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tHE “F” LIst “F” Is FoR FAGGot, PRoUD...FAGGots...MARY!

1. Prez Barack obama 2. DustinLanceBlack 3. Ricky Martin 4. clay Aiken 5. Don sam Nazarian 6. Don David cooley 7. Don Pat Rogers 8. Don Jeffreysanker 9. DJ sandy sachs 10. H.S.H. Elton John 11. Lindsay Lohan 12. Ellen Degeneres 13. David Geffen 14. Bryan Lourd 15. Jann Wenner 16. Bryan singer 17. Brian Graden 18. Don Paul Nicholls 19. Don Jim Murphy 20. Don chris ciccone 21. DonorlandorPuerta 22. DVDJ Ray Rhodes 23. Don Jason Lavitt 24. Mike Nava & David 25. DonBrettHenrichson 26. Michael Berman 27. Don tom Whitman 28. Richard Grossi 29. tim Meepegama 30. chris Diamond 31. Wayne Elias 32. Michael Brown 33. Don Anthony Lopez 34. Jay Krimis 35. MickysMaryAnn 36. Wayne castro 37. Rusty Updegraff 38. Dale Warner 39. Woody Woodbeck 40.HSHAdam Lambert 41.HSHLady Ga Ga 42.HSHMadonna 43.HSHRosie oDonnell 44.HSHAlexisArquette 45.HSHcandy Ass 46.HSHJackie Beat 47.HSHsherry Vine 48.HSHcandice cayne 49.HSHchad Michaels 50.HSHRaven

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51.GREEN JoBs!!!!!!! 52. cHAZ & cher! 53. sham Ibrahim 54. Wanda sykes! 55. Perez Hilton 56. Mario Diaz 57. Kathy Griffin 58. Joe Kegan 59. Victor Rodriquez 60. “the Real“ Zam 61. Alan cumming 62. Jonathan chang 63. tattoo chris 64. David Guerrero 65. Billy MeFriday 66. oscar Wilde 67. Quintin crisp 68. Margaret cho 69. Andrew christian 70. Jude tade 71. caesar torres 72. Ron Madril 73. Gus Van sant 74. John Waters 75. Michael stipe 76. Billy Burgess 77. Melissa Etheridge 78. Rachel Maddow 79. Andy Bell 80. Rick K. 81. George takei 82. Michael Moloney 83. Luis & Jim turner 84. sandra Bernhard 85. Jay cribas 86. Wilson cruz 87. Bruce Villanch 88. Neil Patrick Harris 89. Greg Louganis 90. Lance Bass 91. Marc Almond 92. cynthia Nixon 93. Rob Halford 94. troy Jensen 95. Mikey Minden 96. MeredithBxrBurny 97. oprah&Gayhell 98. Brad & trAnjolie 99. Janet & Jermaine 100. Mrs&Mrstomcruise

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WOW! OIL I S F I N A L L Y OVA ! With the Reptillian sista of the thin lipped, snake eyed shhhhhhhhhh, Im dead inside and doing this robo-bore librarian texan mouth of a wife, shut down. Welllll , until her book hits the walmart top shelf, and ms. bush has to s c r a m b l e to pull a left wing nut jub on Larry King Live. YES Laura has been “covering up” the small accidental murder of her fiance back in the 60’s, all way before george jr’s coke dealin’ and the 3 or 4 d.u.i’s that Big Reptoid Daddio had made go away (a lot like the grassy knoll “BINGO!” JFK brain blowin’ in the JAcKIE o. wind fatal SHOT that poofed away The Kennedy Peace & Love & booze train. What !? WHY GOD? WHYwood Ms. bush scream real loud on top of Ol’ CNN...”I believe that Gays should get married, they should have the equal right to do so”.... and abortion? I’ve always believed in PRO-Choice, my husband believe’s other wise.“ Well, talk about GAME CHANGE! Or is it a 1 + 1 = YOU CAN’T GET AWAY WITH MURDER. With Laura doing the two step , karmic correction Texan thang as fast as she can....( and NOT letting the a s s-ociatiated press get any snap shots of her smoking her More Menthol !00’s)Oops Shhhhhhhhh be quiet dont tell a soul she smokes...) SSSHHHHH The whole turning on her brain dead, lying, saboteur drunk with power husband, ex-husband... as Missy La La get’s the hell out of dodge , before Barbara’s eye completely pop out of her piti-ful pit bull dog/ George Washington impersonator ug. . face ! ! ! Before we get down to fame problems lets talk about all the major world problems! Hooray! Incase you’ve been living under a rock, the BP oil spill in the gulf is threatening to destroy the world! Meanwhile BP oil is blaming transocean who was drilling the well and Transocean is blaming Haliburton and the senate and Prez obama aren’t having it! The real problem is (aside from the oil that’s washing up on the coast of Louisiana, Alabama, and all the huge plumes of oil one mile below on the ocean floor that’s killing and mutating all the life down there, the 300,000+ gallons spilling out everyday, or the chemical disbursements they’ve poured into the ocean) is the fact that the oil and chemical disbursement will eventually flow to the Atlantic and that spells MAJOR WORLD PROBLEMS!! And let’s not forget Miss Ling who was freed from North Korean prison thanks to humanitarian efforts lead by best

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leaders of all time Hillary and Bill clinton!! Now the Ling sisters are making the media rounds, speaking exclusively to Lary King about their new book!! Hey, speaking of fish that are promoting books on Larry King let’s all give former first lady Miss Laura Gorgeous Bush a big round of gay applause for admitting to Larry she DISAGREES with her wife Lady George Bush jr about gay marriage!! She described it as “a generational thing... Oh shoot here come all the major super problems and issues for all your favorite dump star fame starved starrrs!! Hooray! John travolta is expecting a child from wife Kelly!! Hey, don’t believe the sandra Bullock Jesse James reconciliation lies!! They are still very much broken up thanks to master homewrecker Michelle McGee and all the other assorted hookers/ strippers!!! Meanwhile as Garbage Cock Season continues, tiger Woods is still taking divorce press thanks to his swedish wife and her loooud divorce/press process!! Speaking of divorce problems charlie sheen is still in a hot custody battle mess thanks to Brooke Burke!! In jail news, Lindsay Lohan is pushing it hardcore claiming she’s lost her passport and can’t return to America for her ongoing 3 year long DUI saga so she can’t appear in court and everyone’s screaming jail fame now!!! Also up at Cannes this year were stars like Dean cain, Giorgio Armani, Emily Blunt, Helen Miren, Estelle, Lionel Ritchie, Matt Laur, Harvey Weinstein, Ivana trump, Jesus Luz, Michelle Rodriguez, Jean claude Van Damme, Jennifer Hudson, Meg Ryan, Kenneth cole, Naomi campbell, oliver stone, Paris Hilton, Russell crowe, and Woody Allen!!! Oh no! Teenage tweaker Miley cyrus’ jewelry has been pulled from the shelves of Walmart because of toxic metal that was found in the jewelry!!! Uh oh!! Full House stud John stamos had to evacuate his Disneyland hotel due to a fire!!! Hooray!! Octomom Nadya suleman closed her deal with PETA and now she’s using her pre foreclosure home to advertise for people to neuter and spay their pets. Oh dear!! Now director Roman Polanski can add English actress charlotte Lewis to his list of problems!! She claims he sexually assaulted her when she was sixteen... Problem is she’s over 40 now!! In music ruler news Lady Gaga was steaming pissed after American Idol cut her performance of “Alejandro” down to five minutes!!! Wheee!! In cancelled television news, Celebrity Rehab can’t seem to cast any stars this season!! Heather Locklear, Lindsay Blow han, and rapper DMX were all uncastable and now rumor has it Dr. Drew and crew are panicking to find high stars!! Don’t worry Drew, Shamantha knows you will find the high ones soon!! Hooray!! tori spelling has renewed her vows to hubby Dean McDermont!!! Yeah!! “Sex and the City” is taking over again and sarah Jessica Parker, Kim catrall, cynthia Nixon, and the other one are ruling the fame scene once again!! Whee!! Stay tuned to Odyssey magazine for all the super problems from Hollywood to the rest of the world!! Shamantha strongly urges you to ALWAYS read UP on everything right here at Lady ODYSSEY, click onto www. ODYSSEYMAGAZINE.NET for NY, HAWAII and even BRASIL gay going’s on. While up there on Miss cyber Rant... go to www.MARYTV.NET and while you’re UP to it, be sure to visit for all the Big Gay Fag FAME World News that you just can’t live without!! When you need to get up to speed on all your favorite stars, always turn to the pages of Odyssey Magazine, your trusted source in top information on all the messy bottom celebs!!! And Fags & Bulls keep up da fight for HOMO Human Rights NOW!!!! (parodyMary!)

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monday METRO MONDAYS at Fubar 7994 S.M.Blvd WEHO 323.654.0396 Cheyne Hauk’s “DRAG BALL” - 2 For 1 Drinks, Free Shots & Drag Show!! DJ KB, DJ Nelstar & DJ Phyliss Navidad - Host’s: Detox, Rhea Litre & Hector X SASSY SHOW! at Here 696Robertson 310.360.8455 Livonia Services. CLUB ILLUSIONS at The Palms 8572 S.M.Blvd 310.652.6188 Viva Sex MUSTACHE MONDAYS! at La Cita on Hill and 4th HotNew Local Queens! Fresh scene with DJ Josh Peace, Dino Dinco and Main Mustache Maria Nacho! click on free mustache ride site...myspace/mustachemondays, y u m THE CANDIS CAYNE SHOW at THE ABBEY 692Robertson 310.289.8410 Showtime @ 10pm with Candis Cayne - Dancing with Super Star DJ MARCO SHOWGIRLS! at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Fine TopTrannyReview SEXY BITCH at Rage 8911 SM Bl. 310.652.7055 Pop & hiphop&Aubrey! SIN at Ripples 5101E.Ocean L.B. 562. 433. 0357 DJ Ernie Pearl. Hip-Hop ENVY 120a Wilshire Fullerton 92832 8-2am, great food greater O.C.babes MONDAY MADNESS ALIBI EAST 225 South San Antonio Ave. Pomona Party in The Pit! MJ’s 2810 Hyperion 323.660.1503 Rock/Alt night STARLETTE REVUE at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900 10p show Jewels hosts a trans-razzle-dazzle top snatch show w. Starlette 18 plus ! ISRAEL’S CANTINA at Chico 2915 W. Beverly Blvd. Montebello Happy Hour Prices all Nite Long! 323.721.3401 CHEAP & EASYParadise Piano Bar 1800 Brodway Blvd L.B.562.436.2433 EL CONQUISTADOR 3701 W.Sunset Blvd. W.H. 323.666.5136 MonThurs.Happy Hours 4-6:30pm with hors d’ouvres too! Lunch Tues-Sun 11am FLASHBACK MONDAYS at 1350 Club 510 W. Anaheim St. Wilmington $8 lockers from 5pm-10m 310.830.4784 STRIP PARTIES at Midtowne 615 Kohler 213.680.1838 Yum! 1/2 PRICE ROOMS at Melrose Spa 7269 Melrose 323.937.2122 $13.50 CLUB SIN at Club Ripples in LBC. 5101 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach. Hip Hop - DJ Ernie Pearl - 2 for 1 Drinks - $3 Domestic Bottles - $4 Jager Shots

tuesday RIM JOB! at MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL. 323.660.1503 Nice and sleazy go-go guys. Cuz eatin’ ain’t cheatin’. DREAM GIRLS at Rage 8911 SM Blvd 310.652.7055 THE O.G. SHOW! MR.BLACK LA at Bardot 1737 Vine St. This NYC legend lands on the coast Luke Nero’s O.G. DanceDen goes off w. Rusty U. Lenora C.Gregory A.too! RUMORS at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Stefano Rosso & 18 + Too MANHOLE at Motherlode 8944 SM Blvd.310.659.9700 -HipHop w/ DJ Ben Dirty Burty’s “Dirty Dancer’s” & Monthly “Hot Hole” Contest !! BOYS NIGHT OUT Circus 6655 SM Blvd 323.462.1291 LA’s Tues Tradition,hot papi’s abound,DJ Ernie Pearl, and $3 cover! KARAOKE at Fubar 7994 SM 323.654.0396 FRESH Comedy Mic Night with Bruce Daniels & CherMadonna gets the boys to whale! HAMBURGER MARYS Latino Heat 8288 Santa Monica Blvd. 323.654.3800 Taco Bar! and Chocolate Fountain...Cholo’s toooo! T-GIRL at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900Jam KARAOKE W. Lady Red Couture Ripples 5101E.Ocean L.B Drink spec SPIRIT at Proof 215 N. Broadway Santa Ana Atmosphere Events doin the booze & boys 21+ DJ RPM & DJ Ahmed KAREOKE ALIBI EAST 225 South San Antonio Ave. Pomona Taco Tues. On the Patio - Kareoke - 9pm-1am No Cover! GLOW at Ripples 5101E.Ocean L.B. 562. 433. 0357trance house! GANG BANG at Faultline 4216 Melrose Ave. S.L. 323.660.0889 music, video, hot boys cheap happy hour til’ 12am. Hot. ALL U CAN EAT TACO BAR! at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900 and karaoke with 50.00 cash prizes 9 30 pm, $1.00 tacos rule too! GO COMMANDO! at Boardners 1652 N.Cherokee Ave. Barbie Q host with free b4 11pm w. Live Bands LittleRedRadio & More 1/2 PRICE ROOMS at Midtowne 615 Kohler 213.680.1838.$14.00 MINESHAFT 1720 E. Broadway Long Beach 562.436.2433 BeerSpecials and Free Pool too! Wall to wall L.B. Babes always on Tops Only! Tuesdays KENNYS KARAOKE at East West Lounge 8851 S.M.Bl. Lounge Show at 10pm click on YOU CALL FLUX 17817 Lake wood Blvd bellflower 562.633.6394 All top shelf premium’s only $3.00 This is a hot pocket of papis ,check it out ! MARIX TACO TUESDAYS! ALL-YOU-CAN EAT TACO bar only $7.95 Marix WEHO 1108 N Flores st. 323.656.8800

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wednesday GARAGE Here. 696 N.Robertson Blvd. 310.360.8455 BOYS HOT BOYS Paul Nicholls & Woody Woodbeck turn this new humpday humpier ! FUEGO at Rage 8911SM Blvd 310.652.7055 DJ Salvador keeps the Cholo La hump day.... burning. o u c h . Ay Papis y Putos! HOT ROD at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Stefano Rosso Sexz it up. COUNTRY JACK at Eleven NightClub 8811 S.M. Blvd. - Cowboy Boots & 10 Cent Whiskey Shots till 11pm - Hosted By: Reiken & Rich Grossi HOUSE OF WORK! at Ultra Suede 661 N.Robertson Rick K. & Billy Francesca Get it all Going for this new humpgayness... workwednesdays@gmail FLASHBACK at Trunks 8809 SM Bl. 310.652.1015 Igenue & DjDraven! THE BETTY at Fubar 7994 SM Blvd. - Lesbo Ladies Night. DJ Saratonin COBRA HAPPY HOUR 10937 Burbank Blvd. (at vineland) NoHo 818.760.9798 Mon-Sat. Cas & Ethan 2.75 cocktails & 2.00 off calls! Club 21! at M.J.’s 2810 Hyperion 323.660.1530 New night hosted by Jason Lavitt and Kid with DJ BipJeff JEWELS KAROKE! at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900 $100cash COCKFIGHT at Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd. 818.760.9798 HotHotNoHo! ROOSTERFISH Margarita Weds 1302 Abbott Kinney Blvd. $3.00 Margarita’s all nite schlong! and cute beach gay babes. BINGO! Hamburger Mary’sWeho 8288 S.M. Bl.323.654.3800 A fierce celebrity ball throw down check out the hotties and drink specials! KENNY’S KARAOKE at Fiesta Cantina 8865 Santa Monica Bl. starts 10pm new groovy jungle local. This is “The” Karaoke !!! Let it Rip Gurl! 241drinks! BUBBLE LOUNGE at The Brig 1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Loungey! Chic! THE BRICK KARAOKEat 340 Thomas Street Pomona 909.629.6333 DELICIOUS at Arena 6655 S.M. Ghetto Hip-Hop R&B, 323.692.3636 Merengue room too! 18+ DJ Manny C. FLASHBACK WED.S at Melrose Spa 7269 Melrose Ave $8.00 lockers! from 5 pm to 11pm Every Wed. Night! Cheap Fun SEX SlurP! 1/2 PRICE ROOMS at 1350 Club 510 W.Anaheim St. Wilmington 310.830.4784 Rooms $14.50 lockers $12.50 90’s HOUSE PARTY Ripples 5101 E.Ocean Blvd. L.B. 562.433.0357 Hosted by Dani, guys & gals gogos, beer pong, $2 drafts $1 DRINK NIGHT at Oasis 1386 Foothill Bl. Upland 909.920.9590 drink cheap n’ get it all going on humpday!


TIGERHEAT & HEAVEN at The Avalon 1735 Vine St. Hollywood 18+/ DJsJasonLavitt,RayRhodes& BIG FAT DICK! Fubar 7994 SM Blvd Mario Diaz gives you buckets o jizz with DJ Riley Moore spinning out of cocktrol CLUB NUR at MJ’s 2810 Hyperion SL. 323.660.1503 Hot Steamy Sexy Sand box! Gevo & Hrair Hookah you some desert dick! RAGE 18+ 8911 SM  Blvd 310.652.7055 18 & ova star type young fresh chickens! Daddys! Yum, and Drink Specials 2 PAN DULCE at Micky’s 8857 SM Bl. 323.692.9573 Hot Latin Boyz! SANCTUARY at Abbey 684 Robertson Bl. 310.289.8410 Tom W.! AGAIN! COCKTAILS W.THE STARS! at Mickys 8857 SM. Bl. 310.657.1176 Porn! THE GREAT BIG SWANKY VARIETY SHOW at Ultra Suede 661 N.Robertson WH 310.659.4551 Ester for mo’ Talent Info ! KYSS at Here Lounge 696 Robertson 310.360.8455 - DJ Lezlee & Asha LATIN NIGHT Executive Suite 3428 E PCH L.B.$2.50 Corona’s562.597.388 DOLL HOUSE at HM 740 E.Broadway LB 562.436.7900 18 + gurls! $100 CASH KARAOKE HM. 8288 SM WH.323.654.3800w.The BEAT. SNATCH at Menagerie 3581 UniversityAv w. Raven 951.788.8000 THURS.NIGHT DELIGHT VIP Nightclub 3673 Merrill Ave.stripper sexiness,$5 all ya can drink draft, Karaoke Patio2! 951.784.2370 THIRSTY THURSDAYS at Trunks 8809 Santa Monica Bl.310.652.1015 DREAMGIRLS at Ripples 5101E.Ocean L.B. Hottest Female Impersonation! 9:30pm Call for Reservations 562. 433. 0357. Karaoke Too! SPICE The Brick 340 Thomas Street Pomona 909.629.6333 FRAT HOUSE 8112 GardenGrove Blvd G.G. 714.373.FRAT Hot Strip Shows on Sat & SunToo! Drag review on Saturdays! PORN STAR J.O. PARTY 8pm at Midtowne Spa. 615 Kohler La. 213.680.1838 Big Porn Industry slabs of beef! Dinner is served! DANCE IDOL at Oasis Nightclub 1386 Foothill Blvd Upland 909.920.9590 10 wk contest CASH prizes...puta! C.FRENZ-KARAOKE (form.Bananas) at 7026 Reseda Blvd. 818.996.2976 with Tony B.The best karaoke in The Valley!

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friday FRESH! at Eleven 8811 S.M. Blvd. 310.855.0800 Jeffrey & Paul comp admin. 9pm cocktails, 11pm dancing with resident DjMorningstar freshness! HERE’S TRUCKSTOP 696 Robertson 310.360.8455 DJ Ray Rhodes gets this fine-ass fryday homo & Lezbo Mix hang, a going! Always packed ! POPSTARZ at Factory 652 North LaPeer Drive, WeHo 90069 We Play the Pop - You are the STAR! $5 Cocktails ALL Night Long!! Fresh MeatM.J.’s 2810 Hyperion 323.660.1530 YUM! $6 Drinks till 12 FILTH FRIDAY’S FAULTLINE dj Matt Moody Rockin Redneck Strip-pole Pabst Beer Cans 9-2am 4216 Melrose blvd 323.660.0889 DANCE BITCH at Fubar7994 Santa Monica Bl.323,654.0396 Hosted & DJ’d By: The Gorgeous Gay Mobstars Billy Francesca ­GAMEBOI 8911SM Blvd 310.652.7055 Paul E gets the high-n-r-g flying with gamey gays packing this Raging 18 plus pretty gameboi thang BOYSROOM viaTigerheat Executive Suite Nightclub 3428 E.PCH, L.B. 21+ $3 beers/$4 vodkas+red bulls. 562.597.3884 ROOSTERFISH 1320 Abbott Kinney Venice Blvd. 310.392.2123 Beach Boy Babes out in droves!blondes and butch! drink specials too! slurp! STAG AT ROCKWELL 1714 Vermont Ave. 323.669.1550 UNREALat HM 8288 SM Bl. WH 323.654.3800w.Calpernia Addams!10p. CUB SCOUT Eagle LA 4219 S.M.Bl. 323.669.9472 Chris/Vic. 1st Fri. LOLAS WORLD CABARET at Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd.$2.00 Coronas until midnite. GoGo Games Give aways Drag Queens Gays FAME at Circus 6655 SantaMonica W.H.323.721.1291 latin,house R&B Latina Diva Karlota 9 pm - 3 :30am 21 & ova!The most caliente cholos ! THE BRICK 340 S.Thomas St. Pomona 909.629.6333 boys thru the brick roof! Hosted by bartender Juan GoGo Gods and $3.00 you call it shots! $2.00 DRINKS! at Oasis 1386 E.Foothill Upland 909.920.9590 beef stick! BOYBAR HMarys 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900 ClubLucky DjZach CLUB DIVA at VIP Club 3673 Merrill Av. Riverside 951.784.2370 VanityH alston,Raven,Mayhem,BridgetteDiamond,Kiwi..KrazyGurls!11pm ALIBI EAST 225 San Antonio Pomona 909.623.9422 Latinlove,Yum!!! $2.00 dom beers 2 Dj’s spinning with afterhours til 3am! Slammed&Sexy! FLASHBACK FRIDAYS at Chico 2915 Beverly Blvd.Mntbello 323.721.3403 Dj Frank aka Dj T.J. playing videos & Old Skool $ 2.Coronas AZUCAR at C.Frenz(form.Bananas)7026 Reseda Blvd. Reseda DJ Alexander, Tribal-HipHop-House fresh new space in Valley 818.996.2976 FREE BARRIOENTRANCE Frathouse 8112GardenGrove 714.373.3728 DEBRAS GIRLS at Ripples 5101 E.Ocean 562.433.0357 GOGO Girls TRANNYSHACK - Monthly @EchoPlex 1154 Glendale Blvd.213.413.8200 Hosted By: Heklina & Cody Bayne - San Fran. Meets L.A. -Drama-Drag Show

saturday RED HOT RED Here.696 Robertson 310.360.8455 Jeffrey Sanker & Paul Nicholls, Bring the Gay Mafioso Mariposa’s into Pat Rogers downtown Weho! RED LIGHT Fubar 7994 S.M. 323.791.3041 Dark and Lovely Lads! ROUGH HOUSE at Eleven 8211S.M.Blvd 310.855.0800. Rick K and Brian Laswell werkin’ the vip scene, Hot DJ’s, Live Shows, $5 cover w.comp shot! THE “ABBEYWOOD” 684 Robertson Blvd. 310.289.8410 Bi-sexy Scene. CHERRY POP at Ultra Suede 661N.Robertson Tom Whitman’s Soda Tops! RAGE18-25 8911 SMBlvd 310.652.7055 youngRfreshRhotteR! SEXY 18 + given ya 2 rooms of dance dolls, hip hop too! hot damn!!! ARENA 6655 S.M.BLVD 323.462.1291 Gene La Pietra’s Grande! Dj Sal FRICTION MJ’s 2810 Hyperion S.L.323.660.1503 by Scandal ! 10-2am CLUB ASIA at CAN Club 14241 Euclid#C.101GardenGrove 1st Sat. of Month, click on DJFernando&Felix!! REFLEX at Ultra Suede 661 N. Robertson Bl. flesh pool every other saturday A.Hours click on for more FLAWLESS at VIP 3673 Merrill Av.Riverside, yep mo’ Hot Drag Shows! hosted by Venus D Lite, featuring Chad Michaels, Raja Delta Work, Tommi Rose, Jackie Beat , and 11pm SHINEOxwood Inn 13713Oxnard SCREW at MJ’s 2810 Hyperion Ave. 3rd Sat. of Month fer your kink needs Tattoo Chris’z raunchiest Dick Down, click on SPIT at Faultline 4216 Melrose 323.969.2530 3rd Sat.of mth.DJPaulV. SAUSAGEFEST Faultline 4216 Melrose Ave, Silverlake. $5. DJ Eric Adams spins Rock/Alt/Indie/Electro. Dancers /performances.Every 4th OLE OLE Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd.N H 2. Latin Pop, Cumbias, COBRA dancers and Our Fave El Show de Karlotta

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FULL FRONTAL DISCO - Disco Daddy Mario Diaz Invades ChinaTown Third Saturday of Every Month @ 943 N. Broadway Ave. SOCIETY Bordello 901 E. 1st St. Last Sat.each month Billy Burgess Royals & Randys! societylosangeles@gmailcom VIP 18 & OVER 3673 Merrill Ave. Hairspray 3rd.Sat.of month packed hot teen scene, 909.784.2370 lots a drink specials!!!! CHICO 2915 W. Beverly Bl. Montebello 323.721.3404 DJ Brett spins hiphop,house,oldschool, and Latin $3 Dirty Water Shots! slurp! BLENDER Faultline 4216 Melrose Ave 323.660.0889 Mashups! Mary! HAMBURGER MARYS 740 E Broadway LB 562.436.7900 Sat 1st HEAT(fuse Girls) 2nd FUZZ(bears), 3rd HEAT(ladies) 4th KUB KAMP(bears) CLUB VENUS Executive Suite 3428 E PCH L.B. Ladies ! 562.597.3884 RIPPLES 5101E.OceanBlvd. L.B.562.433.0357 1st La Playa - 2nd Bearbar 3rd Club “ONE” - 4th Bears at the Beach Alibi East 225 S. San Antonio Av Pomona 909.623.9422 No Cover $2.00 dom beer, $4.00 well drinks Dj’s and Dancing ! CLUBCALLED RHONDA -Every Second Sat. @ELCid. 4212 W. Sunset CLUB XL - Every Last Sat. of the Month at The EL Rey Theatre DJ Bill Bouvier & Rafael M. Spin Monthly House!! 5515 Wilshire Blvd. BEAR BAR at Ripples Bar. 5101 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach.562.433.0357 Bears, Cubs, Chubs, Muscle Bears, Admirers & Daddies!! Drink Specials!!

sunday SIZET.Here. 696 Robertson 310.360.8455BeerBust2! Tom Whitman & Anthony Lopez bring the tops in for this Size Queen Keggr! VOYEUR - 7969 Santa Monica Blvd. A Twice Monthly Dance Party!! Jeffrey Sanker & Paul Nichols Bring The Gay’s Out & Proud!! Beer Bust/Club Sucker at M.J.s 2810 Hyperion Av. S.L. 323.660.1503 70’s-2000’s! $1 drinks Alo & Gevo! beer bust before from 4pm - 9pm. FOLLIES BURGERE at Hamburger Marys W.H. 8288 S.M.Bl. 323.654.3800Calpernia Addams/Detox Icunt SRS ShootOut&Drag9-11pm MUSICAL MARTINI NIGHT 8279 S.M. BL. 323.822.3300 $8.00 martini and better then Karaoke, Pianist with feat. songs by request ! Chic’ and Fun! LAS LOCAL TALENT at Eleven 8811SM Bl.310.855.0800 Singer Idol ! BEAT IT! at 7070 Hollywood BL. New Wave Orama! DJ Jason Lavitt brings the 80’s back w/$1.00 drinks 18+ chicken’s galore!!! CLUB PAPI L.A. at The Factory this special monthly event party rules! Jamie Awad’s Cholos! LAS LOCAL TALENT at Eleven 8811SM Bl.310.855.0800 Singer Idol ! BEARS IN SPACE Akbar 4356 W. Sunset Bl. S.L. bearsinspacela@gmail BOOTY BUMP Fubar 7994 Santa Monica Bl.323.654.0396 w/ Dirty Burty BUSTED! at The Motherlode 8944S.M. 310.659.9700 bigOl’beerbust...$5 infinity/$1glass! DJ Bobby Y. &karoake11-2! SOBAR HERE 696 N.Robertson WH 310.360.8455 1st Sun.ofMnth 1-4pm. ALIBI EAST Beer Bust 3pm - 9pm - 225 South San Antonio Avenue HAMBURGER MARYS BRUNCH! Hamburger Mary’s 8288 S.M.Bl. 323.654.3800 11a-3p.Bloody Marys & mimosa specials too! Eat Queen. LUCKY SUNDAYS at Tia Juna’s Long Bar 14988 Sand Canyon Ave Irvine $2 shots, LuckyStar 10-11pm Dj Zach 18 + CLUB BOOMBASTICHM 740 E.Broadway L.B. 526.983.7900Blacktino! DRAG IDOL at Oasis 1386 E.Foothill Upland 909.920.9590 RAWHIDE & ALT-ROQ! at Club Cobra 10937 Burbank Blvd.(at Vineland) N H 3pm-8pmCountry & Western beer bust B-B-Q 8pm-2amIndie Alt-Roq Dancing & BeerBust DJ Paul V.Cobradancers THE BRICK BeerBust ! 40 S.Thomas St. Pomona 909.629.6333 and later Sexy Eddie’s GoGo contest ! winner gets a spot to GoGo at The Brick! C.FRENZ 7026 Reseda Bl. Reseda 818.996.2976 Beer Bust packed with babes on beer.... 3-8pm drink up queens! RED ROOM at WildCat Lounge 15 w Ortega Santa Barbara Dj Gavin Roy This Best Beach Babes scene rules! myspace/RobertMendez & the boys RIPPLES SUNDAY BRUNCH 5101E.OceanBlvd. 11a-3pmBrunch Brunch Breakfast Only $6 and $1 Mimosas ! RIPPLES TEA & BEERBUST 5101E.OceanBlvd. L.B.562.433.0357 Eva’s Free Mexican BBQ, Karaoke From 7pm-Close. DJ Mush and GOGO Boys, $5 Absolut, $4 Jager, $3 well vodka, $2 Bud Light, $1 Schnapps V.I.P. SUNDAYS 3673 Merrill Riverside 909.784.2370 opens@3:00 beerbust till 11:00,L.I.Tea’s 3.75& martini’s stiff too. STRIP PARTIES at Midtowne Spa 3pm 615Kohler213.680.1838 THE HOOK UP 1047 E.Second St. Pomona 909.620.2844 Beerbust 3p-8pm 1.00 16oz. tap, no cover UNDIES SUNDAYS CREST 5935 Cherry Ave. 562.423.6650 $2.50 wells will 10pm free BBQ 4pm till 8pm Hot boys n’ briefs!

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By Livonia & Venus D Lite

VENUS D LITE u I had a blast out at The Brick in Pomona judging the Season 3 finals of “Cha Cha’s Got Talent” with Cal Addams & Barbie Q. 2-time winner Nevaeh ended up in the Top 5 but saw her crown passed on to Jasmine who came dressed to kill--and-win and delivered a “Hairspray” number that encompassed every veritable character in the movie and more costume changes than my retinas could keep up with. Jazmyn Simone was the runner-up and continues to amaze with her style, beauty and flawless dance moves. The evenings breakout star (other than the divine hostess herself) was Ali Kat who managed to lose one shoe, toss the other and declare herself a major new talent to be reckoned with. The winners and friends are joining Cha Cha for a day at Disneyland. Spotted at The Brick: SASSY Prom Queen 2009 Detox, SASSY Prom King 2007 Cheyne Hauk, Victoria X., a ravishing blonde Kook Ade, Che Che Echelon, birthday girl Boots, Mercedes Electra, Blaire Von Bitchbag, and the dynamic duo that is Lady Red Couture & Roxy Wood. I’m so proud to tell you that this years SASSY Prom will feature the first-ever LA performance of Miss Nina Flowers!! Our entire SASSY cast & crew from the past 5 years are joining forces with the Ben Patrick Johnsom Foundation and filling here lounge up with an array of worthy causes and 2 dozen of the most deserving Prom Kings & Quenns in all of West Hollywood. I’ll also give you a hint: this years Spirit of SASSY award (previously won by Miss Coco Peru, Irene Soderberg, Tammie Brown and our dearly missed Venezuela) will be presented to someone who adds an new element entirely to this beloved club of fantastic winners. Barbie’s Addiction take over where the Big Wigs left off as our powerhouse trio and opening act. Whether you’re recovering from the Mayan, the Avalon, a pool party, or Laguna Beach--head back to LA on Memorial Day and join us for the gay prom of your dreams!! June 7 marks the debut of our 4 Drag Wars winners at here lounge: Vicky Vox, Mystic, Allusia, & Vyolet will bring new material to SASSY and join Beignet au Lait on her SASSY birthday show. u Hello Drag Lovers. So how was everyone’s pride? Did anyone get any sleep over the weekend. I had a really fun dragtastic time at Long Beach Pride this year. I love it because outside of Halloween it gives a lot of new drag curious citizens to get the courage and balls to finally try on those high heels that your BFF bought you for Xmas and go out and strut your pride, GIRL. But also there was many drag celebrities there as well. The Dreamgirls Revue got to perform on both nights on the main stage and had a second show at the Country Tent hosted by Delta Work and Ladonna Monroe. This year LOGO Channel had a booth this year where you got to meet the Rupaul Drag Race stars Ongina, Morgan, Jujubee and Raven. Remembering the floats I remember Jewels and Big Dee representing the Hamburger Mary’s float. I worked on the Ripples float as Lady GaGa. Chico’s Angels also had their own float. Sashey Couture worked out this sickening evening gown riding in a convertible. Also I got to see Pride Queens Momma and Miss Lola. I just have to remember to bring more comfortable heels and not to forget my lipstick next time for pride, you know us queens always say hello with a kiss on the cheek, afterwards gotta touch up them lips honey! Last Sunday was the third installment of the “O, What a Drag” Contest in Los Alamitos @ California Wok. Blair Von BitchBag came out in a leopard trench coat later revealing a bikini made entirely of dollar bills, Holly Day worked out a disco medley with a huge pink afro, Vixen Vale and Pretty Kitty gave some fishy realism, and Millena Hidaway came out and did “Video killed the Radio Star” as a half gay boy/half drag queen. Holly Day and Millena took home the cash and are going to gear up for finals which has a grand prize of $500. Well Darlings, get that little extra sleep that you missed out from pride and don’t forget this Tuesday Dreamgirls Revue will be featuring a Comedy Theme Night. Here is your Drag Lesson of the Day, “This is a small community so have fun with each other instead of fighting with each other”.

Love and Kisses, Venus D Lite. 05-21-10.indd 32

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THE MUSIC By Will Ihavetochangemyname

Ok, so sorry I had to take a much needed break from this stressful Hollywood life — so I took off to Vegas for Pride 2010 and oh what a ride!!! I went to all the usual haunts but new to the Vegas terrain is Bare Lounge at The Mirage where we got to check out two great djs (Derek Montiero and Hector Fonseca) and two hot performances by Erika Jayne and Paradiso Girls. The party was packed with Gaylisters, Eduardo CorDerek Montiero dova, Caesar Gomez, Kevin Stea, Mikey Minden, Wilson Cruz, Shoshanna Bean and too many other hot randoms to remember. I had such a blast in Vegas that the last thing I remember was dancing to Ralphi Rosario at Krave then jetting back to LA and sleeping all day. There’s no place like home... So my favorite new EP is “Glee: The Power Of Madonna.” After falling in love with the show, they’ve cemented a place in my heart by covering Madonna. Their versions of classic don’t beat the originals but sure come close. Madonna impersonators will be doing their shows to these new versions. Glee makes me want to be in high school again when the original Madonna was just making her way into our world. So one of my fave muses are back. Dangerous Muse dropped new remixes for their latest single “I Want It All” and it’s chock full of mixes plus a major one by Tracy Young (we love this gurl). Check out both remix packages on all digital stores. Another smash on the horizon is Kimberly Cole “Smack You.” Perez just blogged about this song and I agree, this is a hit. “Smack You” is available now with remixes on the way by a slew of top remixers. Oh and Ms. Cole has 1.2-million followers on Twitter. Check her out now and be the first to say “ I knew about her when...” Also new in clubland this week is Jessi Malay’s new single, “On You”. Think JLo (at her best) with a little Janet Jackson thrown in and you have Jessi Malay. The “On You” remixes are slamming with mixes By Eddie Amador, Johnny Vicious, Hani, JetSetters, and others. This single is destined to light up dance floors everywhere. Look for it. See ya’ on the dance floors..

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make your move s Profiles with videos s Upload up to 26 pics s Include as much information on your profile as you would like s Plan your travel itinerary and get to know the locals s See who’s in town visiting s Listen to our award winning radio station, GaydarRadio s Chat with guys from around the world and around the corner

JOIN NOW, FOR FREE 05-21-10.indd 37

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THE LEATHER By Kinky Brothers

It’s that time of year again for the grand daddy of all leather contests, international mr. leather (iml), in chicago this memorial day weekend, may 28-31. the hyatt Regency chicago will serve as the host hotel and american airlines is the official airlines for the event. If you haven’t booked your reservations and packed your gear, you better hurry up so you don’t miss a holiday weekend of leather, kink, fetish, camaraderie, brotherhood, shopping, dancing, hot sex, hot music and most of all fUN! IMl weekend details can be found at fifty-one hot leathermen will compete for the coveted title of international mr. leather 2010. nine distinguished leatherfolk will serve as judges to determine who will be honored with the iml 2010 title on sunday night at the congress theater. contestants from around the world will be judged on a private interview, pecs & personality (jockstrap segment), and formal leather & 90 second speech. the judging panel won’t have an easy time because so many of these leathermen are very deserving of the iml title. it will be hard to select just one. as the contestants are going through their competition, what are you going to do? Well don’t think too hard because there is so much to do within IMl alone and then there’s the city of chicago to go check out. iml hosts the largest vendor market for us kinky guys. bring your credit card or cash to do some major shopping. You’ll find leather/fetish gear to bdsm furniture (which can be shipped home). beware, you may become a shopaholic here if you aren’t one already. and there are 12 step meetings on site if you need it. you will also find the largest cruising area in the hotel lobby and bar. if you thought going to your local leather bar on saturday night was a lot, wait until you get to iml. you will probably need an iPhone to keep your sex appoints in line. It’s party time every night. Many organizations host large parties with food/drink and dancing in the ballrooms for all to attend and free! Onyx usually packs ‘em in for a night of hi energy music and hot men. a party not to be missed. the house of blues opens its doors to us on sunday night after the contest. this one night rivals any weekend circuit party. if dancing and pumping in the middle of hundreds of sweat dripping shirtless men, then this is a party not to be missed. Monday night’s Black & Blue Ball at the excalibur Nightclub closes the weekend. the contestants are done with competition and let loose on the dance floor and balconies. the five story nightclub pumps out the grooves for all to get wild & crazy on the floor. the energy will be so high that you won’t be just standing and watching, but humping and pumping on the dance floor with all the sexy, hot leathermen. Representing the southern california area and competing for the iml 2010 title are brad taylor, mr. los angeles leather 2010; scott anthony, mr. Palm springs leather 2010; Randy carmenaty, american leatherman 2008; and mike little, mr. san diego eagle leather 2008. these leathermen have been preparing, studying, working out, and getting their leather gear together the past few months, now it’s time for competition. If you don’t get to see them compete on the iml stage, you will most likely run into them at your local leather bar and feel free to ask them about their iml experience. We as a leather community wish them all the best of luck and hope one of them brings home the iml 2010 title.

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Help fight HIV/AIDS. Participate in an HIV vaccine study. So guys, are you... 18 to 45 years-old? HIV-negative? And have you... had sex with a man recently?

✓ ✓ ✓

If so, contact us to find out how you can help in the search for an HIV vaccine. Don’t worry... you can’t get HIV from the vaccine. Eligible study volunteers will receive $50 for each study visit.

1400 S. Grand Ave, Suite 701 Los Angeles, California 90015


310.358.2429 05-21-10.indd 40


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first off I’d like to wish Brian J. McCarthy, the fiercest Bull in the world, a very happy birthday. brain celebrated his birthday on the 19th of may. (not the 19th of march, however, that date does hold some significance for you, we’ll talk later...) this week we enter into the airy sign of Gemini. Gemini tends to get a bad rap. People like to say they’re two-faced bitches, but this really just stems from the fact that they tend to be the smartest, and everyone else is just jealous. Gemini’s also pay all their bills on time, and almost always get away with stealing. (okay, sorry Gemini..) ARIEs (Mar 21-Apr 19) You’ve got to focus, aries, focus! there are some really important dates coming up over the next few weeks, and they will require your full attention. do not fuck it up or the consequences will be devastating. You’ve got to focus on taking care of your own shit. do this, and you should come out on top. yeah, i said top. Pussy-Wagoneer Quentin tarantino

tAURUs (Apr 20-May 20) When there’s a lot of planetary action goin’ ‘round like there is now, earth signs like taurus tend to find that the best way to avoid being hit by fly planetary debris is to remain firmly planted on the ground. they may even try taking a nap. you may feel that people are trying to provoke you into action. your best bet is to not to make a move, do not charge after them, even if they’re waving red things in front your bullass. If you do act upon their provocations, you’ll be the one who ends up getting hurt. Her Honor a-(homo)sexual supreme Justice Elena Kagan GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21) Happy Birthday! Oh, we should go celebrate by sleeping with as many people as humanly possible! NOt! Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut. I looked up the word “slut” in the dictionary and it had the “II” Gemini symbol right next to it. Dang girl, I don’t think they’re gonna let you re-up again another 8 hours down at the hollywood spa, besides they already towed away your car two days ago! March yourself directly down to the clinic, before all of us go deaf or blind. Gay Genealogist, tommy Heinrich cANcER (Jun 22-Jul 22) i suffer from such a love-hate relationship with you cancer. you know all the right places to touch me, and can make me cum in about 30 seconds. but yet, you can also push all my fucking buttons, and set me off in about 30 seconds. now that you know that possess this power over me and others, and me knowing what a cum whore your really are, wouldn’t the logical choice be to use your influence and power over others to get them off, rather than to set them off? Just an idea. MIA LEo (Jul 23-Aug 22) i know that in the back of your mind, you have this idea that one day you are going to meet the perfect mate and that you are going to ride off into the sunset, happily ever after. this isn’t necessarily a bad idea, because you’re probably the only sign which could achieve such. Maybe you already have. this is a good time for you to pursue more meaningful, and more serious relationships. this will require however a larger emotional investment on your part. You’re a good catch these days. Just released some unreleased tracks, Mick Jagger VIRGo (Aug 23-sep 22) so virginal virginistic you are these days. no, not like the kind of virgin like holy mary ever-virgin mother-of-God, kind of virgin. i mean virgin as in, lock-thatvirgin-bitch-up-in- a-castle-tower-and-strap-a-chastity-belt-aroundher-ass-before-she-fucks-everything-in sight, kind of virgin. and like a manipulative little cunt, afraid her pussy’s not gonna get enough poking, you’ve been attempting to undercunt even the most innocent of girls around you. so lighten the fuck up already. Lance Armstrong LIBRA (sep 23-oct 23) venus is on the move through your sign which is making you more of a social butterfly than usual. (I would have stated that you’re a bit sluttier these days but the use of the word, slut was expended in Gemini’s horoscope this week, so ‘social butterfly’ it is!) Be careful, and do not overspend. this summer’s Saturn influence will have a very sobering affect on your purse. clive owen

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By Jon Mendenhall

scoRPIo (oct 21-Nov 22) you need about a month to think about the goings on in your life and maybe plan a trip. financially, things aren’t going quite the way you would like, but this is going to improve as we move forward into the summer. as for you sexlife, please remain in your seats while we don’t have sex at all, all at the same time. morocco could be good a place to take a vacation...I’m picturing a caravan of all-male sex-slaves carrying a harem of cock across the desert and somewhere in there we find Kathy Griffin hypnotized and by the wafting scent of manormones on a hot day. sAGIttARIUs (Nov 22-Dec 21) you could be headed for an out-of-the-ordinary destination, as it pertains to your career. this will bring you a lot of happiness, but only if you do not allow others to dictate what that happiness means exactly to you. do your personal preferences really need to be scrutinized so much? You’ve achieved so much on your own. sarah silverman cAPRIcoRN (Dec 22-Jan 19) vers-a-til-ity, Who? vers-a-til-ity you? vers-a-til-ity, and me? vers-a-til-ity, oh,i see. vers-a-til-ity, flip-fuck? Vers-a-til-ity, and then nut? Vers-a-til-ity, in your butt? say What? okay, okay, rest assured no one is going to hate you because you vented your despise at your dislike of party piss. and that brings me to your self-esteem issues, capricorn. say what you feel for once. everyone thinks it’s really lame when you try to act in ways which you think other want you to act, rather than just being yourself...Come on, doesn’t your big dick give you enough confidence? Ryan seacrest, Mister World AQUARIUs (Jan 20-Feb 18) time won’t give you time! aquarius, you need to seriously employ some time management as you are all over the place and nothing is getting done. JUSt lIKe tHe SPRaY taN YOU CUt SHORt ONlY tO BaCK OUt of a 4-way with - I dunno, God? there’s time for everything. Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self, and the money will follow! Dispenser of weird information like you, David Lynch PIscEs (Feb 19-Mar 20) our clarity comes from being involved with others, even though your personal quest is that of romance, let more = better now. as you look into that mirror, mirror on the wall, be sure the version of that reflects three menin-a-tub, and not another one-man show. and it’s not the fairest of them all. aim to hit someone other than yourself in the eye this time before you loose sight all together. Queen Latifah Mister World wants to show you how YoU can take better control of your world. From the time and place of your birth he will cast your personal horoscope. there are endless ways you can apply astrology to your life. In this world, timing is everything. If you need to know the best and worst times for anything in your life, Mister World will help you find it. Astrological consultations and personalized charts are available. Email the exact time and place of your birth to At a fair and reasonable cost to you, Mister World will personally cast your chart and write your horoscope. Your privacy is not for sale, no matter who you are or how much you spend. Keeping your confidence is key and will not be compromised.

”Because your future’s never outta sight!” -WoRLD! contact Mister World at

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