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April 2013



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Earth Guardian

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Odyssey Magazine, SA's oldest and leading integrated lifestyle magazine, now in its 36th year, has arrived in the digital realm, and is FREE of charge.

At least 12 (monthly) completely new and independent digital magazines scheduled per year. Readable or downloadable on any digital platform.






SA's leading integrated living mag

Subscribe to our FREE mailer, here.

Odyssey Digimag has a reach of over 3.6 million at launch via existing channels, with this expected to increase rapidly through our partners and viral distribution.

Odyssey Digimag as you've never seen it, using the reach of the web, the flexibility of being able to download to your PC, smartphone, tablet or any other digital device.

A whole new audience is now introduced to the values and benefits of an integrated lifestyle, and is encouraged to interact with Odyssey's growing community through the power of social media. Contact Cape Town Head Office Tel 27 (0) 21 713 0018 or 712 4665 • 082 579 7915 • Fax 715 2809 info@odysseymagazine.co.za • www.odysseymagazine.co.za howzit


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Caroline Myss 46

Empowerment 3 ways Namaste can change your daily life 14 Barbara Marx Hubbard 16 Re-invent yourself 22 Human energy tech 28 A wave of change 30 Change Emissary 34 It's a matter of choice 66 Shifting wisdom 71

The Afterlife

The Mother Archetype


Hildegard of Bingen



Passing over with dignity What happens when we die What happens after life

Getaways Merging nature 74 The middle way 76

Ageing gracefully 82

SA's leading integrated living mag


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April • 2013

Volume 37 • No.1

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Earth guardian Animal whisperer Pet news

Natural healing


Science vs homeopathy What is pain? 20 painkillers at home Healthy herbal vinegar

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Earth, animals & you Nature's blueprint for the economy Eco-Diva

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EDITORIAL We hope you enjoy the ride as we bring you a bigger, better, much more interactive & enriched version of the print magazine.

Greetings fellow digital types. Obviously, if you are reading this it's likely you


are doing so online – the alternative is that a friend or relative has downloaded and printed it out for you, which is fine for those who insist on a printed something in the hand. So, after 36 years in print format, Odyssey Magazine has finally gone fulltime digital. It's a huge step. It's something of a leap of faith. And it's time. There's a whole backstory to the why and how of our going digital which can wait for another time to be told. The very short version is that we were presented with a 'once in a lifetime opportunity' to have our content featured on SA's No1 website by usage, just at the time when we were deep in consideration of how to handle a clutch of issues to do with printing and distributing magazines. To be clear, moving away from paper was not a negative comment on using paper in any way. Paper was, and will no doubt remain, a valuable product and we have always advocated its proper use, from sustainable production through to earth-friendly manufacturing and then, once used, proper recycling. That there remain problems around this lifecycle of paper in South Africa – mainly in the post-consumer recycling aspect – is true, but it is not the reason for our switch. Indeed, in our offices we exclusively use Sappi Typek 50% recycled paper, including for external communications, and it's perfectly suitable for all that. Once we have used both sides of every piece, we ensure that the paper is recycled for further use. Paper is an undervalued resource, albeit renewable as certified in the case of Sappi by the FSC. The simple fact is that paper ought to cost more. But that's not affordable for publishers or consumers. So uncoated paper will continue to be used in offices like ours, and coated paper will become ever-increasingly a luxury product at a luxury price. Meanwhile, the digital revolution has been continuing apace. Through last year, we planned to run some digital editions of Odyssey (and its sibling publication Simply Green) which were to be quite separate by content, though similar in feel, to their print counterparts. We were all set to go in 2013 with this scheme when the universe stepped in. Roadblocks of various kinds, delays and an assortment of other factors conspired to force us to look at what we were doing – and after a surprisingly short discussion between partners and staff, it was decided: we would go digital fulltime, doubling our frequency, which means your favourite magazine will be coming to you, free, every month from now on, increasing space for pictorial layouts, and offering much greater potential reach for our advertisers. Odyssey, now hosted by one of the world's leading digital magazine portals that has some 52 million users, has gone global and viral in the process. Each one of you reading this free magazine is asked and invited to send the link (the same one sent to you, or alternatively use our website www.odysseymagazine.co.za where the link to the magazine is located) to all your friends, family and associates. Advertisers are being encouraged to use their supply chain and customer bases to put out the word and draw an ever-increasing readership. With the mechanical issues of distribution out of the way, the world has literally opened up to us, and the message we carry. As it is a universal message, relevant we feel not merely for some people in a particular time and place, but to everyone any time, this means that Odyssey's voice will now join many like it resonating in the collective cyberspace consciousness field and, thereby, if Rupert Sheldrake is correct which seems to be the case, contributing to the change in the human family's way of being, seeing, doing and living. What exciting times, and what challenges. We invite you into the brave new world of digital magazines – even those of you not used to reading magazines online or on a tablet or whatever other device you may be using. It is a new way of doing things, but it is also much cleaner, quicker, with lower costs all round. It is, we are sure, the future. So, welcome to the future – and we hope you enjoy the ride as we bring you a bigger, better, much more interactive and enriched version of the magazine so many of you tell us you love (and remember to watch the videos we've embedded). For those of you with slow landline connections or who live in the country without fast-speed internet, we've also devised a low-resolution version at half the size of the high-resolution magazine, so, really, no-one should be left out. As to what we're doing in this issue, well, turn the (virtual) pages and find out – you can even jump from the contents page to particular articles you want to read first if you wish. This really is the future today, and so we invite to you read, enjoy – and feel free to tell us about your possibly new experience of reading your mag online. You will see that we have been joined by a team of amazing personalities, each leaders in their own fields, and inspirational examples of how to live better, healthier and more lightly upon this wonderful planet of ours, our collective home. And there's much more to come, so watch this space because, just a month or so from now, there'll be another Odyssey coming to you at light speed and from a cyberspace portal near you. Chris & The Team



Image: www.mid-day.com

'I discovered that searching can be as interesting as finding.' Paulo Coelho

Kathie Buley via email: Thank you for the communication detailing the exciting developments regarding Odyssey magazine. I support the initiative and will now plan to access an i-pad/ tablet. As I am still actively involved work-wise, time flies by and when a magazine arrives I am always excited and I relish finding a quiet corner where I can indulgently read. There is a Xhosa saying that 'Time is lapped up by the dog.' Another positive is that no hard copies means transport costs to towns/ villages will be obviated; another way of minimising the carbon footprint. As the Sherpas say, Tashi delek (may luck be with you) as you launch this new project.

Ed: Thanks, so do we.

Donald Lyle from Kokstad wrote: Thank you for your letter informing me that Odyssey Magazine will cease to be published http://janellemccullochlibraryofdesign.blogspot.com in print form. I have been a subscriber to Odyssey Magazine since it’s inception and looked forward to the arrival of each issue thanks to the inspiring content. Since you have been at the helm the quality of the magazine has improved greatly for which I thank you and your team. At the moment I have a slow dial-up connection so cannot access and download large files. You mention downloading and printing files from the digital magazine. This is not really practical because the ink of an inkjet printer is so expensive. Sadly I and many of my friends who are not part of the digital age will have to do without Odyssey. However I respect your decision to go digital is one of necessity and hope that this new venture will be very successful and continue spreading the vital message of taking humanity into the new age.


know how wonderfully enlightening it was to read your e l e c t r o n i c mailer article, Why Am I Crying During Yoga?. I haven't practiced yoga in a while – one of the main reasons being that I got frightened of the fact that it opened me up emotionally. Not that I'm averse to being emotional or to being open about it. I had an experience during a yoga class where the tears were running freely and uncontrollably, it was a completely new experience for me, thanks for writing the article – and for letting me know that it is not unusual. Johannie Groenewald on our Facebook page: I just love, love, love your magazine.

Image: www.balancedfitnessnutrition.com

JB of Sandton, via email: I thought I'd write to you to let you

Ed: We have responded to Mr Lyle - and a few other long-time subscribers in a similar position to his encouraging them to use a smartphone, or tablet for viewing the magazine if they're having trouble reading it on their PC, or don't wish to spend even more time in front of a computer screen. Also, we have devised a low-resolution version of the digimag, about half the size of the original version, for those with slow internet connections. So far, the great majority of our long-term readers have said they'll make the digital switch with us, including Mr Lyle.

'When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets & love will steer the stars.' Aquarius from the film Hair



Pet Angel

Jessica Erasmus, a trained Beauty Therapist, is a passionate animal-lover, works extensively for Pug Rescue overseeing charity initiatives, fund-raising and puppy training. In animals, she sees the best the world has to offer.


The Shift  Life Coach



John Homewood is an executive consciousness life coach, inspirational speaker and facilitator, and founder of Wisdom to Nourish. He currently conducts The Shift Experience Self-Realisation Retreats around SA.

Medical Doctor and Stress Expert

Dr Arien van der Merwe (MBChB FRSPH MISMA) is a well-known medical doctor, author, specialist health and wellbeing consultant, also including anti-ageing (positive ageing), integrative and natural medicine.

Odyssey's Earth Pilgrim

Earth Pilgrim Africa, expedition guide and journalist Geoff Dalglish is walking 40 075km – the equivalent of the circumference of the planet – with a message about treading more lightly and lovingly upon the Earth.

Coaching Guide

Colleen-Joy Page is a full time professional speaker, author and trainer. the creator of the internationally accredited InnerLifeSkills life and business coaching courses.


Maria Ascencao is one of SA's highly-regarded figures in the complementary health industry. She has been a CEO and marketing whizz who built-up her own company from scratch.

Paulo's Column

Paulo Coelho is one of the most widely-read and influential authors in the world. He chose Odyssey himself to republish his extraordinary work in SA.


Dr Bronwyn Roebuck is General Manager of Solgar South Africa and a registered homeopath. Having been in the CAM industry for over 10 years, Bronwyn is passionate about heath, wellness and the natural products industry.


Our Eco-Diva, Nicole Sherwin is the editor of Simply Green Digimag, and a trailblazer in the areas of sustainability, wellness and social responsibility, inspiring people to make greener choices.

Meditation and Wisdom Elder

Natalia Baker is an inspirational teacher, who conducts meditation and abundance classes, feminine empowerment and various enlightenment courses.

Earth and Herb Goddess

Jane Griffiths, has been growing organic vegetables and herbs in her Johannesburg garden for more than 15 years. She has published several books and now shares her knowledge and tips with Odyssey Digimag readers.

Wellness and Nutrition Expert

Vanessa Ascencao is a dynamic, inspirational and highly qualified nutritional consultant. She’s helped celebrities, business executives and many others transform their lives through a unique mind-body approach to health and nutrition.



'Being deeply loved gives you strength; loving deeply gives you courage.' Lao Tzu

An African advantage

Image: www.rawstory.com

Paleontologists have recently found small blades in a cave in Mossel Bay proving that man was an advanced thinker making stone tools 71 000 years ago — millennia earlier than thought. The find suggests early humans from Africa had a capacity for complex thought and weapons production that gave them a distinct evolutionary advantage over Neanderthals, say the authors of a study published in Nature. Scientists agree that our lineage appeared in Africa more than 100 000 years ago, but there is much debate about when Homo sapiens' cultural and cognitive character began resembling that of modern humans.


Rhino dehorning gets the green light



Criminal acts call for tough measures and that’s the reason Nambiti Private Game Reserve’s rhino population has been dehorned; the process having been completed recently. This option, to beat the abhorrent and criminal act of poaching, was the result of much thought and debate. 'We see dehorning as one of the strategies to address poaching and applaud any efforts to retain population integrity,' said Francois du Toit, CEO of African Conservation Trust. 'Our core focus is on addressing issues of pressure, particularly from external communities surrounding the reserves. To that end we hope to be able to work with Nambiti to develop community conservation agriculture as a means of building a natural resource-based economy, which will reduce pressure on pure tourism as a means of income for these communities.' According to veterinary surgeon Dr Silke Pfitzer, dehorning a rhino does not hurt the animal provided the procedure is done correctly. Rhino horn, she said, was similar to finger nails and dehorning was like cutting a finger nail. Rhino horn grows back at the rate of about two inches every year which means this procedure has to be repeated. 'While it is sad to see these animals without their long horns, with tight security and guards, dehorning definitely helps deter poachers,' she said, and explained that the monetary return on a little horn stump did not justify the risk. 'Hopefully the poaching threat will be eradicated and then we can allow Nambiti’s rhinos to grow their horns again,' she concluded, adding that a young female, a young adult bull, and a mature female underwent the process.

Christian girl jailed after being accused of burning the Quran The Islamabad High Court (IHC) recently threw out charges against a Christian girl accused of blasphemy in a case that drew international condemnation, lawyers said. During the hearing, IHC Chief Justice, Iqbal Hameedur Rehman ordered the police to dismiss the First Information Report (FIR) filed against the girl. The chief justice said that the girl was accused of burning papers from the Quran, however, since there were no witnesses, the FIR was dismissed. Rimsha Masih, believed to be aged no older than 14, and said to suffer from Down syndrome, spent three weeks on remand in an adult jail after she was suspected of the act. She was arrested after Malik Ummad – a resident of Mehra Jaffer, the area where the girl comes from – lodged a complaint with the Ramna police against her, accusing her of burning the pages of the holy book. Rishma, however, was released on bond and police have since told the courts that she was not guilty and that a cleric who allegedly framed her should face trial instead. Cleric Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Chishti, who first gave police the burned papers as evidence against her, was detained for desecrating the Quran and tampering with evidence. It is thought his motive was to stir up resentment towards Christians by incriminating Rishma.

'Fear created the gods, and fear preserves them.' Kwame Nkrumah (pictured)

Church in turmoil after synod says no to women bishops The ordination of women bishops in the Church of England was recently narrowly rejected by its ruling general synod. Critics have said the change would not bring unity to the Church while some synod members were adamant that the teachings of the Bible are clear and against female bishops. The proposed legislation paving the way for women bishops needed to gain two-thirds majority support in each of the synod’s three houses – bishops, clergy and laity – but fell short by six votes in the House of Laity. The Archbishop of Canterbury has said: 'The Church of England has “lost a measure of credibility” after rejecting the introduction of women bishops.' The Most Reverend Rowan Williams told the ruling general synod that the Church could be seen as 'wilfully blind' to modern trends and priorities. It will be years before there is another vote and meantime the house of bishops is discussing the consequences of the decision.

Humanists call for African age of 'Enlightenment' African Humanists – atheists, secularists and freethinkers – gathered recently in Ghana, one of the world's most religious countries, to look at ways to promote an 'Enlightenment' they argue is vital to bring their continent into the modern age. But despite stirrings of dissent over the power of preachers and imams, they recognise they have an uphill battle to convince ordinary people to question faiths brought to Africa by missionaries and conquerors. Just as difficult, they say, is the fight against traditional African beliefs often supported by new 'churches' which lead to the killings of children and albinos accused of being witches. 'At a time when the dark and destructive forces of religious fundamentalism and superstition are ravaging the continent, the Ghana conference is a sign of light, hope and renewal,' said prominent Nigerian humanist campaigner Leo Igwe.

UCT team begin mapping ancient Mideast


A team of UCT researchers have partnered with the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) to digitally survey and map the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. Creating 3D models and interactive panorama tours of the World Heritage Site cut entirely from rock, they are expected to complete their work in 2014. The team has partnerships with Unesco, the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, and the Jordanian Department of Antiquities. According to a Unesco media release: 'Petra is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, and Jordan’s most significant heritage site. However, Petra faces a wide diversity of risks, particularly from natural and geological hazards such as earthquakes, floods and landslides.' Entrance to Petra is through the Siq, meaning 'crack' – a narrow slot up to 120m high and 1.2km long, which according to Unesco is especially fragile and needs to be addressed and monitored to reduce the risk of landslides and rockfalls. The project’s aim is to produce a stability plan using sophisticated surveying and laser-scanning mapping techniques for the World Heritage Site. The UCT team will also produce a virtual tour of Petra and spatially document many of the city’s tombs and temples. Rüther’s team has documented 40 sites in 13 countries and digitally mapped many of Africa’s heritage landmarks.





A NDE (near-death experience) happens when quantum substances which form the soul leave the nervous system and enter the universe at large, according to a remarkable theory proposed by two eminent scientists. According to this idea, consciousness is a program for a quantum computer in the brain which can persist in the universe even after death, explaining the perceptions of those who have NDEs. Dr Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology and the Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, has advanced the quasi-religious theory. It is based on a quantum theory of consciousness he and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose have developed which holds that the essence of our soul is contained inside structures called microtubules within brain cells. They have argued that our experience of consciousness is the result of quantum gravity effects in these microtubules, a theory which they dubbed Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch-OR). It is held that our souls are therefore more than the interaction of neurons in the brain. They are in fact constructed from the very fabric of the universe – and may have existed since the beginning of time. The concept is similar to the Buddhist and Hindu belief that consciousness is an integral part of the universe – and indeed, that it is really all there may be – a position similar to Western philosophical idealism. With these beliefs, Dr Hameroff holds that in an NDE, the microtubules lose their quantum state, but the information within them is not destroyed. Instead it merely leaves the body and returns to the cosmos. The Orch-OR theory has come in for heavy criticism by more empirically-minded thinkers and remains controversial among the scientific community. However, Dr Hameroff believes that research into quantum physics is beginning to validate Orch-OR, with quantum effects recently being shown to support many important biological processes, such as smell, bird navigation and photosynthesis. For more on NDEs, see our articles here and here.



Dr Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology and Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies, University of Arizona

'The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of our planet.' John F Kennedy



Spiritual science & NDE

Oblivion A court martial sends a veteran soldier to a distant planet, where he has to destroy the remains of an alien race. The arrival of an unexpected traveller causes him to question what he knows about the planet, his mission, and himself. Starring: Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. Released by UIP on 19 April.

16 March-16 April. White River Art Gallery, Mpumalanga. A collaboration of SA artists to bring awareness to the brutality of witch-hunts. www.paganrightsalliance.org


Art for Human Rights

Wholefood Market After years of petitions and delays, animals will no longer be used to test makeup, skin care products and other products in the EU. After 23 years, the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAU) has succeeded in banning the use of animals in cosmetics testing in all member countries of the EU. All personal care products, from high-end to drugstore brands, will be subject to the rules, which means that final products cannot be tested on animals and neither can any of a given products' ingredients. For some time, the long pushed for ban has been debated and put off, and according to the ECEAU, it's final success was due to the work of Tonio Borg, the new European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy. 'The former European Commissioner in charge of the EU's cosmetics regulations had been considering recommendations to delay or weaken the ban, allowing the cosmetics industry to continue testing cosmetic products and ingredients on animals until they could find alternative methods,' details the ECEAU, but it went through, thanks to Borg's urging. Cosmetics will still be tested for safety by the companies that make them, using agreed-upon methods of non-animal testing. The group's next goal is to end the use of animals in scientific experiments (12 million animals a year are used in Europe for this purpose). Do you think animal testing is different today than what you may have heard about in the '90s when this issue received a lot of attention? According to the Humane Society's excellent FAQ on animal testing in the US: Although they are not required by law, several tests are commonly performed by exposing mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals to cosmetics ingredients. This can include: skin and eye irritation tests where chemicals are rubbed onto the shaved skin or dripped into the eyes of restrained rabbits without any pain relief; repeated force-feeding studies lasting weeks or months to look for signs of general illness or specific health hazards such as cancer or birth defects, and widely condemned 'lethal dose' tests, in which animals are forced to swallow large amounts of a test chemical to determine the dose that causes death. At the end of a test the animals are killed, normally by asphyxiation, neck-breaking or decapitation. Pain relief is not provided. In the US, a large percentage of the animals used in such testing (such as laboratory-bred rats and mice) are not counted in official statistics and receive no protection under the Animal Welfare Act. Do you think a ban on animal testing for cosmetics is possible in the US, SA and the rest of the world?

Every Sunday, 9.00am-2.00pm. Blubird Shopping Centre, Birnam, JHB. Wind your way around the market, tasting as you go. www.wholefoodmarketsa.com

Image: http://hawaiidermatology.com

EU bans cosmetic testing on animals

“I think that TM basically turns down the craziness and noise that’s going on in most of our heads, that we might not even be aware of. It gives us a sense of calm, and from that calm a better perspective, so that we realise whence our choices are proceeding.” Moby (musician)




3 Ways 'Namaste' ODYSSEY 14 • 


If you've been to a yoga class, your teacher will typically end the class by bowing her head with hands in prayer position in front of her heart and say 'Namaste'. The students will then mirror the teacher and say 'Namaste' in return. If you are a yoga student, ask yourself if you are doing this by rote or are you truly connecting to the higher, divine essence of this greeting? But, what does it really mean to say 'Namaste' and how can we use it purposefully to shift our interactions with friends, family, work colleagues and people you encounter as you go about your daily life? Jayme Barrett offers a few interpretations of 'Namaste' that can positively transform your life.

Your Spirit and My Spirit are One If this is true, isn't the Golden Rule so easy to take on? The Golden Rule encourages us to treat others the way we wish to be treated. If we acknowledge our oneness with Namaste, it's easy to treat people with the respect that we desire.

All that is best and highest in me salutes all that is best and highest in you Wouldn't it be amazing to focus on the best and highest in each other? That would mean less gossip, less judgment and more compassion. Instead of simply reacting to what someone is saying that may hurt us or trigger a negative response, we could choose to focus on the bigger picture; their higher self. We can stand back and see that perhaps this person is fearful or crying out for love, connection or validation. Our reaction can change the course of any interaction.

I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells, I honour the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One This is my favorite interpretation. There is a divine place in all of us where love, truth, light and peace dwell. If we could focus on those parts in ourselves and in others simultaneously, we would be authentically saying 'Namaste.' So, the next time the yoga teacher bows with a 'Namaste' at the end of your class, respond with intention and take it with you out into the world. You can even say it silently before or after meeting with people. Most importantly, see if it can 'up-shift' your daily interactions. With great respect and loving-kindness, I say to you: Namaste. O

can positively change your daily life ODYSSEY 15 • 



'I am not alone. It is not as if I’m the only ‘catalyst’ on the earth. It feels as if there are many, in many different areas, undertaking many different activities.' Barbara Marx Hubbbard

The Planetary Birth Revelation ODYSSEY 16 • 



t was a freezing day. The trees stood black and brittle against the winter sky. There was no sign of life anywhere. I wrapped my scarf around my face to

I felt the earth as a living organism, heaving for breath,

protect myself from the bitter cold and walked with my

struggling to co-ordinate itself

head down to avoid the wind.

as one body. It was alive. I

I had been reading Reinhold Neibuhr on the subject of community. He had quoted St Paul's famous statement:

became a cell in the body. The

'All men are members of one body.' I was thinking about

pain of the whole body was

that idea and feeling a deep nameless frustration in my

flashing through the mass

own body, as if an awareness were poised, flickering just beyond the periphery of my consciousness, attempting to

media, the nervous system of

enter my mind. I felt envious of the Gospel writers. They

the world.

had a simple story to tell: A child was born and all the rest followed from that. Peasants and kings could understand it. Western civilisation was built on it. One story.

Searching for a metaphor; seeking out the story Unexpectedly, a question burst forth from the depth of

my being. I spoke it out loud, almost in anger as though I could not live without knowing the answer. Lifting my voice to the ice-white sky, I demanded to know: 'What is our story? What in our age is comparable to the birth of Christ?' I lapsed into a daydreamlike state, walking without

The Future of You Barbara Marx Hubbard is a prolific futurist, author and public speaker. This article is an excerpt from Neale Donald Walsh's book, Mother of Invention: The Legacy of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Future of You.



We are moving from unconscious evolution through natural selection to conscious evolution by choice. Barbara Marx Hubbard


Becoming a Universal Species Barbara Marx Hubbard



thinking around the top of the hill. Suddenly, my mind's eye penetrated the blue cocoon of Earth and lifted me up into the utter blackness of outer space. A Technicolor movie turned on. I felt the earth as a living organism, heaving for breath, struggling to co-ordinate itself as one body. It was alive. I became a cell in the body. The pain of the whole body was flashing through the mass media, the nervous system of the world. I felt the children starving, soldiers dying, mothers crying, people burning. The agony of our earth was mine. Her polluted waters, her clogged air, her depleted soil, her decimated forests – it was all happening to me. She and I were one. There was no other, no outside. We were one body. Then the movie sped up, and I saw something new. A flash of extraordinary light, more radiant than the sun, gleamed in outer space. Instantly, all of us, collectively, were attracted to the light. We forgot our pain for the moment. We stopped crying, and together we saw the light. It caught our attention for one brief instant. With that moment of shared attention, empathy began to course through our bodies. Wave upon wave of love flowed through all people. A magnetic field of love aligned us. We were caressed, uplifted in this field of light. Joy began to pulse around and through us. We felt light rising from within. Miracles and healings occurred. The blind could see, the lame could walk, the deaf could hear. People flooded out of their homes, offices, and buildings, meeting each other in ever-growing gatherings – embracing, singing, and loving one another. We sang together in spontaneous harmonies, a planetary choir of voices singing out loud for the first time. A chanting rhythm beat through the earth, synchronising our heartbeats. No division of race, colour, nation, or class held against the pressure of attraction. The ancient human feelings of separation and fear dissolved as waves of love pulled us to each other. Our hearts opened, our thoughts connected, and we experienced the awesome intelligence of ourselves as one living body. I saw the weapons melt. The air cleared, the waters purified, the land renewed. I could breathe again. Food coursed through the body, reaching all our members. The pain of the earth dissolved. The mass media pulsed with light. As it carried the stories of our transformation, it was transformed. I saw our rockets rising majestically, penetrating the blue sky, silver slivers of life, reaching beyond our

With that moment of shared attention, empathy began to course through our bodies. Wave upon wave of love flowed through all people. A magnetic field of love aligned us. We were caressed, uplifted in this field of light. Joy began to pulse around and through us. terrestrial home to the place where my mind's eye resided. In the universal dark, they were carrying the seed of humanity in peace to our cosmic destiny as children of the stars. As the rockets penetrated outer space, the earth co-ordinated itself as one body. Reaching outward and aligning our bodies with one gesture. Just as a baby's reach for an object outside its own body helps it co-ordinate, so our reach into space was speeding up the integration of all of our systems on the planet. I felt it in my own body. With each wave of harmony, the glowing light surrounding us intensified. As we grew together as One, the light became brighter and seemed to fuse with the light within each of us. We were growing brighter as we joined. As we connected on earth, millions of distant points of lifelike light became visible in the universe, surrounding us. As we harmonised, they became more visible. As we became One, they became real. We heard a tone – a vibration that oriented us in one direction. The entire human race was magnetised by that sound. We were listening together to hear our First Word. The glowing light around our planet seemed to be intelligent, loving, familiar. It was about to speak to us directly. We were straining to understand, yet too immature to fully know the meaning of the sound. Then I heard these words clearly: 'Our story is a birth. It is the birth of humankind as One Body. What Christ and all other avatars came to Earth to reveal is true. We are One Body, born into the Universe.' Then I heard – 'Barbara, go tell the story of our birth.'

The Story Unfolds With those words, billions of us opened our collective



eyes and smiled a planetary smile. It was like the first


smile of a newborn baby when her little nervous system finally links up. She opens her eyes; sees her mother; and produces that amazing, radiant smile. Somehow she knows her mother, even though she has never before seen her face-to-face. As that infant knows her mother, so humankind knows the light. Even though we have never seen it together, each of us in a secret place in our hearts has experienced the light. Now, for the first time, we are seeing it as One, through our collective vision. Ecstatic joy rippled throughout the planetary body. I was enthralled. I shouted to myself upon the hill:

Conscious Evolution Barbara Marx Hubbard

'We are being born. It's true. Our story – is a birth. I know it because it's happening to me right now.' A sense of overwhelming gratitude filled me. Then the whole story of our birth unfolded within me, and I felt myself tumbling through an evolutionary spiral. With

As that infant knows her mother, so humankind knows

each advance, I experienced a new turn on the spiral.

the light. Even though we have

The creation of the universe, the earth, single-cell life,

never seen it together, each

multicellular life, human life – and now us, going around

of us in a secret place in our

the spiral once again. It all raced before my inner eye. First I heard music, then silence more profound than quietness. Then came the awesome thunder of creation. The same tone that had coursed through the planet

hearts has experienced the light.

aligning us at our birth sounded the note at the beginning of time/space. I felt the coming together of clouds of hydrogen, bursting into supernova, giant stars fusing within their heart of heat – the materials of our planet, the minerals and metals that now make up our bodies. I was a large molecule floating passively in the sea of the early earth, suddenly swept up into a new, more complex pattern of life – a cell. I could see. I could move. I could act. I could even replicate myself. We continued dividing to reproduce, semi-immortal creatures who did not die. We consumed the nutrients of the terrestrial seas. We began to pollute, overpopulate, and stagnate. We were reaching a limit to growth, coming to the end of the dominance of single-cell life. Then I felt us coming together as multicellular organisms, joining with one another to face the crisis. We were fusing into new bodies, transforming from single cells to plants, insects, fish, animals, and birds. We invented photosynthesis and built the biosphere; we colonised the once barren earth; we filled every nook and cranny with life. And we learned to die so that our offspring could live on. Then the first humans appeared. We felt strange in



the animal world. We recognised our own death and sought to overcome it. We heard the voices of gods, we buried food with our dead, we reached for the stars. Then we humans began to replicate even more rapidly. We spanned the earth, learned to mimic nature, and built technological extensions of ourselves until we started to deplete the resources of our Mother Earth. Our current crisis appeared. Limits to growth. Don't be fruitful and multiply. Co-operate or die. We began to repattern ourselves, fusing into networks, clusters, and diverse units of social life. We reached beyond ourselves into the seemingly barren environment of outer space to find new life, new resources, new energy, and new knowledge born as a living body – opening our eyes into a universe full of life and light. Then, as suddenly as it all had begun, the technicolor movie of creation stopped. I found myself upon the frosty hill in Lakeville, Connecticut – alone. There was no sign of what had happened, yet I knew it had been real. The experience was forever imprinted upon my very cells. O Visit www.hayhouse.com for more

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Re-invent yourself

Above: Acclaimed author and motivational speaker, Neale Donald Walsch, is also an actor and screenwriter




hey say that 'necessity is the mother of invention', but they're wrong. Barbara Marx Hubbard is. And you are.

And we all are. We are each inventing ourselves, and the life we are living, in every single moment of Now. And we are doing exactly the same for all of humanity. For as we invent ourselves individually, we do so collectively. The act of 'inventing' goes on continually. Put another way, we are new in every moment. We are not the same as we were before, not even for a nanosecond, nor is our species as a whole.

So we've gone through the 2012 'eye of the needle', and now what? The world is still pretty much the same, maybe a bit more crazed and chaotic. Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch, tells us what's next in this extract from his book, The Mother of Invention,which takes the example of Barbara Marx Hubbard to show us all how to re-invent ourselves – and thereby change the world.

The question is not whether we are changing, but how; not whether humanity is in the act of 'becoming', but what? In creating humanity's answer to these questions, your life does make a difference – and the difference it makes can be huge, if you'll let it be. All of this may be a little bit difficult to believe, or at least to embrace as your Functioning Reality, but that's why this book is so perfect for you right now. It appears to be a biography, but you're soon going to find out that it is not only about someone else's life, it is about your own; that it is not only a wonderful story in which to lose oneself, but a wonderful way in which to find oneself. The Mother of Invention is a book in which you are invited to participate, because the end of this story depends, in part, on you. That's why I chose to write it. Please allow me a brief word of introduction. I am the author of 27 books on contemporary spirituality, among them the 9-book Conversations with God series. I believe deeply that life is creational – that is, what we are collectively experiencing is a product of what we are collectively creating. And I wanted to place before you a story that throws open the door of possibility to all of us, answering at last the question: 'What can I do?' and ending at last the frustrated lament: 'I'm only one person.' I wrote this book because I want you to know that ordinary, average people such as you and me can have an impact on our entire planet – and that, should we all choose to move in some of the same directions together, we can really have an impact. This book opens that possibility for all of us, through the real-life example of a housewife and mother of five who chose to create a better world – and who is choosing to do so right now, up to this very minute.

The question is not whether we are changing, but how; not whether humanity is in the act of 'becoming', but what?



I wrote this book because I want you to know that ordinary, average people such as you and me can have an impact on our entire planet – and that, should we all choose to move in some of the same directions together, we can really have an impact.

The point of this book: If this person can do it, we all can. Many people have heard of Barbara Marx Hubbard – and many people have not. I like the fact that she is not a household name, immediately recognisable the world over. That makes her more like us, and a wonderful model. A template. An outpicturing of what we all are – and what we are all potentialed to be. 'Potentialed' is a new word. I just made it up. I like it. It says exactly what I want it to say. I think that we all are – no, I know that we all are – imbued with the potential to be more than we've so far allowed ourselves to be. Further, I think that we all know it. And I think that we are all endowed with an impulse to move toward our highest expression of that More that we know we are. I'm convinced that all we need is courage, and all we need to gather the courage is a model, a template, a contemporary example, a here-and-now


sample of how life could be lived in a new way. In short, someone to inspire us. That's where Barbara comes in. Eighty years of age at this writing, she feels that she and we are just beginning, that humanity is going to break through, not break down, and that we are ready to set aside our old patterns and old beliefs and old ways of being as we invent a New Human.

Neale Donald Walsch discusses The Emotion Of Fear



Barbara sees this as part of the natural evolutionary process of all sentient beings.


Eighty years of age at this writing, Barbara Marx Hubbard feels that she and we are just beginning, that humanity is going to break through, not break down, and that we are ready to set aside our old patterns and old beliefs and old ways of being as we invent a New Human.

And she believes that there is a natural Place in Time

Speaking metaphorically, Barbara Marx Hubbard says that

when conditions are perfect for all such beings to launch

we are still in the gestation period in our development

a new way of living. It is the fulcrum. It is the apogee. It

and are only now about to be birthed into the cosmic

is what Malcolm Gladwell calls the Tipping Point.

community of universal beings.

Amid all the anxious wondering, worried predictions, and negative speculation of many around the globe who

How does she know this? What makes her think this is true?

saw 2012 as an Ending, you and I are being urged by

It is because of those spiritual encounters in Barbara's

all the forces and energies of the Universe to see it as a

life – three of them, to be exact. In her case, she paid

Beginning – as Barbara sees it. Indeed, Barbara calls it


'a birthing'. How has she come to this point of view? Is it realistic? Could it be true?

As we mature, we, too, will pay attention. We will not only be able to acknowledge the existence of the part of our being from which such wisdom flows – what we

The answer is that the life of Barbara Marx Hubbard

might call our Higher Self – but we will also be able to

includes a series of spiritual encounters. Yet this is not

communicate with it, receive guidance from it, and relate

unusual, and does not make Barbara different from most

to it in a way that changes our lives forever.

of us. I believe that each of us experience, during our

Do we – you and I – really have a role to play in the

time on this earth, what are called Divine Interventions. I

process of that spiritual maturation? For ourselves and for

define these as moments when our mind, heart, and soul

our planet? And will we truly be able to co-create a new

are opened simultaneously. In such moments we receive

world, and a new way of living in our world, following the

at all levels – mental, emotional, and spiritual – enormous

'end of history' in 2012, and beyond? Or is this all just glib

truths about life.

talk and wishful thinking?

My observation is that most human beings (myself

Well, those are the questions to be addressed here.

included) at first ignore these moments, not recognising

The answers that were given to Barbara may be the

them for what they are. Then, when and if they do

answers that can be given to you. Not all such spiritual

understand what is happening, they often don't know

answers come in visions or dreams or meditations. Some

what to do about them, how to react to them, how to use

spiritual encounters come to us in very ordinary ways –

them to their own benefit (to say nothing of using them

like reading books. O

for the benefit of humankind). This is not our fault. We simply have not had spiritual training. Our cultures have trained us in how to use our bodies, and they have trained us in how to use our minds, but they have done very little to train us in how to interact with our souls. Indeed, and amazingly, many elements within our society don't even acknowledge the existence of the soul. This is an indication of just how young our species is.

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There are amazing, world-changing transformations and shifts occurring to humanity at this time. Thousands of people across the globe are experiencing the Divine in profound ways and moving through a process of spiritual awakening. In 2006, Oneness South Africa reported that the goal of its parent organisation, the Oneness University in India, is the spirtual awakening of 70,000 individuals prior to December 2012 (this number was considered the critical mass for a smooth transition through 2012). Now, just seven years later, the global awakening process is unfolding at an unprecedented rate with (as reported on the Oneness University website) over 352,000 people awakened and thousands more awakening each day. This global estimation of awakened individuals may seem meaningless; in practice however, observing familiar individuals who are now free from suffering and egoic entanglement is a truly humbling experience. The Oneness University’s primary tool for accelerating transformation, the Oneness Blessing or Deeksha, originated as a phenomenon of grace in 1989 at a rural school in India. A group of meditating children saw and interacted with what has become to be known as the Golden Ball of Divine Grace. This energy was shared through touch and intent with parents and others under the guidance of the school directors Sri Bhagavan and his wife Sri Amma. Remarkable changes were observed in those who received the blessing from the children, who were now acting as guides and instructors, and from these modest beginnings grew the Oneness University. The Oneness Blessing is said to embody the intent of the founders, Sri Amma Bhagavan, namely ‘to set man totally and unconditionally free’. The Blessing is transmitted to the head through the hands of an initiated blessing giver, which activates a natural neurobiological process in the receiver’s brain. Divine Grace saw it fit to act in this way as the heart centres of the majority of humanity had been closed from past trauma, and re-awakening of the inner Divine firstly required some dissolution of the separating mind. A process is initiated where the Divine guides the recipient on a personal journey into awakening, at their own pace. The University is non-denominational and does not prescribe rules or practices; the individual’s own path considered best suited for unfoldment. Inaugurated in April 2008, the Oneness Temple is an additional instrument towards accelerated awakening. The largest pillar-less meditation hall in Asia, it can accommodate 8000 individuals simultaneously focused on global spiritual awakening. In new age terminology, the Oneness Temple ‘influences the morphogenetic fields across the globe, Awakening into Oneness all of humanity’, lyrical prose states that on entering the temple ‘the cowardly become courageous, the unwise become intelligent, barren hearts start flowering in love, and everyone will experience the Divine’. Empowerment as a Blessing Giver is available in South Africa, while the campus and the temple in India are the setting for advanced courses. Transformation sounds implausible; however subtle changes are being noted. In January, Cambridge University scientists reported four-stranded (quadruple helix) DNA at work in human cells, with the potential for cancer halting medicines. At another level, one of SA’s wealthiest individuals committed in perpetuity half of his annual earnings (from an estimated R23bn) to strategic upliftment projects, with the words “South Africans are caring, compassionate and loving people’.



Globally thousands of individuals have awakened, some of whom shared their experience on the Oneness University (.org) website. There are now over 7000 Blessing Givers in South Africa, including church ministers, medical doctors, psychologists, community workers and alternative and traditional healers. The country critical mass of 500 awakened individuals is in the process of being reached. Training to become a Blessing Giver is inexpensive and not time consuming. Those inspired to work in their communities are invited to contact the regional representatives listed below, or on www.onenesssouthafrica.co.za, for inclusion in upcoming events and training courses. “The dawn of this new civilization, which we might call an Age of Oneness, is the single most explosive fact of our life times.” - Sri Amma Bhagavan

From Existence to Living

Vision: To set man unconditionally and totally free from suffering. Mission: · · · ·

To awaken every human being into Oneness through personal experience which in turn would manifest as the Golden Age for all humanity. To awaken the spirit of Oneness within the individual which in turn would move onto his family and then onto society at large, finally flooding the entire planet. To integrate spirituality into mainstream existence not divorced from everyday living and real functionalities. To facilitate the full awakening of a critical mass of people on the African Continent in 2013 to a new way of living in order to assist in a global shift in consciousness.

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sort of virus that makes them sneeze, gives them a runny

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The Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, riots across Europe, upheaval in various parts of South Africa – and many other places besides. What does it all mean? We take a look and see how a worldwide trend has come home to our own streets and towns, and where it's taking us all. –



A Wave of Change


f it wasn't clear at the beginning, it is now – there is a worldwide revolution underway and it looks set to sweep aside many of the institutions and systems put

in place which now define the so-called 'modern state'. It would be wrong to say the first signs of this global, though locally-driven, citizens' revolt came with the Arab Spring as it has been brewing for years, decades even. The deep history of the phenomenon requires much more

So, in the shortest possible explanation, what's it all about? Some describe what's going on as the richest 1% of the Western elite getting much richer while the 99% of the rest of us get poorer.

space and time than is relevant here, but that it is a global phenomenon, with truly vast ramifications, is becoming clearer by the day. Beginning with the Arab Spring (which can arguably


be said to have burst into the open with the 2009-10 Iranian election 'unrest') it got into full swing a couple of years ago, leading in rapid succession to the fall of three governments and trouble along the same lines in at least a few more. In the West, the Occupy movement got into gear around the same time, though in this instance it was less a revolt against the political structures of the day than the economic system which had allowed bankers (some call them 'banksters', as in gangsters) of Wall Street and the City of London, primarily, to take the rest of us for a ride. Briefly put, they indulged in super-risky and possibly fraudulent trading in supposed 'assets' which

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (Official Trailer)

were actually liabilities. Some think the Occupy movement has wasted

(US and EU) and in a growing number of developing states

away under the extreme repression imposed at local

(including those affected by the Arab spring uprisings)

government level across the US. But it has not. It has

many people, especially younger citizens, have simply had

morphed, becoming less visible but no less active.

enough and are saying so.

One of the key elements of the shift we are seeing

Here are a few figures to play with: the inequalities in

in the Western, developed nations' version of this

the Arab world, where some 50% or more of the youth

phenomenon is that people are galvanising opposition

were unemployed before the revolts we have seen there

less in physical space (tents in Wall Street, for example)

began – and still are, even after a few dictatorial regimes

than in cyberspace; and the thrust of opposition is

have fallen – are matched by a very similar number across

increasingly on sophisticated legal grounds rather than

all the European Union countries. In Greece, Italy and

through the heated emotions of angry protesters – though

Spain the number of young employable, but unemployed

there is still plenty of that going on in places like Greece,

people is in each case around the 55-58% mark, and

Spain and, lately, Cyprus.


So, in the shortest possible explanation, what's it all

So there is a generational dimension to what is

about? The global citizens' revolt (in time, it may even

taking place, aside from any other elements. The

come to be called something like that by future historians)

significance of this is profound. As in South Africa, there

is about politically corrupt and unrepresentative systems,

is now a discussion around Europe's 'lost generation'

and it's about inherently iniquitous and deviant banking

who may never find gainful employment, despite a good

and economic systems. Some describe what's going on

education in the Europeans' case. It is the youth that has

as the richest 1% of the Western elite getting much

wrought change across the globe – playing a key role in

richer while the 99% of the rest of us get poorer. A

bringing Obama into power and then helping him get

similar equation applies in the Arab countries affected by

re-elected, and using the universal 'tool of the youth', the

the uprisings seen there, with those countries generally

connectivity of the internet, as its primary weapon. It is

having been more retrograde in their political systems than

the youth that was first on the streets and which have

Western countries. In both developed Western countries

taken part in uprisings across North Africa and into the



In Greece, Italy and Spain the number of young employable, but unemployed people is in each case around the 55-58% mark, and rising.

It is the youth that has wrought change across the globe, using the universal 'tool of the youth', the connectivity of the internet, as its primary weapon.

Middle East. It is the youth who are primarily behind the

planet, in declining to recognise local authorities in what

Occupy movement and Europe's several waves of unrest

is really a minor spat over some building regulations. The

and rioting. In South Africa, the picture is little different

point of this particular one-person protest, the details

in essence, though substantively different in terms of the

of which follow on from this article, is that it is not the

particular issues giving rise to recent 'township service

building regulations that count but the fact of her refusal

delivery' protests, troubles on the mines or among farm

to acknowledge the authorities' supposed 'right' to tell us

workers in the Cape winelands.

what to do, how to do it and what they can do about if we

Beneath each ostensible local issue are the same set

To say that watching all this unfold, and seeing the

set to get less with the passing of time; the tiny few have

global citizens' revolt developing and maturing at both

almost everything and seem set on grabbing whatever

big-picture and local-issue level, is 'interesting' is a

else they can, in terms of wealth, power and access to

vast understatement. This wave of change is, notably,

resources of every kind.

grassroots and local in its source, though the pattern is

Historically, every single time this sort of imbalance

playing out globally. It is not confined to regions – there

has occurred, in any culture, and in any period, there has

have, for example, even been riots, much under-reported,

been a popular uprising of some sorts. Some of these

in parts of China, aside from ongoing protests over China's

revolts have been anti-colonial in nature; some have been

occupation of Tibet. It is mostly driven by the youth,

pro-democracy; some have been against the old systems

though increasingly older generations are getting involved,

of kingship and the landed aristocracy. All have been

especially in troubled EU states like Greece, Spain, Italy

attempts to set up more equitable economic and power

and Cyprus, as well as in America.

relationships. There is every reason to believe that what

And at its base the whole thing is about a disequilibrium

we are seeing is continuing, gaining pace and spreading.

– something nature works ceaselessly to resolve into

We are, in effect, seeing a global revolution taking place.

equilibrium, whether that be in outer space, in our own

Back here in SA, we have our own particular variants

bodies or, as in this instance, in general human affairs

on the general theme. Interestingly, there are a few



across the globe.

people, both local and from more advanced nations like

If for no other reason, it is the fact of the inevitable

the US, who have begun to adopt strategies and tactics

resolution of the inequalities that are being objected to

that are likely to send a shiver down the spine of all those

in ever louder voices, that makes it more than likely that

whose deep vested interests are being challenged – and

the global systems of governance, power and wealth

may yet be overthrown – by this rising tide of popular

distribution are set to be utterly revised, overturned and


reformed. former

So, as the song goes, 'welcome my friends to the show

magazine editor and publisher, Anthea Torr, who has

that never ends' for the 'revolution' is here and will not go

cited internationally-binding commercial obligations and

away until we live in a much more harmonised, equalised,

operating conditions, as overseen by the World Bank and

more respectful and sustainable (in all sense of that word)

endorsed by virtually every national government on the

world. O



simply refuse to participate.

of drivers: the great majority of people have little and are





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www.novalis.org.za for more info, calendar and directions on how to get there.

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Its purpose to serve an expanding field of Love on the planet through people

Ways to Participate Monthly Telecon Talk – dial in info from www.thecreativefield.org or www.emissaries.org Register with the Creative Field and join a growing number of small groups of awakened friends meeting monthly around the world via Skype Receive monthly Creative Field material by email for your thoughtful meditation and preparation for small group conversations Request Pulse of Spirit talk every week by email – seshort@emnet.org Get your invitation to Creative Field events in South Africa and around the world HERE, or contact Anne-Lise at Novalis 021 797 1857 or Howard Goodman at 021 794 1297 or 082 415 0255.

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'On the 25th of December 2012 an announcement was made to the world that I knew was what we had all been waiting for and would change the world forever - the system of CorporateGovernmental rule has been foreclosed.'



'A few years ago I erected a small wooden Wendy-house type cottage, as friends needed a place to stay. They could not afford their high rental in Muizenberg. We were working together at the time on a self-published magazine called Biophile. As this wooden cottage did not comply with the design manual on the estate where I stay, the fun and games with the law started,' says Anthea Torr. This is her report on what happened since, and how it fits into a global picture that affects us all.

I learned that I was actually nothing more than an asset on the balance sheet of the company masquerading as a country, in which I was registered, and that my ID number was the 'asset' on their balance sheet.

being listed companies on the US Securities & Exchange Commission, with the company address of 'The Republic of South Africa' being in New York. Being companies, they were subject to the same worldwide company rules of contract with all who wish to interact within this company, – submission of balance sheets, and the need to be viable and profitable. I started to investigate further, and got a lot of information from Brendan, Mary Croft, and many other leading lights that were already well down the path into the 'Freedom' movement. It was then that I learned that


I was not who I had thought I was in the world of money fter I built the wooden cottage I also felt the need

and commerce to which I was being bound without my

to build a barn. This was initially to be for horses

consent or knowledge. I learned that I was actually

and farming activities, but has subsequently

nothing more than an asset on the balance sheet of the

turned out to be a Sanctuary. My architect friend John

company masquerading as a country, in which I was

helped me design the Sanctuary/barn and all was going

registered, and that my ID number was the 'asset' on their

down the 'normal' path, or so we thought.

balance sheet.

I submitted my plans to the City of Cape Town,

When we are born, a 'birth certificate' application

who then came back with a request for the 'site plan'.

is signed by our parents, which was used by corporate

According to the Rules of the Design Manual of the

governments to form a Trust in our name. A name we

housing estate where I stay, who worked in conjunction

could change at any time if we paid money into their

with the City of Cape Town, plans have to be stamped

system, thus proving that we are not the name. This

by the architectural committee. So I duly submitted my

Trust was used as collateral and a collateral account was

site plan for this stamp. I then got the message that

formed in our name. We were the beneficiary of this

they would not stamp my plans unless I took my friend's

account, but we were not told about it. If by the age of

wooden cottage down. This was not an option as they

seven we had not completed and filed a Will, we were

needed that home, and we were working together on the

declared dead, and Corporate Government assumed

magazine which I was publishing at that time.

corporate control of our estate – which is everything we

Within a week of this, I was invited to a lunch in

registered with the state: businesses, property, and so on.

Marina Da Gama and met Brendan who had already done

If we applied for a loan from a bank, our collateral

much research into our 'slavery system', and had created

was looked at – our property, businesses and bank

'The Republic of Good Hope', www.republicofgoodhope.

accounts, for instance. We were then forced to pay

org – a Common Law Society. I learned that the Republic

interest on our loan, even though there was nothing

of South Africa, City of Cape Town, Courts, Police and

backing it except our own assets, and if we didn't pay that

all municipal offices were all under the same umbrella –

loan back with the heavy interest, our property or other



Image: Greg Copeland – http://vimeo.com/gregcopeland/videos

The 'Powers That Be' are now the 'Powers That Were'. All loan debt has been erased and corporations – including but not limited to Corporate Governments and Banks – have been foreclosed. And this is not a debatable point. Anthea at her residence in Noordhoek, Cape Town



assets were forcibly taken away from us. And we had

sheet of that corporation masquerading as a country, as

no remedy, as we have been kept in the dark as to the

I was fully aware that by doing this I would be adding

truth. Recessions and times of inflation, it seems, were

to the collateral that would be used to further enslave

consciously created by the 'powers that were' and during

us all, as all loans made by these corporations had

these times of 'lack', property was seized and it became

to be paid back to the Reserve Bank, IMF and other

the banks' property and it is the banks that are ultimately

'central banking institutions'. The way this is done is by

in control and they in turn are controlled by very few at

raking in the revenue from the 'slaves' in the system,

the top of the pyramid.

whether it be by fine, taxation, or further borrowing

This commercial system is all registered via an

based on the collateral available. It was an ingenious

international Uniform Commercial Code, (UCC) as the

carefully thought-out plan, but the effects of this have

whole system pivoted on 'money' – money that did not

been devastating for the majority of the people of earth.

actually exist as it was created by loans that were really

Virtually every aspect of life has been infiltrated and

never made, and as there was nothing backing them, they

affected, resulting in a powerless tribe of marginalised

were just zeros on a computer. If the computers crashed

slaves. We can see it playing out in religion, media, food,

tomorrow, we would have a few notes and coins floating

music and entertainment. As our shifting and shallow

about, but that's all.

happiness became dependent on things outside of us, our

Maritime Law was created which was not based on

god became money as that was our main focus on life,

Common Law, which is the natural law of life and based

and we lost touch with the God of Love, the true God in

on individual responsibility, love and goodness. Maritime

each one of us.

Law was based on statutes which were brought about

We were slaves on the 'ship' with the Maritime Law

by the corporate governments' laws. For instance: if we

making sure we played the game with the force of batons,

park here we will get a fine, if we don't submit our plans

guns and whips.

we will get a fine, if we don't pay rates on our property,

I rocked and rolled on this boat for two years, with the

which we didn't own anyway as it is/was held in trust by

'freeman' movement, which understood it all perfectly but

the state, we would be fined, if we didn't pay back our

never really had a remedy, as we were in the hands of the

home loans our houses would be taken away, and so on.

human whim that was influenced very much by a system

The system lacked love, compassion and truth, which is

that held us in bondage and slavery within the monetary

our natural state of being.

system. I did know that I could never be forced to be a

When I realised all this, and verified it with my own

name, so on one occasion about a year ago, two men

research, watched documentaries such as Thrive, where

came uninvited to my home and tried to arrest me, but

a huge amount of independent research has been done,

they did not succeed as I told them I was not the name,

and many other independent reports on the internet,

and this I knew to be the truth, I knew that was merely

I decided that I was not going to add to the balance

the ID name – nothing else.

I really could not see a clear way forward, and did


at one time submit some plans to keep 'the powers that were' happy, and at bay, but they were not complete and hence all was delayed. I now know that it is all part of a Divine Plan, and all happens for a reason. On the 25th of December 2012 an announcement was made to the world that I knew was what we had all been waiting for and would change the world forever. It was not made via mainstream media as that is still controlled by the 'powers that were', and they are certainly not keen to report on their own demise. It was an announcement

Interview: Anthea Torr

that came through small independent internet-based

by Greg Copeland.

media, giving us the news that the system of Corporate-

Alternatively, click here for the optimised


Governmental rule has been foreclosed; legally foreclosed, and via one of its own mechanisms. The 'Powers That Be' are now the 'Powers That Were'. All loan debt has been

for my arrest for contempt of court. On the day that I

erased and corporations – including but not limited to

was to go to court, I gave the law enforcement officer

corporate governments and banks – have been foreclosed.

and prosecutor Courtesy Notices that explained the

And this is not a debatable point. It is a verifiable fact via

foreclosure, only one agreed to accept it, but with the new

the UCC filings to be seen on www.peoplestrust1776.org.

system, all is courteous and according to freewill there is

Lawyer and expert in UCC and International Law,

no force. I tried to act out my truth of saying that I was

mother, and One People's Public Trust (OPPT) Trustee,

not the name on the paper, but they were having none

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, along with two other willing

of it: I was being arrested on grounds of 'suspicion' of

experts and Trustees, spearheaded the operation. She

being that name. But the result has been good, as news

used the foreclosure of her own home as a test case.

spreads like wildfire, and so the recent foreclosures of

She challenged the foreclosure through UCC process, and

banks and corporate governments for operating systems

in doing so discovered – put very simply – that the US

of slavery without the consent of the people is coming out

court system invariably supports the corporate system.

in the open.

Not surprising really, given that 99% of our laws from the

The old system is fast folding before our eyes, as we

maritime-based system relate to ownership or commerce.

see the cracks starting to appear in the now foreclosed

After exercising extreme prudence, the OPPT concluded

banking system. We believe this is connected to the recent

that the corporations, operating under the guise of

resignations of the Pope and, we are led to believe, soon to

the people's governments and financial systems, were

be followed by the Queen of England among many others

committing treason against the people of this planet

who 'were' in positions of power. This is an indication that

without the people's knowing, willing and intentional

the people of earth are busy reinstating our Common Law


rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sure, they may continue to play along in the hope

There are international Common Law courts in action

we will play along with them, but the choice is now

and the (ITCCS) International Tribunal into Crimes of

ours to make. A new framework for social governance

Church and State, are hard at work bringing in justice and

is now in effect; a fact that has been ratified by the

truth to our planet. I am not the only one doing this –

'legal' framework of its corporate-controlled predecessor.

there are thousands around the planet that are waking up

Systemically speaking, we are free.

and standing up in the name of freedom in many different

I am not saying that it is going to be an easy road, but it is plain for all to see that the system that was, has to go.

ways. The truth needs to be known, and it needs to be known as soon as possible.

It goes against every God-given right we have to freedom

So as informed global citizens, I believe our role is

and the essential need to take responsibility for ourselves

to understand what happened and how, so that we can

and learn right ways of living and being.

inform others – and finally start the process of worldwide

So I did have to face the 'old' still acting out, as

change we've all been waiting for. O

seven big burly policemen arrived at about 8.30 in the evening recently, uninvited at my home, with a warrant

Visit http://theascensiontimes.com for more.



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living light ODYSSEY 40 • 


In this extract from his book Hildegard of Bingen: A Saint for our Times, Matthew Fox introduces us to this herald of the divine feminine, green prophet and church reformer.


ne of the greatest honours a person can receive in the Roman Catholic Church is to be declared not only

a saint, but also a Doctor of the Church. The Canonisation of Hildegard of Bingen in October, 2012, by Pope Benedict XVI, is a landmark in more ways than one. Not only is she only the fourth woman in history to be declared a Doctor of the Church – joining the names of Catherine of Siena, St Teresa of Avila, and St Therese of Lisieux – but her recognition in this way seems ironic for many reasons. The rules of canonisation were radically altered under the papacy of John Paul II, when the role of the 'devil's advocate' was removed from the canonisation process. This opened the door to the possibility that practically anyone could qualify for canonisation if they had the financial backing and inside connections to see it through. Nevertheless, canonisation and the title of 'Doctor of the Church' do still carry some archetypal power. Hildegard's canonisation and elevation as a Doctor of the Church comes at a significant moment in the history of both our planet and the church. While canonisation may not be worth as much in itself these days, Hildegard's is fundamentally different. She is what we expect a saint to be: a mover and a shaker, a force to be dealt with not only in her day but also in ours, a bold and courageous human being to be listened to and emulated. Hildegard's message is remarkably on target for our era – over eight centuries after her passing. In this 21st century, when time is running out for our species unless we make drastic changes to how we function on this planet, Hildegard's voice is sorely needed, for she Image: http://catholicexchange.com

speaks to the core issues that are ushering us



I heard a voice speaking to me: 'The young woman whom you see is Love. She has her tent in eternity. It was love which was the source of this creation in the beginning when God said: 'Let it be.' And it was. As though in the blinking of an eye, the whole creation was formed through love. The young woman is radiant in such a clear, lightning-like brilliance of countenance that you can't fully look at her. She holds the sun and moon in her right hand and embraces them tenderly. The whole of creation calls this maiden 'Lady.' For it was from her that all of creation proceeded, since Love was the first. She made everything. Love was in eternity and brought forth, in the beginning of all holiness, all creatures without any admixture of evil. Adam and Eve, as well were produced by love from the pure nature of the Earth. - Hildegard

down the path to oblivion. In the first place, Hildegard calls for a marriage of science and spirituality. For religion and the secular sciences to be sundered as they currently are is a blunder of immense proportions on the part of our species – and with potentially dire consequences. Hildegard calls upon us to employ our intellect, which she names 'our greatest treasure', as well as our mystical intuition. She calls for a move from a mere quest for knowledge, with the power it bestows, to a revival of wisdom. She calls for an awakening of the kind of creativity she refers to as 'greening power', leading to an honouring of Mother Earth and the return of the Green Man to replace the destruction of the environment that's occurring apace in our technologically- and industrially-oriented era. The term 'Green Man' refers to an archetype that underscores the deep relationship between the human and the plant world, the human and the natural world. At a time when traditionally the most loyal followers of Catholicism – the sisters of the church – are being chastised by the Vatican for their involvement in issues of social justice, the environment, the assertion of the feminine voice and viewpoint, and the freedom to make one's own choices of conscience before God rather than mindlessly bowing to the will of an all-male ecclesia, Hildegard calls for the emergence of the Divine Feminine to balance a healthy Sacred Masculine. When those who seek nothing more than to be the church, recognising that the church isn't only the Vatican, the princes of the church, and the bishops, but every member of the church – a truth articulated by the Second Vatican Council – Hildegard calls upon us to find the 'strength' that spiritual warriors all require. The Second Vatican Council was a worldwide gathering of bishops and theologians called by Pope John XXIII in 1962 to 'open the windows' of the Catholic Church and bring about a religious reform and awakening by rehabilitating some of its most progressive thinkers who had been sidelined for decades by too much legalism in the church. One of its declarations was that the church is 'the people of God,' not just the hierarchy. It is in the spirit of Vatican II that Hildegard stresses that it isn't only the leadership, but the rank and file who are called to be the church. Being the warrior that she is, Hildegard stands up to corruption and patriarchy wherever she sees it – in religion, in government, in all places of power – and she invites us to do the same. She is a woman for our time, a teacher for our time, a Doctor and a saint for our time. Is it not remarkable that, at this moment when the Vatican seeks to silence the nuns and the theologians who want only to fulfill the work given to them by Vatican II, a woman whom the church has been largely silent about all these centuries is now brought to the fore as an example of sainthood – a woman whose teaching and preaching (yes, she was allowed to preach) is a virtual earthquake to the establishment today, as it was in her own time? Even today, despite all our progress, denial of the feminine is so pervasive that anthropologist Glenn Hughes says a male terror of women is woven into every institution. It's this denial of the feminine that's destroying the ecosphere. Mother Earth, like her human daughters, has become an object to be used. Such patriarchal excess is found in all fundamentalism, whether the Vatican, the Taliban, or Pat Robertson.



In our time the Divine Feminine is returning in the awakening of women the world over to their rights, as well as to their common suffering and abuse, no less than in the many experiences believers and non-believers alike are undergoing with visitations from the Black Madonna, for example. Or the return of Sophia, Wisdom, and the role of the Brown Madonna – the Lady of Guadalupe – and other archetypes of the Divine Feminine that are also coming alive in appeals to defend Gaia, our Earth Mother, after centuries of rape and plunder. Hildegard understood the importance of the restoration of women's deeply buried, culturally obscured feminine wisdom. She recognised that when women come into their own, there will be an end to the power – over dynamics that have blighted the planet. Only the integration of a healthy Sacred Masculine and a resurrected Divine Feminine can save us from our destructive ways. In line with this insight, Hildegard asks us to love our bodies – indeed, to love life itself, which she equates with God. Her theology is built on experience of the divine, which is to say on mysticism. The experience she most espouses is that of God in creation – in other words the Cosmic Christ, which is the God – presence in every being in the universe – and/or 'Lady Wisdom'. She calls for an expansion of consciousness that a renewed cosmology can bring and asks that we look not just at human agendas but also at the universe itself for delight, warmth, and rules to live by. In short, Hildegard is a timely herald of good news to the tired souls of the earth, resurrected from obscurity against all odds in light of the patriarchal crackdown of the present Vatican – surely testimony to the work of the Spirit

One of Hildegard's special teachings is that we are all born in 'original wisdom', to quote her words. But we are tiny babes in our mother's womb, and wisdom comes as a folded tent inside us. Life's journey consists of setting up this tent. Hildegard draws pictures of this, and the journey isn't easy. Our souls traverse valleys and mountains, ford rivers, and meet opposition all along the route. But Hildegard pictures the tent of wisdom eventually set up and angels warding off the dark forces that attack us still.

deep in the unconscious of humankind. Is it not a miracle that, when her voice is so needed, Hildegard speaks to us afresh despite almost nine centuries of virtual obscurity? I want to emphasise Hildegard's role as a 'herald'. Webster's dictionary defines the work of 'heralding' as 'to give notice of', 'to announce' or 'to greet with enthusiasm.' I believe Hildegard does all this as a herald of the Divine Feminine. She gives notice, announces, and greets with enthusiasm. In so doing, she points the way to an alternative to the fundamentalism that's raging the world over – from the Christian Bible belt to the fundamentalism in the Vatican, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and wherever patriarchy feels threatened. The late and great Christian monk Father Bede Griffiths, who directed an ashram in southern India that honoured both Hindu and Christian ways for over 50 years, wrote that 'the disastrous effects of Western industrialism, physical, social and psychological, polluting the world and threatening to destroy it are only too evident.' But the cause is 'due to a fundamental defect in Western man,' which is the excessive rationalism and masculine 'dominating power of the mind' that needs to be balanced by the feminine, intuitive, receptive power of the mind. Father Griffiths believed that the East has much to teach the West about regaining a balance of masculine/feminine, yang/yin energies. 'The suppression of women in the Church is but one of the many signs of this masculine domination. Reason has to be 'married' to intuition; it has to learn to surrender itself for the deeper intuitions of the spirit. These intuitions come,

Image: Hildegard's vision of man and the cosmos



as we have seen, from the presence of the Spirit in the

It's my conviction that behind the canonisation of

depths of the soul.' Hildegard takes us to these depths.

Hildegard and the declaration that she is now a 'Doctor of

She takes us beyond the domination of the rational

the Church' lies a deep and demanding truth – that if we

masculine, even while she praises the use of rationality

dare honor her, we ought also to listen to her with open

and intellect. In short, she takes us to a place where the

hearts and minds. For she calls us today to deep reform

Divine Feminine is welcomed once again.

of church corruption and spiritual 'lukewarmness,' to use

The purpose of this book is to make Hildegard's

her word. She also awakens us to the perils generated

message available, and to do so employing her words

by a culture still dominated by patriarchal structures and

as much as possible – for nothing touches so deeply

values – values that put profit and power for a few ahead

as Hildegard in her own words. In the course of writing

of the needs of all for healthy bodies, minds, spirits,

this book, something quite unexpected happened to

communities, and the planet itself. Structures that put

me (surprises often happen when I'm writing a book,

dominance ahead of partnership.

which means that one reason for my writing is to learn

Hildegard's main theme is that we should 'wake up.'

something new and be surprised). I realised how eager

This is every true spiritual teacher's main theme. For

Hildegard was to 'mix', a post-modern thing to do, and

instance, Jesus said, 'The kingdom of God is among

dialogue with contemporary thinkers such as Mary Oliver,

you,' which implies we better wake up and experience

Albert Einstein, Howard Thurman, Clarissa Pinkola Estes,

it. Buddha means 'the awakened one', and he invited

Dorothee Soelle, and other voices of wisdom – including,

everyone to be a 'light unto yourself'. Waking up is the

of course, Jesus and the Buddha. I'm happy to introduce

opposite of denial. Hildegard dares us to move beyond

Hildegard to these people. Her powerful work deserves to


be integrated with other movers and shakers whose work

One of Hildegard's special teachings is that we are all born in 'original wisdom', to quote her words. But we are

affects us all. Something happens when you read Hildegard. I know

tiny babes in our mother's womb, and wisdom comes as a

this because I've been living with her for over 30 years

folded tent inside us. Life's journey consists of setting up

and teaching her for more than 28 years. Something

this tent. Hildegard draws pictures of this, and the journey

also happens when you listen to Hildegard's music – and

isn't easy. Our souls traverse valleys and mountains,

even more so if you sing her music. Further, something

ford rivers, and meet opposition all along the route. But

happens when you meditate on her visions, her mandalas,

Hildegard pictures the tent of wisdom eventually set up

her paintings. I know because I've been touched deeply

and angels warding off the dark forces that attack us still.

by her words, her music, her paintings, and her story.

Hildegard derives her inspiration for this teaching

Recently, I conducted a retreat based on Hildegard's

from the Hebrew Bible, where we are told that Wisdom

work, and the energy released by those who came in

wandered the earth seeking where to set up her tent.

contact with her was both beautiful and powerful. Over the

John's Gospel tells us Wisdom set up her tent in Christ.

years of sharing her wisdom, I've listened to many stories

'Set it up here,' says Hildegard, 'in each and every soul,

of individuals who have been touched and awakened by

each and everyone's life journey.' We are born in wisdom,

Hildegard entering their life. There's an uncanny power

but it's our life's task to develop this wisdom and practice

in the beauty and strength – even the urgency of her

and put it to work. O

language and her teachings.

Hildegard of Bingen: A Saint for Our Times Matthew Fox Namaste Publishing 9 781 8972 3873 8 Matthew Fox wields his pen passionately, putting us in touch with the animating and reforming power of Hildegard as she urges us to 'wake up'. In the pages of this book, Hildegard’s teachings – and warnings – live again. By pointing out the injustices of her time, we recognise them as the same injustices of our time – only magnified. She warns us of the consequences of the mistreatment and marginalising of women, oppression of the poor and powerless, destruction of our environment, and the dangers of a patriarchal system run wild. Demanding reform of society’s institutions and social structures, Hildegard implores all of us to live in integrity with our espoused principles. She urges us to 'be useful', to nurture nature, to speak up against injustice wherever we find it, but also reminds us to sing, to dance, to be creative, and to celebrate life.



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How to Find Your Purpose

Caroline Myss on the Oprah Winfrey Show

The most beautiful discovery about archetypes is that they awaken you to synchronicity, to the signs, symbols, and meaningful coincidences that come into our lives and get our immediate attention. Heeding the blessings and warnings called out by these signs is deeply empowering. And with that, miracles are born in your life one by one by one. Cristina Carlino (left) inspired Caroline to write her book, Archetypes: Who Are You? 



Medical intuitive and mystic, Caroline Myss (pictured opposite), is the author of many best-selling books, including five NY Times Best Sellers, has appeared on the The Oprah Winfrey Show, and has hosted her own TV show exploring the 'spiritual and psychological roadblocks of life in an intimate setting'. Her latest book is called Archetypes: Who Are You? The following article is an extract from the book.


have long believed that it is impossible for us to know

to a wider audience would be transformational. Together,

who we truly are unless we understand archetypes

Archetypes: Who Are You? and the website www. ArchetypeMe.com offer an interactive vessel for stepping into the power of your archetypes and using their magnetism to assist you in opening to the full expression of your life. The time has come for our society to make a quantum leap in awareness and acknowledge the central role of intuition. Archetypes are the vocabulary of intuition, and the more familiar we are with archetypes, the more clearly we will resonate with our own intuition. Archetypes speak to us in a language of myths and symbols, perfectly suited to a society that has become fluent in high-tech code, instant messages, and Twitter-speak. The only difference is that archetypes originate in our cosmic intelligence and not in our technical awareness. But it was inevitable that one day our rational intellect would find a way to engage with our intuitive intelligence, and through the medium of archetypes, it has. Archetypes are the keys to our personal power. I have witnessed dramatic changes when people awaken to this power. More than once, I have seen them come

and, more specifically, our own personal archetypes,

because archetypes are the psychic lenses through which we view ourselves and the world around us. As a society we have been on a quest to understand how we function psychologically, what makes us the way we are, and what makes us heal. These questions have awakened a need in us to not only be aware that archetypes influence us but how they express themselves in our individual lives. Archetypes are the new language of power. I was well into the writing of a different book when Cristina Carlino asked me to drop what I was doing and write this book, as well as contribute to the website she was developing. Cristina described her vision of networks of people – Arch-e-mates, she called them – linking up with one another through their archetypal patterns. She saw endless possibilities in how people could improve their health, their relationships, their overall well-being – their whole world – if they could grasp the true essence of who they were. I didn’t hesitate to agree to Cristina’s proposal, as I knew that making this material available




Archetypes speak to us in a language of myths and symbols, perfectly suited to a society that has become fluent in high-tech code, instant messages, and Twitter-speak.

to the realisation that their need for time alone was not

their hands. I was amazed, as I had thought that the

because they are antisocial but because they have the

victorious Warrior story was more a woman’s fantasy

Hermit archetype, which compels them to seek silence

than a man’s. But that day I realised that many men find

and solitude in order to sustain their spirit. I have

it sexy to imagine themselves as modern-day warriors

watched other people discover that they have a passion

like the Navy SEALs.

to be in nature not because they want to get out of the

By the time I discussed the Healer and Hermit

city but because they identify with the Nature Child, an

archetypes, audience members were no longer asking

archetypal expression of the soul of the natural world.

questions about archetypes in general but rather 'What

Upon discovering which archetypes are guiding your life,

are my archetypes?' and 'How do I identify my archetypal

you step into the core of your being, perhaps for the first

patterns?' The atmosphere in the room was electric,

time. It’s as if you have finally put on the clothing you

sparking with a level of curiosity I had never before

were destined to wear.

experienced in an audience. They would have stayed all

Though I firmly believe that the language of

Later, over dinner with friends, I could not stop

was a time not so long ago when I wasn't so sure. The

talking about the explosion of enthusiasm in that room.

day I gave my first lecture on the subject, I worried

No other subject I had ever taught had elicited such a

that I might not be able to communicate clearly that

response. What was it about archetypes that triggered

archetypes are universal patterns of power emerging

that reaction? As I thought about it more, the answer

from our myths and beliefs, and that these myths and

seemed obvious: archetypal patterns hold the key to

beliefs, in turn, invisibly weave their influential threads

the real you.

I was doubly hesitant about speaking because I knew that the field of archetypes came with its own vocabulary, one associated with the inner realm of

By identifying and exploring your own archetypal patterns, you come to understand your true self. Archetypes have always been the engine of the

information that is introduced as 'powerful but invisible'

human unconscious, but you could live your whole life

generally doesn’t stand a chance of gaining much

and not know that.

But much to my surprise, I discovered that a

Archetypal patterns are like a door into a hidden realm, a parallel reality. Discovering this parallel reality in

few simple examples of easily recognised archetypes

which archetypes reside and learning

immediately created the bridge I needed between the

about your particular archetypes is a

literal world in which we live and the mythic or symbolic

way of meeting yourself, perhaps for

world that is the power zone of the archetypes. I asked

the first time.

the women in the audience, 'How many of you always

My hope is that you will find this

knew you were going to be mothers?' A majority of

inner journey as life changing as I

them raised their hands. I then asked, 'How did you

have. O

know that?' Most just shrugged their shoulders as if

We have two copies of Archetypes to give away. Click here to enter. Entries close 30 April 2013.

to say, 'I just knew it because that’s who I am, and that’s what I was meant to do – be a Mother.' Then I asked the audience, 'How many of you are natural-born Adventurers?' Several men raised their hands, along with a few women. 'And how many of you would consider yourselves Warriors?' I asked. Even more men raised


They somehow know more about you than you know about yourself.

the psyche. For our rational, logical, scientific society,



night in that lecture hall if I had let them.

archetypes is becoming our next new language, there

into the way we view every aspect of our lives.



Archetypes: Who Are You? (ISBN 978 1 4019 4108 6) is published by Hay House, www.hayhouse.co.za.

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The Mother Archetype The Queen/Executive/Mother archetype has existed in one form or another since human beings first organised themselves into hierarchical roles.

the Queen


his is an archetype with an inherited destiny: a Queen’s title is bestowed upon her – hence, the word entitled – and her power is not personal power but power 'on loan', granted by the state. Kings and Queens are symbolic carriers of the collective power of the people they

rule, and your life journey, if this is one of your key archetypes, is about learning to be responsible for the well-being of others.

Characteristics You take charge of situations for the sake of

You work hard to uphold your character and

achieving maximum results.


You make things happen for other people.

You naturally end up in positions of power and

Empowering others is your finest achievement.

authority, even when you don’t actively seek them.

You are direct in dealing with others and let

You can be intimidating to people who are

people know what you expect of them.

trying to get close to you.

You absolutely must look your best at all times.

You command centre stage without trying,

You pour your energy into worthwhile causes.

wherever you are.

You’re never just a figurehead.

You have a demanding job that puts you in the

You use your influence to make a difference in

public eye.

people’s lives.

You may not give orders but, no question, you’re the person in charge.

Remember that what makes you an archetypal Queen is not riches or palaces or commanding a nation but the capacity to make life better for others through your generosity. A true Queen is a positive change agent in her world. You can be as much a Queen at home with your partner as you are in running a business. It isn’t the setting that makes you a Queen. You bring your Queen into whatever room or situation you enter. So if you have the Queen archetype, make the most of the Queen in you.



Sean Davison & son Flynn Sean & Raine thank Archbishop Tutu for his support

Sean & his mom, Pat

Sean addressing Press Conference at UWC Pat and Fergus with a group of children in Gugulettu during the time of the referendum to decide whether to end apartheid Sean with supporters outside High Court in Dunedin



'Though I followed Sean Davison's story with interest as it was featured in the news after he was first charged in September 2010, it seemed too extreme a story to be directly relevant to my little life. Just how relevant it is was brought home to me last year by the death of a family friend who, suffering terribly from painful spinal cancer, ended his life by shooting himself.' Meredith Keegan reports.

An Act of


he chances of dying of some sort of cancer are

death. So often you see children or grown-up children with

high; one in four die of cancer in the United

their parent's urn of ashes on their mantelpieces, and they

States (if those statistics are anything to go by).

don't know what to do with it because their parents didn't

Though this is hardly the point. As Prof Sean Davison

give them instructions, and quite possibly they didn't even

says: 'It's not just cancer. If we live a full life, we're all

tell them whether they want to be buried or cremated. We

going to get to this very elderly stage. Your life may

don't talk about these kinds of things, and these are very

become unpleasant for many reasons as you get older.

simple issues. Of course, there are much more complex

You may lose the ability to walk, and taste, and read, and

issues we don't get anywhere near to talking about, such

the pleasures in life are going to get fewer and fewer, and

as what to do in the case of those with Alzheimers, or

there could be some kind of disease. Eventually we are

those on life support, or who are terminally ill and want

all going to die of something.' For many that 'something'

to die.' Interestingly, it has recently been reported that

may lead to horrendous suffering and the possibility of a

88% of South Africans (over a sample of 20 000 people)

prolonged, painful and undignified death – the kind we all

are in favour of the law changing legalising euthanasia in

want to avoid. And yet, how often did you find yourself

terminally ill patients, whilst opinion polls in New Zealand

earnestly engaged in conversation about euthanasia

reported a 80% support for law change.

not being a legal option in South Africa before Professor

It is worth repeating here Prof Davison's experience,

Davison's story appeared in the papers? It may be that

even for those familiar with the facts. Sean Davison went

those who've chosen sides in the legalising euthanasia

on trial in November 2011 after being arrested in New

debate are frequently those who have lost a loved one

Zealand in September 2010 on an attempted murder

under circumstances as described above. For the rest

charge. In a leaked copy of an early manuscript of the

of us, who haven't witnessed and experienced the often

book, he admitted to giving his mother Patricia Ferguson,

painful, powerless and undignified suffering of a loved one

85, a lethal dose of morphine to help end her life. Davison

dying of a terminal illness, it might be a case of heads in

was cleared of attempted murder after agreeing to plead

the sand. Prof Davison says this is hardly surprising given

guilty to a lesser charge of assisted suicide and served

our Western culture; we are for the most part in denial

five months of home arrest in New Zealand. When he

about death. 'In the Western culture we don't talk about

addressed the press on landing in South Africa on the



Sean, Fergus and Pat – Kathmandu

Pat in her 20s The Davison family in Auckland 1965



May 3, 2012, the Cape Times reports him saying that 'I

after death, it's a progression forward, and you shouldn't

have no regrets about what I did to assist my mother to her

be going back. I think, maybe, attempting to go back could

death, because I did nothing wrong. I've done my sentence,

have a negative impact on your movement forward. So, I

but I committed no crime. In the same set of circumstances,

said, 'Please, don't stay back to contact me.' Maybe, these

I'd do exactly the same thing again, although I'd rather

little contacts are possible, and it's happening all the time

change the law, so nobody else has to go through what I

to many people. Often we don't see it, or we don't want

have. I'm not bitter. But I think it's very sad that the law finds

to see it. I was looking for it, I wanted to see it. I have no

me a criminal for an act of compassion.'

fears. Why be afraid of something that's going to happen,

I asked him if he had closure now having put this

because we're all going to die. I agree that at times I was

harrowing chapter of his life behind him and having written

desperate for guidance, and it was coming from nowhere.

and released his second book, After we say Goodbye and

Maybe, maybe, I was at the right place. Maybe, what

he says, 'I think in terms of losing a loved one, we don't

was happening was exactly right, I didn't need guidance.

ever find closure. Maybe, you've had similar experiences?

In many ways, a parent has achieved the ultimate goal

But, when you lose someone very close to you, they'll

when your children are totally independent and can make

always be with you. You don't get complete closure,

their own decisions, and part of life was to make the right

but you do eventually have acceptance and resignation

decisions. I believe I did make the right decision, and I

because you have to move on with life. You have children,

did it on my own without help. Maybe, mom felt she didn't

friends, you've got a purpose to life. Of the experience, the

need to guide me. I constantly have to say to you that I

drama, the trauma, yes, I do have closure, because I had

don't know the answers, and nobody really does. We're

no regrets about helping my mother to die, and certainly if

looking for answers. Yes, and, maybe, we find out on

I didn't, I would have had regrets.' I ask him if he believes

the other side. I believe we do, but again, I can't say we

in life after death and he says that he does, though he

do. Everything has to be qualified with "maybe" because

doesn't see himself as a religious person. 'In terms of

nobody really knows, unless they've been to the other side

after-life, I think if I hadn't helped her to die, there might

and come back.'

have been consequences on the other side. Life is all

Davison is an executive member of Dignity South

about improving yourself, and making right decisions, and

Africa, a pro-euthanasia organisation which campaigns to

especially compassionate decisions. If I had left my mother

change the law. The 2nd of May 2012 marked the launch of

to suffer it would have been a terrible decision, and would

a petition by DignitySA, which calls for a bill to be brought

certainly not have improved my karma.'

before Parliament to legalise assisted suicide in defined

I mentioned that the average Odyssey reader would

conditions. Upon arriving in South Africa after serving his

not have wasted any time in being in touch with a medium

home detention in his native New Zealand, he spoke to the

under similar circumstances, looking for reassurance and

press saying, 'I will continue to campaign for a law change.

guidance during the traumatic and confusing time of his

I believe there is a lot of support in South Africa – let's

arrest. I asked him if he had ever thought to contact his

find it. My case has linked South Africa to New Zealand

Mother in this way, to which he replied, 'My feeling was

and I hope if one country changes its laws, the other will

if she wanted to contact me, she would. I also kept in the

follow.' They have their work cut out for them as sites like

back of my mind (which my Mom and I had discussed)

Wikipedia point out: 'Efforts to change government policies

my saying to Mom: 'Don't try to contact me if it's going to

on euthanasia in the 20th century have met limited success

hold you back in some way in moving on.' I do believe that

in Western countries. As of 2012, euthanasia is only legal in

Self portrait of Pat Davison

Sean addressing the Press Club in CT

Sean arriving at Cape Town & met by his family

the three Benelux countries: the Netherlands, Belgium and

successful, leading to further prolonged and more traumatic

Luxembourg. Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland and in

suffering. Let's change the law. We believe it is a basic

the American states of Washington, Oregon and Montana.'

human right to die with dignity, and that those afflicted with

The DignitySA website (http://dignitysa.com) contains a

a terminal illness should be allowed the option to end his or

blog which features some of the daily correspondence

her life with assistance in order to preserve personal privacy

received from those seeking advice or wishing to share their

and dignity as well as alleviate suffering. DignitySA believes

stories, such as Debbie's here below:

that assisted dying should be legalised. Let's all have the

It is with devastated sadness that we share the news

right to die with dignity. It's a simple request.'

that my mother Debbie who was only just 53 years of age,

I will never know if my father's friend might have chosen

took her life yesterday due to her being in final stages of

a different way of dying had he had the option. He was a

Motor Neurons disease. She was in pain and discomfort

gentle person for whom violence was not the way in any

that no amount of love was able to take away or minimise

situation, so it's tragic that in his life (which towards the end

and over the past few days she had gotten to the point of

had become a life sentence) he had only a violent option

not even being able to enjoy a simple cup of coffee or soup

to choose from in escaping prolonged painful suffering. O

because she was battling to swallow. She was not getting enough oxygen and was starting to fall a lot. She chose to spare us all the pain of watching her die and bravely took

ABOUT Dignity SA

her life by jumping off a building yesterday afternoon. It is

DignitySA has a three stage plan to seek a law change to allow for assisted dying. The first stage was the drafting of the policy document by Prof Landman which serves as a blueprint for the law change. The second stage, which is currently underway, is encouraging public discussion on the issue. The third stage is to take a bill to parliament. Your support and involvement would be most appreciated and can take various forms. Visit http://dignitysa.com and see how you can assist.

totally inhumane that someone should have to choose to end their life in that manner. DignitySA has a firm supporter in me. DignitySA comment: This is a tragic story that should never have happened. Statistics show that in countries where assisted dying is legal, there is a dramatic drop in the number of elderly suicides and attempted suicides. This suggests that a person suffering an undignified decline is more likely to hold on and die a natural death if they know they have the option of assisted dying. In our interview Sean adds that elderly suicides are very common, but like death, seldom spoken about. 'We know from statistics that the elderly are two to three times more likely to die from suicides compared to younger people, but at the same time, they estimate that 40% are unreported, because we have the silent suicides where elderly people purposefully stop eating or stop taking their medication, or "have accidents". Another huge sadness is that it is often

Click on these books by Sean Davison for more info

very difficult to commit suicide when you are suffering to the extent that some are when they decide they'd rather die than carry on suffering. Often these attempts are not



what happens when we  'die'



The Afterlife Investigations, Pt 1 Rupert Sheldrake



NDEs near death experiences A growing body of studies has shown that what was once thought of as the infrequent result of a person on the brink of death having huge amounts of calming and 'feel-good' neuro-chemicals released into their brain is a completely inadequate explanation for an extraordinary and highly significant experience. Firstly, the number of recorded near death experiences (NDEs) is anything but infrequent – indeed there are many hundreds of thousands now on record from around the world. Nor can this vast number of NDEs be conveniently written off as the result of neuro-chemicals released by a dying brain. We look at what science has revealed about what happens as we die.







and the original of his Lancet article.

peer-reviewed journal The Lancet published

Almost universally, his patients who had had NDEs

a study of near-death experiences by Dutch

had very similar experiences. Whatever had transpired

cardiologist Pim van Lommel, he had no idea of the storm

prior to their heart stopping was of little import. These

of controversy it would unleash.

people generally reported that they were floating outside

For one thing, The Lancet isn't known for publishing

their bodies, looking down at broken flesh in a car

this sort of research which might otherwise be expected

accident or at emergency personnel desperately working

in the pages of some 'fringe' scientific journal reporting

to revive them, either in hospital or wherever they had

studies, perhaps, on 'paranormal' phenomena.

had their heart-attack, accident or whatever had caused

But the 2001 report made it past The Lancet's usually

them to be on the very brink of leaving this world. Many

notoriously conservative editorial review panel – perhaps

reporting seeing and understanding what was being

because never before had such a systematic study been

done to help them – and some came back to report,

conducted into the experiences of people who were

to the befuddlement of their conventionally-minded

declared dead (at least for a time) and then 'came back to life'. The study was also a


clear illustration of how these people's stories


– written off by most mainstream scientists as





hallucinations and all, in any case, 'anecdotal',


which is the scientific way of putting aside

of family

personal experiences in order not to have to deal with them – could and did affect a huge number of people's way of thinking about life and death. Van Lommel, 63, began his ground-breaking work some 35 years ago, working as a

or loved

anything, let alone record fine details of medical procedures and, in some cases, conversations that took place well away from the scene of the resuscitation efforts being made on their behalf. Many saw an opening into a realm of

had passed

down a tunnel of light. Frequently, there

on before

one day encountered a patient who was bold

waiting to greet

told of her near-death experience and he was

them. They

immediately fascinated. It wasn't until years

would enter

later, however, as he read the book Return from

supposedly in no state at all to remember

light, or saw and felt themselves travelling


not for fear of scorn or embarrassment. She

what was done to them while they were

ones that

physician's assistant in a hospital. There he enough to speak up when many others would

doctors, what had been happening and

were members of family or loved ones that had passed on before them, waiting to greet them. They would enter various types of realms, some mainly light in beautiful arrays and hues unseen to the living eye. Other realms were very similar to a beautiful scene on the earth plane, but more brilliant and gorgeous than any they

had ever laid eyes on before. Everything various was infused with an inner light, including Tomorrow in which American Dr George Ritchie types of the beings they were interacting with. They describes his own near-death experience in felt warm (though not necessarily being detail, that Van Lommel wondered how many realms. aware of a body as such), comfortable, people had had similar experiences. utterly accepted without any judgement at all. Some He decided to ask all his patients (who had had a met what were obviously highly advanced beings, often temporary period of no heart or brain function) whether identified with their particular belief system. So some they remembered anything that had happened during Christians met Jesus; some of the Jewish faith met with their period of being technically 'dead', or very close to it. figures from the Old Testament like Abraham, Moses The answer was usually 'no' but sometimes 'why?' When he heard the latter, he knew he was onto or some or other prophet, some of Islamic faith met something. Initially he gathered stories from 12 patients Mohammed. Others, either agnostics or atheists, still met – enough to indicate that he was investigating a real amazing beings but had no particular idea who they were. phenomenon. And like those who had journeyed down What all had in common was a radiant light that came this lonely scientific road before him, he found the stories from them with a powerful sense of all-knowing wisdom, compelling, extraordinarily similar in overall pattern and that including a complete acceptance of the person yet highly detailed and personalised. Those stories were undergoing the NDE. the beginning of what became a decades-long study – Many were then either shown scenes from their lives



or understood, without the use


They feel free of the pressing

of words, that what they were

concerns of earthly existence that

experiencing was a reminder of

obsess most of us most of the

what is real after this physical


life ends and that they had to

So who wouldn't want such an

return to finish duties undertaken

experience? 'It sounds fantastic,'

and agreed to before they had

Van Lommel has admitted. Some

entered the life they had been

of his critics say that's exactly why

living. Almost every single NDE

NDE experiencers have had the

report is accompanied by a sense of a much greater spirituality on the part of the person that went through the experience – though

Consciousness Beyond Life

Mel Van Dusen interviews renowned cardiologist Pim van Lommel about his research into NDEs

not necessarily a more strictly



that this is obviously a circular argument, it completely fails to address the issues raised, namely that somehow consciousness and

religious point of view – and a loss of the fear of death.

brain function are not so tightly bound to one another as

The vast majority report being calmer, more centred in

may have been believed.

their being and far more relaxed about dealing with both

But despite the beauty of their experiences, not

life and death in a balanced manner, knowing that in the

everything is easily dealt with by NDE returnees. When

end, all will indeed be well, even in death.

some people 'come back', they often find themselves in

And the reports remain highly consistent, regardless

a lot of pain, in a profoundly damaged body and feel like

of where on the planet they took place, in which

they've gone from being imprisoned, to being free, back

culture, whatever the level of education and/or religious

to being imprisoned again. And it can take years before

expectation of the person having the experience.

they are able or have the courage to integrate the insights

The only explanation offered by mainstream science

they've gained into their everyday life. Some never want

to this huge body of recorded NDEs that fits with the

to speak about their experiences because they fear

known facts is that these people all experienced a

criticism from loved ones and friends, or perhaps because

massive release of 'feel-good' neuro-chemicals as their

there's some sort of conflict between their experience and

oxygen-deprived brains began to die. Putting aside

what their religion or culture teaches.

the relative uselessness, in purely Darwinian terms, of

Still, a majority of people who have had an NDE

evolving such a 'protection' mechanism (the individual is,

describe it with words like 'magnificent', 'extraordinary'

after all, in most cases dying, so what's the point – and

'wonderful' 'amazing' and, most frequently 'the most

how would such an adaptation be passed on anyway since

important, life-changing thing that has ever happened

the person with it is dying and will have had no chance

to me'. Almost all say that whatever the problems their

to pass on the relevant genes?), the neuro-chemical

experience has brought them – in some cases quite a lot

argument simply doesn't work because in many cases

of fear of rejection – it has enriched their lives.

the parts of the brain that would be able to record the

According to Van Lommel and other researchers, the

intensely detailed NDE descriptions were not working at

most important and enduring thing people are left with is

the time of the incident.

that they are no longer afraid of death since they know

And, finally, those who have NDEs simply scoff at or


experience. Again, putting aside

that their consciousness lived on.

ignore what hardcore materialist scientists have to say on

One of the best things that has come out of the

the subject since, in their view, they simply know better.

research is that these experiences are pretty well

They feel connected and supported – not just some of

standard – regardless of what one believes while alive.

the time but always, even in very difficult circumstances.

Atheists are just as likely to have them as intensely

They grasp how the universe works, even if it makes no

religious believers are.

sense to anyone else; often on return from their NDE they

On average, researchers have found between 10

lose the fine details of this understanding but retain the

and 20% of people who have had one or more of

general sense that things always make sense, even if we

the signs of clinical death – including no heartbeat or

don't understand why at the time. They have experienced

pulse, no higher or even mid-brain brainwave activity,

unconditional love, and this has changed them forever.

dilated pupils, no response to any external stimuli –

to change due to the shortage of oxygen. After 15 seconds

figure may be conservative and

there is a straight, flat line and

rather lower than the real number


because so many people still have

cerebral cortex has disappeared

personal, religious, social or other

completely. We cannot measure

reasons for not admitting to their experiences. Van Lommel and the other NDE researchers have found that

frequently their patients have such


experiences while their brains

Image: blog.adw.org

report an NDE. The growing belief among researchers is that this




the brain stem, but testing on animals has demonstrated that activity has ceased there as well. Moreover, you can prove

Some met what were obviously highly advanced beings, often identified with their particular belief system.

register no activity. But that's


that the brain stem is no longer functioning because it regulates our basic reflexes, such as the pupil response and swallowing

impossible, according to the current level of medical

reflex, which no longer respond. So you can easily stick a

knowledge. So, medical science, as classically interpreted,

tube down someone's throat. The respiratory centre also

has a real problem when it comes to NDEs, out of body

shuts down. If the individual is not reanimated within five

experiences of other types and the whole complex issue

to 10 minutes, their brain cells are irreversibly damaged.'

of consciousness itself as a phenomenon.

He is fully aware that his findings on consciousness fly

Because most scientists believe that consciousness

in the face of orthodox scientific thinking. And that is why

occurs in the brain, and purely as a function of brain

it is so remarkable that an authoritative science journal

activities (that is, neurons firing and triggering one another

like The Lancet was willing to publish his article at all,

in batches to also fire, thereby creating discernable

though not without a struggle – it took months before it

patterns of reactions to stimuli) this creates a mystery:

was given the green light for publication.

how can people experience consciousness while they are

In the end Van Lommel – as others before him – came

unconscious during a cardiac arrest (in other words, while

to the conclusion that consciousness and brain function,

they are experiencing a temporary but very real clinical

while inter-related during life, are not fundamentally

death, often with little to no brain activity going on)?

tied to one another. It is a conclusion of such profound

Van Lommel, and those who have researched all this

importance that it stands to turn almost the entirety

before him, have come to a profound spiritual realisation

of much of the world's views of life and death on their

in themselves, even without having necessarily had their

heads. He contends that the brain does not produce

own NDE: 'At that moment people are not only conscious;

consciousness or store memories, as is commonly

their consciousness is even more expansive than ever.

supposed. He points out that American computer science

They can think extremely clearly, have memories going

expert Simon Berkovich and Dutch brain researcher

back to their earliest childhood and experience an intense

Herms Romijn, working independently of one another,

connection with everything and everyone around them.

came to the same conclusion: that it is impossible for

And yet the brain shows no activity at all,' he told one

the brain to store everything you think and experience


in your life. This would require a processing speed far

Inevitably, the whole field of NDE research has raised

beyond our current abilities. Simply watching an hour

some very difficult question like: 'What is consciousness

of television would already be almost too much for our

and where is it located? What is my identity? Who is doing

brains to absorb, process and store. If the conventional

the observing when I see my body down on the operating

picture were true, even with billion of neurons to process

table? What is life? What is death?'

and store data, our brains would very early on in life be

Despite the obvious weaknesses and inadequacies

'full', like an overloaded computer hard-drive. Memory

of the conventionalists' arguments, some hardliners

and consciousness, Van Lommel and fellow-travelling

continue to assert that these experiences must happen at

consciousness investigators say, just don't work that

a time when there is still 'some' brain function going on.

way. Anatomically and functionally, it is simply impossible

Van Lommel is unphased: 'When the heart stops beating,

for the brain to have the requisite level of speed,

blood flow stops within a second,' he is quoted as saying.

interconnectedness and other attributes for them to work

'Then, six or seven seconds later, EEG activity starts

in the way usually thought to be the case.






Image: lifeafterdeathvideos.blogspot.com

Rather than a data capture and


is, they say, much more like a receiver




information – very similar to a TV set or radio that tunes into

specific electromagnetic waves and converts them into images and/or sounds. Our waking consciousness, the consciousness we have during our daily activities reduces all the information there is to a

Some felt warm (though not necessarily being aware of a body as such), comfortable, utterly accepted without any judgement at all.

single truth that we experience



By means of this collective information field, we are not only connected to our own information, but also that of others and even the information from the past and future. Van Lommel points out that he and others found a particularly troubling significant

aspect number






reported not only seeing and knowing about events from the past (to which they had no direct access) but also events in the

as 'reality'. But it is only an analogue to 'actual reality', a

future. This, for scientists, is perhaps one of the hardest

sort of compressed, summarised and bundled set of data

aspects of NDEs to explain. But if one accepts the notion of

that is stored in a highly simplified form, much in the way

a field of knowledge that is somehow timeless, and which

computer programs can compress, store, recall and send

can be accessed in out of body states, including NDEs,

images using compression and encryption systems. During

it makes much more sense – including many historical

NDEs, however, people are not limited to their bodies or

instances from Nostradamus through Edgar Cayce and

their waking consciousness, which means they experience

many other 'seers' who had some apparent insight into

many more realities – or much more of reality, depending

the future. Van Lommel says that he suspects this is also

on how you look at it.

the way déjà vu works.

According to Van Lommel, NDEs can only be explained

But how does this all work? Simple, says Van Lommel:

if you assume that consciousness, along with all our

DNA. He believes what science refers to as our 'junk' DNA

experiences and memories, is somehow located outside

(the 90% or more of our DNA which genetic researches

the brain. But to the exact where and how of this, he is

believe are 'leftovers' of past genetic variations that no

admittedly only offering educated guesses. He suspects,

longer serve a purpose) works like a highly tuned and

he says, that there is a dimension where this information

specific receptor mechanism, a kind of simultaneous

is stored – a kind of collective consciousness we tune into

translator between the information fields and the organism.

to gain access to our identity and our memories. If he is

This idea that DNA works as a receptor mechanism to

right, it explains a great many things, from references to

attune people to their specific consciousness fields sheds

the so-called Akashic record (a sort of universal record of

new light on a key issue which has troubled another

everything that's ever happened to anyone anywhere),

medical discipline, that of organ transplantation in which

through ghosting, mediumship and a range of other

there are cases where people who've received others'

supposedly 'paranormal' abilities and capacities which

hearts and other key organs report that they have started

human beings have known about and experienced since

to have memories which are not their own but which turn

the beginning of time.

out to correlate with events in the lives of those whose

Jung had some sense of this 'field or realm of

organs they have received. This is why some organ donor

knowing' in referring to the collective unconscious, but

recipients develop radically different desires, lifestyles and

Rupert Sheldrake has more recently given it a stronger

outlooks after an organ transplant as compared to their

science-based underpinning with the development of his

pre-transplant personality profiles.

idea of morphic resonance. In short, the idea is that when

Despite the complete lack of judgement coming at

there is a sufficient experience in base (in individuals) that

people who find themselves experiencing an NDE, whether

essence of that experience becomes available knowledge

in the presence of a highly evolved spiritual being or not,

to all members of a given species. While controversial in

there is one thing that cannot be avoided: facing what one

its own way, this take on how consciousness works – and

has done in life. People see their lives 'flash' before them

is used by not only humans but other species – is entirely

at the time of death, but almost in 'real time', and they

consistent with what NDE researchers have discovered

feel and experience the effects of their actions on others.

about consciousness.

This gives deep insight into the consequences of their

Image: www.libertariannews.org

What all NDE experiencers had in common was a radiant light that came from them with a powerful sense of all-knowing wisdom.

rvana i N




a Of Pe


Rather than a data capture and recall devise, the brain is, they say, much more like a receiver and transmitter.

thoughts, words and deeds on themselves and others, making it seem, in this understanding, that every thought we have or action we take is a form of energy that continues to exist forever. People who have experienced such a 'life review' say it's not so much about what you do as the intention behind it. It is reported as an extremely intense experience – but can be summarised by the modern interpretation of karma, which is that that everything that 'goes around comes around'. No one avoids the consequences of their thoughts or actions. That's very confrontational, says Van Lommel, with some people discovering there are some things they can never put right. Others come back and immediately start calling people to apologise for something they did many years before. So is there a classical 'Last Judgement' after all? Van Lommel believes not, because no-one is judged, except possibly by themselves. More usually, it's an insight experience to see fully and understand completely the consequences of your way of being in the world. Most people go through this flashback in the presence of a 'being of light'. That being is entirely loving, absolutely accepting, without judgement, but has complete insight. This 'life review' as it has often been called changes people's understanding of their lives as they have lived them – and of life as a whole, usually. They tend, afterwards, to adopt other values which could loosely be described as being more 'spiritual' and involving more insight and compassion for others. They also tend to feel they are one with nature and the planet. There is no longer any significant difference between themselves and others. Important things tend not to be about power, appearance, nice cars, clothes, a beautiful body and such external and material considerations. Life, instead, is about completely different things for NDE survivors: love for yourself, for nature, for the creatures of the world and for your fellow human beings. The implications of all this are very significant: if even thoughts have a real consequence, positive or negative, then we need to be much more careful about what we think, let alone what we do about those thoughts. The good news for those who haven't had an NDE is that you don't have to have one to learn what they have to teach us. The Merkawah Foundation in the Hague, the Dutch department for the International Association for Near-Death Studies, offers information and guidance to Dutch people who have had near-death experiences. No doubt, they help others as well. O Resources: www.iands.org

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Once virtually everyone alive believed in some form of afterlife, be it Valhalla, Elysium, Heaven or Hell. These days, fewer and fewer people – at least by proportion of population in developed nations – do. This is because of the rise over the last few centuries of scientific rationalism. Ironically, though, the scientific evidence for life after (or even before) death is mounting. And some of the leading proponents are coming from the heart of the scientific community. We take a closer look.

What Happens

after life Pictured: Neurosurgeon and author, Eben Alexander, tells the world of his remarkable experience after being in a coma for a week.





t's hard to argue with a leading Harvard neurosurgeon when he talks about the relationship between the brain and consciousness. Not only has someone with

such an esteemed training and credentials have authority on his side, in the case of Dr Eben Alexander, he also has over 20 years experience of cutting, slicing and ferreting around in people's brains to back him up. The problem for reductionist mechanists – especially those in the medical fraternity – is that Dr Alexander, of the University of Virginia, has switched ranks. No longer does he believe, as once he fervently did, that there can be no consciousness without a functioning brain within

A bumpy road to Heaven Dr Eben Alexander

which or from which consciousness emerges. Indeed, he now believes, even more fervently than he held his previous hard rationalist position, that consciousness does exist separate to the brain from which it has apparently sprung. The reason for that profound change in belief is that he had an intense and vividly recalled near death experience (NDE) as he lay on the very doorstep of

'For seven days, I lay in a deep coma,' he recalled.

'For seven days, I lay in a deep coma,' Dr Eben Alexander

death for a week in a meningitis-induced

recalled. Yet at

coma, during which time, according to the

the same time,

real-time EEG readouts from the machines hooked up to his head, he had no higher

even as the

Yet at the same time, even as the brain monitors showed no high brain-function whatsoever, he 'journeyed to another, larger dimension of the universe, a dimension I'd never dreamed existed'. So the question was how to explain to himself – let alone his fellow scientists and neuroscience colleagues – what had happened. He tried for some time to do just that. Working from existing brain function models, he tried theory after theory on how he could have formed

neural activity whatsoever, with his entire

brain monitors

brain encased in, and choked with, the


intensely felt highly complex out-of-body

no high


pus caused by his infection. That was in late 2008. When he recovered, which was itself somewhat more than unusual by the standards of what outcome one might expect from so extensive and potentially








had by

virtue of the unarguable evidence of the brain-monitoring equipment to which he

whatsoever, he

was hooked up the whole time, his higher

'journeyed to

brain functions simply were non-existent. In the end, no matter which model

damaging an infection, Dr Alexander had

another, larger

a major life-changing problem. It was that

of brain function he tried, including some

dimension of

novel ideas of his own, he could not make

amorphous and hard-to-describe sense of

the universe, a

the conventional picture of the dying brain

well-being as his shut-down brain oozed

dimension I'd

morphine-like endorphins. That is what

never dreamed

he had not had some vaguely recalled,

you'd expect if you believe the explanation offered by most neuroscientists trying to


argue away the many millions of reported NDEs now on record. Instead, like so many others who

have had an NDE, Dr Alexander felt his experience was not merely real, but hyper-real – in the way that ordinary consciousness feels more real than any dream one may awaken from. His long sojourn on the borders of death felt more intensely 'real' to him after his illness than any waking experience he had ever had.

producing feel-good and hallucinatoryinducing chemicals work. That is because conventional brain theories simply cannot explain what had happened to him and so many others. Modern medicine is very powerful,

especially in dramatic life-and-death situations arising from trauma or accident. Many people are pulled back from the brink of death through a range of interventions, including antibiotics, emergency surgery, cardio electro-stimulation and an assortment of powerful drugs. Consistently, in cultures where talking about such things is increasingly tolerated, between 10 and 20% of all such resuscitations



From left: Neurosurgeon, Dr Eben Alexander on consciousness after death • Dr Alexander appears on Oprah

leave the survivors with an NDE. It has been known for at least two to three decades



jolt got their heart going again.

by a growing body of NDE researchers, from Raymond

But it didn't cover the much greater portion of

Moody to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and many others, that

the 'beyond the body' experiences so frequently and

something extraordinary happens to people who have

consistently reported. The fall-back argument that the

technically crossed the boundary between life and death

rest of the NDE generic experience, as explained by most

because their heart has stopped or their brain function

neuroscientists, relied on endorphins and other feel-good

ceased, sometimes for extended periods well beyond the

chemicals supposedly released in massive amounts as

supposed four minutes before brain death begins through

the brain goes into its final throes of dying. The problem

oxygen starvation.

for this argument, convenient and sweeping as it is, is

The problem was explaining the subjective reported

that it doesn't explain how some people – objectively

experiences of those who 'returned' due to resuscitation

and unarguably entirely unconscious and at the time

in terms that made sense to the scientific rational

incapable of having any higher brain function – were able

mind. It helped those who needed such explanations

to describe what had happened to them when their brains

that fighter pilots and astronauts could be induced into

were supposedly shut down. More surprising and even

some of the early parts of NDE-like experiences – such

harder to explain were those NDE survivors who accurately

as the narrowing down of their vision into a tunnel

reported conversations and actions taken outside of the

which appeared to have a light at its centre – by using

room where their unconscious and temporarily lifeless

rapidly rotating chambers that recreated the effects of

bodies were being frantically worked on by emergency

high-gravity turns and manoeuvres to which they must

medical staff. Even if they had some residual brain

become accustomed without passing out.

function we can't quite record with our current medical

But it is self-evident that this explanation covers

equipment, how would that explain knowing what doctors

only a tiny fraction of what is standard in most NDEs –

said to other doctors or nurses, and the resulting beyond

and which are remarkably similar across all the usual

sight and sound activity taking place down the passage

boundaries of belief, religious outlook or culture. The

from the room in which they were lying, at the time, to

fact that NDE survivors from around the world, regardless

all intents and purposes, 'dead'?

of any other external factor, had such hugely similar

In short, there is no satisfactory explanation as

experiences argued, said the neuroscience community, for

offered by conventionally-minded neuroscience and other

an underlying organic process.

medical experts. There are certainly none which satisfy

That's true, as far as it goes. But that argument

Dr Alexander, who now calmly reacts with his own

doesn't come any closer to explaining the intensity

inner certainty to the furious rejection of his idea that

of the recall of the NDE survivors. It was a sort of

consciousness clearly does exist beyond the bounds of a

soft-in-the-middle explanation for someone who may

functioning brain, and therefore most likely after death

have flat-lined while undergoing major surgery and then


been brought back, or who temporarily was technically


'dead', only to be brought back when a powerful electrical

Of course, there are skeptics. Dr Alexander was one

From left: Dr Alexander's experience is published in Newsweek • Dr Alexander's book, a NY Times best seller • NDE

researchers, Raymond Moody and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

himself. But there are none among those who have had

than the twitches and random sparking of a dying brain,

an NDE. Indeed, one of the signs of a genuine NDE (rather

cannot move him from what he knows he went through,

than a vague feel-good state induced by either body's

nor do they even have a halfway sensible explanation to

own powerful neurochemicals or morphine-like drugs or a

offer him.

combo of both) is that people who come back from them are changed to their core.

And so the game is on, because while he made the cover of leading magazines because of his story,

Almost to the last one, they have lost their fear of

Dr Alexander is far from alone as the old taboo against

death and while not welcoming it as such, feel instead a

discussing death, and in particular the reports of some of

sense of impending delight at what lies in store for them

those who for a time have been technically dead, unravels.

when they have breathed their last. They also report

Alexander recounts his story in his book Proof of

many other things in common, like meeting dead loved

Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife. An

ones, important spiritual personages (Jesus, Buddha, God,

excerpt from 'Proof of Heaven' in Newsweek magazine

Mohammed, various angels and others) and a feeling of

stirred the debate about life after death.

overwhelming relief and acceptance of being who they

Inevitably, skeptics wonder if Alexander, who teaches

are. The report that they feel like they have 'come home'

at Harvard Medical School, is going out on a paranormal

from a long and sometimes difficult journey in the flesh.


They feel safe and loved unconditionally. And then they

'It sounds like he had nothing more than an intense

are sent back, almost always with a clear message or

lucid dream,' wrote one reader on Newsweek 's website.

sense of duty with respect to the rest of their lives.

'A personal anecdote is not evidence or proof, as moving

Such NDE survivors, interestingly, are not necessarily

as it may be,' added another.

more religious for their experience, including those that

But others stood firmly by Alexander, who has

were religious before their NDE. Some, like Dr Alexander,

previously spoken of his near-death experience on science

were self-described atheists; many were agnostic, not

TV programs and in a lengthy interview last year with

knowing for certain what came next or even if there was

Skeptico.com, a science and spirituality blog.

a God or heaven or anything at all beyond life as we know

'If there is evidence and proof of an afterlife, this is

it. Almost every one, however, returns to their lives with

probably as good as it gets,' Catholic Online, a Web-based

a calm sense that all is well with the universe, that most

Roman Catholic news service, wrote approvingly.

of their (and our) fears were baseless and that they have

By one estimate, three percent of Americans – more

a purpose in life of which they have either been reminded

than 9 million people – have had a near-death experience.

by their extraordinary experience or to which they finally

Some have written their stories for the website of the

have been awoken by their NDE.

Near Death Experience Research Foundation. The debate

Being a leader in his field, Dr Alexander has drawn

is far from over, but the evidence mounts daily – and

both praise and exceptional vitriol for telling his story.

the chances are that in this matter the skeptics have it

But he is unflinching. He knows what he knows and the

wrong. O

rationalists who reject his experience as nothing more

Visit www.nderf.org for more.





978 1 4349 1161 2

This book claims to be solid proof that life continues after the physical is discarded. The author, a Gauteng resident, spent many hours of communication took place in broad daylight over an eleven year period with elder brothers and sisters that love us and who walked the pathway a little longer. This book is good for those folks who have lost a dear one, or are confused about life or searching for simple truths such as who are we, where are we from, what are we doing here and where to from here.

NO ONE HAS TO DIE ALONE: Preparing for a Meaningful Death Lani Leary Atria Books

9 781 5827 0352 7

Caring for a terminally ill loved one can be the single biggest challenge of your life. Drawing from her experience sitting with over 500 people as they died and caring for her own



terminally ill father, Dr Lani Leary gently guides caregivers, family, and friends through the difficult transitions of illness, death, and bereavement. This book offers the practical skills, vocabulary, and insights needed to truly address the needs of a dying loved one while caring for yourself through the process. Dr. Leary shows both patient and caregiver how to rise above feelings of fear and isolation to find peace and meaning in each person’s unique end-of-life experience. Whether used as a reference book to address a particular challenge or read from start to finish, this is a must-read for anyone facing death or the loss of a loved one.

movement'. The founder of Rebirthing, he began his journey during the '50s as a born again Christian and Bible student in the Delaware River region of New York. Orr has since published 20 books in more than a dozen languages, including Rebirthing in the New Age; Breath Awareness; Babaji, the Angel of the Lord; and Government Without Taxes. His international Rebirthing Movement has served over ten million people on six continents. With a foreward by Bob Frissell, this book is a statement of the incredible, the miraculous – the crack in the cosmic riddle; yet it is presented here as a set of simple and obvious life instructions.

BREAKING THE DEATH HABIT: The Science of Everlasting Life Leonard Orr

OH GREAT, NOW I CAN HEAR DEAD PEOPLE: What would you do if you could suddenly hear real dead people? Deborah Durbin

Frog Ltd

978 1 8833 1968 7

Along with such folk heroes as Ram Dass, Fritz Perls, and Timothy Leary, Leonard Orr is one of the originators and elders of what we term today 'the New Age

Soul Rocks

978 1 7809 9482 6

Samantha Ball is not only broke, she is heavily in debt and soon to be homeless if she cannot

get the money together for her rent, so when she is offered the opportunity to earn some money for a hotline to the heavens by giving tarot readings, she jumps at the chance, despite the fact that she does not have a psychic bone in her body – or does she? When Sam starts to hear voices of real dead people her psychic career really takes off and she soon becomes a psychic to the stars with her own slot on a prime time TV show. Someone however does not share Sam's joy and it's only when they set out to destroy her reputation does Sam really need help from the other side.

THE LABYRINTH OF TIME: The Illusion of Past, Present and Future Anthony Peake Arcturus

978 1 8483 7868 1

In The Labyrinth of Time, Peake explores the relationship between consciousness and reality and in the process puts forward an amazing hypothesis that can explain many enigmatic phenomena, including déjà vu, precognition, near-death

experience and altered states. Central to Peake's hypothesis is a new understanding of the nature of time and a radical updating of the theories of two of the 20th century's most original thinkers, Peter Ouspensky and JW Dunne. Peake then looks at the concepts of time and how they have shaped our thinking as individuals through the prism of science, philosophy and literature. Featuring a cutting-edge account of modern time theory, covering 'time-slips', precognitive dreams and the elasticity of time during moments of extreme stress, near-death experience and certain stages of hypnotic trance. This book is as compelling and persuasive as Peake's groundbreaking Is There Life After Death? and The Daemon.


comfort and inspiration to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. The dragon y stands as a symbol of transformation and the different stages of life, a reminder that there is more to the world than our current perception allows. In this book, LaVoice expands upon this metaphor and uses her own personal experiences to deliver earnest insights into the emotion of loss. Her original prose, poetry, re ections, and pragmatic suggestions address the pain and suffering we experience after losing a loved one. She opens an honest conversation on the courage and support it takes to properly grieve before nding the love we need from ourselves and others to begin to heal. This book is comforting and loving, candid and raw – and it’s a mustread for anyone who has lost someone dear to their heart.

978 1 4019 4267 0

The beautiful parable of the water bugs and the dragon y, written by an anonymous author, has often been a source of




Natalia Baker looks at crafting a successful life from our choices and decisions.




id you know that even if you are not consciously making a choice, you are

choosing anyway? The problem is we can no longer afford to choose unconsciously because it renders us helpless victims, immersed in chaos, suffering and struggle. The energetic field we presently live in is intense and quick – and choices, conscious or unconscious, manifest faster than the speed of light. It makes for joy and excitement in the realisation you are in charge of your life if you learn to harness this energy through making choices. You experience your power as a manifestor, a creator. So what technique or skill could

Image: spiritualnutrition.org

we use to start making conscious choices? A couple of years ago I was watching Oprah Winfrey interviewing

throughout the day.'

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love. She described

You may have a list of events planned for the day which

the process below which she did every morning. It came

you can manifest in this way. Even a day of relaxation or a

from the work of Wayne Dyer, so thanks to him. Dyer places

holiday can be created to be recuperative, fun and healing.

meaning on each of the 'really's' so they are important.

Imagine that the energy in the field around you serves

Write: 'What I really, really, really, really choose to

you by doing exactly what you choose – so be clear and

manifest today.' (If I don't have time to write it, I speak it

specific. This part is a skill and will develop with practice.

out loud in the car, or state it inwardly as I walk around.)

For instance, you are going to cook a meal for family and

Choose what you are going to do, for instance, be at

friends. Don't omit that the preparation will go with ease

work, attend a meeting, lunch with a friend, sort papers,

and grace, you will be relaxed and creative, completely free

buy a present, study, exercise. Notice that these are what

of stress, full of energy and thoroughly enjoying yourself.

you had scheduled anyway. Choose how you would like

Notice there are levels of awareness at which we

to experience them and how you will be in the day and

can make choices. For instance, one level would be

in these particular events. An example: you are having

outcome-based, such as the result in the meeting above,

an important meeting so you might write: 'I really, really,

or a shopping expedition or undertaking a project. There

really, really choose to manifest deep, meaningful sharing,

is a deeper level which is around how we intend to be. In

creativity, resolution, excellent clear communication and

a sense, this level is where we make the most powerful

progress in an atmosphere of trust and fun so we all feel

choices because ultimately abundance, prosperity, joy,

pleased with the progress made. I choose to be relaxed,

peace and so on, come from who we really are, the place

creative, present, loving and connected to my higher self

within, where our spirit resides. These choices would be,





Our history has not supported

as I have given in the example above: to be fully present,

us to make choices, for we have

living fully from an open heart. It is also really constructive to

been under the influence of parental, religious or society's

deciding to be aware, joyful, one with your higher self and choose fun in everything you do. Haven't we been told that we are here to have fun? It's not helpful to choose to win the Lotto, to have a sexy partner, a big fancy car or a swish house. These are

programming which has directed

ephemeral and we may become unstuck. You only have to

our lives, most often to our

some who won as much as £6m, to know this is true. Within

detriment because we have

were miserable and most had lost their winnings. So choose

not been able to express the fullness of who we are. We

look at the research done on winners of the Pools in the UK, two to three years they have sabotaged themselves, they what has feeling and depth to it. After doing this process for a day or two I found my life starting to change. I lost niggling fears, learnt to listen to the guidance of my heart so I could not make wrong choices,

have not been free. Humanity

started to relax into a journey of ease and grace and live

is ready now to make choices,

have been underpinned by a greater sense of purpose,

fully in the present with absolute trust. All these benefits connection with my Higher Self and the weaving of a

especially those individuals who

beautiful, joyful and fulfilled life.

have been steadily increasing in

is here to serve us and this is one of the aspects we are


film What the Bleep do We Know. One of the characters

It is a mind-boggling concept to think that all energy integrating in the new energy. It was well illustrated in the

Public Talks with Natalia Baker where she will guide a meditation on each evening • THE COHERENT FIELD OF LOVE


Natalia shares recent scientific discoveries around the frequencies of love, the different levels of the psychic heart and how the level at which it operates determines the amount of love we radiate and the degree to which we experience interconnection with our environment. For those on a path of growing awareness this is important information for it is the vortex of the heart which leads us to greater consciousness and ultimately our ascension.

This talk will give insight into patterns of submission and control, common in relationships at this time, but which prevent us living from our authentic, empowered and unique selves. It will also explore the deep unconscious attitudes and beliefs held in the collective effecting relationships and our sexuality. It is now time for these to be transformed as humanity enters a new cycle of increasing consciousness and understanding.


TIME 7pm VENUE Novalis Ubuntu Institute, 39 Rosmead Avenue, Wynberg COST SPECIAL REDUCED RATE R180 for all 3 talks booked in advance, OR R80 per talk INFO 021 788 2900 • info@nataliabaker.com www.nataliabaker.com





2013 a truly auspicious year, a new beginning. In some way a more important year than 2012 as our work is only now starting and it is not a time to rest. This is the perfect time to change your life course and, in accord with a year of rediscovering new purpose, bring forth prolific talents previously dormant. You get a second wind. A time to flow and flower! Are you ready?

enters a room and the animated figure representing the energy of Source, of the unified field, announces: 'The creator has entered the building. The creator is in the landscape. All hail the creator.' Choice, our choices, are the energetic fuel to propel us forward


to grasp the fullness of possibilities and potential in this auspicious time in which we live. It is indeed an adventure in consciousness. When sudden changes or challenges crop up, how do we respond? Do we go into powerlessness, shock, anger or depression? Or do we manage to hold our centre, use our inner power to focus and make a choice as to how we will handle the situation, how we will be in it? You may certainly go into shock and reaction for that is part of our humanness, but choice will help us out of a pit of despair and fear and to move through difficult times with trust and grace. Please note that there are some situations that we cannot change, for instance caring for a sick person, a loved one dying, losing a job, but we have absolute free will as to how we choose to be. Our choices will determine how the new incoming energy shapes itself in our lives. So often in difficult times we become confused and despairing. The key is always to ask, 'Am I taking charge? Have I made my choices?' As you become more proficient it becomes easier. You make choices confidently in the present moment by tuning into what feels right in the heart. This practice takes you ultimately to the point of choicelessness, where you will be so in the flow of life that the flow – and your heart – will determine how to be, what to do, in every moment. This also

 Healing • Empowering •Restorative • Enlightening  Balancing • Uplifting • Freeing • Engaging u u u u u u u u u u u u


| In each meditation you are guided into a state of consciousness where deep shifts, insights and healing can take place. | Additional bonus of introductory and explanatory tracks | Long and short meditations. The short meditations help you keep your meditation practice even in busy times.

our Higher Selves, the Divine I Am Presence. In the

| Tracks for healing beliefs and emotional patterns, for instance, a lack of self-love or your relationship with money.

meantime we are in training.

| Beautiful gentle background music.

implies a state in the future in which we are one with

Our history has not supported us to make

| Professionally recorded.

choices, for we have been under the influence of


parental, religious or society's programming which

practical meditations to assist you through the day.

has directed our lives, most often to our detriment because we have not been able to express the fullness of who we are. We have not been free. Humanity is ready now to make choices, especially those individuals who have been steadily increasing in self-awareness. The real choice is to be who we are in fullness, the divine and human together, and we will live


| | |


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For full descriptions and orders: 27 21 788 290 info@nataliabaker.com | www.nataliabaker.com

with indescribable joy and meaning, miracles and synchronicities. O See ads for more info



Dr Gauche's Weight Control Clinic now in the capable hands of Dr Arien van der Merwe. Medically assisted weight release combined with our very important distinguishing feature: on-going support and motivation! With Dr Arien van der Merwe's recent procurement of The Weight Control Clinic in Pretoria (Dr Gauche retired at 74), comes an innovative and exciting chapter in the effective and integrative management of metabolic syndrome, weight gain (especially around the abdomen), being overweight and obesity. The Weight Control Clinic is a medical practice that focuses on identifying medical and dietary reasons for weight gain and obesity, with a safe and effective, medically supervised weight loss program, developed by Dr Gauche over a period of 40 years. Dr Arien van der Merwe will continue Dr Gauche's scientific and clinically proven treatment protocol, while adding the mental-emotional, psycho-spiritual, health coaching and educational components.

Address 360 Murray St (c/o Brooklyn Rd & Murray St, entrance from Brooklyn Rd) Brooklyn, Pretoria Contact Tel 012 3622422 www.weightcontrolclinic.co.za www.healthstresswellness.com



office@dharmagiri.org • 033 701 1138 • 082 473 5525

Dr Arien van der Merwe (MBChB FRSPH MISMA) is a well-known medical doctor, author, specialist health and wellbeing consultant, also including anti-ageing (positive ageing), integrative and natural medicine.

Underberg • KZN May 1 - 5 Coming into Form /Our beginnings Core Process Psychotherapy & Meditation Annika Nicol & Thanissara

May 14 - July 14 Nine Week "Self Retreat" for experienced meditation practitioners hosted by Thanissara

July 23 - 26 Journey into Paradox: The Gifts of Contradiction. A writing retreat - Joanne Fedler & Thanissara

September 20 - 29 An Integrated Awakening - Insight Meditation Retreat Kittisaro

Dakini Shima Tantric workshops for women and men

On a journey of Awakening the Feminine in PE & the Garden Route

Awakening the Feminine

In the embrace of pure sexual energy, the feminine awakens & life becomes a celebration - for women & men. At the Lotus Garden Forest Retreat Centre near Knysna

20-21 April • R1200 facilitation

Skydancing and the Feminine

The workshop will speak to awakening the feminine in the lovemaking meditation known as Skydancing.

Port Elithabeth 11 April 7pm-9:30pm • R240 Knysna 17 April 7pm-9:30pm • R240 Tantra Sessions

Explore the inner dark waters of sexuality, the feminine and the masculine

The Dakini is also available for individual and couples sessions RSVP

shima@shima.co.za / 084 591 1211 www.openinglotus.com

Shift Coach






ourselves and our lives as



individuals without connection to the whole, seperated in time and space. However I, together with people such as the esteemed Albert Einstein, would suggest that together we all make up an intimately connected fabric of creation, with no one person or event being without meaning or significance to the whole of creation. Cosmic rivers of intelligent energy direct the events of our lives as well as those of the planet as a living and evolving system. While made up of individual threads, we are all woven into one beautifully complex fabric called existence, under the watchful eye of an intelligence way outside anything any mortal brain can comprehend.

Shifting   Wisdom Astrologically


With Easter having recently been celebrated, we are reminded of the impermanence of all things. This is a time of letting go – even of death – and releasing that which no longer serves us at the highest level, and then being open to receive the newness which is being born.



this time is influenced by some pretty challenging and upsetting solar energies. For example: 'at this time, Pluto erodes from within, bringing inherent weaknesses to critical mass, encouraging the death of old forms and the regeneration of new ones, intent working or holds us back'. Don’t take this time personally, remember, we don’t always get to choose what happens to us but we can choose our own perspective and attitude through it all and I would suggest choosing an attitude that is aligned with peace rather than fear. In any event, active centred, peaceful engagement is counselled. For those who feel that the last few weeks have been challenging, you may find the astrological explanation of a unique and very rare alignment of celestial 'heavy-hitters' informative and helpful. I have extracted a few salient points from American astrologer Alex Miller’s in-depth article on these cosmic energies we are currently moving through. Reading this will help with understanding that the challenges we are currently facing are not to be taken personally, but are part of a cosmic realignment and adjustment to bring about a new level of consciousness. Click here to read the summation. Right now we are traversing a particularly challenging flow of energies, and while the journey is rough and uncertain, the outcome is good. Provided we stay centred and present, this could be a great and worthwhile and life-changing experience. This is a two and a half month period facilitating the removal of the old and the emergence of something new and different – an upgrade, if you will. However, it could be a very difficult journey unless you are aware of the bigger picture, so be prepared and armed with presence. There is a better way. For more on the new consciousness being birthed, as well as practical tools for dealing with these challenges, please see my schedule of talks in the ad alongside coming up in April in Cape Town and KZN, and then at other centres around the country from May. And while the 'Shift Experience – Self Realisation' retreat is over-subscribed for the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo, there is still space open on the ones coming up later in Hillcrest as well as Noordhoek and Bedfordview. Remember, the past and the future disempower you. Withdraw your mind from all such distractions and come back into this moment. Presence is the key. O



John facilitates powerful & insightful tools to help heal & shift in all areas of life. Lucid Living: The Golden Key to Stress Free Living 2013 Durban: Howick: Pretoria:

Thursday 18 April Monday 22 April Sunday 19 May

THE POWER OF PRESENCE IN RELATIONSHIPS 2013 P'm'burg: Tues 23 April Hillcrest: Wed 24 April CAPE TOWN: Tues 7 May Bedfordview: Wed 22 May Rondebosch: Thur 2 May

Please book with Liz shift@wisdomtonourish.com or phone 021 701 2241

Join John for the powerful 2-day SHIFT EXPERIENCE Self-Realisation Retreat The Shift Experience is based on John’s own deep wisdom and insights, and is also inspired by the enlightened teaching of Eckhart Tolle and A Course in Miracles Hillcrest:   26 - 27 April 2013 Bedfordview:   24 - 25 May 2013 Noordhoek:  10 - 11 May 2013 Port Elizabeth:  26 - 27 July 2013 East London: 2 - 3 August 2013

Bookings & enquiries contact Liz shift@wisdomtonourish.com 021 701 2241 www.wisdomtonourish.com

PREVIOUS FEEDBACK: "Dear John, I want to thank you again for the most amazing experience this weekend!!! Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you for allowing me to remember who I am!!! It's all so simple actually. Yet we so easily lose sight in the drama. You're truly a blessing to all. May your Light be seen far & wide. Your peace & love is humbling. Love & Blessings, Terry"


upon eliminating or rejecting whatever is no longer

clinically proven natural medicines



Eco Estate

mergingnature Eco-estate development is the latest buzz-phrase in the real estate industry. However, the drive towards sustainable development and the responsible preservation of our natural heritage is not a new concept. A number of successful developments in South Africa have been implementing the core values of creating and maintaining real estate projects to the benefit of both the environment and the investor. We take a look at one such estate that is an example of a successful enviro-restoration project through responsible development.


riginally launched in 2003, Cathkin Estates is the result

the project planning. Environmental considerations were on the

of a long-term vision and determination to transform a

top of the agenda during the planning stages and still form the

cattle ranch into an eco-estate. The Stockil family have

core of the entire project. The development was designed to be

farmed in the Winterton area for over 130 years where they

energy-efficient and water-sensitive, without impacting on the

initially leased the farm, but bought it in 1962 and successfully

functionality of the units. All water is supplied from dams on

farmed in this frost-free enclave in the Drakensberg for many

the property through a gravity-fed system, and each unit has

years. With time, the dream of establishing an eco-friendly

its own septic tank, and the use of anaerobic sewage systems

estate on the farm grew into the success story of today.

is encouraged.

Brothers Pete and Mark initiated the process in 1986. Despite

The estate, with its high biodiversity, is controlled by a

encountering their fair share of resistance, they persisted with

detailed Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to protect

its rich natural heritage. This grassland biome is one of SA's

and recessed, shaded or tinted windows minimise reflection,

most endangered habitats with less than 1% of the grasslands

and unsightly satellite dishes are hidden from view. Home

officially protected. Apart from a 100-year old oak forest, a

owners can garden around their properties, but may only use

timber plantation and some other relics of the past owners,

indigenous plants. They are also encouraged to install solar

such as an old farmhouse and a fruit orchard, the estate

panels for water heating.

consists of natural bush and veld only. All farming-related land

The establishment of Cathkin Estates is not only an environmental success, but also a great employment opportunity

has been rehabilitated. Cathkin Estates is divided into five villages – each with a

story. The estate provides jobs to many of the local villagers.

unique character and location. All stands are on the western

Building, maintenance, cleaning, gardening and security are all

slopes of the ridges and spread out so that the villages are

newly created and sorely needed jobs in a rural area.

separated from each other's view. Each stand has unobstructed

A variety of services as well as an array of activities is on

views of the Berg. Villages 1-3 formed part of the initial launch

offer, not just on the estate but also in the Valley. Apart from

and were sold out within months, while Villages 4 and 5 are

the numerous activities such as biking, trout fishing, hiking and

now ready for release.

horse riding, the developers are also planning two Bush Camps

The design of homes is governed by guidelines allowing individual expression within a generic Berg theme, while

to allow property owners the option of a night's camping in the bush in a safe environment.

minimising disruption to the environment. The architectural

Offering exceptional lifestyle and investment opportunities,

guidelines form the basis of the environmental considerations

the Cathkin Estates story makes this a truly unique South

and include specifications for exterior home finishes to ensure

African investment opportunity.

all homes blend in with the natural environment. Rustic For more information on investment options contact

roughened plaster used to blend into the surroundings. Colours

0861 002 444, www.cathkinestates.com,

are planned to harmonise with nature's palette. Matt surfaces

or see ad below.












natural materials are encouraged, with sandstone, rock and


Land | Home Packages | Co-Ownership Units Nestled up against the Drakensberg World Heritage Site is Cathkin Estates, a 1000 hectare residential estate that provides a feast of wildlife, berg views and outdoor activities. With a variety of freehold land and home options, this is the family estate of your dreams. Only 2.5 hours from Durban and 4 hours from Gauteng.

E s t at e A t t r ac t i on s Mountain biking • Trout fishing • Game viewing • Running and walking trails Bird hides • Community facilities and kids entertainment Close proximity to a variety of facilities in the Champagne Valley

0861 002 444 I www.cathkinestates.com






A key teaching in Buddhism is that we forego great beauty and meaning in our lives by allowing ourselves to be driven by a compulsive self-centredness, obsessive, mindless attachments and all manner of habitual delusions and wishful thinking.









for the endangered Blue Swallow. It is a birder’s paradise


with more than 160 species recorded. Walks lead to many

centred of


Gautama, the historical Buddha, who was born

interesting sites and viewpoints on the property.

in Nepal and taught his doctrine in India during the sixth

The centre offers a tranquil environment for the study

century BC. His teachings are at once revolutionary and

and practise of philosophy, psychology, meditation and

self-evident, and extraordinarily relevant to the modern

the arts associated with Buddhist culture. The Centre

world. He maintained that the nature of reality and the

therefore encourages adherence to traditional moral

meaning of our existence cannot be captured in theories,

principles during retreats, such as respect for all forms of

concepts and beliefs, but are realised experientially – in

life, abstinence from alcoholic drinks and hallucinogenic

wholesome, mindful living.

drugs and, during some traditional, intensive meditation

Buddhism also teaches that we can radically reshape

retreats, the practice of Noble Silence. Radios and pets

the way we perceive and experience things. This can be

are not allowed at the Centre. Only some retreats are

done through transformative mental practices [meditation]

suitable for children: please check with the Administrator.

and behavioural disciplines. These are outlined in the

As a general rule we do not accept visitors under the age

Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path and a number

of 16 years. O

of other philosophical and psychological teachings and Buddhism, therefore, is an attitude more than a belief; a way of experiencing the world rather than an attempt to explain it. Known as the Middle Way, Buddhism has no need for extreme opinions and exclusive dogmas. This self-reliant outlook imbues it with a rare sense of dignity, joy, gentleness and freedom – qualities that appeal to increasing numbers of people who have grown tired of the pronouncements of priests and scientists, millennial prophets and self-improvement gurus. Buddhism is non-theistic; it is neither theistic nor atheistic. It therefore does not challenge or compete with religions. Hence, followers of all religious denominations and philosophical persuasions are welcome to attend any retreat program. No membership, allegiance or conversion is expected or required.

BUDDHISM IN SA The Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo has been established on an exquisite 125 hectare country estate near the village of Ixopo, KwaZulu-Natal, 90 kilometers south of Pietermaritzburg, one and a half hours’ drive from Durban. Set in hilly grasslands among dams, indigenous bush and forests, it overlooks one of the great valleys in the Umkomaas river system. The Centre was awarded National Heritage status by President Nelson Mandela in recognition of its success in establishing indigenous vegetation on the property and providing suitable habitats

The Buddhist Retreat Centre


The Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo, KZN offers retreats on a variety of subjects, the underlying theme of which is the practice of Mindfulness Meditation as defined in the Buddha’s philosophy. A selection of forth-coming retreats: Apr 12-14: Finding your voice in the present moment with Annika Nicol Apr 26-28, May 1: T'ai Chi – Meditation in movement with Richard Jordi May 3-5: Why things happen the way they do with Louis van Loon May 9-12: Integrating change and loss in our lives with Sue Cooper May 17-19: A neurosurgeon probes wellness and performance with Dr Ian Weinberg

For more info & future retreats www.brcixopo.co.za brcixopo@futurenet.co.za +27 [039] 834 1863 082 579 3037




BUDDHISM: An Introduction Clive Erricker ISBN 978 1 4441 0349 6

Covering all aspects of this fascinating faith, from the teachings

Europe and Japan.

this is a straightforward introduction

ISBN: 978-1-84604-311-6

about the origins f Buddhism, its place in society today and the

In this ground-breaking book the Dalai Lama suggests that we move beyond the dictates of faith.

challenges it faces for the future.

Combining his knowledge of other

BLOWING ZEN: Finding an Authentic Life Ray Brooks ISBN 978 1 5918 1170 1

of the latest advances in

Blowing Zen is an uplifting and passionate memoir that has inspired and entranced readers since is original release. This new edition includes and additional chapter, an updated epilogue, an afterword and photographs. As a young dissolute man, Ray Brooks set off from his native England and embarked on a path of self discovery. Through a series of serendipitous and often humours events, while living in Tokyo, Ray stumbled upon and began to study the ancient art of shakuhachi, an extremely difficult Japanese bamboo flute. With intuition as his guide, he found the heart of Zen through focus shakuhachi practice. The path he followed led to a joyful spontaneity blending art, mind, body and spirit. Ray Brooks is a composer, performer, recoding


gives solo converts in North America,

of pursuing a Buddhist way of life, to this major world religion. Learn


a masterful shakuhachi player, he

BEYOND RELIGION His Holiness the Dalai Lama

of the Buddha to the practicalities


artist and teacher. Well-known as

religions with his understanding contemporary science, the Dalai Lama contends that we will not change the world just by praying: we need to turn to ethics if we are to succeed in sustaining and improving human life on this planet. He examines questions of justice, power and responsibility in relation to good governance, and considers different applications of ethics in the fields of action, speech and mind. He is clear that faith without reason can be harmful, leading to fundamentalism. He shows that the current debate can no longer be divided into atheism versus religion: the issues a stake are far more complex. To meet the future, we must marry compassion with reason and create a system of secular ethics that can units us, whatever our beliefs. Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tiber, lives in exile in Northern India and works tirelessly on behalf of the Tibetan people.

ACROSS MANY MOUNTAINS: Three Daughters of Tibet Yangzom Brauen 978 1 8465 5345 5

Yangzom Brauen is an actress and political activist living in both Los Angeles and Berlin. She is very active in the Free Tibet movement, making regular radio broadcasts about Tibet and organising public demonstrations. One of Tibet's youngest nuns, Kunsang, thought she would never leave Tibet. She entered the nunnery at the age of twelve, married a monk and had two children. When Chinese soldiers began destroying her monastery, she was forced to flee with her family in a hair-raising trek across the Himalayas in winter. She spent several years in Indian refuge camps, loosing both her husband and younger child. The arrival of a Swiss man with a fascination for Tibet caused a turn of events when he fell in love with her daughter and took them both to Switzerland where Yangzom, the author of this book would be born. Yangzom Brauen has rescued the story of her inspirational grandmother, writing a book full of love and endurance and giving us a rare and vivid glimpse of life in rural Tibet before the arrival of the Chinese.

ONE BUDDHA IS NOT ENOUGH: A Story of Collective Awakening

Thich Nhat Hanh 978 1 9352 0963 8

Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk whose lifelong efforts to generate peace and reconciliation moved Martin Luther Kin Jr to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Price in 1967. The author of Energy of Prayer, Being Peace and many other books. A book on how to become your

Prize in 1989. This vivid and moving

deepest philosophical import into

autobiographical portrait is the first

direct practice.

work to de dedicated to the Dalai in tone, but universal in scope, it

The Dalai Lama's Cat David Michie

presents the arc of his spiritual vision

978 1 7818 0056 0

from his boyhood in rural Tibet,

Not so much fly-on-the-wall

though his life as a monk in India, to

as cat-on-the-sill, this is the

his exile as one of the world's most

warm-hearted tale of a small kitten

visible leaders.

rescued from the slums of New

Lama's spiritual journey. Personal

Delhi who finds herself in a beautiful

least expect it. Offering a fresh

THE MIDDLE WAY Faith Grounded in Reason The Dalai Lama

and original insight from emerging

978 0 8617 1552 7

Lama's cat encounters Hollywood

In this luminous presentation, the Dali

stars, Buddhist masters, Ivy-league

Lama lays out the middle way 'the

professors, famous philanthropists,

way of the intelligent person' who

and a host of other people who

approaches all matters, including

come visiting His Holiness. Each

matters of faith and devotion, with

encounter offers a fresh insight into

the highest spirit of crucial inquiry,

finding happiness and meaning in

and does so without falling into

the midst of a life of busy-ness and

the traps of fixed ideas or extreme

challenge. Drawing us into her world

views. With fresh emphasis, this

with her adorable but all-too-flawed

peerless and beloved teacher links

personality, the Dalai Lama's cat

Tibetan Buddhism to its deep roots

discovers how instead of trying to

American Buddhism.

in the ancient scholastic tradition

change the world, changing the

of Nalanda University and to the

way we experience the world is the


profound analytical teachings of the

key to true contentment. Featuring

seminal Indian master Nagarjuna.

a delightful cast of characters,

He illuminates such subtle and easily

timeless Buddhist wisdom, and His

misunderstood topis as the mature

Holiness's compassion pervading

of self and no-self, dependent

every chapter, The Dalai Lama's Cat

origination, and the differing roles

is simply enchanting.

of relative and absolute truths.

2 LUCKY READERS stand to win a

This volume also includes a rich

copy of The Dalai Lama's Cat. Send

exploration of the Tibetan master

your full name and address details to

Tsongkhapa's Three Principal Aspects


of the Path, offering the reader an

no later than 30 April 2013.

own teacher and create your own community where you might

Buddhist teachers on topics such as how to handle grief, strengthen our relationships with family and friends, deal with anger and other strong emotions, and find happiness in the present moments. Through letters, stories, poems, calligraphies , and photographs, Thich Nhat Hanh shares his unique insights on illness, health and different healing modalities. A true expression of

978 1 8460 4241 6

His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, was born in 1935 to a farming family in north eastern Tibet. The world's foremost Buddhist leader, lives in exile in Northern India and works tirelessly on behalf of the Tibetan people, and was awarded the Nobel Peace

sanctuary with sweeping views of the snow-capped Himalayas. In her exotic new home, the Dalai

opportunity to put these matters of




Since 1977 Since 1977 Some of our products are now available The herbs that go into our mixtures are of the highest Some of our products now available in boxes The herbs that go into our mixtures are organic and of in boxes of 20are organic, kosher tea bags.of 20 quality and organic. The complete process from planting, organic, kosher tea bags. the highest quality. The complete process from planting, Arthritiea Buchu drying blending isisdone doneononour ourfarm farmatatMcGregor, McGregor, Arthritia Buchu Cancerbush drying and and blending Constipatea Constipatea Cancerbush 200km from from Cape Cape Town, Town, South South Africa, andsome not some 200km Africa, not distant Fennel Detoxtea Detoxtea Fennel distant in factory or Poland. Nettle factory ChinainorChina Poland. Diabetea Diabetea Nettle Peppermint Hi LoTea Blood TeaPeppermint The semi desert conditions and the mountainous terrain Hi Lo Blood Sceletium With Peppermint The semi-desert conditions and the mountainous terrain Sleepitea Sceletium With Peppermint Sleepitea have kept industry away from this eco friendly Sceletium With Rosemary have kept industry away from this eco-friendly environSlimteaSlimtea Sceletium With Rosemary environment thus ensuring a very high potency herbal Wonderherbs (South African Bitters) ment thus ensuring a very high potency herbal product. Wonderherbs (South African Bitters) product.

TradeContact: Contact:PhPh/Fax 0236251 6251687. 687 •EEmail herbs@herbsorganic.co.za • www.herbsorganic.co.za. Trade /fax 023 mail herbs@herbsorganic.co.za www.herbsorganic.co.za.Agents Agentswelcome welcome.






Maria's Tips

Given the alternatives, ageing gracefully seems the only sane and sensible way to deal with the inevitability of getting older. Maria Ascencao helps us understand how to deal with this key life issue.

Ageing Gracefully




t is human nature to resist the ravages of time on our bodies and minds and so it is

Only about 30% of

no surprise that virtually every culture has

had myths, legends and stories about how


to live longer and even some sort of 'elixir


of life', claimed to offer eternal youth. The Romans, Greeks, Chinese and many others

can be

sought the equivalent of the Philosopher's

blamed on

Stone, of Harry Potter fame, which could

genes. It is

extend youth and life far beyond the norm.

very much

Many cultures have also had less ambitious ways to achieve extended youthfulness into


what some might consider old age, through


exercise like yoga and tai chi, better eating


habits, meditation, ritual cleansing and


avoiding toxins, all designed to keep their bodies in top shape for longer.

lifestyle choices that determine how quickly we age, or not.

Supplement to stay young Fortunately, we have been provided with a wealth of natural remedies and treatments that can help our bodies heal and prevent us from getting sick as we age, plus some that actively work against ageing factors. Some herbs and supplements are well known for their life-giving and life-enhancing effects. Coenzyme Q10, for example, is necessary for the basic functioning of cells. Occurring naturally in the body, CoQ10 diminishes with


age, and low levels have been associated with

to retain the beauty and vigour of youth, has


chronic ailments, such as heart conditions,

by no means left us – and one could say that

how quickly

the upsurge in cosmetic surgery is but a late

we age.

The desire to live healthier for longer, and

20th and early 21st century manifestation of that same age-old ambition. Consequently,




Dr John Rowe, co-author of Successful Aging: The MacArthur Foundation Study


been serious scientific studies of various communities in which living to, say, 100 years of age or older is the norm. These include the Hunza, of northern Pakistan, the Vilcabamba, of Ecuador, the Abkhasia, in Georgia, and the Okinawans. What has been found in

investigated for its likely role in heading off Alzheimer's disease, some forms of cancer, cardiovascular disease, cataracts and reducing susceptibility to developing diabetes. Alpha-lipoic acid has been used in Germany for some decades to treat diabetic

normalise other major systems and bodily

regular exercise; a clean environment; and

functions. Research studies have shown that

vibrant, socially-supportive communities.

ginseng increases energy, boosts the immune

But other researchers believe that while

system, protects the liver and heart, helps

that is all very interesting, it is essentially

normalise blood-sugar levels and improves

useless to most of us in our fast-paced, of

Alpha-lipoic acid is another important compound. A potent anti-oxidant, it is being

body's ability to combat stress and help

a low-calorie diet based on plant sources;


premature ageing of the skin.

Ginseng (Panax ginseng ) enhances the

rather simple, and largely common sense:


Supplementing with CoQ10 also can prevent


common among these peoples is really


as well as fatigue and muscle weakness.

cognitive functioning.


Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus )

genes likely to have a major role in longevity.

and echinacea (Echinacea spp.) have been

The debate is by no means settled, though.

shown to fight colds and flu. Royal jelly,

Dr John Rowe, co-author of Successful

Aging: The MacArthur Foundation Study and one of the foremost experts on the relative importance of lifestyle choices and genetics, believes that only about 30% of physical ageing can be blamed on genes and as we grow older, genetics become less important. Beyond that, it is very much lifestyle and


enviro-factors, plus the lack of the dominant

propolis and bee pollen are known for their rich supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, as well as antibiotic properties. Probiotics, such as acidophilus and lactobacillus,




promote the 'good' and necessary bacteria in the gut needed to digest food and to



sufficient exercise, tight-knit social communities and low stress characterise the environments in all the places where more than the usual number of centenarians live. While that's essentially irrelevant to most of us, the underlying truths of what our bodies thrive on are obvious from that list alone. And we can all do at least a little bit towards helping our bodies cope with a world that seems to conspire at every turn against good, long, healthy living. Here are a few, perhaps obvious, steps in the right direction for longevity. Clean your home, using home-made or bought cleaning supplies that are as free as possible of harmful chemicals. Vinegar and baking soda make excellent substitutes for almost all home cleaning needs. Fertilising your home garden only with organic compost or manure, and try to buy only organic foods. Eliminate household or garden pests using only chemical-free pest controllers, such as sticky traps, tobacco shavings and, if necessary only natural pyrethroids as found in plants such as khakibos (which is still somewhat toxic, especially to children and pets and so should be used carefully).


An air-purifying system will filter mold, pollen,

Drink plenty of pure, clean water – at least eight to 10 glasses a day – to stay healthy and flush out toxins.

enhance immune functioning. Probiotics often are used to offset the side-effects of antibiotics, which kill both unfriendly and friendly bacteria in the gut. Essential fatty acids (EFAs), found in flaxseed, walnut, borage, hemp seed oils, and oily fish, among other sources, reduce inflammation in the body and help reduce the impact and incidence of conditions such as heart disease, allergies, some cancers and osteoporosis.




dust, pet dander and mites out of the air you and your family are breathing. These allergens place a heavy burden on the body and over time simply wear it down, so reducing their incidence in the home or office will lead to far fewer illnesses such as sinusitis, congestion, chest and throat infections, rashes and other allergic reactions, some of which can be very severe. A healthy regimen of a good natural, seasonal diet, plus regular and sufficient exercise will help mitigate other enviro-hazards. So, if you live in the city and enjoy running or walking, go early in the morning before the fumes of rush-hour toxify the air – it's utterly pointless and counter-productive to run daily alongside cars and trucks emitting hyper-toxic, oxidant-heavy fumes. Try to reduce stress at every opportunity. Stress is probably the single biggest factor in ageing, research has found. To reduce and/or manage your stress levels is therefore critical. This might require everything from radical steps, like changing a job that's never going to be

Factors outside the body contribute greatly to how long

any less stressful, to more practical actions, like making

and well we live. Clean water, good air, regular and

time in your busy day for some quiet time, meditation,

What has been found in common among centenarians is: a low-calorie diet based on plant sources; regular exercise; a clean environment; and vibrant, socially-supportive communities. yoga or other stretching exercise, deep breathing or walks in a green zone, if you have one close to home of the office. Other stress-busters include biofeedback, hypnosis, steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, massage, acupressure, acupuncture, tai chi and chi gong. Most important of all stress-busters is exercise – and with this, there is no one size fits all, so find an exercise routine that works for you and which you can therefore maintain over the long term. When it comes to exercise aerobic forms are the best. These include walking (as long as it's far enough and often enough, in which case it's also likely to be the most sustainable over time for the majority of people), jogging, running or swimming. Dancing is a great way to enjoy exercise, while even gardening strengthens the muscles. Sleep is another key to longevity and good health – and it's a commodity in increasingly short supply. Regular exercise encourages good sleep, but there are also supplements that contain melatonin or its precursors to help with sleep. Melatonin is a naturally-occurring hormone that


As an adult you need a good 7.5-9 hours sleep a night

Food is Life Apple cider vinegar helps balance the body's pH. It has antiseptic and antibiotic properties and is an overall maintainer of good health. Apples are a good source of pectin, which can lower cholesterol and help prevent colon cancer. Artichokes have a protective effect on the liver. Beans, lentils, peas & chickpeas are valuable sources of vegetable proteins. They are good sources of minerals, can improve intestinal health, have detoxifying properties and help lower cholesterol. The soybean is perhaps the most nutritious of all beans because it contains the omega-3 fatty acids and has the highest content of phytoestrogens. Genetically modified soybean and soya products should be avoided. Blueberries have the highest amount of anti-oxidants of the entire berry family. They also have neuro-protective properties that can delay age-related memory loss. Broccoli & cauliflower contain phytonutrients that help cleanse the body of certain cancer-causing substances. Brown rice contains more than 70 anti-oxidants and is a good source of fibre. Celery can be eaten raw or juiced to combat high blood pressure. The Chinese have been eating and drinking celery for centuries to help prevent strokes, kidney failure and heart disease. Cherries balance blood-sugar levels and help fight heart disease, some forms of cancer and arthritis. Garlic contains compounds that have been shown to inhibit cancer, protect against atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol, reduce blood clot formation and stimulate the pituitary gland. Eaten raw is best since when cooked the active volatile oils in this tuber are mostly lost. Use parsley to eradicate the strong garlic breath and skin odours that consumption of raw or cooked garlic can cause. Ginger is known to help relieve pain, inhibit migraines, prevent blood



regulates sleepiness. It is made in the brain, where tryptophan

clots, fight cancer and prevent digestive stress.

is converted into serotonin and

Honey helps heal wounds internally and externally and is popular for its antibiotic properties.

released at night by the pineal gland to induce and maintain sleep. Some foods, like turkey, contain high levels of tryptophan and can help bring on sleepiness. Try to avoid pharmaceutical sleeping tablets or alcohol as sleep-inducers



side-effects and addictive risk. As an adult you need a good 7.5-9 hours of sleep a night, depending on your stress levels with more sleep required for increasing stress, something that is frequently difficult to achieve on its own and so should be part of a wider lifestyle change. Food








focusing organic foods, keep to a diet with a variety of legumes, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Drink plenty of pure, clean water – at least eight to 10 glasses a day. If you are smoker of tobacco, the best thing you can do to have a long and healthy life is quit as soon as you possibly can.

Other steps Beyond the practical measures outlined above, there are other factors that feed into people enjoying long, healthy and happy lives. These include maintaining a group of close personal friends, keeping



family ties and doing something good for the community or the planet or both. O



Nuts & seeds contribute to muscle tone and circulation. They also contain arginine, an amino acid that helps fight heart disease, impotence and infertility. Oats contain soluble fibre, which can reduce colon cancer risk, balance blood-sugar levels and help move cholesterol quickly through the intestines. Olive oil contains essential fatty acids that are essential to brain development, skin health, immune function, fertility and vascular health. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, and is good for bones when fortified with vitamin D and calcium. Pine nuts give the body a powerful anti-oxidant known as pycnogenol, which protects endothelial cells, which make up the lining of the blood vessels and heart, from free radical damage. Pycnogenol also helps preserve healthy skin structure and is anti-inflammatory. Pineapples contain the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain. Sea vegetables, such as kelp, dulse, nori and Irish moss, are rich sources of micronutrients. Sesame oil is a kidney and liver tonic, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It also helps build the blood and regulates bowel movements. Shiitake, maitake and reishi mushrooms have many anti-ageing properties. They help protect the body from viruses and some forms of cancer, boost immunity and lower 'bad' cholesterol levels. Spices, such as turmeric, basil, rosemary, cayenne, oregano and onions (not strictly a spice but a tuber in the same family as garlic) help improve circulation and prevent blood clots. Spinach, when sautéed in olive oil, is a tasty dish for promoting good eyesight. It is also high in ainti-oxidants. Teas (black, green and herbal) contain polyphenols, which are anti-oxidants that help fight cancer and diabetes. They also inhibit free radicals from wreaking havoc in the body. Tomatoes are high in lycopene, a potent anti-oxidant that may protect against certain cancers, heart disease and cataracts. They are especially helpful in dealing with prostate problems and avoiding prostate cancer. Wine keeps the blood from thickening, contains the powerful anti-oxidant resveratrol and has anti-inflammatory properties that can fight cancer and reduce cholesterol. However, a little goes a long way and a single glass (or maybe two) a day is enough. Yams or sweet potato contain more beta-carotene and vitamin C than carrots, more fibre than oat bran and more protein than wheat and rice. This is an excellent all-round food and delicious too.


then into melatonin, which is



Naturally treating bladder & urinary tract infections



Our nutrition & wellness coach, Vanessa Ascencao (pictured, opposite), takes a holistic look at bladder and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Cold causing cystitis The Nature Doctor, Dr A Vogel, is quoted as saying: 'Whatever results from a cold can only be taken away through heat.' He suggests using hot herbal packs, compresses and prolonged sitz baths. The 'sitz bath' or hip bath has long since gone out of fashion, but hot water bottles or wheat and lavender packs which are heated in the microwave can provide some relief. Menopausal women and birth control users often


experience an increase in UTIs because of hormonal o many of us today suffer from repeated urinary

changes that alter the pH of the vagina.

tract infections (UTIs), which takes a toll both physically and emotionally. Looking at the body as

a whole, UTIs indicate that there is an overall imbalance

that needs to be corrected. The most common medical treatment for a urinary tract infection is antibiotics which really just deal with the symptoms. These antibiotics put strain on the body, kill good bacteria, allow yeast to grow, and can even cause a UTI (and is the number one cause

What are UTI's? Urinary tract infection is a general term for infections anywhere within the urinary tract, usually in the bladder or kidney. A bladder infection is commonly known as cystitis, and a kidney infection is pyelonephritis. Usually, when someone talks about UTIs, they are referring to cystitis.


of recurrent UTIs).

UTIs typically cause burning with urination, a need

to urinate very frequently and urgently but in small amounts, and pelvic pain. Some people also have low

When one has a bladder infection or UTI, hygiene is of the essence when engaging intimately with your partner

back pain and smelly urine with a UTI. Symptoms of fever and pain in one side of the back, just under the rib cage, can suggest that the infection has spread to one of the kidneys. Some causes:

Sex & hygiene Given the closeness of the anus, vagina and urethra, bacteria will get transmitted back and forward. It is

poor hygiene

advisable to wash this area before and after intercourse.

impaired immune function

Also try drinking water before and after intercourse.

the overuse of antibiotics

Empty the bladder within 15 minutes of intercourse.

the use of spermicides

After birth: many women experience UTIs shortly after

unprotected sex

giving birth vaginally, this is due to the weakened muscles

the most common cause, accounting for approximately

of the pelvic floor that interfere with the draining of urine

90% of all cases, is the spread of E. coli  * bacteria from

from the bladder.

the intestinal tract to the urinary tract. *The E. coli referred to here is not to be confused with e. coli 0157; H7, which is associated with contaminated food and, if left untreated,

can be fatal.

Hygiene Given that nearly all cystitis is caused by the E. coli bacteria that is present in the colon, and the proximity of



Management & prevention Keep the immune system strong and your body well hydrated. Boost your immunity with natural wholefoods, probiotics, and vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and zinc. I personally like Marcus Rohrer (pictured) Spirulina as a wholefood supplement as it comprises key nutrients that boost the immune system. A healthy immune system helps the body resist infections.

the anus to the urethra, great care needs to be taken with toilet hygiene. Showers are preferable to baths when cystitis is present. Tea Tree soap rids the area of bacteria.

Irritants On the subject of bathing, think twice before using bubble baths, bath balls, and highly perfumed soap, as these can cause further irritation to the sensitive area. Most of these products include chemicals, and while they might smell nice, they are not helpful.

Cystitis & cancer The two standard treatments for cancer can cause cystitis. Chemotherapy when passed out in the urine can be very irritating to the bladder, where it can cause inflammation. This is called 'chemical cystitis'. Radiotherapy, if used in the pelvic area, can cause inflammation to the bladder wall, giving rise to a very severe form of cystitis. Catheters can also cause bacterial infection.

Treating your UTI naturally http://creativeconflicts.com

The following are simple remedies that have been shown

Emotions & health Emotions and stress affect the body by causing the release of chemicals that affect physical processes. Many people believe that chronic illnesses such as recurrent UTIs are the body's way of trying to get your attention. Unreleased anger is one emotion thought to be commonly associated with UTIs. A great book that goes into this further is Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, MD. Louise Hay also explains these ideas in her book, You Can Heal Your Life. Acclaimed author, Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing, a worldwide leader in self-help publications – www.hayhouse.co.za



to be effective at preventing, treating, & curing UTIs.

Cranberry The history of the cranberry is a long one. The early settlers to America were given the berries to treat infections, wounds, indigestion and liver disease. The native people knew the value of this plant. It was found useful to sailors; it cured scurvy, the active ingredient being Vitamin C. Much research has been conducted concluding that cranberry is successful in curing and reducing UTIs. Two glasses of sugar-free cranberry juice a day are regarded as sufficient to fight urinary problems. The active ingredient is arbutin. It works by preventing e. coli from sticking to the lining of the bladder. Combined with drinking water, the harmful bacteria can be flushed out of the system. Most of the cranberry juice on sale in the supermarkets is only about one third cranberry, the rest is water and sugar. Make sure to drink unsweetened cranberry juice or alternatively take a supplement, especially if you are diabetic.

Bearberry The herb Bearberry (arctostaphylus uva-ursi ) is a

relative of the cranberry and the blueberry. It too has the

food is recommended to restore healthy bacteria and

active ingredient arbutin.

prevent yeast infections.

The Romans, Chinese and Native Americans all used Bearberry for its strong antiseptic effect on the bladder

Fresh raw veg juices

and urinary systems, regarded as the best for this

Fresh raw vegetable juices are good for detoxing the

purpose. It also contains antibiotic and diuretic qualities.

kidneys. Celery, parsley and young dandelion leaves are

Tip: Take as a tincture, add a few drops in some

particularly beneficial to include in vegetable juices. Also

 water three times a day.

 Warning: If taken in large doses Uva Ursi might

in very rare cases cause ringing of the ears, nausea,

vomiting, sense of suffocation, shortness of breath,

include apple, asparagus, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, celery, cranberry and cucumber. O Visit www.vdnutrition.com for more.

convulsions, delirium and collapse. Always stick to the recommended dose.

Although not as well-known as cranberries for treating a

Kidney cleanse recipe

UTI, blueberries have also been shown to be an effective

Wash & juice:


remedy for a urinary tract infection. You can eat fresh

4 stalks celery 3 sprigs parsley 1 cucumber Half a lemon Filtered water

organic blueberries, make a smoothie from frozen berries or even blend pure blueberry juice with pure cranberry juice to harness the healing power of both of these berries.

Bladder infections recipe 2 stalks asparagus 2 carrots 4 stalks celery ½ cup cranberry juice

High-fibre diets Chronic constipation is associated with an increased risk of UTIs. Since high-fibre diets have many other positive benefits, people are encouraged to increase fibre intake. The best way to increase fibre in the diet is to eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, nuts and whole grains.

Water It's the standard remedy for almost any illness, but drinking plenty of fluids is extremely important in the case of UTIs. It allows the body to flush bacteria out of the urinary tract. You may be tempted to drink less since urination can be painful with a UTI, but if you keep up your fluid intake you will most likely notice a reduction in


pain much faster than if you didn't.

Vitamin C & zinc Added to cranberry juice, it has been shown to be very

Lemon juice Mixed with water, consumed several times a day, lemon juice is a simple home remedy that's effective for many people. If you do take antibiotics, a good probiotic or cultured



Conversation with Louise Hay Raw Lifestyle Festival



future medicine The term Integrative Medicine defines a diseasespecific protocol that comprises the use of different medicine strategies. We take a closer look.

 ODYSSEY 92 • 



ntegrative Medicine is a newish concept which is all about trying to use the best of 'conventional (allopathic) medicine, complimentary medicine (CAMS) including functional whole foods, and 'alternative' medicine (homeopathy and other forms), supported by a metabolic detoxification and oxidative status profile. This approach addresses not only the symptom but offers an holistic approach. For one thing, conventional allopathic medicine dosages can often be reduced, thereby reducing side-effects and toxins which the body has to clear. This is made possible by providing increased nutritional building blocks, detoxification and drainage needs that the body will demand under a stressed condition. The lifestyle protocols and detoxification and oxidative status profile can be described as follows: allopathic (conventional) medicine is defined as a single active ingredient that has been extracted or synthesised by a pharmaceutical facility. These are normally clinically validated formulas that treat a specific symptom (condition), usually not the source of the problem. The administration of such a conventional medicine, although clinically proven to address the specific symptom, usually has significant metabolic side-effects, often toxic, if the excretion organs cannot cope with the rate of treatment. Functional foods (using complimentary medicine) refers to clinically proven natural whole food therapy, not a single supplement, which will assist the organs to eliminate toxins, reduce cell mutation, reduce cell apoptosis (the process of programmed cell death) and DNA oxidative stress (one of the main causes of disease) and facilitate homeostasis, which is the body's natural state of health. Alternative Medicine (including homeopathic medicines, acupuncture and iridology therapies) forms part of a restorative disease/condition specific protocol aiming at addressing: drainage, subliminal stress, immune function, organ function and glandular functioning, along with optimising lymph and energy paths with a view to reactivating toxin excretion and reducing the indirect stress burden placed on the body during while it goes through a specific medical condition. Metabolic detoxification is the body's method of eliminating harmful compounds that could influence normal metabolic functions. These compounds could originate from the environment or as a result of

Depletion of glutathione reserves due to chronic detoxification will result in less glutathione being available to neutralise free radicals. normal or defective cellular metabolism. One of the secrets to metabolic detoxification and anti-oxidant status is Cili Bao's symbiotic-generated glutathione. We need to take into account that whatever foods, herbs, conventional or alternative medicine we use, has a resultant toxicity which the body must be able to excrete. The liver is a key organ in your body's self-defence system. Liver cells contain sophisticated mechanisms that break down toxic substances into forms that your body can safely eliminate. The liver uses two mechanisms called Phase I and Phase II detoxification, designed to convert fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble substances so that your body can easily excrete these substances via watery fluids such as bile and urine. In Phase II detoxification there are a number of essential biochemicals needed. Glutathione is one of the most important of these for Phase II detoxification. Apart from being involved in detoxification, glutathione also fulfils the role as the body's own anti-oxidant. Depletion of glutathione reserves due to chronic detoxification will result in less glutathione being available to neutralise free radicals. The use of functional foods to enhance glutathione levels may be highly beneficial to prevent premature ageing and other conditions associated with high levels of free radicals. If care is not taken and toxicity not kept in check, the body becomes more vulnerable to cell death through oxidative stress. DNA oxidative stress as seen caused in our cells' mitochondria, found in their millions in every cell of the body, can be prevented. With clinical verified functional wholefoods – specifically, Cili Bao Rosa Roxburghii Tratt, Green Gem Chlorella, organic sprouted brown rice, sorghum, organic sprouted soya beans, organic herbs and celery – the majority of life threatening diseases can be effectively addressed. O See the advert opposite for more info.

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Hormone - Menopause

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heart matters Which organ is more important to us than our hearts? Answer: none. And yet, until something goes (usually disastrously wrong) with this organ, it is the one most likely to be ignored and/or taken advantage of. Dr Arien van der Merwe takes a look at our hearts and what we can do to keep them in optimum condition.


f you have unresolved heart-related emotional issues,

HeartMath founder Doc Childre once said: 'The capacity

this may lead to challenges in maintaining loving

to care in human beings and other living creatures is

relationships, with imbalances in the giving and receiving

an expression of love that is wonderful to behold.' It is,

of love; letting go and holding on; or problems of neediness

however, important to balance the care and concern we feel

and allowing the support of others. This means an inner

and express in action to others. If caring is taken to excess,

life of loneliness and feelings of isolation, an inability to

it can be as detrimental to the health of your heart, as is

open up and share feelings and emotions, even with loved

no, or very little, caring. Symptoms of over-care include:

ones. People with these challenges might seem cold and

feeling overwhelmed, guilty, anxious, obsessively working

emotionally distant, but often simply cannot express what

and trying to fix everything, and being over-attached to

they feel. This projects hostility and aggression into their

the problems of others. This can often lead to lack of care

outer world, so that this is also what they attract. Classical

for self, ultimately to burn-out and even death from heart

Type A personality behaviour (obsession with perfection,


being a workaholic, inability to relax, driven to succeed

A measure of balance in your life is therefore wise

at the cost of almost anything) is the most significant risk

and healthy. After all, the heart pumps blood to itself

factor for heart disease, especially heart attack.

first, before it pumps it to the rest of the body. This is an

Then there is the flip side of the coin, as Institute of



example of self-care and self-love, and is not selfish at all.

Heart facts

Some 70% of deaths from heart attacks and strokes, occur in people younger than 55 years of age. Heart disease is not the male-only problem it was thought to be years ago. One out of four (25%) women younger than 60 are affected. Heart disease is the cause of death in 20% of women. A family history of heart disease and symptoms like shortness of breath, fatigue, unproductive chronic cough, blue or painful extremities, extreme sensitivity to cold, leg ulcers, swelling of the ankles, pain over the chest, left arm or up the neck at rest or during exertion, have to be thoroughly evaluated with a complete physical examination, basic blood tests and an exertion or stress electrocardiogram. A thorough heart evaluation should form part of everybody's yearly preventative medical examination, whether or not you have symptoms or an indicative family or personal history of heart disease. The

Risk factors Cardiovascular (heart & blood vessels) disease risk factors include: Smoking Elevated total cholesterol, triglyceride & LDL-cholesterol, with decreased HDL-cholesterol levels Elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) High blood pressure Existing diabetes mellitus or medium to high risk elevated fasting blood glucose levels Physical inactivity High stress/distress Hereditary heart problems

natural, integrative wellness treatment options are aimed at improving energy metabolism inside the heart's cells, as well as blood supply to the heart, while simultaneously facilitating the welcoming, releasing and surrendering of blocked emotional and mental energy. Research shows that the heart does have an effect on our health and happiness: If, for instance, you focus on, or visualise feelings of love, peace and gratitude, your breathing and heart rate slow down, and become synchronised and harmonious. Meditation has a similar effect. Feelings of love also have a positive influence on the immune system, hormones and cognitive brain function. Heart rate variability (HRV) is the natural rise and fall of your heart rate in response to the current state of your

Other very important, lesser-known risk factors: Low antioxidant status Low levels of essential fatty acids Low levels of magnesium & potassium Increased platelet aggregation (stickiness) Increased fibrinogen formation Elevated levels of homocystein Stress associated with the type A personality Hostility, aggression, pent up & explosive anger

system (body-mind-emotions). HRV is directly influenced by your breathing, blood pressure, hormones, emotions and thoughts. In a healthy heart, the rate increases as you inhale and decreases as you exhale. HRV is a reliable monitor or risk assessment for the general state of well-being. A low HRV and a high and chaotic or incoherent HRV, indicates an unbalanced or unstable autonomic nervous system. If it is a chronic state, it may be considered as an early health warning or risk, to call attention to the need to address the underlying cause as soon as possible, or it may already reflect an existing serious health condition. A healthy state is associated with a high and regular, or coherent HRV. The heart rate fluctuates all the time, and the way it changes reflects the state of stress or relaxation of the body in real time: the state of the internal world of our emotions, as well as the external world of the earth's resonance (Schuman resonance), as well as the electromagnetic and crystalline fields. Are we at peace, or are we hostile, angry and bitter? Slowing down and synchronising your breathing with your heart rate are very effective ways to learn to go into a deep relaxation state and return to a state of inner peace and equilibrium at will.

Heart research

Research studies show the link between the heart, the emotions, stress and the fact that the heart also functions as a 'brain'. The heart has receptor sites for, and also manufactures, peptides that are identical to the neurotransmitter message carrier molecules inside the brain. It is now clear that the heart is a very important endocrine gland in its own right, making and releasing the major hormone ANF (atrial natriuretic factor). ANF has a profound effect on the brain's limbic structure and function. The limbic system is the seat of the emotions and stress survival reaction, and is also called the emotional brain. The limbic system includes the hippocampus where the memory, learning and control centres for the entire hormonal system reside. Some 60  -  65% of heart cells are neurons (nervous system cells), and not cardiac muscle cells as previously believed. These neurons are identical



to brain neurons. Half of the heart neuron cells translate

can bind to receptors, with an immediate healing effect.

information from the whole body to keep it functioning

On the surface, this is the benefit of repeating positive

as a harmonious whole. The other 50% have a direct,

affirmations and on a deeper, spiritual level, the epiphany

unmediated neural connection with the emotional brain

or transcendent moment the mystics talk about. It is the

inside the head, with a 24/7 heart-brain-heart dialogue of

moment of finally being able to let go and release old,

which we are completely unconscious.

buried emotions of past core emotional trauma from the cells of your body, especially the heart, and creating new

Electromagnetic generator

pathways of health and well-being.

creates an electromagnetic field that encompasses the body

Heartfelt feelings

The heart is a powerful electromagnetic generator that and extends 3 - 5m away from it. One can actually take an

'My heart's not in it anymore'; 'my heart is sore'; 'my heart

ECG (electro-cardiogram) reading a full metre away from

is breaking'. We have all uttered these phrases. They are

the body, with no wires attached. This electromagnetic field

not simply figures of speech, but very often unconsciously

has a profound effect on the brain, furnishing radio wave

uttered, based on our intuitive understanding of the heart

pattern from which the brain draws material to create an

as the seat of the emotions and the soul. In virtually all

internal experience of the world. Ultimately, everything in

cultures and religions, the experiences of peace, love,

our lives depends on our emotional (feeling) response to

healing and harmony are understood to be seated in the

events, less than the events themselves.

heart and thymus (responsible for immunity) region in

Stress accelerates your heart rate through secretion of

the chest. This is not accidental or incidental: feelings of

the adrenal stress hormones adrenalin, noradrenalin and

love also have a positive influence on the immune system,

the long-term stress hormone cortisol. Stress is initially

hormones and cognitive brain function.

experienced as emotions or feelings within the limbic

In his book, Love & Survival, Dr Dean Ornish says that

system of the brain. ANF influences not only the heart

the most important contributing factor to heart health is the

muscle contraction, pressure in blood vessels and kidneys,

love and intimacy found in close relationships. Research has

but also the mood-influencing adrenal glands, as well as

shown that people in Japan and France (both countries with

the brain. In the brain, parasympathetic or sympathetic

low heart disease risk) have very close family and friendship

impulses coming from the heart help trigger the onset of

links, signifying the perception they have of having a support

either calming or excitatory thoughts and emotions.

system in times of trouble. Lack of love and intimacy have

Research also shows that by focusing on, or visualising,

been shown to be the most consistent predictors of heart

feelings of love, peace and gratitude, both breathing and

disease. This is more consistent than either genetics and

heart rate slow down, and they become synchronised and

other risk factors such as obesity, too little exercise, high

harmonious. Regular meditation practice has a similar

LDL-cholesterol, poor nutrition and smoking.

effect. In emotionally healthy people, there appears to be a

Even some of the other risk factors for heart disease

strong tendency for the heart and brain to have a smoothly

can be attributable to lack of social interaction and feeling

functioning dialogue, and to remain synchronised, or

isolated and alone. People smoke, drink, or overeat as

entrained. Entrainment reflects a positive frame of mind, but

an ineffective, harmful way of stilling the mind from

also helps create it, in part by enhancing the balance of the

the stressful 'monkey-chatter brain', mistakenly trying to

autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic/relaxing, and

prevent suppressed emotions from surfacing, or even to

sympathetic/excitatory system). The body, clearly, can help

form an unconscious layer of protection.

heal the mind. But what gets this healing process started?

All these are stressors or triggers for the stress reaction

The mind itself. Your mind, when focused on appreciation,

where the heart and cardiovascular system are constantly

positive self-talk, love and peace, has a virtually limitless

put on red alert to react in the classical stress response:

power to trigger physical and emotional healing.

fight or flight (when faced with danger, real or imagined) or protect and conserve (against, for example, cold and

The living matrix

hunger, real or imagined).

The Scientific Basis, the living matrix can be compared to a liquid crystal and it is a physical entity explaining how energy healing works, and why it works as an instantaneous, apparently 'miraculous' healing mechanism. Through instant transmission along the matrix, new molecules of emotion

you cause your disease on purpose. The process occurs

According to James Oschman, in his book Energy Medicine:



Understanding blocked emotions does not imply that on a deeply unconscious level in cell memories. You can, however, become consciously aware of these issues and, through process work and deep healing, help your inner self to heal, leading to personal power and inner peace. cont. overleaf


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The heart of forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things for human beings to do. To us, revenge can seem right and even taste sweet, but it comes at a great cost to our health, especially the health of our hearts. Letting go of anger, resentment and bitterness against those who wronged you, your family, or challenged your belief systems, can be the best thing you'll ever do for your health. We find it hard to forgive even the little things, like the idiot who takes the parking spot we wanted, or a business partner, lover or parent who wronged us (not necessarily even in a major way). How much more difficult then, to forgive someone who killed a loved one, who threatened our very lives, or who stole our precious belongings? An inability to forgive even ourselves lies at the root of many of our health problems. When we're on a spiritual journey, we often grapple even more with the concept of forgiveness, trying to find congruency within our inner journey toward unconditional love and enlightenment, and our human deep-felt sense of how wrong it seems to forgive someone or something for misdeeds against ourselves, our nearest and dearest and even humanity in general and our beloved Mother Earth. Research shows that the inability to forgive works in many ways, one of which is its connection to the stress reaction, and another to our social well-being. The state of unforgiveness leads to tremendous distress inside our body-minds. The strong brew of bitterness, anger, hatred, hostility, fear and resentment, ferment and stir constant stress reactions inside us, sending distress 'molecules of

Natural heart remedies

A short summary of natural remedies for heart health includes mind-body-soul repair – healing emotions, opening to love, compassion and empathy with self and others. The following nutriceuticals and herbal remedies support your heart as both your 'emotional brain' and as the pump of your life-giving blood: An antioxidant combination with enough vitamins A, E, C & minerals, zinc, selenium, chromium High dosages of the B-complex vitamins (50 - 100mg each) B1, 3, 5, 6, choline, inositol; 50 microgram of B12 & biotin; 400 microgram of folic acid Magnesium & calcium in therapeutic quantities – 600 - 800mg calcium & 400 - 600mg magnesium, both in a food state or amino acid chelated form Co-enzyme Q10 in therapeutic quantities – about 40mg per day Hawthorn (Crateagus oxyacantha) berry in therapeutic quantities – 500 - 750mg per day Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3 found in cold water fish – 1000 - 2000mg per day Ginkgo biloba in therapeutic quantities – about 40 - 80mg per day Garlic – eat crushed garlic in your food – at least three cloves a day, with parsley to alleviate the smell on your breath, or take garlic capsules Phyto (plant) estrogens, like soybeans, chick peas, lentils and linseed

emotions' through the receptors on the cell membrane (epigenetic structure) into our DNA. This comes with specific

to insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus and heart disease, as well as immune suppression, impaired memory and mental processes, even leading to depression.


heart rate

cholesterol levels, increased cortisol and blood sugar, linked

70 60

80 70

or wrongdoing. This is simply not so. Choosing to forgive


their misdeeds and wrongdoings. It means that you choose to let go of your vengeance, bitterness and anger, to surrender,



We mistakenly think to forgive is to condone the misdeed doesn't mean others do not have to take responsibility for



physiological consequences: increased blood pressure and






TIME (IN seconds)

An illustration of heart rate variability linked to emotions

and to sense the tremendous relief of simply throwing off the



heavy burden of unforgiveness you carry in the metaphorical

the heavy rocks of unforgiveness ultimately destroy the fine

but still very real 'rucksack on your back'. You let go of your

tuning of cellular function. You don't even have to confront

own suffering. Human beings have a natural tendency to want

the person or situation directly – if that seems too painful or

to redress a wrong, or seek revenge and justice. Forgiveness

difficult right now, you can write a letter and send it or even

needs to be cultivated and learned. That's why getting help

keep it to yourself or burn it in a symbolic ritual of release.

can assist you in this process.

The most important thing is for you to let it go, to make

There are many ways to heal the hurt and suffering deep

peace. Address the wrongs you did to others in the same way.

inside your cell memories. That's where disease takes a deep

Let go, and forgive yourself first. Then your heart can truly

hold, often inside the spirals of your DNA. That's also where

heal – and the rest of you along with it. O



with Love and Olive Oil


natural living


Healing the Heart 'Valentine's Day saw me sitting down to an intimate dinner that yelled 'effort, effort, effort'. The ambiance had romance written all over it – gentle blues music quietly washing over me, mouth-watering aromas filling my senses and a table so lovingly arranged that it made me want to cry.' Xandre Probyn reports.


here I was surrounded by what should have been

'v') and was an extra virgin olive oil from Spain. Even I,

warmth, caring and simmering excitement, and yet

with my sorely lacking culinary skills, know that olive oil

I found it almost impossible to rise to the occasion.

is good for you. Even so, I decided to use this funky little

In fact, I was feeling drained, dried up and completely

label as an excuse to inject some excitement and as a

over-indulged. No doubt, a left-over from the season's

sign that I was intrinsically appreciative of the effort. I

celebrations. Trying to appear totally enthralled, I started

proceeded to innocently ask why the use of OliveHeart

fiddling with the items on the table and was attracted by

extra virgin olive oil, basing it on the fact that I had never

a bottle sporting a black label with bold pink writing that

set eyes on it before.

contained an equally bright pink heart.

My partner, who was more than likely beginning to feel

To digress for a minute – there is a school of thought

the palling atmosphere, jumped right in with evident relief

to which I am rather partial that states that everything

and started extolling its virtues. Then he encouraged me

happens for a reason; some feel that the intervention

try some with a chunk of freshly baked bread. All I can

comes from a higher being, others the universe, fate or

say was that it uplifted my palate straight to Nirvana and

karma. Regardless of the explanation, what matters right

sent my misery scurrying in the opposite direction. The

then is that what needs to happen happens. Such was the

search for OliveHeart enlightenment was on and this is

case that night. Little did I know that my act of subterfuge

what I discovered from him and from my explorations.

would create a situation that provided the answer to my dilemma.

With a difference

The first item that received a tick in my books was that it was produced in Spain – as we all know, people from Mediterranean countries have fewer heart problems and a lower incidence of cancer. Studies indicate that

On closer examination, I saw that the bottle I had been

this is largely due to their diet, in which olive oil plays a

studying was called OliveHeart (the heart replacing the

rather large role. This alone was almost enough to divest

All I can say was that the olive oil uplifted my palate straight to Nirvana and sent my misery scurrying in the opposite direction.

Nature’s way to heart health

myself of the sludge that I felt backfiring through my body. Secondly, this olive oil was created on a farm in Córdoba by a group of professionals who lovingly offered more than 30 years worth of experience and expertise to find the right combination of olives to give it a deliciously green fruity flavour. The process was not without its challenges. This oil contains an exceptionally high level of polyphenols, which play a big role in cardio-health, but which can also give the olive oil a bitter taste. To prevent this, the correct varieties of olives need to be picked at the right time in the right way, the weather needs to be perfect and the method of preservation needs to ensure that the olives have retained their high polyphenol content when they arrive on your table. Those close to me will tell you that food does not play a particularly important role in my life, so when I indulge I like to do it with food that tantalises my taste buds and leaves the rest of my senses feeling thoroughly spoilt and sated. A definite tick for this brand of olive oil in this category.

Other benefits I was delighted to see that OliveHeart would help my diabetic friends as well since it promotes lower LDL ('bad' cholesterol) levels, improves insulin sensitivity and helps to regulate blood sugar levels. I was particularly surprised to see that it is good for obesity – who would have thought so, considering it has a high calorie content? In my experience, painful joints tends to diminish any feelings of romance and I heaved a sigh of relief when I read


some studies that showed that polyphenols can prevent the

Oliveheart contributes to the protection of blood lipids and LDL cholesterol from oxidative stress.

onset of rheumatoid arthritis. Also, having just heard from

*The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) scientific panel

my doctor that I had the perfect build for osteoporosis, I almost poured the entire bottle of olive oil down my throat when I discovered that it helps to prevent osteoporosis by building bone strength and health while increasing calcium

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absorption. And, finally, as extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants and a powerful free-radical scavenger, it is a perfect

Available at Dis-Chem and selected health shops

pick-me-up and turn-me-around for ageing, and sun-indulged skins. Ah, bliss as I gaze fondly at my newly acquired bottle of OliveHeart and feel the romance blossoming within me – definitely a reason for a Valentine's Day rerun. O For more info visit Master Health Products here.

Trade enquiries tel: 011 803 5445 Email: info@masterhealthproducts.co.za





Ever heard of mangosteen? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it's worth knowing what mangosteen can do for you. We take a look.


efore launching into what mangosteen is, and how it can work for you, it's important to understand that the human body operates in an interconnected way,

with each body system feeding information and responses to all other body systems in a complex biofeedback process that has been described by some as every part of the human body having an inter connection to all other parts of the body in the form of a matrix. It is, by effectively utilising this inbuilt, rebalancing and healing mechanism, that a powerful natural medicine can help with many different conditions and have an effect on so many different parts of the body.


Mangosteen Juice A 12 minute video on this amazing discovery

Mangosteen combats oxidation, which is one of the primary disease-causing factors we all face daily. controls the inter connection of all parts of the body with all other parts of the body. This matrix is the sum of the whole, so to speak. It works, not independently, but jointly. The gut affects the liver, the liver can affect brain chemistry, and brain chemistry can cause depression or aggravate a case of autism. By understanding the matrix you will better understand how the body begins to allow sickness to spread and more importantly, how the xanthones of the mangosteen fruit can

The purple mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana ), is a tropical

help rebalance the body and support its natural inclination to

evergreen tree believed to have originated in the Sunda

return to optimal health.

Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia. It grows mainly in

Mangosteen xanthones can influence the matrix of the

Southeast Asia, and it also grows in tropical South American

body as a whole for better health. They will affect such

countries such as Colombia, where the tree has been

things as fatty acid imbalance and the inflammation that

introduced. The tree grows from 6 to 25m tall. The fruit of

is associated with it. Xanthones reduce gut permeability

the mangosteen is sweet and tangy, juicy, and somewhat

and thereby change and affect the entire body matrix. By

fibrous, with an inedible, deep reddish-purple coloured rind

preventing oxidation, xanthones slow the ageing process of

(exocarp) when ripe. In each fruit, the fragrant edible flesh

cells, giving the body more energy.

that surrounds each seed is what counts.

The list of conditions which it helps is long and it is best

The purple mangosteen belongs to the same genus as the

if you do the research yourself via the links supplied below.

other, less widely known mangosteens, such as the button

Various parts of the plant have a history of use in traditional

mangosteen (G. prainiana) or the charichuelo (G. madruno ).

medicine, mostly in Southeast Asia. Mangosteen was also

While knowledge of the fruit in Western scientific circles

used for skin infections, wounds, dysentery, or urinary tract

dates back to the late 18th century, it is only more recently

infections. In fact there's hardly a condition that it doesn't at

that it has come into focus as a major health-supporting

least help because of the major significance of its ability to

phyto-chemical rich 'neutraceutical'.

combat oxidation, which is one of the primary disease-causing

Mangosteen contains xanthones which have a powerful natural healing anti-oxidant effect.

factors we all face daily. So mangosteen, with its high anti-oxidant xanthones, may not be a 'cure-all', but it could easily be described as very nearly a 'help-all'.

The Matrix Integrative healing tells us that there is an inner matrix that

To find out more on how to get hold of mangosteen juice please call 021 702 3262 or visit www.H20.co.za.

beauty in harmony with nature EarthSong produce a range of organic and natural skin care items as well as home fragrancing products. We take a look.


ll of the EarthSong product ranges have a powerful

hydrated, silky, and soft. The best is knowing that one is

dual action, working effectively on both the physical

using only pure nature as the Creator intended.

and emotional levels, because they are made using

Nature's powerful essential oils, which have been proven through the ages for their remedial action, as well as their

Inspirational origins

aromatic, therapeutic action on ones mood and mental well

The inspiration for this pure, organic and natural range of


beauty care was a special friend who was diagnosed with

Mother Nature provides all the ingredients necessary for

breast cancer and told to stop using her creams, deodorant

moisturising, repairing and regenerating skin, without any

and cleansers. On asking why, she was told that it was

harmful side effects if Aromatherapy principles are adhered

increasing her toxic load and that in the fight for her life she

to, as well as having the most beautiful of aromatic natural

had to stop using them. This shocking information seemed

fragrances and colouring. EarthSong's plant- rather than

a bit late and if true should be general health knowledge.

petroleum-based tissue oils are full of the right moisturising

Extensive research revealed that at least a tenth of the

essential fatty acids and nourishing vitamins that are vital for

ingredients in 90% of all beauty care products, including

skin health. For example, Jojoba oil is closest to the skins own

most of the top overseas brands, are potentially toxic and

natural oil known as sebum and so it combines easily. Rose

that only about 10% of the thousands of new synthetic

Hip oil is a proven cellular regenerator, while Vitamin E is a

chemicals and fragrances used in the cosmetic industry have

natural, anti-oxidant and preservative. Tea Tree is a powerful

been tested.

anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-septic guard. The essential oils are all carefully chosen for their efficacious properties.

It is very important to read the ingredient labels on both cosmetics and food and to avoid any harmful products. A very

The nourishing tissue oils are mostly rapidly absorbed

well researched website where one can look up the safety

as they have the same fine molecule structure as the skin

level of any ingredient is the Working for Environment's

and are surprisingly non greasy, leaving the skin beautifully

website, at www.cosmeticsdatabase.com. O

EarthSong Love * Peace * Joy Healing & Gratitude

Aromatherapy-based Beauty Care

contact email • web

eco massage candles

EarthSong products contain NO harmful synthetic chemicals, preservatives/parabens, petroleum based mineral oils/paraffinum liquidum, propellants, dispersants, Propylene Glycol, EDTA, DEA, Benzoic acid, alcohol, artificial colourants or synthetic perfumes.

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science vs homeopathy In recent years, there has been what appears to be a concerted effort on the part of a certain section of society – both locally and internationally – to discredit homeopathy as just so much 'hocus pocus', without any valid scientific backing, and working only in so far as the placebo effect causes some people to get better. Dr Herman Jeggels, a medical doctor, takes a look at the pros and cons – and comes to what some might call a surprising conclusion.


omeopathy, or homeopathic therapeutics (HTS),

Weirdly, in the relativistic age, 100 years or more on

termed 'witchcraft', or just 'implausible'. Some even

from Einstein's amazing insights into how nature (light,

call it a 'religious belief', because of its supposed lack of

space and time) really works, followed by the yet more

'rational' scientific basis. Such views require more than

amazing and weird world of the very small, as explained by

acceptance at face value, however.

quantum mechanics, still have to be fully integrated into what

Medicine is a techno-science, like engineering. However, history confirms that in the true sciences, as in engineering,

ODYSSEY 104 • 


'right' in an absolute sense.

evokes a variety of responses. It's mostly disparaged,

remains as the essentially 19th Century mechanico-technical worldview of many medical practitioners.

no idea is inherently or automatically deemed implausible, or

Often, the use of technologies runs ahead of its sciences.

crazy. For example, Niels Bohr (among others) agreed that

The medicines sulfonamide, neomercozole, and furosemide,

Wolfgang Pauli's (at the time) new theory on elementary

among others, were discovered by chance over three

particles was 'crazy', but couldn't agree whether its 'crazy

decades (1930s-60s), and widely employed by doctors.

enough to have a chance of being correct'. And that 'crazy,

Long before then, Lady Mary Montagu reported in 1718 that

absurd' Pythagorean idea of the moving earth was rejected

the Turks employed variolation, while Jenner introduced

after Aristotle and Ptolemy put our planet at the centre of

vaccinations in 1796. All the above-mentioned technologies

creation, but was revived successfully by Copernicus, who

were employed without knowing exactly (or even vaguely)

revealed a very different view of our place in the grand

how they worked. But what was important was that they did

scheme of things. Einstein's idea of bending of light would

indeed work, and therefore were employed. Consider that the

have been 'implausible' if it had been offered soon after

world's first passenger jet airliner, the De Havilland Comet,

Newton's time, but has been shown in recent decades to be

crashed a few times with fatal consequences due to the then

correct – so Newton's take on reality was not final, or even

poorly-understood concept of compression-decompression

homeopathy listings Dr Vicki Compere The Centre For Holistic Health 011 465 8895 vickicompere@gmail.com

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Dr Robin Kohler 011 706 2786 / 082 293 8502 perfecthealthqueries@gmail.com www.perfecthealthpractice.com

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Dr M Leite 011 455 2488 / 082 686 6484 drleite@telkomsa.net www.sevenpointfive.com

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Dr Jenny Pestana-Caldeira 012 993 1773 dr.jnpestanac@gmail.com www.wellnessh.co.za

Pretoria/Garsfontein - Gauteng

Dr Heidi M Retter induced metal fatigue. But we did not stop using jets, or building new ones, just because it turned out we had not fully understood something vital at the outset. The historical truth is that humankind has always used technologies despite an imperfect knowledge of their scientific bases.


HTS has confirmed its clinical excellence – and that's the

reason for its spread worldwide. Indeed its initial spread, it can be argued, is due to what has been described as its 'distinct superiority' in treating life-threatening epidemics in Europe and the USA during the 1800s. So, rejecting the employment of HTS due to its 'implausibility' or unknown science is historically misleading, and hypocritical. As our knowledge matures over time, it can be envisaged that the understanding of how HTS works will be fully described

021 551 2104 / 021 551 1207 drheidi@intekom.co.za


Dr Michael Bloch 021 434 1068 Michael@d4d.co.za


Dr Melita Yvonne Dyason Tel/fax 031 202 5804 082 826 2717 dr.yvonne@telkomsa.net ydyason@doctors.netcare.co.za

Marine Parade - KZN

Dr Melanie Sweidan

believe its empirical record of success should suffice as is,

031 201 9569 http://www.vitalitybydesign.co.za melanie@vitalitybydesign.co.za

while others' views is that the emerging knowledge about

Durban - KZN

in minute scientific detail at some stage. Some people

how water retains what amounts to a 'memory', combined with the rather recent idea out of physics of 'quantum

Dr Catharina Magdalena Roux 017 634 7735 / 082 898 7732 ekleingeld@webmail.co.za


ODYSSEY 105 • 


non-locality' (once connected bits of stuff or matter can affect one another instantly over any distance, without any other mechanism being involved, if their energetic states change after separation – that's what an unhappy Einstein called disapprovingly 'spooky action at a distance'), is sufficient scientific grounds for an explanation of homeopathy's effectiveness. Nevertheless, one should still be able to analyse HTS by subjecting it to the sciences; it should be remembered here that science itself came into acceptance by society as a whole not due to its 'objective knowledge' as such, but rather because the powerful engineering products that were created using science were very useful. HTS arose out of therapeutic uncertainty – how to match

a therapy with a disease of a particular patient – and the necessity of treating what were at the time intractable and usually fatal conditions. Dr Samuel Hahnemann discovered in 1790 the experimental methodology termed 'provings'.

It may be said without fear of contradiction that in at least one aspect – the requirement for a scientific theory to produce positive results when applied – homeopathic therapeutics 'passes' the 'positive heuristics' requirements of mature applied sciences.

Hahnemann's intuitive ingestion of Peruvian bark elicited symptoms and signs of malaria. This was what's now called the homeopathic pathogenic trial (HPT). Hahnemann

confirming instances' and not 'crucial experiments', the latter

discovered via the HPT that the bark in question cures malaria.

being the currently preferred 'scientific method'. Edmund

The idea is that as it induces a mild similar 'artificial disease'

Halley, for example, applied Newton's laws, plus all relevant

which stimulates the cure of the similar (though much

data to the movements of a particular comet (subsequently


more severe) actual disease of the patient. Another way of

named for him), and calculated its return to the same spot in


putting this is that the similarity of symptoms, much like a

space after 72 years – stunningly, he was out by just a few

vaccination, 'fools' the body into developing the necessary

minutes. This verification, and not experimentation, ended

responses to overcome the real disease. This phenomenon

the French Academy's long-standing prizes to anyone who

was known as the age-old 'theory of similarities', as described

could disprove Newton's theory. Ironically, centuries later,


by the 'Father of Medicine', Greek physician Hippocrates.

there are now any number of physicists who could 'disprove'


During HPT, knowledge and experience of a medicine's

Newton's theory of how everything works by pointing to the

specific actions are elicited when the substance is administered

more refined workings of relativity and space-time dynamics.

to a healthy person. The symptoms and signs elicited

So Newton's work was not 'wrong', it was incomplete – and

represent a disease diagnosis or picture, which is intimately

the same may well be said for all the rest of our current

linked with the substance or therapy as administered

knowledge levels.

to healthy people before the therapy's use as a clinical

It may be said without fear of contradiction that in at

application. This is termed specific therapeutics (SRx). Using

least one aspect – the requirement for a scientific theory

the principle of similarities as a guide means matching a SRx

to produce positive results when applied – HTS 'passes' the

with the disease of the patient to achieve a successful clinical

'positive heuristics' requirements of mature applied sciences.

outcome. This links the diagnosis, therapy, and outcome,

HTS approximates 'therapeutic certainty', as designed into

which in turn approximates to 'therapeutic certainty', which

pharmaceutical medicines from the outset, so achieving the

is the ideal in all medicine. But for critics of homeopathy

aim of 'right and good healing action taken in the interest

it is perhaps more than pertinent that what amounted to

of a particular patient'. Its scientific evidence is its clinical

double-blinded HPTs were performed as early as 1835, and

(empirical) successes, as well as its 'confirming instances' or

equivalents were repeated through to the turn of the 20th

'anecdotes'. In techno-science, the scientific evidence of a

century. These are now performed to modern standards.

technology and product is depicted by, for example, the first

A scientific theory, says scientific philosopher Imre

flight of Airbus A380 aircraft, or NASA's Curiosity's stunning

Lakatos, must have 'positive heuristics' – it must solve

landing on Mars – in other words, the product does what it

problems, in the same way that Einstein's general theory

must do outside the laboratory. So, regardless of whether

of relativity solved the planet Mercury's problematic orbit.

some people believe homeopathy has only placebo-like

Furthermore, certain theories have been verified by 'dramatic

qualities with no inherent healing values at all, or if they cont. overleaf

ODYSSEY 106 • 






ODYSSEY 107 • 


ODYSSEY 108 • 


strongly believe in homeopathy as an alternative to allopathic

and biochemical processes. It certainly is not 'disproved', as

treatments, either way, far more people recover from serious

many of those vociferously opposed to this treatment system

conditions using homeopathy than might be considered

would have you believe. And with the gradual unfoldment

'normal' with a non-therapeutic treatment. People get better,

in our understanding of what, for want of a better way of

so homeopathy is still used – even if many mechanistic

describing things, might be called 'energetic medicine', it

scientists (mostly in the allopathic medical arena) think it is

is not only possible but it appears increasingly likely that

bunk. The actual mechanism of activation, or the processes

the reasons homeopathy usually works will, in due course,

involved at cellular level, which homeopathy is thought to

become much clearer to everyone. To believe anything else

initiate, along with the precise details of the mechanisms and

is to assume that we are at the apex of human understanding

processes involved remain, as has been said earlier in this

of our bodies, their systems and processes, as well as all the

article, to be fully described.

aspects of the underlying physics and chemistry that give rise

But practitioners of homeopathy and a large and growing

to life and its processes. To make such an assumption would

number of their patients worldwide know full well from a

be hubris indeed – and may well be found in time to come to

vast volume of experience that it usually works for them.

be as out of touch with reality as the famed comment by a

The same may be said for almost all conventional allopathic

leading figure in Victorian England's scientific community who

medicines – except that the latter have a more or less fully

declared, towards the end of the 19th century, that all that

understood mechanism of action. The current status of

man would ever know or need to know had been discovered

homeopathy is, at worst, in the category of 'as yet unproven'

already. Now we know differently. So too it may turn out to

in respect to known mechanisms, pathways and other cellular

be with homeopathy. O

The Body Bio Scanner


The Body Bio scanner is an amazing assessment device for anyone in the health or wellness arena and even for home use.


his device, which costs under R25 000, is a simple scanner which couples to any laptop or desktop computer and is extremely user-friendly.

The analysis will provide information on over 34 different parameters of the body indicating areas of imbalance in a numeric value as well as a colour scale making this device one of a kind. It is simple yet accurate and is adaptable for many users in health and wellness. The





information on each of the 34 parameters and makes allowance for a summarised report which the practitioner can make available to the client/family for quick referencing. The reporting tool also allows you as the practitioner to draw comparative reports between visits and previous assessments in order to plot the progress of your treatment regimes. The Body Bio scanner also provides corrective recommendations which are based on sound and practical nutritional, biochemical and general lifestyle adjustments with room for adaptability in various other natural treatment modalities. The device allows you as the practitioner to have a clear and insightful view of the client's well-being, to plot various areas of concern which can be linked and cross referenced in various areas of the body and then make appropriate recommendation for treatment or therapy. No lengthy, surplus information. Simple, easy to use, straight to the point, relevant and accurate information which can be applied by way of a practical but efficient tool. A must have.

For more info visit www.bodybio.co, email sales@bodybio.co or call 082 554 3874 / 083 393 4874. Visit www.ozonetechnologies.co.za

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5 HOT TODDY The Hot Toddy range has been developed from remedies passed down through generations, incorporating secret recipes families have faithfully relied on for centuries for curing colds and flu. Today we have the convenience of having these remedies carefully made for us to meet our family's needs in the Hot Toddy range of products. The range, which consists of eight products, has been formulated to be tough on cold & flu bugs but gentle on the body with delicious tasting products that can help to soothe and ease aches and pains during times of colds & flu. Hot Toddy products do not contain any aspirin or caffeine and are complimentary with other treatments or as an alternative. The range is suitable for the whole family, from children through to the elderly. For info contact cindy@urbanhousemedia.co.za We have 5 Hot Toddy Hampers valued at R195 each consisting of soothing drink, cough discs, hot Toddy Tea, lollies, fast recovery and cold & flu relief effervescents to give away. Send your full contact details to giveaways@odysseymagazine.co.za to stand a chance of winning.

ODYSSEY 110 • 


NASA Biocapsule The NASA Biocapsule – made of carbon nanotubes – will be able to 'diagnose' and instantly treat an astronaut without him or her even knowing there's something amiss. It would be like having your own personal Dr McCoy (of Star Trek fame) implanted under your skin. It represents one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of medicine, and yes, it'll work on Earth, too. On our home planet, the NASA Biocapsule's primary target is diabetes – specifically, patients who need insulin.

Tobacco giants admit to lies Tobacco companies have been ordered by a judge in the US to admit that they lied to the public about the damage caused by cigarettes. The ruling – should it survive a likely appeal by the tobacco giants – will force companies in America to issue corrective statements, possibly on cigarette packets or in advertising, each prefaced by a confession that manufacturers 'deliberately deceived the American public about the health effects of smoking'.

Green solution for medical waste The Newster medical waste steriliser, to be launched in SA soon, grinds potentially infectious waste into dry solid waste, and also sterilises it. The device, which resembles a small washing machine, can dispose of any kind of medical waste, from needles, syringes and small glass bottles to nappies, bandages and body parts. Different sized models can incinerate waste from 15-5 000kg within 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the device's size. The equipment, which is used in Europe, is being imported by Cape Town company Alloro Promo. Carlo Bovetti, the importer, said that as the machine ground waste, the friction generated caused heat of up to 151°C, which not only sterilised waste, but also caused the waste humidity to evaporate. Unlike autoclaves, the steriliser was 100% green with no toxic emissions, he said. The machine could also be used in a hospital environment, cutting costs of transporting medical waste to incinerators. Mark van der Heever, spokesman for the provincial Department of Health, said the total expenditure for medical waste removal in the Western Cape exceeded R18m.

New blood test can determine speed of ageing A blood test to determine how fast someone is ageing has been shown to work on a population of wild birds, the first time the ageing test has been used successfully on animals living outside a laboratory setting. The test measures the average length of tiny structures on the tips of chromosomes called telomeres which are known to get shorter each time a cell divides during an organism’s lifetime. Telomeres are believed to act like internal clocks by providing a more accurate estimate of a person’s true biological age rather than their actual chronological age. This has led some experts to suggest that telomere tests could be used to estimate not only how fast someone is ageing, but possibly how long they have left to live (if they die of natural causes). Telomere tests have been widely used on experimental animals and at least one company is offering a R5 600 blood test in the UK for people interested in seeing how fast they are ageing based on their average telomere length. 'However while telomeres do shorten with chronological age, the rate at which this happens differs between individuals of the same age. This is because individuals experience different amounts of biological stress due to the challenges and exertions they face in life. Telomere length can be used as a measure of the amount of damage an individual has accumulated over its life,' David Richardson of the University of East Anglia.

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standards MSM has a molecular weight of only 94 and is described as a feather-weight molecule. The characteristic structure and its low molecular weight allows it to easily pass through skin and into the tissue below. MSM relieves pain in several ways:

It inhibits pain impulses along the C-fibres of the nervous system. These fibres carry messages of pain from damaged tissue sites to the brain. When rigid fibrous tissue cells swell and become inflamed, pain results. Medical students learn early in their training to recognise inflammation by: rubor (redness), Ccalor (heat), dolor (pain), tumour (swelling) and loss of function. Inflammation puts pressure on nerves and other tissue

Natural Pain Relief We look into MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane) – an organic form of sulphur which has been shown to achieve remarkable results in pain relief.

causing pain. MSM is a bonafide anti-inflammatory agent and impacts on each of these inflammatory signs in the body. Since MSM can restore flexibility and permeability of cell walls, fluid can pass through the tissue more easily. This helps equalise pressure and reduces or eliminates the cause of spasms and pain. Harmful substances such as lactic acid and toxins are allowed to flow out while nutrients are permitted to flow in which minimises or prevents the pressure build-up that causes inflammation in cells. This accompanied by the muscle-relaxing effect of MSM, reduces muscle spasms – a contraction of tissue which often happens in painful conditions. The spasm then triggers the next spasm resulting in the so called 'pain spasm cycle'. MSM has the ability to break this cycle. When MSM is combined with arnica, a fragrant herb, which also relieves pain and inflammation, plus essential oils known to soothe and relax muscles and increase blood circulation, a synergistic effect is achieved. In selecting a cream or rub it is important to note the


amount of active MSM per gram in the formulation. The SM is an organic form of sulphur which is readily

higher the active MSM, obviously the better results will be

assimilated by the body. Sulphur is a vital

achieved. The optimal concentration is 30%.

element, often in short supply, which is needed to

In acute painful conditions MSM rub on its own normally

manufacture synovial fluid, cartilage and connective tissue.

achieves remarkable results. In muscle spasms and sports

MSM has been found to help in reducing and preventing

injuries for instance, one can see swelling and inflammation

formation of scar tissue, it decreases inflammation in cells

reduced, often within the hour.

and increases elasticity in cell walls. MSM has similar therapeutic benefits as mineral hot

MSM is available as tablets or capsules containing

1gm of MSM. It is also available in powder form where 1

springs, as both are rich in sulphur that relieves arthritis,

teaspoon equals about 5gm of MSM. The powder form is

chronic back pain, tendonitis, bursitis, neck pain, muscle

mixed in water or preferably fruit juice as it has a slight

sprains and pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, athletic

bitter taste. The normal starting dose in the oral form is

strains and pains, osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis,

3gm a day. Depending on the results you have on low

rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

dosages of MSM you may increase the intake per day. Most

MSM is a natural, safe, side-effect free remedy for

conditions will respond to 5-15gm per day, but it depends

many types of pain and inflammatory conditions. In its

on the severity of the condition, and your body weight.

natural state it is an inconspicuous sulphur molecule found

You can increase the dose up to a maximum of 1gm per

in plants, animals and in the human body. By chemistry

kilogram body weight per day.

thinning agent, and an increase in blood thinning effect,

Since MSM can restore flexibility and permeability of cell walls, fluid can pass through the tissue more easily. This helps equalise pressure and reduces or eliminates the cause of spasms and pain.

when MSM is added, cannot be ruled out. Indications of such an effect would be the development of bruises or increased bleeding from small cuts. Again discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist. The best pain relief in chronic pain conditions is achieved when MSM topical rub is used with MSM tablets or powder. Adding MSM to your regime will help reduce pain

The optimal effect in pain relief is obtained when the

and inflammation,increase tissue oxygenation and restore flexibility. You need to be patient and give MSM time to get

topical rub is used in conjunction with the oral form. Although MSM is one of the least toxic substances in

into the system before you feel the full benefit.

biology or medicine, at higher dosages it would be advisable

The topical rub is normally applied three times a day to

to discuss the dosage with your pharmacist or doctor. If

the affected area, and can be reduced to twice a day once

you are currently on prescribed medication like steroids,

pain relief is achieved. In treating shin-splints the standard

Methotraxateor Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory medication,

therapy of massage, ice, pain relievers and rest is not very

which all have well documented side-effects, it may be

successful. By adding MSM topical and oral forms to the

possible to reduce the dosage once MSM starts taking effect.

regime, it will get the dedicated athlete back into training

Should you wish to add MSM to your medication please


discuss this with your physician or doctor. MSM is remarkably free of side-effects and interaction

with other medications. The oral form may have a blood

References: A Breakthrough For Victims Of Arthritis, LA Times, 1998 • Science News Updates: Pain reaches epidemic proportions, 1997 •

Scientific American: Low Back Pain, Deyo R A, 1998 • Sulphur Baths on PLEASANT SCENT Degenerative Arthritis, E, 1993 • New Guideline on Managing PLEASANTMailbach SCENT PLEASANTChronic SCENT Pain, Journal of American Medical Association, July 1998 to note when a patient is on long term aspirin or a blood

SHORTCUT TO PAINThis RELIEF thinning effect on platelet aggregation. is important





MSM RUB Sports Injuries • Bruises Sports Injuries • Bruises SKIN SKINSCRIPTS SCRIPTS MSMRUB RUB MSM

Tunnel Syndrome Sports Injuries •Carpal Bruises Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sunburn • Tendonitis • Bursitis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sunburn • Tendonitis • Bursitis Pain • Fibromyalgia Sunburn Tendonitis • Bursitis Joint Pain • Fibromyalgia Sports • Injuries •Joint Bruises Sports Injuries • Bruises

Joint PainTunnel • Fibromyalgia Muscle Cramps and Pain Carpal Syndrome Muscle Cramps and Pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Sunburn • Tendonitis • Bursitis Muscle and •Pain SunburnCramps • Tendonitis Bursitis Joint Pain • Fibromyalgia

Joint Pain • Fibromyalgia

Muscle Cramps and Pain

Muscle Cramps and Pain

Makesure sureyou youtake takeMSM MSMRUB RUB Make with you, whereever everyou yougo! go! Make sure you take MSM RUB with you, where Make sure you take MSM RUB you, where with with you, where ever youever go! you go!

Make sure you take MSM RUB with you, where ever you go! is so effective that it’s Theformula formula The is so effective that it’s The The formula is so effective that it’s that it’s formula is so effective destined to become your number destined to become yourdestined number

to become your number

destined yourit’s number The formula is to so become effective that oneexternal externalanalgesic. analgesic. one external analgesic. one destined to become your number one external analgesic. This formula with MSM and natural oils provides, fast This formula with MSM andnatural naturaloils oilsprovides, provides,fast fast one external analgesic. This formula with MSM and

and deep penetrating painand relief that lasts for hours. This formula with MSM natural oils provides, fastlasts for hours. and deep penetrating pain reliefthat that and deep penetrating pain relief lasts for hours. This formula with MSM and natural oils provides, fast MSM hasdeep a unique action on body tissues. It decreases the pressure inside cells by removing fluid and toxins,hours. and penetrating pain relief that lasts for

and deep penetrating pain relief that lasts for hours.

MSM hascells. a unique actioninon It decreases theofpressure inside cells by removing fluid and toxins, while nutrients are permitted to flow into It is effective painbody relief tissues. as it blocks the transmission pain has anutrients unique action onand body decreases the pressure by removing fluid and toxins, impulses in nerve fibresMSM that carry pain signals from muscle bones. while are permitted to tissues. flow intoItcells. It is effective in paininside relief cells as it blocks the transmission of pain MSM has a unique action on body tissues. Itpermitted decreasestothe pressure inside cells by removing fluid and toxins, while nutrients are flow into cells. It is effective in pain relief MSM has a unique action on body tissues.inItnerve decreases the pressure cells by removing fluid and impulses fibres that carry inside pain signals from muscle and toxins, bones. as it blocks the transmission of pain while Other nutrients are permitted to flow intorole cells. It production is effective in paininrelief it blocks the transmission of pain properties of MSM include its critical in the of energy cells, itas improves circulation and impulses nerve that carry pain signals fromthe muscle and bones. while nutrients are permitted to flow in into cells. fibres It is effective in pain relief as it blocks transmission of pain increases tissuefibres oxygenation by restoring flexibility and permeability of cellbones. walls. impulses in nerve that carry pain signals from muscle and impulses in nerve fibres that carry painproperties signals from and bones. Other ofmuscle MSM include its critical role in the production of energy in cells, it improves circulation and Otherincreases properties of MSM include by its restoring critical role in the production of energy inwalls. cells, it improves circulation and tissue oxygenation flexibility and permeability of cell Other of MSM MSMinclude include critical role inproduction the production of energy cells, it improves and Otherproperties properties of itsits critical in the of energy in cells, in it improves circulation circulation and increases tissuerole oxygenation by restoring flexibility and permeability Available from of cell walls. increases oxygenation restoring flexibility and permeability of cell walls. increasestissue tissue oxygenation byby restoring and permeability of cell walls. Tel:flexibility 041 3781189



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Available from from Tel: 041 3781189 041 3781189 Available sales@betapharm.co.za Tel: 041 3781189 Tel: Pharmacies sales@betapharm.co.za Pharmacies sales@betapharm.co.za


Available from Available from Pharmacies




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In this book, Dr Mindell presents safe, easy-to-use strategies to help readers achieve optimum health and relief from their discomfort. This book features arthritis-busting dietary recommendations to cleanse the body of toxins that contribute to joint diseases and it introduces superfoods for alleviating arthritis symptoms. Dr. Mindell also describes simple exercise for pain-free joints; highlights such herbal and supplemental remedies as glucosamine, MSM, curcumin, and ginger extract that show promise in reducing pain and inflammation; and covers hypnosis, acupuncture, and other alternative methods for coping with arthritis pain. Anyone who suffers from arthritis and is looking for practical advice and alternatives to medication will find this book invaluable in their fight against this disease.

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Now updated and expanded, this valuable book teaches readers to stop turning to potentially harmful prescription and over-the-counter medicines to ease whatever ails them-and to turn instead to Mother Nature for safe, natural, and effective remedies to relieve troublesome health conditions. World-renowned health expert Dr. Earl Mindell shows readers how to use nutritional and herbal supplements to treat common ailments, both large and small. As readers listen to his commonsense advice and preventive strategies, they will soon discover that the symptoms that have been plaguing them are fading. Not only will they feel better physically, but they'll also rest well knowing that they arrived there naturally with nonprescription alternatives. Readers may find themselves turning to this book time after time to learn what they can do to live a healthy and pain-free life like Mother Nature intended.

HEALING WHAT HURTS: Fast Ways to Get Safe Relief from Aches and Pains and other Everyday Ailments David Y Wong & Deborah Mitchell Basic Health

1 5912 0192 2

In this book, Dr Wong and medical writer Deborah Mitchell show how self-healing techniques such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupressure, and meditation can be used to treat ailments from bad breath to tinnitus, bronchitis to varicose veins. For instance, you will learn about alternatives to antibiotics that nourish, rather than compromise, the immune system and how to use exercise and acupressure treatments to rein in back pain. Each ailment section contains: Vital information such as causes and risk factors; Prevention tips; Best-bet natural remedies and step-by-step advice on how to use them; Alternative treatments for relief of symptoms; What symptoms are urgent and when to seek professional help This reader-friendly guidebook delivers the tools you need to become an active participant in your own health and well-being.

Do you feel trapped by chronic pain? Do you avoid going places and doing things you once loved because getting there simply hurts too much? Are your choices determined not by desire, but by the intensity of your physical discomfort? In the following extract from the book Stop Pain by physician and sports-medicine specialist Vijay Vad, MD, he introduces us to the ins and outs of pain.






arly one Sunday morning, I was just finishing breakfast when my emergency pager went off. It was a recent patient of mine, whom I'll call

'John'. I had been working with John for several months on alleviating a chronic pain condition that he'd had for more than seven years. We had been able to minimise his pain levels with a regimen of proper diet, exercise, supplements, topical creams, and minimally invasive procedures. This morning, however, he was experiencing an especially disturbing 'breakthrough pain', a condition that affects many chronic pain sufferers. Breakthrough pain comes on suddenly for short periods of time and can't be alleviated by the patient's normal pain management arsenal. I have seen breakthrough pain due to bumps in the road of everyday life – factors that alter the mind-body relationship. Common culprits are extreme stress, or excessive lying – as the pressurised cabin in the plane can take a toll, or something as simple as catching a cold, which can trigger breakthrough pain by increasing overall inflammation in the body. It is common in cancer patients, but it also happens occasionally for the kinds of people I treat – those suffering mainly from musculoskeletal pain, or MSK for short. Many researchers and physicians

now prefer to use the term neuro-musculoskeletal pain, because it accurately suggests that the nervous system is not only involved but also fundamentally altered by such pain, sometimes irreversibly. I'll follow their usage (although for simplicity I'll retain the traditional acronym MSK), because to understand how pain works, we have

to assess the role played by the exceedingly complex human nervous system. Indeed, most of the pain people suffer from, both in this country and in other parts of the world, involves the complex system of nerves (neuro), muscles and tendons (musculo), and bones, joints, and cartilage (skeletal). MSK pain, which covers a wide range of symptoms

and causes, affects one in four adults worldwide and is the most common source of serious, long-term pain and physical disability. Chronic pain, often a result of unresolved MSK pain, is the cause of as many as 60% of people requiring early retirement or long-term sick leave. The costs associated with treating this form of pain in the United States alone reached a quarter of a trillion dollars during the years from 2003 to 2008. Excluding trauma, MSK conditions are responsible for roughly 25% of the total expense of illness in all developed nations. The monumental impact of MSK conditions is now recognised by the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the World Bank, and numerous governments throughout the world that support the Bone and Joint Decade 2000 to 2010. According to

ODYSSEY 116 • 


an influential paper released in 2008, this form of pain is 'one of the most common reasons for self-medication and entry into the health-care system'. My patient John may be just one small part of those statistics, but to me he represents the personal side of pain, because I saw just how big a toll it took on his daily life. When I met John, he was at his wit's end, having all but given up hope of getting relief from what he experienced as 'round the clock' pain. John runs several successful computer programming and internet technology companies that require him to drive fairly long distances to work. When he first came to see me several years ago, the long drives were causing him considerable back pain. John is now in his mid-40s, but the initial source of his pain was an injury that occurred when he was just 14. While competing in a karate tournament, he threw a roundhouse kick, also called a '720' because it requires two full revolutions of the leg and body to deliver the blow. His opponent had fallen against the ropes to get out of the way, however, so there was nothing to stop John's leg and lower body from continuing to spin out of control. The whiplash left him a little sore, but he was able to finish the match. He didn't feel bad that day, but the pain soon intensified. 'I woke up the second day after the tournament,' John said, 'and I was absolutely screaming for my mother.' At the hospital, he was given traction and sent home the following day. John felt essentially normal for the next 10 years, with only an occasional backache. He spent a decade laying tile and granite floors for a living, and even though he was on his knees most of the day, John felt little back pain, because his work forced him to maintain a strong body core and tight stomach. The problems developed after he stopped doing manual work and started his first computer job. He had been going to night school while laying tile, but once he began working at a computer station full time, he lost his core body tone, and after a few years his back pain started in earnest. After examining John, I determined that he had a tear in the soft tissue in one of his spinal discs. When healthy, the discs separating the vertebrae in your spine are like jelly donuts: they have soft, gel-like centres surrounded by layers of fibrous tissues. Because of injury or aging, small tears can form in the outer layer of the disc (this is called an 'annular tear'). When the gel-like centre of the disc pushes through – like squeezing the jelly out of the donut – the result is a herniated disc. John had sustained a tear on the outside lining of a lumbar disc, located in the lower back. This caused inflammation of the nerve going down his left

ODYSSEY 117 • 


Part of the misunderstanding about pain may come from the confusion between

of that missed karate kick, and had

surgeons, osteopaths, and chiropractors,

gradually worsened over the years. John

yet any relief he felt was always short

had seen a doctor in Florida who gave


him an annual selective nerve root block

'Nobody really seemed to spend any

(SNRB) injection, which is a special form

time to talk with me,' he said. 'It was like a mill. You were in there for 15 minutes and

chronic pain. Acute

diagnosis and back pain management.

then you were out. You got a prescription

The SNRB injections worked for a year

and you were gone – and that drove me

or so, and John occasionally saw a


cut - may cause intense suffering, yet the pain is temporary. Just knowing that it will

chiropractor. But as his life became more

The prescriptions he got were for

sedentary and he put on more weight,

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

the frequency of the injections went from

drugs); nerve membrane stabilisers

once a year to every nine months, then

originally designed for seizure control;

six months, then three, and finally every

painkillers including opioids; and muscle

two weeks. John was on what you might

relaxers. He was even given a complicated

call a pain roller coaster.

procedure called a nucleoplasty, which in

Chronic MSK pain, as with other

his case wasn't called for. The problem

pass makes such

chronic pain conditions, may be the result

was that the main source of his pain was

pain more bearable.

of a past injury, but it can also be due

the tear in the disc and not the bulge

to the build-up of everyday stresses.

itself, which nucleoplasty is designed to

A slipped or bulging disc as described

treat. One specialist he saw even talked

above, for instance, may be the result

about replacing the damaged discs

of being overweight. But there may be


The pain incurred by a broken limb may be excruciating, but we can take solace in the day-by-day mending process and the gradual lessening of hurt and discomfort. Once the cast comes off, we usually feel relieved and whole again. In this case, complaining about the pain may indeed be counterproductive; we should do what we can to relieve the pain but focus primarily on healing its cause.


pain management specialists, orthopedic

of epidural injection commonly used for

severe burn or deep


different doctors, including back and

pain. The tear was most likely the result

acute pain and pain - say, from a


leg and resulted in severe back and leg

other stresses on the disc, such as

When John finally came to see

extended sitting, as with writers, artists,

me, he was not only in pain but also

and office or factory workers, or driving.

feeling a great deal of frustration verging

Truck drivers further compound the risk

on despair. He told me that he was

factor of driving long distances with lifting

experiencing pain from the time he woke

during loading and unloading.

up in the morning until he went to sleep

Genetics and age also play prominent

at night, and that the pain often disturbed

roles in chronic MSK pain. As we age, the

his sleep as well. Even with all the

gel within our spinal discs tends to dry

treatments and medications he had had,

out, making the spine less flexible and

he just wasn't getting significant relief.

more prone to traumatic injury. And the

He could not sit for even five minutes – a

relative strength of the protective outer

hallmark clinical sign of a tear in the disc.

layer of our discs is also conditioned to

I decided to approach his situation

some extent by our genetic history in

from all directions. The weight he had put

much the same way as some people are

on and the prolonged sitting he endured

predisposed to cancer or diabetes. Being

during his years of sedentary work had

overweight can also increase the risk of

added enormously to the initial problem

our discs drying out. And yet, chronic

of his injury. So I started John on a

pain can sometimes be mysterious, its

weight loss regimen of aerobic exercises,

root cause hard to determine. There may

including swimming, treadmill walking,

be no evidence of disease or damage

and yoga-based stretching exercises and

to tissues that doctors can directly link

an anti-inflammatory diet. I also advised

to pain. Or pain may remain after the

him to make other lifestyle changes,

original injury shows every indication

such as cutting down on his commute

of being healed – as was the case

and heating his back for 15 minutes at

with John's karate injury and resulting

bedtime and in the morning and icing it

acute back pain. John saw seven

after work. I told John that if he did all

these things, he would see a significant improvement within six months. In a very short time, John went from missing two or three days of work per week because of his pain to being able to work five days a week. To help him with the pain he felt while driving or lying while flying long distances, I recommended a back brace designed to take pressure off the lower back. The combination of using the brace for prolonged sitting, 45 minutes of daily walking, and the weight-loss regimen was helping John start to break the pain cycle. I also gave him samples of an OTC patch and topical cream that managed to further reduce his pain during his daily commute and while at work. It's not that John has no pain at all now. We are managing his pain in an ongoing way and keeping it at a minimum. I may still occasionally prescribe anti-inflammatory or pain meds, or suggest going to an osteopath, but only when absolutely necessary and only for short periods. I am usually able to get many patients to a pain-free stage pretty quickly, but others who have been seriously injured or have gone untreated for lengthy periods of time have to be willing to stay in it for the long haul. John knows that if he maintains the regimen he'll do all right most of the time. And that's a big change from the way he felt when all he experienced was pain. As he once put it, 'When I'm in so much pain, I feel like I'm in the middle of a crowded room screaming and no one hears me. When you're in round-the-clock chronic pain, you feel lonely and isolated.' Knowing that there is a way out of pain and that people care about you is a major source of comfort at times like that. My job as a physician was not to treat him and his various scans as numbers in a generic protocol, but to customise his treatment plan, because pain is personal. O

Vijay Vad, MD, is a sports-medicine specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery and a professor at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. He is the author of Back Rx and Arthritis Rx. In 2007, he created the Vad Foundation, dedicated to two causes: supporting medical research into back pain and arthritis, and funding education for disadvantaged girls worldwide. He co-founded The Inflasoothe Group in 2008. Dr Vad lives in New York City with his family. Visit www.VijayVad.com or click the book cover.

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You'd be surprised as to how many ailments can be treated with foods and spices from your kitchen. We take a look.

ODYSSEY 120 • 


Image: www.human.cornell.edu

painkillers@ home


ODYSSEY 121 • 



Toothache Hate going to the dentist? We recommend chewing softly on a clove which is known to ease toothache and inflammation

of the gums for around two hours. Due to the presence of the chemical found in this spice called eugenol, it acts as a strong anaesthetic.

Tip: Adding a ¼ teaspoon of cloves – either ground-up or

whole – to your diet daily is said to protect your heart as it is known to stabilise blood sugar and weaken the production of cholesterol,

Image: www.athletico.com

from three weeks after using it.



Muscle pain Danish researchers asked their pain-afflicted patients to spruce up their meals with ginger, which eased muscle and joint pain, swelling and stiffness with around 63% of them

experiencing relief within two months. The effects are

mealtime and say goodbye to heartburn within a day. Cider vinegar is know to

contain lots of malic and tartaric acids, which show a strong action in digestion. They also break up fats and proteins, which aids digestion so that food is


prevented from washing back up into the oesophagus

Tip: Add from 1 teaspoon of dried ginger (depending on your preference) or 2 teaspoons

4 

– the process that gives

rise to heartburn.

Earaches Ear infections can be painful and extremely uncomfortable. We advise placing two drops of warmed garlic oil into your ear twice daily for up to five days. This easy cure is known to clear up ear infections faster than many pharmaceuticals. Garlic's active compounds are germanium, selenium, and sulphur which show action against many strains of bacteria, which are known to cause earaches.

Tip: Simmer around three cloves of garlic (crush them first) in half a cup of virgin (or extra virgin) olive oil for up to two minutes, strain, then place your home remedy in a suitable glass container, once cooled. It will last

in your fridge for up to two weeks.


vinegar in a glass of water before

experts say prevent the production of pain-triggering


Dilute one tablespoon of apple cider

due to ginger's potent chemicals called gingerols, which

of fresh ginger to your diet daily.




Headache & joints Did you know that around one in four women struggle with arthritis, gout or chronic headaches, says a recent study? Eating a medium-sized bowl portion of cherries (fresh, frozen or dried) a day is known to bring relief, without the side-effect of upset tummy often associated

with over-the-counter painkillers. The chemical which gives cherries their attractive red colour is called anthocyanin, which shows anti-inflammatory action 10 times stronger or more effective than ibuprofen and aspirin. Anthocyanins are known to stop the enzymes that start tissue inflammation, in so doing, preventing and treating pain.


PMS A Yale study indicates that up to 80% of women have uncomfortable symptoms related to PMS, due to the fluctuations in the hormones oestrogen and progesterone that occur at the time. Around two small-medium servings of yoghurt daily has been said to reduce PMS

symptoms by as much as 48%. Yoghurt is rich in the nervous system calming mineral, calcium, which prevents painful symptoms even when hormones are fluctuating.


Chronic pain Studies show that East Indian spice, turmeric, is up to three times more effective at pain-relief than aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen. Cornell researchers say it also can assist with easing chronic pain for 50% of people dealing with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Turmeric's

active chemical, called curcumin, stops cyclooxygenase 2, an enzyme that causes the release of pain-producing hormones. Suggestion: sprinkle a 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric daily onto your meals.


Endometrial pain Endometriosis happens when pieces of the uterine lining detach and begin to grow on the outer area of the uterus. This condition is known to exasperate menstruation, causing inflammation that triggers extreme cramping during oestrus, including pain that may continue for

up to a month. Experts recommend a bowl of oatmeal daily which can help reduce endometrial pain for around 60% of women in under six months, studies show.

Image: http://wellandgoodnyc.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com

Oats don't contain gluten, the protein responsible for triggering inflammation.


Tummy trouble By adding the oil-variety of fish, such as salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, trout and herring (providing they are not listed as endangered by SASSI, see www.wwfsassi.co.za for more) to your weekly diet, indigestion, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

and inflammatory bowel disease will recede and be eased. Studies have shown that the fatty acids – EPA and DHA – found in fish, can largely reduce intestinal inflammation, cramping and tummy pain, even providing as much effect as corticosteroids and other pharmaceuticals. Fish fatty-acids are strong anti-inflammatories without side-effects and are known to improve the function of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

ODYSSEY 123 • 


Image: www.athletico.com


Foot pain Studies claim around 6 million Americans develop sore, ingrown toenails annually. By regularly soaking ingrown nails in a warm

to hot salt water bath, one can alleviate these

least one cup of grapes a day, it will have a relaxing effect on constricted

blood vessels, which will in turn significantly improve blood flow to damaged back tissues, and in as little as three hours. The back's vertebrae and discs are

agent, which quickly alleviates the swelling and pain

entirely dependent on the blood vessels in their

caused by germs.

immediate area to transport nutrients and oxygen.

Tip: Mix 1 teaspoon salt into each cup of

When blood flow is improved, healing of tissues

water, heat to the hottest temperature suitable,

usually follows.

minutes daily until you feel better.


Digestive upsets Ingesting one cup of fresh pineapple daily (juice or pieces) can reduce unpleasant bloating in around 72 hours. Pineapple contains proteolytic

enzymes which are digestive aids that assist with breaking down the proteins in the stomach and small intestine that are the cause of the bloating.

12 

Painful muscles Muscular knots can persist for months if not adequately treated. Tip: thrice a week, place 10 drops of peppermint oil

in a warm bathtub. The warm water is sure to relax your muscles and the peppermint oil will soothe your nerves. This combination is known to alleviate muscle cramping by around 25% more than pharmaceutical painkillers, and diminish the frequency of future flare-ups by 50%.


this common affliction. By eating at

natural anti-inflammatory, as well as an anti-bacterial

then place your foot/feet in the bath for about 20


Grapes are a known remedy for

unpleasant infections in about four days. Salt is a





Migraines Coffee is a known painkiller when it comes to migraines. Researchers at the National Headache Foundation say drinking an OTC painkiller with

a strong cup of coffee will enhance the effectiveness of the medication at least 40%. Caffeine activates the stomach lining, increasing the absorption of the medication.


Leg cramps Around 1-in-5 people often have issues with leg cramps. A deficiency in potassium is to blame, which happens when the mineral is flushed

out of one's system by diuretics, caffeinated drinks or sweating during extended exercise. By drinking a big glass of tomato juice (a good source of potassium) a day, you will speed up your recovery and reduce your risk of painful current and even future cramps in under 10 days, say researchers.


Pain injuries Drink at least half-a-litre of water daily to facilitate your recovery in just one week, say experts. Water dilutes and flushes out histamine, the pain-causing chemical produced by

injured tissue. Water is also a vital factor in the rebuilding of cartilage between your joints and spine. When your tissues are well-hydrated, they are able to glide over one another without being sore.


Breast pain Adding around three tablespoons of ground-up flax seed to your daily meals is known to ease breast pain for one in three women within 12 weeks, say researchers.

The chemicals in flax – phytoestrogens – prevent oestrogen fluctuations that often trigger pain. Tip: Sprinkle ground flax (easier for your body to absorb

that way) on your breakfast cereal, or add it to smoothies or

vegetable dips.


Sinusitus Sinusitis is one of today's chronic health issues. This condition makes sufferers several times more likely to feel all-round body pain as well as the usual congestion and facial pain associated with blocked

sinuses. German researchers swear by horseradish to increase blood flow to the nasal region, helping to open and drain stuffy sinuses and heal infections in that area, often quicker than conventional decongestant sprays.

Tip: a little horseradish, twice a day (either just as is, or as a sandwich ingredient) until you start feeling better.

19 20

Bladder infections Eating blueberries – around 1 cup – a day (fresh, frozen or juiced) has been said to cut one's risk of

Image: www.centromedicoesteticovictoria70.com

urinary tract infection (UTIs) by as much as 60%. Blueberries contain tannins – chemicals that halt the

action of infection-causing bacteria in the bladder.

Mouth sores Unpasteurised honey four times a day is suggested to heal skin-related medical conditions. Honey is known to be 43% more effective than prescription cream, researchers say. The enzymes

in raw honey soothe inflammation, kill viruses and enhance the body's healing abilities.

ODYSSEY 125 • 


earth godess ODYSSEY 126 • 



Elderflower vinegar

Herbs drying

Versatile vinegar can be used in a multitude of ways: as a delicious condiment, a preservative, a medicine or as a household cleaner and disinfectant. When combined with herbs it becomes even more potent. Jane Griffiths, our Herb & Earth Goddess, shares some garden secrets with us.


inegar has been around for as long as humans have been quaffing wine. About 10 000 years ago, somebody discovered that wine left to

oxidise will turn into vinegar – and ever since we have been using its mild but effective action for everything from pickling and preserving to cleaning and healing. Herbal infused vinegars are easy to make and the possibilities of flavours and herbal combinations are endless.

Culinary herb vinegars

In the kitchen, vinegar can easily be infused with herbs to create a wide range of flavours. The tastiest herb vinegars will result from the best ingredients. White or red wine vinegar, malt vinegar or apple cider vinegar are all good choices. Use herbal vinegar to zing a salad dressing, to perk up a marinade or to add a twist to Rosemary

pickled vegetables. To make: Spread fresh herbs out in a warm place to dry for a day to reduce their moisture content. Place ½ cup of partially dried herbs in a sterilised 500ml bottle; add vinegar until full. Seal and leave to infuse in a dark spot for at least three weeks, shaking every now and then. Strain and decant into a storage bottle. Recipe ideas: Raspberry and winter savory vinegar: Add fresh fruity flavour to salad dressings with this beautiful – and healthy – vinegar. Raspberry is a natural antioxidant and aids digestion. Use white wine vinegar. Elderflower vinegar: This delicious vinegar embodies the fresh taste of summer and is a good way of preserving seasonal elderflowers. Use in salad dressings or mix with honey and lemon for a hot toddy to treat colds and flu. Use white wine or apple cider vinegar. Chilli and oregano vinegar: Adds a spicy

Chilli & Oregano

Mediterranean bite to salads or grilled fish. Use red or white wine vinegar.

ODYSSEY 127 • 


Medicinal herb vinegars

Herb-infused vinegar made for medicinal purposes is more concentrated than culinary vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is the most useful medicinally. Taken on its own it has powerful medicinal qualities: inhaling apple cider vinegar steam will soothe bronchial spasms and clear sinuses; it soothes tired and aching bodies, relieves sore insect stings and headaches, treats urinary tract infections and clears dandruff; and it prevents infections, relieves sore throats, eases digestive upsets and soothes sunburn. When you add to this the medicinal value of the infused herbs, herbal vinegar can soothe many ailments. To make: Spread fresh herbs out in a warm place to dry for a day to reduce their moisture content. Fill a sterilised bottle with partially dried herbs. Add apple cider vinegar to cover. Seal and leave to infuse in a dark spot for at least six weeks, shaking every now and then. Strain and decant into a storage bottle.

Recipe Ideas

Pimple fixer: Tea tree oil on its own will sort out most pimples: simply dab some undiluted tea tree oil onto the spot overnight. This goes against the usual rule of not using undiluted essential oils on your skin – but in the case of a painful pimple this really works. The following recipe is for long-term prevention of pimples. Mix 2½ cups apple cider vinegar with ¼ cup of calendula petals and ¼ cup each rosemary, tea tree and parsley leaves. Seal and leave to infuse in a warm sunny spot for six weeks, shaking regularly. Strain and pour into a sterilised bottle. Add a few dollops to the rinsing water when washing your face. T&T tonsil spray: The first sign of a throat infection

Vinegar facts

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ODYSSEY 128 • 


coming on is usually swelling and we feel this by becoming aware of our swallowing – we normally don't even notice when or how often we swallow. Start using this thyme and tea tree throat spray the minute you start feeling any 'throat awareness' and it will help kill off the infection. Infuse one cup thyme and tea tree leaves and flowers in one cup apple cider vinegar for six weeks. strain into a spray bottle and add ½ teaspoon sea salt, one cup distilled water and 10 drops each of tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils and mix. Store in a cool, dark place. To use, shake well and spray the mixture on the back of your throat and tongue. Other uses for vinegar: Vinegar has plenty of other uses around the home. It is a solvent, and therefore an excellent all-purpose cleanser and disinfectant. It will whiten whites if you add vinegar to your rinse water. It removes stains, cleans brass, copper and pewter, and removes odours from fridges or rooms. To prevent your home smelling like fish and chips after using it, mix in essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, lemon grass and tea tree oil. All purpose cleaner: This fresh-smelling cleaner can be used to clean bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Infuse one cup fresh thyme, tea tree and rosemary in one cup of spirit vinegar for six weeks. Strain the vinegar into a spray bottle and add two cups water, one tablespoon bicarbonate of soda and a few drops each of citronella, bergamot, rosemary and tea tree essential oils. Spray on surfaces and leave for 10 minutes before wiping clean.

Growing the ingredients






savory, oregano all originate in the Mediterranean. They

Don't use bottles with metal lids for long term storage – vinegar will corrode them Although its name comes from the French vin aigre, meaning sour wine, vinegar can be fermented from beer, fruit, barley, rice, sugarcane and even coconut water Vinegar's fundamental ingredient is acetic acid Herbal vinegar should be stored in a cool, dark place as a warm environment can cause fermentation They will keep for up to two years

About 10 000 years ago, somebody discovered that wine left to oxidise will turn into vinegar – and ever since we have been using its mild but effective action for everything from pickling and preserving to cleaning and healing. Herbal infused vinegars are easy to make and the possibilities of flavours and herbal combinations are endless.

prefer well-drained, fertile soil and plenty of sun. Once

beans and peas.

established they benefit from being pruned in spring,

Tea tree: Tea tree grows up to 7m tall but it can be

which keeps them healthy and maintains their shape.

kept trimmed smaller (cut it back after it has finished

Parsley: Parsley comes in two main varieties: flat leaf (or

flowering). It is a graceful tree with peeling white paper

Italian) and curly leaf. Parsley takes ages to germinate

bark, light spiky foliage and creamy, feathery flowers in

and is easier to grow from seedlings. Although it is a

summer. Although it prefers moist soil, it will grow in most

biennial and hardy enough to survive mild frosts, rather

soils, as long as it is well drained. It is hardy and likes

plant new seedlings each year as the leaves from the

a sunny spot. Keep it well watered throughout summer.

second-year plants tend to become tough and bitter.

Though hardy, when young it will need protection in areas

Parsley likes fertile soil, full sun and plenty of regular

with severe frosts.


Raspberry: Raspberries prefer full sun and fertile,

Calendula: Calendula is a versatile, spicy herb that's

well-drained soil. They can spread vigorously as the

easy to grow. It flowers from late autumn, throughout

canes root themselves whenever they touch the ground.

winter into early summer. Grow it from seed in full sun

To control their rampant growth, place upright poles

in well-drained soil – it does not like wet feet. Calendula

around a narrow bed and string wire around them to

plants like being planted in big groups together and

create a cage. Keep the new growth thinned out to about

this provides a one-stop shop for bees, which love their

15 canes/m². In late winter or early spring, cut the canes

flowers. Deadhead flowers to encourage further flowering.

back to encourage more new growth in spring.

It will self-seed if you let it go to seed, but never becomes

Elderflower: Elder is quite an unruly, rambling bushy

a problem plant. Its flowers attract beneficial insects and

tree. In small gardens it can be kept trimmed. Either

its leaves deter leaf-eating insects. It is a good companion

propagate from cuttings or buy a young tree. It likes full

for winter crops of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, broad

sun and well-drained soil. O

Visit Jane's Delicious Garden at www.janesdeliciousgarden.com or email Jane on info@janesdeliciousgarden.com

Photographs: Jane Griffiths & Keith Knowlton. SOURCES: Jane's Delicious Herbs – Sunbird Publishers, a division of Jonathan Ball Publishers.

ODYSSEY 129 • 



economy ODYSSEY 130 • 


Image: www.desktopedia.com

With proper care and respect, the earth can provide a high quality of life for all people in perpetuity. Yet, we devastate productive lands and waters for a quick profit, a few temporary jobs or a one-time resource fix. How did we end up with Wall Street's version of 'profit at any price', when models for a healthy economy are all around us and what would a 'down-to-earth economy look like? David Korten reports. ODYSSEY 131 • 



ur current expansion of tar sands oil extraction,

are the principles by which we must rethink and reorganise

deep-sea oil drilling, hydraulic fracturing, natural

human economies.

gas extraction and mountaintop-removal coal

So how would nature design an economy? An economy

mining are but examples of the insanity that short-term,

is nothing more than a system for allocating resources

quick-fix economics produce. These highly profitable choices

to productive activity – presumably, in support of life. In

deepen our economic dependence on rapidly diminishing,

fact, nature is an economy, with material and information

non-renewable fossil-energy reserves, disrupt the generative

exchange, saving, investment, production and consumption

capacity of the earth’s living systems and accelerate climate

– all functions we associate with economic activity. Absent


human intervention, as Lyons says, 'It just continues on and

A global economy dependent on this nonsense is already

Nature surrounds us with expressions of the organising

For a surprisingly long time, we humans have successfully

principles that make possible life’s exceptional resilience,

maintained the illusion that we are outside of, superior to,

capacity for adaptation, creative innovation and vibrant

and not subject to, the rules of nature. We do so, however,

abundance. Earth’s biosphere and the human body are two

at a huge cost and payment is coming due.

magnificent examples.

To secure the health and happiness of future generations, we must embrace life as our defining value, recognise that

The Economy of the Biosphere

competition is but a subtext of life’s deeper narrative of

Earth’s exquisitely complex, resilient and continuously

co-operation and restructure our institutions to conform to

evolving band of life – the biosphere – demonstrates on

life’s favoured organising principle of radically decentralised,

a grand scale the creative potential of the distributed

localised decision-making and self-organisation. This work

intelligence of many trillions of individual self-organising,

begins with recognising what nature has learned about the

choice-making, living organisms. Acting in concert, they

organisation of complex living systems over billions of years.

continuously regenerate soils, rivers, aquifers, fisheries,

Our Original Instructions


and the composition of the atmosphere to serve the needs of the earth’s widely varied life forms. So long as humans

Chief Oren Lyons, of the Onondaga Nation, summarises the

honour the original instructions, the biosphere has an

rules in 'Listening to Natural Law' in the anthology original

extraordinary capacity to optimise the capture, organisation

Instructions: 'Our instructions and I’m talking about for all

and sharing of Earth’s energy, water and nutrients in support

human beings, are to get along with (nature’s) laws and

of life – including human life.

support them and work with them. We were told a long time

In nature, species and individuals earn a right to a share

ago that if you do that, life is endless. It just continues on

in the bounty of the whole as necessary to their sustenance

and on in great cycles of regeneration. If you want to tinker

through their contribution to the well-being of the whole.

with that regeneration, if you want to interrupt it, that’s your

Over the long-term, those that contribute, prosper and those

choice, but the results that come back can be very severe

that do not contribute, expire. The interests of the whole are

because the laws are absolute.'

protected against rogue behaviour by natural limits on the ability of any individual or species to monopolise resources beyond its own need to the exclusion of the needs of others. Individuals and species may compete for territory and sexual dominance, but the amount of territory or number of

Modern neuroscience affirms that the human brain evolved

mates nature allows an individual or species to claim is local,

to reward co-operation and service. In other words, nature

limited and subject to continuous challenge. Until humans

has hard-wired the original instructions into our brain.

began to create the imperial civilisations characteristic of our

Extreme individualism, greed and violence are pathological

most recent 5 000 years, the idea that any species, let alone

and a sign of physical, developmental, cultural, and/or

a few individual members of a species, might claim control of

institutional system failure. Caring relationships are the

all of Earth’s living wealth to the exclusion of all others was

foundation of healthy families, communities and life itself.

beyond comprehension.

We are living out the consequences of our collective


forests and grasslands, while maintaining climatic balance

Some indigenous people speak of the 'original instructions'.

Decision-making would be local & the system would organise from the bottom up


on in great cycles of regeneration.'

failing and its ultimate collapse is only a matter of time.

human failure to adhere to the original instructions – the

The Economy of the Body

organising principles of healthy living systems readily

The human body is a more intimate demonstration of the

discernible through observation of nature at work. These

creative power of life’s organising principles. The individual

human body comprises tens of trillions of individual living

institutions and rules to align with nature’s rules and

cells, each a decision-making entity with the ability to

organising principles. We would replace GDP as the primary

manage and maintain its own health and integrity under

measure of economic performance with a new system of

changing and often stressful circumstances. At the same

living system indicators that assess economic performance

time, each cell faithfully discharges its responsibility to serve

against the outcomes we actually want – healthy, happy

the needs of the entire body on which its own health and

people and healthy, resilient natural systems. These indicators

integrity depend.

could be based on Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index.

Working together, these cells create and maintain a

We would redirect the time, talent and money we currently

self-organising human organism with the potential to achieve

devote to growing GDP, material consumption, securities

extraordinary feats of physical grace and intellectual acuity

bubbles and 'Wall Street bonuses' to producing the outcomes

far beyond the capability of any individual cell on its own.

we really want.

Each decision-making, resource-sharing cell is integral

We would favour local, co-operative ownership and

to a larger whole of which no part or system can exist

control. Organising from the bottom up in support of

on its own. Together they create regulatory mechanisms

bioregional self-reliance, our economic institutions would

internal to the whole that work to assure that no part

support local decision-making in response to local needs

asserts dominance over the others or monopolises the body’s

and opportunities. Cultural and biological diversity and

stores of energy, nutrients and water for its exclusive use.

sharing within and between local communities would support

Resources are shared based on need.

local and global resilience and facilitate life-serving system

All the while, the body’s cells self-organise to fight off


a vast variety of viruses, cancer cells and harmful bacteria,

The result would be an economy based on a love of

adapt to changing temperatures and energy needs and

life that honours the original instructions and conforms to

variations in the body’s food and water intake, heal damaged

the organising principles of nature, real markets and true

tissues and collect and provide sensory data to our conscious

democracy. The challenge is epic in its proportion and long

mind essential to our choice-making.


Another of the many impressive expressions of the

We are Earth’s children; she is our mother. We must

body’s capacity to self-organise is the process by which our

honour and care for her as she nurtures and cares for us.

cells continuously regenerate while maintaining the body’s

Together we can forge an integral partnership grounded

integrity as a unified organism. The cells lining the human

in the learning and deep wisdom of her 3.8 billion-year

stomach have a turnover of only five days. Red blood cells

experience in nurturing life’s expanding capacities for

are replaced every 120 days or so. The surface of the


skin recycles every two weeks. The cells of the body are

self-reflective consciousness. O





constantly reproducing, growing and dying.

A Human Economy Based on Nature

First published 17 Jan, 2013 by YES! Magazine www.commondreams.org/view/2013/01/17-11

If nature were in charge of creating an enduring human economy, she would surely apply the same principles she applies in natural systems. Her goal would be a global system of bioregional living economies that secure a healthy, happy, productive life for every person on the planet in symbiotic balance with the non-human systems on which we humans depend for breathable air, drinkable water, fertile soils, timber, fish, grasslands and climate stability. Each bioregional economy would meet its own needs for energy, water, nutrients and mineral resources through sustained local capture, circular flow, utilisation and repurposing. Decision-making would be local and the system would organise from the bottom up. Diversity and redundancy would support local adaptation and resilience. This should be our goal and vision. With the biosphere as our systems model, we would design our economic

ODYSSEY 133 • 



7 Eco Diva’s

ODYSSEY 134 • 


Tips to being Eco-Focused Creating a more sustainable life for yourself and your family in today's world isn't as hard as one might think. It's amazing what you can learn if you remember tips your grandparents gave back in the old days when there were no supermarkets, pre-packed ready-made meals, chemically-created cleaning products, over-the-counter drugs or TV and the internet. Our Eco Diva Nicole Sherwin reports and offers easy and fun tips to keep you more grounded and eco-focused in today's busy, information-overloaded world.


Grow you own veggie garden or window boxes

It's a lot of fun to create your own food. Plant it, nurture it and watch it grow. Imagine the great energy when you put your own care and love into your food. Start by choosing a wind-sheltered area in your garden or recycle old plastic containers for window boxes. Make sure your soil is of good quality and pesticide-free. Choose heirloom varieties of veggies whenever possible and select your favourite herbs. Whether you're living on a large plot of land or in a tiny apartment, you can grow your very own food.


Get creative in the kitchen There is nothing more nurturing and satisfying

than a home-cooked meal, made with plenty of love. The intention and care you put into cooking for yourself and your loved ones is incredibly nourishing. If you prepare your own food, you can control what goes onto your plate and into your body. You can make more empowered choices and ensure that you are eating a whole food, organic, non-genetically modified diet.


DIY non-toxic cleaning products Clean and scrub your home with easy-to-make

homemade, non-toxic products. Try using simple yet truly effective products like baking soda, white vinegar, lemon, castille soap, and essential oils for most of your cleaning needs.


blocked sinuses. Rub lavender essential oil onto aching muscles and stiff joints for soothing relief. There are many natural remedies right in your own home.


Create 'chicken soup for the soul' Not only a best-selling book, but literally,

homemade chicken soup or broth is one of the most soothing and nourishing remedies if you are feeling under the weather with a cold or flu. It also helps boost your immune system and assists in lifting a low energy mood. Ensure you use organic chicken and use lots of fresh, organic veggies. Make a pot full of broth once a week and use it as the base for your weekly cooking.


Community spirit It's been proven that people who have close relationships and community groups

live longer, happier lives. It's because sharing is caring. Share your issues with close friends or loved ones and allow them to help you work through your concerns together. Do the same for them and feel the stress lift off your shoulders. Online communities also work if you are more of an internet focused person, just find people you know you can trust. Less stress means better health.


Nature is nurture Get outdoors as much as possible and absorb that much-needed Vitamin D. If winter is

upon us, take Vitamin D supplements to help with blood circulation and to boost your immune system. Being outdoors and in nature also helps to de-stress, lifts your

Make natural cures & remedies

spirits and brings about a real shift in energy. O

Throw away your need to buy over-the-counter

drugs for every health issue that may spring up, instead learn the health benefits of essential oils and great healing foods like garlic, ginger, lemon and onions (great to combat colds and flu). Rinse your sinuses out with warm water and sea salt and gargle with tea tree and eucalyptus oils to soothe sore throats and clear

It's what our grandparents knew best and today, it still works as well, we just have to remember that natural is almost always best. Follow Eco Diva on twitter @ecodivanicole

ODYSSEY 135 • 



Earth: 50 Ideas you Really Need to Know Martin Redfern Quercus • 978 1 7808 7161 5 This is a fantastic book from which to gather, in short order, a thorough overview of our lovely planet and the various systems and aspects that every user - that would be all of us - needs to know about it, in order that we don't destroy crucial elements with greed and stupidity. Did you know that the planet weights 6 000 million million million tons, moves through space at roughly 106 000km/h, spins on its axis at 1 6ookm/h? And that's just the beginning. Packed with facts, figures and information, all presented in a simple but engaging format, this is one for every earth-lover.

Planet as Self: An Earthen Spirituality Sky McCain Earth Books • 978 1 8469 4725 4 Almost everyone knows that we, the human species, are in the process of destroying key aspects of the Earth's crucial eco-systems. Many people feel there's not a lot they, as individuals, can do about it. A lot of those concerned with our current trajectory towards 'ecocide' - defined as mass killing of numerous species, including ourselves, along with the eco-systems in which these species reside and upon which we and they depend want to act. But in order to do so, one must be properly equipped with all the relevant facts. This books sets out to create a conceptual framework from which to work and which provides the skeletal reference points for any particular action might be undertaken. With appropriate insight, the author has realised that to be truly powerful in our actions, we need to be radical in our thoughts, in the true sense of the word radical, which means to cut to the core of our understanding. To do this McCain has redefined both the concept of Gaia (the earth as a living organism with a consciousness of its own) and looked at consciousness as an outworking of the evolution of self-aware species such as ourselves. Realising that a lot of our embedded belief systems are derived from our various culture and religious belief systems, the author has deconstructed some of the major belief systems we have inherited, including those of paganism, Christianity (and by extension other related religions like Judaism and Islam) and gone on to look at how mechanistic science, as devised in the 18th and 19th century and brought to fruition in the 20th century, has brought us to brink of our collective ruin. Even the problem of belief systems themselves are examined - something usually left to obscure philosophical texts. Working through how science and spirituality might be cohesively combined as we go forward into this new century, we taken through what the practice of 'Earthen spirituality' might look like and how we can partner with Gaia. No doubt, this will raise the hackles of some, but then maybe these are the very people who need to go take a long look in their mirrors and give some time to serious contemplation around whether their current belief system really does serve them - and the rest of the living things on this planet.

Roots, Shoots & Leaves Bernadette le Roux Sunbird • 978 1 9202 8959 1 Subtitled ‘Cooking with Vegetables’, this is a coffee table book with beautiful images, great recipes and an emphasis on the natural way of doing things, using heirloom veggies, most of which you can grow yourself. Perfect for the greenie who wants to broaden their range of cooking options.

Pot it Grow it Eat it Kathryn Hawkins

New Holland • ISBN 978 1 8477 3665 9

The subtitle on this one tells it all: ‘Home-grown produce – from pot to pan’. If you’re interested in growing your own (and we should all be these days), this is the perfect book. That’s especially true if you think that when it comes to veggie gardening you were born green finger deficient. Just think about: an entire salad of organically-grown, super-fresh produce, all the result of a little effort on your and nature’s abundance. What a pleasure and treat for you and your family. Get this one today.

ODYSSEY 136 • 


New Urban Farmer Celia Brooks Brown

but if you apply yourself and the

novel creations. The organic food

information in this book, no doubt you

culture is not here to cater to the craze

Quadrille Publishing • 978 1 84400 817 9

will soon enough be the proud owner

of a marginalised impractical few, but

A comprehensive guide to your

of a wonderful food garden sufficient

a viable and obligatory transformation

own (organic if you wish) garden

for yourself and family – with maybe

to ensure future food security. We need

'allotment', as they would call it in

a bit to spare for friends and the local

to recover the connection between

the UK, this book is excellent for

organic veggie market. It all looks so

eating and the earth. This book is full

understanding what to grow with what

deliciously great that even those of us

of information and awareness about

and when to do it, year-round. The

with little to no growing space around

the rediscovery of the gratification

only downside is that this one is for a

us may be tempted to try for a mini-

from real food, reverence for our

British audience and obviously deals

veggie garden. A must have.

bodies and the planet, while, with a

with UK conditions. So any local user

bit of luck, inspiring a desire to plant something edible.

hemisphere – and to remember that

Why Organic? Wanda Otto

most of South Africa's weather and

Melrose Books • 978 1 9077 3269 0

rainfall conditions vary quite a lot

This book paints an encompassing

from those of the UK. Still, there are

picture of food. Most people don't

The Healing Plants Bible Helen Farmer-Knowles

bound to be useful things to learn for

question the food they eat, so long

Octopus • 978 1 8418 1390 5

the keen gardener and veggie grower.

as they have enough. Even while

Plants can provide healing in many

would have to adjust seasons by

the food products of the modern diet

different ways: directly through their

The Self Sufficiency Manual Alison Candlin

have had their constituent natural

pharmacological actions as medicinal

parts processed beyond recognition,


Bloomsbury Publishing • 978 1 4081 5655 1

the origin of what people eat is not

vibrations of flower essences and tree

This is a wonderful book for those

some theoretical subject. It is the

energies, and spiritually through the

who’ve decided (whether urbanites

force that shapes ideas and choices

inspiration they offer. Exploring over

with a bit of land to utilise, or those

on eating. Greater understanding of

100 of these incredible plants – from

already out of the city) that they’re

the relationship to this daily essential

key medicinal herbs such as St John's

going to get themselves as self-

can only be obtained against the

wort, sage and chamomile, to edible

sufficient as possible when it comes to



healing plants such as grapes and

living off the land. Lovely illustrations,

situation and how consumers are

blueberries – The Healing Plants Bible

pictures and explanations make it

directly impacted by developments

provides a comprehensive guide to

all seem really quite straightforward

in agriculture. Humankind is not

their history of usage, therapeutic

and do-able. The only downside is

impervious to pesticides, fertilisers

properties and healing applications.

that this book is produced for the UK

and livestock drugs that act far from

Featuring guidance on seasonal

audience, so some of the seasonal

their use in supposed rural isolation.

availability, advice on the use of herbal

stuff has be flipped for a Southern

Genetically modified foods have

teas, tinctures and flower essences

Hemisphere application – and a bit

comprehensively infiltrated the food

for common ailments, and including

doesn’t apply much at all. But those

system without disclosure of the

the latest research findings, this book

are niggles, really. Local conditions

established medical, environmental

is an essential reference guide to

and knowledge will always rule,

and evolutionary impacts of these

plants from all over the world.







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earth  guardian

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, from Boulder, Colorado, came into the world through the Aztec culture on his father's side and the environmental activist on his mother's side. His name, which was chosen by the Aztec elders of Mexico based on the cosmology of the Aztec calendar, at six weeks old in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Xiuhtezcatl has been Aztec dancing since he could walk and is very connected with his culture. He has grown up participating in ceremonies and learning to respect the Earth and all life upon it. We take a look at this inspiring young man. ODYSSEY 138 • 



is deep connection with the Earth inspired him to be a voice for her at a young age, giving his first speech at a climate change rally when he was

six. He has remained vigilant in his work as he has watched the trees and forests he loves die from beetle infestation, ecosystems collapse, and species disappear, which are a direct cause of climate change and our unsustainable lifestyles. Xiuhtezcatl is the youth voice for the Earth Guardians, a non-profit environmental group for youth, following in the footsteps of his older sisters. He has mobilised a following of youth and adults and has been involved in helping to organise a myriad of rallies, actions, events, and city council presentations. With the help of his mother, Tamara, he organised and led the iMatter March in Denver last Spring, the largest youth-led march in the United States. Xiuhtezcatl has worked with Boulder City Council officials, County Commissioners, Senators, Congressmen and woman and collaborated with over 50 environmental organisations. He takes his word into action, and has risen up over and over again to inspire his generation to stand up against issues in their community that are directly affecting them or the kind of world they will inherit. His work led him to become a youth plaintiff against the state of Colorado, and a federal plaintiff against the United States, filing suits against them for not protecting the atmosphere and the environment, thus endangering their future. He and a team of youths are demanding that the government develop a climate recovery plan to ensure a sustainable future for his generation and those to come. In May, 2012, he and a delegation of five youths went to Washington DC to meet with representatives from all three branches of government, expressing their concerns and working to garner the support for climate change efforts. Over 80 members of Congress and the Congressional Progressive Caucus publicly supported the youth delegation and their work to ensure a healthy future, despite the fossil fuels industry's efforts to place their own profits first.

'In order to change the world, we have to change the way we think about Earth and others' -

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Xiuhtezcatl was the youngest, and called by the media

globally one of the most inspired speakers at the Rio+20 United Nations Summit in Rio, Brazil, 2012. He spoke on UN panels and at many of the UN side-events. He is called

upon on a regular basis to provide the youth perspective and be its voice on issues at conferences locally, nationally, and globally bringing his message of hope, inspiration and the importance of acting now. He is mobilising his generation towards standing united and creating a sustainable world for generations to come. Xiuhtezcatl continues to inspire youth and adults alike, encouraging people everywhere to become more aware and educated, and to work together to face the threats to our environment, our atmosphere and our future. He is a living example of one of his favourite heros, Mahatma Gandhi, and reflects the change that he wants to see in the world. O

ABOUT EARTH GUARDIANS They are a dedicated group of children, youth, parents, schools and organisations working together on behalf of leaving a better world for future generations, and are committed to being active care-takers of our precious Earth. Beginning in their own lives and within our own families, they focus on taking responsibility for lowering humanity's carbon footprint, so that they can be a living example of the values we should pass on to our families, schools and our community. Click here for more.

Watch these cool videos!!!

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Blue Star of Lionheart Bea Potgieter Self Published 978 1 9206 0903 0

A journey where love and hope connect. Bea believes that in order to restore our souls to wholeness we need to reconnect with animals and nature and cultivate our own wilderness within.

The Magic Fish Margie Orford Jacana Media 978 1 7700 9822 0

One day, a poor fisherman catches a magic talking fish, which he immediately sets free. He tells his brother what has happened and his brother demands that he go and ask the magic fish for a bigger house. The magic fish grants the fisherman's wish. Will his brother be satisfied or will he be greedy and ask for more? This book is based on a well-known fairy tale specifically adapted for children from Africa. Read aloud, read togther, read alone, read forever.

Creepy Crawly Caterpillar Tamar Dakes Beaming Kids • 978 0 6205 0517 8 A disgruntled caterpillar sets off on a journey to find her true self. Her hopes are dashed when none of her friends will help her. Just as she is about to give up, the natural process of metamorphosis takes place and she is transformed into Beautiful Brenda Butterfly.

Who's Who in the Wonderful Woods Tamar Dakes Beaming Kids • 978 0 6205 1548 1 The Wonderful Woods is a magical place, full of adventure, stories, friendship and grace. Queen Bee runs the hive, Freddy Fox has his lair. Dragonfly Dez can hover mid air. They all go to Owl's house and sit by his tree, Betty Bird tells them stories and Tortoise serves tea. This book, as well as Creepy Crawly Caterpillar (above) are filled with positive affirmations as well as having interactive, fun and educational poems that inspire children to have powerful positive thoughts.

The Fire Chronicle John Stephens

Why Dog is Afraid of Storms Maryanne Bester Jacana Media • 978 1 4314 0219 9

Have you ever wondered why dogs are so afraid of thunder storms? Do you ask yourself why their eyes grow wild, why they shiver and shake and hide away? Find out how mischievous cattle trick Dog into letting them out of their kraal. A wonderfully-illustrated and well-written book that will keep any pre-schooler entertained for hours.

Random House • 978 0 8575 3087 5

Three Children, two worlds and one prophecy. Kate: the eldest keeper of the 'Book of Time' was last seen fighting off a 'Screecher' to save her siblings. Michael: left in charge now that Kate's gone, needs to go to the ends of the earth to unlock the secrets of The Fire Chronicle. Emma: the youngest, and never one to back down from a fight, thinks she should be in charge. She just wants her family back together. With an evil sorcerer on their trail, it's not going to be easy.

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Moving House Jenny Hatton Jacana Media • 978 1 4314 0217 5

Lucy is moving to a new house and is sad. There are so many sounds and smells tying her to this comforting old home. Can Lucy be convinced to see this change as an opportunity to make new memories?

Swimming in the Sun

Jenny Hatton

Jacana Media • 978 1 4314 0218 2

Rhythmic text and humorous illustrations combine to portray Lucy at the beach with her family. Chasing after her brother Simon and cousin Sandi, jumping off rocks onto the sand, and splashing endlessly in the sea, Lucy's about to find out how much fun a day in the sun can be.

Big Questions from Little People Gemma Elwin Harris Faber and Faber Ltd

Finding Aunt Joan Jenny Hatton

978 0 5712 8851 9

Jacana Media • 978 1 7700 9803 9

It’s time for Lucy and her family to visit Aunt Joan all the way in East London. After a long and tiresome drive through the countryside, however, they find themselves hopelessly lost in the bustling city. It’s up to Lucy’s brother’s dog, Jonty, to rescue the family by finding Aunt Joan.

Roots, Shoots & Muddy Boots Samantha van Riet Tafelberg • 978 0 6240 5319 4 A great coffee table book, with lovely rich images, easy reading and all designed to get you into the garden and growing your own edibles for the table. It seems to be aimed at inspiring the little ones to become active home gardeners, which is surely a good thing. If you’ve ever wanted to turn your hand to home-grown veggies but needed a bit of inspiration, this is it.

Southern African Sea Life: A Guide for Young Explorers Sophie von der Heyden Struik Nature • 9 781 7700 7893

This guide for young explorers combines scientific fact, fascinating tidbits, brilliant full-colour photography and sensitive illustrations to bring a wonderful variety of ocean creatures vibrantly to life. This introduction to the habitats, plants and creatures of the southern African shores is a celebration of ocean life that is sure to become a favourite with beachcombers of all ages.

This book offers expert answers to those big questions children ask. Children have a knack of asking great but challenging questions. This book gathers over 100 real questions from children and puts them to some of our best-loved and most knowledgeable experts such at Noam Chomsky, Bear Grylls, Sir David Attenborough, Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsay, Dr Rupert Sheldrake and many more.

Let's Talk About Pagan Festivals Siusaidh Ceanadach Moon Books 978 1 7809 9463 5

This book is written for children between the ages of four and eight, it has nine chapters, one for each of the festivals and one for the Moon. There is a story, things to do and teacher/parens and guardian notes for each chapter. There are also simple prayers for children.

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they are what they eat As an animal complementary therapist, a big part of any consultation with a client's pet is finding out about its food routine. As an essential part of the jigsaw, it is the key to finding the source of whatever problem they may be experiencing. In this extract from her book The Animal Healer, Elizabeth Whiter shares a few tips she has learnt along the way.

ODYSSEY 143 • 


I've been involved in many discussions with vets and swapped stories about the problems we all see as a result of all-dried-food diets. We've noticed a rise in kidney failure among cats and dogs fed on these foods. The food company reps these days are so slick and vets haven't got time to really look into what they're getting. The science sounds right, but all you need to remember is where these animals come from – that puts it all into perspective.

controlling metabolism. The pancreas can't maintain a steady level of glucose, or sugar, in the blood or keep the body supplied with fuel to produce and maintain stores of energy. The amount of diabetes in animals is steadily rising, and this stems from an imbalance in the pancreas. Digestive problems, food allergies, constipation, diabetes, liver complaints, ulcers and stomach tumours are also the kind of ailments that I see all too often. Luckily, most can be treated with a change in diet.

Dried food

Very often, the way that the body first signals disease is through the skin. I'd go as far as to say that around 80% of my animal patients suffer from flaky or itchy skin or eczema of some kind. Their owners tell me that they think it's something to do with anxiety, and it may well be, but the first question I always ask is 'What do you feed him?' Very often, the answer is the same: dried food. Owners often think that they're doing the best for their animal by following the vet's advice and buying him 'complete' dried food. It's easier, too; they're rushing out to work in the morning and don't want to leave wet food in a bowl on the floor for flies to lay their eggs on or to encourage mice or rats into the house. I am not against dried food, so long as it is part


of a balanced diet including good sources of protein, lot of the training I did before I first opened

carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fruits and vegetables

my clinic centred on nutrition, and what I have

from natural sources.

learnt since has changed the way I feed my own

Imagine if you were only allowed to eat dried food

animals. Watching animals select the plant oils they need

for the rest of your life. Our bodies are built to enjoy the

(part of my zoopharmacognosy course) increased my

stimulation of a varied diet; just look at the incisors of an

respect for them and I began to look at nutrition in the

animal. A dog's or cat's are relatively small compared to

widest possible sense.

those of herbivores, whose teeth are designed to grasp

I believe that a well-fed animal is a free animal,

and nip off plants and grasses. A dog's canine teeth are

in touch with its natural state of being and its sense

well developed to fix and hold their prey and to inflict

of purpose. It may be generations since it lived in the

damage by puncturing deep into the victim's tissues. Its

wild, but an emotionally well-nourished animal is a

molar and premolar teeth are designed for grinding, and

powerhouse. Its pride and ego are intact, its will power,

even have raised portions called 'cusps' which help them

energy and enthusiasm have not been compromised.

break up bone and other tough tissues. To limit their diet

What I see so often in my clinic is the opposite, however:

to a bowl of dried food is enough to make their skin crawl.

anxiety, fear, worry and domination issues.

with vets and swapped stories about the problems we all

imbalances are in the endocrine system, which controls

see as a result of all-dried-food diets. We've noticed a rise

the production of hormones. The digestive centre in

in kidney failure among cats and dogs fed on these foods.

particular – the stomach, small intestine, large intestine,

The food company reps these days are so slick and vets

spleen and liver (which filters toxins from the body and

haven't got time to really look into what they're getting.

stores nutrients) – is often where I find the answers.

The science sounds right, but all you need to remember

The pancreatic glands are also in this area, and control insulin and glucagons, which play vital roles in

ODYSSEY 144 • 


At lectures, I've been involved in many discussions

When I'm healing an animal I find that most of the

is where these animals come from – that puts it all into perspective.

Many people ask me whether or not the meat they

Hidden salt & sugar

give their dogs should be raw. It takes responsibility to

I believe that the cheaper pet food manufacturers are

get the balance right, and it is vital that the meat is of the

contributing to the increase in diabetes in domestic pets

highest quality. Raw or cooked, so much of the cheaper

by disguising the exact amount of salt and sugar in foods.

meats are packed with antibiotics due to intensive

Sugar has many 'aliases', including: maltose; dextrose;

farming and cramped conditions, where even healthy

muscovado (dark brown sugar); high-fructose corn syrup;

animals destined for consumption are given antibiotics

and hydrolysed starch.

and growth hormones that are then absorbed by your pet.

Salt, meanwhile, also goes by the name sodium.

My own dogs have cooked chicken and meat and

Given the names these substances hide behind, you

large bones flashed in a hot oven to kill off the high levels

would have to be a nutritionist to be able to work out

of bacteria found on foods that humans have handled. If

how to feed your pet properly. I see more and more cases

there are small children around, raw meat on bones is

of diabetes, obesity and its effects, such as strain on the

not the most hygienic of things to find left in the back

joints, and much of this comes from excess salt and sugar.

garden. A bone once a month is more than enough for

Dogs are carnivores leaning towards omnivores, and

most domestic pets' digestive systems.

they need a balanced diet just like the rest of us. Pet food

I tell my clients that a natural diet for a dog or cat

manufacturers know that wild dogs eat everything from

living with human companions is based on sharing.

a carcass, and so they use mechanically reclaimed meat

Nothing goes to waste in my home: the remains of the

including the muscles and bones in their tinned food.

chicken carcass goes into a soup or a stock and, once it

They forget that the food wouldn't have been cold from a

has been strained, I give it to my dogs, taking care to

fridge; a carcass would have been warm and wolfed down

take out the small, sharp bones. I don't think of leftovers

within minutes by all members of the pack: a sociable,

so much as 'set asides', and always cook a little extra at

nutritious family meal.

each meal. O

The Equine Healing Workshop with Elizabeth Whiter This one-day workshop is packed with interesting and useful information: practical animal healing sessions; observe Zoopharmacognosy – self-selection of plant material to self-medicate; learn how to make simple, natural topical remedies such as fly repellent, gel for bruising, tendon and sprain injuries and more; identify herbs and plants; valuable information on animal holistic healthcare; learn to give energy healing; and learn relaxation techniques for horses and dogs.

Sat 4 May Sun 5 May

full day workshop R950pp Laezonia (District of Thswane, off the R511) full day workshop R950pp Equine Sport Centre, Stellenbosch

For bookings email info@hayhouse.co.za or visit www.hayhouse.co.za For more info on Elizabeth visit www.healinganimals.org

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Jessica Erasmus, Odyssey's Pet Angel, shares some cool products, news and reviews to help you look after youir pets in a conscious manner.


The herbal in these products have proven to be effective to protect and keep animal's coats in perfect condition. Grooming your pets with these non-toxic, clean-smelling products will allow you and your children to play safely with them afterwards.

Harmless House

The Super Natural Dog Shampoo effectively cleans and lathers and is ideal for pets with sensitive and irritable skin as it is pH balanced. The shampoo contains Neem Oil to help keep ticks and fleas away. The Harmless House Super Natural cleaning products are free of sulfates, phosphates and harmful chemicals; water course and septic tank-friendly; cruelty-free certified through BWC SA and 100% biodegradable, gentle on your skin.




Buchu Anti-bacterial Soap Scrub: Buchu is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and this soap scrub alleviates your pet's irritation and itch. This is a far better alternative to any shampoo. It also cleans and cools the skin. Rooibos For Itchy Skin: This infusion of Rooibos, Camomile and Spirulina with grapeseed oil is brilliant for alleviating skin allergies, scratching and skin irritation. Taken orally, it is easy to administer over food or directly into the mouth.


'As custodians of the planet it is our responsibility to treat all species with kindness, love and compassion. That these animals suffer through human cruelty is beyond understanding.

Please help to stop this madness.' - Richard Gere

ODYSSEY 146 • 


Shampoos and Scrubs Shampooing your dog or cat should be done very seldom. In fact, a healthy pet, with healthy skin and good bacteria does not need to be washed often. Still then, one needs to avoid shampoos that are chemically-based as it can aggravate the skin further. Rather treat your pets using natural shampoos, scrubs and oils.

Scientists Declare Animals Are as Aware as Humans An international group of prominent scientists has signed The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in which they are proclaiming their support for the idea that animals are conscious and aware to the degree that humans are — a list of animals that includes all mammals, birds, and even the octopus. But, will this make us stop treating these animals in totally inhumane ways? While it might not sound like much for scientists to declare that many nonhuman animals possess conscious states, it’s the open acknowledgement that’s the big news here. The body of scientific evidence is increasingly showing that most animals are conscious in the same way that we are, and it’s no longer something we can ignore. What’s also very interesting about the declaration is the group's acknowledgement that consciousness can emerge in those animals that are very much unlike humans, including those that evolved along different evolutionary tracks, namely birds and some encephalopods. 'The absence of a neocortex does not appear to preclude an organism from experiencing affective states,' they write. 'Convergent evidence indicates that non-human animals have the neuro-anatomical, neurochemical, and neurophysiological substrates of conscious states along with the capacity to exhibit intentional behaviours.' Consequently, say the signatories, the scientific evidence is increasingly indicating that humans are not unique in possessing the neurological substrates that generate consciousness.

A Horse Named Majestic: A Journey of Self Discovery Theresa Odendaal ISBN 9 780 6203 6942 8 A Horse Named Majestic is the tale of a thoroughbred racehorse’s life, from birth to racing stardom and then his fall into abuse and his eventual rescue. The story is told through the horse’s eye’s and initially it seems like a book for the young but as you delve further into the book you will find that the wisdom and insight that it offers is pertinent for everyone, children and adults alike. While it will be a useful tool for teaching your children good values, it is also a book that you will enjoy at the same time.

The Dog who Danced Susan Wilson

ISBN 9 781 2500 1180 0

The Dog who Danced is the story of Mack, a black and grey Sheltie dog who is parted from his owner, Justine, during a trip to get to her estranged and dying father. While Justine is torn between nursing her father, dealing with issues from her past and finding Mack, he is rescued by Ed and Alice Parmalee who are still grieving the death of their daughter. Mack’s affectionate nature slowly repairs the rift that has developed between Alice and Ed, who both discover what it is to love again. When Justine eventually tracks Mack down, the question is, to whom does the little dancing dog belong – and can the Parmalee's survive another loss?

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School of Movement Medicine

movementmedicine E

ODYSSEY 148 • 


verywhere people are staring at the screens of

has studied and experienced the creative power of dance

mobile phones, laptops and other technological

and movement for the past quarter-century. Nowadays he

'miracles' for longer and longer, but have forgotten,

shares the healing power of dance with people worldwide

for example, the breathing and natural rhythm of their

and visited SA recently to introduce this authentic form of



'Life is becoming more virtual and screen-based and

Khan had been a wallflower all his life. 'The strange

we already pay a heavy price for that choice throughout

thing is that I was really never interested in dancing. As

society,' says Ya'acov Darling Khan, one of the founders

a teenager, when I was growing up, I danced at parties

and instructors of Movement Medicine.

to only one song, and that only after I had drunk a beer

Khan, the British co-author of the book Movement

or two. I was much more interested in sports. Only in

Medicine: How to Awaken, Dance and Live Your Dreams, believes dance is our birthright. This is the reason why he

my early 20s, when I discovered tai chi, did I realise that dance and movement is more than just a way to move

'In a society where humanity is bombarded daily with increasing technology and devices, reference is already being made to "nature deficit disorder". Where ADHD once impacted on children and young people, there is an increase of young and older people who have completely lost touch with their bodies and nature around them,' says Kobus Burger. This is his report.

Only in my early 20s, when I discovered tai chi, did I realise that dance and movement is more than just a way to move from point A to point B. technique that an individual or a group can practice. 'The big difference is the knowledge that movement medicine offers you about the intelligence of the dancer within you who is already creative, alert and empowered and ready to rock and roll. 'The heart and the cells repair themselves. Moreover, this all happens – thank goodness – without us having to think about it. You can describe it as a dance. Life moves. It is as simple as that. Through movement medicine we take the dancer on a journey where he or she can discover how creative he or she is.' During a typical, open Move! dance experience, Khan delivers a simple structure with steps that people translate in a moment from their heads to their bodies – even if they are very self-conscious, shy or awkward on the dance floor. Two left feet need not be an impediment. 'To be self-conscious when trying something new is completely normal. I know that feeling all too well. It is usually based on many thoughts about how we should look, how we should move and what others will think of us. The key is to transfer the feeling somewhere else, namely into the feeling of the body that moves.' Having worked with thousands of people of all ages, cultures and physiques, Khan swears that it is literally just a few minutes before people can switch from their heads to their moving bodies. Unlike other so-called dance classes, movement medicine is not something you have to 'learn' – it is a journey of discovery. Khan believes people are getting lazier by the minute – longer hours behind the computer, using the lift rather than the staircase, sending an SMS rather than walking

from point A to point B.' Khan was first a waiter, sales representative, and a photographer who helped people with their self-image with a kind of photography called 'photo therapy'. In 1988 he met the dancer and musician Gabrielle Roth and studied her special dance technique consisting of five different rhythms (The Roth 5 Rhythms). He immediately realised that dance could be the source of creative inspiration. Nowadays, when a person can experience anything from ballroom dancing and folk dancing to Biodanza, Khan and his dance partner, Susannah, developed a

to the person you want to talk to. 'I think laziness is the result of the paradigm and times in which we live. We are moving further and further away from the natural wisdom of the body.' It does not matter who you are or where you are. If you have a body, you can dance, Khan readily assures. 'Mankind has always danced, and dance, until very recently in the human story, is a way for a community to come together – from healing, thanksgiving and commitment, to the higher creative forces.' In his book Movement Medicine, Khan says that a 'deep loneliness and hunger' occur worldwide. 'We are taught the thing that will make us happy, is

ODYSSEY 149 • 


Unlike other so-called dance classes, movement medicine is not something you have to 'learn' – it is a journey of discovery.

to have as much as possible and to use it. Many great studies have demonstrated that this is absolute nonsense. But we are under tremendous pressure to conform.' Khan believes happiness comes from what we give, not from what we take. 'In the culture of the individual, we have lost the culture of the community. The facts speak for themselves. There are more mental disorders, alcoholism, divorce, depression and despair than ever before – and this is what we call progress? We have lost touch with the bigger picture and we are not taught what really makes us happy. 'Movement medicine, like many other similar practices, provides community. It creates a space where people can just let go, celebrate their successes, mourn their losses, as well as give and receive support in a way that is meaningful. And to do it without any dogma, with a large amount of space for people to discover who they really are, why they are here and what they have to give.' That movement can be like 'good magic' and can heal people is by no means utopian in concept. Khan has witnessed 'miraculous' healing over the last quarter-century. 'Many dancers have used dance to heal their illnesses. I am always surprised at how quickly these healings can take place. Anyone can pitch up with stress up to their eyeballs and within a two hour class, they walk away with the bright glow of inspiration shining from their eyes.' The next time the shoulders warp from long hours behind the computer or from being hunched too long staring at the cellphone screen, the best advice is to play music and to dance energetically until that 'inner dancer' reiterates, the arms open widely and life passionately pulsates in the veins. O

For more info on SA movement medicine workshops/schools, contact Jayne at info@movementmedicine.co.za or cell 073 748 7743, www.schoolofmovementmedicine.com. Movement medicine is published by Hay House and is available in good bookstores countrywide and on www.hayhouse.co.za.

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Movement Medicine poems by Miriam Platt (pictured above). The Fire & the Phoenix 1 Dancing the elements. Planted in my body And beyond Anchored energy Soars and sweeps Glides and graces Each element Giving its essence To living Streaming Being

The Fire & The Phoenix 2 In My Circle Crystals came I am graced Fire in their heart Light in their faces I dance with the wind With the winged ones Together Each element Supports Bone and breath Informs all essences To breath and move in powerful Presence

Fire & Phoenix 3 (The end of the first day) The dance of Male and Female

Long after The dance is done The rhythms still beat The energies speak Heat and sensation Pulse and penetration.

The Dancer Within (after the Fire and the Phoenix) Circumscribed, Dormant Bound. Waiting for the call For streams of sound To reach the sleeping pathways; Finest carriers of life essence From somnolence To waking Earth, Fire Water Air All the elements engaged The dancer within stirs, Hears, responds, rises. Finds the rhythm Finds presence constellating. The dancer, Ageless Napunsakalinga* Beyond male Beyond female Beyond separation Dancing all the elements of life Feels the essence within This life My life All life Dedicated to remembering The presence I am *Sanskrit for 'beyond gender'.

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Life Coach Expert

 get out of

Problem Prisons Problems can feel like prisons. As much as we struggle with our own challenges; we also find it painful to see others suffering. Odyssey expert mentor Colleen-Joy Page, shares valuable insights to help us to help ourselves and others.


o whether you want to help others to transform

strength to move forward. It's also very difficult to

their problem prisons, or are called to make a

see solutions, when your heart and mind are heavy

difference in the world, but are not sure how to

under the weight of believing that you are less than

really help or just feel stuck or frustrated by your own

what you face. So if you notice a minus (smaller than,

challenges, try out some of these acclaimed coaching

lesser than, overwhelmed) feeling or attitude, it's

methods. Here are five insights anyone can use.

time to work to get equal to.


ODYSSEY 152 • 


challenges, we try too hard and over-compensate. It feels like pushing water uphill, and burnout

To coach yourself or others, one critical element

becomes a real danger. This, too, is not a helpful

needs to be in place. That critical element is the

state and our inner resources will be drained. So

desire or willingness to change. If we are too

if you notice a plus (bigger than, trying too hard,

attached to our problems, or if we actually don't want

over-compensating) feeling or attitude, it's also time

to move towards our dreams and aspirations, then no

to work to get equal to.

amount of solutions will help.

The internationally recognised coaching jargon for

Luckily, most people are highly coachable.

this state is 'coaching presence' or 'coach position'. A

Life moves. It dances with growth and flow. When we

professional coach learns to get equal to whomever

step into that flow and are willing to find our natural

they are coaching, and hold a safe space where they

growth, we soon leave the prison of problems and

see the client as equal to their own life's challenges.

find workable solutions.

Coaching Power Question: Ask yourself or

Coaching Power Question: Ask yourself or

others 'How can I move from PLUS or MINUS to

others 'How willing am I to grow, learn and change

knowing that I am equal to this challenge?'

to overcome this challenge?'


When we try to be bigger than our problems and

'Are you coachable?'



'Without a 'WHY' there is just no 'WAY''

When we feel smaller than our problems and

The 'why?' is the deepest, truest reason you can find.

challenges, we suffer and struggle to find the inner

It is like superfood for the mind and soul – a really

Expert guidance from Colleen-Joy Page, the creator of the internationally accredited InnerLifeSkills life and business coaching courses.

powerful motivator. Without a big enough reason for us to move forward towards our aspiration we lack commitment. Without a strong enough clear answer

inner enemies 5 'Turn into allies'

to the question 'why is this?' we won't have the

When we face our fears, procrastination, laziness or

energy to overcome the obstacles that stand in the

negativity we usually think that the only way forward

way of our success. A top coach knows the power of

is to kill off these inner enemies. But have you ever

a strong 'why' and helps people to find their mojo by

tried to do this? Fear doesn't go away when you push

excavating our deepest and truest reasons.

it; in fact it usually gets stronger.

A big mistake non-coaches make is that they think

An ILS Master Coach philosophy is that 'what you go

their own reasons will work for others. If we try to

to war with gets stronger'.

motivate others, but use our reasons, our purpose

So instead of trying to kill the inner enemy, why not

and vision, we often fail. A coach helps others to find

learn to transform the enemy into an ally?

their reasons and leverages those reasons to ignite

One tip to assist you in doing this is to look deeper

passion and energy for change.

than the surface judgment we have towards the inner

Coaching Power Question: Ask yourself or

enemy, to try to really understand its positive reasons

others 'Why is this important to me?'

for showing up. For example, fear is often only trying to protect us and procrastination might be trying to


slow us down into making wise decisions.

'Power ONLY'

Look for ways to get every part of your inner world on board and you will have the inner strength to

Many of us curiously get caught in this trap; we

overcome your challenges.

focus all our mental and emotional energy on things

Coaching Power Question: Ask yourself or

we have truly no power to change, and we ignore

others 'How might this inner enemy actually be trying

or deny the things that we really do have power to

to help me, and how can I turn this into an ally?'

change. A true coach learns to help themselves and others to only focus on what we can change ourselves. Being clear on the difference between what we do have the power to change, and what we don't, is vitally important if we want to free ourselves. Don't assume

Until next time, from the ILS Master Coach team: keep coaching. Visit these sites for free resources, free email lessons and more info: www.innerlifeskills.com, www.colleen-joy.com

that you are sorted with this one, look closely at your

thinking and energy spent. You might be surprised to see how much is wasted on things that we truly

and check out these videos below.

cannot change. Coaching Power Question: Ask yourself or others 'What truly is in my power to change?'

ODYSSEY 153 • 


Image: hdwallpaper.ws


Transformation, Alchemy Quantum Leaps Julia Tiffin talks about the pattern of true transformation and finding fulfilment in your life as well as explaining how The Life Activation can support that process.


here is so much information available about the

many of us sense we have 'hidden potential' and that this

incredible potential of the human vehicle, the

would give us access to all 'the fruits of life'. These fruits

'superhuman' capabilities of humans.

of life would be whatever you define them to be: more joy,

On a pure physical level, the human body is one of the

best sources of electricity on the planet. This electricity is

This hidden potential is inside us, like a dormant seed

of the body, humans generate electricity, which can be

or perhaps numbers of seeds that are covered and hidden.

captured through everyday movements and potentially

These seeds have been known in modern times as DNA.

used to power our own homes.

Sages have called it the 'Divine Human Blueprint'. Finding

But that merely speaks about the physical capacity of

and locating these seeds inside us is a bit like rescuing

humans and what we already generate on a day-to-day

something precious from an oil spill – the oil is thick and

basis. Human beings perform miracles way beyond logic or

sticky and will require lots of cleaning to release whatever

pure science (I am referring to old paradigm science in this

has been covered by the oil. In the case of uncovering the

case). That is, when the heart, mind and soul of a human

seeds of human potential, the hidden potential inside us

is in a heightened place, we can achieve great things and

is buried beneath patterns of incorrect thinking, emotional

tap into a potential that is not accessed in our normal

pain and not just from our own creation, but inherited from

everyday pattern, when we are living with dulled senses to

our ancestors.

On a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level,



sex, intimacy, money, whatever you want to experience.

called piezoelectricity, and within the crystalline structure

the world around us.


inner peace, love, success, fulfilment, balance, abundance,

What is not well known is that the DNA both stores our original 'Divine Pattern' but can also record new patterns

over it. It is a bit like a portable hard drive in that it can record current patterns, negative or positive into the DNA and these become our 'truth', our reality. The original 'Divine Blueprint' is not lost; it is just covered over, like the object in the oil spill which needs to be cleaned. A process of transformation as opposed to change can be utilised to reveal these seeds inside us. The energy generated by the transformational process liberates and awakens our true identity and purpose from within the core of us.

So, what is change and what is transformation? Change is really as simple as moving an object in a room from one place to another. Sometimes we experience a surge of inspiration and say 'ok I am going to change this' and then we change our habits, but then move back to the same old habits again. The change was temporary; we had not truly transformed. Many times we experience this in a relationship when a partner promises to 'change' something. It goes well for a while, but then either one or both partners slip back into the same old pattern again because the change was not transformation. We are deeply distressed and then have emotional eruptions, experience mental disappointment and begin to further hardwire negative patterns into our DNA, covering up the original divine nature even more.

The truth is, that one or both partners did not commit to transform, and only made a temporary change. We can choose to see it as a broken promise, but recognising this for what it is, will save many of us from heaps of personal trauma and further 'oil spills' of emotional pain.

To make a change is not transformation. Transformation is not just moving something from one place to the other within a room; it is literally breaking out of the room and completely changing your perspective. This could be either breaking down the walls and constructs in your mind you deem to be truth or breaking through the roof of limiting beliefs. So like a bird, you liberate yourself from the fixed earth, walking in the same pattern everyday, taking the same route to work everyday, and shift your perspective to view things differently, move to a higher perspective, and consider a whole bunch more possibilities. 'Problems cannot be solved with the same kind of mindset that created them,' said Albert Einstein. To change a mindset, you have to transform, and something has to shift in you to make sustainable change or 'transformation'.

How does transformation work in the alchemical process? Taking a look at ancient alchemy, there is a lot we can learn about the processes of transformation. Alchemy is not chemistry and is not just about the science of changing metals into different metals, as many people think. Alchemy involves spiritual transformation and takes us through a process. The steps of this process are: calcination; dissolution;




distillation; and coagulation. There is a science or a pattern to transformation, and when we journey through these seven stages will we experience true transformation as opposed to change that lasts for a period of time only? In this process, when we put our hearts, minds and souls through the alchemical process, we clean up the 'dross' or heavy emotional past and mental beliefs that keep us negative and heavy. As we journey through this entire process, we clean this heaviness inside us, and that process unpeels layers that reveal 'the gold within'. The gold in the human context is the true essence or true identity of a human and there we find pure joy. What this ancient formula teaches us, is that true transformation requires dedication, patience and embracing the 'winds of transformation', being willing to let go of outdated ideas, suffocating cultural belief systems, patterns and emotional hurts. The alchemical process will lead us to true inner peace, joy, and all those fruits of life you define and that you want to experience.

Transformation is the fuel. Transformation may sound scary but is actually the most natural way for humans to live life alive. According to the ancient teachings from the mystery schools, our nature is to create. In order to create, we have to live life alive and be in alignment with a pattern of transformation, creativity and the pulse of energy of the divine source. Our very DNA is in alignment with the pulse of the universe, which is constantly moving and transforming. Most of our stress, pain and frustration come from resisting this very nature. Think about how many times you have resisted what you know is good for you, because this would mean you would have to let go of something which is now an outmoded pattern for you. We have become accustomed to live life stagnantly; we create structures that create good growth in our life, and then that very structure starts to choke the lifeblood in us. The universe is constantly moving, and we humans are designed to be masters of the universe, in alignment

ODYSSEY 155 • 


with that flow, and we too need to keep on moving and evolving those very structures we create that now suffocate us. This does not mean we relinquish commitments and responsibilities; it means that we shift our perspective, undergo transformation, and use those very things in life to facilitate our personal growth, not our personal stagnation. Awakening this dormant potential literally switches on the brain: Einstein was thought to be able to use 10% of his brain, whereas we use perhaps 4-6%. What about the rest of more than 90%? According to the ancient mystery school tradition, this is the time on the planet which has been scheduled for us to access the rest of that potential.

A process of transformation as opposed to change can be utilised to reveal these seeds inside us. The energy generated by the transformational process liberates and awakens our true identity and purpose from within the core of us.

How can the Life Activation assist in a process of transformation? One of the ancient, time-tested modalities that facilitate

only a journey to discover the inner you and to improve

a journey of transformation within your very being and

your relationships, but it also boosts your immune system

switches on dormant DNA is the Life Activation. It will allow

with the increased energy, shifting sadness and lower

you to gently move forward, moving past the things that

emotional states.

stop you, bringing to your awareness things that are good

The Life Activation in itself is a gentle gift to facilitate

for you, things that need to change, things that you did not

a new pattern of positive living in a one-on-one session

know about yourself so you can move forward. This will

lasting up to two hours.

allow you to make personal breakthroughs. The knowledge DNA, and it also holds the pattern of all the unique gifts and

Are you looking to make Quantum Leaps?

qualities within you that you can uncover.

There is another ancient technology that is also thousands

of what you need to transform within you is held inside the

Whilst the Life Activation will accelerate your personal

of years old and starts a process of quantum leaps in

progression, it will do so in a constructive and positive

the journey of personal transformation. When you take

manner, and what many people have said of it is that they

quantum leaps, you liberate yourself from living in a linear

can now move forward 'with a smile on their face'.

pattern, being stuck in a rut, embracing your true nature

One of the key things this process does is 'heighten

and being dedicated to live your highest potential. This

your vibration' by re-connecting pieces of the DNA that are

ancient technology is shared in a 2-day weekend called

not switched on to the universal power source. This can

Empower Thyself, and is something an individual can

gently help you to shift, and to alter your perspective and

choose after a Life Activation if they want to take further

help you to find better solutions in your life, as you release

steps in their journey of transformation.

yourself from being stuck in the same old patterns.

The Life Activation is offered by Certified Life Activation

One of the ancient Hermetic teachings is that of 'The

Practitioners and the Empower Thyself is offered by

Principle of Vibration' and that love and hate are really

Certified Guides who re-certify annually to ensure that this

on the same continuum but are just on opposite sides of

time-tested modality and transformational process retains

it. If you raise your vibratory frequency, you can shift to

integrity. The Life Activation modality and the Empower

the positive end of the spectrum. Shifting perspective can

Thyself process have been safeguarded within one of the

be as simple as choosing how you want to feel, whether

mystery schools that has a lineage of over 3 000 years and

sad or miserable, however it often requires some kind of

is known today as The Modern Mystery School.

intervention (such as sport, a loving gesture, an act of

The concepts that have been shared are applied

service, a positive activity). The Life Activation connects

teachings from the Modern Mystery School, an ancient

you to a positive 'power supply' that cannot be switched

tradition that teaches many keys and deep knowledge

off, allowing you to be filled with higher vibrations, so that

about healing, alchemy, Kabbalah, astrology, Hermetic

you can more easily choose a better attitude, a better way

principles and much more.

to approach life. This Activation brings good energy that will support not

ODYSSEY 156 • 


See ad, right, for details.

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April 2013



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Ad v e r t o r i a l

BEING EARTH-KIND As Africa’s leading forest products company, Sappi’s main business is the manufacture of high quality pulp and paper from pine and eucalyptus. Trees grown to be harvested are converted into value-adding products such as the Typek A4 range of office paper.


n the course of growing these trees, the company also

to sustainability is the Typek Makro promotion launched

focuses on helping to conserve South Africa’s rich

in January 2013 in all Makro stores nationwide. With

natural heritage of indigenous tree species.

the purchase of a box of Typek from any Makro store,

In addition to conserving almost 30% of its landholdings

a portion of the sales contribution was to be used in

in their natural state to promote biodiversity, Sappi also

support of a community greening/tree planting and/or

promotes planting indigenous trees in SA through its

environmental/biodiversity project. Any Makro customer

Sandisa Imvelo (Growing Nature) initiative. A number

that bought a box of Typek in January or February is

of areas suitable for the planting of indigenous trees,

entitled to nominate the cause they want supported.

such as the seam between their commercial forests and

Alternatively, green causes in need of funding could

public roads, and other pockets of land in the plantations

nominate themselves.

have been identified on Sappi land in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga. During each growth season Sappi has undertaken to

Customers and organisations were encouraged to make the nominations – and may still make their suggestions to Sappi for current or future consideration.

plant at least 10 000 indigenous trees. Sappi has also forged partnerships with other corporate companies,

Further information of Sappi Typek – the relaunched Sappi Typek,

including Volvo and Liberty Medical Scheme, and planted

with the distinctive red and white packaging, is a trusted brand

trees on their behalf so that they may reap the benefits

of A4 multi-purpose paper used in offices, schools and homes

of carbon sequestration. In the case of the Volvo Green

readily available through most retailers and stationers. Typek is

for Blue partnership, Sappi planted and maintains trees,

produced locally at Enstra Mill in Springs and is ISO-accredited

purchased from the Wildlands Trust who in turn funded

and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, meaning that the

learners from schools in local communities to grow the

woodfibre used in its manufacture is sourced from well-managed

trees in return for school fees or goods such as food,

and responsible sources. By buying a locally-manufactured paper,

clothes, garden tools and bicycles.

consumers can reduce their carbon footprint and help to sustain

Another recent effort that reflects Sappi’s commitment

ODYSSEY 160 • 


local job opportunities. See ad, right.

For every box of Typek bought at Makro, R1 will go towards a green cause. In support of comunnity greening or tree planting projects, or projects involved in protecting biodiversity or rehabilitation of the environment, Sappi has been helping. During January and February this year, for every box of Typek bought from any Makro store, R1 went to a green cause. If you would like to nominate a charity, visit www.typek.co.za. You never know, your project might be the one that gets the cash help.

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r e v i e w s

Editor's Choice

2 BREAKING THE AGING CODE: Maximising Your DNA Function for Optimal Health and Longevity Vincent C Giampapa & Miryam Ehrlich Williamson Basic Health • 978 1 5912 0079 6

DNA is ''life's blueprint.'' Our genetic inheritance for health and life expectancy is encoded in each of our DNA. Throughout life, DNA reproduces and replaces itself continually. In optimal conditions, DNA copies itself over and over again, making perfect reproductions. This is very close to the state that people are in when they are young and healthy. As people age, however, their DNA is damaged continually by the environment, diet, and physical and emotional stress. The DNA begins to reproduce poorly and ultimately stops reproducing completely. The result is disease and aging. In this groundbreaking book, Vincent Giampapa, M.D., a visionary plastic surgeon and anti-aging pioneer, presents a radical new theory on how we age. Contrary to current thinking, latest aging research suggests that the body is not irreversibly programmed by a finite number of cell divisions to age and die, but rather is built for longevity and self-repair. Moreover, we can regulate which aging genes to ''switch off'' and which to ''switch on,'' thereby

ODYSSEY 162 • 


altering how our genes are expressed and influencing how we age, the quality of our health, and how long we live. In Breaking the Aging Code, you will learn not only about these amazing scientific breakthroughs, but also about applying this information to your life. From the intimate level of the cell outward to environmental toxins, Dr. Giampapa describes the key components responsible for the breakdown of, and damage to DNA. He also explains how you can use diet, nutraceuticals, exercise, and mind-body techniques to control these harmful processes and to optimize a healthy state of DNA.

I am Alive: Journey Guide for Discovering and Living with Awareness, Personal Power, Courage and Joy Debbie Craig  Kima Global • 978 1 9205 3530 8 

Many people spend their lives in quiet desperation, reacting, fearing, fighting, repeating negative patterns and just surviving from day to day. What if we can shift from just surviving to being alive where we respond, create, have courage to act and live every day with passion, abundance and joy? This book contains practical advice, stories, examples, tools and coaching processes to transform your

life. I am Alive takes you on a journey of personal discovery and mastery through the seven aspects of self that either empower or disempower you. It helps you to identify and achieve your personal as well as career goals and aspirations. It explains the seven principles of co-creating your reality and shows you how to manifest your desires.

We have TWO copies of I Am Alive to giveaway. Simply email us by clicking here and providing us with full contact details before April 30 to stand a chance of winning.

UNDERSTANDING TEENAGERS: Sometimes Wild, Always Wise Tony Humphreys & Helen Ruddle Gill Macmillan • 978 0 7171 5390 9

The teenage years can be a rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows leading to behaviour that many adults find difficult and disturbing. This book seeks to help parents, teachers and other adults who are significant in the lives of teenagers to understand this troubled and troublesome behaviour. Helping young people towards maturity, and with the demands of adults that they be mature themselves. Without such maturity it is difficult to relate fully to the challenging behaviour

of some adolescents. A relationship that is genuine, non-judgemental, compassionate, empathic and unconditionally loving is necessary in order to resolve conflicts that so often arise between parents, other adults and teenagers. The authors emphasise that no matter how problematic a young person's behaviour may be, there is a cause or explanation; appreciation of this goes a long way towards helping young people to resolve that which is troubling them. The book is structured so that each chapter stands on its own, allowing the reader to focus on specific issues that may arise in their own and their teenagers' lives.

A RANDOM BOOK ABOUT THE POWER OF ANYONE Talia Y Leman Simon and Shuster • 9 781 4516 6484 3

In a world where you are pushed to know more, this book will prove that your greatest asset is often not knowing. In a world where you are told it's all in the planning, this book will encourage you to keep your cart ahead of your horse and allow your dreams to lead you. In a world where you are told you need to become someone, this book will show you that you already are someone. The author - the foremost accidental expert on this subject - is Talia Leman, a high school student. Runner in the rain.

Science enthusiast. World changer. Random kid. Writing with infectious enthusiasm, humour, and resoluteness, she shares her secrets to being more than you know how to be, including Don't Line Up Your Ducks, Sideways Is a Better Way to Go Forward, and Too Many Cooks Is the Right Number. In this unexpectedly poignant, strikingly honest, and informative guide, Talia Leman shows you how to make room for life's surprises, demonstrating that everyone has what it takes to make a difference for anything that matters to them. This book has the potential to move you to rethink and re-imagine what's possible, one random inspiration, one random idea, one random person at a time.

A SCARLET TAIL Susan Long & Claire Norden Struik Nature • 978 1 9205 7276 1

An engaging tale - written in verse - about a handsome African Grey Parrot, Nebuchadnezzar the Third, and his unlikely playmate, Belinda - a bright and busy bee. Nebuchadnezzar lives in the deep jungles of Africa and comes to rich and colourful life when he takes to the air, showing off his splendid plumage as he swoops and dives with his fellow fliers. But every young creature needs a playmate and some fun, and this is where Belinda the Bee comes in. She's

Nebuchadnezzar's good friend, and after a day's work they join together to play jungle hide-and-seek. Lots of laughs and giggles later, they settle down for a good night's sleep. Claire Norden's now familiar style of illustration is cheerful and bright, and holds great appeal for young readers.

MY GAIA Chantelle Meyburgh Aquarius Rising • 978 1 9206 0905 4

This book is a handbook for tomorrow's leaders, healers and teachers. My Gaia is a journey of self-discovery and embraces a wide variety of ways of returning to loving and nurturing ourselves, each other, animals and Mother Nature. The material is multi-faceted and can be enjoyed by all age-groups, young and old alike. It is fun, inter-active, experiential and serves as a bridge for teachers or parents or guardians and siblings to re-connect and enjoy activities together, such as: Guided meditations and visualisations; Journeying through the chakras and the body; Going organic, recycling, growing veggie and herb gardens; Ancient symbols; Talking to animals; The workings of our energy, cells and DNA, crystals, massage and so much more. This book is displayed in a colourful, fun way to stimulate the youngsters as well as potential new therapists.

ODYSSEY 163 • 


Colors of the East


Karunesh is one of my favourite composers. He is modern yet captures the essence of culture and tradition so well, making his music pleasant and accessible. This CD inevitably captures the wonder of India, its mysticism and spirituality; yet it is playful. Thoroughly enjoyable in almost all contexts.

Sacred Chants of Shiva: From the Banks of the Ganges Singers of the Art of Living It is said that these chants lead to incredible meditation bliss yet you do not have to be religious to enjoy this music. These sacred chants of Indian Vedic culture have been inspired by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the world for all.

ReTURNING: Special music for sacred times Jennifer Berezan This CD is recorded in the Oracle Chamber in the Hypogeum in Malta, which is one of the oldest temples in a chamber specifically created for sound. This inevitably enables wonderful acoustic effects and sound capture, which is the continuous overture of the CD. It is haunting, intriguing and mystical; therefore great for introspection, serious meditation or upliftment during some mindful task.

Emerge into the Light Wiggzaro A most unusual yet interesting sleeve for this CD. Vocal, funky, modern beats in all the song titles – such as Trinity, Gaia Rising, Journey through Inner Self, Praise to the Mother, As Above so Below and Satori – show what this CD is all about. I like it, many will dislike it, but not all, especially those who prefer more classic spiritual music.

All of these CDs above are available from Wisdom to Nourish, see ad, right, for more info. The Jewels of Happiness Audio Book Sri Chinmoy Chapters read by Desmond Tutu, Carl Lewis & Roberta Flack The Jewels of Happiness presents selected writings of Indian-born Sri Chinmoy, who offered twice-weekly peace meditations for delegates and staff at the United Nations for 37 years. He also initiated global programs to foster peace and happiness including the Peace Run (renamed World Harmony Run), the world's largest relay run for international friendship and peace. The chapters of the celebrity audio book containing prose and poems deal with qualities and virtues – such as inner peace, love, hope, patience and humility – whose development is necessary to gain lasting happiness. The audio book is available on itunes and audible.com and its proceeds will go to charities for children worldwide: Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund, Philani Nutrition and Development Project in South Africa and Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity. For more information please visit www.jewelsofhappiness. com

ODYSSEY 164 • 


Buy online at www.wisdomtonourish.co.za

r e v i e w s

For advice and recommendations on healing & relaxation CDs, books. Stockists of MindSync programs, Hay House books, CDs & cards – overnight nationwide delivery.

John Homewood 082 568 2777 Phone/fax: 021 701 2241 info@wisdomto nourish.com. Phone or email for free catalogues. Now also open in The Angel & Fairy Shop, Kendal Rd Diep River • ph 021 712 6726

Wellness Centre,Blue Shed Craft Market, V&A Waterfront • 021 421 4149

Paulo's Column

The  beggar  woman  in  Madrid

Paulo Coelho once again teaches us incredible life lessons through well thought-out pieces of fiction. In this one, he shares an exerpt of a man named Antonio's letter


was walking along the Gran Via in Madrid, when I saw

place; I should ask God for help. I prayed and thought to

a fair skinned and well-dressed short little woman,

have heard a voice telling me that I needed to find that

begging alms from all passers by. As I approached

beggar woman again.

her, she implored me for some coins for a sandwich. As

I woke up crying every night. I could not go on like

in Brazil people asking for alms are always dressed in old

this. I gathered money, bought a new ticket and returned

and dirty clothes, I decided not to give her anything and

to Madrid. I had to go after that woman.

went on my way. However, her look left me with a strange sensation.

I began an endless search – I did no other thing than seek her. But time passed and money began to diminish.

I went to the hotel and suddenly I felt an unexplainable

I went to a travel agency to set a new date for my ticket.

need to go back and give that woman alms – I was on

I had decided to return to Brazil only after having given

vacation, I had just had lunch and had some change in

the alms I had not given before.

my pocket. I thought of how humiliating it must be to

As I left the travel agency, I stumbled on a step and

stay in the street, exposed to everyone's looks, asking

was thrown against someone: it was the woman I was

for something.

looking for.

I went back to the place I had seen her. She was

In an automatic gesture, I drove my hands to my

no longer there. I walked down the nearby streets and

pockets, took what I had and gave it to her. I felt

nothing. On the next day, I repeated the pilgrimage and

a profound peace. I thanked God for the wordless

could not find her.

encounter, for that second chance.

From then on, I could no longer sleep well. I returned to Fortaleza, talked to a woman friend and she told me that an important connection did not take

After that, I have been to Spain many times. I know I will not see her again. But I had done what my heart had told me to. O

©Translated by James Mulholland • Travel with Paulo through his blogs, visit www.paulocoelhoblog.com

ODYSSEY 165 • 



State of the Universe 'Well, the world didn't end on December 22, 2012. Talk about an anti-climax. The shift of the ages happened seamlessly, as the Creator hit Re-Start and the Show got renewed for another 26 000 years. I don't know about you, but I'm inspired. I just want this world to start so I can get on.' Odyssey humourist Swami Beyondananda talks about how the universe is telling us to shift or get off the pot.


o let's just say the rapture happened and we all got

It's time for us to use our intelligence intelligently, and

born again without reincarnating. In other words,

begin thinking like a species – because in terms of global

the shift has hit the fan. And if you're not a fan of

footprint, call us Bigfoot. And given our big global footprint,

shifting now, you will be soon. The planets and stars have

we must develop a big global brain and even bigger global

done their part. Now it's time for humanity to shift our

heart to weave us back into the web of life. We don't want

karma out of reverse and get our assets in gear.

to flunk third dimension now, do we?

You probably don't get the Timeless Times where you

And if we are – as evolutionary biology is now telling us

live, but beings from across the universe are rooting for

– all cells in the body of a super-organism called Humanity,

us. Last month, their headline was, 'We're Betting On the

it's time we gather all good intentions under One Big

Human Race'.

Intent: Thrival for all.

I know this because I just got back from a trans-universal tour seeking the key to the universe (turns out, it's been

But I'm not the only one. More and more humans are

a universal message for humanity: It's time to shift or get

going sane, and committing themselves to turning the

off the pot.

world into one big sane asylum. People are waking up and

Or, stay on the pot if you need pot to shift you.



be crazy.

left unlocked so the joke was on me) and I come bearing

Whatever it takes.


I know, I know. I am proposing a sane world. I must

wising up, and the good news is the 'evolutionary upwising' gathered esteem in 2012.

Take the Presidential campaign In sharp repudiation of the conventional belief that there's

'It's time to take humour seriously, and seriousness humorously.'

the United States thumbed their nose at convention and

- Swami Beyondananda

actually elected one President. So there. No longer high on

came to realise, life is a joke, but God is laughing with us,

hopium, a more sober body politic made what they saw was

not at us. The creator is watching the Comedy Channel,

the better choice – positive change in small increments, as

and we are what's on. Yes, the world is in serious condition

opposed to negative change in large excrements.

– largely because of our conditioning to be serious. So

no such thing as a moderate Republican, the people of

Speaking of which, the never-ending war on terror

instead of having gravity bring us down, we can choose

('We're going to win the war to end all wars, even if it takes

to have levity lift us up. Hearty laughter makes us go

us forever') went droning on in 2012, and we now have

completely out of our head, and puts us right in the heart.

space-age wind-up toys doing our assassinations for us. As

And that brings us to Step Two.

for success, it's been hit-and-miss, mostly hit. Because even when they miss, they still hit something, right?

Second step, Wise Up Loving. To counterbalance all the challenges of being human, we were given the power of

Oh, and in 2012 the climate over climate change got

love, the universal solvent. You have a problem? Dissolve it

heated up, as reality-deniers faced off against, well, reality.

in a warm solution of love. Through the power of love, we

So, is climate change real? Well, I'll put it this way. I just

can metabolise all the BS (Belief Systems) that we mistake

came back from a terrific vacation in the future. Spent a

for reality. And the good news is, love is more powerful than

glorious week in Tropicanada.

fear. How do I know? You ever hear anyone singing, "All

And the gun debate has had everybody up in arms.

You Need Is 'Fear'?"

Listen, every child in America should be taught the

Third step, Grow Up Giving. Each of us has been

appropriate use of arms as soon as they have arms to raise

given a special gift just for entering – so you are already

– hugging. Hug first, ask questions later. Come up with your

a winner. We are the Creator's creation created to create,

hands out.

so what are we waiting for? Time to give all we were given

If that doesn't isolate the sociopathogens, I don't know what will.

Join the UP wising

to give before we give out. The more of our gifts we give, the more we grow upward. So if you're spiritually upwardly mobile, here is my suggestion. Make a 'bucket list' of all the undertakings you wish to undertake before being overtaken

Here's some good news. Now is the perfect time to make

by the undertaker. And then undertake – and over-give, and

the shift, and I will tell you why. Because it's too late to do

you can't grow wrong.

it sooner, that's why. I'll put it bluntly. If we humans don't

And finally, Show Up Living. Show up for the

begin rowing together in the same direction, we're going to

greatest show on Earth – it's better than reality TV. A

be up shift creek without a paddle.

once-in-a-lifetime 'world-win' adventure show, where the

Now as you know, there are two kinds of mystics in the world – the optimystics and the pessimystics. The pessimystics tell us 'the sky is falling'. The optimystics say, 'No, it only looks that way, because we are ascending.' Personally, I am an optimystic realist. While many look

whole world can win. It's the hero's journey with one big hero: the human race. I've said it before, and it certainly applies now. If you don't like the current programming, turn off your TV and tell-a-vision instead. So, I will tell my vision.

at the world situation and declare the glass 95% empty, I

I see it now. The Timeless Times headline

take the opposite position. To me, it's 5% full.

that reads: 'How Did The Human Race

So yes, we have an uphill journey. But otherwise, it's all downhill.

Turn Out? They won. They achieved oneness and won.' O

There are those who say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, while others swear by the 12-step

Look for Swami

version. I present here a compromise – four simple steps to

Beyondananda online

make sure we step out in the right direction, mathematically


guaranteed to work three times faster than 12-step option. They are: Wake Up, Wise Up, Grow Up and Show Up. First step, Wake Up Laughing. As the ancient Foo Ling Masters who achieved Cosmic Comic Consciousness

© Copyright 2013 Steve Bhaerman. All rights reserved.

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gauteng Restoring balance, communication within body to improve health and well-being. Fast, safe, effective. No diagnosing, no medication. Centurion 082 821 6564 www.priorityhealing.co.za

32 points on head stimulated to improve areas of your life. Money, Control, Creativity, Aging, Dreams, Joy, Sadness, Healing, Body, Peace, Time, Communication, etc. www.priorityhealing.co.za 082 821 6564 Centurion Leonie Maré Postural Integration and Alignment. Thai massage and training Pretoria and Howick Improvement of posture and thoughts. www.bodymindpain.com 012 331 8298 • 082 823 5702 www.yemanya-centre.co.za NAET Treatments: Eliminate reactions to many allergens. Attain freedom from limitations. Live a life of choice through mental, emotional and physical balance. RICKA VAN ZYL: NAET Practitioner & NLP Life Coach 082 825 5294 • ricka@yemanya-centre.co.za

TRANSPERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPY Ethnomedicine Ethnopsychology Courses Certified Hypnotherapy Course International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association USA Trance State Therapy, Dream Analysis, Hypnoanesthesia, Iridology, Ethnobotany, Life Coaching, Past Life Regression & Between Lives www.epsasa.co.za upgrade requirements Drs. Mervyn & Trudie Bartholomew, PhD www.translife.co.za info@translife.co.za Tel 086 110 5808 • 083 266 4338

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DIVINE HEALER Medically Proven Results Credentials Available Healing: "A God Given Gift" not Reiki Psychic Surgery: Various dis-eases incl incurable ones. Telephonic & Physical Psychic readings incl Crossover. House cleansing, removing earthbound spirits, spells, negativity. As seen on TV and heard on Radio. www.bornhealer.co.za Rosemarie 082 330 9712 or 011 795 1819

HealING THE MIND Emotional Healing Memory Healing Trauma Therapy Child Therapy Success with Bi Polar Contact Richard 072 420 4888 | 011 453 0711 www.themindexperience.com

Past Life Regression Safe, peaceful surroundings • Find the source of problems & solve them • Relationship, health, any unresolved issues • Get clarity and understanding of your  life path Attract your Soulmate Workshops International experience Dale/Dee 083 5010934 daler@telkomsa.net www.richinhealth.yolasite.com BERYL BROEKMAN Thetahealer® • Lift limiting beliefs instantly • Clear traumas • Specialist in race relations CRESTA 082 874 4874 • berylbroekman@gmail.com Let Jennifer, clairvoyant since childhood, help you raise your awareness and remove blockages that prevent you from having the best possible life. Metaphysical Healing - Tarot - Channeling. eMail readings available. Johannesburg 071 887 3894 or magickjg@gmail.com

PSYCHIC INTUITIVE WHO CHANNELS ENERGY THROUGH A HEALING GUIDE Personal or telephonic readings available locally or internationally. Contact Brenda 073 373 6880 VIVIANA CLARK Psychic Tarot Reader / Master Numerologist (35yrs Europe, USA, SA). Accurate experienced telephonic readings. Effective clearances of curses. For courses/other services see my website www.vivianaclark.co.za Tel 011 476 1057 Cell 083 748 6501 vclark@netactive.co.za.

Godfrey Madlalate - Specialist Traditional Health Practitioner; Dip (Herbalism) Services: • Bones Divination • Counselling & Life Path Dynamics • Specialist Services (Infertility & Sexual Impotence/Luck/Space Clearing/House & Car Binding/etc) • Physical Treatment & Energy Balancing using African Traditional Medicine Modalities Blog: http://madlalate.blogspot.com madlalate@vodamail.co.za +27 83 524 5979 • +27 11 527 1127 AURA-SOMA® Beyond Colour “You are the colours you choose” Consultations to… • develop more self confidence • grow in consciousness • improve relationships • gain a new perspective on ‘problems’ •transform obstacles/blockages into gifts Marja Williams • 011 704 1087 marja@icon.co.za • Jukskei Park Teya Esterhuizen • 082 400 5200 teyadesign@gmail.com www.wrappedinarainbow.com Melville Lynda Ludick • 072 968 9003 masteryourlife247@gmail.com Boksburg (East Rand) Marguerite Handy • 011 793 4541 mwhandy@mweb.co.za www.aura-soma.co.za Randpark consultations and courses reg. AS I ACT (U.K.)

CLAIRVOYANT / MEDIUM 40 years experience offering insight into your life situation & spiritual purpose. Past lives, Angels & masters. Meditation teaching also offered. Eileen 021 465 5991 + Skype

Astrology, Tarot, I Ching, Psychic, Clairvoyance Healing, Neurolinguistic Programming, Psychosynthesis, Regression, Stress management. Over 30 years experience. 011 786 4089 www.ivankaplan.co.za ivan@ivankaplan.co.za

Golden Gecko Esoteric shoppe Supplying for all seekers & adepts walking in the light. Web-orders welcome! 20 Mowbray Ave, Benoni 011 845 4866 www.goldengecko.co.za

CLAIRVOYANT Exclusive Angel & Spiritual Guide Readings Angels and Guides enhance and enrich our lives creating love and happiness. 021 555 3789 • 082 424 0496 076 826 7464 • lynmel@webmail.co.za REFLEXOLOGY Heal through relaxing, revitalizing treatment performed with great care in soothing environment in Rondebosch. Please call Aileen Billing: 021 671 7561 • abfeet@gmail.com

MEDIUM with special gift in contacting the recently departed @ The Unicorn Sanctuary. Also healing of Body, Mind & Spirit through Reiki & other healing methodologies. Contact Leigh-Anne on 072 129 4373 or leigh-anne@lantic.net

Piano Music Healing through the music of the Great masters and Binaural Beats. http://www.pianomusicappreciation.com val@musiceducation.co.za CARD READINGS with COUNSELLING Lets work together and take in the messages from the Universe. Personal Readings & Phone Readings. Contact Naz • 082 998 8567 012 654 1751

CAPE REGIONS ACCURATE AND GIFTED PSYCHIC MEDIUM. Contact Michael Website: pmolsen.com Email: molsen217@ gmail.com Cell: 075 136 5787

Craniosacral Therapy/ SCIO Energetic Balancing Sessions Open up to your path of deep inner healing and improved state of wellbeing. Cristina 082 9750406 Lightwise Wellbeing Care Centre www.lightwise.co.za

NLP Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Coach Get healthy, get results rapidly, practically and resolve your phobias, quit smoking and lose weight through NLP and hypnotherapy. Grant Hamel (BCom Hons, NLP Trainer) grant@latitudetraining.co.za 082 994 3262

SUNSHINE HEALTH GAYLE FRIEDMAN * Aromatherapist. * Reflexologist. * Colour Energy Therapy / Tuition / Products. * Ante / Post Natal Yoga with Baby. * Doula - Childbirth Support. 082 958 4801 info@sunshinecolouracademy.com www.sunshinecolouracademy.com

• • • •

One-on-one private hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy training & Certification Self-hypnosis & Self-help courses Entertainment, Lectures, Seminars & Demonstrations • Interactive Hypnotherapy • Conversational Hypnotherapy • Conventional Hypnotherapy • Applied Kinesiology, • NLP, EFT, ERT Skype Sessions also available 021 785 4638 • 076 687 2132 info@alanmarriott.com www.theacademyofhypnosis.com Soul Coach & Relationship Coach Get healthy, clear your past life clutter and step into your soul mate relationship, I will coach you through all your challenges. Emma Hamel (Soul Coach, NLP Practitioner) emma@time2beme.co.za 072 396 0869

Free State

DragonflyWeave Energy Healing Treatments, courses and workshops in Bloemfontein. • Reiki • Crystal Healing • • Horse Healing • Angels & Ascension • • Meditation • Chakra classes • • Earth Work • Crystal supplies • Sue 083 262 0833 info@dragonflyweave.co.za www.dragonflyweave.co.za

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EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE Let go of stress, anxiety, fear, negative Emotions and Beliefs which are blocking you. Birgit Wittenbrink, Durban: 082 781 3353 or visit: www.emotionalfreedom4u.com Umdhloti Beach Usui reiki, karuna reiki, crystal healing, psychic surgery, chakra balancing, distant healing and counselling and aura cleansing. Contact 079 602 7865 sachiholistichealing@gmail.com

Inspired Learning Transformational Courses. www.energencia.co.za Reiki: Usui, Seichim, Karuna, Lightarian Crystal Therapy • Hypnotherapy Herbology Energencia Academy KZN Durban, Ballito, Margate 082 875 2985 • debra@energencia.co.za

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smart eco-living with samsung antarctica: the final frontier • urban food garden • motoring

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all regions FENG SHUI SHOP www.fengshui-decor.co.za Feng Shui Products, Tips and Ideas. Our online store will reach you anywhere in South Africa. Contact 084 629 5092 info@fengshui-decor.co.za www.fengshui-decor.co.za

OSHO SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE TOUCH REBALANCING DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE MODULAR TRAINING JHB & CT Professional certification training in deep tissue massage and psychosomatic alignment. March - June 2013 part time. Trainer PRASADO, REB since 1981, ITEC. Info@rebalancing.co.za Call: 083 356 8798 www.rebalancing.co.za

Jikiden Reiki SA Experience Reiki in its true simplicity. Learn the original Japanese techniques directly passed down by Usui Sensei and Hayashi Sensei. Sue 083 262 0833 info@jikidenreikisa.co.za www.jikidenreikisa.co.za

energencia Transformational Courses www.energencia.co.za Master Diploma in Vibrational Healing Feb 2013 – Durban North: Hypnotherapy • Herbology Optional for Reiki Masters: Seichim & Lightarian. Also offered as stand-alone courses. Energencia Academy KZN 082 875 2985 • debra@energencia.co.za

Offering ANGEL CARD READINGS ANGEL/MEDIUMSHIP PRACTITIONER COURSES • REIKI COURSES Glynis Dinsdale Angel Therapy/Medium Practitioner(R) Certified by Doreen Virtue 083 456 8238 www.angelways.co.za email: glyndins@netactive.co.za

Pranic Healing Internationally recognised, scientifically verified Complimentary Energy Medicine. Relieves physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual ailments without touch, medication or expensive equipment. See www.pranichealingza.com for practitioners, events and training.

ALLISON SCOTT International transformation facilitator. Consultations and workshops that empower and transform your life! allisonscott@mweb.co.za 021 557 4554 • 082 455 5297 For free talks, videos and testimonials visit www.allisonscott.com

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CONSULTATIONS / COURSES Available NATIONALLY Internationally trained & qualified Master Practitioner GLYNIS DINSDALE 083 456 8238 glyndins@netactive.co.za www.fengshuiways.co.za

Passionate about Yoga? Area specific recommended Yoga Teachers’ directory, yoga studios, inspiration and upcoming events: www.ytf.org.za Registered teachers, articles and meditations: www.ytf.org.za Marina Contardo 011 886 2117 083 300 3512 / fax 086 513 6044 Yoga Teachers' Fellowship of Southern Africa, Founded 1976, Non Profit Organisation: 029-725npo

Professional consultations for business and home by internationally qualified Master Consultant. Workshops available. Simone 011 485 2078, 082 601 1122 Email: info@fengshui.co.za

Calling Therapists and Healing Practitioners Uplevel your skills to help yourself and benefit your clients EFT-Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner training with CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points applied for See full details at www.breakfreefast.com/south-africa/ Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Training Cape Town April 6-9 2013 Bookings: Sharon 072 264 4140 or Caryl 021 782 1232

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Yoga Wellness Retreat April 26-28, Magaliesburg. Attain and maintain perfect holistic health. Tel 072 940 4213 Led by experienced yoga monk. www.yogainjoburg.co.za/events Weekend Silent Retreat Hosted by Knysna Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation group Thursday 14 March to Sunday 17 March Open to all. Non-profitable. Charges are based only on the cost of food and accommodation. Contact Kelly Edwards 072 200 3643 or kellyyogananda@gmail.com EFFECTIVE WORKSHOPS Personal Growth. Meditation. Stress Management. Yoga, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Neurolinguistic Programming, Kriya and Kundalini Yoga. Over 30 years experience 011 786 4089 www.ivankaplan.co.za ivan@ivankaplan.co.za


ARE YOU READY TO CREATE A PHENOMENAL LIFE? Choose from one of our amazing courses: ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS - how to defrag your brain MAGIC OF COLOUR - learn about the healing properties of colour ANTANEEA TECHNIQUE - gentle transformational massage using colour, sound and so much more.... Or incorporate the magic of our coloured OILS & SPRAYS into your life, business or therapy practice. What grand and glorious adventures could we have together? www.divinespace.co.za • 082 900 8024 • penni@divine-space.com

Become a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer Divine Healing Hands are helping people around the world experience relief from chronic pain, boost energy and stamina, increase mobility and agility, and even improve chronic conditions.

When Venue:

28-30 June, 9.30 – 5 pm 52-54 Francis Road, Woodstock, Cape Town Honour Fee: R1 500

Contact: Lenore Cairncross at 082 469 4549 powerofsoulcapetown@gmail.com www.divinehealinghands.com

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P L A C E S OLD JOE’S KAIA Country House join us for Labyrinth Weekend 3-5 May 2013 to participate in The International Labyrinth Society’s attempt to ‘Walk as One at 1’ throughout the world to promote peace. www.oldjoes.co.za • info@oldjoes.co.za • 083 229 3751 S 25˚23.096’ – E 30˚32.395’

THE SOUL SANCTUARY Health and Wellness Centre Stress / Anger Management Workshops / Vegetarian Cafe Preshana Luckraj 084 601 3964 www.thesoulsanctuary.co.za

Tranquil training / conference centre for hire for small groups (ideal 10 to 12 people) in Bryanston. Contact Hester on 082 377 2534 or email hickeyah@worldonline.co.za


PHARMACY The worlds largest supplier of natural, neutraceutical and homeopathic medicine in the world. Buy online! www.weledaonline.co.za • www.weledahealth.co.za Bryanston 011 463 3604 • Fourways 011 467 2430

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The Blue House Bee Light Crystals • 223 Windermere Road, Durban Crystals, Creativity, Life Path Guidance and Workshops. www.thebluehouse.co.za Sara 082 298 1047 • Barry 082 300 1248

Hearth & Soul Eco-farm

Magic fynbos mountain retreat • Sleeps 25 people. Ideal for hosting workshops or group getaways. 140sqm function hall. www.hearthandsoul.co.za • sybille@icon.co.za Tel 021 813 9700 / Skype sybillenagel Environmental Constellations Retreat Spring is a time to reconnect with the heart and to the earth. Robyn Lewis invites you to explore the connections within and between living systems. Bookings: Robyn www.theinnerprocess.com 021 788 1101

FEELHEALTHY Your leading online discounted health store delivered for your convenience at only R25 (RSA only) Website: www.feelhealthy.co.za Tel: +27 11 786 9539 • Cell: +27 76 225 2993 Email: info@feelhealthy.co.za

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Vintage Soul offers an inspiring & creative venue to host your workshops, training, meetings and conferences as well as being an ideal venue for intimate weddings (interdenominational minister for blessing ceremonies available). Ideally situated in Milnerton, down a private & tranquil country lane, we offer a comprehensive service to suit your budget.

workshops | march-april-may Soulmate Workshop – Emma Hamel (Time 2 Be Me) Self-Hypnosis Program Yourself for Life with Lindy-Lee Shephard Revisiting self-regard using The Work of Byron Katie presented by Retha Els | NLP for Coaches & Therapists Workshop - Grant Hamel (Latitude Training) | NLP for Business Leaders Workshop – Grant Hamel (Latitude Training) Connecting with the Infinite – A Medicine Wheel Journey by Shelley Adams | Monthly New Moon Meditation with Berry Gargan We also offer courses on Meditation, Tarot, Chakra and Aura Management.

Bookings & Enquiries karen@vintage-soul.co.za Contact Karen 082 0533 065 • www.vintage-soul.co.za

Renowned Psychic Channeler

Taygen Edwards Detailed psychic readings by email as you have never experienced before!

Direct communication channeled from your spirit guide to you.

> Cross-overs > Past lives > Traumatic experience healing > Communicate with your animals > Relationship, career & financial guidance > Better understanding of yourself and your motives Structured in three stages simply: 1) email a list of questions to Taygen at taygen.edwards@gmail.com 2) within three days you will receive an in depth email containing the answers, a description of your guide as well as any further information your guide feels is relevant or important for you to be aware of. 3) once you are ready a Skype session will be scheduled to answer any queries or clarify and points of confusion.

The end result is a unique experience designed to offer clarity, strength and a better understanding on how to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

For more information and bookings contact Taygen on 071 505 5459 or email on taygen . edwards @ gmail . com ODYSSEY 173 • 



Angels of Transformation™ sprays: • Raises vibration, bringing in the light • Removes negativity • Balances aura and chakras • Clears crystals instantly • For home or workplace • Supports therapy work by protecting client and therapist. Colour workshops and stock distribution: www.divine-space.com • Penni 082 900 8024 CHAKRA NECKLACES Healing gemstone necklaces for personal transformation and general well-being. DREAMCATCHERS to enhance the atmosphere in your home. Jacqui 021 439 6663.

Produces calibrated sound frequencies of:

7 Chakras

15 Planets

Schumann Resonance  15 Human Organs  12 Note Scale  Om/AUM  Quartz Crystal 


www.healingsounds.co.za Lindi 021 797 7731  lindibel@iafrica.com The Wigwam Woman Children’s Tipis provide a cool-in-summer and warm–in-winter conical shelter to play in easily erected and packed away - used indoors or in nature. Made from canvas and up-cycled materials - poles are locally sourced and made from invader trees. Our design philosophy incorporates creativity, fun, attention to detail, durability and respect for the environment. Suitable for children ages 3 – 12 years. Contact cell 081 408 3912 or visit www.thetipitannie.co.za

ZENDU massage tables Quality wooden folding tables 20% discount. Precision machined folding light weight. We stock oils, linen, chairs. www.zendu.co.za • sales@zendu.co.za • 083 356 8798 HANDCRAFTED PENDULUMS & DOWSING RODS FOR SALE Made from various materials to many different designs. Toby's Mystic Pendulums Cell 084 522 3700, Fax 086 645 3724 African Tree Essences • 13 Indigenous Tree Flower Essences • New: the “Ancient Forest Tree Mist” Sprays: pure forest energy blended with therapeutic aromas from Fynbos & Veld Brought to you from Platbos, Africa’s Southernmost Forest www.africantreeessences.co.za | 27 (0) 82 411 0448

HEALING SOUNDS Selling: Crystal Quartz & Himalayan Singing Bowls, Tingshaws, Gongs, Tibetan Bells, Tuning Forks, CD Blessings in Eternity & Harmonic Tuner. Lindi offers SOUND THERAPY & BIO-RESONANCE THERAPY. Contact 021 797 7731, lindibel@iafrica.com www.healingsounds.co.za

ORIONIS CC Supplier of Tachyons for assistance with mental emotional physical and spiritual wellbeing including the gold plated range of all Fostac disks for EMF.

www.orionis.co.za • 083 359 8243

ESOTERIC EMPORIUM Largest variety of crystals & minerals Imported silver jewellery esoteric & self-help books Buddha's, Dragon's & Faerie's Angel & Tarot Cards, Candles & CDs Mon - Fri 09.30 to 18.30 • Saturdays 8.30 to 14.00

Tel: 011 894 4714 www.crystalspirits.co.za


Shop 9, Lakefield Square, Lakefield Road, Benoni ODYSSEY 174 • 


The Reiki Association C L of South Africa Karen Lange • 082 857 5999 • karen@reikiassociation.co.za • www.reikicourses.co.za • Master Teacher Usui, Jikiden, Gendai, Karuna ® & Lightarian Reiki & Crystal courses • Johannesburg - GAUTENG Natasha Harris • 083 490 3014 • eunimans@telkomsa.net • www.radiancelighthaven@wordpress.com Reiki Master, Karuna Master, Lightarian Master, Jikiden Practitioner • Johannesburg - Gauteng Lilian Cabiron • 082 786 6188 • TheHealingProcess.LC@gmail.co.za Reiki Master Practitioner. Usui,Karuna®, Crystal Healing, Therapeutic Counselling. Pretoria – Gauteng


R340 each excl postage

RASA accredited

        

Meet Your Guide & Angel Healing Techniques Power Of The Spoken Word Seeing Auras Spiritual Causes Of Sickness Chakras Self-growth Psychic Development Reiki 1, 2 And Advanced

 12-week Alchemy Workshops  18-week Crystal Healing Course  Jikiden Reiki  Karuna Reiki®

 Gendai Reiki

 Lighterian Reiki™

 Usui Reiki Ryoho

 Louise Hay Workshops

 Sekhem Seichim Reiki  Usui Shiki Ryoho

Durban: Debrah 082 875 2985 Knysna: Wendi 082 565 4119 Cape Town: Tracey 083 647 3388 / Gina 083 377 9838 www.soulhealing.co.za • www.reikicourses.co.za karen@reikiassociation.co.za

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South African

Celestial Aura Sprays bring light and joy into your life. - enhancing your energy field - supporting healing on a higher level - allowing to let go of conditioning - connecting you to higher consciousness - allowing the feeling of Oneness The Sprays are a high frequency product, made with the purest essential perfume oils from Egypt and infused with the frequencies of the cosmos.


Heike 083 265 4244 info@CelestRa.co.za


College of Herbal Medicine And Health

• Aromatherapy Certificate • Herbalism and Nutrition Certificate • Medicinal Herb Growing Certificate


Established 1989

Registered as a

* Correspondence driven * Over 15 years in education

Correspondence College in terms of Act 59 of 1965

Gauteng: P.O. Box 131196, Bryanston, 2021 Tel 011 463 2363 • Fax 011 463 7923 • sachm@icon.co.za

KZN: P.O. Box 221, Nottingham Rd 3280 Tel: (033) 266 6464 • Fax: (033) 266 6464 • admin@herbalcollege.co.za



Manual Therapy Fascial Release Dry Needling Postural Alignment Kinesiotaping Guided Deep Relaxation Crystal Bowl and Gong Therapy

Anna Prinsloo • 072 380 4830 • freeflowstudio@gmail.com Bishopscourt Registered HPSCA and BHF

Through the Art of Living’s breathing techniques, processes & knowledge you can: • Release negative emotions like anger, fear, depression & stress • Enjoy greater creativity & clarity of mind • Energise and rebalance your body, mind & spirit • Live more fully in the present moment The Art of Living Foundation, founded by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is an international nonprofit organisation dedicated to serving society by strengthening the individual. The Art of Living works in special consultative status with the UN. Call the national office on (011) 781 7687 Visit www.artofliving.org.za 035-041-NPO

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Hypnotherapy Coaching Regression


Dr Cecile Gericke is the president of SASCH (South African Society for Clinical Hypnosis)

Dr Cecile Gericke, is a registered psychologist using hypnotherapy. She combines sound scientific methods and a holistic mind / body / spirit approach to enhance human growth and potential. Dr Cecile works with 15 modalities. Accommodating hours, contact 011 787 3996 079 133 8490 • info@drcecile.co.za www.drcecilegericke.co.za

Profile for Debra Robins

Odyssey Digimag - Issue 1  

The Launch Issue of Odyssey digital Magazine

Odyssey Digimag - Issue 1  

The Launch Issue of Odyssey digital Magazine