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7985 santa monica blvd. #447 West hollywood, ca 90046 tel 323.874.8788 • fax 323.874.8782 Volume #13 - Issue #8 AUGUST 14, 2009 - AUGUST 27, 2009


THE COLUMN. SKEETCHY KEOKI STARS ONLY! WHO? INTERSCOPES. THE TOP 10 Q&A. THE PORN. THE LEATHER. THE INDUSTRY. T H E F A M I L Y... Publisher • Mike Everaert Creative Director • Brian J. McCarthy Editor in Chief • Keoki Tavares Design Director • Jay Cribas The Wigs • Livonia The Industry • Jason Sechrest The Porn • Scotty B The Music • Will Ihaveto changemyname Top 10 Q&A • Joshua Miller The Leather • The Kinky Brothers Las Vegas • Will J. Lummus National Advertising Rep.

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Logan McCree

Courtesy of Raging Stallion Odyssey Magazine is published bi-weekly in Los Angeles and monthly in Hawaii. All material herein is copyrighted 2009, Odyssey Magazine. Reprint by permission only. For more information regarding advertising, please call: 323.874.8788 or fax 323.874.8782 or No implication regarding sexual orientation or personal practices of contributors or advertisers appearing in this publication is intended and none should be inferred by the reader.


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An Evening of Dapper Appearance, Refined Language and the Cultivation of Leisurely Hobbies

" "










! !




SATURDAY !!!!!!!!!!!Aug. 29th 901 E.1 ST ST.


! !

! !

! !

! !

! !

! !

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Music Provided By:

Missy K Jeniluv Chad Mitchell

Performing Live:






Celebrating the Birthdays of Hosts

Billy Burgess~Cheyne Hauk!


Thurs. 9/03/09 8 -11pm

And Guest Host

Albert Day


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1. Prez Barack Obama 2. DustinLanceBlack 3. H.S.H. Elton John 4. Clay Aiken 5. Don Sam Nazarian 6. Don David Cooley 7. Don Pat Rogers 8. Don JeffreySanker 9. DJ Sandy Sachs 10. Don GeneLePietra 11. Lindsay Lohan 12. Ellen Degeneres 13. David Geffen 14. Bryan Lourd 15. Jann Wenner 16. Bryan Singer 17. Brian Graden 18. Don Paul Nicholls 19. Don Jim Murphy 20. Don Chris Ciccone 21. DonOrlandorPuerta 22. DVDJ Ray Rhodes 23. Don Jason Lavitt 24. Mike Nava & David 25. DonBrettHenrichson 26. Michael Berman 27. Don Tom Whitman 28. Richard Grossi 29. Tim Meepegama 30. Maz Y. 31. Bruce Villanch 32. Michael Brown 33. Don Anthony Lopez 34. Jay Krimis 35. Andrew Briskin 36. Wayne Castro 37. Trenchcoat Mafia 38. Will Gorges 39. Wayne Elias 40. Chris Diamond 41. Rohan Bisset 42. Rusty Updegraff 43.HSHRosie ODonnell 44.HSHAlexisArquette 45.HSHCandy Ass 46.HSHJackie Beat 47.HSHChi Chi LaRue 48.HSHCandice Cayne 49.HSHChad Michaels 50.HSHVenus Delite

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51.GREENREVOLUTION 52. CHAZ & Cher... 53. ShamWoW! of Iraq 54. Wanda Sykes! 55. Kathy Griffin 56. Mario Diaz 57. Rosanne Barr 58. Lance Bass 59. Victor Rodriquez 60. “The Real“ Zam 61. Jonathan Chang 62. Lynn & Alex 63. Tattoo Chris 64. RyanAllenCarrillo 65. Suzie Orman 66. Chad Allen 67. Billy Burgess 68. Margaret Cho 69. Andrew Christian 70. Jude Tade 71. Caesar Torres 72. Ron Madril 73. Gus Van Sant 74. John Waters 75. Michael Stipe 76. Sir Ian McKellan 77. Perez Hilton 78. Rachel Maddow 79. Andy Bell 80. Sandra Bernhard 81. George Takei 82. Michael Moloney 83. Luis & Jim Turner 84. Sandra Bernhard 85. Madonna ? 86. Wilson Cruz 87. Jake Shears 88. Jay Cribas 89. Greg Louganis 90. T.R. Knight 91. Marc Almond 92. Cynthia Nixon 93. Rob Halford 94. Dangerous Muse 95. Oscar De La Hoya 96. Neil Patrick Harris 97. Oprah&Gayhell 98. Brad & TrAnjolie 99. Janet & Jermaine 100. Mrs&MrsTomCruise

8/13/09 9:50:40 AM

THE COLUMN Gee Mary, those extortionist’s er I mean L o B B I e S T’s for the Bankrupt ummm health caRe system(you know the kabal of Theives,con-Men,Insurance swindlers, assorted “Docters”, Sorcerist’s, Sorcerist nurses, Murderer’s and Blood letting Witches) are Witches DIAne SeYMoRe scrambling to pay off all our filthy stanking, skanking rich politicians with those healthy, freshly printed and inflated beyond Reagan’s grave to the Krishna is LoVe karma useless, valueless U.s.crap cash! shocKinG the Pricks we give jobs to with real swank full coverage insurance benefits that we reward our Bull Shit artists/rep’s/sen.’s in the U.s. of amurder!!!!!! Wow now that we are getting one behemoth cunty bitchy slap as once again the brokest Western civilized country all broke down plastic credit card face. maybe murdering woman and children in all our illegal wars, gave us a last class ticket to hell, with suckoff satan, eating all children with in a 2 foot radius. damn the U.s. of amurder is all up in the 12 trillion dollar debt global humiliation of all times . our cunty pack of gun wielding Western Murder first, never love policies have ever so suffered from the fate of soooo many illegal unjust wars. Peace is aRt. thank Gay christ us commie Bastard ArtFag Rulers led by the caveching, pain riddled, needled to that new “no money, all gone” lowest ebb of plain evil taken down capitalism, and teaching the rest of the respected countries around our globe not to lie and kill and steal and skeetch on by while God Almighty over sees the witchy, bitchy, burn and destroy or steal from our infantile Lady Liberty to hide your gun and open fire as much as poss for the satanic sake of hunting evil etiquette. oh and the rich? the most brilliant at the art of tax evading and steeling whatever they can get their bone white claws on. they are spinning as much vile as possible, or as much as the “catholic church and churches of all other tax evadors” permits them to in the name of t a k i n g from the poor for Jesus H. christ. aug.16th is Madonna’s annual Day of Star child birth and the continuous tearing down of the holy Roman’s Satanic Sneetchery/Vatican/Sneetchery. and the Gay faggot Madonna Man type Hollywood leo ruling Queen in the Gay Mafia’s inner realm Paul nicholls sure nuff cher’s er ahhhh share’s Midgey’s aug. 16th date of kabbalist birth! and true to the rule of Godfather Jeffrey Sanker’s chic, chic, club world dominating ways the fagMobstar’s took over the newest hetero haunt on hollywood blvd. and Wilcox with the new tuesday Monthly PlaYHOUSe! the old fox theatre tranny’d formed into quite the hipstar hang(the brilliance of the babes at crowbar nyc.)have created this legendary landmine of booze and dance hall hotties. a really fun faggy monthly, check it out in Sept. Some of the fagstars sliding in for some PlaYHOUSe horse hung play and celebrating Paul Nicholl’s birth of his Gaydonna ass! from Jude Tade, Mark Rosatti, David Wanamaker, Jesse Perry, Jamie King, Benjamin Dougherty,cori from eleven, Richard Grossi, Rick K, Bobby clark, Woody Woodbeck, Rossmar, Hector Monserratte, DIVa’s nelson, Dan Studney, cheyne Hauk, Lanny Leyda, Jerry and Michael, DJ nelstar, Trent Brady, Paul Palomo, Leo, Xander Rian, Pablo & Armando, euro laSC’s Alfredo, Kenneth Loo and ernesto. tHe faCtORY eVeNtSPaCe has quite the young, fresh and friday night horned up lil’ cutey behemouth club thang going, PoPstaRZ ! seems like it was just a few months ago when ms. Lady GaGa got all up on her disco stick!!!!!! last week us Marys were all hoped up for Miss french Connection, Tilly Key, mary...tilly has those euro diva pipes on her and with seven albulm’s released in europe, the Key is in the Hollywoodland slot! Queens popin’ in: Woody Woodbeck, candy Ass(Hollywood), Gurpinder Virdee, Jesse Perry, Frank Morales, Brian Taylor Kinney, chad evans, courtney eeles, Dustin cash, Hector Monserratte, Jason Sechrest, Jonathon chang, Ross Mardivinagracia, Leo Madrid,

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Glen Urayama, David Flores and AndresHunt. needle niddle naddle! It’s your favorite Scorpion Sand Woman here to pick away at all the leo ladies and assorted astrological trainwrecks that are trying to make a... ahem.. a come back this week in miss Hollywood! fake concert problem SHAMAnTHA coX time! Michael Jackson is still causing problems! Madonna, U2, Wyclef, John Mayer, Lionel Ritchie, Usher and Whitney Houston are all screaming pist at the press for announcing that they will be part of a tribute concert for the late michael lady Jackson. Well, the problem is none of them have confirmed for the event and Jermaine Jackson, who is organizing the event announced it all a lil’ too soon! So who IS gonna play at the event?? You’ll have to watch and see but my new secret best friend in the Jackson family whom i love dearly (La Toya) was quick to tell me that at least 4 out of the 7 biiig names shamantha just mentioned will be at the event in vienna paying tribute to miss michael Woman Jackson! Whee!! more restraining order fame for the crazy woman named Lisa Jill Martin who has been stalking old rockers Slash (Guns n’ Roses) and Steve Adler (celebrity Rehab. season 2). i guess lisa was arrested by oregon police for violating her fame heavy restraining order after she scribbled seven pages of disturbing love letters to steve adler where she claimed (among other things) that the restraining order he had put on her was his way of communicating with her! Wheee! It’s crazy time for Britney Spears again! the high up high Pop Princess was seen at the vionnet boutique in beverly hills where she spent a whopping $3,000 in 15 minutes flat! Hey, Britney how’s that conserve...a...ter...ship.. goin’??? Yay! My favorite disney speed Queen Ruler Miley cyrus is taking covers only in major news publications like the los angeles times and millions of other tOP faMe press outlets for ruling the teen choice awards in nothing more than micro short-shorts, a slutty top, ultra hiGh heels, ragedy hair exten-shuns, and lotsa lotsa make up! all the papers were quick to scream “stRiPPeR” and put Miley all up high on the front cover ONlY! that’s my girl! Get ‘em MIley!!!! I’M VOtING MIleY CYRUS fOR PReSIDeNt 2012!!!! the teen choice awards happened once again and now we know who’s famous and who’s not! Stars like Britney Spears, Abigail Breslin, Megan Fox, Audrina Patridge, Brandy, Fergie, ellen De Generes, Portia De Rossi, cameron Diaz, Zac efron, The Jonas Brothers, Ashely Tisdale, christopher Atkins, chace crawford, emma Roberts, George Lopez, Hayden Panettiere, Kathy Griffin, Kim Kardashian, Kristen Stewart, Leighton Meester, Josh Duhamel, Kat Von D, Mike Tyson, nikki Reed, Marlon Wayans, Phoebe Price, Robert Pattinson, Sean Kingston, Vanessa Hudgens, Wil.I.Am, Selena Gomez, and Miranda cosgrove all fought for tOP faMe at the Gibson amphitheatre for the big time awards ceremony!! speaking of other major world news, disney has assembled their most popular stars for a music video called send it on starring miss fame herself Miley cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Loato, and Selena Gomez. speaking of rulers, Alexis Arquette is back up on top ruling the silver screen with an exclusive role alongside Tracy Lords!! house fame! Rap ruler Suge Knight’s las Vegas home is on the market for 1.5 million! the house was used as Robert Deniro and Sharon Stone’s house in the best movie of all time casino, directed by the best director of all time don Martin Scorsese!!!! yayyy! stay tuned to odyssey magazine for all the dirt served straight to your gay self by expert needle worker shamantha cox! next time you want to know all about who’s up and who’s down and who’s fighting with whom, bend over and pick up an Odyssey magazine for all your gossip needs, girls! Don’t forget to keep your gay eyes glued to odyssey magazine, where we take great pride in serving you all the shameful star dirt.MARYTV.neT is miss Web’s Big Gay tMZ,click & see! and Fags & Bulls.keep up da fight for HOMO Human Rights NOW!!!! (parodyMary!)

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monday SASSY SHOW! at Here 696Robertson 310.360.84555 Livonia Services. CLUB ILLUSIONS at The Palms 8572 S.M.Blvd 310.652.6188 Viva Sex METRO MONDAYS at Fubar 7994 S.M.Blvd WEHO 323.654.0396 Cheyne Hauk & Megan Brooks & DJ K.B. New Wave it! 2-4-1specials MUSTACHE MONDAYS! at La Cita on Hill and 4th HotNew Local Queens! Fresh scene with DJ Josh Peace, Dino Dinco and Main Mustache Maria Nacho! click on free mustache ride site...myspace/mustachemondays, y u m SHOWGIRLS! at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Fine TopTrannyReview HEARTTHROB at Level 3 Hollywood/Highland DJ RayRhodesLast Mon18+ OVERDOSE at Rage 8911 SM Bl. 310.652.7055 Burton & his Bambinos!!! SIN at Ripples 5101E.Ocean L.B. 562. 433. 0357 DJ Ernie Pearl. Hip-Hop ENVY 120a Wilshire Fullerton 92832 8-2am, great food greater O.C.babes RICKY’S 13728 Hesperia Rd. #12 Victorville 760-951-5400 H.H.All Day! Amatuer Stripper Night $100.00 Prize $2.00dom & $3.00import bottle beer! KARAOKE W.KENNY MJ’s 2810 Hyperion 323.660.1503 Legendary! STARLETTE REVUE at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900 10p show Jewels hosts a trans-razzle-dazzle top snatch show w. Starlette 18 plus ! ISRAEL’S CANTINA at Chico 2915 W. Beverly Blvd. Montebello Happy Hour Prices all Nite Long! 323.721.3401 CHEEP & EASYParadise Piano Bar 1800 Brodway Blvd L.B.562.436.2433 EL CONQUISTADOR 3701 W.Sunset Blvd. W.H. 323.666.5136 MonThurs.Happy Hours 4-6:30pm with hors d’ouvres too! Lunch Tues-Sun 11am FLASHBACK MONDAYS at 1350 Club 510 W. Anaheim St. Wilmington $8 lockers from 5pm-10m 310.830.4784 STRIP PARTIES at Midtowne 615 Kohler 213.680.1838 Yum! 1/2 PRICE ROOMS at Melrose Spa 7269 Melrose 323.937.2122 $13.50

tuesday RIM JOB! at MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL. 323.660.1503 Nice n’ Sleazy Tues. action, with gogo gorges! Lick it up Queen, DREAM GIRLS at Rage 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055 THE O.G. SHOW! PDA at Crown Bar 7321 SM Bl. Billy Burgess, Victor Rodriguez, Aaron Castle KNIGHTLIFE at Winstons 7746 S.M. DJ Ryan Kenny! RUMORS at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Stefano Rosso & 18 + Too BOYS NIGHT OUT Circus 6655 SM Blvd 323.462.1291 LA’s Tues Tradition,hot papi’s abound,DJ Ernie Pearl, and $3 cover! KARAOKE at Fubar 7994 SM 323.654.0396 FRESH Comedy Mic Night with Bruce Daniels getting the boys to whale! HAMBURGER MARYS Latino Heat 8288 Santa Monica Blvd. 323.654.3800 Taco Bar! and Chocolate Fountain...Cholo’s toooo! CLUB EDEN TUESDAYS! at Sevilla NightClub 140 Pine Ave. LB. Underwear Contest and Miss Ursela Drag Battle at Midnight too! Hot ! COCK PIT ! at Palms 8572 S.M. Anthony Cortez and the Sausages. KARAOKE W. Lady Red Couture Ripples 5101E.Ocean L.B Drink spec SPIRIT at Proof 215 N. Broadway Santa Ana Atmosphere Events doin the booze & boys 21+ DJ RPM & DJ Ahmed GANG BANG at Faultline 4216 Melrose Ave. S.L. 323.660.0889 music, video, hot boys cheap happy hour til’ 12am. Hot. ALL U CAN EAT TACO BAR! at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900 and karaoke with 50.00 cash prizes 9 30 pm, $1.00 tacos rule too! GO COMMANDO! at Boardners 1652 N.Cherokee Ave. Barbie Q host with free b4 11pm w. Live Bands LittleRedRadio & More BOULEVARD LOUNGE HAPPY HRS. 1114 N.Crescent Heights Bl. W.H. 323.654.6686 T-Fri. 4p-7pm $1.00 Heineken/Hein.Lite & drink sp 1/2 PRICE ROOMS at Midtowne 615 Kohler 213.680.1838.$14.00 MINESHAFT 1720 E. Broadway Long Beach 562.436.2433 BeerSpecials and Free Pool too! Wall to wall L.B. Babes always on Tops Only! Tuesdays KENNYS KARAOKE at East West Lounge 8851 S.M.Bl. Lounge Show at 10pm click on YOU CALL FLUX 817 Lake wood Blvd bellflower 562.633.6394 All top shelf premium’s only $3.00 This is a hot pocket of papis ,check it out ! MARIX TACO TUESDAYS! ALL-YOU-CAN EAT TACO bar only $7.95 Marix WEHO 1108 N Flores st. 323.656.8800

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wednesday GARAGE Here. 696 N.Robertson Blvd. 310.360.8455 BOYS HOT BOYS Paul Nicholls & Woody Woodbeck turn this new humpday humpier ! FUEGO at Rage 8911SM Blvd 310.652.7055 DJ Salvador keeps the Cholo La hump day.... burning. o u c h . Ay Papis y Putos! HOT ROD at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Stefano Rosso Sexz it up. WHISKEY DICK! Fubar 7994 SM Bl. SouthernRock! 5 dollar shots! COBRA HAPPY HOUR 10937 Burbank Blvd. (at vineland) NoHo 818.760.9798 Mon-Sat. Cas & Ethan 2.75 cocktails & 2.00 off calls! CLUB DLS at M.J.’s 2810 Hyperion 323.660.1530 Papi Productions! ay! LOVE SHACK Numbers 8745 S.M. W.H. 310.652.7700 Ray Rhodes & Josh Draven ALL 80’s ALLnight! opens this May 27th with Madonna Tribute. DIVA DINNER! at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900c humpday hot! CALIENTE at MJs 2810 Hyperion Av. SL. 9-2am papis! COCKFIGHT at Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd. 818.760.9798 HotHotNoHo! ROOSTERFISH Margarita Weds 1302 Abbott Kinney Blvd. $3.00 Margarita’s all nite schlong! and cute beach gay babes. BINGO! Hamburger Mary’sWeho 8288 S.M. Bl.323.654.3800 A fierce celebrity ball throw down check out the hotties and drink specials! KENNY’S KARAOKE at Fiesta Cantina 8865 Santa Monica Bl. starts 10pm new groovy jungle local. This is “The” Karaoke !!! Let it Rip Gurl! 241drinks! BUBBLE LOUNGE at The Brig 1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Loungey! Chic! THE BRICK KARAOKEat 340 Thomas Street Pomona 909.629.6333 DELICIOUS at Arena 6655 S.M. Ghetto Hip-Hop R&B, 323.692.3636 Merengue room too! 18+ DJ Manny C. FLASHBACK WED.S at Melrose Spa 7269 Melrose Ave $8.00 lockers! from 5 pm to 11pm Every Wed. Night! Cheap Fun SEX SlurP! MOONLIGHT ROLLERWAY GAY! 5110 San Fernando Road Glendale very sexy swishy skatey thang, love this Boys on Wheels! 818.241.3630 1/2 PRICE ROOMS at 1350 Club 510 W.Anaheim St. Wilmington 310.830.4784 Rooms $14.50 lockers $12.50 KAROAKE W. PATRICK Ripples 5101 E.Ocean Blvd. L.B. 562.433.0357 $1 DRINK NIGHT at Oasis 1386 Foothill Bl. Upland 909.920.9590 drink cheap n’ get it all going on humpday!


TIGERHEAT & HEAVEN at The Avalon 1735 Vine St. Hollywood 18+/ DJsJasonLavitt,RayRhodes& BIG FAT DICK! Fubar 7994 SM Blvd Mario Diaz gives you buckets o jizz with DJ Riley Moore spinning out of cocktrol CLUB NUR at Eleven 8811 Santa Monica W.H. 310.855.0800 Hot Steamy Sexy Sand box! Gevo & Hrair Hookah you WEHO style RAGE 18+ 8911 SM  Blvd 310.652.7055 18 & ova star type young fresh chickens! Daddys! Yum, and Drink Specials 2 SMACK! at Obar 8279 Santa Monica Bl.323.822.3300 Tom W.! MY HOUSE 7080 Hollywood Bl. Sanker & Nicholls Get all Gay Home BUDDAH LOUNGE UltraSuede 661 N.Robertson3106594551 Now Every Thursday! fresh and delicious rice dish , downtown Weho! EYE CANDY at Numbers 8745 SM Bl. 310.652.7700 sweet boyz! PAN DULCE at Micky’s 8857 SM Bl. 310.657.1176 Jamie Awad’s Papis!! COCKTAILS W.THE STARS! at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Porn! DOLL HOUSE at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900 18 + gurls! FRICTION The Vegas Club 1901 Newport Bl. Coasta Mesa Archer & Viet Tran’s MEGA CLUB Pop, Top 40, Dance, 80s, Electronic Mashups and wall to wall O.C. hotties! SNATCH at Menagerie 3581 UniversityAv w. Raven 951.788.8000 THURS.NIGHT DELIGHT VIP Nightclub 3673 Merrill Ave.stripper sexiness,$5 all ya can drink draft, Karaoke Patio2! 951.784.2370 THIRSTY THURSDAYS at Trunks 8809 Santa Monica Bl.310.652.1015 DREAMGIRLS at Ripples 5101E.Ocean L.B. Hottest Female Impersonation! 9:30pm Call for Reservations 562. 433. 0357. Karaoke Too! SPICE The Brick 340 Thomas Street Pomona 909.629.6333 FRAT HOUSE 8112 GardenGrove Blvd G.G. 714.373.FRAT Hot Strip Shows on Sat & SunToo! Drag review on Saturdays! PORN STAR J.O. PARTY 8pm at Midtowne Spa. 615 Kohler La. 213.680.1838 Big Porn Industry slabs of beef! Dinner is served! DANCE IDOL at Oasis Nightclub 1386 Foothill Blvd Upland 909.920.9590 10 wk contest CASH prizes...puta! C.FRENZ-KARAOKE (form.Bananas) at 7026 Reseda Blvd. 818.996.2976 with Tony B.The best karaoke in The Valley! GODDESS NIGHT LA’S #1 Trannie night hosted by Leslie Monroy! at COBRA - 10937 Burbank Blvd. (at vineland) NoHo 818.760.9798 JEWELS BODYPARTS Falcon1435 E Broadway LB562.422.1928 $1beer

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friday FRESH! at Eleven 8811 S.M. Blvd. 310.855.0800 Jeffrey & Paul comp admin. 9pm cocktails, 11pm dancing with resident DjMorningstar freshness! HERE’S TRUCKSTOP 696 Robertson 310.360.8455 DJ Ray Rhodes gets this fine-ass fryday homo & Lezbo Mix hang, a going! Always packed ! POPSTARZ at Factory 652 North LaPeer Drive, WeHo 90069 We Play the Pop - You are the STAR! $5 Cocktails ALL Night Long!! SHITS ‘N’ GIGGLES A DISCO FANTASY 740 Broadway betweent 7th & 8th. Enter in the alley. FREE before 10:30pm. FILTH FRIDAY’S FAULTLINE dj Matt Moody Rockin Redneck Strip-pole Pabst Beer Cans 9-2am 4216 Melrose blvd 323.660.0889 DANCE BITCH at Fubar7994 Santa Monica Bl.323,654.0396 The Gay Mobstars Billy Francesca going! All The Cody Cock Studs,DJ ALex too! ­GAMEBOI 8911SM Blvd 310.652.7055 Paul E gets the high-n-r-g flying with gamey gays packing this Raging 18 plus pretty gameboi thang STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Numbers 8745 S.M.Blvd 310.652.7700 hhours ROOSTERFISH 1320 Abbott Kinney Venice Blvd. 310.392.2123 Beach Boy Babes out in droves!blondes and butch! drink specials too! slurp! MISCHIEF AT MARKS 861 La Cienega ”QueerComedy”1st & 3rd Fri improv starts at 10:30pm pee your pants! 310.652.5252 LOLAS WORLD CABARET at Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd.$2.00 Coronas until midnite. GoGo Games Give aways Drag Queens Gays BOYSROOM viaTigerheat Executive Suite Nightclub 3428 E.PCH, L.B. 21+ FAME at Circus 6655 SantaMonica W.H.323.721.1291 latin,house R&B Latina Diva Karlota 9 pm - 3 :30am 21 & ova!The most caliente cholos ! THE BRICK 340 S.Thomas St. Pomona 909.629.6333 boys thru the brick roof! Hosted by bartender Juan GoGo Gods and $3.00 you call it shots! $2.00 DRINKS! at Oasis 1386 E.Foothill Upland 909.920.9590 beef stick! BOYBAR HMarys 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900 ClubLucky DjZach ASIAMANIA at Stone 5221 Hollywood 323.466.6061DQs & Ricedish! ILLUSIONS 2 at 7969 Santa Monica 323.654.0280 Viva Sex get’s x-tra D.Q. dirty with the Erotic Transexual Topless Review Midnite. Transworld! CLUB DIVA at VIP Club 3673 Merrill Av. Riverside 951.784.2370 VanityH alston,Raven,Mayhem,BridgetteDiamond,Kiwi..KrazyGurls!11pm ALIBI EAST 225 San Antonio Pomona 909.623.9422 Latinlove,Yum!!! FLASHBACK FRIDAYS at Chico 2915 Beverly Blvd.Mntbello 323.721.3403 Dj Frank aka Dj T.J. playing videos & Old Skool $ 2.Coronas AZUCAR at C.Frenz(form.Bananas)7026 Reseda Blvd. Reseda DJ Alexander, Tribal-HipHop-House fresh new space in Valley 818.996.2976 FREE BARRIOENTRANCE Frathouse 8112GardenGrove 714.373.3728 DEBRAS GIRLS at Ripples 5101 E.Ocean 562.433.0357 GOGO Girls CLUB COBRA REMIX 10937 Burbank Blvd. (at vineland) NoHo 818.760.9798 LATIN GO GO dancers DJ Ivan hiphop & latin Caliente!

saturday RED HOT RED Here.696 Robertson 310.360.8455 Jeffrey Sanker & Paul Nicholls, Bring the Gay Mafioso Mariposa’s into Pat Rogers downtown Weho! RED LIGHT Fubar 7994 S.M. 323.791.3041 Dark and Lovely Lads! ROUGH HOUSE at Eleven 8211S.M.Blvd 310.855.0800. Rick K and Brian Laswell werkin’ the vip scene, Hot DJ’s, Live Shows, $5 cover w.comp shot! THE “ABBEYWOOD” 684 Robertson Blvd. 310.289.8410 Bi-sexy Scene. CHERRY POP at Ultra Suede 661N.Robertson Tom Whitman’s Soda Tops! INDUSTRY NIGHT Numbers 8745 SM Bl. 310.652.7700 JasonSeachrest! RAGE 8911 SMBlvd 310.652.7055 youngRfreshRhotteR! SEXY 21+Boys given ya 2 rooms of dance dolls, hip hop too! hot damn!!! ARENA 6655 S.M.BLVD 323.462.1291 Gene La Pietra’s Grande! Dj Sal FRICTION MJ’s 2810 Hyperion S.L.323.660.1503 by Scandal ! 10-2am CLUB ASIA at CAN Club 14241 Euclid#C.101GardenGrove 1st Sat. of Month, click on DJFernando&Felix!! REFLEX at Ultra Suede 661 N. Robertson Bl. flesh pool every other saturday A.Hours click on for more FLAWLESS at VIP 3673 Merrill Av.Riverside, yep mo’ Hot Drag Shows! hosted by Venus D Lite, featuring Chad Michaels, Raja Delta Work, Tommi Rose, Jackie Beat , and 11pm SHINEOxwood Inn 13713Oxnard SCREW at MJ’s 2810 Hyperion Ave. 3rd Sat. of Month fer your kink needs Tattoo Chris’z raunchiest Dick Down, click on SPIT at Faultline 4216 Melrose 323.969.2530 3rd Sat.of mth.DJPaulV. OLE OLE Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd.N H 2. Latin Pop, Cumbias, COBRA dancers and Our Fave El Show de Karlotta SOCIETY Bordello 901 E. 1st St. Last Sat.each month Billy Burgess Royals & Randys! societylosangeles@gmailcom

08-14-09 42

VIP 18 & OVER 3673 Merrill Ave. Hairspray 3rd.Sat.of month packed hot teen scene, 909.784.2370 lots a drink specials!!!! CHICO 2915 W. Beverly Bl. Montebello 323.721.3404 DJ Brett spins hiphop,house,oldschool, and Latin $3 Dirty Water Shots! slurp! BLENDER Faultline 4216 Melrose Ave 323.660.0889 Mashups! Mary! HAMBURGER MARYS 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900 Sat 1st Flaunt HEAT(fuse Girls) 2nd CLub Asia 21+, 3rd Flaunt (ladies) 4th Club BearKamp DRAGSTRIP 66 at The Echo 822 Sunset Bl.323.413.8200 2nd Sat. Messy T.V.’s PunkrockCock, slurp! RIPPLES 5101E.OceanBlvd. L.B.562.433.0357 1st La Playa - 2nd Bearbar 3rd Club “ONE” - 4th Bears at the Beach Alibi East 225 S. San Antonio Av Pomona 909.623.9422 NEO exotic review 11PM followed by after hours until 4 am.

sunday SIZET.Here. 696 Robertson 310.360.8455BeerBust2! Tom Whitman & Anthony Lopez bring the tops in for this Size Queen Keggr! AREA 643 N.LaCienga Blvd. 310.652.2012.Sam Nazarian’s Behemoth Danceteria goes Big Fag Last Sun./Mnth. A David,Jeffrey,Paul Gem.Prod STEREO at M.J.s 2810 Hyperion Av. S.L. 323.660.1503 -DJ Cassette 70’s-2000’s! $1 drinks Alo & Gevo! beer bust before from 4pm - 9pm. CLUB WHIP at HM 740 Broadway HM 562 436 7900 Ryan Liddel free pool & darts $2.00 Cocktails and retro active 80’s & 90’s dance DRAGNET! at Hamburger Marys W.H. 8288 S.M.Bl. 323.654.3800 Belle Aire Host this SRS ShootOut and Shenanigans! 9-11pm no cover! ANTHEM 8911 Santa Monica Bl. 310.652.7055 Church of Sanker-Nicholls SALVATIONat Eleven 8811SM Bl.310.855.0800 Scandal Makers! 10-2am CLUB PAPI L.A. at The Factory this special monthly event party rules! Jamie Awad’s Cholos! FULL FRONTAL DISCO 943 N. Broadway Chinatown 1st Sunday of the month DJ’s Slash Fiction with Mario Diaz and disco dollies BALLIN Fubar 7994 Santa Monica Bl.323.654.0396 SWAGGERat Barbarella Bar 2609 Hyperion Ave.SL.323.644.8000 Rusty Updegraff and DJ Paul V. open up this new chic 2do at 4pm. Groovy. BUSTED! at The Motherlode 8944S.M. 310.659.9700 bigOl’beerbust...$5 infinity/$1glass! DJ Bobby Y. &karoake11-2! BULLA! Jimmy’s Lounge 6202 S.M. Bl. 310.957.1066 HomoHipstars go East for this Live Salsa afternoon party 3-8pm SOBAR HERE 696 N.Robertson WH 310.360.8455 1st Sun.ofMnth 1-4pm. HAMBURGER MARYS BRUNCH! Hamburger Mary’s 8288 S.M.Bl. 323.654.3800 11a-3p.Bloody Marys & mimosa specials too! Eat Queen. LUCKY SUNDAYS at Tia Juna’s Long Bar 14988 Sand Canyon Ave Irvine $2 shots, LuckyStar 10-11pm Dj Zach 18 + BEAT IT! at 7070 Hollywood BL. New Wave Orama! DJ Jason Lavitt brings the 80’s back w/$1.00 drinks 18+ chicken’s galore!!! ARABESCO Amoon Ra Café & Bar 980 N La Cienega Blvd WEHO Arabian Latin night Combo! Very Hot Fresh scene! 7 till 11 pm RICKY’S 13728 Hesperia Rd. #12 Victorville 760-951-5400 Beer Bust! 3pm- 8pm Free Food! 18 + after 8pm. Drag Show at 9:30 pm DRAG IDOL at Oasis 1386 E.Foothill Upland 909.920.9590 RAWHIDE & ALT-ROQ! at Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd.(at Vineland) N H 3pm-8pmCountry & Western beer bust B-B-Q 8pm-2amIndie Alt-Roq Dancing & BeerBust DJ Paul V.Cobradancers THE BRICK BeerBust ! 40 S.Thomas St. Pomona 909.629.6333 and later Sexy Eddie’s GoGo contest ! winner gets a spot to GoGo at The Brick! C.FRENZ 7026 Reseda Bl. Reseda 818.996.2976 Beer Bust packed with babes on beer.... 3-8pm drink up queens! RED ROOM at WildCat Lounge 15 w Ortega Santa Barbara Dj Gavin Roy This Best Beach Babes scene rules! myspace/RobertMendez & the boys RIPPLES GOSPEL BRUNCH 5101E.OceanBlvd. 11a-3pmBrunch with Lady Red Couture starring Jasmine Masters $1 Mimosas ! RIPPLES TEA & BEERBUST 5101E.OceanBlvd. L.B.562.433.0357 Free Mexican BBQ, Karaoke (after 10p). DJ’s and GOGO Boys, $5 Absolut, $4 Jager, $3 well vodka, $2 Bud Light, $1 Schnapps V.I.P. SUNDAYS 3673 Merrill Riverside 909.784.2370 opens@3:00 beerbust till 11:00,L.I.Tea’s 3.75& martini’s stiff too. STRIP PARTIES at Midtowne Spa 3pm 615Kohler213.680.1838 THE HOOK UP 1047 E.Second St. Pomona 909.620.2844 Beerbust 3p-8pm 1.00 16oz. tap, no cover UNDIES SUNDAYS CREST 5935 Cherry Ave. 562.423.6650 $2.50 wells will 10pm free BBQ 4pm till 8pm Hot boys n’ briefs!

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8/13/09 9:51:21 AM









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08-14-09 48

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You can’t escape the night before.

Left untreated, syphilis can cause brain damage and permanent vision loss in less than a year.

Get a syphilis test every 6 months. It’s curable. To find out more about the symptoms and where to get tested, go to

08-14-09 49

8/13/09 9:51:37 AM

RICK B Presents...

Come Together

1st Annual Pancake Breakfast

Saturday Sept 12, 2009 • 8am-11am AT THE HOOK UP 1047 E SECOND ST. • POMONA • 909.482.2066 All proceeds go to Foothill AIDS Project

#/-%4(%"2%!+&!34 34!94(%$2).+3

Tickets @ F.A.P. locations in Claremont, San Bernandino & Riverside. Tickets also available @ the Hook Up & Alibi East.




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8/13/09 9:51:39 AM

08-14-09 51

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08-14-09 53

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H g e a


It y W fr

F c R

J o

If w d


Las Vegas

08-14-09 54

S 1

8/13/09 9:51:58 AM

Las Vegas is so in again!

By Will J. Lummus

Hey Girl! Heres the “T” ... MAGICʼS A DRAG at KRAVE, Las Vegasʼ only LGBT club on the strip with your host, the drag magicianess herself Cashetta. Monday night open stage night, come out and see some raw talent. Elevate your social status on top of the MANDALAY BAY at THE FOUNDATION ROOM on Tuesday night for ELEVATION hosted By QVegas Managing Director Earl Shelton. Itʼs not always bad getting caught with your pants down, when your drinking for free in your undies at LAS VEGAS EAGLE on Wednesday nights. Just donʼt forget to tip daddy and their very friendly bar staff. Feeling Trashy? TRAILER PARK THURSDAYS at GIPSY for a little comedy and local drag talent. Special weekly guests such as Des’ Ree D, St. James, Keyska Diva, and many more Just when you thought you were drunk! Friday night at SNICKS open 24/7 with Happy Hour specials nightly. If your ready to spice up your Saturday night latin style, salsa your way over to THE BACK DOOR. Mingle with Felix with El Rey Productions and some of the hottest papi chulos Vegas has to offer. Boys! Boys! Boys! Everybody like boys in tight Wrangler jeans, Sundays at CHARLIEʼS is a very early crowd, but always festive! Great drink specials and good olʼ country music. SIN DAZE hosted by Sloth Daddy Pete at Krave anytime after 1am is always hot.

08-14-09 55

8/13/09 9:51:59 AM

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Odyssey 7/7/2009 3:27:53 PM

raoke a K ! s s o Kick AKaraokie j w/ nesdays Wed - close 7pm C








Look’s Daily Specials Mon: Pasta del Mar Tue: Seafood Crepes Wed: Peppercorn Steak Thu: Pork Cordon Blue Fri: Prime Rib Sat: Trout Almondine Sun: Stuffed Chicken

The New Look of

Patio Restaurant & Video Bar

Satur Brunc day & Sun Happ h 10am - 2day y Ho pm 2pm - urs Daily 8pm

Intimte indoor dinning rooms available

Look’s Original Chef Jose Franco is back! Bring in this ad for a 10% discount (spirits excluded)

Summer hours Mon - Fri : 11am - close • Sat & Sun: 10am - close

(760) 778-3520 • 139 E. Andreas Rd., Palm Springs, CA 92262 •

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WILLIAM BROWN Q&A dinner at their favorite hot-spot, call ahead to their hotels and make sure they have proper nourishment on the room service menu, and even help them Booze ʻn Schmooze (my most popular service) in a way that allows them to maintain health. I cater to my clients who love sweets, by showing them how to find the most nutritious and tasty morsels under the sun. Whether you are low on time, low on energy, or love pancakes and bacon, I will invent, with you, a way to incorporate fitness into your life. ABOUT HOW LONG DOES A PERSONAL SESSION LAST? BURNʼs personal sessions, which we call MotionTM, vary in length from thirty minutes to two hours. We have created over 300 proprietary exercises that consist of a combination of hybrid pilates, yoga, and inventive things youʼve never seen before. This prepares our clients to feel awesome when they venture out for a run, swim, hike, surf session, and even long hours at the office. Core strength not only provides a sexy body, but also is the gateway to effortlessly performing activities that may have felt laborious and even impossible prior to developing those muscles.

William Brown is not your typical 22 year-old “fitness professional.” Instead of gobbling down supplements and obsessively hitting the bench-press machine, you’ll more likely find him observing his surroundings, drinking an unsweetened black tea and crafting new and unique methods of reforming his clients’ lives. Allow me to introduce you to BURN Lifestyle and Renovations . WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO LOS ANGELES? LA is an idea incubator. People here are open to trying out new products, services and ideas. Everyone is constantly on the prowl for the newest, most innovative breakthrough, and while I found success in Arizona, I didnʼt feel it provided enough openness for BURN to flourish in the way I envisioned. BURNʼs services also cater to people who truly care about looking outstanding at all times, and LA is the place for that! I saw a massive opening to give the perfect body without the obsession, dieting, supplements, and failure, so LA allows me and BURN to reach the most people. ARE YOU GAY, BI OR STRAIGHT? Gay, straight, young, old...everyone is trapped in the negative ups-and downs of the profitdriven fitness industry. I am straight, but appreciate the struggle of a broad spectrum of people, and God knows, we men want to look and feel damn good without our shirts on! WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A WOMAN? I look for openness in a person, her ability to create and think on their feet to overcome any situation, and tenacity is a must. Looks are a plus! Who wants to come home everyday to someone they arenʼt physically attracted to? I have found her, we have been together for 5 years. HOW DID YOU GET INTO THIS AT SUCH

08-14-09 58

A YOUNG AGE? Iʼve always been into something that resembled BURN, but maturing allowed me to put my finger on the power of the concept I was sitting on, and turn it into a brand. I am young, but for me, waiting another day to get crackinʼ would have been too painful to withstand! I see what I do for my clients, the way their lives are renewed, and think of how their lives would be impacted if I didnʼt take the plunge and go for it. WHAT SETS BURN APART FROM THE EVER EVOLVING, FAST PACED WORLD OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS? BURN is the only Lifestyle Renovation Company in the world, which focuses on complete renewal of the whole human being. We are not just different in comparison to everyone else in the personal training, wellness, lifestyle arena. We have created our own category as opposed to making slight changes to a system that has proven to be broken. We also have created the first team of Motion and Consumption (formerly known as exercise and diet) and utilize this inseparable teaming to address any and all obstacles that are standing in our clientsʼ way. HOW IS YOUR METHOD DIFFERENT THAN PERSONAL TRAINING? Not only do I provide one-on-one sessions where I reform my clientsʼ bodies, but I take them grocery shopping, make Restaurant Renovation menus to allow them to feel comfortable ordering

WHY DO YOU USE THE TERM RENOVATION INSTEAD OF TRAINING? When you renovate your kitchen, you replace the old appliances with new ones, knock down walls and soon after, itʼs hard to even envision what it looked like before the renovation. The same thing goes for your body: once you find new, inherent ways of incorporating fitness into your life, your old habits, mindsets and failures re replaced, not just covered up. The old stove and fridge donʼt magically appear in the renovated kitchen, after living in the city dump for 6 months, right? Similarly, my Renovated clients have a complete new way of creating tools to maintain optimum health. WHAT IS BURN’S OVERALL MISSION/ CAUSE? BURNʼs commitment is to make Lifestyle Renovation more than just the latest fitness craze, but to actually replace a flawed system with one that actually works. It sounds funny, but BURNʼs mission is to have our clients be free from us, and to autonomously succeed in the shortest amount of time possible. WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES WITH A PAST CLIENT? I had a client who was overweight, about 200 pounds to be exact. I worked with him for two months, but when I moved from Arizona, I needed to create a program that would allow him to continue his progress without my hands-on help So, I developed and interactive, online system, and my client is now below the weight he had envisioned for himself. He now has the strength, symmetry and alignment to run, feel at home in the gym, use exercise as a stress relief and even cook extravagant dishes for himself and his fiancé. He helped BURN expand to an interactive level but far more important, he is a new person.. Please visit BURN’s website here: Check out for more on West Hollywood Nightlife and Gossip!

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8/13/09 9:52:09 AM

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22) You Leos are generally wise as a rule, but people may not always see it. They will be over the coming couple of weeks, though, like never before. While you may be experiencing a bit of learning yourself these days, most of your energy appears to be geared toward counseling other people and guiding them through their various problems and confusion. You may find yourself in the role of confessor, which could be a bitch, considering how juicy the information might be they tell you – and difficult it is for you to keep a secret. Yet silence comes easily to you now. And knowing you, you’ll find a way to recycle all the secrets you hear into some new gossip of your own! Lion cubs like you: Jim Courier, Donnie Wahlberg, Mae West

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18) Whether it’s in business or in the bedroom, you Water Bearers should be feeling a lot more in charge than you have been. A sense of power should surround just about all aspects of your life and it’s almost certain to be something you’ll relish. This is especially true if you’ve been feeling a little victimized of late. The real problem with this situation is that you may not be very gracious about your enhanced status and/or financial position. You may be excessively occupied with your material wealth and therefore not very sensitive to the problems plaguing those around you. Pull your head out of your purse and pay them a little attention. You’ll be glad you did! Water Bearers like you: Shane Lyons, Molly Ringwald, Paris Hilton

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22) Happy…uh…birthday, Virgo. You need all the joy you can get right now. There’s a lot of overburdening going on in your life, with feelings of oppression and excessive pressure seemingly all around you. This is likely to be a rather trying time and definitely one where you’re going to need all the support and TLC you can find – even if comes out of a vial. How vile! Look to the middle of the month for some of this nastiness to settle down and become your usual frustrating life. You’re most likely striving quite hard right now to meet a goal, but don’t try to use others in an effort to achieve what you want. Being nasty to others won’t ease the nastiness you’re getting! Virgins like you: Wade Robson, Alexis Bledel, Lauren Bacall

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20) For all the nasty things people say about you Fishies, you really do have many very fine qualities. (The ability to ‘Just Say No’ isn’t one of them, however.) The next couple of weeks should pull forth your natural talents of showing mercy, goodness and kindness to those around you – specifically those you love. You may be called upon to express more than a taste of compassion and sympathy but you’ll be in your element so it should be a pleasure. The way you’ll be for now will make you very endearing and lovable, which works out great – once you revert to your normal self, people will tolerate it lots more! Fishies like you: Devin Lima, Queen Latifah, Taylor Hanson

LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 23) Oh, dear…is the thought of facing another autumn getting you Scale-Balancers down? Sadness and loneliness appear to be your semi-constant companions through the first half of September. There’s some decided drama happening around the area of your love life – a feeling of abandonment perhaps? If an important relationship ends around now, you can’t say you weren’t warned. And of course, no one knows how to play up the drama of breaking up quite like you can. Discussing why it wasn’t your fault to anyone who’ll listen is highly likely. So is your tendency to try and numb the pain (real or imagined) in drugs and booze. Laugh, clown, laugh! Librans like you: Wyclef Jean, Nick Cannon, Montgomery Clift SCORPIO (Oct 21-Nov 22) You Scorpions seem to have lots of plans for your life about to start manifesting. But wait. In fact, ‘wait’ is the operative word for September. All the new projects you were hoping would launch any day seem to now be on indefinite hold. A sense of fear and apprehension will probably be part of your daily routine, one that (at least, for now) isn’t just your usual post-party paranoia. You may feel during the next few weeks as though many of your illusions are being shattered, especially regarding the disloyalty of someone quite close to you. Whatever gain you reap right now is going to be pretty inconclusive, whatever benefits you attain will be superficial. Whatever indeed! Stingers like you: Lauren Hutton, Isaac Hanson, RuPaul SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21) Life for you Centaurs in September is all about transformation and alteration. Abrupt changes can happen to you everywhere you look, everywhere you go. Bear in mind that these endings are for your own good. No matter how Pollyanna-like you are about how you only see the good in life, this could really shake you up unless you’re prepared. So sober up and make preparations. For what? Who can say? It could be illness; it could be financial ruin; it could be one overdose too many. Or it could really be a blessing in disguise. Sagittarians are more resistant to change than they’d like you to believe, unless they’re unhappy. And you’re pretty happy, right? Too bad! Archers like you: Katie Holmes, Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Zima CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) September may not offer you Goats a whole lot of zaniness or frivolous activity. But nonetheless, you should be having a pretty damn good time. Your natural abilities to be methodical, reliable and responsible really comes to the forefront of your life right now, allowing you to be even more take-charge than usual. And since it appears that you might be working with a great deal of money, your investors will thank you – and so will your bankbook! Your finances should be in top form…and so should you. Be that stick-in-the-mud and be proud of it. You should be reaping the rewards of going that extra mile for some time. See? It’s a sunshine day! Goats like you: Kid Rock, Yvonne Zima, Jim Carrey

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19) September is good to you Rams, which should please you no end. Especially in money matters, you should have no complaints at all. Materially, you’re facing success and possibly major gain. However, you may be feeling a lack in the area of personal satisfaction. So don’t be surprised if an opportunity arises about now which offers you the opportunity to give back to the community. Whether it’s volunteering for the homeless, working for charity or just not being your usual stingy self, helping other people is certain to help you, too. Just don’t go overboard with entertaining your friends or buying too many “party favors”. Funerals can be quite expensive! Rams like you: Melissa Joan Hart, Victoria Addams, Emma Watson TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20) OK, you Bulls probably won’t be really thrilled with the way September unfolds for you. But so what? Your tired old asses haven’t been really thrilled in months, anyway. More specifically, though, you might be feeling frustrated that all the plans and goals you have seem to be impossible to get off the ground. Wait for the middle of the month – or even better, October – before you try to put anything into action. It’s really all good because you’re not in the position you think you to accomplish what you want. September is a month of subtle change for you so it would be best to let these changes happen naturally and realize that you’re not in control. As if you ever are! Bulls like you: Tina Fey, Tori Spelling, David Boreanaz GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21) It’s little wonder that the next two weeks brings you Twins twice as much happiness as you deserve. This should be a month of deep emotion for you, whether you feel comfortable with that or not. Harmony and peace should be yours for the moment, with many of your trials overcome and the prospects of a bright future glittering ahead of you. As much as this might color your work life and your family ties, it’s in the area of romance that you really shine. Whether you’re currently single or attached, you should be experiencing great confidence in your sexual skills and that breathless sensation of being in love. And indeed, you may be closer to True Love than you’ve ever been before in your life! Believe it or not! Twins like you: Lee Ryan, Venus Williams, Diana DeGarmo CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22) With the possible exception of Capricorn, there’s no one on the planet that’s more concerned about and obsessed with money than you Crabs. That’s not a criticism, though, because for the most part you’re exceptionally talented when it comes to financial matters. And perhaps never more so than now, since you seem to be on the brink of a major cash flow breakthrough. Yes, you’ll probably in ecstasy at the opportunities of attainment and prosperity that are currently beckoning to you. Just remember that wealth – even great wealth – can’t take the place of people who genuinely care about you. So get rid of the butt suckers around you and call those old best friends! Crabs like you: Vin Diesel, Tash Hamilton, Steven Anthony Lawrence

Lady Katherine Connella has been writing frighteningly insightful and accurate astrology columns for gay magazines since 1993. She is the author of a shocking book of memoirs, currently available for sale online in print at, and among others. For more information, go to:

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By Kinky Brothers


LA brings back the American Leatherman title home. Randy Carmenaty, American Leatherman 2008, went to New Orleans the weekend of July 9-12 to step aside and sash his successor. LA’s Alex Lindsay beat out the competition and is the new American Leatherman 2009. Alex is also the current Mr. Regiment 2009 and 1st Runner-up to Mr. LA Leather 2009. Alex’s competition consisted of a basket auction, interview with the judging panel, jock wear, formal leather & speech, and stage fantasy. Alex’s formal speech described his title year’s platform openness in the kink community. Below he discusses his willingness to publicly discuss BDSM and share that passion openly and proudly. Leading up to competing for the title of American Leatherman, I had a realization. It occurred to me that everything good I have in my life stems directly or indirectly from openness. Whether it’s my work, marriage, friends, or community, the happiness I enjoy is enriched by openness. For forty years we have celebrated gay pride, and more recently leather pride as well. But there’s more to kink than leather, and more to pride than parades. I decided to create a way for people who are kinky to be out and proud about their kinks together, rather than as separate communities. Regardless of sexuality, whether they are into leather, rubber, flogging, fisting, furries, or who-knows-what. A way to say “I like creative sex. Talk to me about what turns you on or ask me about what turns me on. We may or may not like the same things, but we have this passion in common.” OpenKink is a symbol - a combination of an O and K - standing for Open Kink, and also as a reminder that it is OK to be kinky — whatever your kink. is also a network — a way to find those people, clubs, websites and organizations which are kinky and reach out the public to share their kink. It began in New York City, where I was born and raised. 40 years ago, just after I stepped into the world, the Stonewall riots opened the door of the gay closet, and we’ve been stepping out of it ever since. For me, during my freshman year of college, as soon as I realized it was guys I was interested in, I came out to my friends, and very quickly to my family. Absolutely, it was not an easy thing to do, but it strenghtened my relationships with my friends and my family. Rather than building a wall between us, I built a window. I quickly found myself playing the pronoun game at work. I came out there as well, and the sky didn’t fall. Coming out gave me more confidence as a person—my comfort with my own sexuality spilled over into a confidence in the way I lived my life. I knew I was kinky, even though I didn’t know that’s what being kinky was. What I did know was that the AIDS crisis was building, and I was terrified of sex. I discovered the Spike, but was so scared of the stories, that I would sit in my car weekend after weekend, waiting for something to happen. The thing that happened, is that I saw an announcement about GMSMA meetings. I was amazed to discover that there were men who talked about and taught about kinky sex. I was able to keep myself from jumping into the deep end of the pool, and instead stepped onto the stairs. I was welcomed and made friends there and was introduced to BDSM. To this day, I firmly believe that GMSMA saved my life. It may or may not be true in fact, but it is my personal truth. Since that time I have sought out those people who present themselves publicly as kinky members of the world we live in. Whether they are the Leather Daddies of San Francisco, members of Threshold in LA or Club X in San Diego or club brothers in Avatar Los Angeles, these men and women enrich their lives and mine by sharing their passion openly. I believe that, yes, coming out is a challenge, fraught with risk, and coming out kinky is even more so. There was a time not that long ago when being perceived as gay could ruin your family, your friendships, your career. But, thanks to the hard work, perseverance, and courage of individuals and organizations all around the world, we as gay men and lesbians now live in a better world. Is that work over? No, but it only gets easier as we become more visible. And so it is with being kinky. Today, there are many places where you still risk family, friendships, career if your enjoyment of kinky sex comes out. But there are more and more places where is it irrelevant. Especially in larger corporations, the culture has developed where if you are a productive worker, your personal life is not an issue as long as it does not interfere with your work. This is on par with one’s practice of religion. This is not to say that we need to share the details of our sex lives with friends, family, and colleagues, but it does mean being open to curiosity, and being ready to share. A few months ago, when asked what I was going to be up to over the weekend, I paused for a moment, and I came out. I said “I am competing for the title of Los Angeles Leather.” There were questions about what that meant, and I offered some general information about the contest. Other questions were asked privately, and I offered a little more information. So, was born. Right now tell me what turns you on, and OpenKink will help you find it.

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THE INDUSTRY By Jason Sechrest

ALL STAR “INDUSTRY” LINEUP THIS Cameron Marshall SATURDAY AT ELEVEN NIGHTCLUB: This Saturday night, Channel 1 Releasing exclusive Cameron Marshall headlines the new and improved “INDUSTRY” at Eleven Restaurant & Nightclub from 6pm 11pm, hosted by yours truly! Call Eleven for dinner reservations at: 310-855-0800! Cameron Marshall will be joined by 10 OTHER GAY PORN STARS getting nearly naked for you to drink, dine and get dirty with all night long including Corbin Fisher and new DV8 Casting stud Spencer, Rocco Giovanni, Bobby Clark, Ryan Raz, Diesel Washington, Cameron Adams, Josh Griffin and more! Here’s just a few of the improvements we’ve made at “INDUSTRY,” now that it’s found it’s new home at ELEVEN in West Hollywood: A new menu that includes a new Porn Star Dessert, a banana split fed to you by the gay porn star of your choice! VIP Lap Dance area curtained off for your privacy in the back! Porn stars dancing dirty downstairs at the bar, canoodling with the dinner clientele upstairs! Free shots squirted down your throat by the boys throughout the night! Porn DVD giveaways every hour on the hour! This week will also be covered by Unzipped Magazine’s camera crew for their blog and afterward, we’ll all be heading across the street to Here Lounge at 11pm to see the one and only Chi Chi LaRue work it out and DJ all night long! It’s gonna be one of the HOTTEST porn nights of the month in WeHo and one you WON’T want to miss! The only Numbers you need to know are Eleven!

Zack Randall

ZACK RANDALL NAMED “FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR”: Congrats to Zack Randall who has been named “Freshman of the Year” by Freshmen Magazine! The stud was also given the honor in 2007. Two years later, readers still can’t get enough. A party was thrown in Zack’s honor this past Thursday night at Avalon in Hollywood, filled with industry insiders and porn star packed! Kudos to you Zack!

DAVID TAYLOR TALKS IN TAMPA: Guess David Taylor who just happened to be on my flight back to Los Angeles last week? Raging Stallion exclusive David Taylor! Our flight was heavily delayed so having a little drinky, a little lunchy and I found out some things about David you might not have known. David Taylor reveals Raging Stallion is shooting their biggest epic of the year in the next couple of weeks. “It’s a REALLY big movie,” he says. “I’m a little nervous because I’ve never had this much dialogue.” David is also shooting a sex scene with fellow Raging Stallion exclusive Ryan Raz in the coming weeks. One of his most memorable experiences so far was shooting “TAKEN: To The Lowest Level.” “Working for Chi Chi,” he said, “it just felt like such a huge honor.” He regards Chris Steele from Jet Set Men to be one of the smartest business men in the industry. He lives in Los Angeles and promises to do an evening headlining at “INDUSTRY” in the near future. Woo hoo! Thanks for the talks in Tampa, DT! VANCE WINTER TO GET “GRIDIRON” GANGBANGED!: Channel 1 Releasing recently announced that their exclusive Vance Winter would soon be bottoming for the first time in their September release, “Vance Winter’s Taking It” opposite the well endowed fellow C1R contract boy Jeremy Bilding. But directrix Chi Chi LaRue tweeted this morning, “Just went and got football uniforms for my new video, ‘Gridiron Gangbang.’” When asked who was getting gangbanged, she replied, “Vance Winter!!!!!” Wow... that was unexpected! Straight from his bottoming deVance Winter but to an all out football gangbang! HAWT! ...What a little slut! ;-) For up the minute updates and to spy on convos like these, you can follow me on Twitter at !! VOTE NOW!: It’s that time of the year again! Preliminary voting has begun for The Cybersocket Web Awards, honoring the best of the best! We’ve put our best foot forward to bring you more daily blog content than ever this year and even weekly live video content here in the FREE section of! Please show YOUR support by voting for JASON SECHREST and as Best Adult Blog and Best Personality! VOTE NOW at from ALL of your email addresses please! LOL... Every vote counts! ;-)



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By Scotty B (pictured here with Trevor Knight)

At a recent birthday party for Lucky Daniels the legendary porn director, Jett Blakk, I got wind of the best gossip about porn stars and what’s going on in their lives. Interested? Of course you are, and if you thought these lips were sealed then you don’t know me very well! It seems as if porn stars are falling in love left and right and if you don’t believe me ask Lucky Daniels. Lucky is crazy in love with a stud who resides right here in WeHo - look for the ring bitches... he’s engaged! Seems like Lucky moved to Los Angeles to be with this guy instead of moving to New York City, don’t worry we met the man and approve! Oh, p.s., Lucky was the bartender at Jett’s party, making flawless margaritas - pouring shirtless. While on the topic, the ambitious boy is up for MEN magazines, Man of the Year 2009. Along with 42 other men, including other Randy Blue models: Xander Scott and Chris Rockway, they are all vying for the coveted award that was last year handed out to another Blue model, Reese Rideout. If you want to cast your vote enter this link: votemen. Also at the party was Wolf Hudson, Mario Cruz, Dominik Rider and the talented Shane Risk playing some great covers on his guitar.. and then there was Trevor Knight who says that he’s been dating a hot non-porn Brazilian for the last four years - I had no idea. Trevor thinks he’s getting (gracefully) older and has found himself falling more and more in love with this man, Trevor let it slip that he if things still continue down the same great path they’re on then he plans to marry in his home state of Massachusetts - I already have secured the spot as flower girl so Mario Cruz better step off! It also seems as if Trevor Knight will be filming for, a site produced by Naughty America, which is on its way back with some new content. Not only have I heard they have their eyes on Mister Knight but also a pretty damn popular gay porn director who just celebrated a birthday - we wish him the best *wink*!! Finally Rocco Giovanni has been incessantly blogging about the new still untitled, Bruce LaBruce movie he’s involved in - shit, I’d Facebook/Tweet nonstop too if I was a newbie in the porn industry and getting fucked by François Sagat! Anyhoo, he has been giving us almost hourly updates with pictures, zombie tidbits and sneak secrets. While we don’t know too much about the plot what I’ve been able to scrounge up is that Rocco gets into a car accident and François aka a zombie fucks Rocco - HOT!!!! For more information log onto Rocco Giovanni

Remember COCKTAILS WITH THE STARS is super all month long with bigger, better and badder porn stars and prizes this week we have uncut porn star Ludovic Canot all the way from Paris. Paris, France. Not Perris, California! Come check us out weekly upstairs at Micky’s 6-9 p.m. on Thursday evenings!!!

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