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Ryan Black, Alan Friel, Bill Herman, Blair Late, Steve Machuca, Dana Miller, Paul Perales, David Rae & David Waterman




Sept. 4-7

Proceeds benefit the Point Foundation and Lifeworks.

Labor Day LA is back for 2009 FOUR events for only $75 Open Bar ALL Weekend

More information & tickets available at

Friday, September 4 Cocktails Let's begin with free cocktails at the world premiere of a brand new venue. Meet a mate or a date or two and size-up what's going down all weekend long. 7 to 10 PM. Saturday, September 5 Sophisticate to Trash. Begin your evening gazing at yet another spectacular view of glamour boyz with cocktails in hand. LDLA covers your cover and offers up libations to you thanks to VeeV Vodka! 9 to whenever in WeHo. Sunday, September 6 Pool Party & Philanthropy. VIP pass to a hilltop estate with meat and brew served up by hot hunks plus a DJ and a swim suit fashion show starring the hottest men. Booze Bonus: Trip Wilmot's East/West Tequila Room heads to our hill. Monday, September 7 Beverly Hills Pool Rooftop. The Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills is set for an afternoon of cocktails and a splash in the roof top pool. A great way to wind down the weekend and a last chance to meet that guy you have been wanting to take home since Friday. Bring your suits and towels.

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FOUR DAYS---FOUR PARTIES LIMITED PASSES TO EVENTS Tickets to all four events: JUST $75! Tickets to just the Sunday pool party: $50! Made possible by the generous donation of The David Geffen Foundation LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW AT A 501(c)(3) organization Your contribution may be tax deductible.

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SEP 27 Featuring the biggest bands from the disco era performing all their classic hits, plus disco karaoke and dancers!




Kool & UIF(BOH

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Village People Ă&#x20AC;H<20Ă Ă&#x20AC;<PRW^<P]Ă  Ă&#x20AC;8]cWT=PehĂ

Ă&#x20AC;2T[TQaPcX^]Ă Ă&#x20AC;6Tc3^f]>]8cĂ  Ă&#x20AC;9d]V[T1^^VXTĂ Ă&#x20AC;;PSXTb=XVWcĂ  Ă&#x20AC;7^[[hf^^SBfX]VX]VĂ Ă&#x20AC;5aTbWĂ



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7985 santa monica blvd. #447 West hollywood, ca 90046 tel 323.874.8788 • fax 323.874.8782 Volume #13 - Issue #9

AUGUST 28, 2009 - SEPTEMBER 10, 2009


THE COLUMN. SKEETCHY MONIQUE STARS ONLY! WHO? INTERSCOPES. THE TOP 10 Q&A. THE PORN. THE INDUSTRY. T H E F A M I L Y... Publisher • Mike Everaert Creative Director • Brian J. McCarthy Editor in Chief • Keoki Tavares Design Director • Jay Cribas The Wigs • Livonia The Industry • Jason Sechrest The Porn • Scotty B The Music • Will Ihaveto changemyname Top 10 Q&A • Joshua Miller National Advertising Rep.

Rivendell Media 212.242.6863 COVER MODEL...

Jet Set Men Exclusive

ADAM CAMPBELL as seen in “Tackle” Career Direction By

The Premiere Artists Odyssey Magazine is published bi-weekly in Los Angeles and monthly in Hawaii. All material herein is copyrighted 2009, Odyssey Magazine. Reprint by permission only. For more information regarding advertising, please call: 323.874.8788 or fax 323.874.8782 or No implication regarding sexual orientation or personal practices of contributors or advertisers appearing in this publication is intended and none should be inferred by the reader.


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1. Prez Barack Obama 2. DustinLanceBlack 3. H.S.H. Elton John 4. Clay Aiken 5. Don Sam Nazarian 6. Don David Cooley 7. Don Pat Rogers 8. Don JeffreySanker 9. DJ Sandy Sachs 10. Don GeneLePietra 11. Lindsay Lohan 12. Ellen Degeneres 13. David Geffen 14. Bryan Lourd 15. Jann Wenner 16. Bryan Singer 17. Brian Graden 18. Don Paul Nicholls 19. Don Jim Murphy 20. Don Chris Ciccone 21. DonOrlandorPuerta 22. DVDJ Ray Rhodes 23. Don Jason Lavitt 24. Mike Nava & David 25. DonBrettHenrichson 26. Michael Berman 27. Don Tom Whitman 28. Richard Grossi 29. Tim Meepegama 30. Maz Y. 31. Bruce Villanch 32. Michael Brown 33. Don Anthony Lopez 34. Jay Krimis 35. Andrew Briskin 36. Wayne Castro 37. Trenchcoat Mafia 38. Will Gorges 39. Wayne Elias 40. Chris Diamond 41. Rohan Bisset 42. Rusty Updegraff 43.HSHRosie ODonnell 44.HSHAlexisArquette 45.HSHCandy Ass 46.HSHJackie Beat 47.HSHChi Chi LaRue 48.HSHCandice Cayne 49.HSHChad Michaels 50.HSHVenus Delite

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51.GREENREVOLUTION 52. CHAZ & Cher... 53. ShamWoW! of Iraq 54. Wanda Sykes! 55. Kathy Griffin 56. Mario Diaz 57. Rosanne Barr 58. Lance Bass 59. Victor Rodriquez 60. “The Real“ Zam 61. Jonathan Chang 62. Lynn & Alex 63. Tattoo Chris 64. RyanAllenCarrillo 65. Suzie Orman 66. Chad Allen 67. Billy Burgess 68. Margaret Cho 69. Andrew Christian 70. Jude Tade 71. Caesar Torres 72. Ron Madril 73. Gus Van Sant 74. John Waters 75. Michael Stipe 76. Sir Ian McKellan 77. Perez Hilton 78. Rachel Maddow 79. Andy Bell 80. Sandra Bernhard 81. George Takei 82. Michael Moloney 83. Luis & Jim Turner 84. Sandra Bernhard 85. Madonna ? 86. Wilson Cruz 87. Jake Shears 88. Jay Cribas 89. Greg Louganis 90. T.R. Knight 91. Marc Almond 92. Cynthia Nixon 93. Rob Halford 94. Dangerous Muse 95. Oscar De La Hoya 96. Neil Patrick Harris 97. Oprah&Gayhell 98. Brad & TrAnjolie 99. Janet & Jermaine 100. Mrs&MrsTomCruise

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THE COLUMN a Dead Kennedy ? no bullets? no accidents? Well maybe times really are a changing ! With this cancer (a natural death by the “health” terms in the U.s. of amurder’s very seemingly common way “to go” in the freest country in the world.) thank christ, Teddy Kennedy didn’t blow like last year, without his ruling, (surviving & dodgin’ those shinny right DIAnE SEYMoRE wing bullets) left wing nut job voice of liberal to the low hangin’ leftist of the left, President Barack obama never would of had a christian chance in a glory hell hole to land the top Prez. spot. teddy stumped, screamed and did all the Irish fighting to filth to make certain us minority types from us Pinko commies to the Dark & Lovelys would get some representation with the Obama Nation. Bless all the Kennedy’s green hearts, the luck of the irish might have been the biggest reason we finally got the GReeN ReVOlUtION going full Obama scream ahead. Rest in Peace teddy. With the fighting seeming to on the up and up now that Health Care is still an “american fight”, and not a “right”. We still have to hold on tight thru the end of this hot hot hotter than hell summer. looks like it truely is a labor day of love this year, hate seems to be reigning ridiculously here in the U.S. of acreditcard. It’s alot easier to “fight”, but alot harder to just keep it cool and play nice, especially in the middle of a hideous karmic backlash “recession” our country is going through. i read in Readers digest once that when countries go belly up, and cash becomes almost a joke, or even obsolete, sex and food become the two industries that the masses need and become the most in demand. so with all the homo-nuerotic irony that has become just a twisted norm in some parts of our WeHo Community, it’s alil’ koo koo that one of l.a.’s land mark gay restaurant’s NUMBeRS has been, of all retarded things “picketed”. the restaurant is one of my fave places to dine on fine food with exsquisite high call high balls and with the hottest WeHo Babes in and out to be seen and like any Weho eatery, adored. NUMBeRS has had quite the scandalous, salacious reputation with the beginnings up on sunset blvd. with Rock Hudson, Paul Lynde and charles nelson Reily and the lavander Mafia makin’ it the digits to dial if you were gay and in the biz. With a few other owners, taking this classic Hollywood Gay Mafia Diner and cruisey, hip watering hole down to Santa Monica Blvd. it’s a sex and food survivor ! Maz Y. is the current owner, and he is adorable and always very inviting and engaging with the Gay Community. Now West Hollywood’s clubs and restaurants are NOt all Gay Owned, Mary! i really don’t think it ultimately matters if owners are gay, bi, straight, trans, or even Lady Ga Ga hermaphrodite for publicity. i just love the food that maz and his adorable staff of hot boys and sweet girls serve up dailey, Judy, Judy, Judy is a gemstone of a manager as well. With the Queens that have to scream with stupid signs to boot, and do the patheic picketing against “straight Maz“ who hates Gays????? Really Faggots, stop the sneetchy non sense. life is too short and too Queer to waste your time on name calling(I hate straight people’s lifestyle as well, but really if the food and biz is right on for my gay ass I’ll eat it up faster than you can squeal race war!) loving is alot harder than fighting. and Mary’s I lOVe a good PeaCe of NUMBeRS fresh halibut or filet mignon, and the crab cakes are perfection, along with the seared scallops and the freshiest salads and super yummy home made hot soups! You can’t fight the Gay Mobstar’s Bruce Villanch’s, Dustin Lance Black’s, Zam Loomstein’s, Jonathan Smilove’s, Alexis Arquette’s and candy Ass’s who dig the dish that even a “straight owner” serves to the Queens amongst Queens!!!!!! On the Gay Mafia up to the club minute... Will Gorges & Rohan Bisset have opened up StaR fUKeR a new hot box of tricks every Saturday Night at RaGe ! Yep Miss busiest corner in the We-hood has turned into a real Star Gayzer & Sex magnet thang! the opening last week ruled all the queens on the block with babes on boxes and booze a flowing all night schlong. NYC’s electro duo DaNGeROUS MUSe did a couple songs and served up their clean, electric, dark n’ brooding boy, fresh new dePeche-ish sound. dJ Derek Monteiro spun for the Celeb succubus sausages. Some of the fine fukz zeen: Alfredo Lasc, Alan Delrosario, David Knight, Jesse Perry, Todd Manion, Stuart Dennis, chris ciccone, orlando Puerta, Fred Greene, David Wanamaker, John Haler, Morten Kagg, Mike Vescovi, Dean Sona, John Ganun, Matt Zarley, chero Zizzo, John Wooden, Dan Bassett, Seth Apper & Detox Icunt. Whee!! murder season is here once again! all the charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, and Phil Spector types are back up in the news!! the fame heavy murder only problems started this week when reality

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tv show contestant Ryan Jenkins was accused of killing 28 year old model Jasmine Fiore! Ryan was a contestant on a vh1 show, where alleged millionaires compete for the affections of a materialistic blonde bimbo! Well, after Jasmine fiore’s dead body was found in an orange county dumpster (her teeth and fingers were removed to impede SHAMAnTHA coX law enforcement from identifying her, but they were able to find out who she was by the serial number on her breast implants!!!!!!!), !!!!!!!), police began pursuing Ryan Jenkins as the murder suspect since he was recently married to her, they had a fight, he sent a nefarious text to her ex-lover who she was allegedly still seeing, and he was seen leaving the hotel they checked in together and were staying at. alone. carrying the suitcase her body was found in, according to surveillance tapes provided by hotel security!!!! Well, Ryan ran all the way to canada and his dead body was found in a cheap hotel in a small canadian town, apparently as a result of suicide, which he achieved by hanging himself with his very own Belt!! But, here’s where the realness begins and the tragedy ends once and for all: thanks to Shamantha’s #1 hero at Vh1 sexy hunk president Tom calderone, the show that Ryan was on is now cancelled and vh1 is completely rethinking its programing!!!!! at least they know they have two surefire hits this season with Celebrity Rehab aND sober house starring Queen madam Ruler Heidi Fleiss, her wife beatin’ ex lover Tom Sizemore, hot chocolate Dennis Rodman, country singin’ sensation Mindy McCready, america’s next top model beauty Lisa D’Amato, music legend Mike Starr, the gorgeous Jennifer Gimenez, and of course my favorite drug pit master Dr. Sexy Drew!!! Now.. let’s get back to murder news. Dr. conrad Murray, the doctor who injected Michael Jackson with the Propofol that coroners say was the cause of Michael’s untimely death, is in very hot water! Police have confirmed that indeed Michael’s death was caused by the Propofol, but the problem is dr. conrad murray told detectives he only gave him 25mg of the powerful anesthetic, which is not nearly enough to kill someone. hmmm... do you think maybe it interacted with the other handful of drugs that dr. conrad murray gave michael in a 10 hour period?? at 1:30 a.m. Dr. Murray gave the King Of Pop a 10 milligram tablet of Valium. then, at 2:00 a.m. he shot him up with 2 milligrams of lorazepam (also known as ativan, a sleeping medication). then, at 3:00 a.m. he shot him up with Midazolam (also a sedative). then, at 5:00 a.m. the “good” doctor administered 2 MORe milligrams of lorazepam and at 7:30 a.m. he gave him 2 more milligrams of midazolam!!!! as if that killer cocktail of powerful drugs wasn’t enough at 10:40 a.m. he shot him up with the 25 milligrams of Propofol and when he returned to check on Michael at 10:50 a.m. he was SURPRISeD to find him NOt breathing!!! thank God my new best friend La Toya Jackson is speaking out!!! her and the ever powerful Jackson clan are gonna make sure justice is seRved! also, miss latoya has just signed on to replace Elizabeth Hasselback as a guest host on the view at the end of September! Hooray for our girl la toya!! Gay couple Tom cruise and Katie Holmes are taking magazine covers for fIGHtS ONlY this week! But, don’t believe the fight lies! It’s all about Katie’s lil’ 5 year marriage contract ending and lOtS of questions remaining: Will she re-negotiate or re-tire as MRS. Gay cruise?? yay! my favorite porn ruler Jenna Jamesson is back in action! the beautiful miss Jenna was seen in West hollywood looking hotter than ever!! Uh oh! stealing time! both Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge’s Hollywood homes were BURGlaRIZeD!!!! the police suspect the same three people are behind both break ins because of surveillance videos that show very similar looking suspects on both hidden cameras!! my heart goes out to lindsay and audirna, because (i have to plug my own break-in too, Mary) Shamantha cox’s very own Hollywood bungalow was recently BURGlaRIZeD as well and the bastard(s) took her laptop!!! detectives are on the case and shamantha is ReaDY tO PROSeCUte! It’s about time! oprah is getting all the lesbian press as her and her best friend GAY-le’s steamy ongoing relationship has made front cover tabloid news, once again!!! Uh oh! my old friend Heidi Montag tried her best to impress the crowd at the miss Universe Pageant with her lip synching disaster performance....but all she got was lots of bad RevieWs!Wedding time! Jonas brothers superstar Kevin Jonas is planning to wed his fiancee Danielle Deleasa this winter! Keep your gay eyes glued to odyssey magazine, where we take great pride in serving you all the shameful star dirt.MARYTV.nET is Miss Web’s Big Gay tMZ,click & see! and Fags & Bulls.keep up da fight for homo human Rights noW!!!! (parodyMary!)

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monday SASSY SHOW! at Here 696Robertson 310.360.84555 Livonia Services. CLUB ILLUSIONS at The Palms 8572 S.M.Blvd 310.652.6188 Viva Sex METRO MONDAYS at Fubar 7994 S.M.Blvd WEHO 323.654.0396 Cheyne Hauk & Megan Brooks & DJ K.B. New Wave it! 2-4-1specials MUSTACHE MONDAYS! at La Cita on Hill and 4th HotNew Local Queens! Fresh scene with DJ Josh Peace, Dino Dinco and Main Mustache Maria Nacho! click on free mustache ride site...myspace/mustachemondays, y u m SHOWGIRLS! at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Fine TopTrannyReview HEARTTHROB at Level 3 Hollywood/Highland DJ RayRhodesLast Mon18+ OVERDOSE at Rage 8911 SM Bl. 310.652.7055 Burton & his Bambinos!!! SIN at Ripples 5101E.Ocean L.B. 562. 433. 0357 DJ Ernie Pearl. Hip-Hop ENVY 120a Wilshire Fullerton 92832 8-2am, great food greater O.C.babes RICKY’S 13728 Hesperia Rd. #12 Victorville 760-951-5400 H.H.All Day! Amatuer Stripper Night $100.00 Prize $2.00dom & $3.00import bottle beer! KARAOKE W.KENNY MJ’s 2810 Hyperion 323.660.1503 Legendary! STARLETTE REVUE at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900 10p show Jewels hosts a trans-razzle-dazzle top snatch show w. Starlette 18 plus ! ISRAEL’S CANTINA at Chico 2915 W. Beverly Blvd. Montebello Happy Hour Prices all Nite Long! 323.721.3401 CHEEP & EASYParadise Piano Bar 1800 Brodway Blvd L.B.562.436.2433 EL CONQUISTADOR 3701 W.Sunset Blvd. W.H. 323.666.5136 MonThurs.Happy Hours 4-6:30pm with hors d’ouvres too! Lunch Tues-Sun 11am FLASHBACK MONDAYS at 1350 Club 510 W. Anaheim St. Wilmington $8 lockers from 5pm-10m 310.830.4784 STRIP PARTIES at Midtowne 615 Kohler 213.680.1838 Yum! 1/2 PRICE ROOMS at Melrose Spa 7269 Melrose 323.937.2122 $13.50

tuesday RIM JOB! at MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL. 323.660.1503 Nice n’ Sleazy Tues. action, with gogo gorges! Lick it up Queen, DREAM GIRLS at Rage 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055 THE O.G. SHOW! PDA at Crown Bar 7321 SM Bl. Billy Burgess, Victor Rodriguez, Aaron Castle KNIGHTLIFE at Winstons 7746 S.M. DJ Ryan Kenny! RUMORS at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Stefano Rosso & 18 + Too BOYS NIGHT OUT Circus 6655 SM Blvd 323.462.1291 LA’s Tues Tradition,hot papi’s abound,DJ Ernie Pearl, and $3 cover! KARAOKE at Fubar 7994 SM 323.654.0396 FRESH Comedy Mic Night with Bruce Daniels getting the boys to whale! HAMBURGER MARYS Latino Heat 8288 Santa Monica Blvd. 323.654.3800 Taco Bar! and Chocolate Fountain...Cholo’s toooo! CLUB EDEN TUESDAYS! at Sevilla NightClub 140 Pine Ave. LB. Underwear Contest and Miss Ursela Drag Battle at Midnight too! Hot ! COCK PIT ! at Palms 8572 S.M. Anthony Cortez and the Sausages. KARAOKE W. Lady Red Couture Ripples 5101E.Ocean L.B Drink spec SPIRIT at Proof 215 N. Broadway Santa Ana Atmosphere Events doin the booze & boys 21+ DJ RPM & DJ Ahmed GANG BANG at Faultline 4216 Melrose Ave. S.L. 323.660.0889 music, video, hot boys cheap happy hour til’ 12am. Hot. ALL U CAN EAT TACO BAR! at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900 and karaoke with 50.00 cash prizes 9 30 pm, $1.00 tacos rule too! GO COMMANDO! at Boardners 1652 N.Cherokee Ave. Barbie Q host with free b4 11pm w. Live Bands LittleRedRadio & More BOULEVARD LOUNGE HAPPY HRS. 1114 N.Crescent Heights Bl. W.H. 323.654.6686 T-Fri. 4p-7pm $1.00 Heineken/Hein.Lite & drink sp 1/2 PRICE ROOMS at Midtowne 615 Kohler 213.680.1838.$14.00 MINESHAFT 1720 E. Broadway Long Beach 562.436.2433 BeerSpecials and Free Pool too! Wall to wall L.B. Babes always on Tops Only! Tuesdays KENNYS KARAOKE at East West Lounge 8851 S.M.Bl. Lounge Show at 10pm click on YOU CALL FLUX 817 Lake wood Blvd bellflower 562.633.6394 All top shelf premium’s only $3.00 This is a hot pocket of papis ,check it out ! MARIX TACO TUESDAYS! ALL-YOU-CAN EAT TACO bar only $7.95 Marix WEHO 1108 N Flores st. 323.656.8800

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wednesday GARAGE Here. 696 N.Robertson Blvd. 310.360.8455 BOYS HOT BOYS Paul Nicholls & Woody Woodbeck turn this new humpday humpier ! FUEGO at Rage 8911SM Blvd 310.652.7055 DJ Salvador keeps the Cholo La hump day.... burning. o u c h . Ay Papis y Putos! HOT ROD at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Stefano Rosso Sexz it up. WHISKEY DICK! Fubar 7994 SM Bl. SouthernRock! 5 dollar shots! COBRA HAPPY HOUR 10937 Burbank Blvd. (at vineland) NoHo 818.760.9798 Mon-Sat. Cas & Ethan 2.75 cocktails & 2.00 off calls! CLUB DLS at M.J.’s 2810 Hyperion 323.660.1530 Papi Productions! ay! LOVE SHACK Numbers 8745 S.M. W.H. 310.652.7700 Ray Rhodes & Josh Draven ALL 80’s ALLnight! opens this May 27th with Madonna Tribute. DIVA DINNER! at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900c humpday hot! CALIENTE at MJs 2810 Hyperion Av. SL. 9-2am papis! COCKFIGHT at Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd. 818.760.9798 HotHotNoHo! ROOSTERFISH Margarita Weds 1302 Abbott Kinney Blvd. $3.00 Margarita’s all nite schlong! and cute beach gay babes. BINGO! Hamburger Mary’sWeho 8288 S.M. Bl.323.654.3800 A fierce celebrity ball throw down check out the hotties and drink specials! KENNY’S KARAOKE at Fiesta Cantina 8865 Santa Monica Bl. starts 10pm new groovy jungle local. This is “The” Karaoke !!! Let it Rip Gurl! 241drinks! BUBBLE LOUNGE at The Brig 1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Loungey! Chic! THE BRICK KARAOKEat 340 Thomas Street Pomona 909.629.6333 DELICIOUS at Arena 6655 S.M. Ghetto Hip-Hop R&B, 323.692.3636 Merengue room too! 18+ DJ Manny C. FLASHBACK WED.S at Melrose Spa 7269 Melrose Ave $8.00 lockers! from 5 pm to 11pm Every Wed. Night! Cheap Fun SEX SlurP! MOONLIGHT ROLLERWAY GAY! 5110 San Fernando Road Glendale very sexy swishy skatey thang, love this Boys on Wheels! 818.241.3630 1/2 PRICE ROOMS at 1350 Club 510 W.Anaheim St. Wilmington 310.830.4784 Rooms $14.50 lockers $12.50 KAROAKE W. PATRICK Ripples 5101 E.Ocean Blvd. L.B. 562.433.0357 $1 DRINK NIGHT at Oasis 1386 Foothill Bl. Upland 909.920.9590 drink cheap n’ get it all going on humpday!


TIGERHEAT & HEAVEN at The Avalon 1735 Vine St. Hollywood 18+/ DJsJasonLavitt,RayRhodes& BIG FAT DICK! Fubar 7994 SM Blvd Mario Diaz gives you buckets o jizz with DJ Riley Moore spinning out of cocktrol CLUB NUR at Eleven 8811 Santa Monica W.H. 310.855.0800 Hot Steamy Sexy Sand box! Gevo & Hrair Hookah you WEHO style RAGE 18+ 8911 SM  Blvd 310.652.7055 18 & ova star type young fresh chickens! Daddys! Yum, and Drink Specials 2 SMACK! at Obar 8279 Santa Monica Bl.323.822.3300 Tom W.! MY HOUSE 7080 Hollywood Bl. Sanker & Nicholls Get all Gay Home BUDDAH LOUNGE UltraSuede 661 N.Robertson3106594551 Now Every Thursday! fresh and delicious rice dish , downtown Weho! EYE CANDY at Numbers 8745 SM Bl. 310.652.7700 sweet boyz! PAN DULCE at Micky’s 8857 SM Bl. 310.657.1176 Jamie Awad’s Papis!! COCKTAILS W.THE STARS! at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Porn! DOLL HOUSE at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900 18 + gurls! FRICTION The Vegas Club 1901 Newport Bl. Coasta Mesa Archer & Viet Tran’s MEGA CLUB Pop, Top 40, Dance, 80s, Electronic Mashups and wall to wall O.C. hotties! SNATCH at Menagerie 3581 UniversityAv w. Raven 951.788.8000 THURS.NIGHT DELIGHT VIP Nightclub 3673 Merrill Ave.stripper sexiness,$5 all ya can drink draft, Karaoke Patio2! 951.784.2370 THIRSTY THURSDAYS at Trunks 8809 Santa Monica Bl.310.652.1015 DREAMGIRLS at Ripples 5101E.Ocean L.B. Hottest Female Impersonation! 9:30pm Call for Reservations 562. 433. 0357. Karaoke Too! SPICE The Brick 340 Thomas Street Pomona 909.629.6333 FRAT HOUSE 8112 GardenGrove Blvd G.G. 714.373.FRAT Hot Strip Shows on Sat & SunToo! Drag review on Saturdays! PORN STAR J.O. PARTY 8pm at Midtowne Spa. 615 Kohler La. 213.680.1838 Big Porn Industry slabs of beef! Dinner is served! DANCE IDOL at Oasis Nightclub 1386 Foothill Blvd Upland 909.920.9590 10 wk contest CASH prizes...puta! C.FRENZ-KARAOKE (form.Bananas) at 7026 Reseda Blvd. 818.996.2976 with Tony B.The best karaoke in The Valley! GODDESS NIGHT LA’S #1 Trannie night hosted by Leslie Monroy! at COBRA - 10937 Burbank Blvd. (at vineland) NoHo 818.760.9798 JEWELS BODYPARTS Falcon1435 E Broadway LB562.422.1928 $1beer

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friday FRESH! at Eleven 8811 S.M. Blvd. 310.855.0800 Jeffrey & Paul comp admin. 9pm cocktails, 11pm dancing with resident DjMorningstar freshness! HERE’S TRUCKSTOP 696 Robertson 310.360.8455 DJ Ray Rhodes gets this fine-ass fryday homo & Lezbo Mix hang, a going! Always packed ! POPSTARZ at Factory 652 North LaPeer Drive, WeHo 90069 We Play the Pop - You are the STAR! $5 Cocktails ALL Night Long!! FILTH FRIDAY’S FAULTLINE dj Matt Moody Rockin Redneck Strip-pole Pabst Beer Cans 9-2am 4216 Melrose blvd 323.660.0889 DANCE BITCH at Fubar7994 Santa Monica Bl.323,654.0396 The Gay Mobstars Billy Francesca going! All The Cody Cock Studs,DJ ALex too! ­GAMEBOI 8911SM Blvd 310.652.7055 Paul E gets the high-n-r-g flying with gamey gays packing this Raging 18 plus pretty gameboi thang SHITS ‘N’ GIGGLES 659 Westmoreland/Whilshire 3rd Sat.of month DISCO FANTASY FREE before 10:30pm. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Numbers 8745 S.M.Blvd 310.652.7700 Hot! ROOSTERFISH 1320 Abbott Kinney Venice Blvd. 310.392.2123 Beach Boy Babes out in droves!blondes and butch! drink specials too! slurp! MISCHIEF AT MARKS 861 La Cienega ”QueerComedy”1st & 3rd Fri improv starts at 10:30pm pee your pants! 310.652.5252 LOLAS WORLD CABARET at Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd.$2.00 Coronas until midnite. GoGo Games Give aways Drag Queens Gays BOYSROOM viaTigerheat Executive Suite Nightclub 3428 E.PCH, L.B. 21+ FAME at Circus 6655 SantaMonica W.H.323.721.1291 latin,house R&B Latina Diva Karlota 9 pm - 3 :30am 21 & ova!The most caliente cholos ! THE BRICK 340 S.Thomas St. Pomona 909.629.6333 boys thru the brick roof! Hosted by bartender Juan GoGo Gods and $3.00 you call it shots! $2.00 DRINKS! at Oasis 1386 E.Foothill Upland 909.920.9590 beef stick! BOYBAR HMarys 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900 ClubLucky DjZach ASIAMANIA at Stone 5221 Hollywood 323.466.6061DQs & Ricedish! ILLUSIONS 2 at 7969 Santa Monica 323.654.0280 Viva Sex get’s x-tra D.Q. dirty with the Erotic Transexual Topless Review Midnite. Transworld! CLUB DIVA at VIP Club 3673 Merrill Av. Riverside 951.784.2370 VanityH alston,Raven,Mayhem,BridgetteDiamond,Kiwi..KrazyGurls!11pm ALIBI EAST 225 San Antonio Pomona 909.623.9422 Latinlove,Yum!!! FLASHBACK FRIDAYS at Chico 2915 Beverly Blvd.Mntbello 323.721.3403 Dj Frank aka Dj T.J. playing videos & Old Skool $ 2.Coronas AZUCAR at C.Frenz(form.Bananas)7026 Reseda Blvd. Reseda DJ Alexander, Tribal-HipHop-House fresh new space in Valley 818.996.2976 FREE BARRIOENTRANCE Frathouse 8112GardenGrove 714.373.3728 DEBRAS GIRLS at Ripples 5101 E.Ocean 562.433.0357 GOGO Girls CLUB COBRA REMIX 10937 Burbank Blvd. (at vineland) NoHo 818.760.9798 LATIN GO GO dancers DJ Ivan hiphop & latin Caliente!

saturday RED HOT RED Here.696 Robertson 310.360.8455 Jeffrey Sanker & Paul Nicholls, Bring the Gay Mafioso Mariposa’s into Pat Rogers downtown Weho! RED LIGHT Fubar 7994 S.M. 323.791.3041 Dark and Lovely Lads! ROUGH HOUSE at Eleven 8211S.M.Blvd 310.855.0800. Rick K and Brian Laswell werkin’ the vip scene, Hot DJ’s, Live Shows, $5 cover w.comp shot! THE “ABBEYWOOD” 684 Robertson Blvd. 310.289.8410 Bi-sexy Scene. CHERRY POP at Ultra Suede 661N.Robertson Tom Whitman’s Soda Tops! INDUSTRY NIGHT Numbers 8745 SM Bl. 310.652.7700 JasonSeachrest! RAGE 8911 SMBlvd 310.652.7055 youngRfreshRhotteR! SEXY 21+Boys given ya 2 rooms of dance dolls, hip hop too! hot damn!!! ARENA 6655 S.M.BLVD 323.462.1291 Gene La Pietra’s Grande! Dj Sal FRICTION MJ’s 2810 Hyperion S.L.323.660.1503 by Scandal ! 10-2am CLUB ASIA at CAN Club 14241 Euclid#C.101GardenGrove 1st Sat. of Month, click on DJFernando&Felix!! REFLEX at Ultra Suede 661 N. Robertson Bl. flesh pool every other saturday A.Hours click on for more FLAWLESS at VIP 3673 Merrill Av.Riverside, yep mo’ Hot Drag Shows! hosted by Venus D Lite, featuring Chad Michaels, Raja Delta Work, Tommi Rose, Jackie Beat , and 11pm SHINEOxwood Inn 13713Oxnard SCREW at MJ’s 2810 Hyperion Ave. 3rd Sat. of Month fer your kink needs Tattoo Chris’z raunchiest Dick Down, click on SPIT at Faultline 4216 Melrose 323.969.2530 3rd Sat.of mth.DJPaulV. OLE OLE Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd.N H 2. Latin Pop, Cumbias, COBRA dancers and Our Fave El Show de Karlotta SOCIETY Bordello 901 E. 1st St. Last Sat.each month Billy Burgess Royals & Randys! societylosangeles@gmailcom

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VIP 18 & OVER 3673 Merrill Ave. Hairspray 3rd.Sat.of month packed hot teen scene, 909.784.2370 lots a drink specials!!!! CHICO 2915 W. Beverly Bl. Montebello 323.721.3404 DJ Brett spins hiphop,house,oldschool, and Latin $3 Dirty Water Shots! slurp! BLENDER Faultline 4216 Melrose Ave 323.660.0889 Mashups! Mary! HAMBURGER MARYS 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900 Sat 1st Flaunt HEAT(fuse Girls) 2nd CLub Asia 21+, 3rd Flaunt (ladies) 4th Club BearKamp DRAGSTRIP 66 at The Echo 822 Sunset Bl.323.413.8200 2nd Sat. Messy T.V.’s PunkrockCock, slurp! RIPPLES 5101E.OceanBlvd. L.B.562.433.0357 1st La Playa - 2nd Bearbar 3rd Club “ONE” - 4th Bears at the Beach Alibi East 225 S. San Antonio Av Pomona 909.623.9422 NEO exotic review 11PM followed by after hours until 4 am.

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By Alaska Thunderfuck

Jer Ber Jones What do you get when you mix two parts discrimination, one part complete horseshit, and just a dash of paprika for color? PROPOSITION 8, dear. Let’s face it, darlings– in California these days, we queers are an oppressed people. And I don’t know about you, but mama doesn’t take oppression too well. Oppression, or makeup tips. Attention haters, discriminators, and Proposition 8’ers-- We homos can organize and terrorize with the best of them. I’ve been raising more money for benefits these days than I have for myself outside the Shakey’s on Santa Monica Boulevard. And that’s a lot. As you and every Tom, Dick, and Mary in the entire town already know, the Equality Network recently organized the Family Values fundraiser at Eleven in West Hollywood. The guestlist for this event had more queens on it than Tom Cruise’s datebook. Hosted by the illustrious Heklina of Trannyshack fame, Family Values featured performances by the gorgeous Rhea Litre, the magnificent Tammie Brown, the unforgettable Nadya Ginsburg, and many others-- including the awe-inspiring, ME. Thanks to a fierce silent auction, we raised over $8,000 to support same-sex marriage. Talk about disposable income! Now hurry up and change your Facebook status to “I’m going to to get involved because I’m not totally selfabsorbed... am I?” And speaking of collecting mass amounts of money, the incomparable Detox and I hosted a hot man auction at Kevin Pederson Design’s “ICUFO” fundraiser late last month. We well exceeded our fundraising goals and raked in a silicone-pumped BUTT LOAD of gay dollars for the cause. And that just goes to show you-- drag queens CAN raise money for causes other than buying Dexatrim and Tab energy drink. I’d also like to thank all of you who came out to the premiere Rock & Roll Drag Bar at The Palms in West Hollywood. My drag mother, the captivating Jer Ber Jones and I hosted this live-singing, live-instrumentals ROCK FEST with brand new performances by Alexis Arquette, Petunia Bonaparte 5000, Phyliss Navidad, and Barbie Q. Rumor has it that Marshall O’Boy may or may not have thrown an underwear-only hotel afterparty for us afterwards... In case you missed it– FUCK OFF! And you can come join us next month at The Palms on September 12th. It’s time for Prop 8 to be over. A) So we can have liberty and equality, and B) so I can go back to being a self-involved fame whore again. We must fight this unjust oppression. When we work together we are a formidable force. Get involved and stay informed because just like Mommie Dearest taught us, there comes a time in every queen’s life when she must stand up and say, “DON’T FUCK WITH ME, FELLAS.”

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VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22) Like your Leonine brothers above, you blessed Virgins should be feeling damned good about your lives these days. Good news should be coming your way over the coming couple of weeks about a variety of subjects. No doubt the workplace has been rather stressful of late (isn’t it always for you?) so you should be finding some very positive and therapeutic changes happening in that arena. Advancement may be one answer; moving into an entirely new position is another. Your expectations should be high and they should also be more than met. This is a time for gain and victory on your behalf, unless you’re SO self-suffering that you sabotage yourself. Again! Virgins like you: Richard Gere, Chad Bannon, Jeff Hardy

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20) Are you wee little Fishies feeling a bit lost these days? Not sure where to turn, what to do next? Through September and into October you’ll probably be feeling a strong yearning to seek new knowledge and perhaps even a little counseling on what your next moves should be. Don’t be embarrassed about seeking help - whether it’s therapy, guidance counseling or just an aptitude test. (One thing’s for sure, though; you won’t find it at the end of a glass pipe or a 40 ouncer!) You’re on the verge of going over the top and you MUST exercise caution right now. A trip may make itself available to you that could open up new vistas of insight. If you can afford to take it, do. If not, DO! Fishies like you: Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins, Eric Lindros, Antonio Sabato, Jr.

LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 23) Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, named after the goddess of Love. This might never be more obvious than in the next two weeks because love in all forms appears to be primary on your list of priorities. Love of friends and family will probably lead to much hearty socializing. Love of sex is sure to find you in the finest parking lots, sex clubs and back alleys in town. But it’s emotional love that seems to dominate your thoughts and feelings. Are you already involved? Prepare for new intensity in your relationship. Not involved? You will be. This is the time for you to reacquaint yourselves with the art of giving and receiving.quite aside from being a “top” or a “bottom”! Librans like you: Kieran Culkin, Jenna Elfman, Fran Drescher

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19) Ouch! You poor Rams aren’t likely to have a whole lot of fun over the next few weeks - unless you thrive on heartache and self-pity. Major love problems appear to present themselves to you. A possible split with a loved one is a real possibility right now, but not unavoidable. However you look at it, though, the road directly ahead of you looks pretty rocky. Better get some new Doc Martens if you expect to navigate these treacherous cliffs and survive. Disorder, confusion and sorrow appear to be your most frequent emotions. Even if it’s not permanent, some kind of separation or absence seems to put your through a great deal of stress. How ironic, someone else putting YOU through the mill for a change! Rams like you: Al Gore, Ewan McGregor, Celine Dion

SCORPIO (Oct 21-Nov 22) Although you often cringe at all the energy expected of someone in charge, you’ll do far better in the driver’s seat over the coming few weeks than as a passenger. This is especially true when it comes to money. You need to develop a sense of independence quite quickly if you want to take advantage of all the success that might be yours right now. Meekly following orders won’t get you more than a paycheck. Being assertive and setting out on your own is the key to making your fortune. You weren’t born to serve others; your bedroom habits alone should tell you that. Using your talents for business and your friends (which you tend to so anyway) just might let you retire! Stingers like you: Gavin Rossdale, Adam Horovitz, Grace Slick

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20) So you Bulls think you’ve got the world sewn up and you’re in complete control, eh? Ha! Think again, Elsie. Hold onto your hats, because the next two or three weeks could bring a shake-up to your life like you’ve never experienced before. Your tired old ass may just need a little shaking, too, if you’ve become as complacent as it seems. The time to chew your cud is over, sister. Abrupt and (possibly) total change is just around the corner. This is because you refuse to heed all the signs that life is giving you to make the changes on your own. Oh no, you’re way too good to fix it even if it IS broke. Dig in your heels as much as you want as resist, if you can. You’ll only make it that much harder on yourself. Give in, damn it. It won’t kill you. If anything will, it’s YOU! Bulls like you: Kirsten Dunst, Jeff Timmons, Willie Nelson

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21) September brings a surprising new factor into the lives of you Archers: satisfaction. Not JUST sexual satisfaction, either - booty bump queen! This is a more general sense of contentment and accomplishment. In spite of all the things that are wrong with you life - especially with money - you should feel that you have reached a point of reasonable success. Your friendships should be flourishing and your love (LOVE, NOT SEX - you Centaurs don’t know the difference!) will most likely be exceptionally fulfilling. Now is the time to realize your plans and make everything happen. If you were a woman (and many whisper that you might be) now would be time to go shopping for wedding gowns! Centaurs like you: Kaley Cuoco, Elisha Cuthbert, Clay Aiken

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21) You Twins certainly are looking forward to a lot of thrills and excitement coming up in the next two weeks. What kind of “fun” might you have in store? How about a little degradation for starters? This will be a period where you’re going to have to watch your step everywhere you go. People will seemingly be “out to get you” and for once this won’t be a paranoid fantasy. A great deal of destruction could occur right now.but you do have some control over things. Recognize that you are in a weakened state and do whatever it takes to protect yourself from overbearing people who are out to steamroll right over you. And remember: the best defense is a good offense! Twins like you: Jonathon Tucker, Collin Farrell, Brooke Shields

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) Even more than usual, you Goats have been really hardworking all year. The good news for you is that now is the time you should begin to start seeing the fruits of your labors. All of your efforts are likely to feel perfectly guided and executed these days, which is sure to bring you even more pleasure than your newly acquired prosperity. Since you can’t seem to get a date, at least you can go hog wild in the ‘Escorts’ section of Frontiers at least. On the other hand, romance could be just around the corner for you. Celebrate your victories and seek a little peace and quiet so you can recharge your batteries. After all that hard work, you deserve a little tranquility! Goats like you: Val Kilmer, Joe McIntyre, Bebe Neuwirth

CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22) Since you tend to be the emotional type anyway, Crab, you’d best pick up a fresh box of Puffs or a newly starched handkerchief. You’re going to need it. There’s quite a lot of sadness around you over the next few weeks; some of it comes from those around you but most of it is likely to be your own. A sense of being separated from everyone - even if they’re right around you - seems quite probable as well. In addition to some sense of embarrassment, you’ll be very inclined towards sadness over a relationship. Whether it’s over or just not going the way you’d like, you’ll find plenty in your life to make you unhappy. And no one makes a better sob sister than you do! Crabs like you: Michael Phelps, Fantasia Barrino, Mike Tyson

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18) No one is quicker to sing your praises than you, Water Bearer. And yet, the coming couple of weeks do seem to showcase your finer qualities rather nicely. Your loving and giving sides should get quite a workout as October creeps up on you. Your sympathetic, practical and understanding ears will make you a popular advice giver. However, it may also be that you’re called upon to give quite a bit more than you receive. And since your emotional state these days might kindly be called delicate, it’s entirely possible that you’ll be needing a shoulder to cry on as well. Don’t be afraid to give freely of yourself, but don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it, either! Water Bearers like you: Justin Timerlake, Minnie Driver, Carol Channing

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22) Yippee! No one is going to have more reason to celebrate the good times than you Lions right now. Right through this month and into next, success seems to come to you effortlessly and easily. Whatever challenges you’re facing and no matter how daunting the odds appear to be against you, you’re just about guaranteed to be victorious in anything you tackle these days. You appear to be especially lucky and gifted in the areas of work and money, which should be great news since you’ve probably been a bit worried about both. You’ve got the advantage, baby, so you run with it and use it all to your own best needs. Seems like happy days are here again.if you’re a Lion! Lion cubs like you: Eric Lively, Dean Cain, J.K. Rowling

Lady Katherine Connella has been writing frighteningly insightful and accurate astrology columns for gay magazines since 1993. She is the author of a shocking book of memoirs, currently available for sale online in print at, and among others. For more information, go to:

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There could be something fishy going on.

A painless sore. A rash. Then they’re gone. But it’s not. Syphilis is in you, doing its damage.

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andis 10 CCayne THE TOP


By Joshua Miller s Photo By Maya Guez Candis Cayne is definitely a living legend in gay culture. Since Candis has moved to California she has captivated us with her talent, beauty and most of all her humility. Candis has had roles in Wigstock, Stonewall, Tu Wong Fu and Starbooty. The beauty also won Miss Continental in 2001 and graced many magazine ads before she came to national attention and the first transgendered woman in history to have a reccurring character on a prime time series. In 2007, Candis portrayed transgender mistress Carmelita on ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money.” But don’t fret, Candis is just getting started! We will be seeing her on the hit TV series Nip/Tuck, a new cocktail from Skyy Vodka and of course at The Abbey Food & Bar every Monday night!

Where did the name “Candis Cayne” come from? I got it from my Drag mother Guava Chiffon, who at the time was Lana Cayne, I thought Iʼd keep it in the family. If I could go back now, I would probably let my birth mother name me. At the time of my transition I had been performing as a Drag Queen and was pretty well known in the Drag Community so I couldnʼt change my name. Describe the process of getting the role of Carmelita on ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money.” I got a call one day from Patricia Field, who told me that she was working on a new Pilot for ABC and said there was a role in it that was perfect for me, so she called the casting people and got me an audition, I went and auditions and got a call back to read for the writer producer, and after a week or so they called and said I got the part, although I had no idea how big it was or was going to be at the time. After growing up in Hawaii you moved to California. Why did you decide to move from Los Angeles to New York? What do you miss the most about NYC? I actually loved LA but It just wasnʼt working out, I was taking a lot of dance class hoping it would get me gigʼs but nothing was happening, so I got a cruise ship job to try and get some money to move to NY where I thought I would be more embraced, as an ultra feminine dancer. I started dabbling in drag here, but there was NO drag scene. I love NYC and think itʼs one of the greatest cities in the world, I loved every minute of it from sleeping on couches when I first got there to having my weekly shows and “making it” there. But I was there for over a decade and sometimes you have to let things go that you love to not feel stagnant. When you took on the role of Carmelita were you prepared to deal with being the spokesperson for the trans-

08-28-09 56

gendered community? I honestly didnʼt realize that wouldnʼt happen at first, but It became clear real fast when I realized that it was going to be on a prime time Network show. To be honest I thought of myself as a normal, well adjusted person. I welcomed the opportunity to show the Trans community in a positive light.

Was there a point or moment where you thought “OMG I can’t believe this is really happening?” Yes, I think it was when I was on the Paramount lot at the first table read sitting across from Donald Sutherland, outside I was lightly smiling, and on the inside I was screaming like a pre-pubescent girl at Jonas Brothers concert.

What is the difference between the audience @ The Abbey in Los Angeles and Barracuda in New York? They are equally GORGEOUS! Gays are the same everywhere, lol

Because you are one of the most recognized LGBT Entertainers, Skyy Vodka named a cocktail after you that they served at New York Pride. What inspired you to entertain? Itʼs been in my bones for as long as I can remember, itʼs not only something that I wanted to do but something I HAD to do. I just went for it and hoped for the best!

On you recently did a webisode series called, “Show and Tell.” Was it your first time dancing the “Rumba?” You’ve done some work in choreography and studied dance correct? Any interest in being on “Dancing with the Stars?” I would love to be on “Dancing with the Stars” I think it would be so much fun, I have had dance training but never partnered so it would be a challenge, itʼs so funny but so many people come up to me and say that they want me to be on that show. Weʼll see, maybe someday theyʼll approach me. Can you tell me a little bit more about your upcoming role in Nip/Tuck? I have a two episode story arch, playing off the Julian McMahon character; I meet him at a bar and eventually go in for surgery.

What’s next for Candis Cayne? Well I do my weekly show at the Abbey, which I love, Itʼs such a fun show to do and at one of the best bars in the country, and I just shot a pilot called “YES WE CANDIS” that weʼre pitching in three weeks, so wish me luck, and hopefully soon Iʼll be back on your little screens singing, dancing and having a gayʼol time. � For more on Candis Cayne please visit her on Myspace at Go to exclusive recipes.



Skyy Vodka’s “Kiss The Girl ” Cocktail • • • •

1 ounce X-Rated Fusion Liqueur 1/2 ounce SKYY Infusions Citrus 1 ounce Cranberry Juice Shake the ingredients over ice and strain into a martini glass or mix onto ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

8/27/09 4:07:30 AM

raoke a K ! s s Kick AKaraoke jo w/ nesdays Wed - close 7pm Look’s Daily Specials Mon: Pasta del Mar Tue: Seafood Crepes Wed: Peppercorn Steak Thu: Pork Cordon Blue Fri: Prime Rib Sat: Trout Almondine Sun: Stuffed Chicken

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Summer hours Mon - Fri : 11am - close • Sat & Sun: 10am - close

(760) 778-3520 • 139 E. Andreas Rd., Palm Springs, CA 92262 • 08-28-09 57

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THE PORN By Scotty B (pictured center)

First I begin with a good ole pat on the back... because it’s a flattering compliment when directors and head honchos in the adult industry go out of their way to send emails to compliment me on the news that I report here for you all. This column is quickly becoming a staple and I want to thank my peers for reading, trusting and choosing to browse my column! Speaking of guilty pleasures, it seems as if the notorious delicious gossip blogger Kruezer at Night (KruezerAtNight. com) has taken the approach that you are either with him or against him. No matter what anyone tells you in the industry, his basic site is a guilty pleasure and we have all snuck a peak to see who he praises and David Forest pisses off! Last week the adult industry was treated to a bit of drama between Kruezer and kingpin agent David Forest via emails and the Kruezer website. Kruezer took shots at Forest’s, health, finances, future plans with Mark Dalton and one of Forest’s alleged man crushes. Ultimately these grown men have been at it for years and it’s quite delicious to read. My favorite is Forest’s strict instructions to Kruezer: “STOP printing things that are NOT true (my health, etc.).   You have been advised.   Please do NOT make the mistake of taking these instructions lightly.” Wow... the first round truly goes to Mr. Forest!!! Next month David Forest presents his make-up month at Micky’s COCKTAILS WITH THE STARS with Johnny Castle & Tony Capucci, Adam Heart & Chad Conners, Zeb Atlas & Caesar, Dempsey Stearns & Todd Daniels. Each week will feature two porn stars and will be in the order you see above. Forest is also bringing industry legends down every week and himself is included! For more log onto Steve Cruz just released ‘Green Door,’ his next colorful video venture with partner Leif Gobo. Want my full review log onto and search keyword: GREEN DOOR. Over this past weekend I happened to bump into Alessio Romero at the annual Sunset Junction and he was looking mighty hot (heavily tatted) at Rough Trade. His bottoming scene with Samuel Colt is extra caliente - but what’s even hotter is the guy he was walking around, holding hands with on Sunday. More than just a silver fox, the guy on Alessio’s arm was a man and they made a perfect pair - VERY HOT! Alessio also divulged that he has a handful more movies to be released later this year - I cannot wait! Steve and Leif filmed their sixth movie with Falcon/Mustang Studios at the beginning of this month entitled ‘Dark Room.’ Starring Samuel Colt, Tom Wolfe, Tyler Saint, Tristan Jaxx, Johnny Gunn, Alessio Romero and newcomers Draven Torres, Roman Wright, and Fabio Stallone. The movie has a release date for November 17th, a perfect pre-birthday gift for me *wink*!!! Alessio Romero

Before I get out of here for another week I have to spotlight my latest Randy Blue crushes - it seems as if every week I develop a new obsession, and I’ve decided that I officially want head photographer Jeremy Lucido’s job - I’m cummin’ for ya bitch! This week I’m seriously crushing on Eddie Renzo, this boy has the youngest face, the leanest body and most beautiful cock I’ve probably ever seen on the site. Secondly, it was a huge surprise when Erik Rhodes stopped by COCKTAILS a few weeks ago as a surprise guest only to reveal that he posed for Randy Blue, jerkin’ off poolside! Yes, this exclusive Falcon model lent his enormous uncut cock to Blue - and I wanna know how much he got paid!! I think Blue Eddie Renzo paid big bucks for this boy to beat his meat and I also think Rhodes could be the highest paid model ever to do a solo for the site, leading me to believe: what Randy wants, Randy gets - in other words could Randy be the Oprah of porn? I love Randy Blue!!!!

end of summer swimwear salen

andrew christia factory store aug 24 to sept 7

For more daily dish check me out on 08-28-09 60

Erik Rhodes

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THE INDUSTRY By Jason Sechrest

THREE EVENTS, ONE WEEKEND!: Let us begin with Spencer Whitman the department of self-promotion and get all that nonsense out of the way. I’m back in Los Angeles after a weekend-long tour of Arizona and for those porn fans in the L.A. area, you’ll be thrilled to know I’m hosting THREE – count them, three – events over the next few days, as of this issue hitting newsstands. First, I’ll be introducing the masses to my agency, DV8 Casting’s latest addition to the roster, Spencer Whitman in his own “coming out party” where he’ll debut and perform live on stage at MJ’s Bar in Silverlake this Friday, August 28th from 10:00 pm to the end of the night. (You can see more of Spencer and the boys I manage at Then, Saturday night Chi Chi LaRue’s exclusive Vance Winter will headline 10 – count them, ten – gay porn studs appearing live at Eleven Restaurant & Nightclub for our weekly event, “INDUSTRY” from 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm. Finally, for a little something different, I’ll be bringing out several porn stars to sing live (of all the ridiculous!) at MJ’s “Karaoke with Kenny” Monday nights for a very special Porn Star Karaoke edition of the show. It’s three events you’ll not want to miss! Now, on with the show! C1R SIGNS MITCHELL ROCK TO EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT: Mitchell Rock, star and box cover stud of Chi Chi LaRue’s “TAKEN: To The Lowest Level,” has been signed to an exclusive contract by the director’s studio, Channel 1 Releasing. Rock is a discovery of his co-star in the movie, Adam Killian. “I nearly started jumping up and down when Mitchell told me he wanted to sign with us,” LaRue said in a statement Mitchell Rock released this afternoon. “He’s got such a different look from all my other exclusives I just knew that he would round out the group perfectly. I nearly melt every time I see those muscles.” Meanwhile, Rock tells us “I’m really looking forward to my future with Channel 1. Everyone there has been so great to me and I have a lot of fun on set. I’m really thankful that Adam introduced me to such a reputable company and I know we’re going to make some really hot movies!” Mitchell Rock recently wrapped production on C1R’s “Gridiron Gangbang” and is next set to star in the forthcoming “Playing with Fire: Four Alarm” and “Mitchell Rock’s Workin’ It Out.” L.A. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH SEES “NO COMPELLING INTEREST” IN REGULATING PORN INDUSTRY: broke the news Wednesday morning that the L.A. County Deptartment of Public Health has responded to the AIDS HealthCare Foundation’s recent complaints and lawsuits against porn studios for not mandating condom use. The L.A. County Department of Public Health says it sees “no compelling public interest” in regulating the porn industry, as less than 0.01% of county residents perform in adult movies. To spend the department’s money regulating such a small percentage of residents, apparently the department thinks its money could be put to much better use. This official statement from the health department also does not bode well for the foundation’s lawsuits against the porn companies. SEAN CODY RETURNS TO FORM: SeanCody. com’s site has long been known for finding hot straight guys with massive cocks. But lately, had anyone noticed his boys were... well, not? Thankfully, the site has a return to form with their latest discovery, Jacob. I thought this mega-hung straight dude now turned solo sex model for the site was worth mentioning and figured you’d no doubt appreciate the eye candy. ;-)


JASON ADONIS RETURNS TO JET SET …NO, REALLY THIS TIME: Well, after much hooing and hahing earlier this year, it seems Jason Adonis and Jet Set Men teamed up again after all! The studio is releasing a “greatest hits” of sorts. With Jason Adonis’s installment of the successful series “Unseen,” Jet Set Men re-masters and gives extended cuts of his best work with the studio that discovered him. But most exciting of all is a brand new scene shot in Los Angeles this weekend, the stud’s first with the company in several years. Here’s a sneak peek of Adonis banging Dakota Rivers in the new scene. I hear also included in “Jason Adonis: Unseen” will be a new solo scene and an exclusive interview. If the pics are any indication, I gotta say... looks like Jason Adonis is hotter than ever.

Jason Adonis

RENTBOY.COM 2010 CALENDAR: The calendar looks like it’s seriously improved from years past! This year the design is sleeker and more stylish with artsy shots of some of the most famous porn stars who escort on the side. gave us a sneak preview at the calendar’s gorgeous pages yesterday which you can now purchase at By the way, wow is next year really 2010?!



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ABBEY 684 N. Robertson Bl, WEHO 310.289.8410 AKBAR 4356 W. Sunset Bl, SILVERLAKE 323.665.6810 ARENA 6655 Santa Monica Bl, Hollywood 323.462.1291 CATCH ONE 4067 W. Pico Bl, LA 323.734.8849 CHICO 2915 W. Beverly Bl, MONTEBELLO 323.721.3403 CIRCUS DISCO 6655 Santa Monica Bl, HOLLYWOOD 323.462.1291 CLUB STONE 5221 Hollywood Bl, HOLLYWOOD 323.466.6061 COCO BONGO #2 3311 S. Main St, LA  213.748.2682 EL CONQUISTADOR 3701 W. Sunset Bl, SILVERLAKE 323.666.5136 ELEVEN 8811 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 310.855.0800 EAST WEST LOUNGE 8851 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 310.360.6186 FACTORY 652 N. La Peer, WEHO 310.659.4551 FAT FISH 616 N. Robertson Bl, WEHO 310.659.3882 FAULTLINE 4216 Melrose Av, SILVERLAKE 323.660.0889 FIESTA CANTINA 8865 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 310.652.8865 FLYING LEAP CAFE 2538 Hyperion Av, SILVERLAKE 323.661.0618 FUBAR 7994 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 323.654.0396 EAGLE LA 4219 Santa Monica Bl, SILVERLAKE 323.669.9472 GOLD COAST 8228 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 323.656.4879 HAMBURGER MARYS 8288 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 323.654.3800 HERE 696 N. Robertson Bl, WEHO 310.360.8455 LE BARCITO 3909 Sunset Bl, SILVERLAKE 323.644.3515 MICKY’S 8857 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 310.657.1176 MJ’s 2810 Hyperion Av, SILVERLAKE 323.660.1503 MOTHERLODE 8944 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 310.659.9700 NORMANDIE ROOM 8737 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 310.659.6204 NUMBERS 8745 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 310.652.7700 O BAR 8279 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 323.822.3300 OTHER SIDE 2538 Hyperion Bl, SILVERLAKE 323.661.4233 PALMS 8572 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 310.652.6188 (WOMEN) PLAZA 739 N. La Brea Bl, HOLLYWOOD 323.939.0703 RAGE 8911 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO. 310.652.7055 RUDOLPHO’S 2500 Riverside Dr, SILVERLAKE 323.669.1226 STUDY 1723 Western Av, HOLLYWOOD 323.461.5533 SPOTLIGHT 1601 N. Cahuenga Bl, HOLLYWOOD 323.467.2425 TEMPO 5520 Santa Monica Bl, HOLLYWOOD 323.466.1094 THE BOULEVARD LOUNGE 1114 Crescent Hts, WEHO 323.654.6686 TRUNKS 8809 Santa Monica Bl, WEHO 310.652.1015 ULTRA SUEDE 661 N. Robertson Bl, WEHO 310.659.4551


BOULEVARD 3199 E. Foothill Bl, PASADENA 626.356.9304 BULLET 10522 Burbank Bl, NOHO 818.762.8890 C FRENZ 7026 Reseda Bl, RESEDA 818.996.2976 COCO BONGO 19655 Sherman Way, RESEDA 818.998.8464 MOONSHADOW 10437 Burbank Bl, NOHO 818.508.7008 JOX 10721 Burbank Bl, NOHO 818.760.9031 OXWOOD INN 13713 Oxnard Bl, Van Nuys 818.997.9666 OIL CAN HARRY’s 11502 Ventura Bl, STUDIO CITY 818.760.9749 CLUB COBRA 10937 Burbank Bl, NOHO 818.760.9798 SILVER RAIL 11518 Burbank Bl, NOHO 818.980.8310


BRAVO 1490 S. Anaheim, ANAHEIM 714.533.2291 CLUB BOUNCE 1460 S. PCH, LAGUNA BEACH 949.494.0056 EL CALOR 2916 W.Lincoln Av, ANAHEIM 714 326 4764 ESCANDALO 2323 W. First St, Santa Ana 714 .836 .7410 FRAT HOUSE 8112 Garden Grove, G.G. 714.373.3728 LIONS DEN 719 W. 19th St, COSTA MESA 949.645.3830 METRO Q 19092 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach 714.968.6677 TIN LIZZY 752 Saint Clair St, COSTA MESA 714.966.2029

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CLUB 5211 5211 Atlantic Bl, LONG BEACH 562.428.5545 CREST 5935 Cherry Av, LONG BEACH 562.423.6650 Brit 1744 E Broadway Bl, LONG BEACH 562.432 9742 THE BROADWAY 1100 E Broadway Bl, LONG BEACH 526.432.3646 DOLPHIN 1995 Artesia Bl, REDONDO BEACH 310.318.3339 EXECUTIVE SUITE 3428 E. PCH, LONG BEACH 562.597.3884 FLUX 17617 Lakewood Bl, BELLFLOWER CA 562.633.6394 FALCON 1435 E. Broadway Bl, LONG BEACH 562.432.4146 HAMBURGER MARYS 740 E Broadway, LONG BEACH 562.983.7900 MINESHAFT 1720 E. Broadway Bl, LONG BEACH 562.436.2433 Paradise Piano Bar 1800 Broadway Bl, LB 562.590.8773 PISTONS 2020 E. Artesia, LONG BEACH 562.422.1928 RIPPLES 5101 E. Ocean Bl, LONG BEACH 562.433.0357 ROOSTERFISH 1302 Abbot Kinney Bl, VENICE 310.392.2123 SILVER FOX 411 Redondo Av, LONG BEACH 562.439.6343 SweetWater Saloon 1201 E. Broadway L.B. 562.432.7044


ALIBI EAST 225 S. San Antonio Av, POMONA 909.623.9422 HOOK UP 1047 Second St, POMONA 909.620.2844 MENAGERIE 3581 University Av, RIVERSIDE 951.788.8000 OASIS 1386 E. Foothill Bl, UPLAND 909.920.9590 THE BRICK 340 S. Thomas St. POMONA 909.629.6333 THE LARK 917 Inland Center Dr, S.B. 909.884.8770 VIP CLUB 3673 Merrill Av, RIVERSIDE 951.784.2370


RICKYS 13728 Hesperia Rd. #12 Victorville 760.951.5400


Alternate Route 120 S Palm Canyon Dr 760.883.5900 Azul 369 N. Palm Canyon Drive 760.325.5533 The Barracks 67-625 East Palm Canyon Drive 760.321.9688 BLAME IT ON MIDNIGHT 777 Tahquitz Canyon 760.323.1200 BONGO JOHNNIES 214 E. Arenas Rd P.S. 760.866.1905 Cafe Palette 315 E Arenas Rd 760.322.9264 CANYON CLUB HOTEL 960 N.Palm Canyon 877.258.2887 C.C.B.C. 68-369 Sunair Rd, C.C. 760.324.1350 CLUB WHATEVER 36737 Cathedral Canyon, C.C. 760.321.0031 DINKS 2080 N. Palm Canyon P.S. 760.327.7676 Georgies Alibi 369 N Palm Canyon drive 2nd fl 760.325.5533 HELIOS 280 East Mel Av, P.S. 760.323.2868 HUNTERS 302 E. Arenas Rd, P.S. 760.323.0700 Look Restaurant & Patio bar 139 E Andreas Rd 760.778.3520 CONFESSIONS 611 S. Palm Canyon P.S. 760.416.0950 Peppers Thai Cuisine 396 N Palm Canyon Drive 760.322.1259 Score 301 E Arenas Rd 760.320.6682 Shakerz Bar and Grill 301 N Palm Canyon Dr 760.320.2870 SIDEWINDERS 67555 E. Palm Canyon Dr. C.C. 760.328.9919 SPURLINE 200 S. Indian Canyon Dr. P.S. 760-778-4326 STREETBAR 224 E. Arenas Rd. P.S. 760.320.1266 Studio ONE 11 67-555 E Palm Canyon Drive Suite A103 760.774.8741 Terrazzo Resort 1600 E Palm Canyon Dr 760.416.2200 TOOL SHED 600 E. Sunny Dunes Rd, P.S. 760.320.3299 TOUCANS 2100 N. Palm Canyon P.S. 760.416.7584 VISTA GRANDE 574 S. Warm Sands Dr, P.S. 760.322.2404 WANGS IN THE DESERT 424 S.Indian Canyon P.S. 760.325.9264

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