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Autumn Edition 2020


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Featured in this edition... Mind-styles for Holistic Lifestyles



5-6 September 2020

TICC, Cape Town


World's First Human Composting Site Opens in 2021 Under the new law in Washington people there can now choose to have their body turned into soil after their death. As a result of this new legislation, the world's firstever human composting site, Recompose, will open its doors in 2021.


he process is seen as an alternative to cremations and burials and as a practical option in cities where land for graveyards is scarce and research suggests that human composting consumes just one eighth of the energy required for cremation.

Human composting is believed to be significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional methods of burial or cremation. Recompose' s patent-pending method involves placing bodies in one of the moisture- and temperature-controlled vessels filled with wood chips, alfalfa and straw. In just 30 days of microbial activity, the body breaks down into soil. At the end of the composting, loved ones are given the soil, which they can use in planting flowers, vegetables or trees.

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What Am I?

Words Dr Diane Preddy


n his awakening, the Buddha realised that we are not what we think we are. We have a body (genetics from our parents), personality (inherited and conditioned) and Free Will.

The latter involves our choices and can hence lead us in the right or wrong direction. The Buddha decided to focus on the latter in order to point us in the direction towards awakening and wisdom. He understood the power of our minds to select thoughts, beliefs, actions, identity and goals and urged us to think for ourselves and choose that which brings us harmony and peace. The word Buddha means awakened human being and this Buddha Sakyamuni was a brilliant psychologist who decided to speak the language of the people in front of him and teach by expedient means the path to wisdom and Truth. He respected the free will of each person and knew that he could only teach the path to Truth, not Truth itself, as our true nature is before and beyond words. For example, in the ‘Flower’ sermon (significant in Zen Buddhism), he held up a lotus flower and said nothing. To one or two people there the realisation became that of the wordless realm as well as of the elements of our Earth of which our bodies are made. The Buddha was aware of nine levels of consciousness, the first five being our senses, the sixth being our capacity for thought (brain); the seventh relates to our choices/will, eighth to Mindfulness or ‘awareness of awareness’ and the ninth level of consciousness is collective/Universal Mind.

This is What I Am. We can consciously choose to be mindful, which points us towards the Truth of what we are, or we can stay asleep. Hence the increasing popularity of the concept of Mindfulness in recent times, as it resonates with people who are waking up and looking beyond the body and the material world in order to better understand their identity and purpose. www.dianepreddy.webs.com











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Women's Health

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Human Composting Win with Odyssey Spirits and Souls of Africa - Dr Arthur Long An Uncommon Bond Earth Day 22.4.2020 Have You Heard? Organic & Natural Products Expo. JHB, 8-10 May

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Embracing Veganism Farewell Chocolate Vegan & Plant Powered Show CTICC 30, 31 May The Falafel Guy Guy Greenblat Vegan Alchemist Chefs Are Vegans Better Lovers?

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Editor’s Note Odyssey is a holistic lifestyle magazine, dedicated to conscious living and ‘creating mind-styles for holistic lifestyles’. These are not just trendy words and catchy slogans; they support a far deeper meaning and vision. ‘Holistic’ indicates a basis in the principle of holism. Holism is derived from Greek ὅλος holos, meaning all, whole or entire; supporting the idea that the intimate connection of separate parts is such that they cannot exist independently of the whole. South African statesman and philosopher Jan Smuts first coined the term ‘holistic’ in his 1926 book ‘Holism and Evolution’. Conscious living is living responsibly; it goes beyond having a healthy and energised body, an open and organised mind and a consideration of our place in the cosmos. Conscious living is about taking control of your life, your thoughts and your actions; considering all choices and decisions. It is about having the life that you choose rather than the one that befalls you. It is to live with fully awakened awareness of daily decisions, their value and their consequences. Nathanial Branden describes conscious living in a profound manner, stating that “Living consciously reflects the conviction that sight is preferable to blindness; that respecting the facts of reality is more satisfying than denying them; that evasion does not make the unreal real or the real unreal; that it is better to correct your mistakes that to pretend they do not exist.” Have you ever experienced that brief moment in time, when a door to a different world was opened for you? A moment when you were given a glimpse of something more than your current perception of reality, causing you to question everything you have believed, known or thought you have known? A moment of realisation that perhaps there is a different way to ‘do life’? Another way to perceive, experience, think, feel and be? This moment is often a realisation that your version of reality can be a limitation and this realisation is the beginning of your Odyssey, your eventful and adventurous journey of life, in this space and time. Our vision is to open this door, giving you a glimpse of another perspective, with thoughtprovoking content contributed by some of the most passionate and inspiring voices of our industry thought leaders. In this edition we feature: Veganism, A New Way of Living' and place the spotlight on women's health and in our Winter Edition (June) will feature: Green Living, Where Green and Smart Meet' and place the spotlight on well-ageing.

Holistically yours, Debra

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Welcome to Editor's Choice, in which we will feature some of the editorial team’s ‘favourite things’: Good reads, great products, superb services and beautiful places and spaces; and share with you why they love them. This bouquet is given to products that our editorial team would personally recommend to our readers, family and friends.

Editor’s Choice Hidden Planet, an Illustrator's Love Letter to Planet Earth by Ben Rothery


s I haphazardly opened the parcel, the cover of the review copy of this beautiful large-format book came into view – I slowed down and opened the parcel more deliberately and gently - I sensed that there was something very special inside this package; the energy of the book electric and the desire to open the pages intense. The book came to life as the fine detail and vibrant colours of Ben Rothery's illustrations captured my attention. This is unequivocally one of the most exquisite books that I have had occasion to review, savouring each page. It is a celebration of all creatures, great and small, from the bold and beautiful to the interesting but ugly. Each illustration is crafted with love, bringing the birds and animals of our planet to life in vibrant detail. This book is as much an adult read as it is a children's book. It is a 'have-to-have' in every precious book collection. If you are looking for that special gift, this is it. I simply cannot wait to share this book with my grandchildren when they visit me from across the oceans. Smiles Debra

About the Author, Ben Rothery Ben Rothery is a detail-obsessed illustrator from Norwich via Cape Town. He combines multiple processes to create delicate illustrations and repeating patterns full of fine detail. Much of Ben's work is inspired by his love of nature – he grew up wanting to be a shark, dinosaur or David Attenborough crossed with Indiana Jones, but settled upon illustration as a compromise that allowed him to bring those fantasies alive on paper. ISBN: 9780241361009 – RRP: R300 www.penguinrandomhouse.co.za

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And the Winners are...

The OM Team

NAPOLEON HILL - THE LAW OF SUCCESS WINNERS John West Hilton Calder Dussie Padayachee Susan Nel

Debra, Publisher & Editor #buckstopshere

NIANELL - LIFE SIMPLIFIED WINNERS Cindy, Customer Fulfilment #gotogal

Mogana Pillay Erna Neethling Shareen Peterson


Denis, Design & Layout #getsittogether

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Tanya Dampier Cheryl Horn Bridget Thomson Malebo Makgale Shirley-Anne Pegram

MAGGIE HAMILTON INSIDE THE SECRET LIFE OF FAIRIES Nazeerah Mohamed Isabella Löczi Doreen Thomson Ingy Kouwenhoven

Brenda, Sales #supersmous

Ayanda Nini Julie Schutte Kara, Interviewing Journo #straighttalk

LLEWELLYN’S 2020 DAILY PLANETARY GUIDE Annete Gouws Gorete Watson Lillian Dreyer Ina Crocker Hanna Pienaar odysseymagazine.co.za | 8

Sheila Gillespie Janine Mouton Roshini Govenden Deanne Van Niekerk Praveshni Harkhu

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Enter to Win Panaché: The Spirit of Life by Dr Cheryl Lassen Matilda's journey begins with the knowledge of possibilities, the taming of her mind and the control of her body. The story takes you on her journey through the unknown; of her life growing up in a humble Coloured township during apartheid and her venture through the joy, pain and laughter that was the abyss of her love life. She makes one think about the parts of us that others don't and will never see, and parts of us that others will never know. The parts of ourselves, our minds and our cares that teach, admonish, criticise, are conflicting yet simultaneously belong and exist in the same person. . Publisher: Kwarts Publishers ISBN: 978-0-620-79256-1

4 s ie o C p

OVER THE HILL MOON! A GUIDE TO POSITIVE AGEING by Dr Hannetjie van Zyl-Edeling Did you know that …? • Centenarians are the fastest growing age group world-wide; • After retirement it is quite possible to have 35 more years between the ages of 65 and 100; • You can protect your brain against age-related mental deterioration; • You can influence how old you are and feel; • Behaviour trumps genetics when it comes to influencing how you will age. Over the Moon is about breaking out of old patterns of thinking and being, and taking charge of your life and ageing process.

3 s ie o C p

It is never too early or too late to make positive changes. Publisher: Porcupine Press ISBN: 978-1-920609-14-6

GRATITUDE JOURNAL by Evelyn Alessandri Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. Henry Ward Beecher This Gratitude Journal will take you on a year-long journey of self-discovery to elevate your level of happiness and create a positive life for yourself. This special workbook, created by Intuitive Coach Evelyn Alessandri, can be used daily or when you have the time. Its purpose is to help you create a better life, one that is more authentic and true to your real self. There are also wonderful mood mandalas and fun trackers to help you enjoy the time you spend with your book. The journal is not dated, so can be used from any month of any year. R395 each via www.evelynalessandri.com.

2 s ie Cop

Email your entries to: cindy@odysseymagazine.co.za With your name, surname and email address with the answer to this question in the subject line: Who are the author/s of any or all of the above books/journals? By entering this competition / give-away you agree to our Ts and Cs for all competitions and giveaways. For more info visit: www.odysseymagazine.co.za/enter.html / Closing Date: 14 May 2020 odysseymagazine.co.za | 9

My Angels Save the Day - St Anthony Points the Way “To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nicola Tesla (10.7.1856 – 7.1.1943)


pril 1980, while working on the 20th issue of Odyssey, I was informed by our ever-supportive printer, Mr. Solly Wyner of Associated Press, that he had been instructed by his accountant not to print any further issues of the magazine until we had caught up with at least one of three outstanding payments. “No problem,” I thought until I saw that our Post Office Box was empty. I had been expecting a full page advert and several subscriptions. Undaunted, I remained positive. The magazine had been launched three years earlier on faith and goodwill. I was confident that 'my angels' would come up with something. WELL - within the hour, I was lying in a hospital bed with a fractured pelvis, a cracked knee cap, a dysfunctional auditory nerve and an undiagnosed spinal injury. I had been hit by a speeding car while I was crossing a busy city road against a red pedestrian light. When Mr. Wyner heard about the accident, he defied his auditor and Team Odyssey was given the go-ahead to meet the deadline. Assistant editor, Simone Williams wrote the editorial and Roger Corbet completed the typesetting. My angels had saved the day, albeit at the cost of my having to wear a hearing-aid and, for the next 35 years, odysseymagazine.co.za | 10

having to deal with the inexplicable, sporadic onset of painful spasms in the area between my shoulder blades. Treatment with a chiropractor was a phone call away. He/she would examine my back, locate the painful area and, after some manipulation, fold his/her arms around my chest and, with a sharp therapeutic hug, crunch my shoulders forward, causing a noticeable popping click. The result was instant relief. Once diagnosed as my being osteopaedic, 'crunching clicks' were no longer an option. Until 30 December last year, I was treated by physiotherapists who invariably used gentle manipulation and massage. Then, while still lying facedown on the massage table, I would be treated to several minutes under a device emitting a bluish light. Five years ago while living in England, I had been unable to get an appointment through my NHS doctor to see a physiotherapist, so I called the clinic's emergency number. Dr Hermanus Roux was on duty. After listening to my problem, he literally diagnosed my condition over the telephone. He arranged for me to have an X-ray followed by a consultation with Adebayo Tijani, the manager of the physiotherapy department of a private hospital, courtesy of the NHS. The X-ray had identified a compression fracture of the fifth thoracic vertebra (T5). After

treatment, which included the 'magical' blue light therapy, Mr. Tijani gave me a detailed exercise regime and instructed me to avoid carrying or lifting anything heavy. I returned to Cape Town in 2018, still pain free. Then on 29 December last year, despite a gale-force wind, I merrily headed for the local shop to buy a few items - nothing heavy. On my way home I struggled to keep my feet on the ground as the wind tugged ferociously at my shopping bag. By morning the old stabbing pains were back. For an excruciatingly painful few days I had two physiotherapy sessions, (no sign of the magical blue light!); I had tried three different pain killers, which gave limited relief and I had sat motionless in a hospital waiting room for seven hours strangely pain free. On the sixth day I wedged a heated bean bag between my back and the chair. This kept the pain at bay and I had a reasonably good night's sleep. When I awoke in the morning, all seemed well until I began moving around. I could not even use my hands to unscrew the toothpaste tube. By 10 o'clock the stabbing was back with a vengeance. I desperately needed to find the right treatment. My incredible physiotherapist was seven thousand miles away and those of yester-year had either emigrated or retired.

In tears, I fell down on my knees beside my bed and asked St Anthony to help me. Ever since early childhood, a prayer to St Anthony, as a last resort, would result in a lost object being found. Although I hadn't lost anything, I knew my prayer would be answered. As I stood up, still crying, but this time in gratitude, aware that all I needed to do was follow whatever prompts came to mind. Inexplicably, I found myself reaching for my harmonica on one of the top shelves of my wardrobe. I hadn't touched it since my arrival from the UK. I opened its case. On top of the harmonica was a piece of paper upon which I had written the names of three tunes in C major. The first was “Joy to the World”. After playing it, I decided to look up the lyrics. As I switched on my iPad, I came across a video by Jonathan Goldman, during which he discusses the healing effects of combining the vibrations of two tuning forks - 432 Hz and 528 Hz. This was amazing because

the previous evening, I had been watching a YouTube video series on the healing properties of vibrations, frequencies and sound. Was I being introduced to a form of healing I knew nothing about? I felt prompted to fetch the disused violin case, which had belonged to my grandson. Lo and behold - in the little compartment within the case was the tuning pipe for the violin's four strings. The A note at 440 Hz sounded almost identical to Johnathan Goldman's 432 Hz tuning fork. Intrigued by the flow of synchronistic events, I spent most of the day experimenting with the recommended frequencies. I recorded the unusual events of the day in my diary, while listening to 528 Hz meditation music in the background. I was no longer experiencing any pain. The following morning, it had been my intention to browse the internet for scientific explanations as to how and why certain frequencies bring about

healing. WELL - chuckle - there on my screen to my delight was a 'karaoke' version of “Joy to the World”. The browsing can wait and I shall report back in the winter edition. Thanks to 'my angels' and to St Anthony, my recent experience ties in with the weird world of quantum physics: Energy, frequency, and vibration. Not forgetting the allimportant effects of resonance, both positive and negative. Helpful feedback welcome. jill.iggulden.stevens@gmail.com I look forward to connecting with you. Bon voyage, Jill. Jill Iggulden Stevens: Pioneer, Seeker, Teacher, Storyteller, Sage Founder of Odyssey Magazine. Editor 1977 -1984

‘Modern Elders’ don't retire… they rewire


t is not long ago that retirement age was between 55 and 60 and statistics from the insurance industry suggest most retirees enjoyed no more than seven years before dying. Today at 55 we can fully expect 25 or 30 more years and, although the worldwide trend is to raise this milestone (the UK pension age is currently 65 but moves to 67 by 2026), that still leaves many years in which we can be productive and relevant. In fact, according to US bestselling author and founder of The Modern Elder Academy, Chip Conley, these later years present a great opportunity for contributing to the workplace, using the experience and wisdom gained over decades in the workplace. Chip, in his book ‘Wisdom at Work’ talks about the need to balance the unique approach and digital savvy mindsets of the instant-gratification, limited attention-span generation of youngsters who are running mega corporations, with the slower, more methodical approach of the older journeyman and this collaboration he terms ‘The New World of Work’. Rather than retire, Chip asks us to rewire, to share our knowledge even if our new boss is half our age and to drop an approach of “I know better.” Chip believes we need to become ‘modern elders’, with attributes like curiosity, having friends of all ages, being willing to mentor, displaying compassion and staying current with technology. In short, we need a beginner’s mind and a willingness to evolve because, he says, experience is on the brink of a comeback. The wisdom of Chip Conley and diverse thought leaders like Viktor Frankl, Brene Brown, Ram Dass, Lewis Richmond and Deepak Chopra is shared and explained on a new website www.platinumproject.com by the creator in South Africa of the Platinum Tribe, Michael Hook. He works with some of the bigger employers like the large banks in providing a softer landing for retiring and retrenched staff, and his website promotes upskilling, tuition, networking and meaning for those exiting formal careers. Contact mike@beyondwellnessgroup.co.za

Read more about the role of Modern Elders, Conscious Investing and Ageing Gratefully as we place the spotlight on well-ageing in the Winter Print Edition, on the shelves 29 June 2020 odysseymagazine.co.za | 11


A Dream Realised: The Challenges and Triumphs of Building a Mandela Legacy The stories behind the building of one of the finest paediatric facilities on the African continent


he Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital was a project that seemed impossible when it was merely an idea. The seed took root when 10 people sat around a table discussing the state of paediatric care in South Africa – a discussion sparked by the recent passing of a five-year-old boy. These people shared similar experiences that all pointed to the fact that devoted specialist care was needed for children. Madiba set the challenge with a simple question: “How can there be only one dedicated hospital in the country for our children?" odysseymagazine.co.za | 12

This challenge provided the starting point that resulted in a global campaign that would impact the most vulnerable and often voiceless members of our society. From a small seed taking root so began a remarkable story of a children's hospital built in the name of one of the world's greatest leaders. This was to be only the second children's hospital in the country. The stories behind the building of one of the finest paediatric facilities on the African continent is being told for the first time in this new book. The tales are personal, emotional and

sometimes heart-breaking. But ultimately, they are all filled with passion and inspiration. Today, the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital in Johannesburg is a proud testimony to a uniquely African story which honours the memory of a great statesman and celebrates the children for whom he cared so deeply. A Dream Realised: The Challenges and Triumphs of Building a Mandela Legacy - as told to Ulrike Hill and Zanele Chakela - is available now from leading book stores.


Image by Clarissa Hughes www.clarissahughes.com/uncategorized/mapungubwe-rock-of-sacred-leaders

Spirits and Souls of ‘Mama AfriKa’ Africa is undoubtedly the most spiritual place on the planet, particularly as it appears to be where mankind originated hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years ago. Homo sapiens, humankind as we know today, first walked this continent, particularly southern Africa. They lived and died here.


his article has been written with the express purpose of explaining things around us we may not understand and taking the fear factor away from things that may be strange or inexplicable to people. I've been involved in esoteric subjects, souls, spirits, hauntings etc., since 1972. But since coming to South Africa in 2000 I have experienced such numerous and intense experiences, suddenly having so many fascinating experiences that I was compelled to stay in Africa, helping people cope with life stresses and understand things around them, plus clearing and getting rid of unexplained things that may have frightened them. Energies and spirits exist all around us, which are difficult for most to see but many can be both felt and photographed, showing something really does exist beyond our understanding.

Some of these energies can be manmade, the product of people's minds, angers, energies and, sometimes, the desire to control and breed fear for both good and bad. Why Africa was chosen or if it just happened to be such an important place we may never know but today we see the oldest signs of these people all around us. Proof of ancient mankind can be found all around us, signs such as tools, rock art, even food remnants and, most importantly in this discussion today, their energies, ghosts and souls. Souls are simply the energies within our own bodies. Everyone on the planet has a soul. Energies of souls can be seen around our bodies and are better described in living people as auras. However, when our body ceases to exist, the soul continues and it can have many forms. As ghosts perhaps, resembling

Words Arthur Long the person departed, which could resemble the person who has passed to reassure those left behind after their passing for example, or they can appear as a spirit, the outline of what was a human, or as an orb, a ball of concentrated soul energy. Because of such early existence of man, there also remains in Africa much more evidence of man in the form of spiritual beings than in most other places in the world. Wars and disputes have occurred since the beginning, from the hunter gatherers fighting with the farmers, to present day disputes, conflicts and accidents and, all over the continent, souls remain, as they don't know they are actually dead. But, most importantly, souls remaining are still the same souls as today are within you and me.

odysseymagazine.co.za | 13


Energies just like us can be found all around us and, in all reality, are nothing to be feared. The souls of those here before us, combined with the immense spiritual energy of the earth, can be found in your house, in your yard perhaps, and in surrounding hills, valleys and caves. They are not here to frighten you. Fear is only in your own interpretation of what something inexplicable represents to you. My own experiences in Africa started almost from when I arrived in 2000, being asked to cleanse places, houses, areas, being invited into well-experienced and well-equipped groups investigating such wonderful paranormal occurrences, as being both a psychic and someone who could also cleanse places from such presences. The most notable and special adventure involving souls, spirits and clearing started at the University of Pretoria where I was invited to the Mapungubwe Museum. This museum houses artifacts and gold pieces collected by archaeologists since 1932 from a sacred area called Mapungubwe in Limpopo province in the north of South Africa. Mapungubwe was a trade centre for ivory and gold, a large community which existed between 1100 and 1290 AD. This is an extremely spiritual and sacred place on the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers, which form the borders of three countries, South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. My involvement with this wonderful place began upon my arrival at the museum, a wonderful collection of gold beads, necklaces, artifacts and even Chinese pottery left by traders in exchange for ivory and gold, when the curator immediately came to me, saying she had heard of me before and asking if I could remove a curse which had been put on the museum. The curse had been placed on the museum by a sangoma, or African witchdoctor, who had walked

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to the university barefoot from Tzaneen, some 300km away, to ask for the return of his ancestors to Mapungubwe. The ancestors consisted of many skeletons recovered from the hill and surrounding areas, including the skeletons of two kings and a queen. When the sangoma's request was refused he reacted by placing a curse upon the museum, which would result in the building burning down and its occupants dying. The curse was a very good example of man-made spells - the creation of the sangoma himself - and a very powerful one, actual and tangible. Walking into the museum was like walking into heavy molasses and I could clearly see a black cloud which extended from the front door to a large glass case containing the centrepiece of the exhibition, a gold rhinoceros statue, which moved all on its own away from its central point within the case twice in one week, unnerving everyone in the museum, including the security guards who wouldn't go into the museum. The sangoma had done a very good job of gathering energies in this area, which undoubtedly had a deep effect on everyone who went near there, and these needed to be removed. I accepted the task of ridding the area of this very uncomfortable energy and did so immediately by displacing the sangoma's energies with my own. Within a short time the atmosphere returned to normal and people returned. But one problem still remained: Helping the sangoma and obviously the many people who believed in him, to be able to convince the museum to return their ancestors to where they had been before being taken. The skeletons are the true remains of their ancestors and needed to be in the land from which they came and ruled, therefore they were not happy to have had their

ancestors removed from where they belonged. So it was decided by everyone in the museum at that time to ensure the wishes of the people of Mapungubwe were met; but how? Others tried to get the ancestors returned, but failed to get anyone to agree or cooperate in the return of these sacred skeletons for some time, and I was again asked to help. Fortunately I had, in the meantime, made some very wonderful friends who were very important traditional people in the country, who agreed to make all efforts to help the people return Mapungubwe to the true level of importance it deserved and satisfy the ancestors. Plus they were able to introduce me to the then President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki and he enthusiastically agreed to make this happen, due to the significance of Mapungubwe to the people of southern Africa. Thanks to the efforts of the then president, the ancestors, the skeletons, were in fact returned to their proper resting place in late 2007. During negotiations and for my own experience I visited Mapungubwe and found it one of the most moving places I have ever been, due mainly to its location on high energy ley lines of the earth, plus I found the spiritual, the paranormal existences which I am eager to share with readers, who can then look for them themselves. The centre of the area that once was a city is a flat-topped hill, some 50 metres high, quite plain and quiet to look at, but full of energy, spiritual energy, historical energy, mysterious energy - and sadness also. A staircase had been built zig-zagging up the face to the top, where previously people had climbed up small footholds, carrying every bit of soil ever found there by hand: Soil needed for the erection of some buildings, general survival environment and graves: Importantly, graves of two kings and a queen.


Souls, thousands of souls of the original inhabitants of this once city, and orbs, thousands of concentrated spherical forms of souls, staying, still today part of this amazing place. All of them talking to us, welcoming us, eager to tell us of their presence there, swarming all around the area, making me so aware of a peace there now, and their stories of previous dramas, extreme sadness that caused this one-time city - trading for two centuries their ivory and gold, a wealthy, happy area - and how the people had to leave this sacred place due to drought and severe weather conditions. On top of the hill, now bare of the soil so carefully taken there before, was a wonderful view into Zimbabwe. Underfoot were millions of tiny animal or bird bones making an eerie crunching noise wherever we walked and, with no one for miles, the sound of drums and an incredible feeling, history, people, dramas, death, sadness for miles. And a stiing energy, probably due to the fact the

hill is on an intersection of many ley lines. The sacredness of the area was now understandable, tangible. It is more powerful than any place I have ever been before. This sort of energy must remain untouched, unlike other places where it became necessary to remove, release or exorcise. The energies here were so special that messages can be received by anyone going there for centuries to come and I highly recommend you all go to Mapungubwe at least once in your life to learn much about African history and yourself. How? I'm not sure, but everyone I have known who goes there has had great changes in their lives and learnt so much about themselves. We were given a great respect and understanding of the people who had lived here. This experience also was a great lesson in what energies had to be left untouched and never feared, listening to stories the spirits had to tell,

hundreds of them. This is one place on the continent to leave all fear behind and allow yourself to acquire knowledge, open your mind and be given a great understanding of the people, spirits and spirituality of Africa. Maybe then to talk to spirits you may encounter anywhere on the continent, even in your own town or home. Fear is only in the minds of some people and not necessary in our daily lives, stopping us from thinking or functioning and even aecting our health. Fortunately it is my purpose now to help people overcome fear and anxiety and to live much happier lives. T/Dr Arthur Long D.Emed EPP C.Cht Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist & Traditional Doctor Hypnotherapy & Ethnopsychology Association of South Africa Email art@hypnotherapysa.co.za

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Planet - Celebrating World Wildlife Month

An Uncommon Bond An Undeniable Truth The powerful and profound relationship between the majestic Lady Liuwa, the Last Lioness and a visionary cameraman, conservationist and earth-keeper, Herbert Brauer



o you know that sensation of being totally committed, determined, prepared? It was 2005 and I'd had all the support I could wish for to live my dream, to engage with wild nature in one of the most intimate ways possible in a modern context: To be a wildlife cameraman in Africa's premier, most remote and sometimes truly forgotten wilderness areas. Little did I know then that singleminded focus, bordering on obsession, can be a recipe for stagnation, if not destruction, when the most important relationship is not in place: That with Nature. The inner Nature and the outer, as far as those boundaries still exist when that relationship has been deepened to its very core. A year before, a South African TV producer gave me, a rookie with a conservation vision, valid advice upon my question how to film for editing, i.e. for story: If it looks right, it is right. Little did I know that my career would awaken and instill a far wider, deeper and higher sense in me which, thinking about it even now, applies to all areas of not only my life, but as a useful mantra for all of us: If it feels right, it is right. Maybe, especially as a man, I knew little about feeling - its function, the doors it opens - and certainly not its nuances as components for sensing what's happening, what's 'truthful' and what's not. It took years to reconnect with my emotions and sense of feeling as a component that enables intuitive odysseymagazine.co.za | 16

thought and action. As it turned out, reclaiming the sense of feeling became an integral part of a life-transforming journey for me and, as I have witnessed in various degrees, many others' too. In general, we men become more in touch with our emotions, we learn to recognise destructive patterns which we created directly or as byproducts, through our modern, industrial culture defined by disconnect and unconscious behaviour. My assistant cameraman and I had arrived in November 2005 in Liuwa National Park. Producer Peter Lamberti sent my assistant and me on our way with a Land Cruiser which served as a mobile hide, carrier of camping and filming equipment and sleeping platform any night. My approach of being self-

contained and independent resonated not only with him, but with landowners and lodge staff equally well. It served as the passport to a kind of freedom experienced in wild nature few of us ever have the opportunity to taste these days. For months on end we spent time in the wild, at times living a pioneer lifestyle that consisted of engaging our creativity to compose and roll tape on the one side, and to keep the Cruiser going and our stomachs happy on the other. But freedom comes with responsibility and, in order for us to get footage that could be crafted through the classic hero's journey into wildlife documentaries for international channels, all prior mandates did not apply.

Planet - Celebrating World Wildlife Month

I've been challenged to forget what I thought I'd known through classic varsity and guide's training and open my mind to Nature's authentic way, her operative and inherent principles as they play out through, for instance, the elements, repeated during her age-old seasons. If I wanted to make this work properly and with a measure of personal authorship, I had to engage deeply and more fully with her expansions and contractions, the amplitudes that enable movement, flow and transformation, and the evolution of everything. I had to surrender to that attraction, surrendering to where she would take me through my own hero's journey, my individual and authentic path through cycles and seasons, on an individual journey from head to heart, as the saying goes. And although my chosen function as wildlife cameraman defined what I did, was it the constant scrutinising of the How, based on the Why, that engaged me as a human, one of seven billion, each with an individual vision and purpose, even when we're totally oblivious to it?. Lady Liuwa was the last survivor of the majestic prides that had succumbed to a mass slaughter of wildlife in western Zambia's Liuwa National Park. By 2005, African Parks Network had managed to put an end to the carnage, in collaboration with Zambia's wildlife authorities, an epic achievement. Lady was known more as a mystery without name than from appearance and, when we managed to film her hunting successfully on the first day of my first assignment, I should have recognised the relevance of what's been gifted. Was it ambition that stood in the way of my recognising those gifts more fully, or was it just too early? I do understand that passion, dedication and awareness were helping me to access at least their beginnings. I had a recurring dream as a young boy. I've only ever met one person who had a very similar dream. I was chased by a lion pride and each time one of the lionesses caught me, my back would go into such a strong spasm that the only way to have relief for the rest of the night was to lie in a foetal position. Finding physical comfort and solace in an energetic womb, protected inside the feminine. The dreams had totally stopped by the time I reached puberty but started again during assignments in Liuwa. Long story short, as a social species,

Lady sought company but even more, her physical behaviour served as an initial doorway which enabled me to recognise her as a consciously rather evolved being. As with nature at large, she met everyone at the level at which we were ready to engage with her. Open-mindedness was the primary factor needed for deeper communion with Lady to unfold. By open-mindedness I don't mean reckless acceptance. It is awareness, a mix of trust in one's intuitive perception and diligent, healthy scepticism. So it happened that Lady and I have forged a unique bond rarely observed with an animal that is completely wild, where one would often question specific behaviour that simply went beyond what one could ascribe to her becoming habituated, or being lonely. For me, personally, two instances stood out. During the first one she challenged me during a stand-off which could have gone completely wrong, causing death at least for her and permanent injuries to me. After this I've had disembowelment dreams associated with a life stage where I faced my shadow. The second one seemed totally uneventful on the surface but was even more powerful. Lady simply walked past me one morning, as she had done hundreds of times in camp before, when I was suddenly hit by an energy into my solar plexus and heart centres so powerfully that I seemingly lost my sense of reference to everything. I left the camera standing on the tripod where it was and went to my tent, sleeping - which seemed to be the only activity that made sense - for the rest of the day. My perception of life as I knew it has changed permanently from then on. Lady has

walked through my heart as Linda Park so fittingly observed with a male lion in her own life. In both instances my assistants had observed what happened and somehow accepted this to be natural, although unusual. How could it be any other way? Life, Nature, is the big initiator of our different authentic stages when we live a life close to her, striving for balance and harmony with her. Through personal experience we're moving through childhood, early and late adulthood, elder and sage when we connect consciously with Nature, with Spirit, with Life in the grandest scheme of things. Entire communities and countries' populations move through these stages and express their seasons' consciousnesses. As a global community it's time to embrace the cycle in which we again perceive and interact with the Earth much more consciously, i.e. beyond the mere physical. A tree, for instance cannot move when it's too dry, cold, wet or hot. It integrates a huge amount of knowledge while being exposed to severe differences in weather, becoming both a store and conduit for wisdom borne from a tremendous capacity for experience. When we open our minds to perceive a tree for far more than a source of shade, wood and fruit, we allow Nature to recalibrate our minds, emotions and even physical realities. Each species carries a wisdom, a medicine, a power or an archetype we benefit from when approached with respect and love. Earth, water, air and fire seem to be just phenomena, but are, like everything in the universe, conscious.

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Planet - Celebrating World Wildlife Month

“If we want to take full responsibility for our healing and evolution we have to reconnect with Nature, consciously.” Herb Herbert Brauer spent much time in wild nature as wildlife cameraman, photographer and guide. He facilitates core transformative coaching and nature immersions, creativity and photography workshops and protects vision quests. Herb is a Kuraq Aqulleq in the Sacred Andean Tradition and a Reiki Master in both eastern and western lineages. Contact Herb: info@herbertbrauer.com.

The Book of Samson Truly 'A Lesson in Conscious Living' – A must-read!


s I journeyed with Samson and Linda my heart centre opened to receive and this journey touched me deeply at my core.

Linda Park dreams of a lion in captivity; four years later, on a visit to a captive breeding facility, she meets her dreamtime lion, who communicates telepathically with Linda, telling her his name is Samson. Their journey together and the wisdom he shares through Linda to mankind are powerful and profound. How apt his name. Samson - proud and regal, the lion represents courage, strength and resolve. Born under the star sign Leo, I identify strongly with the lioness being the rollicking, playful mother who roars and pulls her children back when needed and I know her well as the provider of wisdom and nourishment for her pride. Depictions of lions are literally a millennium old throughout the world. In Egypt the sphinx has the body of a lion, which was a sacred symbol of the goddess who safeguarded the pharaohs in the afterlife. Other beings in the Egyptian pantheon had lion likenesses, including the fierce friend to women and children, Sekhmet. Wise, protective and fiercely gentle Samson, shares his message to mankind from the heart. “… Understand that love in its purest forms just is. We show you that in the way we engage with one another, regardless of what may have happened five minutes or five days ago. It is a deep connection from the heart which we feel in every part of our bodies. This is spirit holding spirit and there are no words to measure (something humanity loves to do) its depth and intensity. “This is how we hold you - deep in our hearts, as your love surrounds and holds us.” All Love Debra, Editor Odyssey Magazine In Support of World Wildlife Day and the 'Voice 4 Lions' initiative (NPC 2018/598752/08) Contact the author, Linda Park - Voice4lionssa@gmail.com.

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Health - Veganism

Veganism eco planet Way dps of Living A New

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Health - Veganism

By 2040 all meat will be vegan. Experts predict most of the meat eaten in 2040 won't come from dead animals, according to new research by the global consultancy AT Kearney. “With the advantages of novel vegan meat replacements and cultured meat over conventionally produced meat, it is only a matter of time before they capture a substantial market share.�

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Health - Veganism

Embracing Veganism Words Kara Stevens

Embracing a life of veganism is about so much more than animal welfare, it's a lifestyle that promotes health, wellbeing and eco-consciousness.


eganism focuses on living a life free of animal products and byproducts. This includes the exclusion of dairy, meat, fish, poultry, eggs and any products derived from animals from one's diet. It's a lifestyle that has become increasingly popular over the past 10 years with celebrities like Zac Effron, Beyoncé, Joaquin Phoenix and even Bill Clinton opting to go vegan. So why the sudden spike in popularity? Globally there has been a significant shift towards minimising the negative impact we have on the world around us, not just for altruistic reasons but because climate change is a very real problem and - if we don't do something drastic to reduce our carbon footprints – we may not have a world left to save. Climate change is real and it's not going away. We're seeing more severe weather patterns around the world, culminating in record-breaking flooding and fires. In addition to this, we have seen large-scale animal extinctions over the past 50 years. This is directly linked to the choices we make and the impact we have on our environment. But is going vegan really the answer? A scientific study published by odysseymagazine.co.za | 22

the journal Science investigated this very question on a grand scale. The study analysed data from almost 40 000 farms in 119 countries and covered 40 food products that represent 90 per cent of all that is eaten globally. According to Joseph Poore, who led the study: “A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication (caused by water pollution), land use and water use.” The study found that meat and dairy use a staggering 83 percent of the world's farmland. The production of meat and dairy produces 60 per cent of agriculture's greenhouse gas emissions. Conversely, meat and dairy make up only 18 per cent of the world population's calories consumed and 37 per cent of the protein consumed. When compared with the least sustainable vegetables or grains, even the lowest impact meat still has a more adverse impact on the planet. Essentially, if the entire population went vegan overnight - the greenhouse gases produced by what we consume from agriculture would decrease by approximately 25 to 50 per cent.

The meat and dairy industry represents trillions of dollars, which isn't something that can be replaced overnight. Fortunately, over $1-billion has been invested in the vegan meat replacement industry. Scientists have recognised the need for change and they have been working on methods to produce cultured meat, a vegan alternative meat that is biologically identical to animalderived meat but is cruelty- and slaughter-free. Consultancy AT Kearney compiled a report investigating cultured meat and predicts that by 2040 the majority of meat consumed will be vegan. Even companies like Tyson Foods, a leading meat producer in the USA, have recognised the need to go vegan. They invested in Israeli clean meat company Future Meat Technologies in 2018. Rosie Wardle from the Jeremy Coller Foundation, which provides grants to support environmentalism stated: “The shift to more sustainable patterns of protein consumption is already under way, driven by consumers, investors and entrepreneurs and even pulling in the world's biggest meat companies.”

Health - Veganism

We're clearly living in a world where there's been a conscious shift towards taking action, looking after the environment and not mindlessly consuming products that are exacerbating the issue of climate change. It's not enough just to have a voice, to post on social media and to protest against inept governments controlled by big business. We need to be a part of the positive change we want to see in the world and switching to a vegan lifestyle is a leap in the right direction. Let's take that leap, let's embrace conscious living and let's adopt a vegan lifestyle. Our bodies, minds, spirits and the world around us will be all the better for it.

Fast Facts – Why Go Vegan? •

Vegans spare the lives of about 350 animals each year.

Being vegan cuts your carbon footprint in half.

Vegans live longer.

Vegans save over 4 000 litres of water each day.

Vegans are less likely to die from heart disease.

Vegans save over 20kg of grain each day.

Vegans are less likely to have a stroke.

Start with Foods You Love. The transition is going to be a lot less painful if you're eating foods that you know you love and that satisfy you, so start with these and learn how to make delicious versions of them. You may even want to consider how you can make your favourite non-vegan meals vegan-friendly and experiment with this.

Find a Friend. If you don't already know someone who is vegan, try to find a friend, community or group of people with whom you can interact and share ideas – and to whom you can turn if you're having a rough time with the transition. If you're not the social type, there are many online forums, groups and communities you can join too.

Stock Up. Once you realise just how many foods contain animal products you will want to start stocking up on things like nut butters, sustainable cooking oils, herbs, spices and vegan snacks to keep you satisfied and keep your diet exciting. Your pantry will likely start looking very different after just a few months.

It's OK to Fail. Starting out you may have a few slip ups and you may even eat a few cheeseburgers or pizza slices. This is normal, very few people can go 100 per cent vegan overnight without the occasional craving and or cheat meal. Just keep fighting the good fight and try to do better the next day.

Buy a Vegan Cookbook. Coming up with delicious, creative meals when you first go vegan often trips people up. So why not buy a cookbook to get you started? We suggest: Vegan on a Budget, by Olivia Biermann. Be Adventurous. Going vegan will likely see you try foods you've never even heard of before. Don't be shy, if you try something and you don't like it – just don't eat it again. You'll probably find more foods that you love than hate.

Not Everyone is Going to Embrace It. There are a lot of people out there who may not agree with your choice to switch to a vegan lifestyle. They may even have you questioning your decision. Stay true to yourself, trust in your decision and know that what you're doing is ultimately better for you and for the world around you.

Each day, a vegan diet saves...

Top Tips for Going Vegan Tread Softly. For most people, going vegan overnight is hard. Particularly when you find out just how many foods contain animal products. If you find you're struggling, consider starting with a few days a week and then building on this. Do Your Research. Make sure you read up on how to ensure that you're eating a balanced diet and getting enough B12 and protein. You'll quickly discover that ingredients like cashew cream and nutritional yeast are magical.






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Farewell Chocolate, Goodbye Cheese

Words Geoff Dalglish

Geoff Dalglish visits a holistic health centre in South Africa's Eastern Cape that is an oasis of healing and rejuvenation, a restorative tonic for body and soul and the inspiration to pursue a vegan lifestyle.


onduct a random survey at the St Francis Health Centre, overlooking the beautiful Kleinemonde Valley, near Port Alfred and you’ll discover it attracts people from all walks from throughout the world – and for vastly differing reasons. Some are there simply to unwind in a relaxing environment, choosing a holiday that doesn’t leave them more exhausted than when they started. Others need to learn to eat properly, stop smoking or binge eating, recuperate from an illness or simply take time out to rediscover and reinvent themselves. The regulars passionately endorse the St Francis philosophy that “health isn’t just an absence of disease, it’s an embracing of life.” This was my 12th week-long visit and my first in six years. Admittedly I arrived with some slight misgivings. I was feeling creaky with low energy levels, experiencing pains in my hips and knees, and harbouring a nagging fear that this was the way it would be now that I had passed the 70-year mark. Having celebrated my three score and 10 years,

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had I now reached my sell-by date? Was I consigned to a life of enduring pain and discomfort? I also questioned whether St Francis would still be a remarkable centre of healing and rejuvenation now that Anneliese Cowley, its visionary and intuitive Austrian-born founder, had passed from this earthly life. What I was very excited about was the fact that my daughter Bonnie was accompanying me on this health journey, choosing to spend quality time with her Dad while enjoying a detox of body, mind and soul. The invitation is to discover the real you and to make a life, rather than a living, the cornerstones including a healthy, nutritious vegetarian diet, exercise and daily relaxation. “Healthy living is a way of life,” I was assured on my first visit back in 2003. “By learning how to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet with exercise and relaxation each day, our lives become much less stressful, our relationships improve and we gain a greater sense of control over our life and health. We function more effectively in our

individual environments.” It is also obvious that we are what we digest and the detoxification diet allows the gastro-intestinal system to have a rest, rejuvenate and start functioning better while producing the right enzymes for digestion. We all joke about how incredibly modest the portions are, although surprisingly I don’t feel hungry. The first day is a liquids-only day, but it isn’t a starvation day. I’m asured that most people get more nutrition out of the vegetable broths, herbal teas and diluted fruit juices, than from a traditional threecourse meal that takes considerable energy to digest. My taste buds come alive and a lingering cough, which I associate with the sulphides in wine, soon disappears. Bonnie and I are also thriving on the pampering that includes full-body massages, aromatherapy oils, reflexology, a daily steam bath, aqua aerobics in an indoor pool and machines that gently assist with the detox. I feel great!

Health - Veganism

My daily ritual also includes walking the ‘Labyrinth’, the circuitous path having been likened to our journey through life and to the deepest parts of ourselves. Unlike a maze, which can be frustrating with its barriers and dead-ends, a labyrinth is an ancient tool of prayer and meditation. It has no tricks and a single path guides you to its centre and out into the world again. At the start of the week each participant has a personal consultation with a health professional. My friend Mrs Cowley is no longer physically present, although her legacy lives on and manager and resident doctor, Simon Knight, brings his own special gifts as a doctor of alternative medicine. He’s also a hypnotherapist, ethnopsychologist, pastor, herbalist and sangoma. Like many others I take an instant liking to him and sign up for a hypnotherapy session to assist me with motivation for the writing of my next book, as well as dealing with some issues around asthma. His vision is to help modernise St Francis while remaining true to Anneliese Cowley’s vision. My latest six-night stay has coincided

with a decision to quit alcohol and chocolate for 100 days and my resolve has been reaffirmed recently by independently watching two powerful wellness documentaries: What the Health and The Game Changers. Both provide incontrovertible evidence of the benefits of a plant-based diet, while spotlighting the dangers of ingesting meat and dairy. I gave up my carnivorous ways 20 years ago and now feel ready to take the next step by fully embracing veganism – so goodbye to cheese, dairy chocolate and fish. And that’s motivated by a deep desire to be kinder to the Earth, its animals and other creatures and to myself. I leave the health centre with fresh resolve and a spring in my step: My energy levels have improved dramatically, I’m kilogrammes lighter, my suppleness has improved and all those aches and pains have disappeared. Yes, health is so much more than an absence of disease and discomfort. It’s an embracing of life and a knowing that now is the right time to do what I now know to be right.

St Francis Health Centre St Francis is midway between Port Elizabeth and East London and reached by air and road. 11km from Port Alfred. www.stfrancishealthcentre.co.za Expedition guide, universal traveller and journalist Geoff Dalglish vowed to walk 40,075km - symbolically the circumference of the Earth. His message ‘tread lightly and lovingly upon our Earth.' He stopped counting steps after five years in which he covered more than 21,000km and still walks his talk as an ambassador for the Findhorn Foundation community in Scotland. To connect with Geoff email:geoff.dalglish@gmail.com.

Vegan Artisan Foodies Changing the Game Words Diana Medanic Try Seitan, the plant-based protein flavour sensation - As a vegan it is certainly not about missing meat or wanting to recreate something lost; rather demonstrating what can be gained, making your vegan diet even more flavourful and healthful.


eitan is actually a very old way of eating and originates from China, Korea, Japan, the Middle East and Russia. The word itself is of Japanese origin and only in 1961 did an advocate of the macrobiotic diet, George Ohsawa, coin the word ‘Seitan’ to refer to a product created by Kiyoshi Mokutani, a student of his. The main ingredient in Seitan is wheat protein, containing a whopping 74 per cent protein. The powdered form of wheat gluten (vital wheat gluten) is made by hydrating hard wheat flour to activate the gluten and then processing the hydrated mass to remove the starch, leaving only the gluten. The gluten is then dried and ground back into a powder. When producing the famous Seitan, adding vegetable and various spices offers variety. When cooking Seitan innovative steaming techniques are applied, before frying and adding to sauces; making this plant-based protein so much healthier. Due to our digestive system, we are not

really made to eat meat, hence animal proteins leave us sluggish. They contain hidden fats which float in the blood stream, line the veins/arteries and cause increased risk of strokes and heart attacks, not even to mention the hormones and antibiotics used in intensive animal farming and subsequently contained in the meat one eats. Contrary to the belief that one needs to eat carbs to feel full, it is actually the protein. Protein is the part of our food which makes us full more quickly with less food. Protein reduces the hunger hormone ghrelin and boosts the level of the peptide YY, a hormone that is responsible for making you feel full. More and more people are choosing a vegan/plant-based diet; the production of it may vary. We are certainly happy for the mainstream producers to produce a more affordable product; there are the Artisan foodies amongst us ‘designing’ new products and using preferably ethical ingredients. The difference is not only the shelf life, as artisanal

vegan meat contains no preservatives, but the time and love and passion that went into such a product. “Choose Health – Choose Life: Be open to the possibility of a vegan lifestyle, whether it is about the animals, the environment or planetary sustainability or simply just to give it a try.” Diana Diana Medanic produces artisanal vegan meat. Diana lives in the Western Cape with her son and is passionate about food, health and animals. Follow Diana’s Deli on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DianasDeli

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Planet - Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day 22.4.2020, Climate Action

The enormous challenges, but also the vast opportunities, of acting on climate change have distinguished the issue as the most pressing topic for the 50th anniversary. Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable. You can make a difference to climate change with personal choices in many areas, such as diet, means of long- and shortdistance travel, household energy use, consumption of goods and services, and family size. You may ask “Can changing my diet really make a difference?” YES! In fact, after fossil fuels, the food industry – and in particular the meat and dairy sector – is one of the most important contributors to climate change. If cattle were their own nation, they would be the world's third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, after China and the US. By reducing your consumption of animal protein by half, you can cut your diet's carbon footprint more than 40%. The meat industry contributes to global warming in three major ways. Firstly, cows' burping from processing food releases lots of methane, a greenhouse gas. Secondly, we feed them with other potential sources of food, like maize and soy, which makes for a very inefficient process. And finally, they also require lots of water, fertilisers that can release greenhouse gases and plenty of land – some of which comes from cleared forests, another source of carbon emissions. You don't have to go vegetarian or vegan to make a difference: Cut down gradually and become a 'flexitarian'.

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It's time to celebrate the Year of the Vegan in South Africa Where have you been hiding if you haven’t noticed the fact that veganism has gone mainstream?


he Economist declared 2019 as “The Year of the Vegan” while according to research firm Global Data there’s been a 600% increase in people identifying as vegans in the US in the last three years and 3.5 million people now classify themselves as vegan in UK. Forget the Year of the Rat: 2020 may well be the Year of the Vegan in South Africa as more and more supermarket chains are now stocking vegan foods with a plethora of vegan restaurants opening their doors and already well-established ones adding vegan dishes to their menus. Africa’s first large-scale vegan and plant-based expo – the Vegan & Plant Powered Show (VPPS) – also comes to South Africa in May, bringing the vegan, plant-based and conscious living revolution to a mainstream audience. The two-day event will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) on Saturday, September 5 and Sunday, September 6 and will be the first of its kind in Southern Africa. The driving force behind VPPS is Heidi Warricker who believes that an increase in the number of people becoming vegan – or introducing more vegan products into their diets – will be the new norm in this country: “South Africa is ready for this platform, which will move this traditionally fringe industry, laced with political activism, and take it mainstream. “Consumers want to live more consciously and be more mindful of the animals we share the planet with. At the same time, chefs and foodies want to be inspired to create delicious meals with exciting new ingredients. It’s a food revolution: we are starting this year in Cape Town but will take it nationally in the future,” she says. There’s already an impressive line-up of chefs at VPPS who will be showing that being vegan doesn’t mean depriving yourself or eating bland “rabbit” food. Nicola Kagoro (better known in culinary circles as Chef Cola) is a pioneering Zimbabwean vegan chef at the helm of African Vegan on a Budget. Founded in 2016, African Vegan on a Budget was developed to showcase Chef Cola's cuisine and culinary development as well as to actively promote the reality that people can thrive on a healthy vegan and plant-based diet without having to break the bank. Chef Cola is a hospitality management graduate whose path and journey took her, not only to veganism, but also to being on the culinary frontlines of presenting vegan food and lifestyle in Africa and advocating its great benefits - both nutritional and environmental. Chef Cola has said that she believes veganism originated in Africa: “I can speak from my own lineage. My mother doesn’t eat as much meat as the average person. My grandmother even less. She won’t touch red meat at all. My great-grandmother, who died about six years ago, didn’t touch meat. I decided to do some research and found that our ancestors only used to slaughter animals for a ceremony, a tradition, a celebration. We didn’t kill or mass-produce meat for consumption by human beings.” Chef Jay Mac of The Kind Kitchen fame is also one of the

chefs on the VPPS line-up. He’s realistic about what he wants this food show and exhibition to achieve: “Veganism is a great path for us to follow as a species but I’m a pragmatist and know that everyone has to follow their own way. It’s not for everyone, but my aim is to help people transition and if that means they eat one vegan meal a week then I’m achieving something.” VPPS is not only aimed at vegans and vegetarians but also flexitarians, reducetarians, sports enthusiasts, individuals who have compromised their health and those looking for healthier and more ethical lifestyle alternatives for themselves and their family. Highlights at the show include a Yoga Zone; Mindful Drinking & Vegan Wine Walk; The Plant Kitchen Chef's Theatre; Bakes & Shakes; Conscious Cocktails; masterclasses on fermentation; Plant-Power Talks, a Kid’s Plant-Power Zone and a variety of pop-up restaurants as well as more than 150 brands in the vegan and plant-based industry. Big business has come on board with sponsors including AGT Foods who is a support sponsor of The Plant Kitchen Chef's Theatre and The Great Big Vegan Banquet; Alpro an associate/ingredients sponsor of the The Plant Kitchen Chef's Theatre and The Great Big Vegan Banquet and Bakes & Shakes Masterclasses; B-Well an associate/ingredients sponsor of The Plant Kitchen Chef's Theatre and The Great Big Vegan Banquet; Capsicum Culinary Studio is a staffing sponsor of all theatres; Food Lovers Market/Earth Lovers is a presenting sponsor of The Great Big Vegan Banquet and an associate/ingredients sponsor of The Plant Kitchen Chef's Theatre; media sponsor Holistica; Knorr Future 50 Foods is a signature sponsor of The Plant Kitchen Chef's Theatre; media sponsor Odyssey Magazine; Private Hotel School is a staffing sponsor of Vegan & Meet; ProVeg South Africa is the sponsor of Plant Power Talks; The South Africa Avocado Growers Association (SAAGA) is an association sponsor of Bakes & Shakes Masterclasses; the South African Vegan Society and Cape Town Tourism are supporting partners; Wellness Warehouse is a sponsor of the Plant Power Talks and Yoga South Africa is a sponsor of the Yoga Zone. The final word to Warricker: “The last thing I want is for VPPS to be self-righteous or ‘preachy’. It will be a gastronomy festival full of culinary delights – the food is delicious! Although then majority of fare on offer is food and drink, it isn’t just food and we also have lifestyle brands. Anyone with an interest in good food, health, the environment or more conscious living, will benefit from attending the show.” For more details visit the VPPS website at www.veganandplantpoweredshow.co.za. Booking opens at Webtickets on April 2.

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Spotlight on Veganism Food

Eating for Me One of the top trends this year is 'Eating for Me'. The idea of “food that works for me” has encouraged a lot of healthconscious consumers to follow diets that promote holistic health and wellness. Some dieters choose Keto because it doesn't involve deprivation, unlike traditional weight-loss programmes. People who follow Paleo appreciate the strong focus on lifestyle practices involved. In addition, plenty of healthconscious consumers modify existing diets to match their preferences. For instance, instead of being a vegetarian, dieters are opting to be “flexitarian”. Aside from nutrition, many healthconscious consumers are making choices based on ethical criteria. For them, a holistic approach to health involves an attitude of mindfulness. They try to understand everything about a particular food or beverage product. Thoughtful consideration drives their purchases. They ask questions about how a product is made, as well as where and under what conditions. The growing market for organic, non-GMO and plant-based foods demonstrates such mindfulness. Health-conscious consumers seek greener options that address both health and sustainability concerns. Ultimately, they want food that's better for them and better for the planet as well. Source: Innova Market Insights' 'Top Ten Food Trends

Conscious Eating Updates Take charge The suffering caused by Unconscious Eating disappears when you shift to Conscious Eating. You'll have an empowering relationship with food, which will leave you feeling healthy and alive. The difficulty is replaced with a passion for aliveness. You will reprogram your mind, heal your addiction to food and be a part of a supportive community. Take charge of your mind and reclaim your innate body, the body you were meant to have.

Conscious eating is an act of self love The Sweet Life Recent research indicates that about half of health-conscious eaters say they limit their intake of artificial sweeteners (53%), compared with 36% of the less healthoriented. Similarly, health-oriented eaters are more likely than their less healthconscious counterparts to limit consumption of sugar (51% vs. 26%), artificial preservatives (47% vs. 20%) and a host of other ingredients that includes artificial colouring, dairy and gluten.

Ethical Cuisine, a Conscious Choice


lobal demand for organically grown fruit and vegetables, ethically grown and raised food has exploded and, with it, the conscious food industry. Patrons who care where their food comes from and the impact of food production on the environment appreciate a restaurant that serves healthy, fresh, food made from organic, free-range and ethically sourced products from local suppliers: Good quality, real food, free from preservatives and added nasties. One such is The Farm Food Factory in Shelly Beach on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Owners Leanne Middlewick and Chris Viljoen started by making home-cooked meals, before taking the opportunity to take over a small coffee shop, which quickly gained a loyal following. “We have created a space where like-minded people like to gather,” they say. “We love being the place where people who are interested in more eco-friendly solutions come to share ideas.” Despite the popularity of such eateries where healthy food and great taste meet, there is still a significant lack of consumer awareness. Everyone is encouraged to make not only lifestyle changes but also to change their approach to food. Next time you are on the South Coast, make sure to go grab a smoothie and a sandwich before you head out for a day on the beach. The Farm Food Factory is a down to earth, conscious, good food eatery based in Shelly Beach on the Hibiscus Coast. https://web.facebook.com/healthyeatingvegetarianvegansouthcoast

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05 - 06 Sept 2020 CTICC Cape Town

Green Fairy

Natural Handcrafted Cosmetics Plastic Free • Aromatherapy • Eco Friendly • Proudly Local

Pure, Natural, Organic & Vegan

T.B.C. Wanderers Deck JHB www.organicandnaturalexpo.com

...we’d say we’re covered!

Products & Services Showcase

www.greenfairyproducts.co.za Email: fairy@greenfairyproducts.co.za

262 First Avenue Pumula, 4225 KZN, South Africa

+27 (79) 767 8699 +27 (78) 813 4244 pumularetreat@gmail.com pumularetreat.com


The Farm Food Factory Shelly Beach KZN

We Offer Superb Vegan Cuisine


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Health - Veganism

Changing the World One Bite at a Time Guy Greenblat - the falafel Guy - explains how a deep passion for plant-based living and a serious love of falafel – has seen him transform his daily lunches into whole food company making vegan pre-mixes that take the hassle out of delicious, healthy meals.


y plant-based roots were planted in my early teens. I grew up in a household where the ideal – proffered by nutritionist mom – was a raw, plantbased diet. If you think a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is a challenge in 2020, imagine trying to stick to a 100 per cent raw diet in the 1990s. But my mom was inventive and creative and fully aware of what food could do for your body. She was into things like tahini, which was very uncommon back then, and our kitchen was always stocked with vegetables, which my mom would transform into very tasty meals. While other moms were slathering sandwiches with margarine, she was mixing sprouts – lentils and chickpeas – in a special mincing machine and mashing those with odysseymagazine.co.za | 30

greens and carrots and onions. She was making up pure plant protein veggie patties long before vegetarianism started trending. Fast-forward to seven years ago when, every Sunday, I would be making a batch of falafel or falafelinspired patties. These would be added to the salads we had for lunch almost every single day. I had recently moved to Nantes in France with my wife Hannah and found that there were very few healthy vegan options available. The DIY approach was born of necessity – and of course it helped us save some money. A year later we moved to Cape Town and, after doing a six-week permaculture course with a non-profit called Seed, I ended up working in IT again. And the weekly ritual of

preparing batches of falafel for lunch continued. Over the next three years people at my office kept asking about my lunches. I would give them recipes and advice but they always came back saying they did not have time or it was too difficult. One day someone asked if I could make them falafel. My kneejerk reaction was 'No' as I didn't have the time. But, obviously, that colleague had planted a suggestion because a few months later, during the holidays while I had time to mull things over, I thought about a commercial falafel mix I'd tried, wondered if I could better what I'd tasted (it wasn't that great) and maybe create an easy-to-use premix that could be used by people like my colleague who 'don't have the time' to make their own.

Health - Veganism

Cooked food is comforting, satisfying and tasty and it has a place in most people's daily meal choices, but fresh food has unique powers. Raw, plant-based eating – the way my ahead-of-thetimes mom liked to do things – still forms the core of my lifestyle and I encourage everyone to include as much fresh food as possible in their daily diet. No need to go extreme – just add fresh, uncooked foods to your cooked meals or eat them between meals. Aim for a ratio of at least 50 per cent fresh food daily. Perhaps breakfast can be a power smoothie (just Google 'smoothie bowls' for some inspiration); these are tasty, filling and full of fresh goodness to kick-start your day.

I'd noticed that a lot of folks want to make the shift to healthier eating, but just seem to assume it's too difficult. And so I became a bit obsessed with solving that problem: I spent my two-week summer vacation creating multiple batches of my instant falafel mix made of sprouted, activated chickpeas without any added junk or preservatives. During that time Hannah and I ate nothing but falafel. It was all in the name of research – adjusting measurements, tinkering with ingredients, perfecting flavours, getting it just right so that, by the time I got back to work, I had a pre-mix falafel that I could confidently unleash on my curious, time-strapped colleagues. First I gave out samples of my mix to people at work. And they were appreciated enough and sufficiently in demand that I soon started selling them, getting feedback and chatting directly with friends and workmates about how to prepare their falafels simply and easily. After a few months I approached Olive Branch Deli in Cape Town's Lifestyle Centre – maybe there was a wider market, I thought. Helene from the deli gave me solid advice about what I needed to do to comply with food regulations if I wanted to sell my falafel mix commercially and once I'd sorted everything out – and even had a health certificate up in my tiny kitchen at home – Olive Branch started stocking my product, which I'd decided to call Outcast, because plant-based food had always seemed like a bit of an outsider. But it was certainly coming in from the cold. My operation grew out of my kitchen at home and into a properly kitted production-scale space and my tinkering has seen the addition of three more Outcast Foods products – 'crazy' falafel, a burger mix and a healthy pancake mix. And they're all retailing in South Africa's main cities and a few small towns, too. I still have a full-time job in IT, so while Outcast has grown pretty quickly into a business, it stretches me from early till late and at weekends I still enjoy the buzz at food markets where I can talk to people directly about my falafel obsession and hopefully introduce my mixes into their lives. Plant-based living, health through good nutrition and eating sustainably are passions of mine and they come together in what I've done with Outcast Foods. I put a lot of my energy

into spreading my ideas and sharing my love for healthy eating. What we eat has so many points of impact. And while having zero impact on the planet and being 'perfect' aren't necessarily attainable, we have to start somewhere – collectively a small change across a large number of people can and does have an impact. I think we all owe it to ourselves and to one another to have a better understanding of where our food comes from and what channels it passes through on the way to our plates. If you still eat meat, simply start with meat-free Mondays. It's just one day a week. My wife Hannah used to believe firmly that she would have deficiencies if she didn't have chicken or some form of animal protein every day. Today she is very close to eating a purely plant-based diet. I never forced my ideas on her, but it is easier to switch your lifestyle when there's tasty, nutritious food around. Just saying! It is always easier if you have friends and family to help guide you as they are usually passionate and can share tips, tricks and advice. If you are the first mover in your family or social circle, 2020 is a great time to test the waters of a plantbased lifestyle. It's not the 1990s; there are plenty of resources, online recipes and blogs and YouTube videos to use for inspiration, not to mention delicious food products. Make the change one meal at a time, learning what works for you as you go. If cooking with plants seems like a challenge, maybe it's a challenge worth accepting. The switch will be something you can be proud of. “Make a difference – join the revolution!” Guy Greenblat, Food Innovator instagram.com/outcastfoods facebook.com/outcastfoods outcastfoods.co.za

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Planet - Earth Custodian, Diana Smith

Ear Custodian A New Odyssey Column in Every Edition

Earth Wisdom

The Rainbow Serpent Awakening


t the dawn of this new year and new decade, I felt that there was something very significant about to happen. Spirit gave me little crumbs of information in my dream state and I had a feeling of anticipation, but little did I realise that the new Golden Age of Aquarius was about to be born. Aboriginal Wisdom Keepers have known that this time was coming, as have most ancient peoples all over the world. This activation was interrupted at the beginning of time and was never completed, until now. All the astrological indicators were in alignment! Earth Wisdom Keepers from all over the Cape were asked to gather together to do an activation on Table Mountain on 12.1.2020. Table Mountain is connected to Uluru through the ley lines running beneath the Earth. The main activation took place at Uluru and Kata Tjuta also known as Ayres Rock in Central Australia. Another, activation took place on Easter Island, also connected to Uluru. It was a beautiful day, clear blue skies with no wind and temperatures in the mid-20sC. Up on the mountain we had a beautiful view of Cape Town City Bowl, the harbour and the azure Atlantic Ocean. A wonderful feeling of lovingheartness connected us as we sang songs of healing to Mother Earth, danced and played a variety of musical instruments. Healers from many parts of southern Africa came together to offer their energies and love to this very auspicious gathering. A large group of Koi San High Priests turned out in traditional dress and offered up songs and poems of joy and love for Mother Gaia. We built an altar and placed precious objects of love and respect in this sacred space. I took along my Easter Island crystal figurine and placed him in a glass vase containing sea water. A well-known local sacred sites odysseymagazine.co.za | 32

expert brought along a packet of salt originating from the Australian desert. We each ingested a pinch of salt, thereby taking on the energy of that beautiful land. Ochre face paint was mixed on the rocks from powder collected by indigenous local people and many of us had our faces painted. A loving carnival atmosphere developed and strangers came together as special friends. A kind group of Koi San elders volunteered to hold a 24-hour fire ritual in the mountains overlooking Muizenberg in False Bay to hold space for our activation on Table Mountain. (Fires are not allowed on Table Mountain due to the fire hazard.) This ritual started the night before in a cave, known to the elders and used only for sacred ceremony and went on well into the following day. As the time of the activation, we stood together, arms joined in a huge circle Ohming and Humming. Our collective hearts opened and the energy became very intense. Suddenly the wind picked up as the dragons, white-winged lions, ancestors, angels, ascended masters and other beings of light came to join us and hold the portal on Table Mountain. I 'saw' a bolt of lightning come down through the top of the crystal pyramid above Uluru and go straight down through to the centre of the earth and shoot right back up and out to the Great Central Sun. As the lightning bolt hit the core of the Earth all of the ley lines of the planet were lit up for a split second. Then, as the planetary alignment happened, the two portals overlapped in time-space and the umbilical cord was reconnected. My whole body began to vibrate as the intensity of the energy was so high. I was still vibrating when I got into bed at 11pm that night! I witnessed Koi San Masters de-manifesting and re-

Diana Smith

manifesting during this high intensity activation. The next morning it was reported that both of the undersea cables that lie along the west coast of Africa and give us our internet and telephone connectivity had been damaged in an “unusual and unlikely coincidence”! One cable connects us to Portugal and the other goes to Spain. We experienced exceptionally high winds in Cape Town for the next week and the company that repairs the undersea cables couldn't send out a repair team because of the rough seas. A large luxury cruise liner and other ocean-going vessels were confined to port until the air dragons had finished the work that needed to be done during this massive shift. Earth is now connected to the Great Central Sun via the Rainbow Serpent Bridge umbilical cord. This is a massive shift for humanity and the planet as we are now connected to All that Is… The Australian bush fires also occurred during this time and one can only wonder if this great cleansing was connected. A great conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn occurs on 21.12.2020 in the first degree of Aquarius. There will be an atmosphere of anticipation building during the year of being on the precipice of a new era, while simultaneously old issues will resurface in need of resolution. Diana is a practitioner of Energy Medicine and a Spiritual and Vibrational Energy teacher. She has trained extensively throughout the world. A Zimbabwean by birth, she has a powerful affinity to natural Africa and its sacred sites. She is the proud mother of two sons. Diana represents the HiddenMind & Bio Energy Institute, Europe and TransfOrmus. www.hiddenmind.co.za www.sacredafricantours.com


Plant’s Vegan Cuisine Alchemists Words Shellee-Kim Gold

From the humble beginnings of a Bo-Kaap Café to a gourmet vegan restaurant in Cape Town CBD, Plant offers delicious vegan food, promoting compassionate choices without sacrificing taste. Their objective is to supply clean, healthy nutrition optimised for today's fast-paced life style. Chefs Anita Abasi, Pierre Lambret & Angela Ndoro


averick is the word that best describes owner-chef extraordinaire, Pierre Lambret. His Plant restaurant in Cape Town’s Loop Street - a vegan gourmet oasis – is where his legendary kitchen alchemy materialises. Several lesser known key ingredients are used to create authentic, original dish flavours. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diners can even buy the ever-popular vegan biltong and their range of vegan cheeses by the kilogram for home. What is Plant’s signature dish? We have no real signature dish. But some popular dishes are the meze platter, mushroom burger and dim sum. We invent and create a lot and are always bringing new dishes to the menu. What dish or ingredient are you currently experimenting with? It’s the vegan ‘bacon’, developed by cook Anita Abasi in her off time. She’s one of Plant’s shareholders. The ‘bacon’ is made from rice paper rolls, nutritional yeast and smoked paprika. Other new items are chick pea ‘steaks’ we also use for our 'rib' dishes. Do you follow vegan food trends?

I see what the trends are, but I don’t jump on them. We like to develop our own trends here.

who don’t know Plant’s a vegan restaurant. Even when I tell them, they’re still convinced they’re eating meat.

What sets you apart from other vegan restaurants? I think I’m the only one doing both dim sum and bobotie, as well as the German Flammekuche and French dishes. I also like cooking with the talent we have here which leads our restaurant.

What cooking tip can you share that helps make your famous-tasting cuisine so inimitable? An easy trick is using gluten powder to make seitan – it helps patties stick together. Also, nutritional yeast changes a lot regarding taste.

Do you have a favourite cookbook or special dish you enjoy cooking? I don’t follow cookbooks – I want to be unique. But I do love cooking the typically-French Bourgignon, a ‘meaty’ dish with seared seitan (made from gluten), cooked in a red wine and herb marinade with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and onions.

What's your genre of veganism at Plant specifically? We try to be a 'normal' restaurant with the full offerings. We're the only ones doing breakfast through to dinner. We also sell wine and beer. I still enjoy and drink beer, as I did before I was vegan. I'm vegan for animal, health and environmental reasons.

What are some fridge or cupboard Plant essentials for you? Mushrooms, red and black beans, beetroot and avocado pears. Apart from nutritional yeast, tempeh (made from soya beans) and maple syrup.

What's your recipe for success as a business, particularly with the current recession and industry downturn? It's my great stable team who grow with me and whom I look after, promote and empower. Two of my staff are now coshareholders with me. We even did better this year on sales and profitability than last year.

Who would your best dinner table guests be and why? A family table enjoying their dishes and

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Pierre shares one of his favourite recipes Vegan Bourguignon. For four people Ingredients 500g seitan 150g marinated tempeh 150g carrots 150g brown mushrooms 100g small onions 2 garlic cloves 1 large spoon wheat flour ½ litre dry red wine ½ litre water Bouquet garni: Thyme and rosemary Preparation Seitan: Mix together gluten powder, tomato paste, tahini, lemon juice, onion powder, thyme and rosemary. Bake for 20 min. Tempeh: Marinate tempeh with maple syrup, oil, smoked paprika and cumin. Bourguignon prep Cook the carrots, onions and mushrooms together with olive oil. When it gets coloured, add the seitan and tempeh, the flour and the garlic. Let it cook a bit and add the wine, then the water. Let it simmer for 30 minutes. Serve with some toasted baguette. Interview by long-time globetrotter, journalist Shellee-Kim, who spent seven years travelling through 43 countries; her multicultural immersion was always motivated by a desire to understand herself and the human condition. She has contributed to more than 70 publications, including doing vegetarian restaurant reviews magenta22@gmail.com.

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Health - Veganism

Why Vegans Make Better Lovers? Words Debra Robins

“Not only does eliminating meat, eggs and dairy help protect the planet, it can also have a big impact on something else: Our sex life.” Going vegan can increase serotonin levels, which can both boost sex drive and increase happiness. Here's why a vegan diet can improve your relationship with sex, encourage a more active sex life and increased libido.


any vegan foods boost blood circulation and provide nutrients that feed the brain, because not only do you want to boost circulation, you want to boost your brain – your sexiest organ – but they also boost circulation to other parts of your body that you want to work properly. It’s simple: Increased blood circulation = better physical response = better sex. People who consume more fruits and vegetables are less likely to require certain medications which may reduce libido and sexual performance. Plantbased diets can also help to unclog arteries from the fatty deposits caused by meat and dairy and increased blood flow will inevitably help with sexual activity, affecting men especially. If you really want to improve your sex life, it is vital to eat a whole food diet focusing on plant-based protein sources. Plantbased foods are heavy in zinc and vitamins B, which can increase libido: Bananas, chickpeas and avocados, in particular, are good for this. Serotonin levels are also linked with oxytocin levels, the ‘love hormone’ that creates stronger feelings of intimacy and affection. Stock up on leafy greens, figs, pumpkin seeds and almonds, all of which elevate hormones and sexual desire. Herewith some suggestions for eating for better sex:

GREENS Spinach is a potent source of magnesium, which helps dilate blood vessels, according to Japanese researchers. Better blood flow to the genitals, as you’ve learnt, creates greater arousal for men and women. Spinach and other green vegetables, like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, Swiss chard and bok choy, are also good sources of our favourite sex nutrient – folate.

particularly exciting for its ability to relax blood vessels. Studies at Texas University indicate that when you eat watermelon, the citrulline is converted into the helpful amino acid, arginine. “Arginine boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it,” explains the director of the University’s Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Centre.

THE ‘C’ FRUITS: One study shows that vitamin C may increase libido in women. Another finds that people who eat foods high in vitamin C report better moods and have more sex. We’ll take that as another good reason to eat more vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables. But there are many other sex and heart-healthy reasons to get enough of this antioxidant. It helps boost blood flow, meaning that both sexes can get friskier, faster. Something else to note, men who consume at least 200mg of vitamin C a day improve their sperm counts and motility, according to research at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Grapefruit contains 120 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of 90mg of vitamin C for men. Other excellent sources are kiwi, mango, oranges, spanspek, strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes and leafy greens. Watermelon, in particular, is filled with high concentrations of ‘good-for-sex’ phytonutrients: Lycopene, beta carotene and, the big one, citrulline, which is

NUTS AND SEEDS Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, walnuts and other nuts contain the necessary monosaturated fats with which your body creates cholesterol – and your sex hormones need that cholesterol to work properly. In ancient times walnuts, long linked to fertility, were thrown at newlyweds for success in conception. The shell, resembles a man’s scrotum; the inside flesh is vulva-like in form – these nuts make a perfectly sexy snack. Pistachios contain plant cholesterol that can produce a 10-point drop in your triglycerides and a 16-point decline in your LDL (bad) cholesterol, reports the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Brazil nuts are the richest source of selenium, a mineral that has been linked to preventing cancers of the prostate and colon. Pecans deliver the most antioxidants of any nut. Adding them to your diet may reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease.

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Health - Veganism

Walnuts, almonds and other nuts also reduce levels of LDL cholesterol and a compound called lipoprotein, which increases clotting and can lead to a stroke. Sunflower seeds pack the highest natural vitamin E content of any food. PLANT POWERED PROTEIN Protein is so important to weight maintenance that you should eat it with every meal and snack. Proteins boost metabolism a little more during digestion than any other type of food. Kidney beans and black beans are full of muscle-building protein. While they may not be the best choice for a side dish if you plan on sex for dessert, building your meal plan around a foundation of beans and legumes will ultimately pay off for you sexually. Many studies show that bean-eaters are leaner and healthier than people who don't eat beans. Beans are also full of cholesterol-lowering soluble fibre. A quarter cup of red kidney beans delivers three grams of fibre, plus more than 6000 diseasefighting antioxidants. OATS AND OTHER WHOLE GRAINS Eating oats is one of the few natural ways to boost testosterone (T-levels) in the bloodstream. Healthy T-levels play a significant role in sex drive and orgasm strength in both men and women. Oats contains L-arginine, the amino acid that enhances the effect nitric oxide has on reducing blood vessel stiffness. Like Viagra, it helps relax muscles around the blood vessels in the penis. When they dilate, blood flow increases so a man can maintain an erection. Studies show that L-arginine also improves blood flow to the clitoris and tissue surrounding the vulva. Oats and other whole grains, like whole-grain bread, brown rice and barley, are not only great for better sexual health, they also promote better cardiac and digestive health. They are slow-burning, complex carbohydrates that won't drive your blood sugar through the roof. They keep you feeling fuller longer and provide excellent energy. Try a bowl of oats with fresh berries, banana and a drizzle of pure maple syrup before sexy time. odysseymagazine.co.za | 36

Whole grains will provide an even flow of that brain energy and their B vitamins also nourish the nervous system. One of the best whole grains you can eat is quinoa – this nutty-tasting grain is a good substitute for rice or pasta. It has fewer carbohydrates than regular cereal grains and, even better, it contains all the essential amino acids of a 'complete' protein like eggs.

BANANAS If you suffer from a bit of sexual anxiety, eat a banana before you hook up. Bananas deliver the feel-good neurochemical serotonin into the bloodstream, which elevates mood and calms the nervous system. Bananas also contain potassium, which increases muscle strength, an element crucial to orgasm.

CACAO You may have always believed that eating chocolate made you happier, but cacao has the facts and stats to make that belief a reality. Cacao contains the 'bliss chemicals' phenylethylamine (PEA) and anandamide. The body naturally produces these two chemicals when excited; in fact, PEA is naturally released when someone falls in love or engages in sexual activity. Since these two chemicals are also shown to increase libido, it suddenly makes sense why chocolates are such a popular Valentine's Day gift. There are wonderful vegan chocolate options available to tempt any taste bud, 70 per cent-plus cacao being best.

CELERY Every stalk is packed with androsterone and androstenol, two pheromones that can help men attract women. “When you chew a stalk of celery, you release androsterone and androstenol odour molecules into your mouth. They then travel up the back of your throat to your nose,” says Dr. Alan Hirsch, author of Scentsational Sex: The Secret to Using Aroma for Arousal. “Once there, the pheromones boost your arousal, turning you on and causing your body to send off scents and signals that make you more desirable to women.” This crunchy natural breath freshener can benefit anyone. Packed with the right combination of water, sodium and potassium, celery has been shown to reduce blood pressure and calm anxiety. And since it's 90 per cent water, you can eat as much of this low-kilojoule, highfibre food as you want without regret.

AVOCADO The ancient Aztecs called them testicles. Hanging in pairs from trees, the fruit is so suggestive that Catholic priests in Spain once forbade parishioners from eating them. But beyond their shape, avocados have a strong connection to the testes, the production centre of sperm, due to their high folate content. ASPARAGUS This phallic vegetable has been associated with sex since the first hunter-gatherer spotted shoots popping out of the forest floor. The springtime shoots are loaded with vitamin B that increases levels of histamine, a neurotransmitter that facilitates orgasm. Green asparagus spears are rich in rutin, a potent scavenger of free radicals. The crowns also have high levels of the chemical protodioscin which may improve sexual function. “Protodioscin has been shown to boost arousal and even help combat erectile dysfunction in some men,” says Dr. Lynn Edlen-Nezin, co-author of Great Food, Great Sex.

CHILLIES Chillies contain the chemical capsaicin, which triggers the release of endorphins. It also stimulates nerve endings, increasing metabolism, raising your heart rate, causing flushed cheeks and other physical effects that mimic arousal. FIGS Considering its resemblance (when sliced in half) to female genitalia, it's no surprise the fig has been historically lauded as a sexual symbol. The ancient Greeks are said to have celebrated the arrival of the fig crop with wild sex rituals. Nutritionally, figs make sense as a sex snack. Like blueberries, they contain more fibre than most fruit and vegetables and they are rich in many nutrients important to good sexual health, including potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, calcium and antioxidants.

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High in simple sugars, a quarter-cup serving will boost your serotonin levels and provide a quick energy lift.

POMEGRANATE JUICE There are a lot of reasons to eat and drink more of this fruit. When scientists at the University of California studied the pomegranate, they found that it is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that allow blood to flow through your veins – a key component of good sex.

FLAXSEEDS Sprinkle flaxseeds on your cereal, yogurt or ice-cream for a shot of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are the major building blocks of all sex hormones. One tablespoon of the nutty-tasting seeds helps increase T- levels.

In support of 'Why Vegans Make Better Lovers'…

MAPLE SYRUP Loaded with zinc, maple syrup (pure maple sap) is scientifically proven to be a food item that can boost the reproductive system of men. Apart from this, it also contains manganese which helps in the production of sex hormones in both men and women.

A study conducted in 2012 showed that ditching meat and dairy can greatly improve our mood as a result of the consequent natural increase in serotonin levels – and serotonin is what keeps us happy. Other research has even shown that vegans have lower instances of depression and anxiety than meat-eaters

do and are more likely to be optimistic about the future. Being happier doesn't just make us more attractive to potential suitors – it also means we feel better about ourselves. There's no better aphrodisiac than self-confidence and the happiness that comes from going vegan is just what's needed to get busy between the sheets. Vegans smell (and taste) better. One of the amazing effects that going vegan has on our bodies is changing the way we smell and taste – and all for the better. A 2016 study on body odour found that people eating plant-based foods smelled significantly better than those eating meat, while some people say that when men eat vegan meals packed with fruits and veggies, their semen tastes sweeter.

STAWBERRIES AND OTHER BERRIES Red is sexy. Red is passion. Researchers in the University of Rochester in the US conducted experiments on the undergraduate students to see if there was any real connection between colour and sex. In one, male and female students viewed images of women on red or white backgrounds. The men found a woman's image on red more attractive than on white, while the female students did not. In another test, men were asked to rate attractiveness of pictures of women on red, white, grey, green or blue backgrounds. As expected, the men scored the women on the red background as more appealing. Blueberries and raspberries can also be considered sexy besides their sensual colours: They are high in vitamin B folate, which helps prevent birth defects, and vitamin C, a potential libido booster. Ideal for a great breakfast in bed, so you have energy for round two, both berries contain compounds that are thought to relax blood vessels and improve circulation for a natural Viagra-like effect. Plus, they are tremendous work-horses for pushing excess cholesterol through your digestive system before it can be broken down, absorbed and deposited in the arteries. odysseymagazine.co.za | 37

Body - Clinical Casebook

I Won the Most Important Race of My Life With a plant-based, whole-food diet, superfoods and energy healing. “In January last year, after a 32km training run, an ankle injury flared up and I had it treated. I woke up the next morning with a much bruised leg and pain in my leg bone. I also found two lumps under my armpit. I thought it might possibly be time to go to the doctor. My doctor did blood tests. She phoned me the next morning and told me that my blood tests showed CLL, chronic lymphatic leukaemia and I should see a haematologist as soon as possible. I was shell-shocked to say the least! I was the healthy ultra-distance runner, how was it possible!”


n 2015, at the age of 44, I started running for Kyalami Running Club, having previously run only 5km or 6km for health and fitness. I was soon running 21km races and loved it. In 2016, I took the next step and trained for my first marathon, which of course had to be the Cape Town Marathon, my home town. I was getting stronger, my 21km times improved and, to my surprise, I started placing in my age group at the Joburg and Pretoria races. It felt really good to be up on the podium. I had last run competitively at school. In 2017, I trained for my first Comrades. I had, of course, told my family that I would never do anything as crazy as run Comrades. But I remembered a promise that I had made to my dad, who had been diagnosed with vascular dementia. We would watch Comrades together in the 1980s and I had promised him that I would run Comrades one day. I knew I had to keep that promise while he still knew I was running it. I ran the Up Run and loved every minute. I sobbed when the medal was put around my neck. My dad congratulated me and that made the training and running 87km all worth it, it meant so much to me. I was definitely stronger and fitter after running Comrades and I was placing more often, the highlight being a first place at Wanderers Aucor 21km. I was training hard and I knew that I had to start fuelling my body more effectively. Eating healthily has always been incredibly important to me. I began using and learning about the benefits of ancient superfoods such as maca, chia seeds, hemp seeds, lucuma, moringa, baobab, beetroot, rhodiola and spirulina as I am a true believer in eating healing nutrientodysseymagazine.co.za | 38

dense foods. I was feeling stronger, healthier, had more energy and never had a cold or flu. I was training and running very hard, pushing myself to become faster and I was achieving my personal bests. My Instagram #Superfoodstronger, gave me a platform to promote eating superfoods. I was incredibly fortunate to be offered a sponsorship by Mizuno, which was such a privilege and dream come true. I was, after all, not a professional runner. I received my first pair of sponsored Wave Rider 21s in February 2018. Mizuno was the clothing sponsor for Comrades 2018. I don't think that any Comrades compares to your first but I did take an hour off my time, coming in at 9:15. I was also so happy to be acknowledged and chosen to be on the National 21km SA Champions 2018 team. Around August I started to feel concerned as my energy levels were suddenly very low. I was also consistently losing weight, even though I was eating well. I put it down to over-training and took some time off. In November I battled through Kaapsehoop 42km, but I still managed to do a sub 3:30. The 32km Tough One is one of my favourite races of the year; however I did not enjoy it, I really struggled through it and my energy levels were so low. In January, after a 32km training run, the ankle injury flared up, I found the lumps under my armpit and I was referred to a specialist. After a bone marrow biopsy, CT scan and numerous blood tests, the haematologist confirmed that I had stage 2 chronic lymphatic leukaemia. I had cancer in 60 per cent of my bone marrow. Blood tests that I had had in 2016, clearly

showed CLL; unfortunately my GP at the time chose to ignore the results and put it down to an undiagnosed infection. I was told that I would have five days of chemotherapy every 28 days for six months. I would also lose my hair. As you can imagine, I was beyond devastated! They wanted me to start chemotherapy within two weeks. I went down to Cape Town, to spend a week with my parents and sister. I literally felt as though I had been given a death sentence, not from the leukaemia but from the chemotherapy. I knew that there was no possibility I could survive that amount of chemotherapy.

Body - Clinical Casebook

I felt so disempowered by the diagnosis. I was told that I would lose my hair, which really upset me. I did not want to lose my identity and become a 'cancer patient'. I decided to take my power back. I was being pushed into doing chemotherapy and I felt as if I had no control or choice. I decided to be true to myself. I wanted to try the natural way first. Poisoning my body to heal it made no sense to me! The chemotherapy would also destroy my immune system. I wanted three months to heal myself; I had to try! I knew that allopathic medicine, would cure only the symptoms of my leukaemia. I had to find the root cause, or it would return. Allopathic medicine does not recognise that we are more than cells and tissues, that we are more than flesh. Our soul and spiritual healing is as - or more important to finding the cause and healing of our diseases. I started on a holistic healing journey. I had studied an accredited Usui Reiki course through the Reiki Association of Southern Africa in 2018. Reiki taught me that disease is from emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical response, to negativity such as bitterness, anger, loss of power, stress, trauma and environmental factors. I took time to look deeply at where my leukaemia could have originated. I looked at how many negative emotions and perceptions I carried. There seemed to be quite a few, the feeling of not being good enough, my whole life, seemed to be a strong contender. I had dealt with many traumas since my childhood and I always felt as though I had coped and moved on from them, but actually the deep emotional shocks were still there, just buried at a subconscious level... I had not known why I had felt compelled to do a Reiki course. It suddenly seemed very clear to me; I had to heal myself and I knew that my body could heal again; I just had to it give the opportunity. I asked my Reiki group to do distance healing for me. I started doing Reiki self-healing every day, working especially on my heart chakra, to unblock and release the negative emotions and to heal my heart. I also meditated and used a visualisation technique to dispel the cancer from my bone marrow. I researched causes of cancer. I was surprised to learn that my dental issues, especially root canal could be linked to cancer. I began eating a whole food plantbased diet, as meat and dairy cause your body to be acidic. I thought that I was being fairly healthy by eating mainly

chicken and fish, but chickens are fed GMO corn and pumped with antibiotics and hormones. Fish unfortunately contains mercury from our polluted oceans. I also tried to eat organically as much as possible. Commercially grown vegetables are sprayed with pesticides. I started making better choices, for my life and for my healing, so I gave up refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Cancer cells feed off sugar as they have more insulin receptors. I needed to do an extreme detox. I used all the knowledge I had gained on superfoods and took every one that I knew had cancer-fighting properties: Wheat grass powder, barley grass powder, moringa, hemp seeds, astragalus, chaga mushrooms, turmeric, wild mushroom turkey tail tinctures and camu camu, which is very high in vitamin C. Within one month I had improved my white blood cell count from 52 to 42, the normal white blood cell count range is 4 to 12. Over the next month, my count only improved marginally, but it was still improving. I was still healing. My decision to not do chemotherapy had caused a lot of anxiety and upset among my family and friends. The cancer was in my bone marrow, blood and lymphatic system. I was at huge risk of the cancer metastasising elsewhere. My daughters begged me to reconsider. I was under a lot of stress, which wasn't good for my healing. I relented and started chemotherapy in April, but I continued to do the holistic healing. My hair started to fall out and thin, but I was so determined that I would not lose it, that it started to grow again. I also took folic acid, which I believe helped with regrowth. I had two chemotherapy drugs and an immunotherapy drug, for three days every 28 days. It wasn't an easy time, but I also knew it could have been worse. I am so grateful for the love, support and prayers I received during this time from angel friends and family; I have never felt so loved. My husband and daughters were incredibly supportive. After four months of chemotherapy, my immune system was so depleted, that I was more at risk from infection than the leukaemia. They did a bone marrow biopsy again and I received the best news: I was completely clear of leukaemia. I had absolutely no cancer cells in my bone marrow.

My immune system is improving and I've had to start my running from the beginning again, with walking then building up my mileage slowly, one kilometre at a time. I was beyond excited to reach 8km. I wore my running vest for the first time, my first race of the year, at the Irene Spring Race 10km, in September. It was so wonderful to be at a race again. A 21km seems so far off, but I am a determined person. I plan on doing an overseas marathon next year and Comrades in 2021. I know without a doubt that running and being so fit was instrumental in my recovery, as my haemoglobin and red blood cell count never dropped below the normal range, even though the cancer was 60 per cent in my bone marrow. I absolutely believe that running has taught me to stay mentally strong and to face my fears. After all, standing at the start of Comrades can be exhilarating and terrifying! I did not allow negative thoughts to enter my mind, always fighting to stay positive, not giving up and always focusing on winning. I truly believe that I have won my race! I took responsibility for my own healing! I don't say that I am in remission, I say that I am healed. I am so grateful. My motto: “You're a fighter, you're stronger than you know!” Gratitude always - Lisa Fernandez

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“We came. We cooked. We conquered.” Odyssey Magazine interviewed Tebogo and Lebogang Ndala, two ordinary kasi girls from Pretoria, who turned their love for cooking into a profession.

What are some current food trends you are observing? The biggest food trend we've observed is definitely juicing and we are currently obsessed with juicing, we juice everything. It makes us feel like we are healthy superheroes and it also helps that we make amazing tasting juices.


wins Tebo and Lebo may have a smorgasbord of culinary experiences under their belts, but they remain down to earth Mamelodi girls. Food Stories is their invitation to anyone who enjoys good food to join them on their journey. From grandmother Koko's kitchen to working at a flatbread stand as culinary students and attending university in Los Angeles ('the pizza slices are as big as your face'), the twins make every new taste experience their own. The results include boerewors corn dogs, koeksisters with rooibos glaze and a whole chapter devoted to South African jollof. Even their 'kindasortahealthy' recipes, that range from zucchini bolognaise to glutenfree banana split pancakes, have Italian, American and Asian roots. What inspires your deliciously different recipes? Our experiences, the people we meet and the places we go inspire our recipes all the time. Each and every single recipe in our book has a story behind it.

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Can you tell us about your vegan/vegetarian recipes? Well, top of our heads, our favourite vegetarian recipe in our book has to be the Creamy Spinach and Corn Samp. It's a twist on a classic South African side dish which we have made into a full meal. You won't miss any meat when eating this dish. What is your favourite cookbook of all time? Our favourite cookbook is definitely 'Cravings' by Chrissy Teigen. She's so relatable and she's an amazing cook. What do you cook at home on your night off? Oh, definitely a chicken Thai curry with lovely rice. Simple. Five things always in your fridge/pantry? Olive Oil, canned tomatoes, curry powder, hot sauce, rice. Dinner with five guests dead or alive, who would they be? Our mom, Connie Ferguson, Beyoncé, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela. Best kitchen or cooking tip? We learned this in high school but our biggest tip is: Clean as you go. Food tastes better when you cook it in a clean kitchen, promise.

Creamy Spinach and Corn Samp Serves: 6–8 Prep time: 15–20 min Our grandmother always made her samp with beans and she called this 'di nawa'. She'd soak the samp and beans overnight, or for a few days. She was always very passionate about her favourite dishes. We are too, but we are also the queens of quick and easy. So here goes... Ingredients: 1 small onion, finely chopped 2 tsp crushed garlic 60 g butter 1 tbs nutmeg 1 can (410 g) cream-style sweetcorn Salt and pepper 750 ml cooked samp 300 g baby spinach 120 ml cream 150 ml vegetable stock Parmesan cheese, for serving Method: 1 Sauté the onion and garlic in butter until soft. 2 Add the nutmeg and sweetcorn. Season to taste. 3 Add the cooked samp and baby spinach. Simmer for 5 min. 4 Slowly add the cream and stock, and gradually stir through. 5 Sprinkle with Parmesan and serve warm.

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Woman Divine “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.� - Kahlil Gibran

Incorporating Women's Health

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Spotlight on - Women’s Health

Hormone Hacks Words Marlien Wright

Every person's hormone health is highly individual and depends on many factors. In this article, however, I will highlight what women can do to create an environment in which optimal hormone health is possible at any age.

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menopause symptoms because the adrenals are now impacting the balance of other minor hormones (such as oestrogen, progesterone and pregnenolone) in favour of creating more cortisol. We may see thyroid hormone fluctuations – in particular, a slowing of thyroid hormone production.

Let's start by looking at the root causes of hormone imbalance: •

• • • • • •

The stress you might put on your body if you don't deal with any food sensitivities you may have, such as gluten intolerance; Strains that cause gut permeability ('leaky gut') issues; Nutrient deficiencies; Lack of sleep or not sleeping well; Environmental toxins; Relationship (personal and/ or work-related) tensions; Refined carb-heavy diet (sugar, pasta, refined flour foods).

We also may see gut permeability issues, sleep issues, moodiness and isolating behaviours, hair loss, inflammation (a lot of joint pain), decreased immunity and a lack of libido (coupled with sexual dysfunction). Yuck to all that! In addition, we'll likely experience blood sugar issues, since our bodies are keeping themselves in this state of preparation for a nonexistent, yet ever-threatening emergency.

Some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance can be: • • • •

Hair loss; Unexplained weight gain; Mood swings; Fatigue.

The two biggest culprits of hormonal imbalance are cortisol and insulin, says one of my favourite experts on hormone health, Dr. Anna Cabeca: “What happens when our other important hormones are impacted by cortisol and insulin? 1 Adrenal insufficiency: Initially, the body begins to metabolise proteins from the muscles, which causes fatigue, weakness and muscle pain. This also causes many women to start having cravings and to experience unhealthy weight gain around the middle. 2

Adrenal insufficiency – the second phase: We see worsening

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Adrenal hypofunction: Over time, the adrenals will no longer pump out the needed level of cortisol. Why? Because our brain has decided to shut down cortisol production altogether, to protect itself from these high cortisol outputs. Through this feedback system, the adrenals decrease cortisol output as a defensive measure. Gradually, our bodies will then become quite acidic and suffer from increased inflammation, which further compromises our immune system. We can gauge this by measuring the levels of secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA), an antibody, in our saliva or blood.”

You can read more about hormone health in Dr. Anna Cabeca's latest book 'The Hormone Fix'.

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Manage your cortisol levels: Maintaining control over your cortisol levels will support your body by regulating your other hormones in a healthier fashion. Here are a few important tips: Embrace an alkaline diet. Research has shown that eating an acid-heavy diet (one made up of carbs, sugars and processed foods) elevates cortisol (and insulin). There is a strong connection between dietary acid load and the conditions of bone health, obesity, cardiovascular disease and overall well-being. Eating and living alkaline is the solution. (Note that when cortisol is up, urine pH is low and more acidic, proving that measuring urine pH can tell us much more than what you are eating is affecting you). Eating and living alkaline not only helps restore cortisol and insulin to healthy levels, but also helps reset our daily circadian rhythm, boosts mood, decreases joint pain, promotes better sleeping habits and helps lose the pounds. An alkaline diet has also been shown to help reduce bone loss, improve muscle mass and do so much more. The good news is an alkaline diet is relatively easy to adhere to. In general, vegetables are the most-alkaline foods, due to their mineral content. On the other hand, processed foods, meat, poultry, dairy and most vices (alcohol, sugar and caffeine) are acidic – sorry! I recommend trying to follow an 80/20 rule, with a diet that is 80 per cent alkaline and 20 per cent healthy, clean (i.e., organic and pasture raised) protein and healthy fats. Eat/drink natural adrenal adaptogens. Support your adrenal health with an adrenal adaptogen like maca. Research has shown that maca has adaptogenic properties, which means it can help nourish and balance your adrenals and hormones and also help your body deal with chronic stressors. Quality maca can also help address menopausal symptoms.

and the ways they can serve our health. Manage your insulin levels Choose a low-carb diet high in healthy fats. Refined and high carb foods have a high glycaemic index. The glycaemic index (GI) is a scale that measures a specific food's capacity to raise blood sugar. Glycaemic load takes into account a food's glycaemic index, as well as the amount of digestible carbs contained in a serving. Several studies have compared foods with different glycaemic loads to see if they affected insulin levels differently. They found that eating a high-glycaemic load food raises your levels more than eating the same portion of a low-glycaemic load food, even if the carb contents of the two foods are similar. Choose fibre-rich vegetables over white rice, pasta and bread, but make sure that even these starches are consumed in small amounts. Replace a high refined carb diet with plenty of eggs, nuts and seeds (and nut and seed butters), olive oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil, avocadoes, lean+clean animal protein and plenty of watery vegetables: Peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, onions, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, eggplant and courgettes are excellent choices. Adding healthy fats to vegetables means you keep hunger and blood sugar spikes at bay. Some simple examples would be adding lots of cold pressed olive oil to your lunch time salad, nut butters to your smoothies, or an avocado with your lean protein and veggies for supper. I hope the above nutrition and stress management tips can help you to create an environment in which your body can naturally restore and balance itself for your best health. Yoga Kitchen Maca Smoothie • •

Pursue a healthy lifestyle.

• •

Improving your stress management: Try and include a sweaty, or at the very least heart rate increasing exercise every day). Meditation, Yoga and other regular mindful movement-exercise-techniques can radically reduce stress levels. There are some very simple meditation practices available that are easy to incorporate into even the busiest of lives. I love Emily Fletcher's simple meditation technique. You can learn more by reading her book 'Stress Less, Accomplish More'. Reducing toxins in your environment: Look carefully at the foods you purchase/ consume for unnecessary additives and preservatives, avoid pesticides by buying organic where possible, or washing and peeling fruits where needed. Use only natural body and beauty products, avoiding hormone disrupting chemicals such as parabens, phthalates etc, etc!

• •

1 tablespoon of black maca 1 heaped tablespoon of ground flaxseed powder 1 small banana 1 tablespoon of cashew or almond butter 200ml of nut milk or purified water A drizzle of raw honey if needed, and/ or a pinch of cinnamon

Simply add all the above ingredients to your blender and whizz until you have a smooth consistency. This smoothie is hormone balancing with the active ingredient maca, as well as being rich in fibre and omega 3, making it gut-healthy and nourishing. Marlien Wright is a nutritional therapy coach, healing-retreat facilitator and the author of two cookbooks; The Yoga Kitchen and The Mandala Kitchen. You can get in touch with her and learn more about her food and meal plans and workshops via www.yogakitchen.co.za.

Getting better sleep: Follow a strict bed-time routine to restore your circadian rhythm. Avoid caffeine after 12h00 as well as over-stimulating screen time before in the hour before bedtime. Dim lights once the sun has gone down and consider using blue-light blocking glasses to wear at night – especially when watching television. Maintaining healthy bowel movements: Eat lots of vegetables and drink plenty of purified water daily, consider adding ground flaxseed powder to smoothies, porridge and soup. Aim to eat at least five to seven portions of vegetables per day. Heal your gut by removing food sensitivities and adding lots of veggie fibre and fermented foods. Every vegetable consumed has fibre that is 'undigestible' (prebiotic fibre) which ends up in your large intestine, fermenting there. As a result it populates your gut with unique bacteria which have unique benefits to the body. In other words the more variety of vegetables we consume the more diverse our gut bacteria odysseymagazine.co.za | 43

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PMS… Naturally Words Debra Robins

Hormonal imbalance, especially oestrogen dominance, is a major cause of PMS. Oestrogen dominance doesn't necessarily mean the body is producing excessive amounts of oestrogen; it usually means that oestrogen levels are higher in proportion to progesterone that helps keep things in balance. Good Gut Health One of the ways your body eliminates excess oestrogen is through the bowels. If your digestive system is sluggish, the oestrogen that the liver excretes into the bile may be reabsorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal tract. Increase the fibre in your diet and ensure that you drink at least two litres of filtered water each day.

Supplementation and Nutrition Calcium D-Glucarate (CDG) CDG helps detox the liver by splitting off into glucaric acid, the active form. Glucaric acid binds to toxic substances and ushers them into the urinary tract and assists excess oestrogen to be expelled out of the body odysseymagazine.co.za | 44

Omega 3 Research shows that adding omega-3 fatty acids to your diet reduces common PMS symptoms. Eat plenty of salmon and get a highquality omega-3 supplement. Krill oil packs extra punch too, because of its fatty acid profile and antioxidant content.

blood cells than women who did not experience PMS

Magnesium Magnesium plays a huge role in the way our cells function. Due to largescale farming and soil depletion, our vegetables don't take up as much magnesium as they did in days gone by and hence most of us are magnesium deficient. A good supply of magnesium supports our hormones, which affects menstruation and PMS. Researchers found that women who experienced PMS had a lower magnesium concentration in their red

Iron Iron levels need to be checked and monitored when women with PMS experience fatigue or long, heavy periods or are vegetarian/vegan. Iron deficiency or anaemia compounds PMS symptoms such as fatigue and depression. To counter this foods rich in iron that should be added to the diet particularly legumes (especially lentils) and dark green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B Research shows that certain B vitamins reduce the symptoms of PMS. Preventively supplementing thiamine (B1) and riboflavin (B2) both reduced the risk of PMS.

Spotlight on - Women’s Health

Tryptophan Tryptophan is an essential amino acid needed to produce feel-good hormone serotonin as well as melatonin, which helps us sleep. Tryptophan is first converted into a compound called 5-HTP, which is converted into serotonin. Supplementing with either tryptophan or 5-HTP will boost serotonin and melatonin production. Tryptophan has also been found to help reduce carbohydrate cravings and control appetite.

Herbology St John's Wort is a herbal remedy shown to alleviate mild to moderate depression experienced with PMS. Caution is needed here as it may interfere with the efficacy of the combined contraceptive pill. Evening Primrose Oil - EPO is a source of gamma linoleic acid and is helpful in alleviating premenstrual breast pain in some women.

Ashwagandha, is a highly effective adaptogen widely used by herbalists to improve the body's resistance to stress. Poor adrenal function as a result of long-term stress affects the production of sex hormones and can worsen PMS symptoms. Black Cohosh, Wild Yam and Dong Quai are also helpful in reducing the discomfort of PMS

Essential Oils Clary Sage is one of the most commonly used essential oils for relieving PMS symptoms as it has an antispasmodic and mild sedative effect. Lavender, ylang-ylang, cypress, bergamot, and geranium are also commonly used.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Moderate Exercise

Meditation may also improve certain premenstrual physical symptoms including pain and water retention. Getting moving will increase your circulation and elevate your mood. If you're too uncomfortable for cardio, just a brisk walk, or even a stroll, around the neighbourhood. Resting and allowing yourself to detress with a calming mug of herbal tea; or taking a warm bath with Epsom salts or using a wheat bag or hot water bottle can help reduce menstrual cramps and pain. A permanent positive holistic lifestyle change is required to manage PMS effectively. In the case of severe PMS consultation with a registered healthcare professional is recommended. A healthful holistic lifestyle can be comfortably maintained in conjunction with an allopathic or natural medicine treatment regime.

Mindfulness has been shown to influence attitudes about menstruation and PMS symptom severity.

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Spotlight on - Women’s Health

Inspired Plant-based Living for Women Many women crave to stand in their feminine power and, once they switch to a raw wholefood vegan lifestyle, they often report back of a renewed spiritual wellbeing after physical and mental healing. Words Alani Keiser


here is a popular side to plantbased and we all know about it because it has become one of the hottest trends of the 21st century. We're incorporating plant-based with Yoga, we're using plant-based as a weight-loss solution and we're even making sure our animal friends are safe by leaving them off our plates. But did you know there is another side to plant-based that you may not be aware of? This side is skin deep and could change the way you view your lifestyle. As women, we are interested in what something can do for us; we want to look good and feel good. Everything we buy needs to speak to our emotions, it needs to enhance our lives, otherwise we will move onto the next big thing. What we should be asking is: “Will this change the structure of my body? Will it affect my blood? Will it affect my mental health?” You see, everything we consume affects us on a cellular level and your cells reveal your true wellbeing eventually in your physical appearance. According to science, cells are the basic structural and functional units of living organisms. A human body buzzes on an energetic level similar to fruit and vegetables and, if not hydrated and nourished, cells shrink and perish. To maintain longevity, you need to nourish your body with that of the same structure on a cellular level; you are alive, therefore you need to eat that which is alive and will feed your living cells. Although the main atom for plant blood (aka chlorophyll) is magnesium odysseymagazine.co.za | 46

and the human blood atom is iron, the structure of plant blood matches that of human blood. When humans consume plants, the magnesium atom converts into iron, matching human blood, thereby feeding our cells with life-enhancing nutrients. It is good to note that chlorophyll is known as an antioxidant, providing protection from the sun, boosting our immune system and oxygenating our bodies on a cellular level. The research carried out at Ohio State University suggests that a diet rich in plants provides the protection needed from disease: “The growing body of epidemiological and experimental evidence associating diets rich in fruits and vegetables with prevention of chronic diseases, such as cancer, has stimulated interest in plant food phytochemicals as physiologically active dietary components. Chlorophyll and its various derivatives are believed to be among the family of phytochemical compounds that are potentially responsible for such associations.” While consuming plant-based foods to heal and protect our bodies, we need to understand how the food is broken down. The not-so-popular side to plant-based extends into biology in the form of enzymes. Your vessel is home to two types of enzymes: Metabolic enzymes, which your body needs to run on, and digestive enzymes, which aid in food digestion. Raw and living foods provide you with their enzymes to assist you with digestion. These enzymes release

nutrients from the foods when eaten. Dr. Edward Howell, author of 'Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept', writes that heat over 45 degrees Celsius kills enzymes and that cooking food at that heat destroys the essential enzymes, which leaves your body to use up its own digestive enzymes. Your digestive enzymes assist your body in breaking down foods for easy absorption, providing your cells with adequate amounts of water, nutrients and oxygen for health and longevity. Health, Femininity and Spirituality All Form Part of Your Overall Wellbeing My favourite wholefoods' mentors all teach how a raw wholefood vegan diet improves your health, along with the importance of a thorough cleanse, which affects you on a cellular level. When your cells are healthy, there is a sense of fluidity; your overall wellbeing changes with ease. On a plant-based diet your body rehydrates and cells are revived through correct nutrition, allowing miracles take place: Acne heals, disease reversal may take place, grey hair regrows at the original colour and even wrinkles start ironing out naturally. Liver spots disappear, moles fall off, energy increases, while sight improves and the flow of blood is smooth and unobstructed. Glands start functioning properly, balancing hormones. Women who experience menopause report zero symptoms, while infertile women bear children!

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To experience health changes on such a large scale, it is best to stay close to nature when eating, as well as when it comes to personal hygiene products and detergents, amongst other things. Selecting natural products for you and your home, eating organic or growing your own food, drinking clean pure water, having quality sleep and exercise will help you along your plantbased lifestyle journey successfully. While you align your energy with that of nature, your life renews; you may have experienced strong masculine behaviours in the past, while wondering how to enhance your feminine qualities. But as those behaviours start to soften on a clean plant-based diet, your true feminine nature regenerates your authentic beauty, renewing your life on an energetic level. I have found when my body is functioning the way mother nature intended, my intuition is strong and I feel more connected to God, with a heightened awareness of life, accompanied by a strong sense of purpose within. My body becomes a conduit for messages, while my vibrational frequency is matched with the frequency of that which I desire and I become grounded in my feminine energy. Femininity comes naturally as your energy softens because your body is functioning correctly. Your body becomes lighter, life feels free and easy. Your decision-making is graceful due to a properly functioning pineal gland and you attract what you desire easily, while congestion clears up in your system. Mucus, fat and stagnant energy within your cells are cleared, creating that smoothness in flow within. Health, femininity and spirituality all form part of your overall wellbeing. Your energy and vibrational frequency on a cellular level are the driving forces of your vessel’s happiness and it will show on your face when the hardness dissipates into a softness. Your blood clears up and flows instinctively, your organs function effortlessly and your mind becomes clear and sharp. Your liver cleansing will clear your skin. Your hair, skin and nails will become laden with natural collagen. Your life will start to change; natural food will make you

look and feel good; it will speak to your emotions and enhance your life. You will start to attract everything that is beautiful. In fact, it will start flowing to you with elegance and ease; your masculine side will become a supporter while your feminine side becomes the captain of your vessel. Alani Keiser is a plant-based diet and lifestyle consultant currently studying raw food nutrition with plans to study

microbiology and nutrition science, with a keen interest in genomics. Gautengbased, Alani writes for magazines, appears on TV shows and speaks at events, while helping women heal their bodies with natural food. Website www.alanikeiser.com Social media Facebook.com/alanikeiser Instagram.com/alanikeiser odysseymagazine.co.za | 47

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Embodied Women, Sacred Temple Words Nici Oosthuizen

It's where our SHAKTI, our essence, our OOH La La flows wildly. It is, however, an area where we can hold all sorts of trauma as well. This trauma can be inflicted by using inappropriate methods of controlling our periods and giving unwanted guests access to our sacred space, especially when we are not comfortable with it. Taking too much medication, antidepressants or the pill can have serious effects on our womb space and can show up later in life in the form of painful periods, unhealthy skin, not being able to fall pregnant and various forms of sexual dysfunction. Teenagers, specifically, are under a lot of pressure these days and they don't realise that all sexual interactions that they have can cause collective trauma in their womb space, which they will have to carry with them for years. It is also imperative to nurture and take care of your sacred temple body and womb space by eating good wholesome food, moving your body to get your creative juices flowing, whether it be dance, art, Yoga or meditation, most importantly, something that brings you joy. Self-nurturing is also key. Take time to do face masks, take a good long soak in the bath and rub yourself down with oils or your favourite cream and give thanks to your body for all that she has given to you. Give her tons of love and you will get so much in return. Another sacred journey you need to embark on would be to collect a tribe of odysseymagazine.co.za | 48

like-minded sisters. We all seem to want to stand in our power on our own and be in constant competition with each other, which only creates an infestation of jealousy, angst and disconnection. Wouldn't it be beautiful to acknowledge and celebrate one another for the unique gifts that each one holds within themselves, wanting the best for each other, speaking honestly, listening, keeping what is shared as confidential and respecting each other's needs and desires. Wouldn't that allow us to stand truly in our power as fully embodied woman? Would you have ever thought that our divine feminine power would lie in our bleeding, womb space and sisterhood, the three things we have been taught to despise, lack respect for and feel disgraced about; and to be in constant competition with others is never being able to feel whole or fulfilled. We need to unlearn our societal upbringing and relearn where out true power lies, in the mere bodies we thought were so imperfect all this time that were merely waiting for us to discover the beauty, essence and wisdom they hold. Let's grasp it with both hands and discover our magic. Just remember, when we are fully embodied we become a beautiful buffet of love, compassion and creativity. This does not make us more powerful than others but allows us to give more to all those that hold us dear in their hearts.

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What does it mean to be embodied? Most of us don't know, right? I wasn't aware until I turned 40, so not knowing what this means as a woman in this modern world is acceptable.

I AM e essence of LOVE, I AM UNIQUE, I AM ENOUGH.

Nici Oosthuizen is a full time HiddenMind BioEnergy therapist. Her three year journey allowed her to release stagnant energies built up over a period of 39 years enabling her to rediscover her soul’s mission and purpose and realign to her newfound existence as a healer. Nici has worked with, and explored, the sacred ‘Divine Feminine’ extensively. Personally she has embraced the joy and self-healing that comes along with following her passion for writing, dancing, teaching and healing. www.bodyandmind.co.za/nicioosthuizen

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Thrive or Survive Words Desiree Campher

Uncovering the truth behind women's health


imes have changed so dramatically and, although I am not suggesting reverting back to the 'Dark Ages', the role of women in world society has been eroded beyond recognition, with an insane disregard to the value they can deliver in keeping balance within humanity as a whole and healing our world. Why! No longer are women the primary health givers of the family, they hold stressful positions to make ends meet within the family unit, they are the home makers, they are the educators and emotional supporters within a family unit and most of all they are the ones that give birth to our next generations. Their energy is spread so thin it is no wonder women's ill health is escalating at the rate it is. With high demand on women's ability play so many roles, the original true value of family health and wellbeing has taken backstage, as has women's health. Women can and are very able to do so much but, if we have a look at the true role of origin within our family ethos, it has been lost in the struggle to cope financially, emotionally and physically with the high pressure of the new age of fast living. As the demand on women's energy increases, the only way forward for most is quick fixes, not only for themselves but the whole family. According to the World Health Organisation, 76 per cent of women are reliant on prescription

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drugs, yet with very little reprieve or benefit being derived, with percentages only increasing in ill health worldwide. Prescription drugs are not only expensive but are fraught with a variety of side effects that can be more dangerous than the original condition suffered from. It is also a known fact that pharmaceutical drugs are not meant to treat symptoms; they suppress symptoms, only hiding the original core issue and, in most cases, hindering the ability to recover and heal permanently. This syndrome has become known as 'The One Pill One Ill Syndrome'. Unfortunately, even our natural health sector has taken on this syndrome in the attempt to entice the public to convert to more natural or organic modalities and products. This is unfortunate as the deep-seated conditioning in the public demands a quick fix. Women can become the primary drivers to convert to more natural solutions that not only benefit her health but the whole family's as well. Reducing toxic chemicals and products in diets, beauty, and personal hygiene regime is an excellent starting point to convert to sustainable and healthy living. The term 'holistic' derived from the ancient Greek term 'holos', has been buried by the overuse of quick fixes and stressrelated demands. The holistic approach should deal with the physical form as a whole entity and

not parts thereof, understanding that everything is interlinked within our physical form and to attempt to heal only one aspect is fruitless and insane. Women's health issues have been written and spoken about ad nauseam and many natural remedies and products have been suggested for a huge variety of ailments and diseases. But very few have dealt with the original cause of the breakdown in women's health from the ancient healing methods of integrating body, mind and spirit treating each individual as a whole naturally to more recent linear allopathic methods. In the ancient times women held the highest position in respect and honour; simply put, they were the breeders, educators, nurturers and the actual glue that created the family fabric of balanced living and harmony. Their positions in humanity were regarded as the highest of value as they were the future of all of civilisation. Today children bring themselves up, are handed over to organisation to educate, train and mould them into a uniform society that can be controlled and manipulated. The education curriculum is standard and, even if a woman's belief structure differs, there is no other recourse but to educate and allow outside influence to mould her children.

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The morality of generations is not moulded by women any more but by governments and society; women are regarded as lesser and have to provide financially as well as fulfil all the other so-called traditional roles expected of them. We can sugar-coat this any way you wish to and say we have come a long way. In the opinion of the writer I am convinced, through countless consultations, healings and health issue consults over 10 or more years, that the origin of ill health in women is because we have lost the value of the original role women are meant to perform in society. The position of mother alone does not hold the same impetus and value as it did in ancient times. Women were the most educated in fields of knowledge, they handed down from generation to generation the ancient tools and gifts of morality, health, spiritual balance, harmony, life skills and much more to the new generations. How many ancient gifts and tools have, over the centuries, been lost due to the fact that the role of women has been bastardised. The core issue of women's ill health

is the inability to determine exactly where she fits in, what her true role is and how, without the generations of women before her, knowledge can be revitalised so she can find the tools to balance herself and her family. The roles in society have been badly skewed to benefit the few and not the whole family unit. Today we see the results of this lost treasure called 'Women's Role', with morality, love, balance, unification and harmony being lost to a society that has no true value for the true treasures in life any more. The most important elements of life and life skills are no longer passed down or taught; women no longer hold the prestigious role in the family and ensure the protection and safety of our future. Right now we are a lost humanity. Only in recent years has the awakening in us begun to reconnect with ancient tools, ancient simple ways of living, cleaner environments and love of ourselves and the world. Only when we can revert back to simple, balanced living with the intention of understanding the value of the feminine energy and the humongously

important role it has to play, will we be able to balance women's health naturally. Women should be encouraged to reduce work hours to be available to band their family together, work smarter not harder, bring back true values that have sustainable value and impetus, reduce social and electronic connection, encourage family activities, return to the role of educators of their children, create time to study the ancient arts of nutrition, herbalism, natural vs. chemical and, most importantly of all, time for herself to heal, balance and connect to the true role of womanhood. By encouraging these changes, family units will heal and we will become as we were meant to be, beings that can live harmoniously, respecting all life and all energy and, in so doing, heal our world. Only then will we see the vastness and value of what true balance is again and women will no longer have the mental, physical and emotional illness and discordant energies they have to deal with today. Living simply instead of surviving is key to returning the balance to the world stage.

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RISE I come and I go I do as I please I never left your side And will never leave I am the ruled and the ruler I am the alpha and the omega I am the warrior and the enemy at the gates I move within you as light and darkness I lift my legs and the worlds tremble I do my dance and the gods plead I smile and generations collapse in a trance My beauty is beyond words, I am beauty before there was beauty I am timeless and boundless I am infinite I am dance, I am expression, I am desire I am the smell of a rose as it blooms I am divine nectar, love in its purest form I am Shakti Rise with me.

ROAR I dance with darkness I hunt with lions For I am a lion With a roar so deafening Oceans boil And surf pours unto the heavens Worlds collapse For I am invincible I am the order and the right There is no school There are no exceptions For I am the rule I am a warrior, a Pawar I am queen of the cosmic jungle I roam free I fear no one, nothing For I am power supreme Slayer of Mahakaal¹ And of demons within I am fearless beyond comprehension For I am born of divinity Born of Shiva I am Kali, Parvati and Adishakti I am Tara, I am Amba, I am Chamunda odysseymagazine.co.za | 52

And Bhawani Fear not for I am the universal mother But also the destroyer Of evil in every cosmic permutation For I am total annihilation In every variation My face is the light of Shiva My eyes come from the light of Agni² My arms from the light of Vishnu³ My tresses from the light of Yama⁴ I am pure energy Of epic scale inconceivable over infinity Of divine consciousness Without me, Shiva has no expression Without me, there is no creation For I am creation I am Durgati nashini⁵ Durga I am Kaal vinaashini⁶ Durga The manifestation of Shakti Of source, of Prakriti⁷ Bow to me Bow to Durga the predator And roar within.

1 Mahakaal – Name of Lord Shiva 2 Agni – Lord of Fire 3 Vishnu – Lord of Preservation 4 Yama – Lord of Death 5 Durgati Nashini – the one who eliminates suffering 6 Kaal vinaashini – the one who removes unpleasant time 7 Prakriti – primal matter whose equilibrium is the basis of all observed empirical reality

Rise: Celebrating the divine within by Srishti Knoll https://www.amazon.com/dp/0648119 106?ref=myi_title_dp&fbclid=IwAR2lE6 giDIxmdDumkLt5l3Q4SYSk79f0HaBra9 nk10lVRDFSP_JYdG_SXJs

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FENG SHUI AND FEMININE INTUITION How funny that Feng Shui, the system developed in ancient China to keep emperors in power, has become the tool used by women to empower themselves and their families in South Africa.


es, it's rare that I have a male client. It's mostly ladies, although recently I did have a lady who was instructed to find “The best Feng Shui Consultant in Cape Town" by her boyfriend, but he is a world traveller and more au fait with worldly things… The Divine Feminine expresses her wisdom through mothers, young ladies, working women and entrepreneurs, giving them the impulse to google 'good energy in the home' or even 'Feng Shui' itself if they are a little more enlightened, leading them towards the answers to the questions that play in their heads, while driving in traffic, making school lunches, or brainstorming for business ideas. They don't know it at the time, but those who have the courage to follow through and book a consultation will have their lives changed by the ancient art of geomancy (the art of placing or arranging buildings auspiciously). You see, I believe that our prayers are answered, just not in ways that we expect, so often the gift that we've longed for is disguised in a financial or emotional challenge and many are just too beaten down to see beyond the challenge, some have been traumatised by dishonesty and fear trusting anyone ever again, which blocks their abundance. So I see this dance and have always felt instinctively to let my business flow very naturally, I believe those who are ready will act quickly on their inner guidance and those who don't, have inner mountains to conquer before the outer ones around their homes. What I'm talking about is Fear (False Expectations Appearing Real) and another fascinating one; Fear of Success. Yes, for real, some people are afraid of the greatness within them! Remember the Marianne Williams quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…”

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Home - Feng Shui

Now you must be wondering what it is that's so powerful about Feng Shui? What are people missing out on if they don't follow through on their instincts to get it done? Let me summarise a little and inform a lot on this complex subject that confuses everyone! Ladies, there is an area of your home that represents YOU. What is happening in that sector with regard to clutter, decor, furnishings and colour is affecting your luck and general wellbeing. The same is true for every member of the family. Health-wise, another set of formulae based on your birth date is used to create an energy map of your home, this map will indicate where your good and bad areas are and give guidelines for best sleeping directions too. So many people worldwide suffer from sleeping problems; bed companies will tell you it's your mattress! It's not; the chakra on the top of your head will wriggle you around until it taps into a good energy line, otherwise your sleep will be disturbed and, if your bedroom is not in a good sector for you, your clever soul will keep you away from it by any means; you will not want to go to bed and stay up way too late; children will refuse to go to bed and keep sneaking into your room at night and your health may suffer as the bad energy lowers your immune system. I saw an elderly lady whose swollen ankles completely healed by changing her sleeping direction. To this day I never hear anyone speak of this, there is very little information about the effects of magnetism on the

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human body. I think you are hearing sacred secrets right now. Those of you who are healers will know and resonate with this. Now lastly - and the most unimportant factor - I'm sure you don't have time to read even more now and everyone knows money doesn't buy soul happiness, right? But just in case, seeing that it used to be the number one cause for divorce and it seems to be almost the most important thing in all of our lives... OK, let's talk about how Feng Shui can help with your cash flow. How would you feel if I told you that in your home is a hidden pot of gold and outside there's a breeze of abundance energy somewhere on your property, that if you let it in, your luck would be amazing without even trying? Wouldn't you want to know where it is? Well I sure did and it's what got me addicted to research and doing consultations and testing if it works. (I know 5000 years of existence should have been enough proof, but what can I say? I had to be sure myself.) Well it works to an astounding degree, depending on your karma, apparently. So we were instructed never to tell people that we could make them richer if we did their Feng Shui: “Because sometimes you can do the best Feng Shui possible for a person, but if it is not their destiny to be rich in this lifetime, then they won't be.” Grand Master Yap Sheng Hai (in broken English). In my 20 years of doing this I have seen a correlation between the energy of openness of the client, and the

abundance that flows to them. Let this be a lesson to all of you. On the flip side, every building also has bad energy floating around. I'm trained to see exactly where it is and how to suppress it. It's why no building should be put up without Feng Shui input. You don't want to build a house with legal disputes energy over your front door, or worse. Using the correct colours and elements in different sectors brings the wow factor along with a feeling of harmony and peace. With your building plans, the year the building was built and the dates of birth of everyone who lives in the building, I can work out what is happening with your relationships, money and health. Then I have to figure out how to make things better, if possible. Often clients opt to move when the house or workplace has brought them to the verge of bankruptcy. Claire Brandon is Cape Town's leading Traditional Feng Shui Consultant. She has been interviewed on many radio stations, in magazines and the leading newspapers, also on Free Spirit on SABC3. She's been a distance tutor for an Interior Design/Feng Shui course for 10 years. Consultations can be done worldwide. You can learn more on her Facebook page ShanChiFengShui. www.fengshuisa.co.za


Breathing Room

Clear the Clutter

Clear the clutter, keep what's really valuable to you and allow each room in your home to breathe, vibrating with fresh clean energy. A peaceful home, harmonious family relationships and personal freedom begin right in the middle of the pile of single socks, clothes that no longer fit and mismatched Tupperware lids. Never mind the piles of papers kept and never filed, the magazine bought and never read. This is where you find your bliss.


ow wonderful, you start right where you are. This is a process that happens little by little, every unnecessary object you release draws you closer. Each piece of clutter removed, a stepping-stone on the path to personal freedom, Affirm: This is where I am, my habits have brought me to this space and I AM ready to change. The Buddha taught that running from pain, denying it, or pushing it away creates suffering. Your clutter is a result of running away from your pain. Your habit of denying that there is a problem causes the problem to grow. The only way out, is through. So, the first step in decluttering is knowing that we want peace, harmony and freedom. Affirm: I AM worthy of a peaceful home, harmonious relationships and personal freedom.

Getting started We all want to hide our clutter, from others and ourselves as we are often embarrassed by our cluttered space. Take your camera or your phone to the space you want to declutter and stand within it. Breathe. Your first step is simply to do this: Ground yourself by placing your feet firmly on the floor and inhale love, compassion and understanding and exhale any shame or guilt, until you feel compassion for yourself and the room. Affirm: This is where I am. This is my clutter. I accept that I created this. There is no shame in this. I release all shame. There is no guilt in this. I release all the guilt. Look around you and allow peace to fill as you compassionately accept: “This simply is what it is.” Smile. Breathe. Know that with full acceptance, your life has the opportunity to change.

does serve me. From this moment I make choices that bring peace, harmony and freedom. NOW PRESS CLICK – this is your record of the moment you brought peace into your home, harmony into your relationships and began to follow your bliss – you have proof of your commitment. Determine Value Objects are valuable in your life if they create happiness, freedom and ease. If something cost you money, but fills you with regret whenever you look at it, then it does not have value. If a gift needles you with guilt, then it doesn't have value. If someone hands down an heirloom to you that carries the burden of expectation, then it doesn't have value. Nothing, no matter how much you paid for it, who gave it to you, or how long it has been in your family, is truly valuable if it is eating up space in your heart that can be used for peace, harmony and freedom.

Make a commitment Now ceremoniously pick up your camera, look through the are viewfinder with your finger on the button… Affirm: The moment I press this button my life will begin to change. From this moment I commit to remove what no longer serves me. From this moment I embrace only what

A breathing room is more meaningful than any gift and it creates a better future than anything you have inherited. Affirm: I hold onto that which brings peace, harmony and freedom and right here right now I release that which does not.

Let the clearing begin! odysseymagazine.co.za | 55

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SEEING RED All around us, everything we see, touch, feel or wear has colour – each with its own characteristics and specific therapeutic qualities. As the sun's vital messengers, they are the sensations that enrich our world. Important since we are 'hu-man beings' - the 'man'-ifestation of 'hues' come into 'being' - colouring our experiences through our thoughts, attitudes, memories and beliefs – and colour certainly affects us emotionally – especially women. Words Christine Lynne Stormer-Fryer


ome years ago my husband, John, and I were sponsoring a national Golf Challenge in a charming, old town in the Karoo, South Africa, on behalf of his company. This was a first for me. I, who usually wear colourful, way-out clothes, felt that as the 'sponsor's wife' I should 'look the part'. I felt an impressive purple outfit would do the trick. Or would it? The warmth, generosity and friendliness of the incredibly genuine down-to-earth residents was overwhelming – but that gorgeous purple outfit would be so completely out of place - as were all the other over-the-top outfits I had brought with me! So, playing it safe, I donned my smart red trouser suit and black top – perfect – or so I thought! Even with this conservative attire I still did not quite 'fit in', but soon felt relaxed and more 'at home' amongst the warm banter of the well-spirited golfers and their families. As the joviality of the evening progressed, a casual comment by the Golf Club's president's wife, Jenny - sitting next to me for the dinner- stirred meaningful insight into colour. She stated how much the colour red suited me. I thanked her and thought nothing further until Elaine – on my other side – stated that she hated the colour. For me, a comment odysseymagazine.co.za | 56

like this is like holding a red rag to a bull. I charged in headfirst and started questioning her as to why she didn't like red. She just didn't, she said - she had no idea why! I went on to inform her that red is the colour of the base chakra. Her eyes lit up - she knew all about chakras because she did yoga. My initial reaction was to give up there and then, but instead decided to share what red represents in our lives and how meaningful it really is. Her puzzled look told me that she had no idea what I was going on about. I explained: “Red is related to Mother Earth and represents our security, mobility, stability and progress - especially within the family and society - influencing our pelvic area…” Elaine stopped me in my tracks. “Did you say pelvic area?” Elaine asked. I nodded. “I've had two hip replacements.” “When?” I enquired. One was six years ago and the other 13 years before that. “What was going on in your life 19 years ago?” I asked. Elaine's face screwed up at the memory of her divorce and the thought of the abuse in her first marriage. She was still 'seeing red'. Suddenly Elaine got it! It was not red that she dislikes but the memories surrounding the colour. A discussion as to how she could best deal with the

frightful situation followed. After all, it is all very well unearthing the root cause, but it is even more empowering to be able to do something about it. As we were mulling over the revelation, Jenny quietly muttered that she hated black. Quelle horreur! The two colours that I had been guided to wear were the very two that my newfound friends did not like! We laughed at this realisation, knowing that nothing ever happens by accident! Jenny comes from Australia and is a very open and giving soul, so I thought getting to the core of her issue with black would be a 'piece of cake'. “Okay Jenny, why don't you like black?” “Black is not even a colour,” she replied. “Why wear black when there are so many other beautiful colours to choose from?” “But black is smart - I love black,” Elaine offered. “Is there anything in your life that you relate to black? I persisted. “No,” Jenny responded. “And in your childhood?” I asked. “Very happy,” she said. So much for ‘getting to the bottom’ quickly! Then Jenny volunteered that she had been terrified of the dark and around the age of three had dropped a lit candle setting a part of a carpet alight - leaving a black patch - which her ‘nose was constantly rubbed in’.

Spotlight on - Woman Divine

This meant finding out what was going on in her mother’s life at that time. Her father had sent the family to the mountains while remaining in Sydney. Her mother was angry and depressed at being ‘in the dark’ and was apparently prone to ‘black-outs’ Phew! This was deep. I suggested that Jenny wrote down everything that came to mind when thinking of black – and all the related emotions - then placed the paper under her pillow and slept on it! It’s amazing what can be resolved in dreamtime! What a relief! When leaving this world we will not be asked about the colour of our skin, but about the content of our heart and the nature of our character.

“By rediscovering our own light and resonating to our authentic colours we can become a shining light to others. Enjoy!” ABOUT CHRISTINE LYNNE STORMER-FRYER Known as ‘The Universal Foot Lady’, Chris combines 10 years medical knowledge with her fertile and innovative mind to make sure that complementary modalities keep pace with the ever-expanding needs of humanity. Author of eight books, she still gives presentations worldwide after 30 years. www.alwaysb.com inspired@worldonline.co.za

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Spirit - Spiritual Living

Can women be enlightened? A call to women to be a voice for wisdom. “Enlightenment is not for women, only men can be self-realised.”


his post on Facebook really hit me in the gut. How does it make you feel?

I'm here to tell you that enlightenment belongs to every part of our lives – it is the ground of all beings. And I'm here to call you, my sisters, to stand in the full stature of your being. To walk with dignity and to be a voice for wisdom. Here are four challenges with four opportunities that we women on the spiritual path face. odysseymagazine.co.za | 58

CHALLENGE #1 'The collective archetype of womanhood’ Like a cloud covering the sun, all believed 'identifications' hide the true self. The archetype of womanhood is a collective one, that brings us gifts and burdens. When we're interested in the deeper truth, when we want to discover who we ultimately are, we look beyond gender, beyond the body, beyond the archetypes - and, unless we do this, these collective patterns of life can obscure our true being and true seeing. Enlightenment is the liberation from identification, including the identity of womanhood. We can lovingly appreciate and respect the

feminine as a sacred song sung by divinity, just as all gender expressions are songs. And we can take a stand as pure awareness, that is free of archetypes. Womanhood arises in the self; the self is not boxed in by womanhood. Sunlight doesn't discriminate against women and neither does the light of self-realisation. The light of enlightenment shines on all our hearts and minds equally. So, is gender archetype our real identity? Is it the ultimate self? No. My invitation to you is to see gender archetypes as a sacred song sung by life.

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Womanhood arises in the self; the self is not boxed in by womanhood.

Spiritual Living With Colleen-Joy Your archetypes depend on you to exist, you do not depend on your archetypes to exist. Self-enlightenment, which is about realising the true self, has nothing to do with gender. Womanhood as a collective archetype carries gifts and burdens. Take the gifts and lay down the burdens - know thyself. My call to you, my sisters, is to shake free any burdens you might be carrying from the female archetype. Know yourself as open, pure, limitless awareness, which is prior to all archetypes.

Opportunities #1 Tune in to these words, feel them in your body: “I am a woman.” Take your time and really sense the subtle or strong sensations and physical responses. Notice with love and compassion where there are contractions, heaviness or emotional discomfort, these might indicate where the burdens of this identification are still a part of your heart, mind and experience of living. Your body may be a woman, you may have a feminine archetypal as a lens in life, but you are that which is aware of your female body and feminine lens. You are pure awareness itself. Awareness does not have a gender. It is not separate or divided in

any way. My invitation to my sisters who are called to this truth, is to transform the identification of being a woman into a real seeing of the true self, which is the non-dual self. It is the self that is the shared self of us all. Tune in to the following words, feel them in your body, experience what the words are suggesting and notice the difference… Start with just feeling and tuning into: “I am.” Just that, no definitions, no boxes to climb into, just pure “I am.” Notice how that feels. Then move on to the following. Tune in to this in your body. “I am. I am pure open awareness; I am the present presence aware of life, the open space of ordinary awareness. Awareness that is right here, right now.” This can help your heart, mind and body to access in the truth, to be enlightened by the truth and to be free of the burdens of identification with womanhood which is a verb, a sacred song of life. CHALLENGE #2 'Masculine idealised images for enlightenment' Our cultures show us beautiful iconic images, of saints and sages, prophets and priests. There seems to be quite a strong leaning towards iconic masculine images. Of course, there are beautiful feminine and masculine portraits, but I'd ask you to put them all aside for the moment. Check to see if your mind is comparing you to these images, making it seem impossible or too difficult to live an enlightened life, or to pursue enlightenment. When we hold an image of what we're apparently supposed to look like, of how we're supposed to act, walk, dress or earn an income, we either give up our search or our ego might create a spiritual identity for us to wear. It seems to be either… •

DISAPPOINTMENT AND GIVING UP: “Well, I'm clearly not that pure, I live in the real world and can't aspire to that.” Here we feel 'less than', incapable and disillusioned.

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SPIRITUAL IDENTITY: “I am a spiritual person”, where we might invent a spiritual identity to look the part, walking in a spiritual way, speaking with lofty tones and creating a fake performance of being spiritual. If we're honest with ourselves, we feel the pain of this self-deceit. Acting enlightened to look spiritual is a painful trap.

So, let's put aside these idealisations and see that enlightenment belongs in every area of life. It belongs, whether you wear sandals and robes or jeans and high heels, whether you're in a home or a temple. Enlightenment in its true form, when we take away all the stereotypes and ego projections, is not all love and light, rainbows and unicorns. It's real. This is about the freedom of your heart, the freedom of your mind, the freedom of your experience of being alive. And it belongs in every moment, when we cry with a friend, when we cook meals for our families, when we feel disappointed because our jeans are too tight, when we look at our bank balance, when we put on make-up and have tough conversations. Enlightenment belongs to the grit and grime of humanity and this includes womanhood. My loving challenge to you is, if you're held up by any comparison, by any idealisation, whether it's masculine or feminine, question that. Free yourself to discover real world enlightenment. Opportunities #2 Some of my favourite teachers and teachings are in a masculine voice. My soul taught me to see that the well of wisdom that all true teachers draw from, is the same shared well, it is the shared self. Your true inner teacher is the teacher of all great female and male sages. Remember also, that not all enlightened souls are teachers. Some are mothers, some are bankers, there are no limits to where enlightenment is called. An enlightened soul doesn't odysseymagazine.co.za | 60

walk around with a banner, they serve and work, feel emotions and pain and often live very ordinary lives. This is our opportunity to drop idealisation and discover truth. To stop looking outside for idealised images of spirituality and to stop believing the mind's endless comparisons. Look in your own heart and your own mind and your own being for what is needed, where enlightenment is being called to, so that your heart can claim its wholeness, so that your mind can claim its wisdom, so that your being can claim its wellbeing. Wisdom, wholeness and wellbeing are your birthright. CHALLENGE #3 “Loving the body you have” Sometimes we hope that our spirituality will give us a way to bypass pain, suffering, contraction, shame, anger, fear. And as women, we have our share of collective and personal feminine struggles. But as Hellen Keller said: “The best way out is always through.” We walk through the fire of life to find that which the flames cannot touch. And for women, body image is amongst the most common collective sources of stress and suffering. How much collective hypnosis have you had to face around negative body image? What magazines and Hollywood imagery do we measure ourselves against?

Opportunities #3 My invitation to you is to bring enlightenment and self-realisation into all the real places of wounding and contraction, into our collective body image beliefs. Bring it like medicine into the contractions, shame, fear and anger, so that you can look with your true eyes in the mirror and you can look at scars, shape and stretch marks and rediscover body image with love and wisdom. So that we women can look in the mirror of life and to see ourselves and our physical form with our true eyes: To see the body as we look at a flower, as we look at a tree; to see it as innocent, as a living expression of life. Perhaps then there will be simple gratitude, love, or perhaps just freedom from the pain of identification with body shape. CHALLENGE #4 'Loving loyalty to the roles of mother, daughter, friend, lover, wife' Female roles of mother, daughter, friend, wife, girlfriend, can feel like a burden if there are archaic beliefs still resident in their expression. I found the process of relooking at my roles in life took a lot of courage because I felt loving loyalty to my roles as mother, wife and daughter. For a while over the years it was hard to reconcile. I knew that I was beyond this role. I knew that I was undefined and couldn't be contained in a role. And yet these roles were still there. And at some point, the wisdom of my soul gave me this insight

Enrol for my free online enlightenment course All love, Colleen-Joy

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“Be courageous. Your love and loyalty ask you to contract into a person, out of habit. Because your loved ones arrive to connect with you as 'people' you energetically contract into personhood and into womanhood out of loyalty to meet them there. But there is another way. Trust life as love, to move, to meet them and serve them.” Colleen-Joy It was challenging at first, but soon I noticed that when I opened and remained as the self, life as Colleen-Joy moved to serve and show up for my loved ones. And often with even more presence, more humanity, love and wisdom. Opportunities #4 My fourth invitation to you, sister, is to rediscover all the roles that you have in life, but from a non-dual perspective. To not be bound by loyalty to contract into personhood or womanhood. Neither to fake a spiritual identity, but to simply honestly, courageously rediscover your roles, from a non-dual perspective.

To rediscover femininity, to rediscover what it is to be mother, wife, lover and daughter from a non-dual perspective can be deeply enriching. This question has helped me to live the truth that I have found. I hope it serves you. “How does love want to move?” Because life as love moves intuitively, in service to life. How does love in the feminine form want to move in any given moment, in all the places and spaces in your life? Feel that, tune-in to that and liberate your heart, mind and being so that your life as love can flow naturally. Calling the feminine voice of wisdom. Sister, here is my call to you. Be a voice for wisdom in the world.

Step into all that you are, know yourself as something that is beyond gender, that is pure open awareness, that is our shared self, the shared I that stands behind and before all gender descriptions. Fully claim the song of the feminine. Tune in to the way that life wants to move as her. Invitation to my free online course — helping you to live an enlightened life You are welcome to enrol for my free online enlightenment course on https://nondualitycourses.com. Colleen-Joy is a spiritual teacher, author and artist. She offers a spiritual mentorship program online to students worldwide. Colleen-Joy shares her teachings with Odyssey Readers in every edition in our Spiritual Living segment

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Building Self-Smart Relationships Words Alice Coelho

EQ Meets the Woman Divine


hen asked to contribute an article on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and its link to the Divine Feminine, I was both excited and curious about how these two, seemingly opposed concepts, might support each other. Whether in the boardrooms of the corporate world or in our children's classrooms, many of us have been exposed to the term Emotional Intelligence, a set of skills synonymous with great leadership, team effectiveness and managing the world of relationships. The Divine Feminine, however, seems to be more enigmatic. On a deeper level, it is associated with an approach to spiritual consciousness and, on a more superficial level, with celebrating our femininity and the practice of self-care. So, what is the Divine Feminine and how may it be it linked to the concept of Emotional Intelligence? Jung and Kingsbury, experts in the fields of psychology and the Divine Feminine respectively, suggest that an individual's consciousness, regardless of their gender, reflects the interplay and integration of two 'hidden energies', namely a masculine and feminine energy, in the development of the self. This energetic interplay creates the opportunity for movement and the transformation of the self. Jung posited that the qualities of action, power and the drive for rationality were associated with masculine energies, whereas compassion, intuition, creativity and odysseymagazine.co.za | 62

receptivity were associated with feminine energies. Kingsbury suggests that the Divine Feminine represents our connection to those parts of our consciousness responsible for nurturing, intuition, empathy, creativity, creating community, sensing feelings and collaboration. Both Jung and Kingsbury's descriptions of these qualities reflect the skills of Emotional Intelligence. To achieve our highest potential, we need to create a balance between these energies. Fundamentally, both mainstream psychological and spiritually based approaches to self-development highlight a process of transformation that holds the relationship to self and to others as sacred. Honouring this sacredness ultimately unleashes the individual's creative potential. The concept of Emotional Intelligence encapsulates the afore-mentioned theoretical principles and creates a bridge between academic musings and everyday behavioural rituals that are driven by relationship building processes. Throughout time, many studies have ascribed the success of great leaders to their cognitive abilities and strategic thinking. However, research and, more importantly, life experience, have revealed many anomalies to this thinking. Many of us know someone who, for all their intellectual capacity, is unable to actualise this potential. Interestingly, we can attest to the opposite scenario: That individual who,

despite their challenges, always manages to turn everything they do into gold! This led to research into the factors, skills and abilities that empower people to actualise their potential, even against all odds - thus the field of Emotional Intelligence was born. Dr Rueven Baron, one of the fathers of EQ, defines Emotional Intelligence as a group of non-cognitive competencies, skills and abilities that greatly influence a person's ability to be successful at coping with environmental demands and pressures. In layman's terms then, Emotional Intelligence is a process whereby emotions are used to guide us to be our best selves. Emotions are a source of energy, wisdom and information that, if mindfully and proactively harnessed, can enhance our intellectual prowess rather than supplant it and, consequently, unleash our potential constructively. Developing your EQ covers numerous territories, including, amongst others, managing your relationship with yourself (Intrapersonal Realm), your relationships with others (Interpersonal Realm) and your adaptability and resilience to environmental pressures. The Intrapersonal Realm focuses on developing awareness of your inner lifeworld and depends on the critical skill of emotional self-awareness, upon which all other EQ skills are built and strengthened.


Developing the Feminine Divine, as with EQ, encourages individuals to focus on creating a self where they are able to identify and respect their emotions, trust their intuition, verbalise their inner wisdom and to integrate this information as a guide to more authentic decision-making processes. This awareness increases our ability to control our emotions rather than allowing them to control us. In this way we assume responsibility for how we co-create ourselves and our relationship with others. Literally, as we assume this responsibility, we increase our 'response-ability', i.e. our ability to respond more effectively, flexibly and proactively. Increasing emotional selfawareness to develop both the Divine Feminine aspects of ourselves and our EQ, enables us to identify our inner critic and to shift the focus from our fears and avoiding creative risk-taking, to the endless possibilities that lie dormant within each of us. The goal is to identify the unconscious and conscious labels we have of ourselves and the self-sabotaging beliefs, based on those labels that we endorse. The Interpersonal Realm of EQ, as

with the Divine Feminine, looks at the role of relationships as a sacred contract between individuals that act as a mirror for growth. Being logically ready to change certain dynamics in our relationships does not ensure that we are emotionally prepared to bring that change about. Why does this happen? Often our 'hidden' and emotionally silenced self, for fear of losing something precious within that dynamic, creatively sabotages our commitment to healthier dynamics. EQ-smart relationship building skills include the development of empathy for the self and others, genuine listening, building trust and appropriate boundary setting, while motivating and inspiring others to their own greatness without fear of their success dimming our own light. EQsavvy individuals assume responsibility for their capacity to drive and fuel the moods and behaviours of those they touch. Being congruent in our words and actions increases the levels of trust and safety in our relationships, thereby encouraging creative risk-taking as the birthplace of enhanced growth. By viewing our relationships as potential collaborative spaces instead of

threatening competition, we are enabled not only to honour the sacredness of all our relationships but also to build a community that harnesses and leverages our collective creative potential, leading to a deeper, more fulfilling, authentic and successful life. Alice Coelho has developed a unique way to develop Emotional Intelligence and awareness with her innovative EQ Alchemy Cards. She has been in private practice as a psychologist since 2001. Her passion for people and their development, whether in an individual or group context, has led her to create and facilitate training material and development journeys in both the private and corporate spaces. In her own process of alchemy as a professional, she has coached individuals and groups, developed and facilitated workshops and growth journeys in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Spiral Dynamics, Mentorship, Mindfulness, Resilience Management, Diversity Management, Organisational Culture Development and Creativity. @alqmie.co.za

Stand a chance to WIN a set of EQ Alchemy Cards and Journal “Creating a rich and full life, regardless of the context in which you find yourself, is the art of alchemy” - Alice Coelho This philosophy resulted in the birth of the EQ Alchemy Cards and supporting toolkit, developed by Alice Coelho, a psychologist in private practice since 2001. Her passion for people and their development, whether in an individual or group context, has led her to create and facilitate training material and development journeys in both the private and corporate spaces. In her own process of alchemy as a professional, she has coached individuals and groups, developed and facilitated workshops and growth journeys in the areas of Emotional Intelligence. The EQ Alchemy Cards feature striking visual artworks by well-known artist, Loeritha Saayman and bridge gender, educational and cultural divides with their quirky yet profound representations of paper figures on colourful and creative backgrounds. Alice’s thought-provoking messages aim to explore questions about and interactions with - everyday life experiences with insight and reflection. As a self and group/team development tool integrating psychological principles and visual art in an archetypal manner, anyone can use these cards to assist them in the transformation of their ordinary selves into their extraordinary selves or potential. The cards facilitate and anchor the learning of the principles of Emotional Intelligence in a universal and visual way that transcends language barriers with a fun, creative and inspiring approach requiring no special talent or qualification, either on their own or in conjunction with other parts of the EQ Alchemist’s toolkit, which includes a journal and a self-development workbook. They can be worked through in a sequentially structured manner or picked at random and reflected upon and experimented with over a period of time.

Email your entry to: cindy@odysseymagazine.co.za With your name, surname and email address with the answer to this question in the subject line: Who developed EQ Alchemy Cards? By entering this competition / give-away you agree to our Ts and Cs for all competitions and giveaways. For more info visit: www.odysseymagazine.co.za/ente r.html Closing Date: 14 May 2020 To purchase a set of cards and the supporting toolkit connect with Alice and Loeritha @alqmie.co.za

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Body, Mind and Spirit

A New Relationship With Our Bodies Words Natalia Baker


ow do you respond when I say to you your body absolutely loves you? Let’s jump to 300 years ago when dualism was anchored into the collective consciousness. Our bodies were regarded as lifeless pieces of clay with no living consciousness. A vast gap was created between the ego consciousness, the body and nature. In this time of rapid change we are awakening to the intelligence in life everywhere, in everything. Our bodies can communicate with us if we listen. Imagine a loving, interactive relationship with this beautiful vehicle! Today we acknowledge our

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bodies are designed on the patterns of the essence of the Divine Mother. Whether we refer to DNA, bones, tissues, organs, the body has a profound innate intelligence and it is based on love. Be in wonder and awe of it. It walks, digests, excretes, holds a magnificent brain, is able to create children and bear them and we chose the form for a particular lifetime. St Germain described it as one of the most sacred, profound gifts we will ever receive. Are we in reverence, wonder and gratitude for it? Could I suggest that you take time daily to listen to it. What is being asked of you? Have you stretched? Exercised? Slept

enough? Taken your minerals and supplements? Is your body comfortable with the foods you are eating? What kind of food preferences does it have? Truly listen. Your body will give you answers through the feeling. Our bodies really need love. They have been neglected all but superficially for a long time. In the future, the relationship with our bodies will become a sacred union, like the relationship between our human and Divine Self. If we truly move into a loving association with our body it will transform into the most beautiful, strong, vibrant vehicle for our spirit. Start the love affair today!

Body, Mind and Spirit

For a few thousand years most have existed in low frequency energy, the third dimension. It takes time to change our consciousness. I have always felt Jane Fonda’s ‘Go for the burn’ in the ‘70s, the introduction of Yoga from the East, the flood of different exercise types and information on diet and health is how the Universe has gradually awakened us to an awareness of our physicality. Although many aim at fitness and shape, we still have to develop further to acknowledge the body as a sacred temple of the Divine. It is a huge leap in consciousness for most have completely taken it for granted and are woken to our neglect through imbalances, aches and pains, especially when ageing. Our ascension in this cycle could more appropriately be called descension, for unlike ascension in the past in which a person left their body to become one with their Divine I Am Presence, we are bringing our Divinity down into our bodies. We do not become enlightened through the upper chakras but mainly through the lower ones, and the upper and lower vortexes come into balance. It is interesting to note that the lower chakras anchor us firmly into our physical forms. Incidentally, in the new consciousness we will not be so

engrossed in external form and ideals of beauty will change. It will be measured by a person’s radiance, the light shining from within. Whether a person is thin, fat, tall, short, bald or hairy will be unimportant compared with the frequency of love they emit. I was shown this many years ago when I accompanied someone to a reading. This extremely obese person sat with their feet apart and their stomach nearly on the floor. St Germain came through and acknowledged the beauty of this person, their love and radiance. Obviously, there was much to heal with an underlying eating disorder but this was not mentioned. The extreme polarity and ego consciousness of past centuries cannot be regarded as ‘bad’ because the research that was undertaken - remember a body without a soul! – allowed much classification of illnesses and inventions of medicines. It would also be so easy to slip into an attitude of belittling our old carbon-based physical form and only celebrating the bright shininess of a crystalline body. Our carbon-based cells have served us very, very well. They have been appropriate and useful for our journeys up to now and should also be appreciated and honoured. The crystalline structure of our

new bodies is extraordinary in its capacity to contain, transmit and receive information. It puts us in a strong position to receive and radiate, resonate with connectedness and ring the note of Who We Really Are. We can live and operate more fully in many dimensions. What’s not to love? RITUAL TO LOVE YOUR BODY Make your bathroom a sacred space with music, candles, oils and so on. Run your bath and before getting in invoke the Goddess, stating this ritual is to honour Her. Step into the bath, most lovingly and with reverence wash each part of you. When you get out, if possible, stand in front of a mirror and with care, dry each part of your body, expressing, love, honour and gratitude to it. You will feel different when you have completed this ritual. Natalia Baker is a leader of consciousness, metaphysical teacher, professional public speaker, regular contributor to magazines, retreat and workshop facilitator, counsellor and conductor of ceremonies and rituals. Her book SEIZE THE DAY, A GUIDEBOOK FOR CHANGING TIMES is a best seller. Contact details: info@nataliabaker.com www.nataliabaker.com

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Body, Mind and Spirit

The Four Essential Relationships In Unfolding Consciousness

Dr Jimmy Henderson The importance of consciousness


onsciousness involves far more than just being 'self-aware'. It involves a state of mind and being that affects all our thoughts, decisions, actions and achievements. Once one becomes conscious of something, it begins to manifest in our lives and, as we unfold higher levels of consciousness, our whole experience of life and reality will change. Within the depths of our consciousness, we house our memories (past experiences), cultural, religious or spiritual beliefs, conditioned responses (mental programmes) and even the paradigm with which we make sense of our world. These all become filters for our experiences, understanding and even our perception of reality. By raising and improving the quality (clarity) of our consciousness, we move closer to our true spiritual selves and a real experience of God. Our consciousness should grow naturally as we mature and learn the lessons that life has to offer. However, the process can be speeded up with more conscious living and a daily commitment to self-development, which usually occurs with religious, spiritual or metaphysical practices. In this regard, I have identified four relationships that are essential to unfold our consciousness fully. Our relationship with ourselves The process of unfoldment can either be odysseymagazine.co.za | 66

hastened or else held back by our attitudes, state of mind, actions and efforts (or lack thereof) to improve ourselves. Health, exercise and diet Our consciousness can be lowered by sickness and ill-health. Energy-work, especially, requires a certain level of fitness. It is therefore important to look after our bodies as well as our minds. In this regard, a healthy diet and regular exercise are important. Our bodies can also build up toxins due to stress and bad eating habits and we need to detoxify at regular intervals with overthe-counter detoxifying agents or using qualified detoxification therapists. All this will make our bodies lighter, stronger and more receptive to a higher consciousness. Stress, lifestyle and distractions One simply cannot expect to discover new heights of consciousness whilst maintaining a stressful lifestyle or enjoying a life of excess or all-night partying. Stress and distractions both serve to lower or entrap our consciousness and balancing our work and private lives will afford us the time and space for self-introspection, which is absolutely necessary for unfolding our consciousness. This does not mean that we have to resign our jobs or isolate ourselves completely from the world, but rather, consciously learn to simplify our lives, manage our time better and change our priorities. In dealing with

stress we should learn to relax using meditation and cultivate an inner stillness, balance and sense of detachment. In other words, shift our focus from outer to inner consciousness. Our attitudes and actions Our attitudes and actions are also important. Loving and selfless thoughts and deeds raise our consciousness, but those of a selfish, aggressive, negative or judgmental nature, only serve to lower it. Emotional wellness Our consciousness has to wind its way slowly through all the entanglements in our minds and, in order to unfold it correctly, we need to remove all emotional and psychological debris and achieve at least a measure of emotional wellness. This can be explained as being able to cope with the emotional ups and downs of daily life and usually means that we have dealt with most of our painful or unhelpful emotions from the past, such as anger, fear and resentment. Our bodies have a natural ability to heal themselves and, under the right conditions, our minds and spirits will also heal and begin to unfold naturally. This usually involves processing in the form of releasing guilt, doubts and fears from our past through forgiveness or selfforgiveness and rebuilding our selfesteem. However, in some cases, we may require the help and assistance of counsellors and therapists.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Our everyday thinking and beliefs Our present beliefs and perceptions about the world and reality set the limits as to what we can experience. For instance, people who do not believe in other forms of life and consciousness such as spiritual beings would probably not even know if they were approached by one. They would simply not be able to make sense of the experience in terms of their existing beliefs. One's mind has to be open and receptive to the truth of a certain experience before it can be processed. An open mind is essential Many people are not open to new ideas and will rather remain with their present attitudes towards the world and their framework of beliefs collected over the years. The problem is, if we ever wish to invite the deeper experiences associated with an unfolding consciousness into our lives, we will need to open our minds to new ideas about consciousness. This usually requires only a small shift to a more universal paradigm of thought which includes all the possibilities for spiritual development and consciousness unfoldment. Clarity As I said before, our consciousness has to weave its way through the content of our minds and it is important to keep it clear and free of negative thoughts, drama and intrigue, which only pollute our state of mind and block the light. We should consciously choose to release all judgments about other people as well as thoughts or feelings that are unhelpful or self-defeating. Our view of self Finally, if we continue to see ourselves only as imperfect physical beings and prisoners of our past, we will limit ourselves and never truly unfold our consciousness. Our innermost beliefs act as mental rules or instructions to our subconscious minds and control our thinking and actions, setting us up for success or failure. In this regard, we will have to create the correct psychological space and conditions for unfoldment by seeing ourselves not just as a body, but rather as multi-dimensional beings with an almost limitless potential. It will be necessary to replace our old self-image

with powerful new thoughts or affirmations which are far more expansive and redefine our self-imposed limits. For example; 'What I see in the mirror is not the real me', 'I am far more than this', 'I am a being of light' or 'my source is in God '. Our relationship with our subconscious minds One of our closest and most powerful allies in the process of unfolding our consciousness is our own subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind has its own programme and functions as a sort of 'automatic pilot' to regulate our bodily functions such as breathing and heartbeat, as well as some of our important mental activities. It is also able to communicate with us using sensations, impressions, spontaneous thoughts and ideas (intuition) and symbolic images during dreams, imagery (visualisation) or visions. What is most important is that it also serves as the inner guardian and protector of our consciousness, filtering incoming information and regulating our inner experiences in accordance with our abilities and readiness. Think of it in terms of the legend of the Sphinx which guarded the entrance to the Greek city of Thebes. Visitors to the city had to demonstrate commitment, courage and insight in order to be admitted unhindered. In the same way, if we reveal these characteristics and dedication, our subconscious will allow us to pass by into the higher realms of Spirit. The metaphor of the lover As it embodies a certain separation of consciousness and is certainly able to communicate with us, it becomes useful to treat our subconscious in the same way as we would a distinct person or personality. In fact, we can see this whole process of building an intimate relationship of trust and cooperation with it, metaphorically, as similar to taking a new lover. Affirmations To begin, we have to learn to communicate our intentions and desire for an intimate relationship with sincerity, sweet words and considerate

actions, wooing our lover (subconscious mind) with great respect, as he/she is the inner guardian of our heart (consciousness) as well as its protector. One means of communication is through affirmations, which would be equivalent to an introduction, from which 'he' or 'she' will gauge our confidence and sincerity. Metaphorically speaking, we would not make much of a first impression to our lover if we came across as indecisive and lacking in confidence and self-worth. For this reason our affirmations should be directed at reaching out and acknowledging our higher self. For example, 'I am one with the Father', 'I am a beloved son/daughter of the Father' or 'My name is ................ and I am a son/daughter of the Most High'. Meditation and visualisation We should strive to continue this dialogue with our 'lover' during periods of meditation which we combine with imagery. If we are successful in our introduction, we should soon gain the co-operation of our 'lover' and begin to experience corresponding changes to our consciousness during these times of contact. This should be experienced as our imagery shifting and changing spontaneously, as well as sudden unexpected breaths or powerful emotions that come to the surface when using affirmations. This indicates that a shift is taking place and that our 'lover' is allowing us moments of access to a higher level of consciousness. Intentions However, our lover will only accept our advances (open the doors to higher consciousness) once we have clearly and adequately communicated our intentions and demonstrated that we are trustworthy, willing and able to assume the responsibility for this new relationship (the experiences and changes that will take place with an unfolding consciousness). Another method of communicating this readiness is through the use of intentions. An intention is similar to an affirmation, but more powerful.

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Body, Mind and Spirit

It is 'set' by formulating a single, simple and precise self-instruction or thought, absolutely without any doubt or hesitation, as to exactly what we desire or wish to achieve. This could be metaphorically represented as an open and honest communication with our 'lover' in the form of a request for help with a particular lesson or area of development. Unlike an affirmation, which is usually repeated over and over, an intention is stated only once. And it is this single act of pure intent and absolute conviction that sets it apart from an affirmation and which assures our subconscious mind that we are ready and prepared for the experience. For example: 'I am aware of all that is around me'; 'I open my mind to a higher consciousness' 'I now connect with my subconscious mind'. It is most effective when combined with meditation or imagery and can result in an immediate shift in consciousness. However, this depends totally on the relationship of trust and cooperation with our lover (subconscious), which provides the power and impetus for the shift. These powerful inner experiences are very important to unfold our consciousness. Dreams Other forms of ongoing communication and exchange between ourselves and our subconscious lover could include dream interpretation and lucid dreaming, during which we learn its 'language' of symbols and images. Finally, if we are successful, after a period of courtship, our 'lover' will open the door to their innermost chamber, at which time we enter, embrace and shower them with gratitude and appreciation. Spontaneous imagery As I said before, we know when this close working relationship with our 'lover' has been established when symbolic images spontaneously begin to present themselves to us during visualisation and scenes begin to unfold of their own accord. This marks the transition to what I call the threshold of inner or spiritual sight. This stage is very important, as it provides the inner visual field with which we will see into the odysseymagazine.co.za | 68

higher realms of Spirit. Our relationship with our higher selves If we wish to further unfold our consciousness, we will have to consider the idea that a higher reality exists and that we each have a higher spiritual self, or at least a spiritual side to ourselves. It is simply not possible to work with something we do not believe in. During the course of our lives we are sometimes graced with moments when we experience a quickening of consciousness or a purer awareness of self, usually those times when we are alone on a beach, a mountain or a hiking trail. However, unless we consciously seek them, these moments are easily lost once again in the stress and distractions of our everyday life. These moments indicate a momentary connection to our higher selves. It often helps to see our higher self as a centre of pure consciousness fed by a multitude of impressions, sensations, thoughts and emotions. Once we strip our minds of these outer experiences, only a pure state of consciousness remains in which there is nothing except the simple realisation that we exist. This state of unfolded higher consciousness, without all the trimmings, is also called the 'I' or 'soul'-consciousness. This is not our ego, but a higher level of our being which naturally finds expression when the pathway through our consciousness is clear, uncluttered and transcendent. Once again, this process of clearing requires the assistance of our subconscious mind. Affirmations and intentions, meditations and imagery By using a series of affirmations and intentions, as well as powerful meditations, we can bring about 'moments' or gaps in the fabric of our consciousness which allow us to introduce a single, powerful conscious thought directly into our subconscious mind, then metaphorically 'reach through' and touch our higher self. Once again, these moments will be marked by a sudden spontaneous deep breath which suggests that our lover has opened the channel to our higher self. During these few seconds our aim is to try to remember who and what we really

are, what our true purpose is in this life and how we are still connected to our Divine Source. Conscious and spontaneous imagery can also be used to create scenarios leading to these gaps or lapses in normal consciousness when it is possible to access our higher selves. All these experiences will provide us with cues and insights into the true nature of reality and serve to unfold our consciousness even further. Contemplation – a walking meditation These moments of connection always seem to occur more frequently during those times that we are far removed from the stress of everyday life and in a more natural environment, such as during a walk in our garden, a mountain trail or other place of solitude. And for this reason we can often connect with our higher self during contemplation, or a walking meditation. This walk can be combined with powerful affirmations such as: 'Father, I see with your consciousness' or 'Father, I think with the power of your mind'. Our relationship with Spirit The final relationship to be established is that with the higher realms of Spirit in the form of celestial beings of light who are willing and able to share of their energy, consciousness and wisdom, provided we are aligned with the Divine Will. These associations with advanced spiritual beings are usually necessary to gain access to the highest planes of consciousness. In fact, we are all already constantly under the guidance and instruction of celestial light-beings, but this often goes unnoticed due to the many distractions in our everyday lives. Under normal circumstances we are unaware of these beings and their coexistence with us for the simple reason that they will not reveal themselves until we have cultivated a responsive mind, strong enough to cope with the responsibility of having higher perception. This also explains why people who do not believe are unlikely ever to see them.

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Body, Mind and Spirit

Revealing themselves to someone who is unprepared could do more harm than good, due to the fragility of our human minds and consciousness. This also explains why it is necessary to have first built up a strong relationship of trust with our lover (subconscious mind), so that the doors of consciousness can be opened safely.

giving rise to the idea of wings. With practice we will eventually begin to sense and interpret the characteristics of their energy and be able to differentiate clearly between them, even those of a different order, such as devas, elementals or 'shadowbeings', in that they all have a different energy signature.

Types of spiritual beings In the early stages of unfoldment we will work mostly with saints or spirit guides, personalities who once walked this earth as we do, and some classes of guardian angels. However, later on we will also be able to approach archangels, thrones and powers attached to the different levels of Being and existence. Lastly, we can call upon the spiritual masters within the Christ Consciousness, which is the highest level of consciousness available to us as human beings. Relationships with these spiritual beings will provide us with a continuous source of guidance and energy and help to unfold our consciousness fully.

Rules of engagement There are very definite rules of engagement when interacting with spiritual beings on any level. For example, all spiritual beings, from the lowest elemental to the highest power, should always be treated with respect (never worship). All assistance, guidance or warnings should be immediately acknowledged and met with gratitude and thanks. We need to approach with a positive, confident yet humble state of mind. There is simply no place for ego, arrogance, doubts or fears when connecting to Spirit.

Communication For communication at this level we will need to have mastered spontaneous imagery or inner sight. In other words, we should be able to see, hear or at least feel the presence of spiritual beings during our meditations and be able to interpret their messages. They are best viewed using peripheral vision and will seem to be part of a daydream or else projected images in a mist–filled room. Spiritual beings can assume any form in our minds, their images being assembled using our symbolic processes, paradigm of thinking and past experiences. Aspects of their particular personalities appear to us in a symbolic form, similar to that which we would see during dreams or imagery. Generally, powerful beings such as angels and archangels appear larger and more luminous than spirit guides and have bands of light and energy entering their spinal area,

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Spiritual guidance Once we have established this relationship with Spirit, our intuition will operate at a much higher level and guidance and support will be immediate and direct in the form of messages, promptings and instructions taking place during dreams, visions, meditations and imagery. During these times we may be visited by celestial messengers offering us gifts such as precious stones, necklaces, bowls of fruit, books, robes or sometimes even a sceptre or sword. These will all be symbolic of different spiritual gifts such as abundance, knowledge, strength or protection and should be accepted with humility and gratitude. Petitioning We can also call upon Spirit at any time for help and assistance. This will always come from the level that is best suited to assist us, even if we call upon 'God' in a general sense. In other words, if we ask for protection, this will immediately come from the protective

light-beings such as archangels, angels or spirit guides closest to us. However, should we pray for world peace, this universal petition will pass through to the highest levels of Divinity. Final steps- Initiation To unfold our consciousness fully requires enormous amounts of mental energy and our final steps along this path will therefore involve being willing to undergo whatever training and initiations are required. An initiation can be described as a symbolic process or ritual occurring during a meditation, lucid dream or vision which involves an invitation by spiritual beings to enter or shift into a new level of understanding or consciousness. Initiations involve situations where a choice, choices or a decision has to be consciously made (this distinguishes it from a normal dream or vision), as well as tests which one has to face, such as passing through the 'dark cave' of your past, or even your subconscious mind, without fear. We can also request initiations during our prayers or meditations. With sincere expectation, humility and gratitude, these initiations will take us through to the highest levels of Spirit and help conclude our journey.

Dr Jimmy Henderson is a cognitive scientist with an honours degree in philosophy (metaphysics) and a Ph.D in psychology from the University of South Africa. He has studied mind and spirit for over 35 years as a member of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) and is also a Lifeline counsellor and trainer. As a result of his studies Dr Henderson is able to provide a unique psychological perspective on spirituality in his books and articles. www.discoveringyourself.co.za

STARGAZING With Margarita Celeste

Your Autumn Horoscopes

Aries and Aries Rising 21 March – 20 April You're building on the success of the last year or two now, Aries, especially in the professional arena – it's a great time to brainstorm your long-term future plans and goals in a realistic, grounded way over the next few months. June brings some welcome news around travel or study plans you've had on the burn – enjoy it! Taurus and Taurus Rising 21 April – 21 May Your ruler, Venus – planet of love and beauty, of money and values, goes retrograde in June. For you, this means possible financial setbacks and a re-counting of the resources you have available to you. A question to ask yourself over this time is: “Am I getting what I am worth?” You'll be able to move forward by the end of winter with an answer. Gemini and Gemini Rising 22 May – 21 June The planet of relationships is going retrograde in your own home sign, Gemini – what could this mean for you? Its' a prolonged (mostly positive) period for romance, for one thing, and you'll be able to attract much more of what you truly desire, without much of an effort. Just be careful of being fickle when it comes to matters of the heart. Cancer and Cancer Rising 22 June – 22 July It's the last and final leg of eclipses in your sign, Cancer – after almost three years of crisis and immense change, of reworking what security means to you, you're finally going to be free of drama. This last eclipse in June, plus a Mercury retrograde in your sign, spells a time of review and personal renewal for you. Leo and Leo Rising 23 July – 22 August With serious Saturn in your commitment zone, you're in a space of make or break when it comes to close relationships, Leo. You're reviewing and restructuring – or at least getting started – and there's a lot more pressure to take responsibility when it comes to what you want from love.

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Virgo and Virgo Rising 23 August – 23 September Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde in Cancer this Autumn, which usually spells confusion for you, Virgo. This time, it happens in your money-earned zone, so be prepared for a slowdown – the Venus retrograde in your professional area validates this sticky energy. Be patient and use this period to think about what it is you desire when it comes to your true calling. Libra and Libra Rising 24 September – 23 October Venus as your ruler, is going to cause some havoc for you as she moves retrograde, though fortunately for you she's in compatible Gemini! Love might come from an exotic place or you could find the kind of spiritual connection you've been yearning for. Old flames may turn up unexpectedly. Scorpio and Scorpio Rising 24 October – 22 November Your co-ruler, Pluto, goes retrograde around the end of April, which indicates that certain parts of your life have to be reviewed in order to be transformed and, in order to do that, you have to let go. Are you ready to speak your truth, Scorpio? This is the time to do it – just avoid any power games. Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising 23 November – 21 December Jupiter, your ruler, is not all that comfy in the sign of Capricorn, but what he is doing is letting you take more financial responsibility and, perhaps, through hard work, open the door for new financial opportunity – if you do the work. An eclipse in your sign starts a long, two-year story of immense change for you and your relationships. Capricorn and Capricorn Rising 22 December – 20 January These three months offer you a reprieve from the heavy energy that's been dogging your steps for the last few years, Capricorn. It offers you a glimpse into how much you and your life have grown and changed, so take a moment to congratulate yourself! Jupiter in Capricorn is also offering a helping hand, as long as you stick to the rules. Aquarius and Aquarius Rising 21 January – 19 February Saturn in your sign is starting to bring big lessons in health, responsibilities and hard work, Aquarius. These three months are a strong indicator of the work that will need to take place in the structuring of your life over the next couple of years. Who you are, at the core, will be changed - for the better. Pisces and Pisces Rising 20 February – 20 March The full moon eclipse in Sagittarius starts a two-year story, offering great changes when it comes to your home life and career, Pisces. Nothing will be very clear at first, so simply start by questioning what your current beliefs are and if they fit within the framework of your life.

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Being Love

We have the three major questions of our existence: "Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here?" Words Jade Houghton


e are not our bodies or minds. We have a body with which to experience the mysterious game of life, but in essence we are conscious awareness. Consciousness can also be called God, or whichever name you prefer to use. Consciousness is in everyone, in everything, everywhere. Everything is energy. Everything is connected. Consciousness is information. It is Love. If you have spent even a small amount of time studying nature, the Love will be apparent to you. When you are in a state of true Love, your awareness expands exponentially and you become one with all that is. This is Being Love. This is our purpose. What is Love? Love is our true nature. Everyone wants Love, though not many people know what Love is, or how to be Love. Love is expanded awareness and information and creation and unity. True Love is pure and free. This is where you want to be. Scientifically speaking, when you ‘fall in love’ with someone, it happens in three stages. Not always all of them, though. First, lust: Testosterone or oestrogen are released; second, attraction: Dopamine and oxytocin are released. Finally, the bonding stage, which has the four chemical reactions mentioned, coupled with a lowering of serotonin. What prevents us from becoming and being in a state of pure, true Love? Our fears, our ego any our false belief systems. Let us explore and find ways to overcome these obstacles. What is fear? The nature of fear is not real. It's a shadow. It’s an illusion. It's in the future. It's not happening now except in your imagination. Fear creates negative emotions and responses which constrict your consciousness and awareness, as well as your possibility of choices. Anger, resentment, impatience, irritation, anxiety, depression, guilt and shame, to name a few, are responses to your fearful thoughts. odysseymagazine.co.za | 74

Let's choose a big one to work with: Anger. It’s OK to get angry now and then, but if anger is a response you choose to use often, then it is not good. Other ways to let go of fear, and be Love: Remember, one of our greatest gifts is that we have free will. We have the power to choose. All of our choices lead us to where we are and who we are and what we have today. So if you don't like something, you have the power to change it by making different choices (Note: I'm not talking about changing other people, though. That is not a Love-based choice. True Love is unconditional). Learn to make good choices that are rooted and strong in Love, that way you will be deeply fulfilled and at peace. Observe yourself. When and how do you react or think in any of the negative states of fear? Make mental notes, or keep a journal. How do these thoughts and reactions make you feel? Do they make you feel happy and aware? No, they constrict you and make you fearful. Which, I assume, is not how you want to be. Love is your goal. Take your notes and replace the fearful thoughts or actions with loving, kind, compassionate ones. Keep working on it until you are free. For an example, if someone talks angrily to you, instead of responding with anger and fear, rather choose the compassionate response. Listen and offer a kind word, or a hug, or a helping hand. Their anger is their fear acting out. Think about why they could be acting that way. Sometimes, though, a better choice would be just to walk away. You will know the right choice to make. What is Ego? When you talk of "I, me, or mine" in a selfish way, that is the Ego talking. The Ego is only concerned with you and your needs. Naturally, there will be times when you should put yourself first, but if you do it in a selfish and consistent manner, that's the Ego. The Ego is not loving awareness. Again, observe yourself, make notes and

change your selfish, arrogant, manipulative, controlling thoughts and actions with loving thoughts and actions. Be humble. Be kind. Be caring. Be generous. Be grateful. Those are a few qualities of Love you can choose to expand yourself with. False Belief Systems. As you well know, your belief systems are developed over time based on your perceptions of what your senses have presented to you. Then there comes a time when you question your belief systems and seek the truth. You find so much information around it’s sometimes hard to discern what the truth is. Also, truth changes. What you believe to be true one day, may not be true to you tomorrow. Just keep an open mind, be sceptical and don't get stuck on a belief, because then you will limit yourself from evolving. Don't accept everything. Question everything and don't stop learning. There is no plateau of ‘enlightenment’, when you finally know all and have done all. No. Forget about enlightenment and be Love. That's being a part of the neverending mystery of creation and existence. Expand yourself into a state of true, loving, conscious awareness. That's where you want to be. You have nothing of value to lose and the universe to gain if you practise becoming and being Love. You will feel and see everything as being you and you will naturally think and act towards yourself and others lovingly. But, my friends, don't just believe me. Try it out for yourself! Jade Houghton is an avid reader, studying nature, science, spirituality, philosophy and mythology. She is now shares her findings with you based on personal experience and years of research. ‘ ‘Being Love’ is her first published article. jadehoughton369@gmail.com


Tantra… Words Debra Robins

living with f reedom… rejoice in everything, reject nothing It is time we saw sex as being the truly sacred act that it is: A deep meditation… a dance of the forces of creation. Sex is a vital force, to be understood and embraced; yet in so many of our cultures we don't deal with it, we run from it, feel trapped in it, frustrated by it or lack of it. Personal freedom is truly plunging into every feeling and desire of every moment – rejecting nothing as long as we do no harm, this is Tantra. Sexual Energy There is a beautiful source of energy waiting to be trapped between two people; it is the energy of creation. Tantra embraces everything, rejecting nothing and sexual orientation is no exception. Yes, it embraces gay and celibate lifestyles too. There is much teaching around the transmutation of energy. Sexual energy transmutes on its own, it is intelligent and knows where to go – sexual energy will move through the body - if not blocked by guilt or limiting beliefs – and that is when we experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transmutation – sometimes in the form of a full body orgasm. It can happen while we make love, masturbate or meditate. Our sexual organs contain a very powerful source of energy; by concentrating on this energy we find it

is a dynamic force… it moves. This energy can rejuvenate, purify, heal and strengthen. Making love opens our hearts and our minds. At the base of the spine and in the area of the sacral or sexual chakra we have Kundalini Shakti - with the awakening of the Kundalini, we establish the connection to the Soul of Soul: The agent of selftransformation on the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual levels. Kundalini is a Sanskrit term relating to the energy flow that stems from the base of the spine, interacting with each chakra in turn and then coming to full force at the crown. There is a yin/yang aspect to the flow, so the Kundalini is often represented as two intertwined snakes wound round a staff, ancient in origin and, interestingly, the symbol widely used in allopathic medicine. When the twin flow is equal it emerges balanced and

complete, enlightenment and the realisation of the highest potential results. When the Kundalini is awakened, it will begin a great change in your life, enabling you to live to your highest potential, awakening insight, creativity and energy. This encompasses a strong sensual sense of the self, with balanced esteem and self-worth; a release of ego and unconditional love of self and others coupled with deep spiritual understanding. Kundalini is explained by some as 'the fire of the Holy Spirit dormant in the human body'. It awakens in purity and climbs up to the Tif'eret (heart), where it becomes light, moving up to the Keter (crown), at which point it is transformed into a full awareness of the divine, or, as some sources put it, the awareness of the sacred presence of God connecting 'All That Is'. odysseymagazine.co.za | 75


So many people in a quest to be either 'moral' or 'spiritual' cut themselves off from their own source of power: The sexual energy of their lower chakras and their sexual organs. Denial of feelings, desires and impulses leads to a rejection of ourselves and our cultures, resulting in more problems than it solves. This is not an effective way of living with freedom.

Sex is more than a natural impulse, it is a scared act, whether in the deeper relationships or a casual joining with persons we hardly know. Joining of bodies creates a special temple through which two energy fields and two auric fields induce a magnetic energy that is shared. It is deeply healing, refreshing and profound. Tantric Sex Ancient tantric sexual practices are often described literally or symbolically, there are two exquisite temples in India which are adorned with thousands of statues in different sexual practices and positions. Many ancient practices involve elaborate preparations which celebrate all of the senses: Foods to taste, flowers to see, incense for smell, bells and instruments for sound and bodies to touch. The most important aspect of Tantric sex and Tantric living is acceptance and enjoyment of all things which give us pleasure and appreciation of beauty. There is nothing to reject in our sexual relationships, there is beauty and wonder in every moment of our lives. Sustaining Sexual Energy Stimulation is so intense for some, particularly men, that they find it difficult to control. Here are a few simple techniques: • In your mind's eye see the

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energy circulating throughout the entire body, move the energy up your spine and circulate it around your partner's body and your own body. When in deep penetration with your partner the 'man' should move in a circular pattern as opposed to a straight in or out pattern to sustain the energy longer, this is more exciting for the other partner and gives them time to catch up with their partner's level of excitement.

To Come or Not To Come Some teachers' of Tantra define tantric sex as sex in which you don't reach an orgasm but meditate deeply together for a long period. This is a beautiful way to make love but not the only way to make love. Tantric sex includes all kinds of sex, come if you wish, or don't whatever your heart desires – in the true meaning of Tantra. Live with the freedom of 'living' each moment as your heart desires. The Power of Affirmation on the Path to Sexual Freedom Ideal Lover Meditation and Affirmation Sit or lie down so that you are very comfortable. Take four long deep breaths, as you exhale on each breathe letting everything go. Do this until you feel comfortably relaxed. Picture yourself meeting your perfect partner. Visualise yourself touching this person, feel them. See yourself with all of the qualities you desire … Picture yourself making love easily effortlessly and exquisitely. Affirm something like this… whatever works for you: “My ideal love has come to me easily and effortlessly.” “I am open and spontaneously – a perfectly satisfying lover.” “I am the perfect lover with my

perfect lover.” Take some time to enjoy your fantasy, it will manifest for you and will be for the greater good of all concerned. Being Alone Meditation and Affirmation To be alone is to tune into the sacred being of yourself, opening to your inner wisdom, your intuitive mind – your higher self. Sit comfortably, relax your mind, your body and your entire being. Choose affirmations that feel good and repeat them with heartfelt emotion. “I enjoy being alone.” “Within my solitude, I discover deep understanding.” “My intuition and inner wisdom are complete, clear and always present.” “I am open to receiving everything I need to know.” “I am open to receiving anything I need to have… right here, right now.” Enjoy your time alone, there are deep teachings in these special moments. Take time to hear your own inner teacher your own intuitive voice. Trust yourself, respect your own impulses and trust this will lead you to discovering a lifestyle which is suitable for you. So many people are afraid to act on their feelings and feel trapped when they don't. Don't be afraid of your feelings even if they seem extreme; within your feelings are your keys to personal freedom. Do what you have the energy and desire to do; if you follow your feelings you can't go wrong, even when something may seem extreme at the time. It's OK to do something extreme, in excess, once in a while – “everything in moderation” and that includes some excess (in moderation…) excessive moderation is not freedom.

Spotlight on - Woman Divine

Goddess's Guide to Great Sex and Sexual Fulfilment

Words Willow Jayne IN A WORLD, that places so much on the external world as our source of fulfilment, there's no greater act of courage than to begin to make that journey from the outer world as our source of great sex and sexual fulfilment - we become our own sacred lover! THE WISDOM OF YOUR WOMB AND HARA First we have to become aware of what our womb is storing. The womb and hara are a physical and energetic space for women and energetic space for men. Our womb/hara not only hold personal imprinting of people we have allowed to enter that space, but also ancestral and collective trauma. The reason for this is that we receive the imprinting of the energy of our mother's womb in the nine months inside her physical womb and, in turn, that of her mother and grandmother. All the eggs that a woman will ever carry form in her ovaries whilst she is a four-month-old foetus in the womb of her mother. This means our cellular life as an egg begins in the womb of our grandmother. Each of us spent five months in our grandmother's womb and she is, in turn, formed within the womb of her grandmother. We vibrate to the rhythms of our mother's blood,

before she herself is born. When our soul comes into the body, we bring with us all of our karmas since we first came into existence, that is then stored in the womb/hara chakra, including all the sexual unions we've had. Then, also within this life, the womb/hara becomes the storehouse and potential transmuter all of our undigested emotions and events. This is why we can feel 'less ourselves' over time, as we are carrying this energetic residue, preventing us from feeling the sense of fulfilment and connection to ourselves we know is possible. LOST PATHWAYS OF SACRED UNION IN BRAIN Why did we lose our connection to our womb/hara? The lost pathways of sacred union began to be developed within the brain throughout our time within out mother's womb. We no longer felt safe to digest the 'feelings' and senses of the overwhelming times

we spent in our mother's womb, especially if she was feeling financially stressed, anxious, emotionally unsupported, or we were an unexpected child. This manifests in today's day-to-day reality as us becoming lost in our cerebral cortex, masculine thinking mind, rarely allowing ourselves to access the wisdom of our feminine, primal feeling, limbic brain. Yet, the feminine, feeling brain is a portal and return to the primordial ancient mother; it is a key to access the cerebellum consciousness of this feminine dreamtime space which is outside of the conscious logical awareness, that we can journey into through shamanic journeying, body prayers and sexual awakening experiences and, at the time of menstruation, the veil between these parts of the brain is especially thin, so we have even greater surrender to access this dreamtime space that holds 99.9 per cent of information. odysseymagazine.co.za | 77

Spotlight on - Woman Divine

These lost pathways manifest today in many ways, such as when we value thinking over feeling, not being aware of our body's limits, or being in sync with our menstrual cycle. This shows up in a range of ways from painful or no cycles, feeling disconnected from your body, body shame, anxiety and burn-out, depression, low libido, co-dependent relationships and women's health conditions. These are all signs of the womb/hara calling you back to her. This is the next step for humanity, to re-discover these lost sacred pathways within the body, brain and, energetically, to come back into harmony with the way we relate to ourselves and others and how we live our lives in harmony with Mother Earth. WOMB/HARA MAPPING AND DEARMOURING Reclaiming the lost pathways of sacred union begins with a process of shamanic journeying throughout the key developmental times within your mother's womb, to gain an awareness of what traumas happened at these stages, especially around the time that the thalamus within the brain is developing and we are learning which of our sensory perceptive states we are allowing into our conscious awareness. Through doing 'womb/hara mapping' processes you use either dance, or womb mudras to gain an awareness from your energetic and physical womb/hara space to gain what's stored here. Once that awareness has been made, the physical de-armouring and clearing process can begin to happen as you learn where these energetic grail gates within the womb and yoni are stored and to de-armour them with your fingers and the use of crystal wands. Then the energetic clearing practice can also happen through the shamanic re-birthing and also through deep shamanic extraction clearing and shamanic soul retrieval work.

odysseymagazine.co.za | 78

The physical de-armouring is important because of how sensitive our womb and yoni are! Any type of stressful or negative situation we experience can become held here, such as if we have experienced pain during stress and keeping going, had sex before we were ready and feeling relaxed or surrendered, have experienced sexual abuse, or any of the negative cultural messaging we may have taken on as sexual shame around the expression of our sexuality. The sexual tissue then within the womb and yoni can become numb or sore. You may not even be aware of this, until you begin to map and de-armour your womb and yoni! If you do feel little to no sensation in your yoni area, are not experiencing cervical orgasms, are thinking “sex must get better than this” or feel as if you're carrying a lot of baggage down there, but not sure what it is, then de-armouring is key to supporting this area in releasing, softening and opening back up in total surrender and devotion. AWAKEN THE GRAIL GATES The process of coming back to the womb and yoni is a gentle, step by step process to begin to unravel the threads from the very first time we felt our sexual energy blossom in this life. Was it shameful, or was the pleasure we felt in this area encouraged and celebrated. At the time of 13 years old, we each experience our sexual awakening and coming of age. When this energy was blossoming, if it was not celebrated, it could be here that we began to feel shame towards our yoni lips and the pleasure felt within the clitoris. This is why it is best to start at the first grail gate and then, gate by gate, begin to map, then de-armour, through the use of a crystal wand or with your fingers, as a means of creating a new relationship with each of these sacred sites and keys to your full embodied essence.

In woman, these eight grail gates form a channel from the yoni, to the g-spot, to the clitoris, moving through the cervix into the womb, into the floor of the womb, then the right ovary, then the ceiling of the womb and left ovary, then into the centre of the womb. As you begin to connect with each of these sacred sites, different emotions, people, visions, messages and insights begin to arise. The process of connecting back to yourself as your own source of great sex and sexual fulfilment is a gentle and tender journey - it first begins with developing a new relationship with the internal and energetic anatomy of your womb/hara and, when this happens, it's like opening up Pandora's Box, we don't always know what we will find. However, once you unlock this key and connect to your true self, pleasure, purpose and power, it will eventually turn into this sexual supernova type of existence and you will question how you didn't accept that journey any sooner, for it's the key to complete aliveness being embodied as woman. If you would like to receive a free yoni mapping webinar recording with information on the grail gates please email Willow Jayne: info@sacredfemininealchemy.co


Sex and the Enneagram

Using the Nine Personality Types to become more sexually present Sex – it can carry us on wings of pure sensual pleasure, or crush and humiliate us. It can take us from the sacred sublime to the darkest, most depraved aspects of humanity. Sex presents paradox: Pleasure/pain, love/hate, gentleness/brutality, spiritual transcendence/primal urge, unconditional giving/self-gratification, playful fun/serious offence . . . Only the essential survival needs of shelter, food, and water create as much desire in the human experience. Yet from the moment prehistoric woman first turned to face her male lover, sex changed from being a random, brief and instinctual encounter to something more intense and pleasurable. From Sex and the Enneagram by Ann Gadd “Your Task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi


istorically, in the Western world, while heterosexual male desire was accepted even revered in some cases, this was not the case for women and those who see themselves as belonging to LGBQTIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer/Questioning, Transgender, Intersex, Asexual). As a result, much of our sexuality has, been suppressed, dismissed, misunderstood or even condemned. The imbalance created as a result, has frequently led to a repression or distortion of our natural sexual expression. From the 13th century onwards (in the western world) female orgasm was believed to be necessary for conception. Apart from this belief, with the strong influence of the clergy, it was largely ignored, until scientist Dr Alfred Kinsey produced his famous sex report in the 1940s, in which the female orgasm was again 'discovered'. With feminine sexuality being repressed, much of male sexuality became expressed in less conscious ways, as is the nature of polarities. Confusion, judgement, shame and fear were the result. So how do we move

beyond these limitations of our past traumas and beliefs to enjoy greater sexual presence — to be expressions of our true divine sexual selves? The enneagram (ennea / 'nine' and gram / 'diagram') provides a useful tool and a path to follow for understanding what may be holding us back from full sexual (and life) expression. Sex mirrors our lives. If we show up as warm, engaged, open to experience and present with what is, chances are good that we'll do the same sexually. But many of us have had less than ideal sexual experiences, affecting the way we behave in and out of the bedroom. If we can understand what holds us back from true sexual presence, we've got keys to consciously heal ourselves. It is typical with enneagram work to examine both the healthy and less healthy aspects of each type. Facing our truths is the work of the committed life student — in order to transcend our polarities, we need to hold both our lightness and the darker aspects of ourselves, which is not always easy. (Or is it just me?) To quote

Russ Hudson (president of the Enneagram Institute and co-author of The Wisdom of the Enneagram), when we do this enneagram work it can feel like “tough medicine.” When writing Sex and the Enneagram - A Guide to Passionate Relationships for the 9 Personality Types, I focused on the work of psychiatrist Dr Karen Horney and her Hornevian Triads. For the purposes of the book, I named these three groupings of three (3 x 3 = 9 Enneagram Types) - the Advancing Group, the Conditional Group, and the Retreating Group. (The reason for not using Dr Horney's names was that, in a sexual context, titles such as “Compliant” or Withdrawn” could be misleading. The groupings indicate ways in which we relate to the world. Taking Dr Horney's work a step further, we can apply these triads to examine how each type approaches getting their sexual needs met. Although each of the three types in each triad share a behaviour, they do so for different reasons.

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there can be the belief that being mysterious and exotic will entice a prospective partner. Fives, retreat because they fear a partner could become demanding and too reliant on them. Nines can withdraw by being dis-engaged, hoping that their lack of taking a stand will create greater harmony and consequently a pleasing relationship. If Fours appreciated what was good in their relationship, rather than feeling something was always missing, they would be healing. If Fives could move from their heads to their hearts rather than over-thinking sex, they would find deeper sexual expression, while if Nines experienced their sexual needs as being equal (rather than less) important and merged with themselves rather than a partner, they would enjoy greater sexual presence. Understanding our enneagram types gives us the opportunity to experience greater sexual presence. Here, both alone and with a partner, sex is experienced as pleasurable, fulfilling, sacred, and sublime. The Advancing Group (Types Three, Seven and Eight) The Advancing Group actively go after what they want, demanding to have their needs met by seeing themselves as being the centre of attention and using this position to attract a partner. While Threes dangle their tantalising success and achievements for all to admire, Sevens woo with their upbeat wit, sense of adventure and charm. Eights demand to get their lusty needs met through the sheer strength of their presence. In brief, as examples to heal, Threes could learn to value their own inner worth, rather than their outward success, Sevens would need to focus on the sex happening now, rather than imagine a more exciting future sexual encounter. One thing Type Eights could understand is that the sheer force of their presence can have others feeling dominated and thus frustratingly desiring to move away. The Conditional Group (Types One, Two and Six) This group moves towards others believing sex must be earned-that sex odysseymagazine.co.za | 80

is conditional to certain behavior. For a Type One, the condition could take the form of needing to be a “good” boy or girl. For a Type Two, making sure that a partner’s actual and perceived sexual needs are met, or for a Six, simply being loyal and responsible in the relationship. Healing then would involve acceptance and realising that perfection is (rather than something that needs to be attained) for a Type One. So, a perceived judgement that something wasn’t ‘right’, such as your clothes left lying on the floor, would not inhibit sex. Learning to acknowledge they have their own sexual needs and to receive love is helpful for Twos, while Sixes benefit from learning to trust themselves and others and so not fear what could go wrong sexually. The Retreating Group (Types Four, Five and Nine) These three Types move away from others and disengage (retreat) in an attempt to fulfil their sexual needs. In doing so, they hope that a lover will move towards them. For a Type Four,

For more about the enneagram or your type: www.enneagrams9paths.com. Sex and the Enneagram – A Guide to Passionate Relationships for the 9 Personality Types by Ann Gadd published by Findhorn and available from Loot, Amazon etc. e-book, audiobook and paperback.

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Access the Wonders Held by the Yoni Egg


he yoni egg practice offers many advantages. Its purpose is to allow you to know your body better and what you find pleasurable, as well as how to take care of yourself, gain confidence, release tension, build a joyful state of personal health and restore vitality and tone to your perineum. Let's start by looking at what the egg provides on a daily basis to the majority of us. Gentleness and Kindness Taking care of ourselves, especially when nothing is going right around us and in our lives, appears to be selfevident. However, this is not always our first reflex. The self-care of yoni egg practice will require initial efforts, but regular practice and your desire to do right by yourself will triumph. New healthy and harmonious habits will become established in your daily life as a woman. Throughout this practice you will give yourself much of the gentleness and love that you most often expect to come from outside. We are not talking about a quest for absolute happiness here, but a profound desire to treat ourselves well, to grant ourselves attention and time. Taking some time for yourself in your active life as a woman will provide many positive results. Reveals the Inner Beauty of Femininity To have an egg inside you allows, first and foremost, to establish contact with your yoni, to familiarise yourself with your most intimate domain and from this feel 'more feminine', to cause your inner beauty to radiate.

“What is there to say at the end of one month? I have the impression that my egg allows me day by day to accept myself for who I am (it is high time!). I have a new sensation of gentleness when having sex.” - Astride

Being beautiful goes beyond our appearance. True beauties are confirmed on the inside and radiate on the outside. This is true charisma, the inner power of the woman over herself that magnetises and seduces so mysteriously. The yoni egg placed inside of you, inside your daily life (during a rendezvous, a meeting, at work, or at lunch) will be carried like a secret, intimate and invisible object whose presence you have forgotten. Confidence will make women more feminine, open and seductive. We are offering ourselves the love and attention we expect from the outside. This reveals our reconnection with our inner beauty and femininity all the better. Free Creative Energies Vital energy, Chi, is the universal life force. This Chi can be blocked and stagnant at the level of the yoni. Wearing your egg will allow you to awaken this energy gently, put it into motion and make it circulate throughout your entire body. The search for creative energy must be made in a state of completely letting go. It is important to begin by breathing deeply in order to oxygenate your entire body. When waves of sexual energy begin rising up in the body, the muscles contract gently and spontaneously. The body will express itself more freely, more harmoniously and more tenderly… The very good news is that the egg will be there to accompany you and thereby gradually release joy and vitality. It is for these reasons that the yoni egg is also called the 'energy egg'. Because of the vitality it gives women access to, the yoni egg provides a lot of energy. The primary practice is to develop your muscles with the egg, but, as Jutta Kellenberger says: “When you perform the exercises, you will feel totally energised and galvanised, because it gives you so much life and because there are so many energies stuck inside your yoni.”

Respecting your body, honouring the goddess inside and her yoni like a sacred temple, listening to her messages, rediscovering the symbolism through rituals and a more

accurate and personal attentiveness, will, with time and regular practice, help activate and transform your sexual and spiritual energy.

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Choosing the Stone of Your Egg Gemstones and crystals played an important role in ancient civilisations. Today, they are regaining a place in our everyday lives and helping us gradually recover physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual balance. The subtle influence of minerals is used in the context of a holistic healing approach, as it touches on all levels of the individual. Stones exercise an influence on our bodies by the vibrations they emit. These stones interact with the electromagnetic field of our body. How to Choose Your Stone When you start on your adventure in the world of stones, it is not always simple to get your bearings there. The best advice I can give you about your choice of stone is to keep listening to your body, your sensibility and your intuition. Thanks to the information that follows, you will have an overview of the stones used to manufacture yoni eggs and thereby be able to make a first selection of the ones that 'speak' to you most strongly. Rose Quartz, Stone of Tenderness and

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Serenity Colour: Pale pink to bright pink, sometimes with white veins; Family/group: Quartz crystal; Crystal system: Trigonal; Transparency: Translucent to opaque; Lustre: Vitreous; Hardness: 7; Density: Around 2.65; Benefits: It helps establish inner calm, relieve doubts and steer the individual towards serenity and self-esteem. This stone reinforces self-confidence and kindness; it heals the wounds that have collected in the heart. The rose quartz egg is wonderful in encouraging the heart to open, as well as kindness, rest, and tenderness as the rose quartz is the stone of love. It helps establish inner calm and serenity, it strengthens love of self and self-esteem and it helps a woman feel more feminine. It gives hope and relief. Author Bio: Lilou Macé is a FrenchAmerican author, speaker and webTV interviewer. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey, she has interviewed thousands of experts

and scientists since 2006 from all over the world about the art of creating a conscious, healthy and fulfilling life, posting her interviews on her website LilouMace.com and YouTube channel, where she now has over 70-million video views. She lives in Bordeaux, France. The Yoni Egg: Reveal and Release the Sacred Feminine Within by Lilou Macé © 2019 Destiny Books. Printed with permission from the publisher, Inner Traditions International. www.InnerTraditions.com


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The New Religions

'Culture' is the collective word for the social behaviour and norms found in human societies. It is the customary beliefs, social forms and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group. Today's society is going through such intense changes in philosophies and ideologies, we asked culture guru and curator of HaveYouHeard, in a recently launched channel of content (Instagram handle: @thisisin), Brett Rogers, to explore the notion of religion in the 21st century


he 21st century has seen the gap between believers and non-believers grow at a pace not seen before. And, while we, as people, change our belief systems relatively often, our needs do not change at quite the same pace. This leaves us with a gap in our life that we had not perhaps anticipated. You may remember Jeff Goldblum's famous line from Jurassic Park: 'Life will find a way' and so human nature has found a way to replace that which it lost when we stopped believing. What we call The New Religions are activities, belief systems or ideologies that we, as people, have taken on as substitutes for religious structures, either unconsciously or consciously. Markers that identify religious belief are many and include sacred spaces and texts, community, sacrifice, transcendence, rituals, symbols, conversion and more. So consider AfrikaBurn devotee Werner Strauss, at one time known as Werner the Burner. His lack of belief in structured religion does not preclude him from the spiritual aspect of his life and much about AfrikaBurn has facilitated a positive connection with his spirituality. For instance, the sacred space of Temple Xam, the community of AfrikaBurn and the guidance he gains from them both spiritually as well as practically have certainly offered to him some of the structures of religion. Prof Gillian McCann has severe concerns about how we are replacing religion with non-religious activities. Her primary concern is food fads and how the people who adopt them apply moral values to food choices. Many religions have their own food rules, so for us to continue a moral antagonism towards those 'non-believers' who refuse to join your diet-based belief system is not unusual. Ironically, the 'us vs them' self-righteousness that many people cite as a reason for abandoning religion is exactly the attitude they adopt when they discover their 'new religion'. Sport and fitness are other aspects to a person that encourage devotion and, with a modern focus on one's personal attractiveness, it's no surprise that something like sport could appeal to those seeking out ritual, community, sacrifice and a singleminded meditative focus similar to prayer. When one considers the extreme danger that big wave surfers like Frank Solomons put themselves in, they have to be at peace with the fact that that which brings them joy is the very thing which can end their very lives, it's easy to see the similarities with religion. Solomons doesn't view his pursuit as particularly spiritual, but the activity hits the religious markers of sacrifice, transcendence and dedication. In the case of crossfitters, like Lushwill Roussouw, there are the sacred texts of Greg Glassman, his 100 words as well as the 'missionary' work of converting people to join crossfit. Religion is a deeply divisive topic and the positives that people take from religion might very well be what helps us navigate the future of humankind. HaveYouHeard is a communication agency specialising in uncovering unique insights that facilitate the creation of innovative ideas. These ideas and the communication of them, bring the brands it partners with to the centre of culture, thereby exerting considerable influence on the audience and its behaviour.

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Books - Good Reads

Good Reads




CALLED “THE LANGUAGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT”, Sanskrit is truly unique among all languages of the world. In a profound way, the system of Sanskrit presents a touchstone of timeless wisdom that each of us can access to transform our lives and build confidence. In Conscious Confidence, Sanskrit scholar Sarah Mane offers a practical confidence-boosting program, derived from the depth of Sanskrit concepts, to help you establish a safe and secure reference point from which to see the world and make clear decisions on how to act, what to say and how to feel. Drawing upon the deeper meanings behind the Sanskrit words for confidence, Mane outlines principles for harnessing the four-fold energy of Conscious Confidence: Focussing, Uniting, Simplifying, Energizing. She explores the Sanskrit roots of English words related to confidence and success, unlocking rich three-dimensional understandings of each word as well as guidance on how to obtain confidence and find your path in life. Traditional and modern stories from East and West offer insights, and practical exercises guide you to rediscover your own core strength and certainty.

This perennial meditation diary offers down-to-earth inspirational messages of spiritual guidance for every day of the year. For over 35 years, people have used these practical teachings that offer advice on achieving stillness, faith, and fulfillment. Specific suggestions for your daily spiritual growth and development enhance the impact of the supportive words. Eileen’s brief messages, from what she called “the still, small voice within,” offer inspirational, uplifting, and powerful words of love and support. The encouraging and practical messages speak to those embarking upon the journey to find their divine inner self and spiritual truth. Anyone who meditates--whether inexperienced or seasoned--will find the wisdom shared both insightful and heartening. A new foreword by Jonathan Caddy, Eileen’s son who lives in the Findhorn Community, adds a fresh perspective to the profound influence this guidance can have.

Life Design for Women engages you in a simple, reflective visioning process to help you redesign your life to be more satisfying, meaningful, and aligned with your goals. Step by step, you will examine your life as it is, the influences of your past, and the future you envision for yourself. You will survey the domains of your life - from how you create “home” to your relationships with loved ones, food, your body, the Earth, and even Death. Applying the regenerative principles of sustainability to life design, author Ariane Burgess provides reflective exercises and practical tools to help you examine each of these domains, engage with natural systems, honor the feminine life force, and design your future. She shows how deep work in these areas gives you the resources needed to cut ties with the past and redirect your energy and passion toward your authentic purpose. You will learn to consciously weed out the thoughts and activities that get in the way of your resonant heart, take full responsibility for being the creator of your experiences, and make decisions that nurture your authentic self, rather than living your life through the dreams and fears of others.

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New Releases

AWAKENING THE ANCIENT POWER OF SNAKE Dawn Baumann Brunke Examining Snake’s role in awakening human consciousness, Brunke considers the alchemical role of the serpent as well as Snake’s connections to ancient healing, modern medicine, and even the DNA molecule. She shares psycho-activating stories to help trigger transformation and provide graceful movement through the chaos of change. And she offers practical techniques to journey with Snake through inner worlds, to shed confining aspects of self, and to integrate experiences more holistically. Brunke shows how we need to reembrace the ancient power of Snake to better support our return to a more balanced consciousness--one that reunites nature with spirit, sacred masculine with sacred feminine--as we strive for global change and personal awakening.

WHEN GOD HAD A WIFE Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince reveal, the spiritual legacy of the Jewish goddesses and the Sacred Feminine lives on. Drawing on historical research, they examine how goddess worship thrived in early Judaism and included a pantheon of goddesses. They share new evidence for an earlier form of Hebrew worship that prayed to both male and female gods, including a 20th-century archaeological discovery of a Hebrew temple dedicated to both Yahweh and the goddess Anat. Uncovering the Sacred Feminine in early Christianity, the authors show how, in the first century AD, both Jesus and his great rival, Simon Magus, were attempting to restore the goddessworshipping religion of the Israelites. The authors reveal how both men accorded great honor to the women they adored and who traveled with them as priestesses, Jesus’s Mary Magdalene and Simon’s Helen. But, as had happened centuries before, the Church rewrote history to erase the feminine side of the faith, deliberately ignoring Jesus’s real message and again condemning women to marginalization and worse.

THE RETURN OF COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE Dery Dyer For our ancestors, collective intelligence was a normal part of life. We see it today as the mysterious force that enables flocks of birds, swarms of bees, and schools of fish to function together in perfect synchrony, communicating and cooperating at some undetectable level. At its most subtle, it’s an instantaneous knowing, shared by members of a group, of the wisest course of action that will benefit all. As Dery Dyer reveals, collective intelligence still resides within each of us, and it is the key to restoring balance and harmony to our world. She shows how it occurs spontaneously when individuals who share a need and a purpose instinctively “self-organize” into a group and function with no leader or central authority. Dyer explains, due to an unquestioning dependence on technology, modern humanity has forgotten how to connect with collective intelligence and fallen into collective stupidity, otherwise known as mob mind or groupthink, which is now endangering the interconnected web of life on Earth.

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Travel - Istanbul Turkey

“You've just got to visit Istanbul! The land of plenty. The land of culture. The foodie's paradise. You've just got to!” © Words Dr Beba Papakyriakou


n late May 2019, I spent just six days in Istanbul, the land of the generous, the land of the hospitable, the land of the darlings. And I loved it so much, I wrote a book about it.* A special component of this visit – 50 years after my first – was an adult awareness that I was walking on the same soil that was under the feet of my grandparents and parents before me (Greeks born in Turkey and living there for a time, before going to Greece and eventually coming to South Africa). It afforded me simultaneous experiences – the privilege of metaphorically being with my family of origin, whose spirit I could feel all around me, and the exquisite pleasure of savouring the present. It was a sublime mental and emotional odysseymagazine.co.za | 86

space to be in as a Greek living in Africa, where what is Greek and what is Turkish is often indistinguishable. Istanbul these days is a modern, vibrant, youthful, cosmopolitan, secular city throbbing with life-giving energy. It is safe, it is welcoming, it is filled with character. It is Turkey's powerhouse, its largest city and its most populated, with innumerable treasures – not least the warm, elegant, thoughtful Istanbulites. 'My (six-day) Istanbul Lifetime' resulted in 1400 photos, following a desire not to confine myself only to well-known sights and experiences, even though I certainly experienced some of them. For example, I spent time in the must-see majestic, imposing, mesmerising Hagia Sophia (church turned mosque turned museum). The

impact on one's senses is palpable, dramatic. Every inch of this extraordinary monument dating to the sixth century encapsulates the long, complicated history of Turkey. My senses were enchanted further by the fabulous Blue Mosque dating to the 17th century with its 21 000+ handmade Iznik tiles on the interior, its alluring calligraphy, its many columns that sparkle and its tantalising decorated cupolas. And I loved the night-time cruise on the Bosphorus with high energy traditional dancers, a Whirling Dervish, a tireless belly dancer, food, music, good company and the unimaginably glorious sight of the landmarks, along the shore, lit up in gold, white, red and pink everywhere I looked.

Travel - Istanbul Turkey

I delved deeper into the soul of the city by walking in the footsteps of those who came and went on the Orient Express almost 150 years ago and by touring Balat and Fener and learning about the Orthodox Jewish and Greek populations and about the Armenians in Samatya. The history of this city is long, ubiquitous and fascinating. The world's populations calling Istanbul home have left discernible footprints. The city's transformations over the aeons are complicated and as enthralling as the land-city-seascapes. There is almost nothing superficial about this city. Everything is much more than meets the eye. If you allow it, Istanbul will draw you into its core and caress your very being. And as a foodie's paradise, its every morsel will excite your taste

buds. With (nine) booked guided tours, in addition to wandering around on my own, I was occupied and could not devour as much as I wanted of the cuisine that's in my blood and I love it. Still, on the two foodie tours (one on each side of Istanbul - the European side and the Asian side) and the rest of the time, I sampled the epicurean banquet including unbelievably tasty fresh fruit; spectacular dried fruit and nuts; fabulous stuffed mussels; warm, soft chestnuts; delicious meze and the iconic balik ekmek (fish wrap mentioned on one of Rick Stein's shows). And I couldn't get enough of dondurma, the elastic, mastic piece of ice cream heaven that invariably comes with a playful sideshow. You've just got to have some! I also spied the baked sheep's heads complete with

teeth that I remember eating in my childhood in South Africa. It's comforting when some things remain the same throughout the decades. I got around on numerous modes of transportation that afforded me spectacular perspectives and included the adorable historical funicular (Tünel) that became my best friend, taking me from Karaköy at the base of a seriously steep incline to my temporary home base in Galata (in the new town, European side). I was breathless and mesmerised on the Big Bus with a view of the stunning cerulean Bosphorus Strait, the beautiful shoreline and gorgeous homes and villas on either side of the Bosphorus Bridge going from west to east and back in a matter of minutes.

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Travel - Istanbul Turkey

Imagine that: One city, two continents! My short ride on a (genuine) fishing boat with a (genuine) fisherman on the Golden Horn was charming and gave me a memorable experience of the water up close, a view of Galata Tower, various mosques and neighbourhoods filled with character and life. The commuter ferries with a man selling simit (ring-shaped bread) and Turkish tea provided a lovely ride and a fabulous glimpse of the vibrant red ECG sign on a renowned cardiac hospital when approaching Üsküdar on the Asian side. The user-friendly Istanbulkart that can be used for most modes of transportation was cheap and indispensable. And the treks on the steep roads on foot, in the City of Seven Hills, showed me parts of the city's soul I might otherwise have missed, e.g. the well-looked after stray dogs and cats. I bought beautifully crafted products in quiet environments and in vibrant markets and bazaars and engaged with attentive, respectful, generous vendors. I luxuriated over tea and cake in the Kubbeli Lounge at the historical Pera Palace, whose history is intertwined with the history of the country, and on my balcony with the crisp, soothing sea air, the call to prayer and the unparalleled, expansive, breath-taking views of the rooftops of Galata, the magnificent historical peninsula, and the astonishing kinetic energy on the gorgeous bodies of water. I expanded my knowledge

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through tours, with and without university-educated licensed guides, and I learnt about adorable beliefs and sayings. And as a bonus, I gained personal insight into the lives of Istanbulites through the new friends I made (my new family). I observed the city at work and at play and I saw its big heart everywhere I went. I've travelled fairly widely, but this trip changed my life. Wherever I went in this provocative city, I could breathe easily and fully and, with carefree abandon, move around as though walking on air. The weather was perfect. The city was calm. The traffic was manic but orderly with polite, considerate drivers. The Istanbulites were out on the streets, in the cafés, in the shops, in the markets, living their lives calmly but with passion. The pulsating energy of this magnificent city gently guides you along. For me “Istanbul is the ultimate alchemist: It takes burnt out, fragmented souls with guns blazing, breathes life into them, calms them down, and makes them whole again. And it lubricates the well-oiled machinery of the energetic among us and reaffirms life's privileges.” You've just got to get to Istanbul. You've just got to give yourself this gift of life. For my part, I “hunger to be in Istanbul again”; it has “spoiled me for other cities and other people”. And I don't want to (just) go back to Istanbul – I want to make it my home.

* “You've just got to visit Istanbul! The land of plenty. The land of culture. The foodie's paradise. You've just got to!” is available as an eBook and a paperback on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com//e/B07JMHKKNL ). © The intellectual property rights of both the text and images vest in the author and may not be utilised by anyone without the author's written consent. The source of the text in quotation marks is the title of the book named in the header of this article. Dr Beba Papakyriakou has international business interests and she is a freelance writer, editor and researcher in psychology, working from home in South Africa. Her all-time favourite activity is to travel. She is an avid reader with a well-stocked personal library and she has been involved in volunteer work with child abuse organisations in South Africa since the mid-1990s. She obtained her four psychology degrees through part-time study [BA, BA Honours, MA (Cum Laude) and PhD] and she has an extensive writing and editing portfolio dating to the mid1980s. Her work has been published on a variety of online publications over the years.

Travel - Istanbul TravelTurkey - Bali

Broke In Bali Words Taryn Edge


t is 26.5.2019, like déjà vu, the scooter chugs up the narrow winding hill of the tiny Nusa Lembongan island of Bali for the second time. It is nowhere to be found! My bank card has vanished, like a thief into the night. I feel the hot wind as it whips in my face; my hands rest wearily on the driver's shoulders in front of me; “HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE WITHOUT A CARD?” I slowly repeat to myself over and over. The idea seemed impossible and preposterous. All I had known was the way in which I had always survived: I swiped my card for food at the restaurants, I withdrew cash at the ATM for ferry rides or goods at the market and I paid for my gypsy travel accommodation online with my card. Now I needed to cancel my lost card immediately; there would be no more online purchases, no more cash withdrawals and no more swiping! Imagine… living without a reservoir of money from which to pull funds for your daily needs… How I am going to eat? Where will I sleep? How many of us have become lavish, wanting the most expensive cars, homes or clothing we can afford? What sacrifices do you possibly make to do this? Did you choose a vocation based on a high earning career instead of following your soul passion? Our lives, identity and success seem to be shaped by what money can buy. What impression do you have of the beggar on the street versus the person in the Mercedes Benz? What gratitude do you truly hold for the money you have? Or is it never enough? What beliefs are you teaching your children about money? What

do you choose to spend your money on? Do you spend it on soulful therapeutic experiences or for polishing the ego with Gucci? “What do I have?” I have tonight's accommodation paid for; I have 600 000 Indonesian Rupees, equivalent to R600, tucked into my dark navy blue tasselled suede handbag hanging diagonally across my chest. With instant gratitude, I recognise how my mindset has started shifting towards money; this R600 has become incredibly precious to me. “What is my reality?” I have to find a way to survive on this foreign island with no money. That's the bottom line. I have 29 days of solo travel between two foreign countries left, with my return flight leaving Thailand to SA only on the 24th June. I surface from my reality shock in a daze, realising something so significant has just occurred. I know God doesn't bring anything into my life by accident. There is a divine purpose and plan for everything. I know I have 'spirit-me' and God and therefore I have everything I need to rely on and trust in, to get through this safely. My powerful spiritual awakening in 2016 and 2017 taught me this, when I developed The Divinity System out of necessity and fear, when my entire life, with everything

and everyone in it, collapsed and dismantled. I endured a lot of trauma, grief, betrayal and panic from the losses of my support structures, home, marriage, furniture, business, dreams and beliefs. The lesson I learned from this was that external safety is an illusion that comes from attachment. The gift of personal freedom that I came to embody, is that true safety, comfort, love, counsel and guidance come from within. I climb off the scooter with my backpacks and a purposeful, mindful intention to follow a divine plan of transitioning from living on a card, to living on a prayer. .

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Travel - Bali

The fact is, life is unpredictable and filled with surprises, making it a true adventure. Your spirit nature is wild and free, whilst your mind's nature is structured, craving its control and safety. We have to be ready to step out of our comfort zones and be fearless. We have to be ready to walk handin-hand with our spirit-me, connected to God. How can we say we have trust and faith in God and then live in panic or fear? Panic and fear, I've learned, rob you of your calm and hope. It's only in the calm that one can be connected to one's 'spiritme' or 'higher self'. If you lose this connection, then you've lost your ability to receive higher divine guidance and intervention. Without higher divine guidance, you are lost on a stormy sea to face your 'mini-me' demons and egoic mind. And, hell knows, that's a place of struggle and strife. That's the place you want to avoid coming from at all costs; that's the lower self' that's responsible for putting you on antidepressants, giving you a nervous breakdown or making your body sick. I check into my bungalow for the night and decide not to eat dinner. I had an apple on the scooter ride over and that would have to suffice. It had been a gift from the temple I had visited the night before The next morning, in prayer, I contemplate whether to check out or stay another night and I hear my 'spirit-me' whisper, “go, get up and go.” I obey without wavering. What followed was the start of a financial awakening. Up until that point, I realised that we, as a society, had lost the appreciation that comes from the ability to barter and trade for our daily simple needs, as our ancestors did long ago. Instead, we are taught to have bank accounts, live on credit and become financial hoarders and spenders, living electronically and never really seeing the

value of exchange that takes place from the human interaction of giving and receiving. I arrive at reception to check-out at the exact time that two young travellers are checking-in. Merinte and I instantly connect; she is a girl from the Netherlands who has fallen off of her scooter whilst exploring Nusa Penida Island the day before. She is in a lot of pain; hobbling and full of grazes. What do you know? Here is a person in need of a healer and a person in need of shelter. Divine Intervention! “Thank-you Taryn, during the session you gave me so much rest. I could feel my fear and anger go away. It also reduced my level of pain. It was a blessing to meet you, Merinte.” Reading this text, I marvel at how we, as humans, are truly dependent on one another for our mutual survival. And how I am truly dependent on God for mine to meet these humans. I knew my 29-day journey ahead would only be possible by continuing to trust and rely on my daily

prayers and 'spirit-me' whispers. What a journey lay ahead! Eight nights later, the orange lanterns sway in the trees above the heads of jovial tourists, oblivious as to how their feast is my famine. I have been blessed to have had breakfast. My stomach is now empty, yet I am grateful to be sitting here drinking water. The song 'I gotta have faith, faith, faith' drifts through the Ginger Jamu café; I drink the words like a message from a bottle; embracing the secret code to survival I know so well; trust the universe has your back. ‘The best thing one can wear is one's alignment and divine connection' Taryn Edge is the free-spirited author of Broke in Bali. Developer of the Divinity System ©2016. Facilitator of life-changing online programmes, mentoring, coaching, workshops and retreats for women and teenagers.

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Ask Heike

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Q: I am in my early 40s, just came out of a very unhappy marriage, have a good job and officially tick all the right boxes. But I can't shake the feeling that I am not living the life I should be living. There is this dissatisfaction; an absence of inner peace and a sense of not being in sync with myself. I feel totally stuck. I want to be happy and live the best version of myself but have no idea what my purpose in life is and have already wasted so much time. Please help me.

Heike Sym


This is a question I am being asked quite often: “Why can't I find the purpose in my life?” I have heard many men and women from every religious, demographic, ethnic, cultural background say at one point that they don't know what they are really here for on this planet. They all feel that longing for that 'certain something' that defines and integrates their lives. Firstly we need to get away from the whole idea that we are NOT living our purpose; we might just not have the awareness of it or haven't fully immersed ourselves into it. But I can assure you it is already part of you. We humans become so wrapped up by our daily activity, engagements, goals and so forth, that our awareness of our own unique life purpose is easily dimmed. As you said, you are ticking all the official boxes (good job, walked away from unhappy marriage…), yet the way you feel doesn't match the picture. That's because your true inner self knows that your life purpose is out of sync with your outer life. The latter is often a false self, but you've identified with it because that is what you were taught and it's been so rewarding to your ego because it is so measurable. You adapted to identifying yourself and your worth through your outer status. Secondly, it's important not to confuse seeking happiness with finding your purpose. Happiness is what you experience in the daily flow of life - the highs and lows that are situational. They will fluctuate because they are attachments. But purpose is deeper. It is like standing in your core and now all the other wonderful layers of yourself can unfold on solid grounds. We are being taught to create the perfect outside world and THAT will make us happy, yet it is exactly the other way around. With focusing on the outside world, we developed destination anxiety and 'happy', etc. became a reward system and ONLY if we achieve something tangible that we can prove with hard evidence. The danger of being unconscious of your life purpose is that you will confuse it with your worldly goals, such as career, making money and being successful. You will forever chase and never arrive. We find it difficult to find our purpose because we don't know ourselves, for we spend more attention, time, care, focus on creating the 'perfect' outside world and that's not maintainable, hence your feeling stuck and not fulfilled. You find your purpose INSIDE – and it always has a bigger vision at its helm than yourself. The best heart surgeon in the world didn't push himself to that extent simply because he liked the title but he believed he could truly make a difference and give people a new lease on life. THAT was his true purpose. Other benefits came with it, but the fame/money was not the purpose. So how will you be able to find your purpose or the awareness thereof? • • • • • • • • • • • •

Spend some time alone, become present and aware. Don't get stuck on finding the 'one thing'; your purpose will show up in many different ways. Activate EVERYTHING you are passionate about. Make a list of all the times you felt the most joy, happiness and then look for the common denominator. What are you passionate about and you constantly tell yourself: “I want to do that when I have more time”? Whatever it is, put it on top of your list and DO it. Take stock in which areas of your life you have adapted to other people's/cultural visons and ideals and check if they still resonate. Allot time for you to focus on what fascinates you. Converse with people who aren't regularly in your life and listen to what they have to say. Do something that totally gets you out of your comfort zone. You haven't found what you were looking for there - time to extend that space. Get more action. You can't think your way into finding your life purpose; you have to get some action going. Passion + Action = Purposeful Life. Switch from brain to heart. The brain created the outer world for you; your heart will be your compass for your inner world and purpose. What would make you get up extra-early with a smile on your face and excitement? What made you happy and skip dinner when you were eight?

In short, finding your life purpose is not a destination, it is rather an incredibly adventurous and fun-filled journey in order to get mind, body and soul in sync and living this lifetime in awareness and with joy. Don't overthink this process, ALLOW it to guide you. TRUST yourself.

Heike Sym

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Unlock your Truth with Pendulum Dowsing


f you have never dowsed before, let's start from basics. A pendulum is simply a weight that is in balance, suspended from a cord or chain, meaning it hangs perfectly centred. Pendulums can be bought from alternative shops, online or, if you are feeling creative, make one for yourself. Getting Started When written down as instructions, dowsing may sound complicated; it really isn't though and virtually every person I have taught dowsing to has been able to dowse for themselves remarkably soon and it will be the same with you. The way a pendulum works for everyone is by responding to specific questions we ask of it by swinging movements in one of three ways. The given answer can be 'yes', 'no' or 'maybe'. It shows us one of these movements, indicating one of these three answers every time we ask a question. The movement a pendulum makes to answer our question varies from person to person; including clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, forward and backward rocking, side to side rocking, and diagonal rocking or even shaking. Do not concern yourself with all these variations, the important movements are the ones that you yourself get - there is no right or wrong here. Find somewhere you won't be disturbed, where you can be relaxed and alone for a little while. You are about discover something amazing! Hold your pendulum in the same hand you write with, by pinching the chain or cord between your thumb and forefinger, allowing about 15cm to hang freely before reaching the pendulum. (You don't need to measure this, by the way, just approximately will be fine!) Wrap any remaining length of cord inside your hand. Say aloud or in your head, while concentrating: “What is my 'yes' response?” Bizarrely, your pendulum will now start to vibrate slowly and then, gently at first, move in a specific direction. Be patient as this can take a few seconds to start with. This can also seem a little eerie at first, as the pendulum slowly but surely starts to swing of its own accord and takes on a definite direction. This particular movement direction will now always be your 'yes' answer to any question you may ask your pendulum. Having established your 'yes' response, the next answer you require is your 'no' response. Do this in precisely the same way – this odysseymagazine.co.za | 94

time ask the question out loud or in your head: “What is my 'no' response?” Again, the pendulum will slowly take on a movement in a particular direction, but different one from your 'yes' direction. Once it is moving nicely and surely, you will have your established 'no' response to any question you may ask of your pendulum.

Now by mentally asking of your pendulum you will be able to establish a definite 'yes' or 'no' answer. Yet what happens if a question you ask does not have a readily available or obvious 'yes' or 'no' answer? This does happen from time to time. My theory is that there are certain experiences we need to grow from and if we were forewarned by dowsing, we might intentionally avoid something we would learn from. What is useful then is a response from your pendulum telling you that you either need to ask the question differently or whatever you are asking about cannot be answered at this time. What we need is a 'maybe' response, enabling us to ask again in a different way for a definite 'yes' or 'no' response or simply accept there are some things we are not yet meant to know. The process is exactly the same as when you established your 'yes' and 'no' responses. Ask out loud or to yourself: “What is my 'maybe' response?” Once again, your pendulum will take on a movement, different from your 'yes' and 'no' and this will then always be your 'maybe' response. Once you have completed these exercises you will have all you need to get started with dowsing. You have your 'yes', 'no' or 'maybe' response to any question you care to ask and your pendulum will always give you one of those three answers. Remember pendulums work in a rather literal way; it is up to us to interpret the answers we get intuitively in the context of our own lives or those we are helping.

Remaining Impartial One of the greatest challenges all of us who use dowsing need to overcome is our own subconscious wishes or desires being allowed to impinge upon the results we obtain from using our pendulum. We cannot allow preconceived ideas to affect the results we get from dowsing; ultimately all we do if that happens is cheat ourselves. Wondering why life seems stagnated, we take our pendulum to ask: “Do I need to heal any emotional blockages in myself?” You find you get the 'no' response and think: “Oh good, then I can carry on exactly as I have been, problem solved.” Right? Nope! The chances are our own subconscious fears of leaving comfort zones affected the outcome of the dowsing. So how are we to overcome our own thoughts influencing results and remain impartial? One way is to ask someone else who dowses, whom you trust, to ask questions for you and see what answers they get. For our own dowsing it is essential to stay as balanced and centred within ourselves as possible. Not caring too much about the responses we might get, but rather wanting to seek the truth and only the truth. This is a good lesson - remain as detached as possible from the likely response from your pendulum. By all means be passionate about your dowsing; however, remain in an impartial emotional state when asking your questions of your pendulum. https://deanfrasercentral.com Bestselling author, Positive Lifestyle Talks and the Quantum Poet. Host of Beyond Poetry Radio Show.

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The Organic and Natural Products Expo Makes History Forming the world's first international alliance of organic trade fairs


he Organic and Natural Products Expo (ONPE) will make its debut in Johannesburg, from 8-10 May. The first show in Africa dedicated to the organics sector, it is committed to growing the industry and, as such, pursuing a healthier and fairer world.

“With its unparalleled biodiversity of plant life, Africa is a treasure trove of sustainable and unique raw materials and products not obtainable elsewhere and in great demand worldwide,” says ONPE director John Thomson. “Our goal is not only to showcase these products locally at the event, but to create global awareness and viable and long-term export opportunities.” As such, ONPE has partnered with three of their international counterparts to form the groundbreaking Organic Trade Fairs Alliance. The Alliance sees ONPE join forces with Bio-Beurs (Zwolle, Netherlands, 22-23 January 2020), B/Open (Verona, Italy, 1-3 April 2020) and Natexpo International Tour (scheduled to be held in various European venues throughout the year). The common objective is to raise awareness of, and promote a model which is healthy in all aspects, environmentally sound, takes into account global climate concerns and is respectful of labour rights. As such, the four fair organisers have committed to providing marketing platforms and global knowledge exchange forums in order to support the ambitions of the organic agriculture sector and the organic food and products industry effectively. "Being a member of the Organic and Trade Fair Alliance not only gives our South African event international credibility, but it also allows us to benefit from lessons learnt in Europe about latest trends and developments in this rapidly expanding market,” says Thomson. A major benefit of the Alliance is that it opens doors for African producers and suppliers to access export markets via the alliance partners’ relationships and joint promotion efforts. “We do the same for our international partners, and that's what makes this alliance a winning formula,” adds Thomson. “We become one network, to everyone’s benefit." ABOUT THE ORGANIC AND NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO The Organic and Natural Products Expo is set to showcase manufacturers, suppliers, importers and exporters of everything from organic and natural foods and beverages to cosmetics, supplements, ingredients and household and gardening products. The event will make its debut at the Wanderers Deck in Illovo, with an innovative hybrid formula that caters to trade buyers, while at the same time allowing retail sales directly to consumers. Locally, the event has garnered the support of many influential industry bodies and role players, including the South African Organic Sector Organisation, the Health Products Association, Organic Assurance Organisation PGS, the Cosmetic Export Promotion Council of SA, The South African National Halaal Authority, Slow Food (South African Chapter), with more endorsements in the pipeline. The Organic and Natural Products Expo will take place in Johannesburg at the Wanderers Stadium Deck, from 8-10 May, 2020. For more info visit http://organicandnaturalexpo.com.

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The Deck, Wanderers Stadium, Corlett Drive, Johannesburg, South Africa Date T.B.C. The Organic & Natural Products Expo is set to become the iconic organic sector event on the continent. With over 200 exhibitors and over 10 000 visitors over three days, unmatched exposure to buyers, products, education and demos is guaranteed. To exhibit contact John on John.t@satp.co.za To register to visit, go to www.organicandnaturalexpo.com

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Odyssey Magazine Autumn Print Edition 2020  

Odyssey Magazine, founded in 1977, is the foremost, long-standing holistic and conscious living magazine in South Africa. We publish four pr...

Odyssey Magazine Autumn Print Edition 2020  

Odyssey Magazine, founded in 1977, is the foremost, long-standing holistic and conscious living magazine in South Africa. We publish four pr...