Total club kid drag and she stands about 7’! There was the cutest Italian boy working behind the bar who said he does drag, Miss Serendipity. He’s 23 years old but doesn’t like slightly younger blondes… I saw pictures and he looks real Miss Thing! He’s part of monthly party called Balkan Girls, created by Nikita. She’s originally from Serbia and organizes

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the event with about 10 different drags! HOT!!! She kept forcing me to do shots of this Serbian fire water. I now have a hole in my stomach thank you! LOL. I hope you’ve been following The Queens of Drag: NYC! Every Monday there’s a new queen featured and you can see them exclusively on I was the first one (you have no idea how many “producers” I had to sleep with!), then Lady Bunny’s, perhaps the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Then came Bianca del Rio. It wasn’t easy to understand Bianca but I’ve never seen anyone scrub a toilet like that! Last week was Hedda. And this week my dear sister, Peppermint! Peppermint is the hardest working, nicest queen in town. I just adore her. She can turn out a house song, rock it or tear the roof off with her original pop songs. Her videos are gorgeous. We’ve worked together many times including my video parody of “Telephone” (you can see it uncensored at We actually have a gig together this Saturday at Bump in New Jersey.

More later, meow. Sherry The Sherry Vine Show every Sunday at Barracuda @ Midnight Sherrylicious every Monday at VIG 27 @ 9pm

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MArgAret cho sAYs, get oUt!! ... iN Ac



tlantic City is turning Halloween into HalloQueen this year, with Harrah’s OUT in AC, a weekend of LGBT-themed parties and events, October 29th through 31st. A bevy of gay royalty will be on hand to celebrate the Fall Carnival including “The Queen of All Media” Perez Hilton, Queens of Comedy Margaret Cho and Sandra Bernhard, in addition to Whitney Cummings, Jersey Shore’s Jenni “JWoww” Farley, dance diva Kristine W, and more. We spoke with Margaret Cho, who will be taking the stage with Sandra Bernhard for The Queens of Comedy show at Caesars Maximus Theatre, to find out what tricks and treats she has up her sleeve for Halloween weekend.

First of all, your new album is a smash! Thank you. It’s a music album! It’s a comedy album, just in music form. Does being a comedian make it harder to get people to take your music seriously? It does make it harder when you are known for one thing to do something else. But I’m always up for a challenge. Who are some of your music idols? Linda Perry, Nile Rodgers… I would love to do one day do something with David Bowie - that’s my dream! Do you plan to incorporate music into your Out in AC show? My show is mostly comedy and some comedy songs. I am always and forever a standup comic.

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Sandra Bernhard will also be at Out in AC. Any chance for a duet? That would be amazing. Sandra has a killer voice and is so hilarious. I would love, love, love to sing with her! Out in AC takes place over Halloween weekend this year. What was your best Halloween costume ever? The year I was Brigitte Lin from Chungking Express. Also, the year I was Björk from Dancer in the Dark! Will we find you in the audience at any other events in Atlantic City for Out in AC? Oh sure, I will definitely be all out and about! Catch me if you can! Harrah’s OUT in AC takes place October 29th through 31st. For tickets and event info, visit

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roberto novo

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Odyssey Magazine recently visited Montreal, Canada… Montreal reminds Odyssey of the 1980’s set in a French Gothic style. Odyssey loves Stockbar! It is the most amazing professional strip palace in the entire North American continent, with one of the most stunning bar interiors in the world. It’s so state-of-the-art! Their strippers go totally nude (and most of them are French and uncut). The lap dance rooms are fit for a king! Odyssey also loved… Unity, Campus, Le Cocktail, Le Stud & Complexe Sky! The bar at Mado, in the tradition of French lifestyle features Cabaret acts with synchronized dancers. The private rooms are spacious and divine. One of the best bars to go partying and dancing is called Parking. It has several rooms with different atmospheres. There are about a dozen bath houses in the city and even more gay guest houses! All the gay establishments are conveniently located close to one another. Odyssey stayed at the gorgeous Opus Hotel. Montreal is very cute and not dangerously seedy- very French sophisticated. Also, just 45 minutes outside Montreal is one of North America’s biggest ski resorts if you were to visit during the winter! Montreal is just a 6-hour drive from Manhattan. The reason the 80’s were so cool in the US was that we use to have male sex clubs, bath houses, gay guest houses, stripper bars & drag bars, but since then times have changed... Well Montreal still has them! It is not stuck in the 1980’s at all though, it’s actually very progressive and 2010, it just hasn’t lost the most important part of being charming! Odyssey Magazine loves Montreal and definitely recommends you take the first gay boat there and PARTY!!!







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Come to Montreal to see the hottest men in North America. VWRFNBRG\VH\YLQGG NY-10-29-10.indd 17

1171 STE-CATHERINE STREET EAST 514.842.13.36



$0 10/26/10 3:43:45 AM






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HALLOWEEN PARTY Splash 50 W 17 (5/6 Ave) splashbar. com. NYC’s longest running and most popular Halloween party 10/31. Costume contest 10pm. Over $600 in cash prizes. Best Male. Best Female. Most Tragic. Best Group. BEER BLAST The Eagle 554 W 28 (10/11 Ave) DJ Paul Ferrer, Duron; 5p, free ROOFTOP T-dance at Hudson Terrace 621 West 46 St, 6p to midnight 2-4-1drinks 6-7p, free VANDAM Greenhouse 150 Varrick (VanDam) 212.719.4479 Susanne Bartsch, Kenny Kenny, Desi Monster, Ladyfag, DJs Johnny Dynell, Will Automagic, Michael Magnan; 10p, free  SHERRY VINE SHOW Barracuda 275 W 22 St (8 Ave) 212.645.8613 Sherry Vine, DJ David Serrano; 10p, free  CUCKOO CLUB Hiro Ballroom 363 W 16 St (9 Ave) 212.243.4300 Erich Conrad, DJ Honey Dijon; 10p, $10  CLUB 20 20 W 20 St (5/6 Ave) 212.633.0934 Over 20 male strippers; cheap drink specials, happy hour SPERM The Cock, 29 2 Ave (1/2 St) DJ Man Parrish and BarStar Mark. Trashy Go-Go, Filth ‘n Fun, Lights ‘n Lasers. ESCANDALO NIGHTS El Morocco 3534 B’way (145th) DJ John Rizzo, Eddie Cruz, Lorena St. Cartier; last Sunday of month, reduced on guestlist,10pm  BOYS NIGHTS El Morocco 3534 B’way (145th) DJ Nesto, open bar 10-11; 10pm. Free REMIX Posh 405 W 51 St (9 Ave) 212.957.2222 poshbarnyc. com Saturday 10/30 & Sunday 10/31, Special Halloween Party! Over $1,000 in cash & prizes. Other Sundays: T-Dance Remix. Retro pop hits from 70s, 80s, 90s with DJ Rock @ 9pm. Mimi Imfurst’s MIDNIGHT PIZZA PARTY beginning 11:30p with free pizza and special Midnight guests. Happy Hr 4-8p every day. Big Screen TV. Contemporary art display by Olan. BAMBOO 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 Happy hour all day and night. Draft beers $3. Late night Sushi 30% discount 12am-2am. Big screen TVs. Sunday, Oct. 30 & 31st, “The Seven Deadly Sins” Halloween Party. Special menu & drinks all week long. No cover. Over $1,000 in cash and prizes. Chef James prepares fabulous Sushi & Sashimi dishes. Come and mix with exciting Broadway and models crowd. TY’S 114 Christopher (Hudson/Bleecker) 212.741.9641 happy hour 4-8p. Free  ALPHABET Arrow Bar 85 Ave A (E 5/6) Drew Zailen, Akash Abraham, Vlad, Carlos, Mitch, DJ JRoc, Go-Go; 2-4-1 drinks 9-10p, $5 Vodka, 9p. Free  SUPER SUNDAYS Club Atlantis 76-19 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights 718-457-3939 Guest hostesses, DJs Yayo, Rafael Cantina; 10p  PICOSITOS SUNDAYS Music Box Bar 40-08 74th St, Elmhurst, NY DJ Jorge, Shows @ 12a & 2a; Happy Hour 4-9p with tropical show @ 8:30p, Margaritas $5. Free  KUTE G Lounge 225 W 19 St (7/8 Ave) 212.929.1085 Epiphany, Joey Israel, Joey Murray & Matty Maggiacomo host, DJ Xavier, 9p-1a. Free BEETLEJUICE Nowhere Bar, 322 E. 14th St. (First Sunday every month) “DJ Chauncey D takes you back, just not that far back with naughty night of nostalgia featuring pop gems and rarities from late 80s, early 90s; classic house, new jack swing, freestyle… and more.” 10pm. No Cover. Free Pizza. Free Pool. Drink Specials. ROCKBAR 185 Christopher St. “Bear Blast” 1pm-9pm: $3 Bud & Bud Lite. $3 Bloody Marys. Late Night Happy Hour 11p-1a: $2.50 Well & Domestic beers, $3 Import beer. $4 Call. DJ Joe Fiore spins. XES LOUNGE 157 W 24 St (6/7 Ave) 212.604.0212 xesnyc. com 2-4-1 Happy Hour 4p-9p. “Desperate Housewives” shown 9p followed by Sing Out Sister Karaoke 10p. Join Peppermint & TJ for fun and sometimes amazing Karaoke night. 20,000 songs! No cover. VERVE @ Rebel 251 W 30th St 347.262.6988 Eddie Elias presents Verve Halloween Official after party @ Club Rebel NYC starting 11am

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Nov. 1. Music by DJ/Producer Eddie Elias. New staff, hot dancers, add’l sound system. Limited quantity pre-sale tickets @ $20 on sale Oct. 4. Once sold out, pre-sale tickets available for $30 & $40 at the door. Purchase tickets online: http://www.


MUSICAL MONDAYS Splash 50 W 17 St (5/6 Ave) 212.691.0073 VJ John Bantay with Showtunes & Video. 7p-12a; $5. Curtain Call with Emily McNamara. Broadway guests perform. Midnight; $5. Happy Hr. 2-4-1 drinks 4-9:30p  BINGO BAKE WITH GUSTY WINDS Posh 405 W 51St (9 Ave) 212.957.2222 Gusty Winds Bingo 9 pm. All draft beers only $3 all night. Work it with amazing laser lights & hot dance mixes with DJ Clay. Free pizza 10:30p. Happy hr 4-8p every day. Big Screen, contemporary art by Olan displayed. SHERILICIOUS Vig 27 119 E 27 St, Sherry Vine hosts and performs, $6 Voli Vodka cocktails all night, 9pm. Free MACHO MONDAYS Nowhere Bar 322 E 14 St (1/2 Ave) Tommy G, DJ Rico, Latino Go-Go; $3 drinks, $2 Pabst, 10p, $5 SAKE MAKI MONDAY Bamboo 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 RSVP Happy hour 12p-9p. Visit and add yourself to our mailing list for chance to win bottle of Chandon. Late night movie. Chef James cooking fabulous Sushi and Sashimi dishes. Sake Maki dinner by Chef James $25/person (min. 2 people). Frozen Lychee Cosmos $5 all night. Sushi happy hour midnight to 2am. Late night Sushi discount 30% Midnight to 2am. Big screen TVs. Party all night. PSYCHO BABBLE Therapy 348 W 52 St (8/9 Ave) 212.397.1700 Mimi Imfurst, 11p; happy hour. Free SPERM The Cock, 29 2 Ave (1/2 St) Tee-Balled GoGo Harder’s random acts of go-go hotness with DJ Mark Sterling. CABARET FEVER Uncle Charlie’s 139 E 45 St (Lex/3 Ave) Michael Thomas Murray; 8p. Free  XES 157 W 24 St (6/7 Ave) 212.604.0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour ‘til 9p where virtually everything is buy-one-getone-free including premium brands, Ketel One and Absolut. At 9pm, Gary serves $3 Domestic bottles & drafts and $12 pitchers for Monday night bear fest called, “And bears, oh my!” DJ Big Ragoo spins. No cover.  SABOR LATINO Monster 80 Grove St (7 Ave) 212.924.3558 DJ Tony Cruz, Go-Go; happy hour, drink specials all night, $6  FRAT PARTY Gym Bar 167 8 Ave (W 18/19) 212.337.2439 DJ Andrew 9p; happy hour 2-4-1 drinks, $4 Long Islands, Bud pitchers. Free  LUCKY CHENG’S 24 1 Ave (E 1/2) 212.473.0516 Asian dining & drag karaoke; 8:30p  BOOGIE NIGHTS Boiler Room 86 E 4 St (2 Ave) $3.50 Drinks. Free  ACOUSTIC MONDAYS ROCKBAR 185 Christopher St. Unplugged/WOOF!: Acoustic musical performances by Dan Crowley & special guests 6 p. No cover. WOOF! Hosted by Mike Dreyden. Sexy sights & sounds. Go-go’s. Party starts 8p. $5 cover gets free Bud or Bud Lite, draft beer. Happy Hour 4p-9p: 2-4-1 drink special. $4 Frozen Cosmos. Late Night Happy Hour 11p-1a: $2.50 Well & Domestic beers, $3 Import beer. $4 Call


TWINK TUESDAYS Splash 50 W 17 St (5/6 Ave) 212.691.0073 Krazy Karaoke hosted by Ginger Snapt along

10/26/10 3:43:57 AM

with guest judges. $200 in cash prizes 7p-10p. Twink Tuesdays with DJ Steve Sidewalk. Mid-week hump night for horny college boys! 18+ every wk. $5 before 11p, $10 after. Happy Hr. 2-for-1 drinks 4p-9:30p.   POSH BAR & LOUNGE 405 W 51 St (9 Ave) 212.957.2222 (4pm to 4am Guaranteed) Sidewalk “Glee” on big new flat screen. DJ JROC starting 9pm keeps things Watch moving with pop & top 40s mix. $5 Martinis all night. Contemporary Art by Olan displayed. Happy Hour from 4-8pm every day.  THE BOX 189 Christie St (Delancey/Rivington) 212.982.9301  THE EAGLE 554 W 28 St (10/11 Ave) 646.473.1866 eaglenyc. com Foot Men 8p, 1st/3rd Tues $10; Smoking Tuesday, last Tues, 8p. Free  BEIGE B Bar, 40 E 4 St (Bowery), 212.475.2220 DJ John John Field, fashionable crowd; 10p. Free  ‘CUDA KARAOKE Barracuda 275 W 22 St (8 Ave) 212.645.8613 Mimi Imfurst/DJ Busted; 2-4-1 drinks happy hour until 9p. Free  XES 157 W 24 St (6/7 Ave) 212.604.0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour ‘til 9pm. Watch “Glee” at 8pm during Happy Hour. Night for Tranimal starring Tina Burner: new drag contest where someone wins $100 every Tuesday and chance to win $1,000 grand prize at end of 12-week cycle. Starts 11pm. Cover. SUPER LOUNGE Bamboo 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 Happy hour Noon to 9pm. Late night Sushi discount 30% midnight–2a.m. DJ Ogilvie 6pm. Ladies nite (2-for-1) 9p-4a. Visit and add yourself to our mailing list for chance to win bottle of Chandon wine. Come and party ‘til 4am. TOWNHOUSE 236 E 58 St (2/3 Ave) 212.754.4649 $500 prize talent competition  TWINKY TUESDAY The Web 40 E 28 St (Park/Madison) Twinky Go-Go; at 8p  DESTROY YOUR LIVER Boiler Room 86 E 4 St (2 Ave) $1.50 off draft, import, domestic beer, $3.50 drinks. Free THE BLONDE LEADING THE BLONDE The Ritz 369 W 46 St (8/9 Ave) Sherry Vine and Epiphany, 10p. Free  KARAOKE TUESDAYS Uncle Charlie’s 139 E 45 (Lex/3 Ave) 212. 661.9097 Open mic w/pianist Mike Murray; drink specials. Free  CLUB ATLANTIS 76-19 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights 718-4573939 DJ Rafael; $3 drinks. Free  ROUND UP ROCKBAR 185 Christopher St. Country Western Night 8p-12a. Free line dancing & two-step lessons given by Manhattan Mustangs. No cover. Yee Haw! Happy Hour 4p-9p: 2-4-1 drink special; $4 Frozen Cosmos. Late Night Happy Hour 11p-1a: $2.50 Well & Domestic beers, $3 Import beer. $4 Call. BIG GULP 29 2nd Ave. between 1st & 2nd Sts. DJ Kindbad. Bar Babe David Serrano. $10 all you can drink.


GOOD TIMES Eastern Bloc 505 E 6 St (Ave A/B) 212.777.2555 DJs Sparber, Jimmy Im, guest DJs, musical themes; 10p; happy hour. Free DIRTY POP The Cock 29 2nd Ave (1/2 St) DJ Drew G and Mark Afana give you Booze-Boys- Beats. 2-4-1 ‘til 1a. Cum! OCEAN Splash 50 W 17 St (5/6 Ave) Yamil X and Nathan Williams present “Ocean”, NYC’s weekly Blatino party. DJs MK & Beyond. Hip-hop, reggae-ton & house music. Go-Go dancers, live performances. 10p. $10 before midnight, $20 after. Happy Hr. 2-for-1 drinks 4p-9:30p SHOW PONY Posh 405 W 51 St (9 Ave) 212.957.2222 Tacky Trivia with live performances, prizes, giveaways. At midnight, everyone enjoys hot sliders from 123 Burger, Shot, Beer. DJ Ogilvie 9 pm. Tacky Trivia with Duff & Alfi. Big Screen. $5 Mojitos / $5 Margaritas. Contemporary art by Olan on display. Happy Hr 4-8p every day. BAMBOO 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 Happy hr. Noon-9pm. Cosmos $5 all night. Late night Sushi discount 30% midnight to 2am. DJ Javier. Chef James cooking fabulous Sushi and Sashimi dishes. Mid-week place to come and hang out. Visit and add yourself to mailing list

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for chance to win bottle of Chandon. THE EAGLE 554 W 28 St (10/11 Ave) 646.473.1866 eaglenyc. com Jockstraps; DJ Mirchi; $3 Jager/Bud, 10p. Free  HUMPDAY KARAOKE XES 157 W 24 (6/7) 212.604.0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour ‘til 9pm. At 9pm, join newest drag sensation, amazing Ms. Tina Burner with DJ Calvin at controls as we turn on Karaoke machine. Sing any one of our 20,000 songs. HuMpDay Karaoke starts 9pm.  PIZZA PARTY Boiler Room 86 E 4 St (2 Ave) free pizza 8p. Free  ROCKBAR 185 Christopher St. Ari Gold’s Search for the next Gay Icon. $500 in cash prizes! First 5 contestants guaranteed a slot. No lip-synching. Show starts 10p. No cover. Happy Hour 4-9p: 2-4-1 drink special; $4 Frozen Cosmos. Late Night Happy Hour 11p-1a: $2.50 Well & Domestic beers, $3 Import beer. $4 Call.  LE BOY Papis 104 Dyckman St between Post and Nagle Aves. Hosted by Polaris Bomb, Mateo VIP and EXXXTREME entertainment. DJ Nesto and DJ Official spin. House, Latin and hip hop all night. Diva drag show by Vanessa Valtre. Sexy GoGo Godz. Drink specials all night long. 21 and over with proper ID. Email or for more info.


CAMPUS THURSDAYS Splash 50 W 17 St (5/6 Ave). Alan Picus presents NYC’s largest weekly gay pop party. DJs John Marto, Vito Fun, Steve Sidewalk. Hosts Dougie Meyer, Justin Luke, Chris Ryan. Go-Go dancers & live performances. Pop music. 10p. Free before midnight w/student ID. $5 without. $10 general admission. Happy hr 2-for-1drinks 4p-9:30p BAMBOO 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 Happy hour Noon-9pm. Late night Sushi discount 30% midnight to 2am. DJ Bryan at 6pm. Chef James cooking Sushi & Sashimi dishes. One more day ‘til weekend. Visit and add your name to mailing list for chance to win bottle of Chandon. DARRELL’S DUNGEON Paddles 250 W 26 St (8 Ave) All types, all ages, anything goes play party for men of color, videos, music; 8p-3a, $25  EASTERN BLOC 505 E 6 St (Ave A/B) 212.777.2555, DJ Gant Johnson; early happy hour. Free  FOX The Park 118 10th Ave (17/18 St) Josh Wood and Jared Needle, hosted by Kris Haigh. 2x1 drinks from 10-11pm. Thursday 10p-4a. Free  STAR SEARCH Barracuda 275 W 22 (8 Ave) 212.645.8613 DJ Keo Nozari; happy hour until 9p, 2-4-1 drinks. Free  SPERM The Cock, 29 2 Ave (1/2 St) Classic Cock. DJ Scott Ewalt. Bartender Nashom. MATTACHINE Julius 159 W 10 St (Waverly Pl) 212.243.1928 Last Thurs: PJ DeBoy, DJs John Cameron Mitchell, Amber Martin; happy hour  TY’S 114 Christopher (Hudson/Bleecker) 212.741.9641 Bear Night/drink specials 8p; happy hour. Free BEAT BOX Posh 405 W 51 St (9 Ave) 212.957.2222 DJ Javier 9pm. Lounge around all night with $3 Corona! Big Screen. Contemporary art display by Olan. Happy Hr 4-8p every day KARAOKE THURSDAY ROCKBAR 185 Christopher St. Karaoke DJ Grizz brings out your inner Rock Star every week 8p. No cover. Happy Hour 4p-9p: 2-4-1 drink special; $4 Frozen Cosmos. Late Night Happy Hour 11p-1a: $2.50 Well & Domestic beers, $3 Import beer. $4 Call. QUE CHIMBA LOS JUEVES Music Box Bar 40-08 74th St. Elmhurst, NY Guest DJs; Kute & Sexy Colombian Boyz; Happy Hour 4-9p, Aguardiente Shots $3 or Bottle $25. Free  GORGEOUS G Lounge 225 W 19 St (7/8 Ave) 212.929.1085 Franco DiLuzio, Mark Lander, DJ Lina, 10p. Free XES LOUNGE 157 W 24 St (6/7 Ave) 212.604.0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour ‘til 9pm.Then a night of music videos and fun as TJ the DJ turns video jock with best pop & dance videos every Thursday 8pm. CDs, videos, clips and more. If you go to Chelsea Classics at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas on 23rd St., give our bartender your ticket stub and he’ll give you free drink! No cover. continues...

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F*WORD Splash 50 W 17th St (5/6 Ave) Mark Nelson & Michael Formika Jones present the F*Word. Rotation of hosts include Amanda Lepore, Jane Lane, Joey Israel. Music by DJs Cazwell, Kindbud & Billy Lace. Go-Go dancers & live performances. 10p; $10 before midnight, $20 after. Open ‘til 5am. Happy Hr 2-for-1 drinks 4p-9:30p UNCUT Rebel 251 W 30th Latino Go-Go. ROCKIT Quo 511 W 28 St (10/11 Ave) Table reservations: Tony Fornabaio, Brandon Voss, DJ Keo Nozari, DJ Lady Bunny, Door/Giovanni 10p. Free  BUBBLE GUM Posh 405 W 51St (9 Ave) 212.957.2222 Bubble Gum Fridays. NYC’s “DJ Ogilvie” starts your weekend off at 9pm spinning best pop/top 40 hits. Big screen. Contemporary art by Olan displayed. Happy Hr 4-8pm every day. SNAXX Westside Tavern 360 W 23 St (8/9 Ave) 212.366.3738 DJs Rich King, Gustavo, muscle bears; 2nd/4th Fridays 10p, $5  BARRACUDA 275 W 22 (8 Ave) 212.645.8613 DJ JonJon Battles; 2-4-1 drinks happy hour until 9p. Free  FUNK FRIDAYS The Web 40 E 58 St (Park/Madison Ave) 212.308.1546 Hip Hop DJ Carlos, Go-Go; $10/8 web ad/free b4 10p NO PARKING 4168 Broadway (W 176/177) 212.923.8700 DJs Mike Da Wizard, Jav Teran , Go-Go; 2-4-1 happy hour  EVOLVE 221 E 58 St (2/3 Ave) 212.355.3395 evolve58nyc. com DJ Christopher Jacobs 10p; happy hour 4-8p, drink specials. Free LUCKY CHENG’S 24 1st Ave (E 1/2) 212.473.0516 Cameron Dailey, DJs Deputy, Bing Ragoo; Asian dining & drag karaoke; 8p, beer special $3 b4 12p, $5 after  AMBOOZAU Bamboo 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 Happy hour noon to 9pm. Late night Sushi discount 30% from midnight to 2am. DJ Nathan at 6pm. Chef James cooking Sushi & Sashimi dishes. Come and mix with exciting Broadway and models crowd. Visit us and sign up for chance to win bottle of Moet. CLUB ATLANTIS 76-19 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights 718-4573939 Drag Queens, DJs Israel, Boli; 10p  ROCKBAR 185 Christopher St. Under the Covers with Blake Evan Sherman. Live performance starts 11p. $5 Svedka Vodka 9p-close. No cover. Happy Hour 4-9p: 2-4-1 drink special; $4 Frozen Cosmos. MY CLASSICS Music Box Bar 40-08 74th St. Elmhurst, NY DJ Rafael spins Reggae, House, Dance, Tribal; Show @8:30p, Latin Men; Happy Hour 4-9pm, Mojitos - Bloody Mary - Mimosa $5. Free  DENIM SHORTS Phoenix 447 E 13 St (Ave A) Rock, metal, punk and indie dance DJ Armartini; 10p. Free  HARDON The Eagle 554 W 28 St (10/11 Ave) DJ Reed McGowan, guest hosts & DJs, live performances, dancers, 10p. Free BLACK COCK 29 2nd Ave (l/2 St) House of Black. Grooves, GoGo, Gagging – Get it! THE QUEEN VIC Corner 2nd Ave/4th St. New to E. Village. Lunch/ Dinner. Fish & chips, bangers & mash, Yorkshire pudding, other delicious British Pub Food. Open late night serving Pub Snacks, liquor, beers. XES 157 W 24 (6/7 Ave) 212-604-0212 2-4-1 Happy Hour ‘til 9pm. Then, experience night in the dark with laser lights and great house, dance & pop music videos at DARK! TJ the DJ spins every Friday. No cover. BOXERS SPORTS BAR 37 W 20TH St (between 5th & 6th Ave) 212.255.5082.Playgirl wants you! Are you an exhibitionist? If so, come try out Friday October 29th at Boxers NYC. Midnight signup. Competition photo shoot @ 1a.m. All contestants receive free pair Boxers NYC boxer shorts. Grand prize photo shoot in Playgirl Magazine upcoming “Jock” issue.

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DOUGIE MEYER SATURDAYS Splash 50 W 17 (5/6 Ave) A rotation of world-renowned circuit DJs on main floor (house music) with resident DJ John Marto in lower lounge (Pop music). Live performances & Go-Go dancers. 10p; $10 before midnight, $20 after. Open ‘til 6am. Stud Search with Jesse Volt 8pm. $200 Cash Prize. Free. CLUB 57 Providence 311 W 57 St (8/9 Ave) club57@fveventsny. com Brandon Voss, Tony Fornabaio FAMILY FUNCTION Woody’s 31 2 Ave (2 St) Ladyfag hosts, DJ Michael Magnan + special guests, 11p. Free  SLAMMIN’ SATURDAY Posh 405 W 51 St (9 Ave) 212.957.2222 Get hooked on Hot Vibes & Hot Boys. Make your “slam-dunk” with late-night house music by DJ Claymation 9 pm. Big Screen. Contemporary art by Olan displayed. Happy hour 4-8p every day. BAMBOO 52 344 W 52 (8/9 Ave) 212.315.2777 Happy hour 4pm to 9pm. Late night Sushi discount 30% midnight to 2am. DJ Ogilvie at 7p. Chef James cooking fabulous Sashimi and Sushi dishes. Sunset 3-course dinner only $14.95 from 4p-8p. Visit and mix with Broadway and models crowd. Sign up for chance to win bottle of Chandon wine CLUB ATLANTIS 76-19 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights 718-4573939 Latin party; 10p, email for free admission  THE RITZ 369 W 46 St (8/9 Ave) DJ JonJon Battles. Free  BARRACUDA 275 W 22 (8 Ave) 212.645.8613 DJ Vito Fun. Free BODYSHOT Therapy 348 W 52 St (8/9 Ave) 212-397-1700 DJ James Palmer; drink specials, happy hour, 11p. Free  TY’S 114 Christopher (Hudson/Bleecker) 212.741.9641 happy hour 4-8p. Free NO PARKING 4168 Broadway (W 176/177) 212.923.8700 Man Explosion: DJs Rico and Digiprana, Go-Go; 2-4-1 happy hour  DRAMA Rush 579 6 Ave (16/17 St), College Night: 18+ Charles Winters, Alan Picus, DJ Steve Sidewalk, Go-Go; 10p, 18+, $15/10 invite  BARRAGE 401 W 47 St (9 Ave) DJ David Serrano; 9p. Free VIDEO PLAY SATURDAY XES 157 W 24 (6/7 Ave) 212-6040212 2-4-1 Happy Hour 4p-9p. Great video music mixes with VJ Calvin 9pm. Special 2-4-1 Happy Hour Midnight to 1:00am. Fun! Drinks are cheap and no cover charge!  TWINKY SATURDAYS The Web 40 E 58 St (Park/Madison Ave) 212.308.1546 DJ Ducky, 1st Sat Calendar Boy 2a show, Go-Go; Karaoke 8-11p; Happy Hour 8-9p, $5 well drinks 9p-12a, $5/free w/ web ad  NIGHTCLUB Q Nightclub 632 Midland Ave, Staten Island qusiny. com $4 long islands, $3 draft beer, $5 after 12a/free b4  ROCKBAR 185 Christopher St Beer Blast 1p-9p: $3 Bud & Bud Lite, BBQ. $5 Svedka 9p-close. OPEN BAR (10p-11p) XXX party starts 11pm. Dirty Sexy Shenanigans in the back. DJ Adams spins. No cover. SUPER SIZE SATURDAYS 29 2nd Ave (1/2 St) DJ Nashom pushing Big ‘n Sexy, House ‘n Happy Beats. Mark and Ari serving.

If you do not see your listing in this issue of Odyssey Magazine, but would like to be in the future, please email us: Thank you.

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