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Issue 4 • 2013

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Editorial editorial

This really is a new world we are living in – maybe not new as in the way some people imagined after December 21st, 2012, but new nonetheless. Virtually every once-stable institution of civil and political

society is in turmoil in almost every country in the world, from the banking systems through to the global economy down to each individual's life. No more do we have 'cradle to grave' employment. No more will a single post-school qualification ensure reliable employment for your whole life, or, these days, even for a decade. Increasingly, people have to rely on themselves, their own resources, their own ingenuity and creativity; making their own businesses and creating new ways to fund these. Having launched full time into the digital realm this year, we are fully aware of how scary, challenging and exciting these times are. But, as with ourselves, for those who see the future and are ready to dive into those still-unclear waters, there are great gifts to be found. In our case, it is a vastly larger audience (last issue had reached at least 64 000 people when this was written) – plus the recent launch of a UK version of Odyssey, called Body, Spirit & Mind. So, in a world 'gone mad', we are needing to rely on ourselves and our extended network of family, friends and those of like mind. We need to see how the 'new economy' may support us in living out our dreams. In this respect, we have some great articles in this issue to help you find your way. We have a fantastic piece on a (relatively) new way of funding start-up businesses, called crowdfunding. We have an article on creating the work you love and we have something on mindfulness, a way of being that has the power to actively change the way you see and experience life, regardless of how crazy the world seems to be at any particular moment. Beyond these, we have a focus on women (being women's month) and another on earthing, the process of re-establishing and maintaining one's vital connection to the earth, our ultimate 'mother' in terms of the resources for living on this planet. And then, apart from our regular features and articles, we have a couple more really interesting pieces, one on an upcoming conference of teacher plants, as used by shamans and traditional healers the world over – and their amazing capacity to heal even the deepest psycho-emotional wounds, as well as near-miraculous abilities to help get over addictions to even the most addictive substances of abuse. We also have a report on Amsterdam, looking back 40 years to a time gone by and comparing what's going on in that vibey super-modern city with what we have here in South Africa. So, once again, we come to you, our long-term faithful readers, plus many more new ones who've recently found us in the digital zone, with a great collection of reads, plus a bunch of useful and helpful tips and guidance on living life in this early but very intense part of the 21st century. And then there are all our fabulous giveaways. Read, enjoy and share, share, share – send the link to this digimag (you should've received one when you were notified that this issue had gone live, or you can copy and paste from your web browser's address line) to everyone you know. Our 'new' job is not merely to bring you bigger, better and more frequent Odyssey Magazine issues, but to get these into the hands, and onto the screens of as many people as possible. Getting our information out to an ever-widening audience has become our next big priority because not only is it good for our business, but it is the main reason that Odyssey exists at all. We do not publish information for information's sake; nor do we do it for the sensation of our contents. We do it because we know and believe that we are working for a greater good, to help as many people as possible become better, more functional and more adaptive to the world's changed and changing circumstances. Like all creatures we must adapt to our conditions - and the pressure is on right now for a growing number of people worldwide to work out new adaptive techniques to handle what is being thrown at us daily. We hope to be your partners in that effort, for your sake, and that of everyone who is in the ambit of each one of you, at home, work and in general. We invite you, then, to dive into the resource that we have created which is our magazine, and to help others by, in any way that works for you and them, getting our efforts into their hands. Enjoy – and be uplifted, for those are our aims in bringing you our much-beloved creation.

May you all be profoundly blessed. Silke



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10 Keys to building resilience as a business owner Wendy Ward is a Resilience and Leadership Coach, empowers young professionals,leaders, teams and entrepreneurs to move beyond disillusion and towards finding new and more powerful ways to see the world. 

7 Steps to Better Emotional Stress Noori Siddiqui is an emotional stress therapist and coach. She currently resides in Durban and travels nationally and overseas, presenting workshops and practicing in one-on-one therapy, telephonically and in person.

Hand Analysis Swiss-based hand analyst, Jena Griffiths, gives you a glimpse into your own psyche and original nature by exploring mythological archetypes visible in your hands. Jena consults and runs courses in Switzerland and internationally.


Lovingly Sourced



Nikki Peterson is owner of an online décor shop based in SA, lover of all things colourful, and believes in Wayne Dyer's inspirational words: 'Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.'

Soul of Leadership Colleen-Joy Page is a fulltime professional speaker, author and trainer and the creator of the internationally accredited InnerLifeSkills life and business coaching courses.

Your Inner GPS Maria Ascencao is one of SA's highly-regarded figures in the complementary health industry. She has been a CEO and marketing whizz who built-up her own company from scratch.



Love the digimag, excellent work peeps, excellent work. Shane Bezuidenhout-Vital (above), Cape Town. Ed: Hi Shane. Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. We are very busy these days with twice the output rate and much bigger digimags. Glad people are liking it. We've just gone over 53 300 reads/downloads on Issue 3 in just under 4 weeks – amazing, and very liberating.

'Schwann chronicles a rollicking ride through the waning last decade of the 20th century and the hopeful but anxiety-fraught first decade of the dawning Millennium' Ethnopharmacologist, Dennis McKenna (below) Click here for more.

Namaste. This space feels like home. Instant integration experienced. Soul inspiring and as if you're communicating with me personally. Continue illuminating souls and our planet to higher consciousness. Karen Hendricks (above) Thank you for my wonderful OTC prize, I'm thrilled to

 2

have won. Thank you Odyssey and OTC. Rene Beets (left)

We have 2 Earthdance Cape Town (20-22 September) tickets to give away. Email here with your name and postal address by 10 September 2013 to stand a chance to win.

Holi Festival of Colours – JHB Part of the eight countries and 30 cities worldwide, the Johannesburg leg of the Holi Festival of Colours 2013 World Tour will transform The Mary Fitzgerald Square on 14 September into a multi-colour dance floor. SA’s rainbow nation will come together in this open-air venue which will fill the space with bright yellows, reds, greens and blues, and with beaming faces and music that will drive you to move your feet. recently selected the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo, KZN as being among

the 10 finest meditation centers in the world.



Ubuntu House


Ubuntu House, a merciful NPO in the Western Cape has cared for more than 470 unwanted babies since it was first established in September 2003. These children have all been given up by their mothers, saved from abortions or simply discarded. This remarkable safety/halfway house has ensured that almost 80% of these babies have found permanent parents and that almost 20% of them have been re-united with their biological families before the age of 5 months. Ubuntu is a part of the greater uMephi Project which has 18 such baby halfway houses under its wing. It also has 20 satellite houses, where older children have a home and a loving family to nurture and equip them for life. uMephi also has a number of hospices, where the sick and dying are cared for. Visit for more.

Sunland Bar in a 6 000-Year-Old Baobab Tree Sunland Baobab tree in Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo Province, is world-renowned for its extraordinary proportions. But what really makes it truly unique is the fact that visitors to the 6 000-year-old tree can grab a drink at a bar located in the hollow of the trunk. The Sunland Baobab Pub took residence inside the tree in 1933, and today it can still comfortably serve 15 lucky patrons. Visit here.




SI Explorers SI Explorers is an adventure based hybrid between a gap-year and tertiary education, based in Stellenbosch, and brings together an international partnership of over 20 specialist organisations ranging from universities and adventure sports gurus, to cutting edge business leaders and conservation organisations. The first programme commence January 2014. Visit


Temple of a Million Bottles Carolyn Porco: This is Saturn Leader of the Imaging Team on the recent Cassini mission to Saturn, Carolyn Porco interprets and shares the pictures returning from this fascinating planet.


Woody Harrelson shares his spiritual views

The Wat Pa Maha Chedio Kaew temple (nicknamed Temple of Million Bottles) has found a way to bottle-up Nirvana, literally. The temple, which sits in Thailand’s Sisaket province, roughly 370 miles northeast of Bangkok, is made of more than a million recycled glass bottles. There’s an estimated 1.5 million recycled bottles built into the temple which emphasises the importance of recycling/ upcycling to the local community.


Ask Teal: How to Have an Out of Body Experience



Rhino Force Rhino Force – an initiative of The Bead Coalition – proudly announces a new partnership with York Private Game Reserve, adjoining the greater Kruger Park to support South African rangers who put their lives at risk to safeguard rhinos. Bracelet sales will cover the total remuneration packages of the York conservation team made up of trackers, field rangers and the head warden. In 2012, the IRF confirmed the death of 41 rangers in the line of duty. Visit



South Africa’s renewable energy efforts have reached another important milestone with the launch of the country’s first Large Scale High Resolution Wind Resource Map. This map can contribute significantly to fast tracking the development of wind farms as well as to improve government’s access to accurate and verified information on the country’s wind resources. Visit

WWF submits carbon tax comment to National Treasury

In its submission to National Treasury, WWF South Africa has identified carbon tax as an essential instrument to help enable the country’s transition to a low carbon economy. However, the organisation adds that the tax design and effectiveness should be sharpened to ensure that the right enabling conditions are created for a just, low-carbon transition. 'Once implemented, the carbon tax will help place SA to meet its global promise to bring down its own emissions with international assistance. South Africa will also lay the basis for a managed and just transition with an economy that is resilient to external shocks, low carbon intensity and better use of our energy resources that are becoming expensive,' says Head of WWF-SA's Living Planet Unit, Saliem Fakir. Visit





quartz storage Disks Seventh Son An upcoming fantasy film based on the first instalment in Joseph Delaney's children's dark fantasy novel series The Wardstone Chronicles. Starring Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges (pictured). Released countrywide on 18 October.

Botanical Art Biennale

30 Aug-15 Sept. Kirstenbosch. Celebrating 100 blooming years, sponsored by Old Mutual. A showcase of top SA and international botanical artists.

Food Freedom Event

31 August 2013, 9:30am-1:30pm. Rocklands Abundance Centre, Mitchell's Plain. SEED focuses on home food gardens with a Food Freedom Activation Day.

Kogelberg Mountain Challenge Sept 6, Pringle Bay. In conjunction with Tru-Cape. An event for the whole family – eco-fashion, face painting and activities for the young ones.

Earthdance Cape Town

20-22 September. World's largest synchronised music and dance festival for peace taking place annually in over 300 locations and 60 countries worldwide.

Rocking The Daisies 3-6 October. Cloof Wine Estate, Darling. 'Play hard, tread lightly' is the annual theme – try getting to this music event with multiple stages by foot, cycling, the train, carpooling or by bus.


A simple square of glass may hold the key to the vexing problem of storing data indefinitely. Developed by Hitachi, the technology prints a binary series of dots upon a sliver of quartz glass which can then be easily read with a common microscope. It sounds simple enough, and that is exactly the point – the data can be easily accessed no matter what the future technologies of the digital age bring. Even better, the data is safe from fire, chemicals, and water – almost anything, except perhaps a hammer. The chip uses common quartz glass made for beakers and measures a scant 2mm thick and 2cm2. Four layers of dots are sandwiched together, resulting in a data density of 40 megabytes to the square inch, or enough to hold a CDs worth of information. The glass is stable under heat up to 1832°F, and it resists most chemicals and water. Hitachi plans to increase the amount of data that can be stored while maintaining the optical characteristics of the glass. On a very similar note, researchers at the University of Southampton also recently announced that they were able to record and retrieve five dimensional digital data using a quartz crystal. The Superman (a reference to the film) memory crystal, as they've called it, is a futuristic storage technique with unprecedented features – including a 360TB per disc data capacity, thermal stability up to 1000°C and a practically unlimited lifetime. The data is recorded via self-assembled nanostructures created in fused quartz, which is able to store vast quantities of data for over a million years. The information encoding is realised in five dimensions: the size and orientation in addition to the three dimensional position of these nanostructures,' say the researchers. In lay terms, it means using ultrafast lasers, which encodes a piece of quartz with 5D information in the form of nanostructured dots separated by only one millionth of a meter. The self-assembled nanostructures change the way light travels through glass, modifying polarisation of light that can then be read by combination of optical microscope and a polariser, similar to that found in Polaroid sunglasses.





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Our aim is to provide you with SA's foremost online resource. FREQUENCY The Odyssey Online Directory will be a digimag that goes out once a month alongside Odyssey digimag, beginning with our next edition, Issue 5, 2013.

WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE? The Odyssey Online Directory will be filled with short descriptive editorials, therapists listings and all the directory entries. This will replace the directories section in the actual digimag. It will be independent (freely available on but regularly promoted, and cross-referenced, in our digimag as well as promoted through our regular mailers and website.

HOW IT WORKS You can enter your details under one of three separate categories – click on each category for full alphabetical list of options – which will be continuously expanded. 1. Natural Health Modalities & Complementary Health Therapists 2. Metaphysical / Spiritual Modalities & Therapists 3. General / Miscellaneous

HAPPENINGS Happenings – events-related matters – will now appear exclusively in the front of the Odyssey digimag. We will charge R7.50 ex VAT per word, with a minimum of 20 words, including a free image or logo. Classified advertisers can have the option of being in the Odyssey digimag, the Online Directory or both. Click here for the rates.


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Do not hesitate to contact Belinda Lister on or call her in our offices, on Tel 021 713 0018 for further queries


CONSULTATIONS / COURSES Available NATIONALLY Internationally trained & qualified Master Practitioner GLYNIS DINSDALE 083 456 8238

EFFECTIVE WORKSHOPS Personal Growth. Meditation. Stress Management. Yoga, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Neurolinguistic Programming, Kriya and Kundalini Yoga. Over 30 years experience 011 786 4089

Professional consultations for business and home by internationally qualified Master Consultant. Workshops available. Simone 011 485 2078, 082 601 1122 Email: Soulspace 2013 26 & 27 October 2013 • Kloofzicht Lodge • Muldersdrift A unique festival exploring the landscape of spirituality in a new era of conscious living, wellness and inner peace. Look, feel, participate...View exhibitions, listen to talks and participate in workshops and sacred ceremonies. Experience... An array of spiritual, healing, therapeutic and holistic modalities. Interact with...Psychic Practitioners, Healers, Shamans, Therapists and many more. Soulspace kids...Kids yoga, book readings, labyrinth building, finding fairies & goblins, mysterious magic, edu talks & a fantasy play area. Jean Martins: • 082 949 9449 • Tickets available at

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TAI CHI HEALING DEMONSTRATION 7th September 5.30 - 8pm

Novalis Ubuntu Institute



Experience and Enjoy the extra-ordinary Healing Power of Dr. Stefan Tippach aka Zanempilo from Germany… … through the performance of this Poetic Tai Chi Ritual aimed at the refinement of the human being in 3 Acts. You will experience this traditional SA healer releasing physical and emotional blockages while you simply watch! PRE BOOKING R150 until 31 Aug (incl. tea/coffee) at Door R200 sms Erica 0845 88 2227 or Limited Tickets

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Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science in Japan, has devoted his life to the exploration of the truth and ways to happiness. In two books recently released in SA, Invincible Thinking and An Unshakable Mind, he introduces two concepts new to both South African leadership and spiritual development. Paula Marais takes a look.


nvincible thinking as perceived by

Okawa: 'It offers you a chance to

Okawa is a philosophy that allows

strengthen your soul, while at the

people to succeed in any situation.

same time allowing you to gain

It is a methodology that makes

a deeper understanding of other

it possible to find lessons in both


success and failure, thus encouraging

As such, Okawa offers advice for

the development of leadership. As

those faced with misfortune:

Okawa explains, 'invincible thinking

Do not live a life of excuses –

provides the dynamite to blast

you are not the only person to

through solid rock, a drill to bore

ever have found yourself in such

through all the barriers until you


achieve your goals'.

Do not attribute your hardships to

Part of the invincible thinking


toolkit is the ability to self-reflect.

Accept what fate has given you.

People often dream about how good

Find some lesson in your

life would be if their wishes could be


realised, the paths opened up with

Rely on your own strength to

ease. In actual fact, one learns more

break out of adversity.

from the process of going through

Confront your karma and

the ups and downs of life. Says

recognise you are facing an

Okawa: 'When things are going well,

important time in your life for

people tend to be preoccupied with

spiritual and personal growth.

their own satisfaction and pleasure

Ask yourself what you are capable

to the exclusion of all else; in other

of and what you can do in your






current situation.

other people's feelings.' Only when

Think about further development

they themselves have experienced

– it's always possible to advance

misfortune or adversity will they

to the next stage.

be able to understand the feelings

Ask yourself if there is a way you

of others. That is why, when one

can open up a new path before

suffers a setback, whether in one's


relationships, health or work, one

The key, it seems, is to discover one's

should not see this negatively. Says

invincible self. According to Okawa:


but all this really is, is to find a new way of doing things,

'When one suffers a setback, whether in one's relationships, health or work, one should not see this negatively. It offers you a chance to strengthen your soul, while at the same time allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of other people.'

thinking in a way that will turn every situation to an

also show a willingness to learn, through studying further

advantage, even a failure. As Okawa puts it: 'It is an

but also through experience. Adds Okawa: 'To create an

attitude where no matter what happens, you can always

inner store of knowledge, it is important not to limit your

turn it into an opportunity to take the next step forward.'

studies to what you need to know right now but rather to

Interestingly enough, Okawa believes the same

take an interest in a wide range of subjects and continue

concept applies to people we meet and don't like. These

collecting information.' Another important part of learning

are the people he describes as 'your personal tutor', since

is what Okawa calls 'the path to re-creating happiness'.

by studying them exhaustively, you can work out why

Learning, he believes, is a bit like money. If you don't use

their personality is so disagreeable to you and learn a

it, it has no meaning. In the same manner it is important

great deal from them. Okawa explains that the lessons

to pass on what you have learnt to help others. Another

one learns by studying others as well as by understanding

way of building your iceberg is by overcoming anxiety

one's experiences are stored in your personal 'deposit'. As

and distress. There are many methods Okawa suggests

he puts it: 'People with a rich supply of these "deposits"

using, but included among them is not comparing oneself

will be successful in life.'

to others and/or wallowing in self-pity. Overcoming

'People who put limits on themselves will never become more than they think they are.' He gives the example of people who may not have had the education they would have liked. This, he believes, is not an excuse. 'No matter how difficult you find learning, if you continue to make an effort for 20 years, you will certainly be able to master any subject.' You need to revolutionise your perspective and not get stuck in the past. This may sound difficult,

Okawa further believes that an unshakable mind – a

negative influences, both spiritual and physical, can

mind undisturbed by life's difficulties – cannot be acquired

also be an important step to a solid grounding. Positive

overnight. Rather, it requires a solid base, like that of an

thinking, self-reflection, developing one's self-confidence

iceberg, which remains hidden underwater. A foundation

and enriching one's spiritual understanding can help in

like this can be developed in several ways: by learning

this regard. Says Okawa: 'I believe that supreme success

from the wisdom of great figures and artists such as

means broadening and deepening one's character, having

novelists, painters, historians or poets; by achieving a

a positive influence on as many people as possible, and

sense of stability in the retention of a sense of calm and

guiding others in the right direction. It is essential to walk

self-confidence; by gaining lessons from your experiences

this path with courage.'

and by moving forward using invincible thinking.

All these dimensions combined will result in a person

There is also the concept of the 'Principle of

who shows the right attitude in life. Okawa explains using

Accumulation', which is essentially the ability to build an

a simple illustration of an uncut diamond: 'There is a

inner store of wisdom to create the stability of an iceberg

world of difference between those who see themselves

in your life. One key way of doing this, is recognising

as worthless pebbles, and those who see themselves as

the value of time. It cannot be stored and you cannot

unpolished diamonds. If you believe that your true self is

live in the past or the future, but you can change the

a diamond, the more you polish your own self, the more

quality of time by using it more efficiently or seeing it

brilliantly you will shine, and the light you radiate will

differently, both spiritually and intellectually. One should

encourage you further.'

Happy Science is a worldwide movement for the happiness of humanity. By empowering individuals to achieve lasting happiness with teachings of 'universal truth', Happy Science L aims to create an ideal world – a world of harmony, love and prosperity. For more info,, Tel 031 207 1217 or visit Books are available for purchase from Exclusive Books and other major bookstores in Durban and Johannesburg. Recommended retail prices are: Invincible Thinking (R140) and An Unshakable Mind (R130).

ife can be compared to the construction of a tunnel; it seems we are often obstructed by solid rock. Invincible thinking works as the powerful drill used to break through this rock. When we practise this way of thinking, we will rise above our circumstances and no longer feel defeat in our lives. This book shows you how to revolutionise your perception and in so doing, enable you to tap into your own source of power. It is based on practical theories and bridges the ideas of self-reflection and progress. By reading, savouring and practising the philosophy in this book, you will be able to declare that there is no such thing as defeat – only success. Ryuho Okawa is the founder of Happy Science, one of the fastest-growing religions in Japan. He is the author of over 1,000 books including The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws, The Laws of Eternity, An Unshakable Mind and Love, Nurture, and Forgive.


Damanhur Imagine a place with an unlimited sense of inspiration and ideas. Nestled in the hills of northern Italy, Damanhur is the physical embodiment of this ideal. This spiritual eco-community is a unique, living laboratory actively manifesting a dream. We take a look.








ounded by a group of visionaries in Italy, 1975, this incredible eco-society is now home to over 1 000 like-minded citizens. With foundations firmly based

on ethical and spiritual values, Damanhur promotes a culture of peace and equitable development through solidarity, volunteerism, respect for the environment, art, and social and political engagements. Being 90% self-sustaining, Damanhur has received world-wide recognition for its innovative approach to life and received the United Nations sustainability award in 2005. Damanhur’s foundation is its location: it is situated in the Piedmont region of northern Italy about 50km north of the city of Turin. It is located in the foothills of the Alps in the Valchiusella valley, bordering on the Gran Paradiso National Park. Its location was chosen because it is the site where four synchronic lines intersect. These great rivers of energy are said to connect the planets of this universe and flow around our planet Earth carrying thoughts and ideas. The only other place in the world where four synchronic lines meet is Tibet. Every year, thousands of people visit Damanhur to experience the social model and study the philosophy, but what sets Damanhur apart from other eco and spiritual communities is the depth of their research into the arts, health and medicine, ecology, 'Selfica and Spiritual Physics', plus their greatest, ever-growing achievement, the Temples of Humankind. Often called the 'Eighth Wonder of the World,' the Temples were dug by hand into the stone mountain by the people of Damanhur. The vision of Damanhur was born with Oberto Airaudi, also known as Falco — Damanhurian citizens take on animal names to symbolise their willingness to renew themselves through a playful attitude and to recognise their profound contact with nature. It all began with a dream Falco had when he was about 10 years old. The physical manifestation of this dream started towards the end of the 1970s when Falco and a group of 13 spiritual researchers found the perfect place in which to begin their social experiments. Today, Damanhur Federation of Communities counts 1 000 citizens and friends in Valchiusella, as well as centres, citizens and friends in many countries around the world. The Federation is comprised of nuclear communities with around 20 people living in each of them. Friends of Damanhur live in the surrounding valleys and regularly participate






encourages the creation of a social model based upon solidarity, respect for others and the environment, and the sharing of ethical and spiritual values.



Life in action – action through play – play integrated into life A centre for spiritual, artistic, and social research known throughout the world, Damanhur practices a philosophy based on action, optimism and the idea that every human being lives to leave something of

and wellness centre, a school for children, and an open university for spiritual development. Damanhur welcomes many visitors coming for courses, treatments and guided tours to its various communities which specialise in certain fields of ecological and social research. Another way to experience Damanhur is as part of the 'Spiritual People'. The Spiritual People is a container of energies, talents, shared experiences, and ideals, functioning in harmony with humanity and with the spiritual eco-system in which it is immersed. It is the seed of a possible renaissance of peoples and cultures, established in order to recreate on Earth groups of 'enlightened' people and to spread knowledge and talents from the spiritual heart of humanity. Being part of the 'people' is a spiritual link which is activated with one’s will. Spiritual People and guests alike are invited to celebrate various rituals and ceremonies throughout the year, including solstices, equinoxes and the full moons. While Damanhur is a centre for spiritual development, cutting edge research, artistic expression, and new social models, more than anything it is the Temples of Humankind that attract visitors and spiritual seekers alike. What would it feel like to visit the great pyramids right after they were completed? Dedicated to the divine nature of humanity, the Temples of Humankind is a three dimensional book which recounts the history of humanity across multiple planes of existence. The Temples are more than a work of art — they are a path of reawakening the Divine Spark, each Hall is a living conduit connecting all the energies of humanity that travel via the synchronic lines. As Daniela Biancolini, architectural inspector for the Italian Heritage Ministry, has said: 'Nothing like this exists outside of the films of Indiana Jones.' The temples were excavated and constructed in secrecy for more than 16 years. Then the secret was betrayed and, after several years of petitioning to save the temples in the absence of an Italian law legalising underground construction, they were opened to the public in 1994. The temples have several halls, all of different shapes and measures, dedicated to the different elements and to various aspects of the history of humanity dating back more than themselves to others and to contribute

20 000 years. A walk through the temples is overwhelming to

towards the growth and evolution of the

the senses, with all their mosaics, glassworks, wall-paintings

whole of humanity.

and sculptures that recall mythology, ancient knowledge,

This desire to contribute has opened the doors to Damanhurian research,

and visions. 'I don’t believe one could come here [to Damanhur]


and see it with his or her own eyes and not be profoundly

Damanhur has a medical centre, arts

affected. Astonishing that such a thing exists and most







people on Earth have no inkling of it.' – Richard Grossinger, Anthropologist. Energetically, the temples are reinforced with tons and tons of metal structures in the walls in accordance with the application of an ancient spiritual technology called Selfica. Traces of Selfica can be found in Egyptian, Etruscan and Celtic cultures, and among ancient Arabs. It is believed that Selfica was widely used in Atlantis. This discipline allows the creation of structures based on the form of the spiral and the use of various materials – such as metals, colours, inks, and minerals – capable of hosting intelligent energies. These energies, called Selfs, can interact with and support life processes that aid in our human development. While the 'Temples of Humankind', today, are a living tribute to all of humanity and beyond, the vision for it is not yet complete. The next big step in the construction process is being actively planned. A new temple, the Temple of Peoples, will serve as a meeting place and cultural conservatory for all the people of the world. There is no doubt that the citizens of Damanhur will continue to build not only for themselves, but for everyone else.

An active commitment for a sustainable world Life in Damanhur is busy, as practical work is seen as the most important form of meditation. The practical application of Damanhurian principles is brought into the physical world of action via sustainable choices and models on all levels: social, political, economic and spiritual. This message spurs citizens of Damanhur to create a completely different world based on the wisdom and self-determination of the people. In addition to their work inside the federation, Damanhurians are working for the common good of all people: in politics, where they have come to make up a substantial part of the local government; in voluntary work and health care, where the doctors are using traditional and alternative healing methods side-by-side; and in agriculture, where self-sufficiency is an aim. So far, this aim has been reached in providing 70% of water supplies for bathrooms; in obtaining 35% of electricity supplies from photo-voltaic installations, solar panels and small hydro-electric turbines; in obtaining 90% of the supplies for heating with wood from healthy woodlands; and in the use of, and research into, renewable energy. In 2005, Damanhur received a UN award as a model for a sustainable future, emphasising how, as a spiritual community, it is successfully integrating with the local society. Since Damanhur cannot be copied, the goal is to help build a network of communities — to inspire others to explore their own unique possibilities and create a society of communities exchanging with one another. For this reason, one of the courses offered by the university is, 'How to Create a Successful Community,' which shares the knowledge and experience drawn from more than 30 years in Valchiusella. Other courses offered by Damanhur are aimed at developing the human potential. A fundamental aspect of Damanhurian philosophy is that humans carry a divine spark within us, and that we can evolve to realise this divine nature. Where Atlantis represented a time when mankind was more aware of belonging to larger spiritual eco-system, many of their faculties since then have lain dormant. Many of the Damanhurian courses are aimed at reawakening



A unique spiritual festival where Practitioners working with creative healing energies will converge and share this gift. A space to explore the landscape of spirituality in a new era of conscious living, wellness and inner peace

Look, feel, participate... You will have the opportunity to view exhibitions, listen to talks and participate in workshops and sacred ceremonies Experience... An array of spiritual, healing, therapeutic and holistic modalities Interact with... Psychic Practitioners, Healers, Shamans, Therapists and many more Soulspace kids... An enchanting programme has been created for our little ones When? 26 & 27 October 2013 Where? Kloofzicht Lodge, Muldersdrift 35km out of Jozi Perfect for a day visit More info: Jean – 082 949 9449

Tickets available at

inner senses, restoring man’s connection to the divinity within. One of these faculties is the ability consciously to travel and collect information in the astral world. Another is the ability to remember one’s previous lives and see the present incarnation in the light of the soul’s mission. All courses have been specifically developed in Damanhur and are based on the teachings of Falco relating to ancient knowledge, and elaborated on by the research of Damanhurian citizens. As Damanhur continues to evolve in the world of spiritual and eco-communities, it is becoming a role-model for others. The possibilities seem endless for this influential community. The majority of people who witness this community in action encounter a loving and peaceful experience that stays with them and encourages them to find ways to incorporate the lessons learned into their own communities. O


Dharmagiri under berg

• kzn

Oct 6 – 9 The Joy of Mindful Cooking Mindfulness and Vegetarian Cooking Daniel Jardim

Oct 31 – Nov 3 Courage to Love

Meditation & Psycho-Spiritual Inquiry Nobantu Mpotulo & Thanissara

Dec 7 - 17 Mindfully Ending the Year A 'self retreat' space hosted by Thanissara

Dec 20 - 27 Open the Heart, Still the Mind

Meditation & Psychotherapy with Sue Cooper

For info contact 033 701 1138 | 082 473 5525 |




The 1st Khanyisa Psychoactive Plant Conference in SA commences on 26 October at the Linder Auditorium, Wits University in Johannesburg. Speaking at the event are acclaimed Fingerprints of the Gods author Graham Hancock, Dr Luis Eduardo Luna, Kilindi Iyi and a wide variety of local and international academics and experts. The aim of the conference is to create awareness of the use of traditional entheogens (generating the divine within) for healing and spiritual exploration. Nash Singh and Nisha Devkurran tell us more.




Ayahuasca, Salvia divinorum, Tabernanthe iboga, Ipomoea tricolor and Fly agaric (Amanita muscaria ).

The Spirit Molecule

Since Dr Rick Strassman's ground breaking DMT (dimethyltryptamine ) research which was presented in the popular documentary The Spirit Molecule, much interest has been stirred in the use of psychoactive substances. The contents of the documentary are mainly interviews 'with a wide variety of experts to explain their thoughts and experiences with DMT within their respective fields, and discussions with Dr Strassman's research volunteers brings to life the awesome effects of this compound, and far-reaching theories regarding its role in human consciousness'.

Mesoamerican origins

Entheogens have been utilised by ancient cultures throughout the globe. The late Dr Stephan F de Borhegyi (Mayan archaeologist) discovered significant numbers of small mushroom-shaped sculptures in and around Guatemala City and arrived at the conclusion that psilocybin mushrooms were in use among the Mayan people. The 16th century Florentine Codex is a 'series of 12 books vividly describing the use of entheogens within Aztec culture and society'. Aztec entheogens included the seeds of the morning glory (Rivea corymbosa ), a variety of psilocybin mushrooms and a flower they referred to as Sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia ) which was added to drinks. states: 'An entheogen is a psychoactive substance used in a religious, shamanic or spiritual context. Entheogens have

been used in a ritualised context for thousands of


mushrooms, tobacco (Nicotiana rustica  ), Cannabis,

What was Soma?

In the Rigveda and Zoroastrian tradition there was

years; their religious significance is well established

reference made to a sacred drink which was extracted

in anthropological and modern evidences.' Examples

from the stalks of a particular plant. Many hymns were

of traditional entheogens include: Peyote, Psilocybin

dedicated to this Soma drink: 'We have drunk Soma and

Healing with

become immortal; we have attained the light, the Gods discovered.' The drink which was often referred to as the


'God of the Gods' was eventually deified and worshipped by the locals but, sadly, the identity of the actual plant has been lost through the passage of time.

The Vine of Souls

The 'vine of souls' or Ayahuasca is the sacred medicinal drink of South American shamans. Anthropologist Peter Furst says that 'we are probably not far wrong in suggesting that the Ayahuasca drink is at least as old as 3 000 BCE or even before'. In recent times, Ayahuasca has steadily gained popularity as people from all over the world seek to experience altered states of consciousness and associated healing. After drinking Ayahuasca under guidance, many record experiences of increased depth of conscious awareness. Some report transformational 'ego deaths' or emotional cleansings that profoundly change their perception of reality and their role as spiritual beings within the cosmos. The beings that are encountered in the Ayahuasca realm are a topic of much debate. There are many accounts where these multi-dimensional beings pass valuable information to the drinker that seem to create a deep awareness of the consequences of past and future

Dr Gabor Maté Ayahuasca & Addiction Treatment importance or priority. As a result of our senses being spiritually limited, we often cannot see the root causes of our afflictions but the intelligence of the plant spirits somehow always prevails. It is widely accepted that the cause of many, if not most, illnesses are rooted in the emotions and peg directly back to past experiences. The plant spirits allow one to access and revisit the trigger point of the illness so the sufferer has an authentic opportunity to accept, shift his or her response and release the charge that underpins emotional and sometimes physical illnesses.

actions thereby offering a chance to operate from a more responsible and conscious standpoint. Entheogenic plants are commonly referred to as healer plants or teacher

The religion of Bwiti

plants as the spirits contained in the plants seem to

Wikipedia states, 'Iboga (Tabernanthe iboga  ) is a

offer a complete experience without any external input.

perennial rainforest shrub and hallucinogen, native to

It is astonishing to consider that these special wonders

western Central Africa which stimulates the central

of nature actually communicate with the individual in

nervous system when taken in small doses, and induces

a coherent and compassionate manner. Prospective

visions in larger doses. In parts of Africa where the

travellers are normally advised to set an intention from a

plant grows, the bark of the root is chewed for various

few days before the experience so the plant spirits have

pharmacological or ritualistic purposes (for instance in

a clear goal to work towards. It is important to remember

the religion of Bwiti). Ibogaine, the active alkaloid, is also

that the plant spirits usually address matters in order of

used to treat substance abuse disorders. A small amount

th entheogens




Bwiti Naming Ceremony Iboga & Addiction Treatment

Acclaimed author, Graham Hancock, gives a talk on the traditional healing plant of South America, Ayahuasca

of ibogaine, along with precursors of ibogaine, are also found in Voacanga africana'.

Mushrooms of magic

Research is currently being done on Psilocybin mushrooms

Cactus of mystery

as effective treatment for depression. The following

and Peru has been used traditionally as a healing pant

shown that when healthy volunteers are injected with

The San Pedro cactus native to the Andes in Ecuador for over 3 000 years. According to 'The key hallucinogenic alkaloid in the San Pedro cactus is mescaline. Mescaline is unique among drugs in that its main action is a stimulant of the visual and visuopsychic areas of the cortex which allows the brain to experience an altered state of consciousness. Mescaline is also found in many other cacti and succulents, including the well known Peyote cactus.' Even though structured medical research on the healing effects of mescaline has not yet been conducted, many people report miraculous healing with the use of this shamanic medicine.



extract has been taken from Prof Nutt and his team at Imperial College London (UK) have psilocybin, the drug switched off a front part of the brain called the anterior cingulate cortex, which is known from previous imaging studies to be over-active in depression. 'We found that, even in normal people, the more that part of the brain was switched off under the influence of the drug, the better they felt two weeks later,' Nutt explains. 'This is the basis on which we want to run the trial, because this is what you want to do in depression: you want to switch off that over-active part of the brain. 'The other thing we discovered is that the major site of action of the magic mushrooms is to turn down a circuit in the brain called the "default mode network", which the anterior cingulate cortex is part of. The default

than 5  000 years in many parts of the world is the endlessly contested herb, cannabis. Recently cannabis has received much public attention as more information emerges about the healing properties of cannabis oil and its effective use in increasing appetite and the treatment of depression, cancer, MS, glaucoma, pain, nausea and many other ailments and diseases. According to Wikipedia: 'Hemp is the term used for varieties of the cannabis plant and its products, which include fibre, oil, and seed. In many countries regulatory limits for concentrations of psychoactive drug compounds (THC) in hemp encourage the use of strains of the plant

which are bred for low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content or otherwise have the THC removed. Hemp is A westerner undergoing a traditional Iboga ceremony

refined into products like hemp seed foods, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, and fuel.'

mode network is a part of the brain between the front

Pete Guither, Assistant Dean of the College of Fine

and back. It is active when you are thinking about you; it

Arts for Communications and Facilities writes: 'America

co-ordinates the thinking and emotional aspects of you.'

is largely responsible for the worlds' archaic views on

The researchers discovered that the 'default mode

cannabis. It all started with one man, Harry J Anslinger.

network' had the highest density of 5HT2A receptors in the

After prohibition of alcohol had ended, Anslinger was

brain. These are known to be involved in depression and

appointed head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.'

are the targets for a number of existing anti-depressive

'By using mass media as his weapon, Anslinger

drugs that aim to improve levels of serotonin – the

propelled his anti-marijuana (a made-up name to sound

neurotransmitter that gives people a sense of well-being

like an exotic threat) sentiment to a national movement by

and happiness. Psilocybin also acts on these receptors.

spreading falsehoods, lies, fear, racism and propaganda.

'We have found that people with depression

By 1937 cannabis became illegal in an act drafted by

have over-active default mode networks, and they

Anslinger. By 1973, President Nixon had officially declared

are continually locked into a mode of thinking about

a "War on Drugs" and formed the DEA. Before all of this,

themselves. So they ruminate on themselves, on their

cannabis was perfectly legal in most parts of the world,

incompetencies, on their badness, that they're worthless,

but America's firm place in the global economy ensured

that they've failed; these things are not true, and

that its views on drug policy were imposed internationally.

sometimes they reach delusional levels. This negative

'Fast forward 20 years and America sees its first

rumination may be due to a lack of serotonin and what

medical marijuana law take shape in California, voted

psilocybin is doing by going in and rapidly replacing the

in for the people, by the people – a first step towards

missing serotonin, switching them back into a mind-state

the re-legalisation of the plant. There are currently 18

where they are less ruminating and less depressed.'

American states that have medical marijuana laws in

Modern shamanism

place, but there's still a big issue at hand; cannabis is

It is noted, a lot of recognition is being awarded to the

Only time will tell if these traditional healing plants will

healing potential of psychoactive plants and even though

become more widely accepted tools for healing in western

prohibition laws hinder the pace, traditional ceremonies

society or more tightly regulated by lawmakers. O

have found their way into modern civilisation. Shamans often leave their tribal homes and journey to western destinations, conducting healing ceremonies in all parts of the world.

Contested cannabis

One of the most effective healer plants in use for more

considered illegal under federal law.'

The speakers at Khanyisa Conference are specialists in their respective fields, and groundbreaking presentations are to be expected at this landmark event. Graham Hancock plans to offer a sneak preview into his research for his upcoming sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods. Tickets are available here. Also have a look at Entheogens and the Future of Religion by Robert Forte, and here for more on sacramental plants of antiquity.







(available until 20 August) •


Dale Millard (SA)

Dan Schreiber (Australia)

Jean-francois Sobiecki (SA)

The Dagga Couple (SA)

A naturalist with diverse interests

Born and raised in Johannesburg,

A natural medicines healer,

Julian and Myrtle, aka 'The Dagga

and experience in fields ranging

Dan is a gardener, visionary,

ethnobotanist and research associate

Couple', have been fighting a legal

from herpetology to ethnobotany.

father, storyteller, photographer,

with the Centre for Anthropological

battle in SA's courts to re-legalise

He was curator of herpetology

videographer, multimedia producer,

Research (CfAR), at the University of

the cannabis plant for all South

at the Swadini Reptile Research

herbal healer, ecologist, landscape

Johannesburg. Jean is specialised

Africans. Their research into how

Institute for many years. His

gardener and lecturer. He has been

in medicinal plants, cross-cultural

prohibition started in South Africa

interests in toxicology later led to

the director of Starseed Gardens, in

healing and holistic medicine. His

reveals a compelling story of

the study of the chemistry and use

Byron Bay, North New South Wales,

research into SA medicinal plants

misguided intent, colonial arrogance

of plants.

Australia since 2005.

spans 14 years.

and a healthy dose of racism.

Julian Palmer (Australia)

Monica Cromhout (SA)

Mike Kawitzky (SA)

Simon Loxton (SA)

An Australian man who has been

Monica has been an astrologer

A columnist, author, and indie

He is the director of the Iboga

deeply exploring Psychoactive

since 1988 and provides general

filmmaker (owner of Headspace

Association Cape Town. 'What

Plants for the last 14 years and has

astrology support to the public and

Studios since 1998) who directed

began as a means to better

spoken at conferences in Australia

to astrologers in SA in particular.

Cognition Factor working with

understand myself and to help

and overseas on this subject

She does consultations – face to

Terence and Dennis McKenna. Mike

others; has gone on to a project

over the last 10 years. His book,

face, by telephone and by email as

has filmed for SA astronomical

beyond what I could have ever

Articulations: On The Utilisation and

well as individually written reports.

observatories and produced

anticipated and we continue to

Meanings of Psychedelics is to be

She also runs classes for beginners

educational programs for the SA

evolve and make a difference in

released soon.

and advanced students.

Large Telescope (SALT).

peoples lives on a daily basis.'

Visit here for his book.


'All time is in the present. The moment in which I speak is in the past, and the future does not exist, except in our imagination,' said

the future is I ODYSSEY 28 • 


'd first heard that phrase used by Barry Lategan 20

to substantiate that. Meanwhile, the realisation that: 'All

years ago. He attributed the quote to Roland Barthes,

time is in the present,' only dawned on me during a recent

French writer and philosopher but I've never been able

two week trip to Amsterdam.

Barry Lategan. Mike Kawitzky reports on his direct experience of Barry's statement on his recent trip to Amsterdam.

s now

'I was a time traveller arriving in an Amsterdam of the future that no-one back in '72 could've predicted, a future where drone strikes are normal, genetically altered crops rule and manned space exploration had been on hold for 40 years.'


Anti-Monsanto demonstration Amsterdam It was my last night and I was worried that Todd

late, even though being late for a '70s pop idol had me

Rundgren's performance at the Paradiso Club would sell

somewhat confused as to the timing because the last

out, or that some unforeseen chaos would make me

time I'd been to the Paradiso club had been more than 40



Right: A typical Amsterdam headshop with all it's weird and wonderful smoking paraphernalia and trinkets

years ago and four decades is a big byte. During the previous two weeks I'd taken part in an



Amsterdam of my past.

anti-Monsanto demonstration on Dam square, studied

Back in '72 I was an escapee from the confines of

The Nights Watch at the newly revamped Rijksmuseum,

the Apartheid regime. One night I got kidnapped by

eaten apple strudel at the Van Gogh museum and

Surinamese road pirates in a yellow BMW 320i filled

waited patiently in the queue at the Anne Frank House

with guns and dragged to club after club in search of

pondering man's inhumanity to man. Besides drinking

something only pirates knew. I smoked Afghan black out

with Vikings at Cafe Brandon on the Prinsengracht and

of a clay pipe with them while we cruised PlayGround,

sightseeing, I'd wandered the streets looking at the

Melkweg, Paradiso, and Lucky Strike. In a background

people while trying to observe the workings of the mind

window, satanic teenagers in black grunge jived and

during coffee shop conversations meant to be forgotten.

core-dumped at each other. Later I escaped to Vondel

The two friends I'd started off with had departed,

park where topless hippie chicks were playing guitars in

leaving me for the last five days on my own. That fitted


that I spent it trying to reconnect with myself in the

the middle of the hot summer night.

well with my understanding of things, that either you

We could argue that optimism is useless when

have the time or the money, rarely both. I was living

confronted with reality but trying to envisage Jimmy

proof, poorest of the trio and so the bonus of extra time

Morrison singing 'The End' to hippies in Vondel Park while

was mine to spend however I liked. I'm happy to report

strolling through 21st Century Amsterdam nearly got me


Cognition Factor Trailer Left: Many facets of Amsterdam make one feel as though you've stepped back in time

run over by kamikaze bicycles. Some kind of jump had

for it. Predictably, the rich have got richer and the poor

been made. I'd been left behind, an observer, a time

have got more desperate. It's like everyone is part of a

traveller in a universe that has recently been altered by

Medieval world fair where the royalty of the future are

new understandings. It's been said that the traveller is

movie stars and multinational company directors who

the journey, but there was no time to ponder that while

entertain the goodwill of the proletariat with smoke and

in transit from '72. Stepping out of my space-time portal


into 21st Century Amsterdam maybe I could be excused

'It doesn't matter,' I tell myself. Our global

for wondering why there were no buildings two miles

communications network is the motherboard of human

high, flying cars or solar-powered trains. Some locals

intent and soon it will manifest itself in many positive

even greeted me with suspicion when I asked them

ways. Eco-cities powered by zero-point energy and the

where the nearest coffee shop was, as if I'd asked for

like, but I digress. Back in '72, 'recycling' wasn't a priority

directions to a spaceport for a flight to Mars. I was a

and an infrastructure mimicking a global brain, or neural

time traveller arriving in an Amsterdam of the future that

networking system, was still unthinkable.

no-one back in '72 could've predicted, a future where

The space-time portal is opening again. Nostalgia

drone strikes are normal, genetically altered crops rule,

and back? O

manned space exploration had been on hold for 40

Visit for more.

years and there isn't even a Tesla energy grid to show




realising a vision Musician, Moses Lesco Levi is an elder Rastafarian who supports his community with various projects


n the latter pages of The Presence Process I discussed

your crowdfunded project through social media sites, and

the wonders of the word 'appreciation'. Appreciation

so on. Then you watch and see what sort of response you

mean both 'to admire', as in appreciating a piece of

generate. Some crowdfunding sites have flexi-plans that

art, and 'to increase', as in 'having stocks and shares

enable you to keep all the funds you raise even if you

that appreciate'. So, when we appreciate something, we

don't reach your declared goal, whereas others require

increase it through our admiring attention. I tenderly call

you reach your goal to receive any funding at all. Millions

this, The Infectious Law of Affection. Now, eight years

of dollars have already been raised and channelled into

after having written that book, I am enthusiastically

independent creative projects all over the planet through

participating in the economy of appreciation by means

this facility. I first heard about this funding possibility

of crowdfunding as a way to assist our local community

when I had friends travel from the US to SA in 2009 to

to facilitate itself. Hopefully, this will both inspire and

make a documentary – all sponsored by crowdfunding.

encourage others to explore this relatively new economic

However, my journey into it began a year before that.

starter tool.

in the US and Canada to settle in Aberdeen in the Karoo,

you to let others know about something you feel needs

my intent was to start gathering equipment to construct

financial appreciation. The way it works – if you aren't

a very basic recording facility. In 2011 I released my first

aware already – is that you state your intended financial

attempts at recording my own music on an album called Freedom. A copy of this recording found its way into the Aberdeen townships of Thembalesizwe and Lotusville, and through this I was told about a reggae artist that I

goal (usually through a short video), declare how long you are raising funds for, and what rewards people receive for assisting you. Then you let others know of



In 2008, when I returned from touring and teaching

Crowdfunding is an online platform that enables

As you are most likely aware of by now, crowdfunding is a new way for individuals and communities to raise funds for creative projects. Michael Brown, international author of The Presence Process (now available in nine languages) discusses how crowdfunding is creating a spark of hope in Karoo frontier towns.

This wasn't just an individual wanting fame and fortune – this was a reggae artist with lineage and roots, combined with the example of daily community activism. 'Do good and good will follow you,' is one of Moses' personal creeds. should meet called Moses Lesco Levi. Apparently, he was


also told about me and my recording facilities around the same time period, but it was still six months before he, and his lifetime friend, Masterboy, showed up at my house. We instantly connected and started collaborating musically, and our recordings together can now be seen and heard on You Tube here. What readers who know me through The Presence Process may not be aware of is that I spent 10 years in the SA Music Industry before I departed on my journey to the US in 1993. During that time I was a roadie, stage manager, stage lighting designer and operator, script writer for Toyota Top 20 TV, Editor of Top 40 Music Magazine and Flipside SA Music Magazine. Through this ear of past experience I immediately recognised the raw, unique talent of Moses Lesco Levi. When he first picked up his guitar and randomly made up a reggae song for me (also captured on You Tube), it was obvious that as an artist he was both hungry and gifted. I have personally met many of the South African

UMANYANO, Part I: A Brief Introduction

Michael Brown in his studio recording with Moses Lesco Levi




The Karoo frontier town of Aberdeen



Moses Lesco Levi & The Ancient Singers

UMANYANO, Part II: The Interviews

greats, and it didn't take me long to realise I have now

in this community of Aberdeen and in Graaff-Reinett,

met another. When he started playing me the variety

where they spread their message of: 'More sport, more

of material he has ready to record, I also realised his

music, more indigenous activities, less crime.'

uniqueness as an artist. Reggae music is 'the people's

To this end they started UMANYANO (Unity) in 1997 – a

music' because of its many origins. Moses revealed to

three day event held annually on 2nd November, catering

me that he is not only a reggae artist, but that he also

mainly for the youth, in which sports, indigenous dancing,

honours all his musical origins – the Afrikaans, Xhosa, and

indigenous games, a prize-giving, a live performance

Zulu music played to him when he was a child and heard

by local artists, and free food for the day are the order

throughout his youth. And as we began exploring this

of the day. This they accomplish annually without any

music together, I also became acquainted with the depth

government or local economic support. Their intent in

of Moses and Masterboy's ongoing community vision and

initiating UMANYANO was in response to the growing

efforts. This wasn't just an individual wanting fame and

disease of racism they experienced throughout their

fortune – this was a reggae artist with lineage and roots,

community. Also, Masterboy believes that, 'building all

combined with the example of daily community activism.

these RDP houses without any facilities for developing

'Do good and good will follow you', is one of Moses'

the children in our community is community suicide'. See

personal creeds.

in-depth interviews with Masterboy here.

It turns out that both Moses and Masterboy are Elders

UMANYANO is therefore a hand reaching out from

in The Universal Movement of The Rastafari Royal Family

the Elders to the youth, a hand of upliftment in an

(UMRRF). Masterboy is both their National Vice Chairman,

environment where there is no foreseeable economic

and Chairman of Elders Council. Moses is also the founder

or political hope. The greater communities of Aberdeen,

of the local Aberdeen soccer team. They are Elders here

Lotusville and Thembalesizwe currently experiences up

to 80% unemployment and alcoholism – and all the ills that go with such circumstances. This is a typical Karoo town predicament that is only ever addressed by politicians as political leverage for votes. Of course, when I realised the depth of this commitment, intent and vision, which keeps unfolding annually regardless of reward or publicity, I sat back in awe. But only for a moment, until it dawned on me that these special human beings are the exact circumstance that crowdfunding manifested for. Accordingly, on 7th August 2013, we launched our UMANYANO campaign, and just as I expect, the appreciation flowed in for this group of magnificent individuals. Check it out here. Our musical intent is to release three CDs on 2 November – reggae, a contemporary Zulu/ Xhosa/Afrikaans/English, and a 'Bingy Fire' album of Rastafarian spiritual songs. We are now half way complete. We are also greatly appreciative and inspired. Within 24 hours of launching UMANYANO on, we have been able to afford to purchase Moses spectacles, and this has enabled him to complete his drivers licence. Within the next few weeks he will be equipped with all the musical instruments he requires to explore his musical talents and to prepare for his performance. Our intent is that on 2 November, at the UMANYANO 2013, Moses will launch his three albums during a live performance in front of his own community. Through crowdfunding we intend to afford a stage, PA, lighting, and to feed people nourishing food for one day. The four corners of this campaign are: launching an artist, staging a

Franky Goliath, Comunity Youth Leader

Community service Because Moses and Masterboy are dedicated Rastafarians, they know what it is like to continually experience discrimination because of their looks, even after our so-called political liberation. In the words of Bob Marley, they are showing the Aberdeen community that despite the common negative public impression of Rastafarianism, 'the stone that the builder refused will always be the head corner stone'. The reality is the Rastafarian community of Aberdeen is the only one which holds and works towards a vision for all their community and youth, regardless of political assistance or party alliances. They believe that the upliftment of their community does not come from government or social grants, but from feeding a community the nutrition of its own arts, culture, and recreational activities – specifically focusing on the development of the youth. They believe this ought to be a community's responsibility and not something left to outside authorities to facilitate and legislate.

celebration, uplifting a community, realising a vision. It is also our hope that other communities in SA discover the tool of crowdfunding as a means to

bypass the non-existent economy and completely inept political system. If you have something others will appreciate, they will fund it. If you only read this article after our funding deadline closes on 9 September 2013, you are still welcome to participate in UMANYANO 2013 through PayPal here. Everyone who contributes receives a special MP3 from us – and when our fund raising

Masterboy vice chairperson, UMRRF

concludes, a percentage of what we have raised will go to contributing to another worthy crowdfunding project. In this way we appreciate the economy of appreciation. O All books, CDs, DVDs by Michael Brown are available at

The crowdfunding site that started it all Michael Brown has 30 videos online – check them out here





Ford EcoSport

Rear Storage on the Ford EcoSport

Avoid the crowds with the new Ford EcoSport!

Does a car need to be all-electric, a hybrid or use a non-oil-based powerplant to be 'green'? The answer, as Ford has demonstrated with the manufacturer's latest offering in SA, the compact SUV EcoSport range, is a definite 'no'. We take a closer look.



You could WIN a Ford EcoSport

t's green cred




he thing about the new Ford EcoSport range

lifestyle components that SUVs have become popular for

manufacturers of the growing selection of urban

(either in fact, or in the imaginations and desires of its

SUVs and compact SUVs are doing, which in layman's

owners), with the practical realities of urban motoring

terms might be termed 'going for the urban-agro look'.

today in which driving a behemoth is neither sensible nor,

Urban-agro, for those who haven't come across the term

for an increasingly larger number of people, affordable.

previously, is that currently in-vogue combo of sleek

In all, the new range from this manufacturer offers

wedge-like modelling with muscle-car styling. Next time

three engines and three trim options to ensure a

you see an SUV that fits the description just given, you'll

comprehensive offering for its customers. With the new range going on sale as of the beginning

know immediately what the term means. Ford have used South American designers to come up

of August it remains to be seen what its uptake is in the

with the look for this new range of compact SUVs – and

local market, but if international trends are anything to

the fact that they have not meekly followed the rest of

go by, it should be a thumping success. And certainly

the pack down the 'this is what urban motorists currently

our recent drive in all the vehicles in the range seems to

want so we'll do what everyone else is doing' path shows

underline the fact that the folks at Ford have done a lot of

guts and insight. Shortly, the heavy-on-gas SUV muscle

work to get the mix of lifestyle SUV elements with urban

cars are likely to be increasingly falling out of favour with

mobility imperatives just right.

their high CO2 outputs (mostly) and relatively poor fuel

Some might grumble a bit about the use of the

consumption. To be clear, most of the latest SUV type

'EcoSport' name, given that there's nothing especially

offerings from manufacturers are far less in the way of

'eco' about it in respect to a knee-jerk reaction to that

being fuel guzzlers than their predecessors. But that

descriptor. It's not a hybrid or exotically-powered vehicle.

still doesn't make them fuel-sipping paragons of modern

But it is very fuel-efficient. And the 1 l model uses a

urban driving either.

1000cc engine that has the equivalent output of a 16 l

So Ford's new compact SUVs offer both the versatility

engine of just a couple of years back. Now that's progress

of an SUV but with small-car fuel-efficiency. In respect

in anyone's book. Combine that with outstanding drag

to the latter aspect – using a smaller but more efficient

co-efficient of 0.371, and one can see that this offering

'conventional' internal combustion engine without a

isn't a mere cosmetic reworking of an existing model – and

hybrid add-on – Ford is among leaders in the motor

that the 'eco' label in the name is earned by contraction of

manufacturing field who've seen the future and what it

the word 'economy' as opposed to 'ecological', but equally

demands from urban mobility solutions.

that the notion of the new vehicle being less impactful

In addition to the above-mentioned aspect, numerous smart features make EcoSport an attractive proposition,



in terms of emissions and fuel-efficiency is therefore deserving of the 'eco' tag.


In short, this is an on-the-showroom-floor version of

professional, which is more or less its target market.

the sort of motoring solutions which a growing number



In essence, the idea was to make a car that offers the

is that it breaks away from what many other





of motor manufacturing heavyweights say they are either developing or will shortly have on offer in response to a growing awareness by motorists almost everywhere that the days of 8-cylinder growling beasts of machines are pretty well done. And with the cost of the vehicles starting in the under R200k range, the economy label applies in other respects as well. As we say, this one looks like it's a winning formula.

'The little engine that can' The smallest engine in its class, Ford's 1 l EcoBoost engine is big on power, torque and refinement. Producing 92kW of power with a peak torque of 170Nm, the quiet and smooth-running engine delivers power and performance that rivals traditional 1.6 l petrol engines. The 1 l EcoBoost engine has won the coveted title of International Engine of the Year for the last two years running. With 25% fewer moving parts, the three-cylinder EcoBoost is able to deliver superior fuel economy

Ford's vision Based on Ford's global B-segment platform, the EcoSport, says Ford, 'is a stylish choice with enough space for five adults. The SUV's blend of practicality and smart connectivity will attract young, adventurous customers

and lower emissions. On a combined cycle run the innovative powerplant ensures minimal consumption of just 5.7l/100km. To be fair, we can neither verify nor contradict those figures as, on our recent drive in Durban in this vehicle, the consumption reading wasn't zeroed out

who not only live life to the fullest but also love exploring

before we took the wheel, though the consumption figure

the world at large'.

in question did drop steadily during our drive, indicating







capability, superior fuel economy, easy manoeuvrability,

that Ford's claims in terms of fuel consumption appear to be in the right ballpark, at the least.

and convenient features make it the right vehicle for

Ford's EcoBoost technology, which holds more than

both city streets and adventurous pursuits, says Ford,

125 patents, combines direct fuel injection, turbocharging

and we would not disagree. The well-rounded EcoSport

and variable valve timing to enable a downsized engine

is just as comfortable wading through flooded areas as it

to gain fuel economy by up to 20% over larger engines

is entertaining the driver through hands-free phone calls

with no loss of performance. And, indeed, that claim is

and music selection.

definitely accurate. There is a proviso, however. That is

'Stylish, robust and dynamic, the all-new EcoSport is

that the vehicle's rev range for each gear is relatively

sure to appeal to a new generation of customers,' says

limited, up to top (fifth) gear. But, once one has adapted

Ford Marketing Manger Gavin Golightly. 'It is set to be a

to that fact, and once cruising on the open road, you

game-changer for us, solidifying Ford's volume position

would never know you were driving a mere 1 l-engined

in South Africa.'

vehicle based on performance alone, with no significant

Giving customers the power of choice, the EcoSport will be available in eight colours, three trim levels, three engine options, and two transmission variants.

drop-off of speed or power in hills, as you might otherwise expect. 'It requires a shift in mind-sets,' explains Golightly. 'Traditionally, we have equated performance with larger



capacity engines but advancements in technology now mean smaller displacement engines are able to outperform their larger counterparts.'

More choices for fuel-efficient power The EcoSport will also be available with the global 1.5l four-cylinder petrol engine, which delivers peak power of 82kW at 6 300rpm and peak torque of 138Nm at 4 400rpm. It uses an average of 6.5l/100km on a combined cycle. For customers who prefer diesel, the 1.5l TDCi intercooled and turbocharged diesel engine fits the bill perfectly. With power rated at 66kW at 3 750rpm, the engine also delivers an outstanding 205Nm of torque from 2 000rpm to 2 750rpm. The result is strong acceleration from standstill together with the flexibility that can reduce the need for gearshifts. Fuel efficiency is a standout feature with this model which boasts a combined cycle figure of just 4.6l/100km ensuring the EcoSport is kind on the pocket. To further improve fuel efficiency, the five-speed manual transmission is standard on all models bar the 1.5l Petrol Titanium, which utilises the six-speed Ford PowerShift transmission. The advanced six-speed PowerShift transmission combines the efficiency, optimised gear ratios and responsive






transmission with the smoothness, convenience and ease-of-use of a conventional automatic. Low-friction dry clutches are employed, combined with six well-spaced

Unlike passenger sedans, an SUV does not naturally lend itself to an aerodynamic shape. That's why the design and engineering teams spent a year and a half shaping the body of the EcoSport to make it more efficient when slicing through the air.

gears to provide responsive acceleration from rest, smooth transitions between gears and optimised fuel

harshness ensure a quite cabin. Add to this a very

economy when cruising.

effective climate control system, and the customer will be

Quality that speaks to the senses

Compensation help drivers tackle the stress of city driving, be it parking in small spaces, manoeuvring in

be honest, are a slight exaggeration in respect of the

heavy traffic, or making tight U-turns.

'urban-agro' look discussed previously), the EcoSport

The EcoSport's high ground clearance of 200mm

conveys a dynamic spirit of energy in action. The spare

also means customers won't have to worry about driving

tyre, with an exclusively-designed wheel, is mounted on

over speed bumps and potholes. And with its exceptional

the tailgate as a classic SUV cue.

ability to wade through 550mm of water, drivers can

quality and craftsmanship. Controls and knobs are ergonomically placed while seats are designed to be soft


and the electric power-assisted steering with Pull-Drift

and a 'ready-to-pounce stance' (Ford's words which, to

Inside, soft-touch fabrics and the global Ice Blue


The EcoSport's compact sub-four metre dimensions

With its signature Ford face, dramatic rising beltline

dashboard illumination all convey a feeling of superior


perfectly comfortable in the EcoSport.

confidently drive through large pools of water.

Clever capability The EcoSport makes driving fun and intuitive with an

enough for comfort and firm enough for longer journeys.

array of smart features. The urban SUV offers Ford SYNC,

Meticulous efforts to reduce noise, vibration and

the voice-activated in-car connectivity system powered

made up of high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel, such as boron steel, making the EcoSport's frame especially strong yet lightweight too. The SUV's array of airbags include protection for the driver and front passenger, as well as side airbags and curtain airbags. To take the stress out of driving, the EcoSport comes with an array of driver-assist systems. Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) is available on all models helps prevent the wheels from locking up and helps the vehicle to stop quickly on slippery road surfaces. Other advanced safety technologies such as Electronic Stability Control, which is available on some high-series models, also helps customers remain in control at all times, especially on slippery roads. When it detects that the car is potentially losing control, it automatically reduces engine power and selectively brakes individual wheels to stabilise the vehicle and keep it travelling on track. 'The EcoSport offers a well-rounded and comprehensive line-up as well as a host of fantastic features, which place it well ahead of its competitive set. Coupled with a very competitive price point, Ford has a winner in this segment,' concludes Golightly. The EcoSport is available with a fully comprehensive 4-year/120 000km warranty and 4-year/60 000km service plan. Service intervals are staggered at 20 000km intervals for the petrol derivatives and 15 000km for the diesel derivatives. Customers will also benefit from 3-years of Roadside Assistance and a 5-year corrosion warranty.

'Green engine' Ford EcoSport's three-cylinder engine, with performance by Microsoft. The award-winning system allows drivers

to rival a traditional 1.6 l four-cylinder petrol engine, was

to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel

first introduced in SA in the Fiesta earlier this year. The

while choosing their favourite music and making phone

smallest engine in its class, Ford's 1l EcoBoost engine is

calls using voice commands.

big on power, torque and refinement, as the figures cited

The cabin also has 20 practical storage spaces,

above show.

including a glove box that can keep up to six beverage

Tiny enough to fit on a sheet of A4 paper or stow

cans cool. Its cargo space at the back is just as versatile.

away in an airplane overhead luggage compartment, the

The rear seats can be easily folded down for additional

1l EcoBoost enhances Ford's growing global family of

cargo space. With the rear seats tumbled against the

EcoBoost engines also available in the Fiesta, Fiesta ST,

front seats, the boot space increases to 705l, big enough

Focus ST and the new Kuga.

to fit a washing machine. Alternatively the rear seats can

The 1l EcoBoost is unlike any engine in Ford's history

be split 60:40 to transport long objects such as flat-pack

spanning more than a century. Not only is it the company's

furniture while still carrying passengers at the back.

first three-cylinder engine but it also has the highest

Safety & driver assistance The EcoSport has been designed to provide high levels of

power density of any Ford production engine. Typically, three-cylinder engines are inherently off-balance and out of sync, causing unpleasant vibrations. More than 200

protection and driver support through a range of advanced

engineers based at Ford's technical centres in Dunton,

features. About half of the urban SUV's body structure is

UK, and Merkenich, Germany, worked their magic to



so the exhaust gases can be water-cooled to enable optimum fuel-to-air ratio across a wider rev band; The unique cast iron block warms the engine quicker than a conventional aluminium block, cutting the amount of 'warm-up' energy required by 50% and increasing fuel economy; The 'split-cooling' system has separate thermostats for the cylinder head and block to allow quick warm-up; and Two main engine drive belts are immersed in oil to deliver a quieter, more efficient engine while the variable oil pump ensures optimal oil pressure across the full speed range. These innovations resulted in the 1l EcoBoost being voted the 2012 and 2013 International Engine of The Year by a jury of 76 journalists from 36 countries, winning by the largest voting margin in the award's history.

An aerodynamic shape Unlike passenger sedans, an SUV does not naturally lend itself to an aerodynamic shape. That's why the design and engineering teams spent a year and a half shaping the body of the EcoSport to make it more efficient when slicing through the air. They spent 160 hours in the wind transform the three-cylinder into the smooth and refined

tunnel tweaking mere millimetres and put in more than

1l EcoBoost.

10 000 hours on computational fluid dynamics simulations

The traditional solution to reducing shaking forces in

to find the perfect silhouette. Their hard work resulted

small-displacement engines is to install a counter-rotating

in an outstandingly low drag co-efficient (0.371) of the

balance shaft inside the motor that cancels out most


vibrations. But that adds weight, increases costs, and

A slight rise at the end of the bonnet to eliminate

smart alternative. They deliberately unbalanced the pulley

areas of turbulence;

and flywheel with weights placed precisely to counteract

Front baffle built into the bumper to avoid

the natural shaking forces of the engine and drive the

recirculation of air and improve airflow under the

energy in a less sensitive direction. The engine mounts


are also designed to decouple as well as absorb the

Improved sealing between the bonnet and the front

engine's shaking forces.


The 1l EcoBoost also debuts many new technologies never before seen in a Ford vehicle such as:



The raked A-pillar and tilted side mirrors are designed to also reduce wind noise;

The super-small, light, and extremely responsive

Air deflectors in front of the rear tyres; and

turbocharger delivers power quickly when the throttle

D-pillar kicker to propel air flow.

is open from low rpm. The turbocharger's ability to


Some examples of the aerodynamic actions include:

reduces fuel economy. So the engineers came up with a

From a super fuel-efficient shape to engines that

reach nearly 250 000rpm results in virtually no turbo

are both powerful and economical, every possible effort

lag and the engine's peak torque of 170Nm over

has been made to ensure that the EcoSport takes you to

1 400-4 500rpm is more than enough for drivers to

where you want to go, without hurting your pocket, while

pull away and overtake easily when necessary;

getting the job done, whether that's the daily commute or

The exhaust manifold is cast into the cylinder head

a family outing for some fun outdoor activities. O


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corporate profile

Beyond p T



his is the story of how a major national and

of trees, smashes them up into tiny little bits, mixed with

international player in the paper and pulp industry

water and then makes paper or sells the resulting pulp to

has expanded its strategic focus beyond coated

others for different end uses.

papers – the sort of thing you'd have found the old

But that is a vast over-simplification. For one thing,

printed Odyssey using – to the much less obvious world

mashed up wood has a lot of other things in it than the

of dissolving wood pulp. To the uninitiated, one may think

fibres for the paper or the cellulose, which is what the

that a paper or pulp manufacturer simply takes a bunch

pulp industry is all about. There are a range of substances

Having ourselves switched in the last year from print publishing to digital, we at Odyssey Magazine are acutely aware of the problems facing both paper users and suppliers. All the more so are the folks at Sappi, one of the world's leading paper and pulp manufacturers. Given the challenges of their sector, Sappi has forged ahead with a line of business which is not well understood by laymen – and even many industry players. We take a look at how Sappi is going beyond paper.

There are a range of substances which must be removed from wood to make either paper or pulp, and there are things which must be done to the pulp to make it useful to others and in a surprisingly wide range of applications. done the same thing in response to low coated paper prices and declining demand, all fuelled by the global downturn which started several years ago.

Cellulose Some may know what cellulose is and others may not. It is not, for example, the fatty nodules that some people (usually women, but not exclusively) complain of and which are the subject of a great deal of time, money and trouble to get rid of. That would be cellulite. Cellulose is essentially what is left of the wood fibre when the other natural substances found in wood have been removed. It is usually found in long strings, called polymers, which is a technical term that only means that it is composed of many parts strung together. It is the most abundant natural organic polymer on earth and is found in all plant materials. Learning how to use it for a bewildering variety of modern products has been the key to unlocking a value


chain of which the great majority of people are simply unaware. In Sappi's case, their cellulose is obtained from wood from certified forests or plantations which is then processed and purified by applying specialised chemistry to extract the cellulose polymers from the wood. The purified natural wood cellulose fibres are further dissolved by other manufacturers and re-generated or reformed for a host of applications. The 'raw material' which Sappi and other pulp manufacturers produce for further conversion is called dissolving wood pulp or specialised cellulose for those in the industry. While the manufacturing of this form of wood pulp

which must be removed to make either paper or pulp, and there are things which must be done to the pulp to make it useful to others and for their use in a surprisingly wide range of applications. We've looked previously at the issues around paper. Now we turn out attention to dissolving pulp, not least because Sappi, as a global player in this industry, has

involves various chemical processes, primarily the use of magnesium sulphite and calcium, this does not mean that the process itself results in major negative environmental impacts. If kept in-plant, there is no reason for significant effluent to result from the process and Sappi says it has gone out of its way to ensure that existing plants and new plants designed to produce this product do not contribute to enviro-toxicity in any meaningful way.



Process & product complexity Cellulose is an extremely versatile polymer which can be chemically converted into numerous products. However, it is a natural polymer and therefore subject to significant natural variation depending on the source. Many factors have an influence on the functionality of dissolving wood pulps, including: Wood source (softwood/ hardwood/ species; age, season, climate) Process type (chemistry of cooking and bleaching) Sheet structure (delivery package) Every dissolving wood pulp (DWP) type has unique performance characteristics based on the manufacturing 'history' of that type and a technical understanding of process influences on pulp reactivity is critical for DWP applications. Sappi says that the pulp from its largest DWP mill, Saiccor, is particularly reactive, with the expectation that the DWP produced at its recently commissioned mills, Ngodwana and Cloquet, will also have good reactivity, which makes it ideal for some end products and less so for others.



viscose fibre yielded from 1 hectare of land under a

We do not need here to go into all that. But

hectare of man-managed forests will be between four and

the diagrams alongside help in understanding what is

seven times more productive than the fibre yielded from

happening at each production stage.

1ha of land planted with cotton.

There are two primary sources for dissolving pulps –

Added to this, in South Africa, where Sappi uses

wood and cotton linters, though bamboo and even hemp

mainly trees from the Eucalyptus family, the source wood

can provide similar pulps. Comparing wood to cotton

grows much faster than in most comparable countries.

provides some insight into why wood is preferable, from

Hardwoods and sotfwoods differ in maturation rates as

an eco point of view. On a kilo to kilo basis, wood, as

well. So, each hardwood crop takes roughly 8-10 years

grown by Sappi under FSC certified controls, uses much

to mature in SA, as compared to eight in Brazil, 12 in

less water and produces much more fibre per hectare

southern Europe, 40 in southern parts of the US and up

of planted land than cotton does. So, for example, the

to 60 years in Scandinavian countries.

What it's used for All that info is perhaps of some relevance, but things really become interesting when we look at what the pulp all those trees have been grown to produce is used for. Indeed, you may find along most supermarket aisles one or more products using DWP. Included in this line-up would be yoghurt, toothpaste, wet-wipes, washing powder, ice cream, clothing and other apparel and a range of other items, including, weirdly, the screens on computers and cell phones, run-flat tyres and a whole spectrum of other seemingly unrelated consumer products.

otherwise known as rayon when spun, is one of the main intermediate products that can be produced from DWP. Rayon is a soft fabric, which has a wide range of

applications, including making fibre garments produced from synthetic fibres, such as polyester, much more wearable by making them softer and more breathable on the skin. Although you may not usually use such synthetic fibres by preference, you are almost certain to own clothing which includes them. As such, it is probably useful to realise that currently, man-made fibres of this kind contribute over 60% of the annual 83m ton global

The following info-graphic shows many of those uses as well as the sources of pulp in question.

demand for fibres (see graphic below). While on the subject of fibres, one can see cotton is SSC = Sappi Specialised Cellulose. S = Saiccor Mill, N = Ngodwana Mill and C = Cloquet Mill

the next biggest contributor to annual fibre demand, which

In order for so many varied products to be made from

is less allergenic than most man-made fibres. But cotton

a single (more or less) natural fibre source, there should,

consumes a lot of arable land, is highly intensive in its

logically, be numerous products derived from the primary

water usage, and requires a lot of insecticide, herbicides

source before being used in end-product manufacture

and fertiliser to be commercially viable. For these reasons,

of consumer products. This is, in fact, the case. The

many in the industry, including Sappi, believe that global

following graphic shows many of these intermediate

cotton production has probably already peaked. So, even

products made from DWP.

if you are choosing an organically-produced cotton over

is problematic. Many of us love the feel of cotton, and its look – until it becomes creased, of course. And it certainly

As can be seen at a glance from this graphic, viscose,

other cotton options, you are not really helping the planet as a whole in respect to the relative contribution of each fibre type currently making the grade as commercial end products. Of course, there is a solution to the growing global demand for cheap and effective garments and clothing, which is not even under discussion here because up till now there is virtually nowhere in the world where this particular product has been grown. The product is

VSF (Viscose) 60%

hemp, also a source of fibres for paper and pulp, but widely banned from commercial production because of its more controversial cousin, cannabis. Actually, hemp




This info-graphic shows where cellulose comes from, moving from the raw material (wood) through subsequent levels of resolution down to the cellular level.

Sappi: viscose similar and equally destructive. Having once been there, Sappi has long since committed itself to be a responsible

and cannabis are not strictly speaking different plants,

player as far as the environment is concerned and has

only different sub-species with the former grown widely

either designed its new plants or converted its old plants

in previous times for its fibres, which made the era of

to produce both paper and pulp with a minimum effect,

sail possible. From these fibres were made the canvasses

in the form of toxic or hazardous effluent being released

for sails and paintings, as well as clothing (which is

into the environment.

why the Afrikaans word for shirt is hemp). With the

It is also increasingly using the volatile components

possible legalisation or decriminalisation of cannabis

of wood to contribute to its external energy-reduction

under discussion of late, all that may change. But for now,

program and is up to 70% self-sufficient in energy at its

the Sappi info-graphic pertains and so viscose, a steadily

Saiccor plant and 100% self-sufficient at its Ngodwana

growing fibre player, is becoming increasingly popular

plant. Globally, Sappi already generates over 50% of its

with regards to its contribution to modern life.

energy requirements from renewable resources (such as

Sappi's pulp plants Given the direction of things in terms of global economic trends since the downturn of 2008/9, Sappi has shifted its strategic focus to produce an ever-greater slice of

the bark, lignin and other parts of the tree extracted in the pulping process).

Growth Sappi sees its future as a paper producer continuing for

its income pie from DWP. Sappi has three major plants

as far out as planning can go, but with a reduction in the

for the production of DWP. These are its Saiccor plant

focus on coated graphic paper and an increase in the

at Umkomaas, in KwaZulu-Natal, its Ngodwana plant in

focus on more specialised applications. It has prioritised

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga province, and its Cloquet plant,

growth in its DWP products in particular. This is because,

near Duluth, Minnesota in the US. Each has different

despite a current oversupply, induced in part by an

capacities: the Saiccor plant can produce 800ktpa

imbalanced response to the global downturn's effects on

(thousand tons per annum) of sulphite DWP, using 100%

paper demand, it predicts real DWP demand growth to

hardwood Eucalyptus and Acacia trees for raw material,

be at 6% annually out past the middle of this century

the Ngodwana plant 210ktpa of prehydrolysed kraft DWP,

(depending on population growth and related factors).

once in full production from the later part of this year,

Although there is strong global competition, especially

using only Eucalyptus hardwood for its source material

from China, which is also a major consumer of this

and the US Cloquet plant, which has recently come fully

versatile product, and that competition is likely to increase

on line 330ktpa of prehydrolysed kraft DWP using 100%

over the next several years, Sappi feels it has the upper

hardwood in the form of an Aspen/Maple mix.

hand in a number of respects.

Each plant uses a slightly different bleaching process.

These include the fact that it has a fast-growing,

And when it comes to the environment, here is a key

low-cost, secure and sustainable wood resource, is in a

piece of the puzzle: in previous times, when making paper

very competitive cost position as its DWP is among the

or pulp, manufacturers used various bleaching processes

cheapest to produce, and it has a small clientele base

that frequently incorporated chlorine or something very

of long-term partners, with strong customer relations,


do, but that's usually because they suffer a psychological disorder involving eating just about anything). So will cellulose harm you if you consume some in your ice cream, yoghurt or toothpaste (in which the pulp helps bulk out the product, keeping it stiff, not too runny and more easily handled)? The answer is no. Cellulose is completely inert as far as the human digestive system is concerned. If properly processed it will simply pass through you and may even do you some small good by adding some fibre to your diet. Even in its final form as, say, a fabric made of viscose, it will not in itself do you harm, short of clogging up your bowels

Sappi: AV for conference

if you were silly enough to eat a dress made of the stuff, for one ridiculous example.

flexibility of supply, leading-edge technical knowledge and

In short, this stuff is about as safe as a modern

market leadership in DWP intermediate product segments

chemically-created product can be. The real issues, if you

like viscose and lyocell. Indeed, Sappi has been producing

are concerned about your and the environment's health, lie

DWP since the early 1950s and pioneered the use of

at production stage, and that has already been covered.

Eucalyptus wood for DWP production.

Not that all producers are as fussy about their eco-impacts as Sappi has become (having in previous times been guilty

Wood pulp & the consumer

along with most others of having caused some significant

What, you may ask, does any of this mean to me, a simple

harm to the environment, mostly to rivers from plant

consumer walking the aisles of the local supermarket in

effluent as well as some air pollution, and then having

search of well-priced and wholesome foods and goods

spent many hundreds of millions putting right its wrongs).

for your family? It means that, without being aware of it

In China, for example, where most of the new cotton

probably until you read this article, our old friend and ally,

linter pulp production capacity resides, pollution from

wood, has been providing us with many of the modern

the production process is a big problem – and there the

conveniences and useful products that we take for granted

producers will in due course find it an ever-increasing battle

on a daily basis. Which is why we wrote this article in the

to sell their products while they still have a big fat negative

first place – to help each of you to be more empowered and

eco footprint attached to them.

knowledgeable consumers, aware of what you are using,

So the bottom line as to why you are reading this story

where it came from, how it was made, and what impact

ends here with this: one of mankind's oldest resources,

each product you use has on the environment.

wood, serves us today as first it did when we learnt how

OK, you may say, so I now know that wood can make

to use that material for a variety of applications aeons ago.

both paper (from toilet paper through to the fancy stuff

Plus it is used, in its pulp form, in a very wide range of

in corporate brochures) and dissolving pulp and the latter

day-to-day and hi-tech products. Like everything else, it is

can be used in a surprisingly wide array of products –

in the detail where the devils and the angels live – and the

maybe even the computer screen on which these words

details, in the case of Sappi and its dissolving wood story,

are appearing. What good does all that do me? Well,

lead us to believe that we have a global player in a major

for one thing, as Sappi's Andre Oberholzer suggested

and important industry which is trying its best to be a good

when we spoke to him on this subject, you can go down

corporate citizen. It's not perfect, but then none of us are.

your supermarket aisle when next you shop and closely

We can only see where improvements are possible and

inspect the contents labels on any of the products you

make these changes as soon as we can – something Sappi

may be buying. If you see viscose on there, it comes most

has done, despite the economic pain that that has caused.

likely from wood pulp and may well have been provided,

Each one of us can relate that corporate story to our own

originally, by Sappi.

personal journeys through the modern world of products and consumption. In the end, it is by aspiring to a higher


standard of conduct and a conscious awareness of our role

In itself, that's an interesting fact, but there's more yet.

in the order of things, that we are each, as individuals or as

What about consumer safety, for example? After all, not

corporations, able to make a serious and lasting difference

being termites we don't eat wood as a rule (some folks

that will leave the world better than we found it. O

These pages were made possible with the kind assistance of Sappi



Never before has the world so eagerly awaited your unique contribution. Stop looking for a job. Create your own work and surprise yourself – and everyone else. Marco Visscher takes a look at the art of loving your work.


ou're probably not an eccentric poet or a painter

technological trends suggest the world will never be the

balanced on the brink of insanity. You don't

same. Large companies are no longer dominant. They

have to be. Art is something else entirely. Art is

are no longer the 'givers' of employment from cradle to

an attitude. Art is the unique work of a person who's

grave; the 'takers' will have to make it on their own. And

doing what he/she wants to do, who makes things or

that's a good thing. For in the new reality, there is a solid

does things that inspire others. We need that kind of art

appreciation for art, innovation and personal leadership.

because it connects us with our heart and soul and with

In fact, those qualities are coveted, even required.

others. Art is what we do and who we are.

We see these artists everywhere around us. They

It gets even better. Never before has the world been

are the dabblers and hobbyists who screenprint t-shirts,

so eager to receive your art. Think about it. The Web has

knit hats and string beads. They build websites and

created an economy of connection, which has changed

create apps. They design new products they manufacture

the nature of everyday things: how we communicate with

themselves. They start their own businesses, working to

one another, how we listen to music, which books we

get a dream project off the ground.

read and how we choose a restaurant. We are no longer

For them, the step to entrepreneurship has never

confined to mediocre mass-market products. We have

been so small. There are websites where, through

a huge range of choice, a wealth of information and an

crowdfunding, you can cobble together modest amounts

immense network. If there were ever a time to give the

of money to finance a good idea. There are websites

world something of yourself – a new idea, something you

for open source design, in which people collaborate to

created, something that moves you – this is it.

develop an increasingly better product. From there, it's

Seth Godin puts it well in his latest book, The Icarus

a tiny step to using search machines and online reviews

Deception: How High Will You Fly? Things that were once safe bets – academic degrees, full-time jobs – no longer are. We think or maybe just hope that security will return after the crisis, but a variety of social and

to find a local factory that will take your credit card payment, then manufacture and ship a modest run of your niche-product brainchild. These you then sell on your own website – created with the uber-easy WordPress,

working wi



ith passion ODYSSEY 51 • 


of course – using search engine optimisation and social media to target exactly the right audience. Everything from the bank to the marketing department can be eliminated. And anything you can't yet do yourself is easy to learn using online guides. Let's take an example. Many boys are crazy about Lego. Boys also usually go through a phase where they play-fight. Lego doesn't make machine guns, bazookas or rocket launchers; the Danish manufacturer feels they are inappropriate. So you sell your box of Lego on eBay and buy a box of toy soldiers. Or you can do what Will Chapman did. Chapman, a father of three boys, used CAD software to design a three-dimensional M1 infantry rifle, then shrank it down to Lego size with a few clicks of the mouse and sent the files to the computer-driven milling machine in his basement. The machine milled the two halves of the mold in aluminum, which Chapman then placed in his injection molding machine, where the plastic was melted with propane and poured into the mold to harden. His sons were delighted. Chapman created a simple website to sell his designs, and his sons turned out not to be his only fans. His company, BrickArms, designs and sells everything from AK-47s to fragmentation grenades. Demand is too low to interest Lego but high enough to make Chapman money – in fact, he now earns more than he did in his former profession as a software designer. Godin calls it the way of the 'artist'; others speak of 'makers'. Among them is Chris Anderson, until recently the editor-in-chief of Wired. In his latest book, Makers, Anderson describes how artists are increasingly turning

the mental damage inflicted by unemployment illustrates

into entrepreneurs thanks to the Internet and access to

the problem. It sounds noble – but, it also amplifies

ever better and cheaper manufacturing techniques such as

frustration. Do we need therapeutic help, or do we need an

3D printers and laser cutters. Those possibilities, Anderson

inspiring vision of the future? Should we use this crisis to

predicts, will lead to a revival of the economy. Hence the

learn how to deal with depression, or should we focus on

book's subtitle: The New Industrial Revolution.

forging a better economic reality? Are we spineless victims,

That transformation comes just a little too late.

Moreover, while unemployment may cause unrest,

countries. More than 12 million Americans are unemployed,

so does employment. Burnout is becoming an epidemic,

a number that rivals the severe recession of the early

an almost inevitable horror waiting for a bad day to

1980s. Long-term unemployment can generate unrest,

strike. Two-thirds of Americans are dissatisfied with their

as evidenced by violent protests in Spain and Greece in

workload, according to a recent survey by employee

recent months. Those without work can become unhappy

assistance provider ComPsych Corp. In 2009, employment

and depressed, psychologists say. The absence of a

services giant, Manpower, found that a whopping 60%

compelling daily rhythm can lead to a sense of alienation

of Americans were definitely planning to look for a new

and inferiority. Many people without work come to believe

job 'as the economy improves'. Might that be because

precisely the image the government unwittingly projects

their work isn't challenging enough? Isn't meaningful? Is

onto them: they cannot provide for themselves.

outdated? Sit through an endless meeting. Write a report.

Politics has not yet found a suitable solution, only an occasional patch at best. The British government's decision to train thousands of therapists and specialists to treat



or are we creative problem-solvers capable of adapting?

The economy has been in the tank for years in affluent

Answer e-mails. Photocopy documents. Wait for approval. Sit through another meeting. And repeat.

– who applied for a patent. They were not only smart but also from privileged backgrounds. After that, things

The Internet has made it possible for

became slightly more democratic. Entrepreneurship grew

a clever teenager with an idea and a

significant risk and little opportunity to grow. But for a

computer to create a major company. It

those who control the means of material production. You

doesn't always succeed, by any means, but the damage upon failure is limited to a few tardy payments on your credit card – painful, but not devastating.

to include running a small shop or agency, often with long time, Karl Marx was right: the power belongs to might have invented some new gizmo at your drawing table, but if you couldn't interest a corporate giant with a factory to fabricate millions of copies of your design, all your creativity had been for nothing. How different things are today. The Internet has made it possible for a clever teenager with an idea and a computer to create a major company. It doesn't always succeed, by any means, but the damage upon failure is

Is it five o'clock yet?

There's a way out: Just leave. Small business owners number 23 million in America, the vast majority of them non-employer firms (one person working without employees). The number of non-employer firms has risen nearly 25% since 2002. These people are no longer working because that's what a boss expects people to do; they are working for their own growth and enjoyment. Granted, for more than a few, the decision to go into business for themselves was motivated by bitter necessity. They work hard and sometimes earn little. They resent the fact that the government does much less for them than for people who stay put and receive a gold watch at retirement. They sometimes long for the luxury of a paycheck and the company of colleagues. And yet, they also realise that you can be pretty happy with less money. They do things they enjoy and consider important. (That partially explains their long working hours.) Plus: they enjoy the freedom of no longer working for a boss. A recent survey by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment showed that 87% of people would not return to a salaried position, should one by some miracle suddenly present itself. Suppose intrepid fortune hunters had the ability to – in Anderson's words – 'be both small and global. Both artisanal and innovative. Both high-tech and low-cost. Starting small but getting big. And, most of all, creating the sort of products that the world wants but doesn't know it yet, because those products don't fit neatly into the mass economics of the old model.' Well, as it happens, they do. It used to be hard to start your own business. The original entrepreneurs were often inventors – James Watt, Matthew Boulton

limited to a few tardy payments on your credit card – painful, but not devastating. 'The beauty of the Web is that it democratised the tools both of invention and of production,' says Anderson. He believes the path from inventor to entrepreneur 'is so foreshortened it hardly exists at all anymore'. That's







crowdfunding site Kickstarter was created, almost 50 000 projects have launched, nearly half of them successful, raising total proceeds of $175 million. They range from music and film projects to curious inventions such as a jellyfish aquarium to a device that lets you easily attach a camera to your clothes or backpack. Or take Etsy, the online marketplace where nearly a million creative souls hawk their handmade wares – to the tune of almost $900m in 2012. Nor is this trend limited to the Web. Roughly a thousand workshops exist around the world, such as TechShop, where members can make use of tools like industrial sewing machines and 3D printers. Tens of thousands of makers meet up at MakerFaires, organised in a range of places. The government is also paying attention. US President Obama has pledged to create workshops with modern tools such as – no joke – 3D printers and laser cutters in a thousand American high schools to 'better equip graduates for the demands of a high-tech economy'. But ideas can win big, too. At 'startup factories' such as Y Combinator, talented young people can submit a PowerPoint presentation to apply for a short, intense training program, after which they are given three weeks to create a business plan. The result: a hundred new companies in three years, among them Dropbox and Airbnb, both of which are now worth billions. This is just the beginning. 'Transformative change happens,' Anderson writes, 'when industries democratise,



when they're ripped from the sole domain of companies,

of the evolution of working humanity. No punch clock. No

governments and other institutions and handed over to

boss. No traffic jams. No lugging pointless copies around.

regular folks.' Marx would have looked on with a smile.

Work flows seamlessly into life. Work is what fulfills us,

The strange thing, in fact, is that it's taken so long. Working for someone else clashes with our fundamental

because it is our own work in a life that is satisfying and fulfilling, because it belongs to us.

need for freedom. Jobs where we are told what to do and

We always thought we had to choose security: a solid

how to do it run counter to human nature. Modern slavery.

education, a solid job, a place to hide so we wouldn't attract

Some people protest. They claim a salary is compensation

too much attention and could maybe manage, bit by bit, to

for damages. There's a reason factory owners in the early

climb a little higher in the hierarchy. We thought we had to

years of the Industrial Revolution had a devil of a time

be obedient. Compliant. Obliging. Proficient. So we did all

disciplining their workers, who showed up late, drunk or

that and were rewarded in return. But now that the world

not at all. From the beginning, the capitalist work ethic has

has finally evolved to the point that art is a pillar of culture

generated fierce resistance.

and it's possible to share it with more people now than ever

Those times are back, if in a more civilised way. Instead of playing hooky in the pub, employees conduct meetings

before, it's time to make art. Godin says it's 'unforgivable' for us to wait any longer.

over caffè macchiatos in a nearby coffee shop. That's what

Of course, it's frightening to take that kind of leap. An

we call 'the new workplace'. More and more offices are

uncertain future stares us in the eye, and we need to pay

meeting employees' desires for greater autonomy. And

the mortgage and send the kids to soccer practice. Our

more and more companies understand why it's better to

fear of losing what we have is greater than our faith that

measure results than time-in-cubicle. The Journal of Applied Psychology once published the findings of researchers at Pennsylvania State University on telecommuting: it increases job satisfaction and productivity, lowers stress and improves both the employee-manager relationship and the work-family balance. Daniel Pink, the author of five popular books about trends in our workplace culture, is not surprised by the positive impact of greater autonomy. In Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, he criticises the management culture in which everyone is managed and monitored from above. 'When we enter the world,' he wrote, 'are we wired to be passive and inert? Or are we wired to be active and engaged?' Pink is convinced it's the latter. The passive and inert have lost their true, inquisitive nature. The default setting has been corrupted, Pink says, quite possibly by the ways we are treated at work. Flexibility doesn't go far enough, according to Pink; he calls for radical self-management. The rise of the maker culture, the renaissance of the artist: whatever you call it, we're firmly in the next phase

something new will make us happier. Besides, there's no clear step-by-step plan for success in this brave new world. Who among us dares to take the plunge? But turn things around. Those who stay in their comfort zones while the world changes around them will be hopelessly left behind. They may be able to lull themselves to sleep and convince themselves they don't have to experience the pain and uncertainty of the maker, but that produces its own kind of damage: the pain of someone who realises one awful day that his talents have been wasted and his dreams will never come true. Isn't it frightening not to take the plunge? You are the only one who can make your dreams come true. Discover your passion. Make it your work. Inspire others. Put it online. Film it. Send it to friends. Meet kindred spirits. Collaborate. Start something. Create an industry. Found a movement. Good work will be recognised. Good ideas will be rewarded. It's your turn. You are an artist. In the pithy prose of Seth Godin: 'Go.' O First published in The Intelligent Optimist March/April 2013.




 2

The Business Alchemist: A Road Map To Authentic and Inspirational Leadership Pilar Godino Hay House • 978 1 7818 0101 7

This book aims to do many things for business leaders, including: challenge some assumptions and leadership habits; invite discovery of something about yourself that you didn’t know before; serve you with a fresh, clever, and solid standpoint from which to motivate and appreciate your team; increase your confidence in ‘managing up’; add a new dimension to your leadership; encourage you to explore a leadership style that improves results and relationships through quick and effective conversations; awaken your awareness of using leadership as a source of generous, powerful, and transformative wealth; generate ‘business alchemy’; and enable you to accomplish all of the above with joy – while having fun. This book, in other words, is about building character in leaders. It’s about developing the generosity of spirit necessary to grow – not only within yourself, but in helping others develop too. It’s about creating a safe environment, or ambience, where you can develop your immediate reports so that they, in turn, can aid and develop each individual



in the team. It’s about building and maintaining strong relationships, and creating a culture to which people want to belong; a culture where all are midwives of growth. It’s also about ‘business alchemy’, which according to the author is where the leader, as the ‘alchemist’, brings out the gold in his or her people, while being personally transformed in the process. This business development book for leaders and about leadership focuses centrally on soul as part of the mix about all the needs to be said about the evolution sweeping through the business world in the wake of the global shift which began several years back with the downturn and which has increasingly focused attention on leadership, its ethics, and its fundamental framework in character, as a key to success in a much-changed future, the first rays of which are already dawning.

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Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator Ryan Holiday Portfolio Penguin • 978 1 5918 4628 4

OK, so you thought there was something wrong with the way the media (mainstream of internet blogging, and everything in between) worked, but you couldn’t quite figure it out. If that’s been your take on what’s been happening to media in the last 20 years or so, you’d be quite correct. And here we have someone who was one of those behind-the-scenes manipulators who has understood how to leverage negative coverage of this to cover-up that, to focus attention away from one direction and onto another. Lots of dirty little secrets arise from his revelations, Some of the media’s mendacity has nothing to do with an evil empire of corporate control jerking our strings – that’s the stuff of fevered conspiracy theories. But there are manipulators today, as there always have been, and their hidden hand is as disguised today as ever it has been. Until someone from the inside speaks out. If you want to understand how you’ve been manipulated into believing this or that (no, not about climate change – that’s real – but plenty of other things) then read this book to find out.

A Book for People Who Want to Become Stinking Rich but Aren’t Sure How Benrik Benrik • 978 0 7522 2670 5

This is less a book than a series of ideas, any one of which, presumably, you might be able to pick up and market – thereby fulfilling the title of the book, perhaps. But the people behind this book are deeply anarchic and there’s a real question about what it’s true purpose may be. Best you go look for yourself to see what that might be.

Your Infinite Power to be Rich Joseph Murphy Prentice Hall Press • 9780 1397 9591 6

Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or are looking to grow what wealth you have, this book is meant to show you how to have complete control over your financial success. There are numerous gems, but among them this one: why a grateful heart attracts riches. Sounds like The Secret – and it is. But as so many people have pointed out in the wake of the worldwide success of The Secret, there’s more to living your dream life than dreaming intensely

that it will come true – that’s needed, so is much else. And that’s where a book of this sort, from someone who should know, comes in.

CBT for Work: A Practical Guide Gill Garratt Icon Books • 978 1 8483 1419 1

For those who don’t know, CBT stands for cognitive behavioural therapy (which is capped up, for ‘true believers’), a currently in-vogue stream of psychology which combines elements of what was previous cognitive therapy (thinking and speaking about your thinking, feeling and behaviour with a therapist) and behaviour therapy. The latter has moved a long way from Skinner and his crew of crypto-fascists who believed, following the example of Pavlov and his dogs, that humans could be conditioned to behave in standardised ways by certain key triggers. CBT has become the ‘industry standard’ for a strand of modern therapeutics which is in something of a crisis. As Freudian-based psychotherapy (you sit/lie in the shrink’s office and babble about your childhood and current neuroses, while the therapists goes ‘Hmmm – tell me more’ from time to

time) falls into ever diminishing use by virtue of being, more or less, not very good and very slow and expensive, so something has been needed to replace it. With the rise of more sophisticated psycho-active drugs to control anxiety, and a range of other psychological ‘conditions’ has become ever-more widely used, so CBT has come to the fore. No doubt it has some insights into our workings. No doubt it can be applied in the workplace. But so could common sense – and that would have a great deal to offer too. Elevating CBT to being the solution to a vast range of organisational ills may or may not be sensible – especially when its underlying goal is improved functionality in the workplace, which is in the end about the organisation and not its members. But that may be best for the reader to decide, in this case.

The Dharma of Capitalism Nitesh Gor Kogan Page • 978 0 7494 6422 6

'A guide to mindful decision-making in the business of life' is the subtitle of this one. Written in the wake of the global downturn, this book points out the obvious – managers and



business leaders need a fundamental rethink on how business is going to work going forward. This implies a much deeper appreciation of the many aspects of life that were once simply discarded or ignored when it came to ‘doing business’. With the many flaws of the now collapsed – but still not really replaced – previous system of what some have called economic Darwinism (let the fittest survive) exposed as being fatally inadequate, the question is: what next? This book strives to begin answering that question, setting business within a much wider, deeper context. This is about making a profit with a purpose rather than profit for profit’s sake. Anyone stuck in the ‘old order’ will simply not get it; the rest of us are deeply engaged in working out the new economic system by which we’ll be living going into the future. Time, it would seem, to decide whether you want to lie down with the dinosaurs or stand up with those who’ll lead us into a new, more sustainable and more balanced way of doing business.

Dealonomics Kim Meredith Zebra Press • 9781 7702 2557 2

Kim Meredith comes with a CV that’s hard to argue against. She believes that while, for the great majority of people, the last five years have seen a steady decline in average household incomes and relative wealth, with vast numbers of people in the world’s middle classes becoming rapidly poorer, and poor becoming poorer yet, that there’s a way out. You need to learn to negotiate higher incomes and salaries, get a better contract, increase or improve orders. This is her answer to the world’s current economic crisis. She seems utterly to have missed the point. While her techniques are no doubt of some use and may well help any one of us from time to time, she simply fails to address the underlying issues in any meaningful way. Read it and use what she says, but don’t expect this book to pave the way for any new order worthy of that name.

The Assault on the Rand

Barry Sergeant

Zebra Press • 978 1 7702 2554 1

The very short version of a review of this book goes like this: back in 2001 there was collusion between some major corporates and at least one major global bank to destroy the rand’s value, for their own purposes. Then head of the SA Chamber of Business, Kevin Wakeford, blew the whistle and President Mbeki established a commission of inquiry as to what was going on. That stopped that attack on the rand. But the attack is back on – the commission never finished its work and corporates and others in the banking sector still have dirty dealings to cover up and some nasty tricks up their sleeves. This book reveals all – not only what happened a dozen years ago, but much of what is taking place now. Read this one and see how it changes your attitude towards bankers and their fellow travellers when it comes to milking us all dry.

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Keys to Building Resilience as a Business Owner

Let’s face it, being a small business owner is not plain sailing. As entrepreneurs, we can learn to navigate the increasingly turbulent waters of daily life and business by adopting a more resilient mind-set. Resilience is more than recovery or simply bouncing back from adversity. Rather, it is a set of skills and practices that allow us to thrive or flourish – in the face of challenge, change and uncertainty and in spite of the high emotional charges that accompany such conditions. I like to see resilience as a form of mastery. Wendy Ward offers 10 tips to bolster your resilience.



1 2

Don’t forget the basics: Your resilience will be compromised without a decent diet, proper hydration, enough sleep and a good dose of regular exercise. It goes without saying, really.

Energy management is the new time management: Ask yourself what rejuvenates


Find helpful strategies to deal with the sense of being overwhelmed: The problem is, when we are overwhelmed or anxious, we tend to freeze up rather than move consistently into bold action.

you and what depletes your energy and then

Try seeing the feeling of being overwhelmed as a

do more of the one and less of the other. Know

'state of being'; this makes it easier for you to step

when to reach in and when to reach out. Notice

back from it and creates the possibility of choosing

your personal energy cycles and schedule time

a more empowering state of being.

for rest and renewal especially between more stressful periods.


Commit to your vision: Revisit your vision Statement when you find your motivation


success and happiness:




happiness not the other way round. Have you heard of 'happiness boosters'? If not, here is the

doing is important. Resilient individuals have a

Be more present as you work on your business: Set clear goals and develop supportive systems. Make sure your success and marketing plan is a living work in process. Keep it updated. Schedule time for your various tasks and be mindful of the 'hat' you are wearing for each.



invitation: find out and go do.

flagging. Remind yourself why what you are strong sense of purpose. What is yours?




Be more intentional as you work in your business: Ask yourself, 'Who do I need to become to do the work I do?'

8 9 10





confidence as a strategy for success. Choose to be realistically optimistic.

Change how you perceive the world: What would it take for you to see the world, act in the world and be in the world in new and more powerful ways?

Be grateful: Even science shows that this is a crucial key to resilience and well-being. O

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'Why do I talk about the benefits of failure? Simply because failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me.' JK Rowling (pictured)




Every failure on your journey through life brings you one step closer to success. The point is to try to never give up, pick yourself up and dust yourself off after failing and then find the energy to reassess your strategy and approach. Here are some memorable quotes from those that made success a reality in their lives.

'In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.' Bill Cosby

'Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.' 'I have not failed. I've just found Dale Carnegie 10000 ways that won't work.' Thomas Edison 'Failure is success if we learn from it.' 'Success is the ability to go from Malcolm Forbes failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.' 'I've come to believe that all my Winston Churchill past failure and frustrations were actually laying the foundation 'Failure is only the opportunity to for the understandings that have begin again, only this time more created the new level of living I now wisely.' enjoy.' Henry Ford Tony Robbins

'Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.' Confucius

'There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.' Colin Powell

d to Succeed



'I've missed more than 9 000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.' Michael Jordan (pictured)

'Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of a greater or equal benefit.' Napoleon Hill

'Don't be afraid to fail. Don't waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learn from your failures and go on to the next challenge. It's OK to fail. If you're not failing, you're not growing.' 'Like success, failure is many things H Stanley Judd to many people. With positive mental attitude, failure is a learning 'Think like a queen. A queen is not experience, a rung on the ladder, a afraid to fail. Failing is another plateau at which to get your thoughts steppingstone to greatness.' in order and prepare to try again.' Oprah Winfrey W Clement Stone 'Remember that failure is an event, not 'The only real failure in life is not to be a person.' true to the best one knows.' Zig Ziglar Buddha 'Failure after long perseverance is 'My great concern is not whether much grander than never to have a you have failed, but whether you are striving good enough to be called a content with failure.' failure.' Abraham Lincoln George Eliot ODYSSEY 64 • 





THE SOUL OF LEADERSHIP: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness Deepak Chopra Harmony • 978 0 3074 0806 8

Bestselling author and spiritual guide Deepak

'let it go'?). Goldsmith outlines the positive actions leaders must take, with their teams or themselves, to initiate winning streaks and keep them coming.

Chopra invites you to become the kind of


leader most needed today: a leader with

Random House Group • 978 0 7535 4162 3

vision who can make that vision real. Chopra has been teaching leadership to CEOs and other top executives for eight years, and the path outlined in this book applies to any business, but the same principles are relevant in every community and area of life, from family and home to school, place of worship, and neighbourhood. 'At the deepest level,' Chopra writes, 'a leader is the symbolic soul of a group.' After identifying your own soul profile and the core values you want to develop, you can use these seven skills to allow your potential for greatness to emerge. Only from the level of the soul, Chopra contends, are great leaders created. Once that connection is made, you have unlimited access to the most vital qualities a leader can possess: creativity, intelligence, organising power, and love. This book aims to fill the most critical void in contemporary life, the void of enlightened leaders. 'You can be such a leader,' Chopra promises. 'The path is open to you. The only requirement is that you learn to listen to your inner guide.' In this unique handbook you are shown how to do just that, in words as practical as they are uplifting. The future is unfolding at this very minute, and the choice to lead it lies with each of us, here and now.


If you loved Sheryl Sandberg's incredible TEDTalk on why we have too few women leaders, or simply believe that we need equality in the boardroom, then this book is for you. As Facebook's COO, Sandberg has first-hand experience of why having more women in leadership roles is good for business as well as society. Lean In is a superb, witty, candid, and meaningful read for women (and men) of all generations As Sandberg explains how she believes women must put themselves forward if the gender gap is ever to be closed. With stories from her own life and data carefully researched, Sandberg reminds women that they have to believe in themselves and reach for opportunities. She has a remarkable intelligence that can cut through complex processes and find solutions to the hardest problems. This book combines her ability to synthesise information with her understanding of how to get the best out of people. The book is smart and honest and funny, and her words will help all readers – especially men – to become better and more effective leaders.

LEADERSHIP 2.0 Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves TalentSmart • 978 0 9743 2069 4

MOJO: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back if You Lose It Marshall Goldsmith

or harmful, Leadership 2.0 introduces a new

In the follow-up to his New York Times bestseller


in which to get – and keep – our mojo. Our professional and personal mojo is impacted by four key factors: identity (who do you think you are), achievement (what have you done lately?), reputation (who do other people think you are), and acceptance (what can you change and when do you need to just


get results from those that were inconsequential paradigm of leadership. In today's fast-paced

executive coach Goldsmith shares the ways


study that separated the leadership skills that

Hyperion • 978 1 4013 2327 1

What Got You Here Won't Get You There,


Sharing discoveries from a groundbreaking





turbulent economic conditions, each of us is searching for effective tools that can help us adapt and strike out ahead of the pack. This book delivers a step-by-step program for increasing 22 core and adaptive leadership skills. Core leadership skills (those that get people into leadership positions) will sharpen your saw, and adaptive leadership skills (those that set great leaders apart) will make

you into the leader you've always wanted

Ankersen, an ex-professional footballer and

to be. For the first time ever in a book, Drs

performance specialist, spent the last of his

Bradberry and Greaves unveil TalentSmart's

money on plane tickets, and for six intense

revolutionary leadership program to help you

months travelled the world, visiting 'Gold

identify your skill levels, build your skills into

Mines' of talent; living and training with the

strengths, and enjoy exemplary performance

planet's best athletes and their coaches in

in the pursuit of important objectives. Trusted

an attempt to answer this very question. Why

by upper-echelon leaders inside companies

have the world's best middle-distance runners

worldwide, the strategies in this book will take

grown up in the same Ethiopian village? Why

your leadership skills to bold new heights.

are 137 of the world's 500 best female golfers

THE WINNER EFFECT: The Neuroscience of Success and Failure Ian H Robertson

from South Korea? How has one athletics club in Kingston, Jamaica, succeeded in producing most of the world's best sprinters? The conclusions Ankersen came to will have

Thomas Dunne Books • 978 1 2500 0167 2

an enormous impact, far beyond the world of

What makes a winner? Why do some people

sport – in business, education and parenting.

succeed both in life and in business, and

In this book, he presents these conclusions in

others fail? Why do a few individuals end

eight concepts which will not only show you

up supremely powerful, while many remain

how to spot and unlock it in others – whether

powerless? The 'winner effect' is a term

you are a manager, a coach, a teacher or a

used in biology to describe how an animal

parent – but how to unlock it in yourself.

that has won a few fights against weak

making you more focused, smarter, more

CHANGE ANYTHING: The New Science of Personal Success Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan & Al Switzler

confident, and more aggressive. The effect

Business Plus • 978 0 4465 7390 0

is as strong as any drug. And the more you

A stunning new approach to how individuals

win, the more you will go on to win. But

can not only change their lives for the better

the downside is that winning can become

in the workplace, but also their lives away

physically addictive. By understanding what

from the office, including (but not limited

the mental and physical changes are that

to) finding ways to improve one's working

take place in the brain of a 'winner,' how

relationship with others, one's overall health,

they happen, and why they affect some

outlook on life, and so on. Based upon the

people more than others, Robertson answers

latest research in a number of psychological

the question of why some people attain and

and medical fields, the authors of this book

then handle success better than others. He

will show that traditional will-power is not

explains what makes a winner – or a loser

necessarily the answer to these strivings,

– and how we can use the answers to these

that people are affected in their behaviours

questions to understand better the behaviour

by far more subtle influences. Change

of our business colleagues, family, friends,

Anything shows how individuals can come

and ourselves.

to understand these powerful and influential

opponents is much more likely to win later bouts against stronger contenders. As Ian Robertson reveals, it applies to humans, too. Success changes the chemistry of the brain,

THE GOLD MINE EFFECT: Crack the Secrets of High Performance Rasmus Ankersen Icon Books • 978 1 8483 1399 6

forces, and how to put these forces to work in a positive manner that brings real and meaningful results. The authors present an array of everyday examples that will change and truly empower you to re-examine the way you go about your business and life.

How can we identify and develop talent, both in ourselves and in others? Rasmus




The Failure of Success: Redefining what Matters Jennifer Kavanagh

SIMPLE: Conquering the Crisis of Complexity Alan Siegel & Irene Etzkorn

John Hurt Publishing • 978 1 7809 9765 0

Twelve Publishers • 978 1 4555 0966 9

The concepts of success and failure are

For decades, Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn

embedded in our culture, but how real are

have championed simplicity as a competitive

they? From a wide range of answers and her

advantage and a consumer right. Consulting

own experience, Kavanagh explores some

with businesses and organisations around

of the stereotypes on which these concepts

the world to streamline products, services,

are based, and reveals what people feel

processes and communications, they have

really matters in their lives. There is a growing

achieved dramatic results. This book sees the

acceptance that failure can not only lead

culmination of their work together as they show

to success but can open us to profound

us how having empathy, striving for clarity,

change. If we let go of the quest for individual

and distilling your message can reduce the

perfection, and accept what is, our lives and

distance between company and customer,

relationships will be enriched. If we let go of:

hospital and patient, government and citizen

our judgemental behaviour, we will no longer

– and increase your bottom line. By exposing

view life in terms of success or failure; the need

the overly complex things we encounter every

to control our lives, we will let go of goals and

day, Simple reveals the reasons we allow

expectation; our attachment to outcomes, we

confusion to persist, inspires us to seek clarity,

will be content with where and who we are. We

and explores how social media is empowering

may even go beyond the duality of opposites

consumers to demand simplicity.

to an understanding of essential unity.

GOOD STRATEGY / BAD STRATEGY: The Difference and Why It Matters Richard Rumelt

DECISIVE: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work Chip Heath & Dan Heath Crown Business • 978 0 3079 5639 2

Research in psychology has revealed that

Crown Business • 978 0 3078 8623 1

our decisions are disrupted by an array of

Developing and implementing a strategy is

biases and irrationalities: We're overconfident.

the central task of a leader, whether the CEO

We seek out information that supports us and

at a Fortune 100 company, an entrepreneur,

downplay information that doesn't. We get

a church pastor, the head of a school, or a

distracted by short-term emotions. When it

government official. Rumelt shows that there

comes to making choices, it seems, our brains

has been a growing and unfortunate tendency

are flawed instruments. Unfortunately, merely

to equate Mom-and-apple-pie values, fluffy

being aware of these shortcomings doesn't

packages of buzzwords, motivational slogans,

fix the problem, any more than knowing that

and financial goals with 'strategy'. He debunks

we are nearsighted helps us to see. The real

these elements of 'bad strategy' and awakens

question is: How can we do better? In this book,

an understanding of the power of a 'good

the Heaths, based on an exhaustive study

strategy'. This book uses fascinating examples

of the decision-making literature, introduce

from business, non-profit, and military affairs to

a four-step process designed to counteract

bring its original and pragmatic ideas to life.

these biases. Written in an engaging and

Reflecting an astonishing grasp and integration

compulsively readable style, it takes readers

of economics, finance, technology, history,

on an unforgettable journey, from a rock star's

and the brilliance and foibles of the human

ingenious decision-making trick to a CEO's

character, Good Strategy/Bad Strategy stems

disastrous acquisition, to a single question that

from Rumelt's decades of digging beyond

can often resolve thorny personal decisions.

the superficial to address hard questions with

Along the way, we learn the answers to critical

honesty and integrity.

questions like these: How can we stop the cycle of agonising over our decisions? How can



we make group decisions without destructive politics? And how can we ensure that we don't overlook precious opportunities to change our course?

I HAVE A DREAM: Inspiring Words and Thoughts from History's Greatest Leaders Terry Breverton Quercus • 978 0 8573 8620 5

This book is an anthology of history's most memorable, uplifting and thought-provoking quotations from all ages and nations. The texts are drawn not only from the works and words of great writers, thinkers and orators, but also from less well-known sources such as gravestones, book dedications, speeches and political manifestos, letters and diaries, inscriptions and chance remarks. Each of the 370 quotations is accompanied by an extended annotation that tells the story of the speaker or explains the circumstances that gave rise to the quotation. The words and sentiments expressed have been used to encapsulate the human condition, to inspire great works or deeds in times of hardship, or simply reflect the spirit of the time – they will live

with you and inspire you day by day, from one


year's end to the next.

Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone's Life Michael Neill Hay House • 978 1 7818 0018 8

In this fun, easy-to-read book, best-selling author and internationally renowned success coach Michael Neill shares the secrets of transforming your life and the lives of the people you care about most – our family, friends, colleagues and clients. Neill shares a few strategies and techniques that his clients and he have found effective in creating more and more wonderful lives. He also focuses on new ways of seeing that hope can lead the reader to seeing new possibilities and taking new actions in their life and the lives of the people around them. This is a book about succeeding from the inside out. When you learn to live your life in this way, stress disappears and worry becomes almost non-existent. You realise that you were born happy and the worst thing that can ever happen to you is a thought – generally speaking, a thought about

whatever you think is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Things still won’t always work out as you’d hoped or planned, but that just becomes a fact of life, instead of a problem to be solved. And since you live in a state of being full (of life, joy, love, and peace), going outside yourself to 'find fulfillment' loses most of its appeal. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t still do all sorts of weird and wonderful things with your life. It just means that you’ll be using what’s inside you to create things on the outside instead of doing them the other way around.


Michael Neill

Hay House • 978 1 7818 0079 9

In this groundbreaking new book, bestselling author Michael Neill shares an extraordinary new understanding of how life works that turns traditional psychology on its head. This revolutionary approach is built around three simple principles that explain where our feelings come from and how our experience of life can transform for the better in a matter of moments. Understanding these principles allows you to tap into the deeper intelligence behind life, access your natural wisdom and guidance, and unleash your limitless creative power. You'll be able to live with less stress, greater ease, and a sense of connection to the larger unfolding of life. Neill offers no techniques anywhere in this book – there’s nothing for the reader to learn, remember, practice or do. He simply tries to point the reader toward some fundamental truths about life and hopefully we’ll see what we can see. Sometimes it may feel like you're getting nowhere, other times new insights come so quickly that you may struggle to keep up. But if you keep reading with an open mind and a hopeful heart, Neill's promise is that your life will not only change for the better, it will also begin to impact the lives of those around you in ways that you can only imagine right now.

We have 2 copies of each of Michael Neill's books. Simply send an email here with the name of the book you would prefer (Supercoach or The Inside Out),your name and postal address by 25 September 2013 to stand a chance of winning.



Soul of Leadership


f you look at your world, you will find an impossibly

He met with and learned from the people themselves

long list of problems and crises. It's no wonder that

and found that in every malnourished village, a few

many choose to do nothing. The task often seems too

families were simply not starving. Sternin's idea was

big; the responsibility, often, too great. And so, instead,

to apply so-called 'positive deviance' and locate 'bright

we wait for a leader.

spots'. These are people whose exceptional behaviours

But, what if you are that leader? And what if it's not as difficult to lead as you think?

They discovered that some mothers actively fed

given what seemed an impossible task: to help alleviate

their children the same quantity but as four meals a day

the starvation crisis in Vietnam. And to top it off, when he

instead of two, and they collected tiny shrimps and crabs

and his family arrived in Vietnam, he was told his deadline

from the rice fields and crushed them into the meals.

had been cut to six months. Imagine if that were your

They also added low-class sweet-potato greens to the

role, what would you do in six months?

diet. Sternin simply empowered these mothers, who they

Jerry looked at the traditional list of problems and

called 'bright-spot' mothers to informally teach others

reasons for the severe malnutrition among the rural

to do the same. Within six months 65% of the children

people: lack of education, poverty, poor sanitation

were better nourished – and they stayed that way. When

and lack of access to clean water and swiftly declared

Sternin passed away in 2008 he had left a legacy.

non-traditional approach.



exact same resources.1

In the 1990s Jerry Sternin, an ordinary man, was

these as 'TBUs' – true but useless. He then chose a very


create better results than their neighbours having the

What are you a 'bright spot' for? That's where you have the potential to lead. Are you a leader?

With conflict and problems of every type seemingly proliferating, the world seems in dire need to true leadership. But what is that, really? Author and regular columnist Colleen-Joy Page suggests another route to leadership: empower yourself to lead with grace.

A leader is simply someone who embodies a solution.

have done this ourselves" (Lao Tzu).'

If you authentically live and breathe a solution, you have the potential to lead others. In a world where solutions are needed, we need you to lead. Everyone has a contribution to make and everyone can make a difference. Find the solutions that you demonstrate with your life and be willing to be a voice for that solution for those who are seeking it out. Even simple solutions can make a massive difference. But you need to be willing to share. A leader is someone who lives and breathes the living reality of a solution. If you embody a solution, and are willing to be a voice for that solution, people will follow you. The people who will follow are the ones seeking that solution. 'Go to the people. Live with them. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say, "We

Power & leadership There is a critical dimension to leadership – power. I have a coaching power formula which goes: power = responsibility plus choice. This formula is extremely helpful as a guide for leadership. You can use it to empower yourself and to empower others to lead. It works like this: solutions are possible when we claim our power. Power is a combination of responsibility and choice. Focusing on what we have no power to change, is not a solution. Finding a bright spot is finding what we do have a choice to do and therefore are responsible for. Do that. We do a strange thing as humans. We often take responsibility for what we have no choice about – which leads to suffering. And we ignore the choices we factually do have – which disempowers us. To lead, be clear on discerning the difference between



where you do have power and where you don't. In other words, where you actually can choose or make change and where you cannot. Then be responsible – act on

What are you a 'bright spot' for? That's where you have the

your 'ability-to-respond' (response-ability). Find your

potential to lead. Are you a

true choices and grow in your strength to respond to


those choices. Then show others how to do the same – lead.

Your ultimate role as leader

The power formula

To use the power formula to grow your leaders and your

The ultimate leader is one who grows leaders. The

own leadership, make a three-column page for every role/

ultimate leader sees everyone as a leader and grows

area of life or work. List the choices (decisions) that define

people in their power to make choices and be responsible

that role. Then scale 1-10 (10 being totally comfortable, 1

for their choices. A leader who doesn't grow leaders

being not comfortable at all) with the responsibility for that

creates a serious problem in the long-term. They

choice. This shows you where you can grow. Coach an

keep all the choices for themselves, and then have

increase in the scale, 'How can I increase my comfort with

the massive burden of total responsibility. This leads

being able to make this choice?' Example, below:

to burnout and top-heavy groups. Leaders that horde power do so for one of a few reasons: the boss – fear of delegating power. The problem: fearing that others cannot do a good enough job. This manifests as a, 'I might as well do it myself' mentality. The consequence:

POWER Area to improve

overburdened, bottlenecks, 'sheep-like' disempowered followers, burnout. Solution: use the above formula.


Budget spend


What we do with our time


What software is used


What deadlines are realistic for the project


How to market

Educate people to be able to make the decisions (choices) they need to, and to become fully equipped to handle the consequences of the choices (responsibility).

Area to improve

Another type of leader that does not create new leaders is the tyrant – someone who is power hungry. The root of this problem is the hording power and control to manipulate others, to get what you want. The consequence: abuse of power, keeping others disempowered and ignorant for personal greed; the ultimate destruction of resources or anarchy. And the solution, if you are this type of leader, is to look at your conscience. If you are led by this type of person, consider what choices you have and empower yourself. Another leadership type is that of the blind – which is characterised by ignorance of responsibilities. The problem is not having clarity on what choices truly are yours to make and therefore of what you are responsible for. The consequence is indecision, confusion, power struggles, conflict, duplication of efforts, slow progress. And the solution is, again, to use the formula outlined above – get clear (absolutely) on what choices are yours to make and empower yourself to make those choices. Make sure that everyone you work with is also clear and that everyone knows whose choices are whose. 1

For Free life coaching lessons and videos from Colleen-Joy visit www.



Area to improve

When assessing leadership skill use the formula and the three columns to define and track leadership growth to help you become the leader you were born to be. Look at the following topics and list the 'solutions' that your journey has brought you: Life experience • Skills • Know-how • Obstacles that you have overcome - inner and outer. Leadership coaching questions to ask yourself: Which of these solutions do you care the most about? Which are you passionate about? Which of these solutions would you love to share with others? (Highlight them). Who might be seeking these solutions (in your business or community or country or even in the world)? If these solutions were shared with others what would that mean to you? How valuable are these solutions? What impact might these solutions make in the world? How could you communicate these solutions to others to lead them? What articles could you write? What talks could you give? What conversations could you share? How else could you share the solutions?


IS COACHING as we know it   really the answer


A controversial and thought-provoking article by Jennifer Des-Fountain, director of the 'Quantum Leap Coaching and Training Institute' and 'Unfolding You'. This is a heartfelt sharing of her thoughts and experience after 30 years working in the mind, body, spirit and business fields and after returning from 14 months in a closed, mostly silent, meditation retreat. Is coaching, as we know it, really the answer – will it truly get us what we want? The answer is yes – and no.




ne day sitting in the garden, cup of tea in hand, enjoying the warm sun and watching the birds washing and playing in the birdbath, you

suddenly notice a magnificent shining green mackaw parrot sitting one eye warily on you as he eats from the seed tray. You befriend this beautiful wild bird and it starts to trust you and comes willing to feed from your open hand. You get worried about all the dangers and hardships out there, so with heartfelt purpose you commit to improving this bird's life by trapping it and, under your careful control, you keep it in a lovely cage. You spend quality time conditioning your bird to its cage by reading and studying parrot behaviour, feeding it, talking to it, playing it gentle music as you lovingly stroke the beautiful feathers. You tame it. You clip its wings and to keep it occupied in its cage and buy it lots of interesting toys, bells and swings. It seems happy for a while, and then one by one it pecks out its feathers. You try everything you know to help, buying new toys, talking to it, loving it more, giving it medicine. Oh, what happiness when it gets better and even learns to talk. And then more problems continue, it stops eating. You lovingly improve its food and feed it by hand. It helps, for a while, and then the biting and screeching and beating at the cage starts. You try everything you know, you study more, bring in experts, and on and on, to try to keep your bird happy. This goes on for years, to no avail. Eventually, it stops talking and goes silent. You both give up. Nothing you do works any more.

THE TRAP: THE 'I KNOW' MIND With all your knowledge, struggle and commitment to helping your bird be happy, once beautiful and free, it now sits in its cage, surrounded by toys, bedraggled, unhappy and featherless. You finally know you don't know how to do this anymore. So you stop. You let go. You take the cage outside, door open, into the sun and do nothing more. Step by step, your bird explores its freedom. Slowly, the beautiful feathers grow back and it calls to the open skies. One day, suddenly, head tilted it hears the message of the wind, it feels the wind in its feathers and deep inside understands. With no effort at all, unfolding its wings wide open to the unseen winds, it flies, carried higher and higher into the wide open skies. You have no control, there is nothing you can do now other than watch in awe as this beautiful bird now flying freely on the winds, circles the sky, seeing everything and calling, calling in the joy of its freedom. And, finally, you also understand.



THE CYCLE: OUR CONDITIONING Is this not what we are doing? Most of us, with heartfelt purpose and a deep longing, want to improve our lives, make our time here better, more fulfilling, happier, safer and more meaningful than they are now. We search constantly for freedom from the repeated cycles that continue over and over. No matter what we do or try, somehow it all just seems to make a little difference – for a while. Yet we find ourselves still trapped, beating sometimes helplessly against the bars of our conditioning. If this is true for you, are you really succeeding? There are various ways we have probably gone about this search. We may think that more money, a promotion or a bigger house and better car will do this. We could decide to get out of a difficult relationship or find one that is loving, caring and supportive of who we are. We may convince ourselves that better health, or a slimmer and fitter body, is the answer or that to find our true purpose we need to deepen our spiritual life. We can set business or career aspirations and outcomes, thinking that once we have achieved them we can get the things we want and be happy, or even fulfil our higher purpose of making a difference in the world. Is this not what we are doing, over and over? From within our conditioned limited thinking, we try to be happier and find freedom. What toys or knowledge or food or drugs or mind techniques, and on and on, are you using to try to change your life as you still live within the cage? Using our thoughts to fix or change our thoughts? Interesting, we think – even crazy, we may think. In short, with the intention of improving our lives, we are using the same conditioned thoughts in fantastically creative ways, to change and re-condition our thoughts, yet again. What are we doing? What we want is to be happier now, and we believe that setting future outcomes and aspirations, or trying to change outer circumstances, is the way towards a life that looks and feels brighter, more meaningful and better than now. Yes, with a lot of struggling and pushing, that is most likely true – we are making it nicer and letting go of the old and bringing in the new – nicer for a while, anyway. So thinking we know how to go about obtaining this sought-after goal, we justify hard striving and driving work or personal ethic where stress, future planning and past regrets become the norm. We accept this all by saying that, ultimately, it has a higher purpose for ourselves and for others. And mostly what we do is try to

change our circumstances and the people around us, believing they are the cause of our emotional turmoil and unhappiness. Not accepting who and how they are, from within our conditioned beliefs and values, we justify and support our actions. This thinking only results in suppression or becoming fixated on them, thus trapping us in blame. We think we know how others and our life should be. When really all we are doing is a whole lot of thinking and action based on the

conditioning, we are working backwards, attempting to

cycle of our conditioned thought-based motivations and

create a new way by using the very conditioned thinking


that keeps us trapped in the same cycles, over and over

So with positive intentions, commitment and purpose


we turn outside for help. We practice religion, explore

We are working from our knowing mind, believing that

many mind, body and spirit methodologies, we study and

we 'know how' to change things. Have we not done this

go on courses, among other things, including the big step

our whole lives in some way or another? Have we not

of obtaining a life coach for assistance.

spent our whole lives believing we know how? Believing


all we need to do is work harder at it, or let go, or learn more, or change our minds or have more or even find someone else to help us? All in the pursuit of what we

Within a broad outline of the accepted coaching standards

'think' will make us happier. Yes it may, for a while, and

and methodologies, together with our coach we carefully

then we wonder what is the purpose of all this?

think and feel about what we want, and then step by step

This cycle is an important part of our growth and the

lay out a doable plan to achieve it. We can even be very

methodology of coaching is an excellent tool to discover

specific about what we want by setting future goals and

the power of the mind to change the mind and thus our

what it will look and feel like when we have achieved them

lives for a while. Yet the cycle still continues. Why is it

(The Secret, for instance) and how to go about making

important to experience this cycle over and over? Because

sure we get them. We discover through questioning

discovering and experiencing consciously the workings

techniques whatever needs to happen and then work with

of our 'inner and outer world', is part of our journey. It

changing our inner world to align with our conditioned

brings us finally to the profound realisation that using

mind set goals – what we think will work. We do careful

the mind to change the mind only keeps us happier for a

ecology checks against our lifestyle and our beliefs and

while. This level of understanding is not possible from the

values dealing effectively with any inner objections or

intellect. This powerful tool of the mind – our thinking – is

things in the way. With deeper level transformational

what ultimately keeps us trapped. We find that no matter

coaching we will even check in with our 'inner world' to

how hard or creatively we try, we just cannot think of a

make sure our 'outer' goals are aligned with who we are,

way out. When the world just does not look so bright and

making whatever internal adjustments need to be made.

better anymore, are we still happy, content and joyful?

And with a good coach and commitment from ourselves

Somehow the old patterns of discontent, not feeling good

we attain our goals and feel great, for a while.

enough, of striving for more have just returned in the

What are we actually doing? What is actually

same or similar way.

happening? Are we not just beating ourselves against

Coaching has its place in our lives. An important

the bars of our conditioning? Unfortunately, it seems

place. Yet the discovery of this powerful tool of the mind,

that we are. We are setting conditioned outcomes and

is the very reason that coaching in its present most

striving towards them with our conditioned mind. This is

utilized structure, as well as many other mind, body, spirit

all the wrong way round. We are working from within our

techniques, is helpful, for a while. It finally leads us to



the deeper understanding, of its limits. The limits of our 'knowing', of our conditioned thoughts. Are we using our conditioned thoughts as a tool to fix or change our conditioned thoughts into nicer and better conditioned thoughts? It's a bit like trying to bash down a brick wall by hitting our head against it with the intention of being happier and, with our bashed-up head, building a new and better wall – using the same bricks. Doesn't that sound a bit crazy to you? So in frustration we ask ourselves: 'What now? What more can I do?' And we try yet again with another religion, belief system or methodology, we set new outcomes or even go on medication to take away the pain and discomfort of not knowing how – not knowing who we are or what we stand for, not knowing why we are here and what is our true purpose, and not knowing how to make things better. In the Tao de Ching it is said that words only serve to cover up the truth. So, if we only have the tool of the mind, what do we do? In 2010, the frustration I felt from seeing this cycle within myself and others made me leave behind my successful career and coaching

Coaching has its place in our lives. An important place. Yet the discovery of this powerful tool of the mind, is the very reason that coaching in its present most utilised structure, as well as many other mind, body, spirit techniques, is helpful, for a while. It finally leads us to the deeper understanding, of its limits. The limits of our 'knowing', of our conditioned thoughts.

business, Quantum Leap Coaching and Training Institute, my dearest daughter, my physical and financial security

in the 'not knowing', just as it is. The cage door has

and all that I held dear, to spend 18 months in a Buddhist

opened. It is a sacred place. A scary, uncertain yet sacred

monastery as a nun, of which 14 months were spent in

place to be. Treasure the not knowing, the fear; love

a closed, mostly silent, meditation retreat. For 15 hours

the uncertainty and have compassionate acceptance for

a day, month after month, I struggled within the cage of

where you find yourself now, for if you do, with patience,

the mind and power of the ego that holds us within this

you will learn to listen to the winds, and come to trust

cycle. On my return to South Africa, the losing of all I had

that within this place, deep wisdom and the experience of

held true and important, the meaningless of all that had

the ultimate true presence are waiting for you to unfold

made my life meaningful and the not knowing who I was

your wings.

anymore, was a very painful and scary time for me. I gave up then, knowing I just did not know. But, the truly wonderful thing is this continued



ultimate true presence', realised.

cycle is allowing us to move step by step towards

In every moment the perfect 'messenger', our outer

understanding and experiencing that, no matter how

circumstances, is delivering again and again, the unheard

positive our intentions, motivations and purpose are, and

message of exactly what is required for our transformation.

no matter how much commitment we put into our lives

Pointing out for us, beyond our thoughts, the message of

for ourselves or others, the cycle of our habitual patterns

what is un-integrated within. What blessed opportunities

will most likely just continue. One day we cannot do it

these messengers are. How patiently they visit us over

anymore and we stop. We just give up. We come to the

and over, knocking on our heart, louder and louder, until

profound realisation that we know we just don't know

our discomfort becomes so extreme, we stop. No longer

how anymore.

knowing how to do this. That is the time in our lives



This is the beginning for us. No matter what happens, right now, in this moment only, is the unnamed; 'the

when we are ready to receive the gift our circumstances are bringing for us. The gift of being able to hear the message and feel the winds that guide us towards

If you find yourself in a similar place in your life, please,

emotional integration and spiritual growth. The freedom

do not move away from this. Stay just where you are,

that is available for us only in each moment as, with every

uncomfortable, painful and fearful emotion comes the

I have a wonderful friend with whom I love to spend

opportunity for us to not 'know' how and to 'listen within

time having meaningful deep and spiritual conversation.

in another way'.

I generally get very involved in the story of what I am

This listening within in another way is part of 'The

sharing with her. In her rather straightforward and honest

Alchemy of Unfolding Presence' process, which will show

way she often says, 'Oh Jenny, you know me, I can't

you a simple, yet profound, way of how to walk the

remember all your stories, you have so many. What is up

journey of responding from a connected and integrated

now?' To which I answer 'but this is important'. Her sweet

self. Rather than your striving for happiness determined

patient reply would be: 'Is it really?' O

by the cycle of your conditioned thinking, this process shows us how in each moment, in each circumstance, just as it is, there is an opportunity for allowing the unfolding of your life from the 'ultimate wisdom of presence'. We learn how, without preference, to listen within, beyond our thinking, allowing ourselves, no matter what happens out there, to come home to our freedom, the unfolding of peace and joy within.

Jennifer will be holding talks, workshops and coaching on 'The Alchemy of Unfolding Presence' process. She is also starting a unique group mentoring program for coaches, 'Unfolding You as a Coach'. For details in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town contact her on (+27) 72 843 8121 or For info visit and, or see ad below.

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Jenny Des-Fountain



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the energy of you ODYSSEY 78 • 



ome women choose the role of being the leading lady, the movie star, the nurturing mother, the sexy hostess and wherever they go and who/ whatever they interact with, this is the role they play. People around them recognise them for the role they play, and they rarely can be seen as anything else. So, the good news is that if you like, and if you are willing, you can choose something different today. Would that be fun? Do you currently perceive a sense of wrongness in the role you are playing? Would you be willing to step into the vulnerability of who you truly are and from that place allow the possibility of choice to allow you to choose something different? You might be asking, 'how?' at this point. Mostly we live in judgement of ourselves and perceive judgement from others and accept the judgment as reality. Know that you have the capacity to create a better life simply by being willing to be you and be as different and unique as you are. This is the start of becoming aware of the energy of you, or maybe even getting to know your own true vibration. Everything is energy – when you walk into a room you are able to perceive the energy of the room, when you hug a friend or a lover you are able to perceive the energy of that person. So, let me ask you this: are you willing to know, perceive, be and receive the energy of you? Look back in your life and identify the moments when you felt a sense of oneness with everything around you, a moment where you might have experienced as if everyone wanted to know you, some might have even wanted to be you. It's a feeling of openness, awareness, totally being. When you choose everyday to be you, you are stepping into being something. Having an awareness of who you are and then choosing it allows everyone else in your life to have it too because you are willing to be it. Step into the energetic vibration of being you – choosing this opens up the space for you to exist, where before there was no place for you to be. O

How many times in your life do you feel you are on stage playing a role? You may even ask yourself – 'Why am I playing this role? I don't even like playing this role? Who gave me this role to play?' Whether you are aware of it or not, at some point in your life you decided you were going to play this role – you chose what the character would look like, dress like and, interestingly, you decided how the role would interact in different situations. Samantha Lewis takes a look.

Who is Samantha Lewis? Guided by her natural intuition and ability to bring healing and transformation, Samantha Lewis has brought spiritual awakening and awareness to people for over 12 years. Her unique gentle approach, professional communication style and an array of healing modalities, 'brings people closer to who they are at the very Core of their Being'. As a certified ILS Master coach trainer, access consciousness 'The Bars' facilitator, energy healer and spiritual psychic, Samantha has proven successful in uplifting and inspiring those willing to look deeper than the surface of their being, where enlightenment, truth, conscious awakening and oneness reside. Visit here for more.

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THINK WITH THE Natalia Baker describes the power of a heart-centred life for joy and healing. Ancient teachings exhort us to live from the heart so the purpose of life is accomplished.





recently encountered wonderful examples of the head and the heart outlook on life. I was working in Windhoek and was met at the airport by a young couple. He was

despondent about the country, its leaders, wondering where it was all going to end, seeing only a steady downhill slide, busy analysing, reasoning and filled with endless questions to which there was no answer. She, on the other hand, exuded enthusiasm. 'Look how beautiful the country is. Have you experienced how wonderful the people are? Our president is wise and he is making many improvements but my husband doesn't think so.' The husband was sitting in the car gloomily looking out of the window, obviously anaesthetised to the beauty of the environment. She continued, 'I love it here. You should come and live here too.' I hope that over the years they will grow, learn and remain open to each other for their responses revealed diametrically opposite experiences of life. It is not my intention in this article to lambast the head and deny its value. The mind is a wonderful tool, a device. I am not even suggesting we subdue it and let it fall into disuse. It has, however, been leading us for the last few thousand years and this form of intelligence, when it is in charge, has proved itself to not always be so intelligent. Look at the way our world has been run and the consequences of mental creations. Had the mind been servant to the intelligence of the heart, our planet would be flourishing. A research group, connected to Stanford University in the US, has made some remarkable discoveries. As the foetus grows in the womb, the human heart begins to beat before the brain is formed. The researchers wondered from where the intelligence was sourced that began and regulated the heartbeat. They discovered – and this is amazing – the heart has its own brain, a real brain with brain cells. There are only approximately 40  000 cells but obviously that is all the heart needs to function. Isn't it fascinating how, in so many fields, science now corroborates what the mystics have known for centuries when they referred to the intelligence of the heart? These researchers also discovered that the aura, an electro-magnetic field, is about 2-3m in diameter and toroidal-shape, like a donut. Drunvalo Melchizedek believes these toroidal magnetic fields are generated by the sacred point in the heart and this was proved by the scientists. Similar fields are to be found everywhere in nature and they surround the planet, the Solar System and possibly the Universe. This means that at any time, if your heart is open, you are connected to any other part of the planet through love. It means we can have access (through what



has been called sympathetic resonance) to knowledge

mind brings mundanity, the heart brings inspiration and

and wisdom which is not only universal, but holds the


design of oneness and inclusiveness, not available to the divisive patterns of the mind.

I enjoyed the biography of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Sufi Master. When in the West, he was approached by

Expressed in another way, it means access to this

some arrogant individuals and experienced both racial

knowledge leads to solutions and answers that come from

and religious prejudice and was accused of contradictions.

the ever-unfolding 'Intelligence of Source', inspired and

Yet he fielded these attacks with humour, wit, humility

perfect, and so avoiding the laboured, connect-the-dots,

and an open heart. A woman approached him saying: 'I

methods of the mind, demonstrating old systems of

come with a thousand complaints and in your presence I

limited thoughts.

am disarmed' and he replied, 'Because I have disarmed

While sharing with you the recent research on the

myself'. I understood from this he meant that the patterns

heart, it is interesting to note that a discovery which shows

of the mind and ego, which see difference and separation,

that the heart creates the body's strongest magnetic field.

had been replaced by compassion, understanding and

An EEG shows it is much stronger than brain waves. A


reading can be taken of the heart's frequency one metre

The heart disarms us of resistance, defensiveness,

away from the body without electrodes being attached. It


is also commonly known that a wave of love is 5 000 times

hatred, belligerence and more. In their place it brings




more powerful than a thought. Imagine then, the power

healing, unity, accord, acceptance, compassion and,

of living from the heart.

ultimately, the inspiration for the solution of every human

I have often experienced in meditation an opening

problem. With this intelligence we would see the barrier

of the sacred centre of the heart and felt waves of

of discrimination and separation dissolve. Imagine the

bliss emanating from that point. It seemed they were

transformation in our world.

travelling a vast distance. It sounds rather trippy but I

And why is the heart so intelligent? If you look at a

was interested to read how the heart releases endorphins,

diagram of the structure of the human being with the

feel-good chemicals produced by the body, described as

different levels of the aura surrounded by the vast field of

the body's natural morphine. They give us, and certainly

divinity, you see at the top, maybe several metres above

it was so in my experience, a heightened feeling of being

the head, a sun with rays which stream in all directions.

alive and an exhilarating feeling of lightness and ecstasy.

This is the Divine I Am Presence. One of the rays comes

When we limit ourselves to our minds we are unable

directly down through the aura above the head, through

to experience or know the bigger picture. Whereas the

the soul star just above the crown, and streams down

mind brings separation, the heart brings unity. Where the

through the upper chakras coming to rest in the heart. It

NATALIA BAKER facilitates ALL NEW WORKSHOPS DISCOVER YOUR TRUE VOICE | R300 11 September • 9.30am, 7pm


26 August • 7pm | 4 September • 7pm

AN ADVANCED MASTER CLASS IN SELF-LOVE | R500 14 September • 9am - 5pm

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is evidence that this intelligence of the heart enables us to recognise all things as facets of a 'Creator Source' and therefore connected to one omni-present intelligence. To experience life of the highest order where the heart leads, life is joyful and we are connected with, and caring for all. How do we make the shift from mind to heart? It is really hard for many of us because we come from such a long history of conditioning where head was king and this is still being supported by education systems and a man-made materialistic environment. First, make a clear choice to live from the heart (remember energy is there to serve you, to support your choices). Secondly, keep breathing into your heart. Thirdly, I found the following visualisation very helpful. If you engage with your senses it is even more powerful.

VISUALISATION TO OPEN THE HEART Sit comfortably, making sure your spine is lengthened and well supported. Bring your attention to your breath and use a lengthened exhalation to release tension in your body. Taking your time, focus into your heart chakra and observe the perfect bud of a rose there. Notice colour, markings, shape. Breathe onto it and as you do so watch it gradually opening. What colour feels right for you today? It could be red, gold, white or pink. Pink is most effective if you are training yourself to become heart-centred or you need some healing yourself. When the rose is fully open indulge your senses: smell the fragrance, stroke the petals, observe the shades, hear the note it rings, savour the feeling of it. Notice the centre is a very bright golden light. Feel it radiating to every part of you, to your environment and to any place or issue which could benefit from some healing. Come back into your body, feel the difference and make sure you ground yourself before you move on with your day. You can at any point of the day open your heart by placing the rose in your heart chakra. Once you have experienced the phenomenal results of living from





heart, the extraordinary miracles, synchronicities, the healing balm brought to people and situations, the joy, peace and happiness it creates, you can choose no other

Amazing New Meditation Cd For You To Be Powerful, Aligned, Healed, Uplifted Integrating your divine with your human self ORDERS: 021 788 290 R140 for 1 CD • R130(e) for 2 CDs R120(e) for 3 CDs or more. Exclusing postage.

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way. It creates an expansion of awareness and compassion where you feel alive and vibrant. It certainly determines the impact we have in the world. O



Maria's tips

Get on track with your inner GPS It's so easy these to days get completely lost in the rush-around and hectic-ness of life. So what to do? One answer is use what someone elsewhere has referred to as your 'inner GPS' – that innate guidance system we all have but often don't listen to – to get us back on track. Maria Ascencao reports.


hat on earth is your 'inner GPS', you may ask? Well, it's got nothing to do with satellite navigation. It's your natural guidance system that helps you handle what

life throws at you. The problem for many of us is that we are so busy being 'out there' in the world, handling all the pressure and stressors, and doing all the necessary doings, that we forget to listen to the quiet voice within. And when that happens, it's only a question of time before inner guidance and outer activity don't agree and trouble is at hand. So, to remind those of us – and this goes for all of us, from time to time – that we have a true and steady guide to help us through even the trickiest of circumstances, here are a few tips to help us to get back on course.



Inner peace Deepak Chopra has said that meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet, but instead it's a way of entering into the quiet that's already there. And in that quiet, we can hear our inner voice's guidance. So step number one is to enter into the quiet within and the best way to do that is to meditate. There are lots of forms of meditation, some of which don't even use that term to be described. So there's no one best meditation technique. But there will be a meditation technique that will best suit you. Some people like a sacred space, a special room and space set aside for meditation and spiritual contemplation. That may be a luxury you don't have. But if you are that sort of person, you can meditate just about anywhere, with a little effort. Things to do include proper preparation of the space – clean it up, set the scene, light incense and/or a candle and prepare a place to sit comfortably, with your back supported. Once in position in a prepared space, you can use any formal meditation with which you are familiar or you can simply meditate upon your breath. If you choose to do the latter, here's simple meditation for you: breathe in slowly (count to seven as you do, with each count being at least a second or more in duration), hold for a second and then exhale at the same rate as you inhaled, then hold for another second, and then repeat. That's it – the secret of secrets, revealed to you in a few seconds. In another time and place, when finding a teacher, master or guru was a prerequisite for penetrating some of the more difficult aspects of human consciousness, this technique was discovered and shared among initiates over many ages. Those days are long gone and now it's up to each and every one of us to find our own way, to be our own highest, best teacher and seek our own inner guidance. This meditation technique is both ancient and as modern as tomorrow's news because it can be used just about anywhere and any time. Once you've mastered sitting in breath meditation, you can take it on the road, literally. You can sit in traffic and do it, because ultimately it's not about the flame of the candle, the fragrance of the incense or even the space you are in. It's about your attention. If your attention is on the breath, then you will enter that inner still place automatically, no directions or special mantras required. Once you've figured out how easy this is (and how

Meditation is ultimately not about the flame of the candle, the fragrance of the incense or even the space you are in. It's about your attention. and then your mind will almost certainly ruin things by passing comment, objecting, reminding you of things to do and carry on in its usual annoying fashion when you can't get it to behave. The answer is to keep on with the same simple one-step focus, returning your attention to the breath every time it wanders. Once you have that down and it's becoming part of who you are (which does take a while, admittedly) rather than what you are doing, you can do breath meditation, as mentioned above, in the traffic, in the queue at the bank or just about anywhere where you can be quietly inwardly focused. One of the great things about this type of meditation is that you don't go off into distant realms of consciousness and it allows you to be engaged with the outside world as and when required, instantly – and, you will find, with greater clarity than when your mind is full with all the doing. Meanwhile, meditate as often as you can. The minimum effective time would be about five minutes but you can easily build up to spending 20 minutes or more each day in this state, aside from sneaking a bit of meditating time in during a tea break at work, for example. Once you've adapted to going into the stillness within, you can ever more easily go into this space and do so with your eyes wide open and in full awareness of what is going on around you, even while you are in the still place inside – very cool when you get to this point. This whole process is not about suppressing the mind; it is about giving it something else to do than obsess on your daily 'stuff'. So, whatever thought or feeling comes up, even if uncomfortable, let it be. Observe it and then release it and turn your attention back to the breath. Simple as that. It has been said that going within is the first step to learning how to go beyond – and it has even been said that going within is more important than going beyond. The truth is that they both lead to a greater part of you than the one you are used to experiencing in your everyday frame of mind.

hard it is to stay in the inner focus) you will realise that

Back to nurture

the true art here is to keep on returning your attention

The Buddha said that you, as much as anybody in the

to your breath. So you will breathe, enter inner silence,

entire universe, deserve your love and affection. If you



think on that simple statement for a moment, you will

her to do at least one thing every day which scared them.

realise its power. We often simply don't love ourselves

This is not an invitation to behave irresponsibly – for

enough and in a healthy manner; loving yourself properly

example, driving on the wrong side of the road would be

is very different from narcissistic self-obsession, as your

scary but definitely not advised. What Eleanor was driving

own meditation will quickly reveal. Once you are in a

at was to challenge yourself each day in arenas in which

proper, nurturing relationship with yourself, all sorts of

you are not masterful – yet. By doing what challenges

things become 'second nature' (actually, it is our primary

you, you become more confident and empowered, as

nature – nothing second about it, except that we've

well as growing your range of being. The purpose is not

forgotten our centre in all our rushing around in the

to experience fear; it's to experience courage. Learning

outer world). So when you are loving yourself in this way,

how to listen to and follow your heart comes from

self-care will become obvious. You will sleep when you

understanding the thrill of it.

need to, grieve when you need to, and walk away when you need to. Your whole life orientation will gradually change for the better.

Coming home Oprah's good friend Maya Angelou famously said one could 'never go home again', meaning that life changes

Follow the signs

us. But she also said that we never really leave 'home',

There is a famous quote ascribed to Einstein (among

because our true home lies within. So everything is just

others) that says a definition of insanity is to do the same

fine. The trick is remembering where to look for 'home'.

thing over and over while expecting different outcomes.

One way of keeping in touch with 'home' is to keep in

This relates to your inner guidance by virtue of pointing

touch with those who, for you, represent that safe place in

out that if you keep going to the same places and doing

physical form – mom, dad, old friends and acquaintances,

the same things, exclusively, and you are not happy, then

old places once familiar but long since almost forgotten.

doing more of the same won't make you any happier. In

It will open up the place inside you where you have

this situation, you need to break away and do something

associations with all that. Some associations may not be


all good. But that's also OK, because if you do awaken an

Go somewhere unfamiliar – an experience or an

old wound, then you have a chance to heal it and in doing

environment way outside your usual repertoire, even

so you will become more whole than you were before –

way out of your element. Then be present until you are

there's almost no way to get this wrong.

comfortable. Do something challenging and interesting

If you do these things, you will be a much more centred

which you've wanted to do but never got around to.

and open person. You will react more appropriately to

Above all, challenge yourself – which leads to the next

situations and you will respond to life's changing and


challenging processes in ways that help you grow rather than keep you trapped in old ways of being that no longer

The thrill of life

serve you. O

An estimable lady and wife of US President Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt encouraged those around

 2



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optimum oralhygiene Cape-based dentist, Dr Marc Sher, offers top tips on the how-to and need-to-know of keeping your mouth safe.




egular visits to the dentist are essential in helping

before bed.

you maintain an optimum oral hygiene. These

Use a long piece of floss, measured from your finger

visiting should occur every six months for a

to your elbow.

professional cleaning, and at least once a year for a full

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dental check-up with x-rays. One should avoid a high

hand, and then using your index fingers and your

sugar diet as the bacteria in the mouth feed off these

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sugars. This is the major cause of tooth decay.

Spend about three seconds between each tooth,

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low immunity to name a few (aphthous ulcers), or by a

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cracked tooth with a sharp edge, biting of the cheek or

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tongue, fitting new dentures, braces, and so on. Use a

Floss behind the teeth at the back of your mouth.

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If your gums bleed when you floss it is because

ulcer while promoting healing.

you do not floss regularly enough. The bleeding will

Some form of dental anxiety affects a large majority of people and is usually as a result of a traumatic experience

eventually stop if you continue to floss on a daily basis.

from childhood. If you are prone to feel anxious before

If you have bridges, orthodontic wires or a similar

a dentist visit, use a natural calmative such as Rescue

prosthesis that prevents flossing, then use 'super

Select to ease those nerves.

floss' and thread the floss under the prosthesis.


is not effective, then the use of a 'Water pick' or

You should have a strict routine when it comes to

'water jet' is recommended. Ask your dentist about

brushing. Brushing twice a day is highly recommended


If you have large spaces between teeth and flossing

to maintain optimum oral hygiene. Brushing should take

The use of a mouthwash is not as essential as

no less than two minutes and preferably with an electric

brushing and flossing, and it should never be used as

toothbrush. If brushing with a manual toothbrush then

a replacement of the two, however it will certainly add

grip/hold the brush like you would grip/hold a pen or

value to your oral hygiene routine. Make sure you rinse

pencil as this prevents the use of excessive force on the

after you have brushed and flossed, and make sure that

gums. Here are a few more tips:

the mouthwash of your choice

Never use a scrubbing brush stoke on or near the gums, rather use small circular motions. (Electric

contains fluoride. Avoid




brushes will prevent the need to scrub.)

of mouthwashes that contain

Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Make sure

'chlorhexidine' as this may cause

your toothpaste contains fluoride.

staining. (Not more than 10

Avoid rinsing with water after brushing. Just spit out

consecutive days).

the excess toothpaste and leave the teeth 'coated'. Avoid eating or drinking for at least 30 minutes to


allow for optimum absorption of the fluoride into the

Breast feeding makes the baby


strong. The action of sucking

Brushing at night is the most important as there

and swallowing is very important

is little or no saliva to protect your teeth while you

for your baby as it helps promote


the growth of the jaw and face

In the morning, preferably brush after breakfast to


optimise the full effects of the toothpaste.

'Milk teeth' or the primary

Remember to always brush the tongue and palate.

dentition start erupting from 6-8

Flossing is an essential part of maintaining an

months after birth. By the time

optimum oral hygiene. A strict flossing routine should be

the child is three years old all the

followed which is to floss at least once a day, preferably

'milk' teeth should have erupted.



A total of 20 teeth in the upper and lower jaw. Looking after the primary dentition is crucial for the preparation and reserving room for the permanent dentition. Not every baby has trouble with teething, and there should be no cause for concern if your little one feels the cutting process. Some symptoms of teething include; loss of sleep, little appetite, restlessness, temperature, diarrhoea and skin rash.

A check-up twice a year with a dentist is critical in maintaining a stable oral condition. These visits should be combined with a thorough cleaning session by the oral hygienist.

Babies will put anything in their mouths to relieve the pressure and pain caused by teething. The most suitable

food, the more hard chewing has to be done and the

aids are teething rings made of silicone and cooling dental

more thoroughly the teeth will clean themselves. A well

sticks. Keep them in the fridge (never freezer) so the cold

balanced diet is essential and, as an example, should

effect helps relieve the pain even further.

fruit and vegetables (preferably raw or quickly blanched),

brushed. Using either a baby tooth brush or a cloth over

yogurt, milk and cheese and little meat and fish on a

your finger and a small amount baby toothpaste (never

regular basis with limited fats and oils and very little

use adult toothpaste) brush the erupted teeth once a day

sweets. If sweets are going to be given, it should be once

(before bed) for the first two years. After which brushing

a day and brushing the teeth straight away should be

should be done twice a day, morning and night.


Only from a primary school age do kids develop the

Avoid giving your child a bottle for long periods,

ability to brush independently. Up until that time assisted

especially if the drink is sweetened with sugars. When

brushing is required to make sure they are cleaning their

children continuously drink from the bottle their teeth are

teeth correctly. Always encourage your child to brush on

always coated with this fluid and this prevents saliva from

their own as the sooner they learn this the better. The

protecting the teeth and leads to rampant tooth decay.

brushing stroke must be in circular movements for the

Giving fluoride at this young age is not essential (0-3).

sides of the teeth, and a gentle scrubbing for the tops

It is very difficult to determine the amount of fluoride

of the teeth. Only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is

that a young child ingests on a daily basis as many of


them swallow their toothpaste. Overdosing on fluoride

The tooth brush should have as small a head as

is very dangerous and can be harmful. Just by them

possible, with rounded soft bristles and thick firm grip.

brushing with a recommended children's toothpaste is

Specially made kids toothpaste must be used as it has just

perfect. Once older, their dentist can decide on what is

the right amount of fluoride for your child. Try and get

necessary to provide additional fluoride in the way of a

them to brush in front of a mirror as this helps develop

daily supplement or topical application.

good techniques.



The first visit to the dentist can be as early as two and

Children will always follow what grown-ups do and

a half or three years and this is purely to familiarise your

this is especially true when it comes to brushing. Being in

child with the dental environment. I encourage mothers

a positive mood when you brush your teeth while letting

to bring their little ones in as early as two and a half, just

your child watch you will raise curiosity and they will do

for 5-10 minutes to 'play' in the chair and get used to

the same. Making the brushing experience interactive and

the sights and smells. A lot also depends on the attitudes

part of the daily routine is very important. Using colouring

parents display at home about the dentist. Giving the

charts or nursery rhymes or creating games around

child negative feedback and being apprehensive about

brushing can all help in making the experience enjoyable

the dentist will only build up unnecessary fear. Building

for your little one.

trust between your child and the dentist is crucial, so

Dental floss is not important at this stage, however, an

when the time comes for that first filling or any other

introduction to floss and setting the example by flossing

treatment, there is already that element of trust and a

your own teeth in front of your child is very important.

traumatic experience can be avoided.

Diet is all-important at this early stage. Limiting the


include lots of cereal (non-GM) and whole-meal products,

As soon as the first teeth appear they should be

amount of sugar is essential, especially surgary drinks.

senior citiZens

The more natural the food, for example, fruit and raw

The deterioration of oral hygiene with age not only

affects appearance but also inhibits the ability to eat

This is incredibly painful, limiting eating and making

and communicate. Malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies and

talking uncomfortable. In this event it is vital to visit

insufficient oral care are additional challenges.

your dentist to try and improve the fitting surface of your

False teeth (dentures) are not like regular teeth. It


is important to adapt one's diet to the changing of one's

Mouthwash is an excellent way for the elderly to

mouth. Food that could once be eaten with original teeth

maintain optimum oral hygiene. As one gets older and

may not be easy to eat with false teeth. Avoid hard food

the ability to brush properly is lost, the daily introduction

that requires tearing (tough meat, raw vegetables and

of a mouthwash will help keep the bacterial count low.

so on). A soft diet consisting of fish, pasta, and soups

Using an electric toothbrush will also improve the way

is much easier to adapt to. Once you have adapted to

the mouth is cleaned, as the rotation of the brush

dentures, explore different food varieties.

head removes plaque more effectively than a manual

Using the correct denture cleaning product is crucial for the longevity of your appliance. Follow the instructions

toothbrush, especially in the elderly where manual brushing can become tiring and difficult.

of your chosen denture cleaning product carefully. Never

A check-up twice a year with a dentist is critical

use toothpaste to brush false teeth as this may cause

in maintaining a stable oral condition for the elderly

corrosion on the denture surface. Also, note that plaque

patient. These visits should be combined with a thorough

can still accumulate on false teeth, leading to bad breath

cleaning session by the oral hygienist. The dentist will

and the potential to develop infections associated with

also screen the mouth to make sure there are no signs of

dentures. So, keeping dentures clean is crucial.

oral diseases including oral cancer, which becomes more

Sleeping with your dentures in can lead to a condition

common as age advances.

known as denture stomatitis, a fungal infection of the

The most important natural protector of the teeth,

mucosa (gum tissue). This is caused when the protective

saliva, is commonly seen to diminish with age. Sjogren

action of saliva is cut-off from the underlying gum tissue

syndrome and the use of certain drugs can lead to a total

(mucosa), resulting in a redness of that tissue. It is

dryness of the mouth. These patients need to be treated

commonly seen in elderly patients who smoke. The gums

with extra care as the teeth become extremely vulnerable

and/or palate remain painless. Visit your dentist regularly

to decay. Special mouthwashes do exist to help the

to check if you are suffering from stomatitis which can be

elderly treat Sjogren, however please consult with your

easily treated with antifungal medication.

dentist beforehand.

Ill fitting dentures can cause discomfort and lead

Certain changes can occur in the mouth with age. For

to traumatic ulcers. Dentures need to fit snugly or the

example, the tongue can change in the elderly causing

repetitive movement can cause an ulceration of the gum.

large swollen nodules on the side of the tongue (foliate papillae) as well as a large distinct vein can be seen at the base of the tongue (lingual varicosities). Both these may alarm the patient initially, but are completely normal and not harmful in any way. Many elderly patients may be taking some form for anticoagulant to prevent blood clots. It is very important to inform your dentist of such medication and consult with your physician before any major invasive dental treatment. Having a tooth removed while on anticoagulants can cause excessive bleeding and is difficult to manage. It is also common for elderly patients to have had some form of prosthesis placed in their body, such as heart valve replacement or prosthetic hip. This usually requires a form of antibiotic cover prior to any major dental treatment. Patients or carers are urged to check with their doctor or dentist is they require such medication. O For more info visit




clinically proven

natural medicines C

hemically synthesised, or 'conventional' allopathic medicines, only became prevalent from the 1960s. Medicines of natural origin, known to be effective

What gives Flordis SA its edge is that it markets only

for thousands of years, have thus been incorrectly

natural medicines proven to be efficacious in robust

labelled as being 'complementary' or 'alternative'.

clinical trials, published in reputable medical journals.

Not all natural medicines are equal


each Flordis product has been subjected to stringent toxicological, pharmacological and clinical testing prior to

medicines are equal in content and efficacy. Many

its launch on to the market.

their claims, as well as quality and consistency in their

Quality & conformity guaranteed

manufacture. This does not mean that they don't work –

The herbs used in the Flordis products are grown

only that they may not be consistent and reliable in their

under strictly controlled conditions – the right type of

effective dosage and/or that their health impacts on the

soil, suitable climate, specified times and conditions of

body have not necessarily been clinically proven, even

harvesting. Subsequent processing into pharmaceutical

though such medicines have been in use for hundreds or

dosage forms (tablets, liquids, and so on) is performed

thousands of years.

in accordance with the highest possible quality

Recognising the gap for providing effective and

standards. The end result is a standardised product

scientifically proven natural medicines, Florids SA was

with batch-to-batch conformity. Thus, consumers receive

co-founded in South Africa in 2004 by local pharmacist

the exact product that has been proven to be safe and

Deon Jurgens and Nigel Pollard (CEO of the parent

effective in clinical trials.

company, Soho Flordis International in Australia), both


Prescribing practitioners and patients can be certain that

The major challenge, however, is that not all natural so-called natural remedies lack scientific scrutiny of


Proven natural medicines







formerly of the German pharmaceutical company Knoll

outstanding quality, manufactured by research-driven

AG which was bought in 2000 by Abbott Laboratories.

phytopharmaceutical companies which include Zeller,

Deon Jurgens, MD of Flordis SA

The use of natural medicines has increased significantly worldwide with consumers becoming increasingly concerned about the long term effects and toxicity of chemically synthesised medicines. We take a look at one company, Flordis SA, which is at the forefront of supplying natural medicines with proven clinical applications. a Swiss company, and Steigerwald in Germany. These

Fatigue and low immunity (Ginsana);

companies have emerged as leaders in scientific research

Insomnia (ReDormin);

into herbal medicine over the past 135 and 45 years of

Memory and concentration problems (KeenMind);

their existence, respectively.

Menopause (Femular); and

Flordis products also meet the stringent requirements of medicine regulatory authorities in countries which

Pre-menstrual tension (Premular).

include the European Union, Switzerland, Germany,

The Future

Australia and South Africa.

SFI recently bought out two international companies –

Iberogast – the flagship product

Ginsana and ProThera – and this acquisition promises to double the product range provided by Flordis SA.

The flagship product for Flordis SA is Iberogast. Prescribed

Ginsana has been bought from Pharmaton, a

by gastroenterologists, GPs and homeopaths, Iberogast

Boehringer Ingelheim Group company, a leader and

alleviates the symptoms of non-specific dyspepsia,

innovator in natural medicines with headquarters in

irritable bowel syndrome, infantile colic and functional

Bioggio, Switzerland. ProThera is a specialist nutraceutical

gastrointestinal problems where the underlying causes

company based in Reno, Nevada, with over 50 years of

are unknown. Its efficacy has been proven in many

formulation experience and a comprehensive product

clinical trials, with the latest trial having shown that it

line of probiotics and dietary supplements distributed

stands up to the most frequently prescribed medicine – a

exclusively by healthcare providers.

proton pump inhibitor (PPI) – used for dyspepsia.

The Flordis range Other scientifically tested products in the current Flordis

According to SFI CEO, Nigel Pollard: 'The acquisitions of Ginsana and ProThera mark an important milestone in establishing the

Group as a leading global provider of

clinically proven natural medicine.' O

range cater for: Anxiety, stress and low mood (Remotiv);

For more info visit



clinically proven natural medicines



clinically proven natural medicines



Are you managing your emotional stress or is your emotional stress managing you? Noori Siddiqui looks at a pandemic problem.


hen faced with challenging situations, do you find yourself quick to blame others, make excuses for yourself or become easily upset,

angry, irritable, frustrated, resentful, jealous, defensive? Do you complain frequently? Is your focus more on what you don't want, than what you do want? Would you agree that a large percentage of your thoughts are focused on negative emotions from the past? Do you find yourself frequently disappointed by your unrealistic expectations of others? Do you spend much of your time fussing and worrying? If you can say 'yes' to more that three of the above, then your emotional stress is definitely managing you. And if you are in that situation it's best you do something about taking control of circumstances before they negatively affect you in very profound ways.


Acceptance. We often find ourselves instinctively in resistance, instead of flow. Our inability to simply accept life as it happens, people as they are,

unexpected events as they occur – leaves us with a sense of anguish, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, frustration and often anger. When we are able to be in flow with what is in this moment and come to the quick realisation that to resist would simply give us more of what we don't want, we then have the opportunity to step into the magic and gratitude of 'what is' and begin to count our blessings. Once we do that, we can watch with wonderment as life begins to


unravel itself with all the endless possibilities of what we

steps to



are able to create and observe in the presence of what is, as it is right now. To achieve this is to surrender, which is an act of faith, even though you may be unable to anticipate the outcome


Do you know what you want? If you get up in the morning and sit behind the steering wheel of your car without having a clue as to where you are going

and with no sense of direction, would you consider this to be

of a situation or simply allow it to be as it is. For example,

madness? Then how is it that we spend much of our time not

when grieving we focus on the shock and personal loss

knowing where we are going in our lives or what it is that we

to ourselves, while indulging in self-pity. But if we are able

really want? When you are unsure of what you want, you tend

to accept and appreciate the blessings, learnings and the

to be focused on what you don't want. So if you are going to

journey that we were able to experience with the departed,

be the result of what you focus on, then when are you going

we are able to quickly turn grief into gratitude.

to get really clear about what you do want, so that you can


have more of that? You will be the result of what you think Accountability. This is a huge step for any

and feel and the actions that you take. Your intention, what

individual to come to terms with, if they are used to

you pay attention to and the right action that you take toward

the 'blame game'. They may be used to drowning

your goal will be the determining factors in your achieving

in a pool of guilt or wallowing in the opportunity to come

great success in your life, simply because you have clarity

up with excuses (often called 'white lies'), rather than the

on what you want. It is very important to pay attention to the

simple, uncomplicated and rational idea of being able to

details to ensure you are going after exactly what you want.

take responsibility and accountability for their part in what happened previously or is happening now. Everything that happens to you, and everyone that is in your life right now, has meaning and purpose. The point is which 'you' shows up when challenge and adversity knock on your door? If everyone in your life right now is your teacher, what kind of

Stepping into the present. We often speak of being


present, being in the now, showing up for your own life, but was does all that really mean when it comes to applying it in your daily life? We call ourselves

human beings and this implies that we are here to be in a

student are you? Are you ready to be the accountable and

state of being-ness before we embark on the doing and the

responsible adult, or does it come naturally to you to look for

having. Most of us have experienced what it is to run after


something that we really want – the car, the house, the job,

How often do you use the word 'but' in your sentences?

the university degree – only to realise soon after attaining

Mind your language and your excuses will quickly be

our goal that happiness is eluding us. We have missed the

replaced with accountable and right action. It is at this point

magic in the moments of co-creating what it is that we desire.

that you come to the realisation that there is much value

We need to be able to allow ourselves to be present in a

in acknowledging your mistakes and failures and by taking

child-like curiosity, alongside excitement and bewilderment,

the lessons and turning them into your successes. 'It is

and say to ourselves, 'I wonder what's going to happen next?'

better to try and fail than fail to try' – by being accountable

At the same time, we need to allow ourselves to be intuitively

you have the opportunity to express your unbounded and

spontaneous, even when we may feel that we have no idea

unlimited potential and to live life from a position of power

what the outcome might be, but nevertheless have a sense

and creativity.

of knowingness that the adventure itself could somehow lead

better emotional stress ODYSSEY 97 • 


us to what it is that we desire – and possibly much more.

injustice as you see it. But when you look within yourself,

This is when life really becomes magical. To cast a spell

you may come to the realisation that maybe you didn't

means, literally, 'to utter words'. So in the knowingness of

really want your job, maybe you didn't like the hours, the

'what is' in that moment, be careful of what you say and

pay, the work involved, the people that you work with, and

think as the magic of what you dare to imagine is waiting

so therefore, if you can be really honest with yourself,

to surprise you. Your ability and sense of awareness to

you actually got exactly what you asked for. However,

constantly be prepared for celebration, bewilderment,

because you refuse or simply are unable to realise this

spontaneity, joy, bliss and uncertainty will together give

for yourself, you sit with a perspective that keeps you

you all the opportunities you need to experience what it

stuck in blame and self-pity, instead of focusing on all the

is to live right here and now in this moment. In this you

benefits of not having that job anymore and all the new

will discover the reward of being present in your own life,

opportunities that lie waiting for you. Your perspective

as you go about doing and having in a whole new world

will be determined by your attitude and your ability to be

of your own.

totally true to yourself, while being accountable for your thoughts and feelings that give you exactly what you have

Turning fear into faith. As we willingly choose


to spend much of our thoughts in the past or the future, we unknowingly allow ourselves to dwell and sometimes even drown in negative emotions

that do nothing but keep us trapped in our fears and insecurities. The illusion that we create for ourselves is a 'false expectation appearing to be real' (also known as

right now. Change your perspective and you will change your life.


Self-love. Without the awareness of the importance of self-love you can never truly manage your emotional stress because the needs of others

and the opinions of others will always be more important to

fear). This fear can be used to either drive us or cripple

you than your own self-worth. It is through the experience

us in our own lives. As we choose to create an awareness

of self-love and the appreciation of self love that we are

of the fears that hold us back the most, we can also find

able to live life from a place of self-fulfilment. Many of us

ways to break through those fears and set ourselves

may have been told that it is virtuous for us to be selfless

free to create more of what we want. On the other hand,

and it is bad for us to be selfish. However, the balance of

we could use faith to override those fears and face life

the two is to be self-full, where we are able to powerfully

head-on with drive and enthusiasm, in the knowingness

choose to be selfless and selfish from the centredness of

that courage and faith will take us through what might

being self-full. This is where we are aligned with ourselves

appear to be the impossible at the time. Be aware of the

at a soul level in which any decision that we make is one

conscious mind that thinks, reasons and makes decisions

in which we can always choose to be happy.

– this is where your free will is exercised. Then you have the subconscious mind that expresses itself through

We have been divinely gifted with our own free will,

you, in your thoughts and actions. The subconscious

so that whatever we do or say is always from a space

mind is the spirit part of you – it knows no limits other

of choice for which there will always be consequences.

than the ones that you consciously choose. It is in the

It is in the awareness of these consequences that we

knowingness of this that you are able to choose fear over

are also able to manage our emotional stress as we take

faith or turn fear into faith. So, being aware of what you

ownership of the fact that everything in our lives right

think and feel will give you the conscious awareness of

now has been created as a result of our thoughts and

the power that lies within you to create your own reality.

feelings. O

Perspective. What we have right now in our lives


is the result of our perspective. So if you have chosen a perspective that does not work for you, before you know it, you have wilfully become a

victim in your own life, only to wonder, 'why me?' Well, the 'why me' is you choosing to see things in a certain way. We are often our own worst enemy, as we buy into our interpretations of our own story that, in turn, keep us stuck in more of what we don't want. Let's say that you lose your job and all you can think about is, 'why me, why this, why now?' Then you look for someone to blame for the



clinically proven natural medicines



10 practices to

ODYSSEY 100 • 



Being who you are should be the easiest thing in the world, shouldn't it? Perhaps, in theory. However, I've found that staying true to who we are (and in fact, actually knowing our truth and authentic desires) is an ongoing commitment. It can be easy to stray off the path and get distracted by others, or life. Marissa Håkansson reports.

awaken your


ODYSSEY 101 • 



s children, we grow up adopting the conditioning of our parents and society, and as adults we continue to carve a path for ourselves that is influenced by the world

around us. As individuals, we are constantly evolving and changing too. It takes time and effort to create a relationship with who we are, where we feel deeply connected to our authentic self. After all, only you can ever know if you are being completely true to who you are. As part of my own journey of authentic living, and in my work with others' I've found 10 practices that help bring more authenticity into our daily lives.

Pause during the day to sense how you are feeling

ODYSSEY 102 • 



Honour your emotions & experiences for what they are



Do more of what you love and what gives you energy


2 3

Take time out every day to reflect on your experiences

These are:


6 7 8


Learn to listen and act on your inner wisdom

Check if your choices are being directed by your truth or someone else's

Use your body as a guide to gauge if a decision feels true for you

Communicate from your authentic self instead of reacting from your thoughts


Let go of living as you think you 'should' live, and instead create a life you want


Take action on something you've always wanted to do, and see where it leads.

ODYSSEY 103 • 



how do you know? When it comes to whether a product deserves the label of being 'eco- or earth-friendly', how does the ordinary person – or even the procurement officer for a major corporation – really know that it does? The answer is proper certification. We take a look at some of the certifications that you might find on products on our shelves.


cocert is an independent certification body, and more important such bodies around. Established

With offices in South Africa and a local team, Ecocert

in France in 1991, it has since set up offices in 20 countries

believes they understand the (South) African client.

around the world, conducting certification services in over

With the Ecocert name and logo, recognised around the

80 countries. Ecocert Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd was set

world, locally-produced products can be associated with a

up in 2001 and has established itself as a key certifying

reputable global certification company.

body in Southern African, specialising in the certification of organic agricultural products, as well as organic and natural cosmetics, 'eco-products' in general, fair trade,

ODYSSEY 104 • 


An independent and fair assessment.

from the consumer's point of view, one of the

Ecocert's certifications Ecocert's main certification cover three major aspects:

green spaces and others.

organic farming; cosmetics and textiles.

Why choose Ecocert?

NOP regulations (for the USA), EC regulations (834/2007)

Here are some of the reasons Ecocert has become a

for Europe, JAS regulations for Japan and other national

significant certification player in the local eco scene:

regulations for a variety of countries. With cosmetics,

In terms of organic farming, its certifications include

A clear and transparent process;

Ecocert uses its own standards to grant certification and

A professional and friendly service;

the COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard). With textiles

the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Organic Exchange (OE).

The certification process Certification is a voluntary process whereby a business can have its products or services inspected by a certification body such as Ecocert. Certification is awarded, provided that the products or services comply

Certification body for sustainable development Ecocert specializes

with international and/or local standards. Certification

in the certification of

is valid for a specified time period, during which

organic agricultural

the certifying body continues to monitor the clients' activities to ensure continued compliance. Ecocert auditors conduct on-site inspections and subsequently draw up audit reports, which they forward to Ecocert head office. To provide traceability to all

products and has diversified its range of services to include organic and

stakeholders in the value chain, such audits involve,

natural cosmetics,

for example, the entire production system: from

ecoproducts, fair

inputs through production, processing, manufacturing,

trade, green spaces

packaging, labelling and storage, to distribution and import. Annual monitoring inspections are carried out, some of which are spot-checks, and samples may be taken for laboratory analysis. Certification officers study the audit reports to assess compliance with the specification's requirements. If the

and others. For more info click here, or email them here. T +27 (0) 21 797 1837 Fax : +27 (0) 86 518 0107

ODYSSEY 105 • 


production method or the system proves to be compliant,

in conjunction with representatives from each sector

Ecocert issues certification. Any non-compliance results in

involved – professionals, consumers and users. Since

requests for remedial action and/or sanctions.

2000, Ecocert has encouraged the rise of new business

The Supervisory Committee for Certification is an independent technical body, responsible for overseeing

trends by developing private standards. Included in these are:

the proper application of certification processes, issuing

Ecocert Fair Trade – EFT (economically and socially

opinions, monitoring changes in standards, and for

responsible organic fair trade products);

reviewing appeals and complaints. It is made up of


operators from the value chain, consumers and experts,

natural cleaning products;

and is open to government representatives. This

natural and organic home perfumes;

guarantees Ecocert independence.

ecological paintings and coatings;

Creating innovative standards

inputs eligible by Ecocert for use in organic farming; ecological green spaces – Eve;

Aside from certifying in accordance with international

eco-sustainable golf courses; and

standards (such as EC, NOP, JAS), Ecocert has also

carbon services.

developed private standards which contain 'extremely rigorous environmental and social criteria'. These specifications attest to Ecocert's capacity for innovation, says the company. Ecocert draws up each standard

The following are among the labels to keep an eye out for when buying an eco product or service and you want to be sure that it has independently verified credentials for its claims.

NBAT is a distributor of natural, organic, sustainable & eco-friendly products ... Click to visit our webshop.

Endorsed by:

ODYSSEY 106 • 



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Acquizhen combines accurate science with nature’s best to create an innovation in skincare - effective, certified organic and sustainable products. Naturally sourced ingredients are optimally formulated based on research at Derma-Research-Laboratories - Dr. Erich Schulte.

As we strive to live a ‘greener’ lifestyle –The Acquizhen range helps us be kind to our skin, whilst being kind to the earth. The perfect balance of science and nature!

centre that helps improve rural livelihoods through environmental and sustainable land management projects.

The Acquizhen skincare range uses advanced scientific knowledge to deliver active ingredients that are naturally occurring in plants in their effective formulations, in the most sustainable way.

As testament to its environmental commitment, Acquizhen is Ecocert* certified - Its stringent requirements are: • A minimum of 95% of plant ingredients are organic, or sustainably harvested from the wild • Ingredients are free from parabens, petrochemicals and genetically modified organisms • Products are not tested on animals • Environmental practices used during manufacture • Packaging is made from recyclable materials • Acquizhen only uses fair trade practices in sourcing, sustainability and manufacture

With 99.2% natural active ingredients Acquizhen is anti ageing and can be used on all skin types for all ages. Acquizhen benefits our earth too! One tree is planted for every product purchased. Acquizhen has partnered with Trees for the Future and an agroforestry resource

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*Stringent ECOCERT standards apply to the products and manufacturing processes by which they are made, and also specify respect and transparency towards consumers.

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'Plant and use these herbs to increase your overall health and well-being,' says Jane Griffiths.







Healing properties: Motherwort is used to treat many

remedies – from assisting

female problems such as menstrual



with childbirth to treating menstrual


disorders. In recent years, scientific

depression and menopause. It is a

research has proved to the skeptics

calming herb that soothes nervous

that many of these age old herbal

conditions such as insomnia, heart

solutions are valid. Creating and

palpitations and rapid or irregular

using a herbal remedy from a plant

heart rate. It also brings down high

that we have grown in our own

blood pressure.

garden is empowering, liberating and

How to use: Infusion (leaves and

a healthy choice.

flowers) – to regulate menstruation,


strengthen the uterus and uplift

Both its Latin (Leonurus cardiaca)

cramps, calm nervous conditions and

and common name indicate this

insomnia, regulate and strengthen

plant's ancient usage as a treatment

the heart and reduce blood pressure.

during childbirth and as an effective










spirits after childbirth, ease menstrual


other members of the mint family,

These rambling, fruit-bearing bushes

motherwort is a protective herb,

can easily be grown in a small garden,

particularly effective for mothers and

provided they are given the right


support and kept under control. It

In the garden: A member of the

is said that if you bathe in raspberry

mint family, motherwort can spread

juice, your mate will not stray. This

quickly. In colder areas it will die

reputation makes sense when you

back after frosts but will reappear

consider how sweet the juice is – yet

as soon as spring warms up. It is

how tenacious the thorns are.

an attractive plant with pretty pink


flowers in summer, which attract

prefer full sun. However, they will still



beneficial insects. Grow this hardy

produce fruit in semi-shaded areas.

perennial from seedlings or divide

They like well-drained soil and don't

from an existing plant and position in

do well with cold, wet feet. They

full sun to semi-shade in well-drained

will grow in quite poor soil but will


produce more fruit in fertile soil. With




ODYSSEY 109 • 


some varieties, the first year of growth will produce berries.

sore throats and mouth ulcers.

With others the first year grows canes up to 5m long that

How to use: Infusion (leaves) – drink during the last six

produce only leaves. In the second year, fruit-bearing side

to eight weeks of pregnancy to strengthen and tone uterine

branches develop. After fruiting, these canes die back. The

tissues; drink to increase breast milk and as a general tonic.

fruit will begin to form in early summer. The Rubus species of plants can spread vigorously


as the canes root themselves whenever they touch the

Despite its popularity in the kitchen, sage has been used

ground. To control their rampant growth, place upright

for far longer as a medicinal herb than as a culinary one.

poles around a narrow bed and string wire around them

In ancient times, sage symbolised wisdom, good health

to create a 'cage'. Whenever a cane starts growing out of

and long life.

the fenced area, wind it back inside. Once the designated

In the garden: Sage comes in a variety of colours,

growing area is full, remove any new growth that emerges

sizes and scents, from the deliciously sweet pineapple

outside this area. Keep the new growth thinned out to about

sage, with its bright red spiky flowers, to purple, tricolour

15 canes per square metre. In late winter or early spring,

and pale green varieties. Native to the Mediterranean, it

cut the canes back to encourage new growth in spring. Be

needs well-drained soil and plenty of sun. It likes being

careful when working with these plants as the canes are

pruned in early spring, which not only keeps it healthy

covered in little prickles that hook you unmercifully.

but also maintains its shape. After five years or so, sage

Healing properties: Raspberry is known as the

becomes woody and straggly and needs to be replaced.

'woman's herb' for its many uses for menstruation and

Grow new plants from the parent plant by layering.

during pregnancy. Raspberry leaves and fruit are rich in

Healing properties: The Latin name of this herb

vitamins and minerals. They are also full of antioxidants.

means 'to heal' or 'to save'. Egyptian women drank sage to

This is an astringent herb, used to treat digestive disorders,

increase fertility and the Chinese revered it so much they were willing to trade four times the weight of fine tea for

Created by Natural Health Therapist and Iridologist, Leonie Vorster, One For All Capsules assist with modern lifestyle health issues:

sage. It is excellent to reduce hot flushes and night sweats.

• Indigestion • Fatigue • Cravings • Headaches • Blood pressure,  Cholesterol,  Diabetes • Poor Blood Circulation

in spring to early summer. It likes full sun and well-drained

The revolutionary new all-in-one capsule is suitable for one and all. 082 937 7581 •

ODYSSEY 110 • 


How to use: Infusion or tincture – to treat night sweats and hot flushes.

Evening Primrose

Tall evening primrose, with its bright yellow, sweetly-scented flowers, is a must-have in the herb garden. For centuries it was grown as a culinary rather than medicinal herb. However, research in the 1980s discovered that the oil from the seeds has valuable medicinal properties. In the garden: Sow seed directly where it is to grow soil. It can grow in poor soils, but dislikes too much moisture or soggy soil. In the right conditions it will self-seed quite rampantly if allowed. Healing properties: The seed oil is where evening primrose's main medicinal benefits lie. Evening primrose oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This is an essential fatty acid that our bodies cannot produce. Evening primrose helps keep skin healthy, balance female hormones, reduce eczema and improve circulation. It also helps reduce swelling and eases depression and hyperactivity. How to use: Oil (seed) – internally to strengthen the heart in stressed situations, to relieve premenstrual or menopausal symptoms, to calm hyperactivity and lift depression.


Evening primrose


Evening primrose

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Yarrow has long been associated with witchcraft and used as protection against evil. The famous 'stalks of divination' required for consulting the Chinese oracle, the I Ching, were made of yarrow. More prosaically, the Druids used yarrow stems to forecast the weather. In the garden: Yarrow is of immense value in the garden because it accumulates nutrients and recycles them back into the soil, improving its quality and benefiting all nearby plants. Yarrow planted in a medicinal herb garden will increase the efficacy of the nearby herbs. Its leaves repel many harmful insects, while its delicate flowers attract many beneficial ones. And, finally, yarrow is of great benefit to compost, speeding up decomposition. It is a hardy plant, which likes full sun. Other than needing plenty of moisture while being established, it can survive dry spells. It is easier to grow from seedlings than from seed, or propagate it from an existing plant. Once a plant is well established, it will spread by sending out runners. Dig around the edge and cut off runners, making sure to use sections that have roots and foliage. Keep the roots moist until they

MENOPAUSE TEA This combination of herbs will help reduce the mood swings, hot flushes and night sweats that can accompany menopause. •

¼ cup each of dried evening primrose leaves and flowers, sage, raspberry, parsley and St John's wort leaves

are well established. If the plant gets too big,

trim it and add the trimmings to the compost

Mix all the ingredients together and store in an airtight container. To drink, infuse 1 teaspoon of the mixture in a cup of just-boiled water. (You can also use the fresh herbs to make an infusion.)

heap. Healing properties: Yarrow's Latin name comes from the mythological superhero Achilles. He had been a student of the centaur Chiron, who had great knowledge of medicinal uses of herbs. When he led his men into battle during the bloody Trojan War, Achilles remembered what he had learned and used yarrow to staunch the flow of blood from his wounded soldiers. The white-flowered variety of yarrow is most often used in herbal medicine. Both leaves and flowers promote sweating and reduce fevers. They also stimulate digestion and are used to treat menstrual and urinary disorders. The leaves are an astringent and encourage blood clotting. How to use: Infusion (flowers) – to treat irregular periods due to menopause. Tincture (flowers and leaves) – to regulate menstruation. O

3 tablespoons ground flax seed

TIME-OF-THE-MONTH BREW There are plenty of jokes made about PMS. From: 'They call it PMS because Mad Cow Disease was already taken' to Roseanne Barr's 'Women complain about premenstrual syndrome, but I think of it as the only time of the month that I can be myself.' However, when someone is in the middle of PMS mood swings it is definitely no time for joking. (Unless you want your head bitten off.) This tea helps ease the tension and irritability that accompanies many of us during that time of month. •

¼ cup dried St John's wort leaves

¼ cup each of dried selfheal, yarrow and evening primrose leaves and flowers

Mix all the ingredients together and store in an airtight container. To drink, infuse 1 teaspoon of the mixture in a cup of just-boiled water. (You can also use the fresh herbs to make an infusion.)

Visit Jane's Delicious Garden at or email Jane on

Photographs: Jane Griffiths & Keith Knowlton. SOURCES: Jane's Delicious Herbs – Sunbird Publishers, a division of Jonathan Ball Publishers.

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clinically proven natural medicines

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2 WOMAN CODE: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become A Power Source Alisa Vitti Hay House • 978 1 7818 0200 7

its baseline for years of optimal health and happiness. Her protocol, the WomanCode method, works across hormonal conditions in two



imbalance; and 2) it focuses on using medicinal foods and lifestyle

everywhere: hormonal balance is being

changes to sequentially bring the endocrine system back to optimal

destroyed. Over 20 million of us suffer from

functioning. All so you can fix your period, successfully get pregnant,

polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fibroids,

and supercharge your sex drive. According to leading international


painful / difficult / heavy

expert on women's health, Dr Christiane Northrup (see next review):

periods, and thyroid and adrenal issues.

'Alisa is part of a new generation of thought-leaders in women's

For the first time since their creation, birth

health who are at the forefront of truly assisting women to understand

control pills are being used to treat girls

how to best care for and heal their bodies.WomanCode is brilliantly

under the age of 17 for endocrine-related

organised and scientifically sound – yet free of jargon so that anyone

concerns. In fact, a key message of this

can understand the principles and how to apply them. I know I am

book is that young women

putting you in excellent and experienced hands.'



are suffering

similar conditions to that of their mothers

We have TWO copies of Woman Code to give away. Simply send

and sisters at an earlier age – and with

your name and full postal details here to stand a chance of winning.

still the number-one surgery performed on

Beautiful Girl: Celebrating the Wonders of Your Body Dr Christiane Northrup, MD, with Kristina Tracy Hay House • 978 1 4019 3403 3

women. She believes that when women's

This book is dedicated to all the beautiful girls in the world, both

bodies don't thrive, we fall out of sync with

young and old. Take care of your precious body and it will take

our lives – out of the zone of possibility, and

care of you, says the author, a world authority on this subject. This is

away from our life's purpose. And when

a wonderful book to be read to all young girls and we would like to

we're not healthy and happy, we lose our

recommend that every school and home has this book at hand for

way. So what's the solution? Vitti explains

when the important questions are asked.

how easy, logical, and enjoyable it is to stop

We have TWO copies of Beautiful Girl to give away. Simply send your

interfering with hormonal balance, which

name and full postal details here to stand a chance of winning.

couples is infertile, and hysterectomies are


teaches you how to restore your body's hormone balance and reset

major ways: 1) it addresses the underlying reasons for hormonal

therapy is at an all-time high. One in 10


and maintain this balance with her 'five-step system' practice. He

According to Alisa Vitti, there's a silent

much more intensity. Hormone replacement


eliminates frustrating symptoms, and then to proactively care for

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Shanti Décor and Homeware offers exclusive, handmade, décor items for your home. Each item has been lovingly sourced from the East, and is now available for sale to the SA market. Owner, Nikki Pietersen (pictured opposite page), tells us more.


nimal themed décor, for instance, is a splendid way of integrating myth

into the beauty of your home. One common thread I’ve seen in Indian décor is the use of patterns and symbolism, be it animals or plants. My love for all things Indian/Eastern stems from a love for vibrant colours and bright patterns, not religion. My infatuation with information and knowledge has led me to research the meaning and definition of these symbols we so often see in Indian Décor. It is so interesting to see how different cultures interpret these symbols so diversely. O

ODYSSEY 116 • 


Colour is fun, colour is just plain gorgeous, a gourmet meal for the eye, the window of the soul. Rachel Wolf

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Hot off the Press


Acquizhen Dr Erich Schulte has been at the forefront of skincare and skin improvement for decades. His specialism in skin started with medical research and clinical care and continues in his current research and lecturing. In creating the this skincare range he has applied contemporary scientific knowledge to deliver active ingredients naturally occurring in plants in effective formulations. Using ingredients that are harvested from organic or sustainable wild sources is only the first step in delivering our products in a considered manner.

  4


We have ONE Sprayology hamper (valued at R700) including the Body Balance & Arnica Power3 wrapped in an exclusive Sprayology cosmetic bag. Send your name and postal address HERE by 23 September to stand a chance of winning.

Sprayology marries science and time-honored natural medicine with convenience and innovation to enhance healing and well-being naturally. They attempt to redefine wellness and make it easy to incorporate natural products into our daily lives for better health naturally. Arnica Power3 is a combination of three dilutions for triple power. This formula is used 2 ways: sprayed under the tongue or on the skin to relieve pain & bruising by penetrating the skin and blood stream for fast dual healing. As our adrenals become weak from stress, over-work and poor nutrition. Body Balance works to improve adrenal function gently and safely.

Organic machine Organic machine is devoted to creating truly exceptional beauty products. Fully vegetarian, mostly vegan, organic wherever possible, always edible, and with a growing number of ingredients grown on site in the magical cradle of humankind. To be used as they were created, with much love, respect and appreciation.

For info visit their Facebook page here. We have ONE large gift set (valued at R850) and THREE small gift sets (valued at R400 each) from Organic Machine to give away. Send your name and postal address HERE by 23 September to stand a chance of winning.

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Healthy Back Bags now Available at Wellness Warehouse Two decades ago, a special education teacher in the US named Margery Gaffin noticed how many students were walking around with heavy, badly structured backpacks that put untold strain on their bodies and spines. Margery decided to ask her husband, a leather craftsman, to create the most comfortable bag in the world. A bag that could be worn by anyone, to go anywhere and do anything. A bag that would not give you neck-ache or a sore lower back. A bag that would be of the highest quality in terms of craftsmanship and material. Under the guidance of doctors and chiropractors, The Healthy Back Bag was born a few months later, and today it is an established brand in 26 countries around the world. Healthy Back Bags are designed around seven fundamental principles: Comfort; Ergonomics; Balance; Organisation; No Slipping; Security; and Versatility. Wellness Warehouse co-founder Sean Gomes is excited about bringing the Healthy Back Bag to SA shores, and plans to stock a range of lifestyle-orientated varieties:

Healthy Back Bags retail from R150.00 to R799.00 dependant on size and variation, and are now available in Wellness Warehouse stores and online:


We have ONE Healthy Back Bag to give away. Send your name and full postal address HERE by 23 September to stand a chance of winning.

Erex for Woman Erex is a natural range of sexual desire and performance boosting supplements for men and women which have been formulated from indigenous African plants. The range includes two supplements each for men and women, which have been formulated to heighten sensation, lift mood and stimulate desire naturally.

Both Erex’s Sexual Desire Supplement and Erex’s Arousal Drops are available without prescription at Dis Chem, Clicks and selected pharmacies. Erex for men is also available.

MAWUWATER Environmental entrepreneur Carin Dean-Wales has created a sexy way to carry your water around. The Manuwater aquasac can be used to carry the water of your choice (tap or filtered or any drink for that matter). It can also be used with a bottle filter (Brita or similar that is attachable to the aquasac nozzle). Not just for action men and women, the Manuwater aquasac is the must-have fashion accessory (and so much cooler than carrying a plastic bottle of water around with you).

Available nationwide - retailing from R200 |

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Hot off the Press

SANTE ONE FOR ALL supplements One For Flu contains enzymes that literally dissolve virus and bacteria membranes in the bloodstream and works to create a more alkaline pH in the body, which micro-organisms do not like. One For Throats is great for a variety of ailments such as: sore throat, coughing, upper respiratory tract infections, common cold and influenza.

Sante Dental Med offers three vegan toothpastes in certified natural quality with a clinically tested active ingredient complex against caries, periodontitis and build-up of plaque including sage, xylitol and green tea to protect teeth and gums. Mint and Myrrh (during homeopathic treatments) are fluoride-free. The innovative toothpaste with vitamin B12 is a clever supplement for vegetarians or the sportsmen and women.

Earth Sourced Perfectly Natural Cleansing Gel: This gentle gel cleanses your skin while preserving its natural protective barrier. Purely Natural Refreshing Toner: Bursting with skinrepairing antioxidants, this toner instantly replenishes, restores, and soothes your skin. Antioxidant-Enriched Natural Moisturizer: This lotion perfectly hydrates while treating skin to a potent combination of antioxidants and skin.

See ad below for more.

Paula's Choice products successfully treat everything from acne to wrinkles, rosacea, sensitive skin, sun damage, dry skin, oily skin, and blackheads. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

ODYSSEY 120 • 


Paula’s Story In Her Own Words At the age of 11 I began a tormented struggle with acne. I tried numerous skin-care products and medical treatments. Yet my skin didn’t get better. Then at the age of 25 (and I’ll never forget this moment), I read the ingredient label on a skin-care product I was using and the fourth ingredient was acetone. That’s nail polish remover! No wonder my skin wasn’t getting better. From that moment on I read all of the research I could find on skin care and eventually I was able put together a skin-care routine that completely transformed my skin. After suffering for all those years, I wanted to do everything possible to prevent others from going through the same pain. So I started writing books and doing TV appearances to tell the world which skin-care products really work. I have since written a total of 19 books, including the current edition of my book Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me. In 1995 I decided to use my years of research on skin-care ingredients to create my own skin-care line, Paula’s Choice. I use only proven ingredients that will truly make your skin look younger, radiant, and wrinkle- and acne-free. Warmest Regards,

Paula Begoun Founder and CEO

About Paula Begoun, The Cosmetics Cop Paula’s skin-care research and expertise has led to repeat appearances on Oprah, Dr. Oz, The View, The Today Show, and 20/20.

Hassle-Free, 14-Day Return Policy



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Essential Oi  God's natural pharmacy ODYSSEY 122 • 


ils 101

If cosmetics are becoming too expensive for you and if you do not trust all the claims that are made nowadays, then remember there are numerous oils that naturally contain the very same ingredients as cosmetics which claim they will do miracles for your skin. We take a look.


o, what are essential oils? Essential oils are aromatic liquids found in shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds. Essential oils are distilled

from the leaves, bark, roots and other aromatic parts of useful plants. They are highly concentrated – a few drops are all you need. They should not be confused with perfume oils or scented oils, as these oftentimes are not as concentrated or even contain synthetic scents. We think of them most frequently for their strong aromatic properties, but they are complex substances made from many different chemicals (as many as 300 ingredients in one essential oil) with many beneficial properties. It is important to purchase pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils that are concentrated naturally through steam distillation as the use of synthetic materials to extract oils will alter their properties and affect their therapeutic value. The price of the oils will vary, based on how expensive they are to produce. Many less expensive oils on the market are cut with alcohol, preservatives or diluted. Be sure to ask before you buy.

essential oils & their uses

Aromatherapy: The aromatic properties of essential oils stimulate our sense of smell and positively affect our bodies, moods and minds simply through inhalation. Oils may be inhaled directly from the bottle, your hands, bath or diffused in your home or work space. Aromatherapy, the inhalation of fragrant essential oils to promote relaxation and rejuvenation, can facilitate a change in consciousness when used with visualisation, meditation, prayer, or ritual. Scent is routed to the brain’s limbic

ODYSSEY 123 • 


is well known for its aromatic properties and ability to calm and relax the body and mind. It can also be used to relieve skin irritation (perfect for cold winter months) – and soothes cuts and burns. One should always carry lavender and use it conveniently for minor burns, such as a spilled hot drink. No redness, sting or inflammation will occur if used immediately. Lavender may also be added to favourite recipes and beverages to enhance flavour. Lavender water, tea and chocolate are favourites (only in glass or stainless steel). Peppermint:



peppermint is a great way to achieve mental clarity, reduce fatigue and increase energy before a workout. It aids digestion and can

system, where deep memory and powerful emotions are stored and where some patterns of behaviour are triggered. That is why certain fragrances evoke particular memories. Topical application: Essential oils may also be applied directly to the skin. Be sure to check the label on any oil you are using as there are slightly different recommendations for topical application for individual oils. Some oils may be applied undiluted, in which case place 2 to 3 drops directly in the palm of your hand or directly on the desired part of your body. Others may need to be combined with a carrier oil such as a vegetable or nut oil. Carrier oils are most frequently used when essential oils are used for massage or to cover a large part of your body. Internal uses: While there are some essential oils that should not be ingested, many can be safely used in an empty capsule or combined in a favourite recipe or with liquids (therapeutic-grade only, as lesser quality oils are often cut with preservatives and not safe for ingesting). Safety is key, so always check the label or with a health care professional first to ensure an oil is meant to be used internally. A note of warning: Never use therapeutic-grade oils in plastic bottles – only use in glass or stainless steel. Therapeutic-grade oils are so potent that they begin to break down the petro-chemicals and leech plastic particles into the water.

3 Key Essential Oils to Have in Your Home

Lavender: One of the most versatile, oils, lavender,

ODYSSEY 124 • 


be added to tea, water or food. You should always carry peppermint when travelling to relieve motion sickness, energise after a long flight and relieve nasal congestion. Lemon: A very versatile oil, lemon can be used to clean and disinfect surfaces and packs a double punch as an incredibly uplifting and energising scent for body and mind. The powerful antioxidant d-limonene supports healthy immune system function. Add to a variety of foods and beverages to create flavour. Lemon oil acts to alkalise the digestive tract and is a great substitute for lemon water when you don’t have real lemons to squeeze.

A Materia Medica of Essential Oils • Angelica: protects

• Bergamot: eases grieving • Black pepper: stimulates, energises • Chamomile: calms, soothes • Carrot seed: strengthens inner vision, alleviates confusion • Cedarwood: enhances spirituality and mental clarity • Clary sage: enhances dream memory, combats depression • Cypress: aids in transitions such as moving to a new home, making a major decision, or loss • Eucalyptus: depletes negative energy • Frankincense: aids meditation, breaks ties with the past • Jasmine: arouses sexual desire, develops creativity • Juniper: cleanses and detoxifies, clears negativity • Lavender: calms, balances, cleanses, harmonises

• Marjoram: eases loneliness and grief • Myrrh: strengthens spirituality • Neroli: enhances creativity, calms mind and body • Patchouli: strengthens and grounds • Peppermint: dispels pride, fights feelings of inferiority • Petitgrain: transforms, increases mental clarity • Pine: invigorates, energises • Rose: brings love • Rosemary: fosters clarity of thought • Sage: manifests strength • Sandalwood: stills the mind • Vetiver: grounds, centers • Ylang ylang: dispels anger, creates peace

Calming Essential Oils • Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) • Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) • Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) • Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) • Marjoram (Origanum majorana) • Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) • Rose (Rosa spp.) • Rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) • Sandalwood (Santalum album) • Vetiver (Vetiveria zizaniodes) • Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata)

Uplifting Essential Oils • Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

• Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) • Ginger (Zingiber officinale) • Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) • Lemon (Citrus limon) • Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) • Orange (Citrus sinensis) • Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) • Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) • Spearmint (Mentha spicata) Whether you use these essential oils in your bath, for a massage or for daily skin and hair care, oils are wonderfully versatile and filled with healthful nutrients. But because these essential oils are so concentrated, they are usually too strong to be used directly on the skin, which is where carrier oils come into use. Carrier oils also go by the following monikers:

ODYSSEY 125 • 


natural oils, base oils or fixed oils. They are so named

it makes a great base for aromatherapy oil mixes. It’s an

because they help 'carry' the scented oils of aromatherapy,

antioxidant and loaded with flavonoids which play a role

which are sometimes highly concentrated and too strong

in enhancing collagen and maintaining elastin.

to use directly. Thanks to their own properties, carrier oils

Avocado oil: Dark green oil from the avocado fruit.

— also known as natural oils, base oils or fixed oils — can

Contains vitamins, protein and essential fatty acids. Can

also help deliver health, beauty and a state of well-being.

be used by all skin types, especially dry skin, and by those

Mixed together, they can be daubed onto or massaged into your skin. Sometimes one drop of an essential oil is

Olive oil: Pale yellow to dark green. Contains protein,

all you need, and with carrier oils you can deliver that

minerals and vitamins, can be used in hair care and

drop of essential oil to your whole body. Another common

is soothing to sore, achy muscles and joints. Olive oil

way to use carrier oils is to infuse them with herbal and

isn’t just a healthy addition to salads, it is high in skin

plant ingredients. To accomplish this, fresh or dried herbs

nutrients like linoleic acid and beta-carotene, effectively

are placed in airtight containers and covered with oil.

moisturising and nourishing your skin or hair. And you

After a week or two, the oil absorbs the scent and healing

don’t need to search far and wide for the perfect brand

properties of the ingredients.

– South African olive oils are of excellent quality and

Carrier oils are made from various plants and are

Sesame oil: Dark yellow and rich in vitamins, minerals

properties of the scented oils and ingredients without

and amino acids. Can be used to treat arthritis, psoriasis

interfering with their scent. These base oils are also easily

and eczema. Good for all skin types. Sesame oil is

absorbed by the skin and have a long shelf-life.

great for oily skin as it has drying properties. Filled with olive oil to create a soothing body moisturiser.

can alter their properties.

Sunflower oil: Pale yellow oil that contains vitamins and minerals. Can be used by all skin types. Jojoba oil: Popular because it is similar to our own

Sweet almond oil: This pale yellow oil made from

skin oils. Contains protein and a waxy substance that is

the nut kernel is rich in protein and good for all skin

similar to collagen. Useful in reducing inflammation and

types. Helps relieve dry, itchy skin, and can help reduce

treating acne. Can be used by all skin types. Jojoba oil

inflammation. Almond Oil is a wonderful moisturiser

resembles sebum (the oily substance secreted by your

and an all-natural beauty treatment for all skin types.

sebaceous glands to keep skin and hair moisturised) and

It is a favourite choice for massage therapists as it is

is great for dry, ageing skin, as well as sunburn, chapped

non-greasy and easily absorbed. It’s packed with vitamins

skin and psoriasis. It’s filled with micro-elements like zinc,

A, B1, 2 and 6, and vitamin E.

copper, silicon, iodine, chromium, vitamin E and B.

Corn oil: Pale yellow oil that contains protein and

Castor oil: Pale, unscented oil made from the seeds

minerals and is soothing to all skin types. Look for oil that

of the castor plant. One of the few oils soluble in alcohol.

doesn’t contain genetically modified corn, generally found

Can be used by all skin types and also can be used on

at health-food stores.

hair, nails and lips.

Grapeseed oil: Colourless and odourless, made from

Jasmine Oil is sensually scented and imminently

pressed seeds. Contains vitamins and minerals, and can

feminine. It’s a common ingredient in perfumes, but also

be used by all skin types. Although it has a drying effect,

assists in improving skin elasticity, stretch marks and

Holistic Emporium






antioxidants, it also offers some sun protection. Mix with

dry spot or in amber bottles, because sunlight and heat

natural Carrier Oils


manufactured to exacting standards.

generally odourless, which enables them to carry the

You will want to store your carrier oils in a cool, dark,


who suffer from eczema.

Contact Us: Tel: (011) 453-6932 Cell: 082 8767445 87/89 Linksfield Road Dowerglen, Edenvale Johannesburg South Africa 1609

Leading Wholesale Supplier of Premium Quality Aromatherapy Products for your Spa, Salon, Allopathic Practitioners and Home use. Pure Essential Oils, Cold Pressed Carrier Oils, Pre-Blened Massage Oil, Speciality Oils, Fragrances, Hot Stone Kit Sets, Massage Tools, Aroma Kit and more. For any enquires email us:

Advanced Innovation for natural pain relief.


Arnica Power3 relieves: stiffness bruising muscle aches swelling from injury

spray it in your mouth for your nearest stockist and more information on other products visit our website

sprayologysa jhb te l + 2 7(0) 11 268 0018


cpt tel + 27(0)21 465 5662

kzn tel + 27(0) 31 821 0000

ODYSSEY 127 • 


Logona products are exclusively imported by Organic Choice. Logona offers you a safe and natural alternative to hair care and hair colour, with excellent colour results. Try it today!

scars. Use it for evening out skin tone for all skin types. Wheat Germ Oil is high in vitamin E, a richly healing antioxidant. The scent is quite strong, so it’s best to mix this with sesame or grape-seed to balance it. Baobab Oil from one of Africa’s most iconic trees is highly moisturising, filled with vitamins A and F (for rejuvenation and renewal of cell membranes) and E. This beautiful oil assists in skin softening, resurfacing and is non-drying. Argan Oil works well for teenage acne and scarring, as a hair moisturiser and to restore ageing skin by evening out skin tone and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It contains vitamins A and E, as well as essential fatty acids Omega-6 and 9. Coconut Oil is antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and an antioxidant. It also speeds up healing of bruises and strengthens your skins connective tissue. O

Did you know?

Tea tree oil is an all-round healer – dab on acne spots for a quick dry out and anti-bacterial solution; it’s also an effective treatment for athlete’s foot, eczema, yeast infections and cuts. If you put a few drops in your bath, it may help to relive sinus congestion or lessen the symptoms of flu.

Natural colour Natural care Natural you At Organic Choice, everything we do is about NATURAL and ORGANIC living. Our aim is to spread awareness about the dangers of long term exposure to thousands of toxic substances to our mental and physical health. We share homemade recipes, tips on staying naturally healthy, information about old forgotten cures and alternative remedies, competitions and anything related to healthier lifestyle on our Facebook page. Our online shop offers a choice of carefully selected natural and organic products that do not contain any harmful synthetic ingredients and are safe for us, our children and the environment.

Online store 012 662 0354 |


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ODYSSEY 129 • 


company profile

Climate change is the challenge Climate change has been building up for quite some time and at the heart of this challenge rests the ideal of living sustainably in an increasingly overcrowded world, while still providing both people and planet with the resources they need to survive and prosper.

ODYSSEY 130 • 



he natural carbon cycle is not able to absorb

fireplaces are the energy-efficient alternative in

the amount of greenhouse gases we are

the heating world. They are capable of up to 92%

putting into the atmosphere. It is imperative

efficiency and in principal use less fuel to achieve

we bring about a low-carbon future by the end of

a higher output than any other heating appliance,

the century. We have to ramp down the release

making it the most effective appliance to run. Wood

of greenhouse gases rapidly, which primarily come

pellets are a biofuel manufactured from compressed

from our use of stock hydrocarbon fossil fuels:

sawdust and wood waste sourced from the off-cuts

coal, oil and gas. We have been burning these

and waste wood from South Africa's timber industry

at an accelerating rate from the beginning of the

and alien vegetation. The source of wood used for

industrial revolution. We South Africans need to take

the timber industry is from a sustainable forestry

action. Our company Calore, through the promotion

system, cultivated for the timber industry with a

of wood-based biofuel technology, has embarked

perpetual replanting program. Our wood pellets are

on a journey to make a lasting impact on the local

produced by the largest producer and exporter in

sustainable energy industry.

South Africa which guarantees a continuous and

Our Calore stores are premium retail outlets that

consistent supply of green fuel to the users.

are dedicated to inspire and reflect a fresh and warm

Piazzetta have also designed and internationally

outlook on heating systems for your home. The

patented the Multifuoco System (Multifire) for their

passion for our products and the future of heating

fireplaces. This system allows the hot air generated

technology is showcased in our modern and hi-tech

by the firebox to be ducted to the existing room and


adjacent rooms in the house. This is achieved with

Our showrooms are designed to encompass the

the use of a small fan fitted at the base of the unit

latest in heating technologies with experienced and

which draws down warm air from the ceiling level of

technical staff on hand to assist in recommending the

the room. This warm air is then channelled through

correct heating system for your home.

a heat exchanger built into the fireplace where it is

Calore is the exclusive distributor of Piazzetta in

super-heated and then distributed via vents at floor

South Africa – the current top brand of fireplaces in

level. The Multifire system distributes heat evenly

Italy and Europe. Piazzetta have been manufacturing

throughout the room, maintaining an even and ideal

since 1960 and are committed to the highest quality

temperature from floor to ceiling thus maximising

materials and stringent quality tests. Piazzetta's

the available heat at a level you can appreciate.

history is based on research, innovation, expert

Warm air can be ducted up to 10m away from wood

knowledge and the selection of the best materials

log systems and up to 16m away from wood pellet

available for their expert craftsmen.

systems which basically transforms your fireplace

Piazzetta's facilities cover over 65  000m2 and

into a central heating system. Be sure to ask us

boast over 50 years of activity based on advanced

about the Multifire system when next visiting one of

and exclusive know-how to guarantee day-by-day

our stores.

highly reliable, quality products. Piazzetta products

Calore's heating solutions are a friendly choice

have extremely low running costs when compared to

for the environment as they have a direct effect

traditional heating systems currently used in South

on reducing our carbon footprint and also assist in


relieving the strain on our electrical power stations.

Calore's innovative product strategy extends

It is for these obvious reasons that Calore has chosen

further with the introduction of pellet fireplace

to partner with Piazzetta to bring to South Africa

technology to the South African market. Pellet

these cutting-edge eco-friendly heating systems. O Click on the icons for more

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Lean and Healthy Nutritional consultant Vanessa Ascencao has developed the “eco diet” encompassing mostly organic, natural and raw food and supplements and aimed at healthy weight loss, increased energy and looking and feeling great.

Vanessa’s “eco diet” is the result of years of work in healthy and sustainable weight loss. It is eco-friendly in that it advocates mostly organic and a high percentage of natural and raw food, and natural supplementation - in particular, Spirulina. In addition to slimming, the eco diet is aimed at: • Increasing energy • Decreasing stress • Reducing signs of ageing • A mind/body connection, i.e. feeling good and looking amazing The eco diet is aimed at long term results and embraces a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. Vanessa says a holistic approach begins with: • eliminating toxic foods form the diet • feeding the body the correct food to eliminate long term toxic and chemical build up • supporting this with cutting edge nutrition and supplements • this creates the internal environment to get your body lean through the correct nutritional and exercise regime.

The fastest way to your perfect body For all the details and recipes, go to: Visit Vanessa’s home page:



.. ait, yummy. Berry parf

Vanessa Ascencao is a dynamic, inspirational and highly qualified nutritional consultant. She brings a fresh and revolutionary approach to health, wellness and personal growth, having spent 10 years studying, researching and working with some of the greatest minds in metaphysics, nutrition, health and fashion. She’s helped celebrities, business executives and others transform their lives through a unique mind-body approach to health and nutrition. Vanessa holds a Masters of Science in Nutrition, a Bcom in Marketing, a degree in Fashion Design and consults to top local and international health and natural food companies.

Why WhyVanessa Vanessachooses choosesMarcus MarcusRohrer RohrerSpirulina®? Spirulina®? Vanessa Vanessawas wasinspired inspiredby byMarcus MarcusRohrer’s Rohrer’sjourney journeytotodiscover discoveraatop topquality qualitySpirulina Spirulinaand and has hassince sinceresearched researchedthis thismulti-nutrient, multi-nutrient,discovering discoveringits itsincredible incrediblepotency. potency. • • Spirulina is the richest and most complete source of nutrition in the world. Spirulina is the richest and most complete source of nutrition in the world. • • It contains over 100 nutrients and the full spectrum of all of the essential amino It contains over 100 nutrients and the full spectrum of all of the essential amino acids,chlorophyll, acids,chlorophyll,enzymes enzymesand andantioxidants. antioxidants.All Allyou youneed needfor foraahealthy healthybody bodyand and active activelifestyle. lifestyle. • • It promotes the body’s natural cleansing processes. It promotes the body’s natural cleansing processes. • • It compensates for deficiencies in the diet and stimulates the metabolism. It compensates for deficiencies in the diet and stimulates the metabolism. • • It boosts resistance and activates the body’s natural defence mechanisms. It boosts resistance and activates the body’s natural defence mechanisms. • • It helps balance blood sugar levels and provides the energy needed during weight loss. It helps balance blood sugar levels and provides the energy needed during weight loss. • • It’s considered the most complete naturally cultivated nutrient in the world. It’s considered the most complete naturally cultivated nutrient in the world.

ODYSSEY 132 • 


with the “Eco Diet” Vanessa’s top 10 tips for Summer •

Detox, restore, energise: Wake up and take Spirulina and have some hot water and lemon.

De-Stress: Spending time in a sauna aids relaxation and helps rid your body of impurities, and assists with water retention, an Epsom salt bath works wonders for water retention.

Cut the sugary Carbs, Dairy and Red Meat - Instead, get your protein from fresh fruits, veggies, fish and free range poultry.

A combo of cardio and strength training quickens weight loss. Do 30 minutes of cardio three times (walking on an incline works wonders) a week and light weights twice a week.

Get adequate sleep! 7-8 hours a night is important, the more sleep deprived you are the hungrier you will be and the more you will eat.

Always start the day with a wholesome breakfast, either some plain rolled oats with an apple and some seeds and almonds, or some fruit and raw nuts, in summer we tend to eat lighter and summer fruit is so delicious!

Keep your last meal of the day lean and healthy - think salmon and spinach, chicken and green beans and a salad, some white baked fish and grilled veggies, you get the picture.

Watch the chemicals in your food - cut out the fizzy drinks, even the diet type, watch the sweetener or anything else that is artificial and processed, watch out for sugar in commercially bought salad dressings, pasta sauces and most convenient foods.

If you are hungry between meals, have a piece of fruit with some raw almonds (7-8 almonds) - fruit is nature’s take away, ideally packed and portioned.

Don’t crash diet, eat sensibly, eat in moderation, don’t starve yourself and most of all, have fun, be full of energy and vitality, focus on health and not weight!!!

Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® is available at health shops, independent pharmacies, Dis-Chem, Clicks, Pick n Pay, Medi-Rite and Springbok Pharmacy. Visit or see Call +27 516 1700

• Increases fat oxidation by 10.5% • Increases cardio vascular output • Considered as one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world

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Hot off the Press


Nadia Louw Smith (pictured right) has been Executive Chef at the popular The Restaurant @ Clos Malverne, idyllically situated in the Devon Valley outside Stellenbosch, since it opened in 2009. Underrated for its food, this culinary hotspot has one of the most fabulous views in the Winelands. On Friday evening, 30 August, Nadia is offering her monthly, 5-Course Gourmet Dinner with each dish perfectly matched to one of winemaker Suzanne Coetzee's wines. These exclusive evenings are extremely popular so it would be wise to book early. Limited seats available and evening starts at 19H00.

Contact Clos Malverne Wine Estate at Tel: 021 8652022 or email ONE lucky couple stands the chance of winning a free dinner at Nadia's gourmet dinner on the 30th of August. Simply enter your name and phone number here to stand a chance of winning.

The vines, vineyards, grapes and wines are all grafted, trained, picked, and crafted by hand. De Bos Handpicked Vineyards is the premium Fairtrade offering from Bosman Family Vineyards. Every bottle captures intrinsic varietal quality which is origin specific. The vineyards are located in the cool maritime mountain slopes of the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, the Bovlei granite hills of Wellington and the Swartland scales of Hermon. | | +27 (0)21 873 3170

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Whitehouse Boschberg

An additives-free, vegan-friendly local product that works hard at reducing their carbon footprint. Their essential oil room mists are 100% natural and have no added alcohol, but do contain Witch Hazel as an astringent to emulsify the mixture when shaken. Witch Hazel also has many beneficial properties when sprayed onto the skin. It works well for rashes, is anti-itch, tightens the skin, relieves swelling and assists in healing wounds. They also have a delicious jam range that is 100% natural and free of artificial preservatives, colourants and fragrances. Also available are the diabetic-friendly, low GI jams.

Whitehouse is a convenientlysituated, exciting, value-for-money retail chain of home stores, specializing in a complete range of merchandise for virtually every room in the home. Selected branches stock, décor items, cutlery, crockery and glassware, including such well-known brands as Russell Hobbs and Anzo. Whitehouse has branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, George and Port Elizabeth. A trip to any Whitehouse store is definitely well worth the visit and will ensure great savings with their prices and guaranteed quality.


Entrepreneur Vivian Kleynhans has risen from poor beginnings in the small fishing village of Paternoster, Western Cape to heading up a black-owned wine company, African Roots Wines, with a turnover of more than R2m a year. With her six sisters, each of whom have a stake in the business (as well as a wine named after each one of them), this month sees the highpoint of their efforts – the shipping of the first order of more than 5 000 x 9l cases of their brand to Walmart, the largest retailer in the USA.

ODYSSEY 135 • 


Wellness Warehouse

Wellness Warehouse stocks a complete range of Wellness, organic coconut body products ranging from a coconut and vanilla scrub to a body wash and creams, which are all infused with vanilla. The Wellness coconut and vanilla body range is made from 100% natural ingredients containing no artificial fragrances, colourants and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES). The range is certified organic and has not been tested on any animals. Coconut oil, the main ingredient in the Wellness coconut and vanilla beauty range, has ample benefits for the skin. The oil in the products is a highly effective moisturizer and a safe solution for preventing and treating dry and flaky skin. It helps various skin problems including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin infections. The abundance of antioxidants in coconut also help reduce the effects of aging on the skin. Available from Wellness Warehouse nationally via the online shop: and at Wellness stores in Cape Town. Tel 0860 548 3543 for more info.


Since 1977 Since 1977 Some of our products are now available The herbs that go into our mixtures are of the highest Some of our products are now available in boxes The herbs that go into our mixtures are organic and of in boxes of 20 organic, kosher tea bags.of 20 quality and organic. The complete process from planting, organic, kosher tea bags. the highest quality. The complete process from planting, Arthritiea Buchu drying blending isisdone doneononour ourfarm farmatatMcGregor, McGregor, Arthritia Buchu Cancerbush drying and and blending Constipatea Constipatea Cancerbush 200km from from Cape Cape Town, Town, South South Africa, andsome not some 200km Africa, not distant Fennel Detoxtea Detoxtea Fennel distant factory in China or Poland. Nettle factory in China or Poland. Diabetea Diabetea Nettle Peppermint Hi LoTea Blood TeaPeppermint The semi desert conditions and the mountainous terrain Hi Lo Blood Sceletium With Peppermint The semi-desert conditions and the mountainous terrain Sleepitea Sceletium With Peppermint Sleepitea have kept industry away from this eco friendly Sceletium With Rosemary have kept industry away from this eco-friendly environSlimteaSlimtea Sceletium With Rosemary environment thus ensuring a very high potency herbal Wonderherbs (South African Bitters) ment thus ensuring a very high potency herbal product. Wonderherbs (South African Bitters) product.

TradeContact: Contact:PhPh/Fax 0236251 6251687. 687 •EEmail • Trade /fax 023 mail Agentswelcome welcome.

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re c i p e s


Mestemacher/New Food Rye Bread 100g cream cheese with mushroom flavour 50g dried tomatoes 3 sage leaves 30g walnuts 1 chicory Pepper 50g butter 1. Cut dried tomatoes and sage into small pieces and stir with cream cheese. 2. Remove chicory leaves from the stem. 3. Chop the walnuts coarsely. 4. Roast the Mestemacher/New Food Mixed Cereals Bread in butter and put chicory leaves on top. 5. Put on the cheese cream and spread on the chopped walnuts and pepper.

Also delicious with cream cheese and herb flavour!

021 850 0877 | ODYSSEY 137 • 



In the book Mindful Eating, Miraval's top chefs share the secrets of their kitchen and take the mystery out of creating delicious, beautiful, nutritious meals. You will learn how to re-create some of their favourites in the comfort of your own home, as well as how to create healthy classics of your own. Here is a classic selection from the book: Shaved asparagus and arugula salad.

mindful e

ODYSSEY 138 • 


Makes 4 half-cup servings

To make the vinaigrette: add all ingredients except the olive oil into a small mixing bowl. Slowly whisk in the oil.

1 small parsnip,

Place the parsnip in a small saucepan, cover with water by

peeled and roughly

half-inch, and bring to a low boil. Cook until the parsnip is just


fork tender, about 5 minutes. Reserving the cooking liquid,

1 bunch white

place the parsnip pieces in the bowl of a blender or food

asparagus, woody

processor, and blend with just enough cooking liquid to make

stems trimmed

a smooth paste.

1½ c. baby arugula

Transfer the parsnip puree to a small bowl, and set aside

4 figs

until ready to use.

1 c. good quality

Place the asparagus flat on a work surface, and one at a

red wine, such as

time, run a vegetable peeler from the tip nearly three-quarters

Cabernet Sauvignon

of the way down to the bottom. Turn the spear over and repeat

or Merlot

on the other side. Place the peeled asparagus in a bowl of

6 Tbsp. White

cold water and repeat with the remaining spears. (The peeled


asparagus can be made and kept refrigerated for up to 24

2 Tbsp. crumbled

hours in advance.)

Stilton cheese

Place the figs and wine in a medium saucepan and bring to a

Vinaigrette (recipe

boil over medium-high heat. Cook until the figs are soft, about


5 minutes. Remove the figs from the pan with a slotted spoon and refrigerate until ready to serve. Continue cooking the wine

White Balsamic Vinaigrette

until reduced to a thick syrup, 1 to 2 Tbsp, about 10 minutes.

Makes 1 cup; serving

To assemble the salad, drain the asparagus curls and

Remove from the heat and let the syrup cool before using.

size: 2 Tbsp.

pat dry on a clean cloth. Combine the arugula and asparagus

¾ c. white balsamic

in a medium bowl and toss with the vinaigrette.


Spoon 1 tsp. of the parsnip puree into the center of four salad

½ c. Thickened

plates and place ¼ of the salad on top. Sprinkle 1½ tsp. of the

Vegetable Stock

cheese over each salad.

(page 24)

Cut each fig in half and place 2 halves on each salad. Drizzle

1 Tbsp. honey or

each plate with the red wine reduction and serve. Any leftover dressing may be kept refrigerated for up to 5 days and used on salad greens of your choice.

agave syrup 3 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

eating 1½ tsp. Dijon

Mindful Eating is published by Hay House and available here.


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ODYSSEY SA's leading integrated living mag


Odyssey Magazine, SA's oldest and leading integrated lifestyle magazine, now in its 36th year, has arrived in the digital realm, and is FREE of charge. Issue 1 here Issue 2 here Issue 3 here


April 2013

SA's leading integrated living mag

The Mother Archetype Caroline Myss Barbara Marx Hubbard Hildegard of Bingen

Contact Cape Town Head Office

Passing over with dignity

Tel 27 (0) 21 713 0018 or 712 4665 • 082 579 7915 • Fax 715 2809 •

Health Tips For optimal living Animal Whisperer

Earth Guardian

A 12-year-old activist speaks

Movement Medicine

Nature's Blueprint for the Economy BUMPER LAUNCH EDITION

howzit DYSSEY



Options & insights for people seeking practical steps towards integrated living in the 21st Century


Mindfulness in Relationship Mindfulness is something usually associated with Buddhist philosophy and practice. But in truth it is a universal skill and way of being. Louise Hendey and Michele Naude take us through its application in relationships.

ODYSSEY 141 • 



r Daniel Siegel, expert on Mindsight and

and attunement are effectively grown from the pre-frontal


cortex of the brain. Interestingly, it is also this part of the



mindfulness as the practice of attending to the

brain that is activated through mindfulness.

richness of our current experiences by having a focused

However, it is somewhat idealistic to assume that

presence. His research work has demonstrated that

we all grow up in an empathic family environment

mindful practices have significant positive effects on

with well-attuned parents. To some extent, all people

our interpersonal relationships. We know that the core

incur fissures in their primary relationships with their

of mindfulness hinges on the focus of one's attention

caregivers. In today's age, in particular, parents are

on one's own mind. Many of us assume that, as

overwhelmed with a high-paced environment; as well

self-aware and intelligent human beings, we are doing

as competing work and family demands. The result

this automatically. It had been thought that this ability

can be a break in the parent-child relationship and the

sets us apart from other mammals, giving us the capacity

child feeling 'not felt'. This lack of attunement creates

to think about our lives and ourselves (though recent

insecure attachment and equally can result in the

research shows that chimps, dolphins and several other

individual growing up with less than ideal resilience

higher order mammals can do similar things – but that's

and connection to their world. However, the human

another story). However, mindfulness is more than a

brain has an extraordinary ability to change physically

mere ability to self-reflect. Our intuitive connection with

throughout our lives. We call this neuroplasticity of the

our emotions, thoughts and behaviours in the present,

brain. Even more profound is that scientific work has

requires practice. Often we think we are being mindful,

helped us to understand that we can remould these less

but our thoughts and emotions are running off elsewhere.

than ideal formative experiences. When we choose to live

Siegel suggests that the process is about learning to

mindfully, those positive pre-frontal neurons are activated

'become your own best friend' by tuning into the moment.

and their fibres extend to other important parts of the

In this process of awareness and attunement with

brain. Similarly when we learn to be in attuned adult

self, somehow, we are able to slow down, surrender all

relationships, we physically start to rewire our brains to

the multi-tasking that our time-starved world demands,

create more joy in our lives.

and focus our genuine attention on self and others.

The most important factor is that we have an ability

We know that this is the source of secure attachment

to learn the skills of mindfulness in our relationships with

between parent and child. As children, when our parents

ourselves and with others. Siegel discusses his 'SOCK'

are attuned to our needs, we feel loved and cared for

(sensation, observation, conceptualisation and knowing)

in the moment. This has an effect on the physiology


of our brain. The pre-frontal cortex is where neurons

Sensation is the art of learning to tune into raw feelings

are activated and when our secure love grows, the

without the anxiety of words in our brain. Observation is

prefrontal fibres in our brains extend to other parts of

a key skill that allows us to notice the destructive words,

the brain. This process is called pre-frontal integration

traumas or images in our brains without attaching wired

and has been proved scientifically to be the foundation

emotions to them. Conceptual work involves building an

of well-being and happiness in people. Hence we know

understanding of the physiological function of the brain

that strong relationships, filled with empathy, resilience

that is contributing to the internal storm. Knowing is also

Workshops and private sessions for couples, teams and individuals. We use world-renowned thinking, dialogue and communication skills to help you make good choices and build your professional and personal relationships. • Cape Town & Johannesburg

ODYSSEY 142 • 


a key skill that helps people to seek a more balanced state

of attachment we experienced in childhood. This is

of mind as they learn how they can do this.

never evident to us in the romantic beginnings of our

But can we learn to rewire our brains in our relationships?

relationships. After the passionate period fades, often we find ourselves in familiar patterns, frustrations and

Actually, we always have the opportunity to be

emotions echoing through from our childhood. Couples

exposed to more healthy relationships. This is particularly

can learn skills that help them to move beyond the old

valuable in our younger years. Teachers, caregivers and

painful subconscious repetitions and physically change

extended family members often play a significant role

the wiring in their brains. Imago teaches couples to build

in building an attuned and empathic relationship with

their connection by creating more empathy, validation and

children and teenagers. This bond can be the grounding

focus in the relationship. It is about learning to be mindful

for a growing sense of an authentic and confident self. If

in relationship. As couples practice these learnable skills,

individuals reach adulthood, still needing to work towards

the sense of feeling felt and feeling heard emerges in the

greater well-being, therapists provide a safe space for

relationship. Then those pre-frontal neurons in our brains

continued growth and healing.

are triggered. We begin to rewire our grey matter and our

As we move into adulthood, fortunately, we also are

sense of well-being within our selves and our significant

able to rewire our brains in our significant relationships,

relationships flourish. We start becoming who we really

from sub-optimum early life experiences. Harville Hendrix,

are. O

together with his wife, Helen LaKelly Hunt, co-created International Relationship Therapy and the best-selling

If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness

book, Getting the Love you Want. Imago posits that

in relationship, Dr Daniel Siegel and Imago will be hosting

the purpose of long-term committed relationships is to

a professional 2-day training seminar in Cape Town at the

complete childhood. In order for this to be possible we

end of September 2013. For info visit,

end up recruiting a life-partner who mirrors the kind or see ad below.

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mindfu Nature: one of the most enchanting things about Miraval is its location. The Sonoran desert is teeming with life; javelina, jackrabbits, roadrunners, and hummingbirds dot the miraval property. The guest rooms are named in honor of the intriguing variety of cacti: yucca, ocotillo, mesquite, saguaro. But the plants, animals, canyons, and mountains are more than just a stunning backdrop to the activities of Miraval. The wonders of nature have much to teach us about human nature. Wyatt Webb, creator of the Miraval Equine Experience, looks at fear and self-doubt.

ODYSSEY 144 • 


ul living ODYSSEY 145 • 



uman beings are born confident, with a strong sense of their own competence. A child wants to do things for himself, and some of their first

sentences are 'Me do, Mommy. Me do, Daddy.' And they're perfectly happy with how they're colouring or dancing or feeding themselves. Then along comes this bigger, taller, older creature saying, 'Here's how you can do it better.' It doesn't take much to step on a child's spirit, and everything that a child senses up until the age of eight, he or she accepts without question as fact. I believe this culture of correction is how we move from beings who have the potential for pure joy into fearful and pain-ridden creatures. The first message a human gets is: 'If you want to have worth in this world, you have do things and do them well,' and this is being said to a small child who at that point isn't capable of doing much at all. The child absorbs the message that he's not good enough in and of himself. In a culture that

ODYSSEY 146 • 


values what you do over who you are, a small child will

what I call 'junk', your message to the

conclude that he's not worth much. From there the idea

horse is muddled. It may come out

of doing, rather than being, is reinforced through school

along the lines of: 'Please do what I

and sports – both competitive environments where the

want you to so I won't look stupid,

emphasis is on measuring people against each other,

and I'd rather die than look stupid,

not on learning, creating, playing or enjoying the actual

and that's exactly what I'm feeling


right now, so please, please, lift your

The result is that by the time most people reach

hoof you sonofabitch.' Neither a horse

adulthood, their insides and outsides don't match. While

nor anything else in the universe is

their exteriors may exude confidence and control, inside

going to respond to that. But when the

they don't believe they're okay. After 30 years in this

intention comes out clean and clear,

business, I could reduce most people's problems down to

the horse responds with the same

two words, and those words are self-doubt and fear. We

clarity and everybody wins.

may be born confident and joyful, able to live fully in each

Many of the people who sign up

moment, but the culture begins to work on us almost

for the Equine Experience show up

immediately, and by the time we reach adulthood most of

with a friend, spouse, or sibling, and

us have become our own worst critic.

along with the self-realisations, the

The equine experience I offer at Miraval has two

exercises often reveal the dynamics of

parts. After the guests groom the horse, they are taken to

their relationship. If you and the other

a different ring where they use their intention and a few

person are playing some kind of game,

basic hand signals to direct the horse through a series of

working with the horse will bust that

walks, trots, turns and stops. For most people, this is a

game. I've had wives come up to me furious and saying:

liberating experience as they begin to see the flip side of

'He treats that horse just like he treats me.' And maybe

their more frustrating experience with the hoof-cleaning

the husband sees that he only has one coping skill that

– that is, if you send the horse a clear intention, it will

he's using for all situations, and he'll say: 'Oh God, I didn't

gladly comply and working with it will feel effortless.

know I was doing that.' We all keep doing the same stuff

Directing the horse in the ring is often an experience

in life over and over again with no awareness of where

of pure joy because participants can now speak the

it's coming from or how it seems to affect other people.

energetic language of the horse more fluently.

But there's no place to hide with the horse. You can tell a

Success comes when people allow themselves to be

lot from who's more at ease with the horse, who he'll trot

authentic. When your intention is weighed down with

along for and who makes him dig in his heels. Whether it's

two sisters, or a husband and wife, or friends, whatever hasn't been dealt with in their relationship presents itself, usually in the first five minutes. Working with the horse can also help each person in the relationship to recognise and claim their own role in whatever dynamic exists between them. If there's disagreement or conflict, we've been taught to direct the blame at others. 'If only he would understand.' 'If only she didn't always react like this.' 'How can I be happy when you're driving me crazy?' That's our favourite – claiming that other people are driving us crazy. The truth is, you were crazy before you met them. What's crazy is going around believing that what other people say and do should have the power to control the quality of our day. But there's a payoff in being focused on other people and expecting them to tell us who we are: we can go a long time without really having to face ourselves. But in the Equine Experience, even though the people may be paired up to work with a horse, each one of them is having his or her own experience, and whether they believe it or not, each person is 100% responsible for 50% of every relationship she or he chooses to be in.

What to do if you're not at Miraval Remember, the horse is just a metaphor. You don't really need him because you are witness to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour every day. Most of us keep running into the same obstacles over and over. I tell people, 'just pay attention to what you think, what you feel and how you behave. Look at what keeps coming up for you. You don't have to have a 1200 pound horse showing you the results of your behaviour. Look at how you drive a car, how you cook dinner, how you talk to your child, how you create or cope with conflict.' We all have recurring patterns of behaviour that are practically screaming at us that this is how we cope with life circumstances. Through the process of questioning or confronting these behaviours, we cease to be at the mercy of the external 'how it's supposed to be' and begin to arrive at 'how it is'. Only then is it possible to reclaim who we truly are and change our lives. O For more info click here Mindful Living is published by Hay House and available here.

ODYSSEY 147 • 


health ODYSSEY 148 • 



Here, we republish chapter 1 from Earthing, titled Electrical You and Your Electrical Planet by Clinton Ober, Stephen T Sinatra (MD), and Martin Zucker.


ave you ever noticed a subtle tingling or sensation of warmth rising up from your feet during a barefoot stroll on

a sandy beach or grassy field glistening with the morning dew? Did you feel revitalised at the end of your walk? If you did, you experienced the Earth energising your body. The fact is that we live on a planet alive with natural energies. Its surface teems with subtly pulsating frequencies, a phenomenon unknown to most people. Who regards the sand, grass, sidewalk, or dirt beneath their feet as an energy field? But that indeed is what the ground is and

always has been. Put another way, your planet is a six

sextillion (that's six followed by 21 zeroes) metric ton battery that is continually being replenished by solar radiation, lightning, and heat from its deep-down molten core. And just like a battery in a car that keeps the motor running and the wheels turning, so, too, do the rhythmic pulsations of natural energy flowing through and emanating from the surface of the Earth keep the biological machinery of global life running in rhythm and balance – for everything that lives on the land or in the sea. People. Animals. Fish. Plants. Trees. Bugs.

Bacteria. Viruses. Throughout history, humans have strolled,

sat, stood, and slept on the ground – the skin of their bodies touching the skin of the Earth – oblivious to the fact that such simple contact transfers a natural electrical signal to the body.

Reconnect to the earth's vibe, by feeling the ground underneath you, to recharge

ODYSSEY 149 • 


Only recently has the knowledge and significance of

gather scientific momentum.

this connection been explored and explained by scientific

This is the subject of our book.

experts in geophysics, biophysics, electrical engineering,

The natural frequencies of the Earth that we speak of

electrophysiology, and medicine. From them, we are

are waves of energy caused by the motions of subatomic

learning that the Earth's electrical energy maintains the

particles called free electrons. Nobody has ever seen

order of our own bodily frequencies just as a conductor

an electron, but you can think of them in the setting

controls the coherence and cadence of an orchestra. We

of a beehive. The bees, buzzing around the hive, are

all live and function electrically on an electrical planet. We

like electrons that move around the atomic nucleus in a

are each of us a collection of dynamic electrical circuits.

'cloud' of energy. Another analogy used over the years

In the living matrix of our complex bodies, trillions of cells

is that of planets revolving around the sun. The nucleus

constantly transmit and receive energy in the course of

contains protons, with a positive charge, and neutrons,

their programmed biochemical reactions. Think of them

that have, as their name implies, no charge. Electrons

as microscopic electronic machines. The movement of

have a negative charge.

nutrients and water into the cells is regulated by electric fields, and each type of cell has a frequency range in which it operates. Your heart, brain, nervous system, muscles, and immune system are prime examples of electrical subsystems operating within your 'bioelectrical' body. The fact is, all of your movements, behaviours, and actions are energised by electricity.

brief moment three types of materials used in electricity:

of your house or in the electrical cord that you plug into an outlet from an appliance. The outer waves of electrons

Most people, even in this scientific age, are totally unaware

in conductors – corresponding in a simplistic way to the

of their bioelectrical nature. Practically no one has the

outermost bees buzzing around the beehive or to the

slightest notion of an electrical or energetic connection

distant planets orbiting around the sun – are so loosely

between his or her body and the Earth. Nobody learns

bound that they easily move in the space between the

about it in school. So nobody knows that we have largely

atoms. They form a kind of gas around atoms and flow

become disconnected and separated from the Earth. In

freely throughout the solid conductive material. That is

developed societies, in particular, we have essentially lost

why they are called free electrons. Think of them as free

our electrical roots. Our bare feet, with their rich network

spirits, so to speak, not bound in a relationship with any

of nerve endings, rarely touch the ground. We wear

atom composing the solid material.

insulating synthetic-soled shoes. We sleep on elevated

In insulating materials, electrons are held in a

beds made from insulating material. Most of us in the

tight grip by their atoms. There are no free electrons

modern, industrialised world live disconnected from the

and consequently no current can flow through these

Earth's surface. Although it is not something you probably

materials. Examples of insulating materials include plastic,

have ever thought about, you may be suffering needlessly

rubber, glass, and wood. You can now see why most of

because of this disconnect. And you may be suffering

the time you are separated from the Earth. Your shoes'

severely, and in more ways than you could ever imagine.

soles are made of plastic or rubber, and your house is

As an analogy, think of a lightbulb with a loose

made mainly of wood. Semiconductors are in between,

connection. The bulb flickers, shines weakly, or doesn't

sometimes conducting, sometimes not. Their electrical

light up at all. Many people go through life with flickering

conductance is not as good as a conductor but not as

or weak health.

bad as an insulator. Semiconductors are the backbone of

Mother Earth's natural 'vibes' and how they keep us


bioelectrical you and your electrical planet, consider for a

of a conductor is the metallic copper wiring in the walls

We believe this book is the first ever written about


To understand the primordial relationship between

conductors, insulators, and semiconductors. An example




modern electronic equipment because their conductance can be controlled by the application of an electric field.

healthy and heal us – if we connect to the source.

Just like the Earth, your body is mostly water and

Disconnected, the body seems vulnerable and prone

minerals, and both are excellent conductors of electrons.



The free electrons pulsating perpetually on the surface of

accelerated ageing – a startling theory just beginning to

the conductive Earth, fed by natural phenomenon – solar




radiation, thousands of lightning strikes per minute, and energy generated from the inner core of the planet – are easily transferred up, into, and throughout your body as long as there is direct skin contact with the ground.

Homo erectus, back a hundred thousand generations or so, didn't know a thing about any of this. Neither did the hunter-gatherers who followed in the human timeline. Neither did the cultivator civilisations working the land about four hundred generations ago. And neither did the more recent Industrial Age incarnations. Even in today's electronic and wireless age, few know about the Earth's brimming reservoir of energetic free electrons.

Earthing at a Glance Earthing involves coupling your body to the Earth's eternal and gentle surface energies. You are not in any sense being electrocuted. Earthing is among the most natural and safest things you can do. Your body becomes suffused with negative-charged free electrons abundantly present on the surface of the Earth. Your body immediately equalises to the same electric energy

Scientists back in the late 1800s first measured the

level, or potential, as the Earth. Sometimes, a

Earth's subtle ground currents at different places around

warm, tingling sensation and often feelings of

the world, using words such as 'tranquil' and 'quiet' to

ease and well-being are felt.

describe them. Present-day science refers to them as

Will you feel better? Usually, yes, and often

'telluric currents' and recognises them as part of a larger

rapidly. The degree of improvement varies from

system – called the 'global electrical circuit' – involving clouds and the entire atmosphere. Geophysicists believe that this bank of almost limitless energy is continuously replenished with free electrons via an average of 5000 lightning strikes per minute occurring perpetually around the planet. Without getting technical, the electrical potential present on the Earth's surface rises and falls according to the position of the sun. The intensity is more positive and energetic during the day, in support of your daily activities from wake up to shut down, and less

person to person.

What does Earthing do? Defuses the cause of inflammation, and improves or eliminates the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders. Reduces or eliminates chronic pain. Improves sleep in most cases. Increases energy. Lowers stress and promotes calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system and stress

positive and energetic during night time hours, promoting


zzzzzzs. This daily high and low pattern sets in motion

Normalizes the body's biological rhythms.

and orchestrates internal body mechanisms that regulate

Thins blood and improves blood pressure and

sleep-wake cycles, hormone production, and maintenance


of health.

Relieves muscle tension and headaches. Lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms.

PAST CONNECTIONS The basic phenomena of electricity were known since antiquity, but electricity was only harnessed for industrial and residential use about 120 years ago or so. The electron itself was discovered only in 1897, so virtually

Dramatically speeds healing and helps prevent bedsores. Reduces or eliminates jet lag.

throughout the human timeline nobody knew anything

Protects the body

about electrons. But there was plenty of knowledge over

against potentially

the eons of time that the ground held special healing


energy and was a basic aspect of connectedness to


nature. The Earth was sacred. This knowledge, passed


down over the generations, has survived in one form or another around the globe. Civilisations everywhere recognised and tuned in to the cycles of nature for survival and health. They were aware of fundamental rhythms that regulate, for instance, sleep-wake cycles and

fields (EMFs). Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity.

maintenance of health, and they knew that we functioned

ODYSSEY 151 • 


in co-ordination with the Earth's cycles and rhythms. Awareness existed of connectivity among the principles of Earth, life, and health, but expressed in the language of the day. Qi (pronounced chee) is a central principle in the long history of Chinese knowledge and is regarded as the energy or natural force that fills the universe. From India's Vedic past comes an equivalent term, prana, meaning 'vital force.' In the Chinese tradition, Heaven Qi is made up of the forces that heavenly bodies exert on the Earth, such as sunshine, moonlight, and the moon's effect on the tides. Earth Qi, influenced and controlled by Heaven Qi, is made up of lines and patterns of energy, as well as the Earth's magnetic field and the heat concealed underground. And within the Earth Qi, individuals, animals, and plants have their own Qi field. All natural things, in this concept, grow and are influenced by the natural cycles of Heaven Qi and Earth Qi. Earth Qi is absorbed, without thinking about it, when we walk barefoot, which may explain why it's so relaxing to walk without shoes and why exercises geared toward strengthening the body and relaxing the mind (yoga, tai chi, and qigong, for instance) are often practiced without footwear. A central focus in Chinese practices involves 'growing a root' and has to do with opening up communication between the bottom of the feet and the Earth. This process occurs through the 'yong quan point,' also known in acupuncture as the 'kidney 1 point'. The ancient Greeks surely knew something about this concept. Hercules, one of the greatest heroes of Greek mythology, fought and defeated the giant Antaeus, who was renowned as a great wrestler. As the story goes, Antaeus was invincible as long as his feet remained in contact with the Earth, from where he drew his strength. He had never been defeated. Hercules, knowing Antaeus' secret, lifts the giant off the ground and strangles him to death. Native Americans certainly honoured the connection to the Earth. The late Ota Kte (Luther Standing Bear), a writer, educator, and tribal leader from the Lakota Sioux tradition, summed it up this way: 'The old people came literally to love the soil. They sat on the ground with the feeling of being close to a mothering power. It was good for the skin to touch the Earth, and the old people liked to remove their moccasins and walk with their bare feet on the sacred Earth. The soil was soothing, strengthening, cleansing, and healing.'

ODYSSEY 152 • 


CONNECT TO THE EARTH & HEAL This book will show you just how soothing, strengthening, and healing the Earth is. It will totally change the way you regard the ground under your feet and your relationship to the planet you live on. For most people, reconnecting with Mother Earth (see video) usually means camping, hiking, gardening, going to the beach, or pursuing some other activity that returns us – in body and soul – to the bosom of nature. The reconnection we talk about in this book is something different. By reconnection we mean taking off your shoes and socks and sitting, standing, or walking barefoot on the ground, something that is absolutely free and available (of course, where safe and comfortable). The reconnection can also involve the use of conductive bed


sheets or floor pads linked by wire to a ground rod outside your house or office, or plugged into a wall outlet with a modern Earth ground system. Either way, we call this reconnection process 'Earthing' or 'grounding,' terms we will use interchangeably. They simply mean you are connected to Mother Earth. What you are doing is akin to what is well known in the electrical world as grounding, the common practice of connecting equipment and appliances to the Earth to protect against shocks, shorts, and interference. Applied to people, Earthing naturally protects the body's delicate bioelectrical circuitry against static electrical charges and interference. Most importantly, it facilitates the reception of free electrons and the stabilising electrical signals and energy of the Earth. Earthing remedies an electrical instability and electron deficiency you never knew you had. It refills and recharges your body with something you never knew you were missing – or needed. Exposure to sunlight produces vitamin D in the body. It's needed for health. Exposure to the ground provides an electrical 'nutrient' in the form of electrons. Think of these electrons as vitamin G – G for ground. Just like vitamin D, you need vitamin G for your health as well. As you will read in this book, the results of Earthing often translate into a significant improvement – even total transformations – in health and vitality. One patient, a 36-year-old woman with advanced multiple sclerosis (MS), was so happy about her improvement after Earthing

that she once ran out of her house, stood in the middle of the street, and screamed to all her neighbours to get grounded. She said she wanted to start the 'barefoot revolution' and teach everyone how to get well. She

What is Earthin



Take a chance as often as possible to go outside and feel Mother Earth under your feet

had tried Earthing out of desperation – something

natural elements, including clean air, proper nutrition and

someone had told her about – after a doctor advised her

pure water, and the missing link, our connection to the

to purchase an adjustable bed, a large screen TV, and

natural electrical rhythms of the Earth.'

to make herself as comfortable as possible. MS doesn't

Even athletes, who operate at the most intense levels

get better, the doctor told her. In her case it did, and

of physical human performance, have learned to ground

dramatically so.

and plug in to the natural energy of the Earth.

Another woman spent over five years with debilitating

In 1863, the eminent biologist T H Huxley stated that

pain, inflammation, fatigue, and sleep problems after

'the question of all questions for humanity, the problem

a serious car accident. Despite a long career in the

which lies behind all others and is more interesting than

health care industry, she found herself locked in an

any of them, is that of the determination of our place in

exhausting struggle to regain her health. She went

nature and our relation to the cosmos.' The content of this

from one practitioner and treatment to another. 'Like

book explores that question from the simple perspective

Humpty Dumpty in the nursery rhyme,' she said, 'all of

that your place in nature, in your immediate cosmos,

the king's horses and all the king's men could not put

requires you to be directly and routinely connected to the

me back together again.' Unable to work, she found

Earth under your feet.

herself instinctively drawn to lying in the grass or walking

In the pages ahead, we will explore the health

barefoot on the beach. In 1999, a friend gave her a

implications of mankind's disconnect and present

conductive bed pad. She slept on it nightly, and within

the unusual story about how the disconnect and the

months her pain, fatigue, and sleep problems vanished.

reconnect were discovered. You will read accounts of

'After years of pills and failed costly treatments, all

amazing healing from doctors and people from all walks

I did was lay down on my bed and sleep,' she said. 'I

of life. Most importantly, you will learn how easy it is to

believe our bodies have the ability to recover from almost

reconnect, to get Earthed, and to feel better. O

any condition if we relieve imbalances caused by stress. To do this, we must provide our bodies with essential

Earthing is published by Basic Health Publications, ISBN 978 1 59120 283 7.

ODYSSEY 153 • 


WALKTHEWALK Wietsi Marais, aged 22, a cabinet maker and sound engineer by profession, grew up in White River. One day not long ago, he left Nelspruit and decided to walk on a spiritual journey to Cape Town. Inger Chester-Browne reports.

ODYSSEY 154 • 


'I woke up one morning and decided I'm going to live the way life started. Instead of creating one's being around what other people believe and created, just let change happen to you without any judgment whatsoever in every category. Then only does the truth happen, and just being able to keep a joyful energy and love for everything your eyes can see with peace of mind.'


head of him lay an incredible journey. Walking with

Wane Bloemhoff, a friend of his, joined him at Jeffrey's

a guitar attached to his backpack he headed for

Bay and they did the last leg walking to Cape Town. They

Barberton and made his way along the Swaziland

walked along the coastline, through Cape St Francis to

border, through quaint little towns to Phuthaditjhaba and

Oyster Bay. When the going became too rough they went

then into Lesotho.

inland to Kaapsedrif, over the Storms River Bridge, through

Once out of Lesotho, Wietsie walked to Hobhouse,

Nature's Valley and Plettenberg Bay, to Knysna and all the

averaging 25km a day, and covered about 1 000km up to

way along the flower-fringed railway track to George. They

that point.

carried on over the Gouritz River to Albertina and headed

Along the way, he set up camp in the bush, in drainpipes

back to the coast to Stilbaai and Cape Agulhas and then

under the roads, in fields, along the rivers and in caves.

on to Cape Town. Wietsi had covered a distance of about

Since it was still winter, he would often wake up with frost

3 000km.

all over his sleeping bag. He prepared food over a little

He described one of his memorable experiences. A bad

camping stove. When people asked him where he was

storm hit Buffelsfontein in the Western Cape. The houses in

heading, he would reply 'Cape Town', and they were always

the resort were covered in sand and abandoned, and they


had a house entirely to themselves.

Every now and then Wietsie was offered overnight

When I asked him why he is doing this walk, he replied:

accommodation. Shop-owners gave him free cool drinks

'I woke up one morning and decided I'm going to live the

and food and he met wonderful people. Being a keen

way life started. Instead of creating one's being around what

photographer, he took many beautiful photos of landscapes,

other people believe and created, just let change happen

nature and old buildings that people do not easily see when

to you without any judgment whatsoever in every category.


Then only does the truth happen, and just being able to

Wietsi says people get stuck in a rut and for them life

keep a joyful energy and love for everything your eyes can

becomes only about making money, but for him it was a

see with peace of mind. I don't need possessions to make

spiritual journey. He said he literally lived on two-minute

me feel secure and safe. I've only felt at home in every step

noodles prepared over a little camping stove. Whenever he

I take.

reached towns, he stocked up on supplies such as fruit and solid foods. He also drank plenty of water.

'The world is my bedroom. Who can want more than to wake up on a hill overlooking the sea at the most southern

From Hobhouse he continued to Grahamstown

point of Africa and never to experience any day in the same

on a borrowed mountain-bike and resided at the Old

way and just let the wind blow you in any direction. By doing

Gaol Backpackers. The backpackers lodge is a national

this you find all the most amazing gifts and meet the most

monument that used to be a jail, dating back to 1843. Wietsi

amazing real people. Nothing can ever go wrong because

slept in one of the old cells.

it's all in a simple change of mindset and I just smile.' O

ODYSSEY 155 • 




ODYSSEY 156 • 


Geoff Dalglish, Odyssey's pilgrim-at-large, believes walking in nature is pivotal to health and wellbeing


wered by


hank you for massaging the Earth with your footsteps. I'm sure Father Sky is looking down and appreciating what you

are doing for our beautiful Mother.' The words, accompanied by an unexpected hug, come from Howie, an Aboriginal elder who has often observed me returning from my early morning meditative walks along Tyagarah Beach, near the Australian mainland's most easterly point in New South Wales. His thanks echo my own gratitude for his gentle presence: I've noticed him picking up the litter and cigarette butts carelessly discarded by humans who travel from afar to this place of beauty, but somehow fail to see the importance of keeping it pristine and unspoilt. Our early morning conversation is synchronicity itself as I've been searching for ways to describe the feelings I have while walking barefoot in this special place, which he tells me has long been a sacred site for his ancestors. The daily ritual of a rhythmic contact between my bare feet and freshly wave-washed sand bestows upon me a sense of joy, peace and wellbeing, accompanied by fresh whispers of inner knowing. Feeling our oneness with the natural world is part of the divine plan, and the way we used to live when we readily recognised our kith and kin in the animals, birds, plants and all life surrounding us. Each morning in Australia I've been overwhelmed with the incredible gift I experience in the gentle caresses of the sea breeze, the intimacy of waves washing over my naked body and the warmth of the first rays of sunlight. The luminosity of the light at sunrise feels like love itself – a hug from an infinitely-loving creator; from God his/herself. We're all strands in the intricate web of life, sharing a symbiotic and interdependent relationship that is part of the great mystery, and sometimes way beyond our understanding. What I do know is that walking in nature is good for me physically, emotionally and spiritually. I feel love and joy welling up in me, and my mind's busyness is replaced by a deep peace, calm and clarity. I need this precious solo time – we all do. Howie is a kindred spirit who shares my sadness at the way many of us treat the Mother that sustains us. He tells me that at the next full moon he and elders of the tribe are planning a ceremony at a

ODYSSEY 157 • 


neighbouring lake to honour the Earth and to help heal

patterns, as well as the movements and migrations of the

the negativity introduced by the actions of some visitors.

creatures that they recognised as their kith and kin. Those

Hopefully the ritual will inspire new respect and gratitude.

connections were an integral part of their lives, allowing

Much of my personal journey is about trying to

them to routinely communicate with the animals and the

reconnect others to the magnificence of the natural world,

Now we are mostly insulated, anaesthetised, drugged

empathy and compassion, which are building blocks for

and utterly disconnected from Gaia. We are surrounded by

better relationships with ourselves and our world.

concrete, glass and steel and bombarded by technology

The poet William Wordsworth once wrote: 'What you

and information-overload in a fast-paced world illuminated

have loved, others will love, and you will teach them how.'

by artificial light and characterised by unnatural patterns

When I was desperate to find a way to make a difference,

of sleep and waking. We breathe polluted air, ingest

I glimpsed the potential of a long walk. To inspire others I

chemical-laden products masquerading as food and

need to be inspired myself, and nature provides the cues

invariably drive rather than walk. Depression, anxiety,

whenever I need them. Where once my life was powered

confusion and hopelessness are the norm for pill-popping

by high-octane fuel, today it is powered by Pachamama –


Mother Nature herself.

is a prayer of gratitude and more than 10 million since

So what happened to our supposedly superior intellect and powers of reasoning?

starting my pilgrimage in July 2011 have brought me

Some 25 centuries ago, Hippocrates, the father of

home to myself.

medicine, observed: 'Illnesses do not come upon us out of

I like to feel that my walking is a two-way blessing and I hope I give back as much as I receive. Each step

It is a place of awe, wonder, mystery, inspiration and

the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against

creativity as I reconnect with the natural world and my own

Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses

humanness, increasingly sensing the interdependency of

will suddenly appear.'

all things. I'm not the centre of the universe as I once

Solutions, I believe, are all around us. We need to

imagined in my younger days as an ambitious, egotistical

live simpler, more sustainable lives and find the peace

and materialistic editor of motoring magazines.

and inspiration that comes from being in nature – from

Since choosing to go from Petrolhead to Pilgrim,

recognising our rightful place not as a controller of the

my outer journey has introduced me to exciting and

natural world but as a strand in the miraculous web of life.

often challenging inner landscapes as fresh insights and

We need to learn from the successful blueprint of

realisations pile one on top of the other. When we walk we

nature, tapping into millions of years of accumulated

meet ourselves along the way.

wisdom, instead of pursuing a madness, that if unchecked,

I feel I've wakened from a long sleep and am learning – or remembering – so much my ancestors

Answers are all around us – and they're free.

soul; a numbing disconnection from our divinity and the

Scientists are increasingly discovering that children are

sacredness of other beings.

suffering from what is being called a Nature-Deficit

It is what my animal whispering friend Anna Breytenbach describes as a 'disconnection sickness'. On the rare days I don't walk, I feel somehow less capable of meeting whatever challenges arise.



can only result in our own extinction as a species.

as a child. Today we're suffering from a sickness of the

intuitively understood. And maybe many things I knew


rest of nature,

which so inspires me. With that love comes humility,

Disorder. They need to grow up in nature with animals around them, climbing trees, swimming in streams and lakes, and ideally feeling the Earth beneath bare feet. While I depend on my iPhone and MacBook Air to

It is only since I've slowed down to a pace similar

communicate with the world, and now love carrying a

to that of my hunter-gatherer ancestors that my senses

library of ebooks on my Kindle, I know that fundamental

have become truly alive. I use them all to see, hear,

to my health and happiness is that connection with the

smell, taste and touch the miracle of life. For countless

natural world. Nothing is more important to my well-being

centuries the very survival of our nomadic forebears was

than the solo meditative walk with which I start each day

intrinsically interlinked with the cycles of the natural world.

around sunrise, appreciating and giving thanks for all my

They were guided by the stars, seasons and weather

blessings. First choice is a deserted beach or mountain

ODYSSEY 159 • 


path, although even in the heart of a city there's usually a green space where one can quietly go within. Last year in California I camped out with homeless war veterans, and David, a 53-year-old cancer survivor with a wonderfully probing mind and a love of the outdoors, became a prized friend. 'We have a church on every corner but we're pretty Godless,' he tells me, explaining that his place of worship is in the great outdoors. He has deliberately chosen to escape the confines of a house because he believes the structure blocks the healing energies of the Earth. He sees trees, and especially the lofty Californian redwoods, as an antenna between heaven and earth, insisting that outside he is more alive and feels the interconnectedness of all things. Staring into our campfire, he recalls with sadness: 'I've slept by rivers, streams and creeks and now they're all polluted. You can't drink the water. We've ruined everything.' But he finds solace and delight in the unexplained mysteries of life and the unseen realms, recognising that there is a guiding intelligence behind everything. Recently I've been intrigued to read about the concept of 'Earthing'. This involves aligning your body to the

'The future will belong to the nature-smart – those individuals, families, businesses, and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world and who balance the virtual with the real. The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need.' Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods

Earth's surface energies, ideally by walking barefoot outside. Or alternatively you can hook up to a conductive

But by awakening a natural connection to the environment

device that delivers that natural healing energy to your

around us, we can move beyond simply using nature and

body. The idea is that if your energy is resonating with that

into a true partnership with it.

of the Earth's, your body will be at a more natural state, which is energising and healing.




this world; for everyone who has a sense of something missing, who wishes to make a difference in the world,

to commune with trees.

nature has much to offer to all who will listen.'

I appreciate that everything is vibrating with its

A friend who is in contact with unseen realms insists

unique energetic frequency, although I find it easiest to

that I have a San Bushman tracker called .Kai-Kai as

experience that in the presence of a tree. I empty my mind

a guide, this metaphysical representative of Southern

of its usual chatter, stand quietly with feet together, eyes

Africa's First People walking patiently with me. I hope

closed and my arms out in front of me, palms upright and

he doesn't mind my occasional cursing or longing for the

facing the trunk of the tree a few centimetres away.

comforts of my old life. Being a foot-powered pilgrim isn't always easy.

I feel the energy of the tree, sometimes pushing against

I appreciate all the help and support I can get from

me, or moving my body to and fro or in a spiral, but mostly

whatever sources, and treasure email and Facebook

pulling me strongly towards it. Every time I enjoy this

messages of encouragement, some humorous: 'Is it like

charge of healing energy I feel immense excitement and

being Forest Gump, but without the chocolates?'

In her book Partnering with Nature, environmentalist



Most days a deep peace settles over me during my

gratitude. Tree-hugging is a two-way embrace.



morning meditative stroll, and especially when I take time

Taking deep, slow breaths helps and within seconds



sacredness of all life, we become forces for good in

Often the response is: 'Thanks for doing this for all of us.'

Catriona MacGregor says: 'This disconnection with nature

Yes, we're all in this together, each of us having our

can lead to physical as well as mental stress, from

unique part to play, however seemingly big or small. How

depression and fatigue to attention disorders and obesity.

exciting is that? O



eco.kid products contain no synthetics, silicone, sulphate, artificial preservatives, artificial fragrances or artificial colouring. The creators of these products tell us more.

Why the name?

We made some nice, pure hair products which we call eco. kid, because that's what they are – ecologically responsible,

and sugar derived surfactants, moisturisers and wheat nano-peptides.

kid-friendly products with no artificial fragrances, colourants,

Distinctly Australian

preservatives, or harsh surfactants.

eco.kid is Australian-made and is crafted using Australian

Certified organic

indigenous flora and certified organic ingredients. The harsh

eco.kid products contain up to 99% ECOCERT 'certified organic' ingredients.

Formulated for kids

A child's skin and scalp produces almost six times less

oil on a daily basis than an adult's and can be sensitive to synthetic perfumes, colours, preservatives, heavy

beauty of the Australian climate has evolved its flora into a powerhouse of phyto-resources. eco.kid key flower and plant

ingredients include wild harvested Kakadu plum – the world's richest natural fruit source of vitamin C and essential oils of

eucalyptus, nerolina, lemon-scented myrtle, lemon-scented

tea tree, aniseed myrtle, blue cypress and sandalwood – all

of which have well-known benefits and possess varying

film-forming conditioners and aggressive surfactants. eco.

anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

kid is an organic, healthier, biologically-friendlier and more

For all kids

effective product range formulated exclusively for the hair,

scalp and skin of children aged 3 to 12 years old and so is

able to help prevent common problems faced by this age group. One of our mottos is 'prevention is better than cure'. eco.kid hair products:

help prevent split ends and tangles by using an essential oil solvent dry-cleaning action, not a detergent action;

help make hair unattractive to head lice by using a high percentage of twice-distilled pure essential oils, which smell nice to us but not nice for head lice; and

help prevent dry scalp and cradle cap due to the use

of organically-certified, hypo-allergenic ingredients such

as coconut and sugar foaming agents, conditioners and wheat nano-peptides. eco.kid skin products:

help prevent dry skin, skin irritation, skin flaking and sensitivity due to the use of organically-certified coconut

Braille labelling can be found on all of the products to give the visually-impaired access to them. This is also a way to raise

awareness of the visually-impaired among all our consumers.

A healthier choice

We care about what we put into our products and we care about what our rinse down the drain. eco.

kid products are fully sustainable and the bio-degradable ingredients can be safely returned to the planet. Our enviro-concern has resulted in the use of enviro-friendly

packaging and a minimum amount of surplus packaging material. For our products and our communication materials, we use paper based on an ecological approach: recycled

paper or cardboard and the use of food grade inks. This concern has also led to the use of 100% green energy in our factory.

Visit, their Facebook page and here for online purchases.


  benefits of

walking Hippocrates once wisely said that 'walking is man's best medicine' and it seems that there's a wealth of research to prove that walking is indeed good for you. Let alone for the fact that walking is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to exercise and stay fit. Because walking has so many health benefits, it is no wonder that so many people have chosen it as their physical activity method of choice and to thereby improve the quality of their life. We take a look.

ODYSSEY 162 • 


ODYSSEY 163 • 



ormally we all walk every day and have done so

exercise, the wrong type of shoe or walking action can

from childhood, through adolescence, and into

cause foot or shin pain, blisters and injuries to soft tissue.

adulthood; but somewhere along the way, like

Make sure your shoes are comfortable and take light,

most adults, many have stopped walking as much. In fact,

easy steps, ensuring that your heel touches down before

the percentage of adults who spend most of their day

your toes. Whenever possible, walk on grass rather than

sitting has increased considerably over the last few years.

concrete to help absorb the impact.

Part of the reason may be the hectic, stressful life most now lead, with not a moment to spare for recreation

Before you start

or formal exercise. However, besides that, with the rise in

Remember to carry and drink water while you walk,

technological advances, inactivity has been engineered

to hydrate yourself.

into our lives, from escalators to remote controls to riding

Choose your course carefully: If you'll be walking

lawn mowers and robotic vacuum cleaners, to electric

outdoors, avoid paths with cracked sidewalks, potholes,

toothbrushes and the disappearance of sidewalks and

low-hanging limbs or uneven turf.

other safe places to walk. Inevitably, research shows

Warm up: Walk slowly for five to 10 minutes to warm up

that all this automation is increasingly bad for our health

your muscles and prepare your body for exercise.

and the accompanying inactivity has become one of the

Cool down: At the end of your walk, walk slowly for five

leading preventable causes of death in the United States

to 10 minutes to help your muscles cool down.

and, increasingly as the rest of the world industrialises,

Stretch after you cool down, gently stretch your muscles.

elsewhere as well – second only to tobacco use.

If you'd rather stretch before you walk, remember to

Evidence suggests that walking is a good start and

Set realistic goals: It's OK to start slowly, especially if

are of the opinion that walking is better for your knees

you haven't been exercising regularly. You might start

and joints when compared to running. It leads to fewer

with five minutes a day the first week, and then increase

injuries and is widely agreed to be a good beginner

your time by five minutes each week until you reach at

workout. Besides that, walking is a great way to improve

least 30 minutes.

or maintain your overall health.

Track your progress: Keeping a record of how many

Physical activity does not have to be vigorous or

steps you take, the distance you walk and how long it

complicated or done for long periods in order to improve

takes can help you see where you started from and serve

your health. Walking is low-impact, requires minimal

as a source of inspiration. Record these numbers in a

equipment, can be done at any time of the day and can

walking journal or log them in a spreadsheet or a physical

be performed at your own pace. One can get out and walk

activity app. Another helpful option is to use an electronic

without worrying about the risks associated with some

device – such as a pedometer – to calculate steps and

more vigorous forms of exercise. It's also a great form of


physical activity for people who are overweight, elderly or who haven't exercised in a long time. If you happen to

So, what are the benefits?

suffer from any condition, and intend to start walking, it

It strengthens your heart: walking can lower your

is best that you consult your doctor first.

cholesterol levels and decrease the risks for cardiovascular

Plan your routine As you start your walking routine, remember:


lungs. A strong heart with an increased heart rate is able to carry more blood to the rest of your body. Brisk walking every day lets you burn up calories and reduces body fat.

If you walk outdoors when it's dark, wear bright

Cuts your risk of hypertension and diabetes:

colours or reflective tape for visibility;

According to a study, regular walking improves the BMI

Choose shoes with proper arch support, a firm heel

(body mass index) and blood pressure levels in people

and thick flexible soles to cushion your feet and

with diabetes. Allowing muscle movement leads to more

absorb shock.

use of glucose by the muscle cells. This also involves

Even though walking is a low-cost and effective form of


diseases. It can also strengthen your heart, muscles and

Get the right gear;

Footwear for walking


warm up first.

that it is deemed to be safer than running. Fitness experts

utilisation of more insulin, which improves blood sugar levels. Low blood pressure levels can also protect against kidney failure, heart attack and stroke.

Physical activity does not have to be vigorous or complicated or done for long periods in order to improve your health. Walking is low-impact, requires minimal equipment, can be done at any time of the day and can be performed at your own pace. One can get out and walk without worrying about the risks associated with some more vigorous forms of exercise. It keeps weight in check: If you're trying to lose weight, putting one foot in front of the other is one of the easiest ways to do that, for walking increases muscle mass and tone and the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism – so the more calories you burn. Proper exercise coupled with a nutritious diet can help to burn calories which would otherwise end up as fat. With a habit of brisk walking 45 minutes a day, a slimmer waistline will not remain a distant dream. To get the health benefits, try to walk for at least 30 minutes as briskly as you can on most days of the week. 'Brisk' means that you can still talk but not sing, and you may be puffing slightly. Turning your normal walk into a fitness stride requires good posture and purposeful movements. Ideally, here's how you'll look when you're walking: Your head is up. You're looking forward – not at the ground. Your neck, shoulders and back are relaxed – not stiffly upright. You're swinging your arms freely with a slight bend in your elbows. A little pumping with your arms is OK. Your stomach muscles are slightly tightened and your back is straight – not arched forward or backward. You're walking smoothly, rolling your foot from heel to toe.

Brain power Another benefit of walking is that it improves brainpower. Walking stimulates the blood flow, and provides oxygen to the brain. This leads to improved functioning of the brain and better ability to recall. Besides, a moderate dose of physical activity is also known to lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in seniors. Older people who walk a few kilometres or more per week could avoid brain shrinkage and so preserve memory as the years pass.

Longevity Exercising can add years to your life. Thirty minutes of daily physical activity is said to extend your life by 1.3 years. More importantly, it can keep you fit by preventing or delaying the onset of age-related conditions such as osteoarthritis. Walking counts as a weight-bearing activity, and it stimulates and strengthens bones, increasing their density which is important for women. It also helps maintain healthy joints so may stave off conditions such as arthritis. It also helps control joint swelling and pain from arthritis and related conditions. And walking can improve your balance and co-ordination. It also tones your legs, bum and tum. A good walk

ODYSSEY 165 • 


not just your body but also your mind. Brisk walking helps ease stress and anxiety, reduces depression and imparts a positive kick-start to your day. It improves your self-esteem, charges up the mood and helps to keep you energetic, positive and happy throughout the day.

Anti-cancer Walking reduces risks and effects of cancer. Research shows that in colon cancer, a speedy walk can give less time to the carcinogens present in the food to come in touch with the intestinal lining and reduce the risks of having cancer from the start itself. With improved blood circulation, walking brings in positive energy within the body and therefore lessens the side effects of can help strengthen and shape your legs, giving great definition to calves, quads, hamstrings and lifting your glutes (buttock muscles) – especially if you add hills. But


if you really pay attention to your posture as you walk,

Walking helps protect against miscarriages. Despite

it can tone your abs and whittle your waist, too. As to

the several body changes during pregnancy, regular

you arms, it is said that your speed when walking comes

walking can benefit you in many ways. It can reduce

from your arms and therefore it is suggested that you

fatigue and related pains, help lose weight easily, and

hold them at a comfortable level, bent at the elbow, and

lower risks of gestational diabetes. Walking can also

swing them backwards and forwards as you walk. Swing

prevent spontaneous abortions by lowering the hormonal

them faster and you'll automatically speed up. And all this

fluctuations which cause uterine contractions.

movement tones your arms, shoulders and upper back.

Vit D

habit of brisk walking can improve your performance in bed, it has been found. Walking a few kilometres a day

of vitamin D – a nutrient that's hard to get from food,

boosts blood circulation which cuts down on the risk of

but that we can synthesise from exposure to sunlight.

impotency. You can be healthy and fit, and need not

Many people are deficient in vitamin D and it's a nutrient

necessarily rely on medicines to keep your love life active.

immunity. While sun safety is still important experts agree

Gym & meds

that exposing as much skin as you can to the sun, little

Walking not only saves you money on gym costs, it can

and often and without burning, will help you to produce

also get you off meds. Using data from the National Walkers' Health Study, researchers found that those who took the longest weekly walks, not necessarily accumulated the most mileage per week, were more likely to use less medication.

Energy Walking gives you energy. It might seem like a paradox but a brisk walk is one of the best natural energisers around. It boosts circulation and increases oxygen supply

Walking & the spirit within

to each and every cell in your body, helping you to feel

References to walking are so deeply embedded in our

more alert and alive. It wakes up stiff joints and eases

language that they have become clichés. For example,

muscle tension so you feel less sluggish.

'keep your feet on the ground,' and 'one step at a time,'



Walk for better sexual health, say researchers. A regular

outside in daylight, you'll be boosting your body's stores

sufficient vitamin D.


Better sex

Walking boosts your vitamin D levels. If you're walking

that plays a big role in everything from bone health to



is often the only sound advice one can give. The words have power because they reflect our experience. We

You can renew your mind and spirit, simply by walking

know how it feels to get knocked off balance, and what

regularly. Studies have shown that walking benefits

it means to get back on our feet. The phrases remind us

that movement is both external and internal. Move the

walking enjoyable. If you don't enjoy solitary walks, ask

body and you move the spirit. Often, people find that the

a friend or neighbour to join you. If you're invigorated

physical act of walking mirrors the internal movement that

by groups, join a health club. Vary your routine. If you're

accompanies healing. Walking wakes up the profound

walking alone, be sure to tell someone which route you're

healing powers of the human spirit and carries it into each


cell, literally, with chemicals that change the way you feel. When the spirits droop and footsteps falter, the physical

Take missed days in stride

steps of a neighbourhood stroll can offer an antidote to

If you find yourself skipping your daily walks, don't give

despair. Each step launches a chain reaction of healing

up. Remind yourself how good you feel when you include

that's both physical and mental. But each step requires

physical activity in your daily routine – and then get back

an act of faith when often the first step is the hardest.

on track.

The first step declares your intention to heal. With each walk, you begin to move ahead in a life that has been

Choose a safe place to walk

shaken. Taking control of something as basic as a walk

If you walk at dawn, dusk, or night, wear a reflective

may seem insignificant when you are facing an enormous

vest or brightly-coloured clothing. Walk in a group when

personal challenge, but research suggests that even small

possible. Do not wear jewellery and preferably not

acts of control can help you recover from the feeling of

headphones and be aware of your surroundings.

hopelessness that often accompanies trauma. Sustained helplessness upsets the body's endocrine system by

Set goals & reward yourself

suppressing immune functions and elevating production

The more you walk, the better you will feel. The faster,

of stress hormones. The ability to find even a small area

the further and more frequently you walk, the greater the

of control triggers healing, both in the spirit and in the

benefits. Other options to build physical activity built into

chemicals that regulate the body.

a daily lifestyle plan is to take the stairs instead of the

Initiative & commitment

lift, get off public transport one stop earlier and walk to work or home, or do housework like vacuuming, walk to

Starting a walking program takes initiative. Sticking with

the local shops instead of driving and walk the dog with

it takes commitment. So, stay motivated by making your

glee. O

WALKING CAPE TOWN: Urban Walks & Drives in the Cape Peninsula John Muir Random Struik • 978 1 9205 7294 5

This book is based on the places you will see and experience when you explore Cape Town on foot or during a road tour, and explains how they fit into the tapestry of Cape Town’s history. It is important that we all attempt to conserve and retain the old buildings, and are able to continue to enjoy the scenic vistas and traditions of the Cape. The chapters start with

 3

a series of urban walks and then proceed to places that need transport to access. In some cases, a combination of walking and driving will provide the best experience. Distance and degree of physical effort as well as facilities available along the route are included in each chapter. Street names and the names of buildings change with time and wherever possible street numbers have been supplied. Detailed illustrated maps have been provided, showing the main landmarks discussed in the text as well as public transport facilities, where these exist. Start and finish points are clearly marked on each map.

We have 3 copies of Walking Cape Town to give away. Email here with your name and postal address by 25 September 2013 to stand a chance to win.

ODYSSEY 167 • 






espite doubts that he would ever walk again, let

give him an avenue to socialise and let off some steam.

alone regain the use of his upper body, Justin

He says: 'Having never played a game of rugby in my

worked hard in rehab and surprised everyone.

life, I started playing quad rugby. What a difference this

Within three months of entering rehab, he was able to

made, not only from a fitness point of view, but a social

move his right leg and foot. After six months of rehab,

one too. Being a gladiator type of sport and nicknamed

Justin continued with physio, hired a personal trainer with

"Murder Ball", it allowed an outlet for the built-up

experience working with quadriplegics and had a very

frustrations. Nothing like smashing into another player

beneficial course of acupuncture, as well as reflexology.

and parting with a smile.'

He steadily gained strength in both his upper and lower body. Justin, a keen tennis player and golfer before the accident, turned to sport to further his fitness, but also

ODYSSEY 168 • 


Despite continuing with his own routine, Justin realised he needed to find facilities that could help him take the next step, literally. When Justin began investigating spinal cord rehab

Days before turning 29, Justin Smith was seriously injured in an attempted hijacking. Despite surrendering and handing over his wallet and cellphone, the attackers shot Justin in the neck, while he was laying face down on the ground. The bullet lodged in his C6 cervical vertebrae; incredibly, after a week in hospital, he had regained some function in his right arm, but was still classified as an incomplete quadriplegic.



the reality that he was mostly paralysed from the shoulders down with a less-than-optimistic prognosis, Justin had to begin rebuilding his life and learning to function as a quadriplegic. We take a look at his incredible story.

centres in South Africa, he realised there weren't any

Justin didn't have the means, but he did have the

with the facilities to help him with the last leg of his

drive and a friend who recognised this sponsored his time

recovery. He did however discover Project Walk, a spinal

at Project Walk. Vowing not to return until he could walk

cord injury recovery centre in Carlsbad in California. In

on South African soil, Justin set off for the US.

preparation, he began fundraising, and working with

Upon arriving at Project Walk, Justin's workout

a biokineticist to build his core strength and stability.

sessions went from 3 to 10 hours a week. Miraculously

One of the less-obvious difficulties Justin faced, was the

his persistence and determination paid off and by the

financial pressure his injury and the road to recovery

middle of 2007 he was able to walk with the assistance

placed on him. In an interview with a local paper before

of a walker.

his departure Justin said: 'My long-term goal is to form

'I spent nine months at Project Walk, during which

a foundation that can assist those who don't have the

time I was able to regain a considerable amount of

means, but do have the drive to achieve more.'

mobility. Neuro physio, René Jordaan, and biokineticist,

ODYSSEY 169 • 


A survivor, not a victim, Justin Smith turned the results of a near-fatal hijacking into a personal journey to beat the odds. Told that he was unlikely to ever walk again, Justin chose to prove everyone wrong. A journey of recovery which began in 2004 had some incredible and unexpected outcomes: he walked again in 2007 and has used his experience to help others, with the opening of Just Walk Bionics, a new rehabilitation centre in Rivonia (Gauteng). Even more excitingly, the centre is the official reference centre for Ekso Bionics in South Africa, and is the first certified Ekso centre of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Unlike any other centre on the continent, Just Walk Bionics offers patients the opportunity to walk in Ekso, a bionic battery-operated walking suit.

ODYSSEY 170 • 


Justin Jeffery, joined me for two weeks each, to become

and after a year of a reflexology, Lesley fell pregnant.' Justin's positive can-do attitude has seen him through

familiar with the exercise program I planned to continue upon my return to South Africa.'

the worst of times and has also given him some positive

'When I came home, I was able to resume a more

life rewards. Determined to achieve whatever he sets his

"normal" life again and began to play a much greater

mind to, this is his self-fulfilling approach to life: 'Expect

role in the family engineering business, an opportunity

the unexpected.'

I embraced unreservedly. In May of 2009, Lesley who

With the opening of his foundation Just Walk Bionics

today is my wife, came into my life again – we had met

in Rivonia, Justin has finally reached his goal to set up a

through a mutual friend 10 years earlier. On route to visit

centre/foundation to help South Africans find appropriate

her sister in the UK for three weeks, I was incentivised

treatment. His journey to walk again hasn't been without

and determined to learn how to drive again while she

its stresses, frustrations, blood, sweat and tears, but he

was away. It would be the first time I had been behind

is using his experiences and the knowledge he has gained

the wheel since my hijacking five years prior. By the

to make the journey of those in similar circumstances a

time Lesley returned, I was driving again on my own;

little easier.

another giant milestone in regaining my independence.

An inspiration to anyone coping with diversity, Justin's

In that same year I proposed to her: we were engaged in

journey shows the good that can come from a terrible

December and married in September the following year.

experience if you have the drive and desire to overcome.

'My next life challenge was starting a family. We


approached a fertility clinic to investigate our chances and the initial prognosis was not at all positive. There was

During Justin's time at Project Walk, he set up a

little or no hope that I would be able to father my own

website and blogged about his progress. For more

child. Again I was not prepared to accept this prognosis

info visit See ad below.

Intelligently powered, the Ekso™ is a bionic exoskeleton which enables people with spinal cord injuries, lower limb weakness or paralysis to stand up and walk. The Ekso is a clinical rehabilitation tool only available in South Africa at Just Walk Bionics. Contact us to find out if you are a candidate for the Ekso.

Tel: +27 (0) 71 462 6643 Ground Floor, Finch House, Rivonia Gardens, 33 Wessel Road, Rivonia, Sandton Gauteng E-mail: JWB Advert_2.indd 1

2013/08/19 8:49 AM

ODYSSEY 171 • 



As we sit on our verandah having our morning espresso, we survey our beautiful valley and feel the changes of the season in the air around us. Our cat Dharma attracts our attention while he playfully stalks the sunbirds as they go about their lives and then suddenly starts chewing at a branch. It can be very easy to get lost in this moment and distract ourselves, especially when neither of us really wants to deal with the pile of 'To Do's' in front of us. Laurel Obsidian Lioness shares her advice on negating procrastination and establishing one's core goal.

Walking in beauty T

ODYSSEY 172 • 


here are times when life just seems to be piled so full of decisions, choices and priorities that it can be difficult to make sense of it all and

The thoughts come.... What if.... How do we.... What do we do first.... How long will it take.... Ooh, where to even start.

separate what to pay attention to from what to toss into

I take a deep breath and I hear Lou doing the same

the proverbial compost. The pile feels so big and it's

beside me. Well, we won't get anything done this way we

exhausting to look at, let alone imagine dealing with it

agree, so we take the first step by turning our attention

efficiently. It's much easier to lose ourselves in the charm

to our core goal. Every action we take is done with this

of a sweet and innocent cat and the beauty that surrounds

goal in mind. The initial process of identifying it can be


tricky and may take some time. It has to be at the core There can be no more distraction – Dharma has

of what motivates any of us to do anything. It's all about

jumped down and gone off in search of his next

the way we want to touch the world, the way we want

unsuspecting playmate and the pile waits for our attention.

to be touched and the legacy we want to leave behind.

It always amazes me how much freedom we gain from clearing out, and how this opens us up to opportunities that we could not see before. Once you have identified your core goal, you have to stay committed to fulfilling it as you walk it out into your life. Lou and I share the same goal; it's to walk in beauty, and we are both fully committed to it. The choices we make, the decisions we take and the way we prioritise our life is always done within this intent. So on to the next step, identifying which parts of the pile satisfy our goal of adding beauty to life and which parts need to be recycled into compost. This is not always an easy thing to do. We have attachments to everything in our pile, or they wouldn't be there. In tackling the pile we may need support, guidance or perhaps even a kick in the butt because we can easily fall into dysfunctional habits, behaviours or distractions. It can be uncomfortable to let go of what we know so well. Resistance, procrastination and fear may creep in. It is important to keep cleaning out the pile because if we let it grow, we see less of the world around us and we become weighed down. In extreme cases this could develop into a life crisis, falling ill, having an accident or losing a source of income. These situations are a wake-up call to pay attention to what needs to change for us to be happy, healthy and hopeful about ourselves and our lives. The commitment we have to ourselves and our goal is the key to moving through life effectively. It always amazes me how much freedom we gain from clearing out, and how this opens us up to opportunities that we could not see before. O

How to establish your core goal Set some time aside for yourself. Take a notebook and find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed. Once you are ready to begin, connect to the earth below your feet, the sky above your head and feel life in the nature around you. Relax your body and mind. Place your left hand on your navel and your right hand over your heart. Allow yourself to connect to the intent 'to establish your core goal'. You may state it aloud, or pray – there is no right or wrong so trust what you feel. Connect to your heart and ask yourself: 'What are the 10 things I love to do the most?' Write each of them down. Now look at each item you have listed and write down how it makes you feel, what you love about it or what you gain by doing it. When you are complete, go through your notes and start looking for the common thread, something that weaves its way through everything you have listed. Write down whatever it is you can identify. Use words that feel right, keep it simple. Break it down into a short phrase or a three-word sentence. Read it aloud. Tweak it until it feels good. Is this what makes your heart sing? Does it satisfy you and bring you joy and happiness? If not, go back and look at your notes again until you feel it singing in your heart. Once you have found it, you will know. Now make a commitment to yourself to walk this core goal out into your life.

The Face of the Goddess A weekend workshop to honour the Sacred Feminine

30, 31 August & 1 September 2013 Journey into the wisdom of your womb to touch the mystery and magick of what lies within Connect to the natural gifts of who you are and awaken to the full expression of your heart's desire.


African Medicine Wheel Astrology Learn about your personal Birth Constellation Medicine Wheel 13, 14 & 15 September 2013 Journey to meet all 8 animals on your wheel and have them awakened into your luminosity Explore what each animal represents so you can consciously work with them to manifest what you desire.

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ODYSSEY 174 • 


ODYSSEY 175 • 



your kids 'eyes Many children struggle unnecessarily at school – all because of undiagnosed visual skill difficulties. Ilse Homan reports.


ision is essential for reading and learning. This is especially true during pre-school and first grade, where the foundation for reading is laid.

Most of us assume that if a child can see the

blackboard, their eyes are fine. Visual performance involves much more than just the ability to see clearly. Have you ever asked yourself the following questions? Do my child's eyes work together as a 'team'; can their eyes stay on target and move together when following a line of print; can their eyes blend images of each eye into one single, clear image; can their eyes adjust their focus from near to far, in rapid succession; does my child omit words, lose lines or reverse letters when reading; does my child hold the book too close, or at an awkward angle when reading; and, does my child use a finger to read? For success in school, children must have other equally important visual skills, besides sharpness of sight or visual acuity. They must also be able to move their eyes together as a 'team' with good co-ordination and follow a line of print without losing their place. They must be able to maintain clear focus as they read or make quick focusing adjustments when looking up to the board and back to their desks. They need to be able to do all of this before they can even start to interpret and accurately process what they are seeing. Children with visual skill difficulties often struggle unnecessarily in school. Their 'hidden' vision problem is keeping them from performing at grade level, yet teachers and parents often fail to make the connection between poor reading and vision. A comprehensive visual examination is an essential first step in addressing this entirely treatable problem.

ODYSSEY 176 • 


Visual skills & learning Up to 25% of all children have a visual problem significant enough to affect their performance at school. As many as 80% of children who are struggling with reading, including those considered to be dyslexic, show a deficiency in one or more of the basic visual skills. Only 14% of children have had a comprehensive visual examination by first grade. O For more info see advert opposite.

What does a comprehensive visual exam for children entail? Acuity (distance and near): the ability to see clearly and distinctly, in the distance as well as near (especially reading distance).

Refraction: any inaccuracy of the eye to focus light onto the back of the retina can lead to conditions where children struggle to see the board, or have difficulty focusing at near reading distances.

Binocular (eye 'teaming') skills: the ability of the eyes to aim, move and work together in unison.

Stereopsis: the ability of the brain to integrate the images from both eyes, which affects depth perception.

Focusing skills: the ability of the eyes to maintain clear vision at different distances.

Eye fixation & tracking skills: the ability of the eyes to look at and accurately follow an object or line of print.

Convergence & divergence: the ability of the eyes to accurately aim inwards and outwards while maintaining focus between different distances.

Colour vision: the ability to differentiate colours.

'We are passionate about optometry, and will always have a very special interest in Paediatric Optometry.' Ilse Homan

IM Optical Optometrist

ODYSSEY 177 • 



The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day Terry Prachett, Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen Edbury Press • 978 0 0919 4979 2

'It's Wizards vs Priests in a Battle for the Future of Roundworld' proclaims the subtitle of this one. Another in Prachett's famed series, this one will appeal to the kids and the kid in all of us. If you've never engaged with the Discworld series, maybe this is the place to start, then work your way through the rest of the series – and there are a lot of other books, so expect a long sojourn into Prachett's hugely successful and amusingly detailed magical world of weirdness and wonder. Lots of fun.

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters Rick Riordan Puffin • 978 0 1413 1914 8

Percy Jackson has had an unnervingly quiet school year. But then he discovers that the magical borders protecting Half Blood Hill are failing. Unless something is done, the camp will be attacked by demons and monsters. The only way to restore power to the camp's borders is to find the mythical Golden Fleece. And the only person who can undertake this dangerous quest is Percy. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters is the second title in the Percy Jackson series and will be released as a major motion picture in August 2013. Click here for the trailer.

CATCHING FIRE Suzanne Collins Scholastic Press • 978 0 4390 2349 8

In Catching Fire, the second novel in the Hunger Games trilogy, Collins continues the story of Katniss Everdeen, testing her more than ever before and surprising readers at every turn. Against all odds, Katniss has won the Hunger Games. She and fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark are miraculously still alive. Katniss should be relieved, happy even. After all, she has returned to her family and her longtime friend, Gale. Yet nothing is the way Katniss wishes it to be. Gale holds her at an icy distance and Peeta has turned his back on her completely. And there are whispers of a rebellion against the Capitol – a rebellion that Katniss and Peeta may have helped create. Much to her shock, Katniss has fueled an unrest she's afraid she cannot stop. And what scares her even more is that she's not entirely convinced she should try. As time draws near for Katniss and Peeta to visit the districts on the Capitol's cruel Victory Tour, the stakes are higher than ever. If they can't prove without a shadow of a doubt that they are lost in their love for each other, the consequences will be horrifying.

ODYSSEY 178 • 


TimeRiders: The Mayan Prophecy Alex Scarrow Puffin • 978 0 1413 3719 7

This is the eighth book in the bestselling TimeRiders series by Alex Scarrow and is perfect for fans of Doctor Who and Indiana Jones. In this one, Maddy finally unlocks fragments of the secret that Becks has been holding on to, the TimeRiders start to piece together their true purpose. Racing through time to connect the clues, the team discover a Mayan tribe and an ancient relic that provides a vital link to the past and future. But not all the TimeRiders can cope with the discovery, and one threatens to bring them all down if they can act out their revenge.

Welcome to the Real World! Alex Ferguson-Williams & Lisa Kretschmer Zebra Press • 978 1 7702 2526 8

If you are about to leave school, or about to leave home for the first time, this is a guide you need to pop into your backpack or handbag. With practical advice on topics including travel, accommodation, studies, employment, finance, and personal health and safety, and written by two young women who have 'been there and done that', no one about to leave home for the first time should be without it. Easy to dip into to find the right advice at the right time. With this book in hand you will never have to call your parents in despair and hear the words: ‘Why don’t you know this?’ Essential reading if you are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

in the land of katchoo The Mighty Elephant 978 1 4314 0759 0 The Leopard & Bushbaby 978 1 4314 0761 3 Saving the Rhino 978 1 4314 0760 6 Tina Scotford Illustrated by Frans Groenewald Jacana

Author Tina Scotford and illustrator Frans Groenewald delight with three more books in this series of wildly comical stories set in the fictional Land of Kachoo. The rhyming verse and quirky illustrations invite the reader to linger in the Land of Kachoo along with the lovable characters. These enchanting books will charm the child in everyone. Available at

ODYSSEY 179 • 


artist spotlight

Art that feeds

the soul

There is a primordeal human attachment to light, and we cherish anything that bears it – gemstones, crystal, lacquered wood, the living brightness of the human eye. And we have no better metaphor than light gives us for making vivid the way spirit animates matter. Edna Fourie calls her paintings 'light gatherers'. We take a look.


tepping from the McGregor main road into the airy light-filled space, Edna's gallery feels more

finding tiny yellow ochre bird footprints across the canvas are never accidents, rather useful directives. It is a cosmic wisdom which flows through me not from me. I feel my life experiences have prepared me to be a receptive channel.' A permanent collection of paintings anchor the story

of Edna's art. The work is both personal and universal. It tells the story of transformation/rebirth which we are going through on this planet at present. Collectively they carry a message of hope and confirmation. 'I have consciously chosen to follow my own path as an artist rather than the commercial or establishment route. My gallery [est. 2007] is the exclusive home of my art. This has allowed me to stay true to my own vision and pace. I feel I have found my life's purpose by following my passion and using it to create a sanctuary of sorts for others.' The gallery is where Edna and her art connect with the world. Home and studio are on her farm in a converted barn set in an endless 'empty' space of Renosterveld and sky. It is in this silence and 'nothingness' that she creates her art. Living intimately with nature is what nourishes and sustains her. O Visit her website for more.

like a sanctuary. Her oil paintings glow softly

in the stillness, revealing themselves layer upon layer. Luminosity seems to emanate from the paintings, giving them, through the deep meaning light has for man, a spiritual identity. These paintings have not sprung from clever intellectual complexity, but rather from heart-felt directness. 'Each painting is a birth and a spiritual encounter. It could start with a word or an image which suddenly jumps out at me repeatedly, or it could be a stain on the canvas. It is a very slow process of unfolding which demands a lot of courage, risk-taking and allowing. Spilled paint, a slip of the brush or

ODYSSEY 180 • 


'I feel when I paint, each brush stroke is infused with energy flowing through me to the painting where it is stored – and then redistributed to the receptive viewer.'




Venus Birthing

The Final Cut

Release (an installation made from found objects natural and manmade)


Earth Angel


Taking flight


LifeCoaching&Mentoring We all need assistance at times in our lives to help us move forward. Heal Your Life coaches are uniquely trained to listen deeply, guide you through releasing limitations, and empowering you with the skills to transform your life. It is truly a priceless gift to work with a Heal Your Life Coach.


Heal Your Life Coach can help you improve

authorised by Hay House. Ashika Singh, who is the course

every area of life – relationships, health, financial

leader, is authorised to licence trainees. There is no-one

well-being, business success, spiritual growth, and

overall living life more fully. Many people talk about what they want and never take the steps to get there. There are many different reasons:

else in SA authorised to do this, so you can be assured that the training is approved and recognised by Louise Hay and her publishing company.

limiting beliefs, not believing it's possible, lack of emotional,

Quality of the course leader

mental and spiritual skills, not being able to set priorities

We are very privileged to have Ashika Singh facilitating the

and manage activities, and procrastination. Heal Your

teacher training for us in SA. She is an inspirational teacher

Life coaching, workshops and study groups can help you

who is highly qualified with a great deal of experience,

overcome all of these blocks.

enthusiasm and love for the work. We believe she is the

Heal Your Life coaches promote the development of

very best Heal Your Life Teacher Trainer and will assist

inner skills like meditation, visualisation, and affirmations,

you to become a successful Heal Your Life workshop

more than other coaching programs. While the Law of

leader. The best person you want to learn from is the one

Attraction concept is a part of many coaching programs

that already has successfully taught the work and has

these days, Louise's work has always included this concept.

professional recognition and an exceptional reputation.

We also offer training courses whereby you too can reach

Ashika's standing is such that Hay House has entered into

out and assist others on their journey.

a unique licensing program that authorises her exclusively

Why train as a Heal Your Life workshop leader?

to train and license Heal Your Life workshop leaders in Louise Hay's powerful and life-changing philosophy.

to your own personal growth. The teacher training is

Ethical guidelines for the workshop leaders

most definitely for you if you have found Louise Hay's

We are committed to the professional standards of the

philosophies a positive influence in your life and you have

licensed Heal Your Life workshop leaders and to this

a strong desire to share this work with others. Participants

end we ask each one to commit by signing the Ethical

come from a wide variety of backgrounds: some are at the

Guidelines which is a clear professional framework in which

beginning of their careers, there are others ready to make a

our teachers are expected to conduct themselves.

You will find the course invaluable if you are committed

career change or there are those who wish to integrate their learning into existing careers. One thing they all have in

Quality of the course content

common is a desire to make a difference and a commitment

There are many reasons for the success of our training,

and passion to help themselves and others.

not least the exceptional quality of the course content.

Quality assured It is the only South African Heal Your Life Teacher Training

The materials you receive and the ongoing support further enhance the quality of the course. You will benefit from hands on experience gained on the 8-days training, which

not only gives you the confidence to start delivering the

receive, not only financially, but also on a personal level,

work but also ensures that you are at a professional

are limitless.

standard that will benefit those attending your workshops and study groups. We are convinced that our training

An investment in yourself

course is the best available in this field and its reputation

You may gain wonderful insights from reading books

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and listening to CDs but to then share the information

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each year we are over subscribed.

training to deepen your knowledge and experience. The

A possible new part-time or full-time career path

investment in your learning will in turn ensure that your clients are receiving from you the very best you can give them.

It is both gratifying and rewarding to choose and develop a career path that gives you personal as well as professional satisfaction. The skills, knowledge and experience you gain at the training are yours to integrate in your life in whatever way you choose, they go with you wherever you go. You have the freedom to use them as you please: you can decide how many groups you

The Heal Your Life South Africa Training Program for workshop leaders and life coaches is facilitated by Ashika Singh who currently holds an exclusive license as the only trainer for workshop leaders in SA. This dynamic team of teachers offer a variety of courses for all ages. Contact for more, or locate a teacher near you from the directory below.

run, how often, how large and where. The rewards you

GAUTENG ASHIKA SINGH 078 533 0922 Sandton ALCAN 079 260 2000 Jhb/Soweto ASHIKA RUBSIAWON 083 320 1939 E Rand CASSANDRA QUEEN 071 492 9122 Fourways FATIMA BIBI SEEDAT 082 533 3303 E Rand JOY HILTON 083 482 4254 Fourways KAREN SCOTT 082 829 7091 Houghton MANESH NAGAR 082 852 5017 W Rand MONIQUE PAULO 083 354 2554


082 813 7301



071 013 9548

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Parktown/Lenasia VARUSHKA BERMAL 083 479 6180 Randburg VRAJA KISHORI 079 999 0879 Centurion ZUNAID KARA 071 123 0681 W Rand

WESTERN CAPE DEBBIE SCHWEIZER 082 567 5080 Cape Town GADIJA ACHMAT 082 926 0733 S Suburbs JEAN HAWMAN 083 293 8861 N Suburbs SHARON McNALLY 084 502 3579 S Suburbs SHIRLEY EDMONDS 083 326 7763

Somerset West



Are YOU interested in becoming a workshop facilitator or life coach? Email: Upcoming dates for 2013 are: 6-13 September 2013 Johannesburg



in your hands

Swiss-based hand analyst Jena Griffiths gives us a glimpse into our own psyche and true nature by exploring mythological archetypes visible in our hands. We find out more in this interview with her.

ODYSSEY 184 • 


How can our hands reveal mythological archetypes and why is this useful? Hands show how the brain is wired, and surprisingly the basic patterns are the same as the archetypes of ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Each of the gods and goddesses had a different role to play in the grand scheme of things. Knowing which type you are associated with goes a long way to helping you figure out your place in the world. It's also useful to know that all archetypes have both light and dark sides. You can express your strengths positively or negatively. Knowing this helps you shift towards a more positive expression of your natural strengths. (Note: most of the archetypes have two

From left: Figure 1 – where the ring finger is longer than the index finger this indicates that Apollo is the dominant archetype • Figure 2 – where the index finger is much longer than the ring finger, it indicates the Zeus type.

names, one Greek and one Roman. Greek names are used so the types aren't confused with the planets and

had the vision of an eagle and could throw thunderbolts


at anyone who made him angry, and so on. If you are a Zeus type you don't like other people telling you what to

How can you tell which god or goddess you are

do and you need to be in control of your own world. Zeus

associated with?

types make natural leaders but they don't always like

A quick look at your own hands can help you figure out

to be in the spotlight. Often they are behind the scenes

your dominant type. We'll start by looking at an average

running the show.

hand, with no dominant types, and then we'll compare

Jupiter qualities: power, influence, leadership, ambition,

our own hands while looking for obvious differences.

independence, respect, territory, status, vision.

Notice where the lines are drawn on figure 1. On

There are several subsets of this type depending

an average hand, the index finger and ring finger are

on your overall hand shape. Such as, master of my

both the same length, both being slightly shorter than

domain, big ideas/visionary types, red queen/demanding

the middle finger and each reaching midway up the top

choreographer and man or woman of action.

section of the middle finger. I've drawn a line indicating

Shadow side: Inappropriate thunderbolts. For example,

average length of the ring and index fingers – notice on

the archetype of the red queen who chops off people's

figure 1 that the ring finger is much longer than average

head on a whim.

and the index is shorter and how the ring finger extends above the line, marking the average length. This means that, in this example, the ring finger is the dominant finger, and the archetype associated with that finger is

Saturn/Cronus Types

Apollo, and is the dominant archetype.

Zeus Types The middle finger is usually longer than the index and ring fingers but if your middle finger is much longer than average, then Saturn is your dominant archetype. Saturn was the old god who ate his children, goes the myth. He In figure 2, note how the index finger is much longer than

was also god of agriculture: 'As you sow so you reap'.

the ring finger. This shows that Zeus (also called Jupiter)

Saturn energy is all about value: time, detail, money,

is the dominant archetype.

systems, structure, responsibility, and consequences. It's

Zeus was king of the gods and ruled the heavens. He

also about security and on the shadow side, pessimism.

ODYSSEY 185 • 


If Saturn is your dominant finger you're good at

(making it from a tortoise shell) and on the same day

creating structure and systems. Once again the form this

stole his brother Apollo's cattle by making them walk

takes depends on your basic hand shape.

backwards in their tracks to obscure their tracks. He

Examples of Saturn types: Earth + Saturn = the forest

bribed a man who had seen him to be silent.

ranger; air + Saturn = The professor; water + Saturn = the musician; and fire + Saturn = Hephaestus.

This myth explains several of the Mercury archetypes: quick sharp and clever, ingenious ideas (inventing the lyre), the trickster, and the sandbagger (playing innocent).

Apollo types

Mercury is also known as the guide of the dead to the Underworld. He was the only god who could move between worlds. He is the protector of thieves, travellers and merchants. (Note: There are several very different hand shape archetypes related to earth and Mercury. For example, doctor, lawyer, businessman, guide, sandbagger or just plain smart. These variations depend on other elements in the hand. For example, refined texture, gift markers –

If your ring finger is dominant then Apollo is your main archetype. Apollo was the God of music, poetry, sun and light. He was the eldest and favourite son of Zeus (represented by the planet Jupiter). He was always seeking to be Zeus's favourite and so tried to win approval by looking good. Apollo characteristics: artistry, creativity, talent, beauty, popularity, display, attraction. The possible shadow sides are: becoming obsessed with appearances, approval, being seen, and social climbing. Examples of Apollo types: The web designer (Apollo + air); the actress (+ fire); the ballet dancer (+ water); the carpenter or artisan (+ earth.)

Hermes Types

lines indicating special talents – and so on.) What about other gods and goddesses? What we've covered so far is really just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous different types and combinations. For example, Venus plus Apollo is the starlet, Venus plus Mercury is the connoisseur and Mars plus Apollo is the hero. Understanding your type and your partner's type gives you a much broader perspective on each other's behaviour. It could even possibly save your marriage or give you more clarity in your career. One reaches a much deeper understanding of yourself or others especially when you combine these personality characteristics with a person's fingerprints (one's soul psychology). That's when you really get to the deeper core of a person's psyche, such life purpose and how to release the 'brakes' in your life to live your best life. This helps people align themselves with their deeper calling to ward off burnout or depression. Where did this system originate and how can one learn more? This system was developed by Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis. It's a

If your pinkie finger is longer than a line parallel to the crease marking the upper joint on the ring finger, then Hermes/Mercury is your dominant archetype. This means you are mercurial, quick witted and possibly scheming. Mercury, also known in Greek mythology as Hermes, was the herald/messenger of the gods, skilled in speech and eloquence. A few hours after he was born he invented the lyre

ODYSSEY 186 • 


powerful tool for helping people find their true calling or figure out what's blocking them, is already used by many therapists and coaches in Switzerland and the US and by professional hand analysts trained worldwide through the IIHA. The best place to start is with a foundational course or a professional intensive. This is the first step to becoming a certified professional hand analyst. O See advert opposite for more.

International Institute of Hand Analysis Accredited 3-day Course VENUE & DATE

Johannesburg, October 18-20 ABOUT Day 1 we'll focus on personality archetypes and what happens when these collide. Day 2 is on determining life purpose from fingerprints. Day 3 we'll learn to combine these two systems in an empowering way. The course includes two IIHA manuals plus additional material.

The course is for healers, therapists, coaches or anyone working with people who are searching for deeper meaning and purpose. It's also for people interested in self-discovery and living one's best life. It will help you make quick changes in your own life and teach you how to help others do the same.

Testimonials 'I value so very much all the work you have put into creating this course. It is all truly remarkable. In deep appreciation.' Joyah French, US 'I have to tell you that I am loving your program. It is providing me with such a solid foundation from which to grow – thank you. Not only has it added to my knowledge base, but I’m also finding the time I spend with the material to be nurturing for myself right now.' Ann Marie Roth, US 'I have been able to make huge changes in my personal life. In fact, the past 6-8 months have been the most accelerated growth I’ve had in many years. I am now taking it a step further and using this tool to help my business and professional growth. Thank you, Jena not only for your ability to skilfully find the heart of the issues but guide us with your amazing words and clarity.' Anuradha S Kowtha, UK Jena will give a talk and short sessions in Johannesburg on Sunday, 6 October.

For more information or to book for the talk, consultations or the course contact Charmaine on cell 084 5103 206. Accommodation is available on the course premises.

For more info contact Charmaine on Tel 041 360 1591, email or visit here. SPECIAL OFFER FOR ODYSSEY READERS*

*Register for the course before 31 August and receive a R1 000 discount and a FREE 12-week foundational course online, valued at R4 000.

Life Purpose & Self Discovery Hand Analysis

ODYSSEY 187 • 



Conscious The idea of incorporating Kim Dreyer's artistic visions as well as her own inner spiritual journey inspired her to create the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck. Through this deck she hopes others will find their own truth and unique spiritual path. This is her story.


am a fantasy artist and graphic designer who was born and raised in the diamond town of Kimberley. Since

a very young age art has been the driving force in my life. After spending over 16 years creating pottery and sculpture, I turned my creative talents to 'wearable art' with my crystal jewellery. Although I still create the occasional commissioned item of jewellery, my greatest joy now is to create whimsical fantasy and fairy paintings and uplifting, visionary, spiritual art and angel paintings. It is important to me that my creations are not only visually pleasing but are imbued with a sense of spirit, nature, and love, and touch the viewer on a deeper level. My own soul path is to live a more conscious life and to connect with nature and spirit in whatever ways I can. I currently live in the tranquil village of Montagu, SA, where the surrounding mountains inspire my creative energies. My creative process is both intuitive and deeply meditative. I have always had a passionate interest in the supernatural, fantasy, and esoteric world as well as a deep love of nature. The idea of incorporating my artistic visions as well as my own inner spiritual journey inspired me to create the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck. Through this deck I hope others will find their own truth and unique spiritual path. My work is available online and through selected outlets worldwide. I am available for commissions for a variety of artwork, from soul portraits to book covers. O

ODYSSEY 188 • 



 2

We have 2 signed decks each in an organza drawstring bag with a quartz crystal, valued at R250 each to give away. Email here with your name and address by 20 September 2013 to stand a chance to win.

ODYSSEY 189 • 


r e v i e w s

Kuan Yin Oracle Alana Fairchild 978 0 9872041 8 9 Whispers of Love Angela Hartfield 978 922161 10 9 Oracles of the Mermaid Lucy Cavendish 978 1 922161 03 1 Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck Kim Dreyer 978 1 57281 724 1 When using divination cards of any kind it is wise to do so

or those that have stunning pictures; in my case I used the Kuan

with sincerity; for you are consciously engaging in a personal

Yin Oracle Cards at first. These cards carry a wonderful vibration

Q&A situation and thereby this 'holy moment' should always

of the goddess of compassion and all the illustrations are quite

be entered into with respect. That is certainly what I do. So,

simply amazing. I even went as far as to research the artist to

when I began the process, a pressing matter was tabled

see if she had more art pieces for me to delight in. I will proudly

as a heartfelt issue upon my heart, and I was – as usual –

treasure this deck of cards for a long time to come. However,

totally encompassed in understanding and profound guidance.

sometimes it is an interesting exercise to try more than one

Something as seemingly simple as merely asking a question,

pack of cards, seeing that they are all unique and thereby they

offered me in return deep nurturance and direction. I tend

give one different information that can be equally helpful and

to take this engagement quite seriously and do not enter this

inspiring. In this case I also used, Whispers of Love oracle cards,

sacred ritual again until all that has been revealed to me is

Oracle of the Mermaids and Conscious Spirit, all of which I

complete. Naturally one resonates with particular types of cards

thoroughly enjoyed and I adore all the stunning images.

The titles on this page, as well as Goddess and Gaia on the following page and CDs on page 192 are all available from Blue Angel Publishing or in Cape Town, or JHB

ODYSSEY 190 • 


Goddess: The Eternal Feminine – Within Life & Nature Toni Carmine Salerno

re-emergence is associated with the

Where on Earth is Heaven? Jonathan Stedall

need to address issues surrounding

Hawthorn Press • 978 1 9034 5890 7

Blue Angel • 978 1 9221 6104 8

the environment. This book celebrates

This is a book about a personal journey;

This book is an inspirational work

the Earth Goddess and her oneness

a journey into spiritual awakening. While

capturing the eternal Goddess in

with creation and nature. Again Toni

it is personal, it is also universal. With

image and word. This highly emotive

Carmine Salerno has captured in both

so many of the underpinnings of the

work takes you on a journey of self

image and word the energy and beauty

‘collective belief system’ or consensus

exploration and delightful recognition

of the Goddess. Incorporating ancient

reality being put into question – from

as you connect with the sacred

symbolism, Toni offers the opportunity to

the way the world’s economy works to

energy of the Goddess in all her

delve deep within the psyche in order

whether there is life after death – this

beauty and wisdom. Toni Carmine

to rediscover our instinctive connection

book asks those questions that are

Salerno's ability to inspire women to

with the Earth Goddess. In so doing, we

pertinent to all of us. Tolstoy, the famed

capture the essence of the Goddess

are reminded of our responsibility to

Russian author, once questioned why

through his beautiful illustrations and

protect and nurture our beautiful earth

he should bother to try to do anything


and to celebrate and respect the ebb

at all with his life, given the inevitability

and flow of earth’s natural cycles.

of decay and death. This is all about



of the Earth. In recent times, this idea has re-emerged and for many this


all the more poignant as it awakens the deep longing and recognition

have reached, is that the awakening

A Narrow Escape From An Ordinary Life Grace G Payge

and re-emergence of the Feminine

Self-published • 978 0 6205 4531 0

Divine will by universal law awaken

When Grace, an overweight, stressed

the Masculine Divine thereby creating

and depressed young woman finds

much needed unity both individually

herself in a London hospital suffering

and collectively.

from burnout, she decides it is time

of the Sacred Masculine. So, having glimpsed this journey, the conclusion I

to review her life. This brutally honest

Gaia: Body & Soul Toni Carmine Salerno

and revealing story is her account of her search for spiritual enlightenment.

Blue Angel • 978 0 9802 8654

Reading it, you become acquainted

This is Salerno’s second offering and

not only with Grace herself, but also with

is as inspiring as his first (reviewed

the varying spiritual paths one could

above). Creation mythology is universal



We have 3 copies of A Narrow Escape From an Ordinary Life to give away. Send an email here with your name and postal address by 25 September 2013 to stand a chance of winning.








cultures associated the earth with the Sacred Feminine. Gaia, or Goddess

life, the reasons for it, and what the deeper meaning of it may be. For those with a philosophical bent, this may be the perfect book for this time.

Multi-Dimensional Perception: Journeys Into Different Dimensions of Reality Jimmy Henderson Kima Global • 978 0 9814 2788 1

This sequel to Henderson’s previous work,



offers to take you to the next level of human functioning. This one appears to be aimed at the more advanced adventurer in human consciousness experiences. The ultimate purpose of the book is to bring about a full awakening to the understanding that

ODYSSEY 191 • 


r e v i e w s this reality we experience is manifested,

some serious changes in their life – and

to do the necessary serious inner work.

ultimately, through our own minds. If that

in the lives of those affected by them.

Available from Blue Angel Music.

The Fairy Godmother's Guide to Getting What You Want Donna McCallum

Music of the Whales Robert J Boyd

doesn’t make intuitive sense, perhaps you should read this one. If it does, and you want to optimise your conscious use of your mind to change your reality, then this is definitely the one for you.

The 10-Step Stress Solution: Live More, Relax More, Re-energise Neil Shah

and fulfillment, then this may well be the book for you as those are the goals of the author in writing it – to help people who want to take responsibility for their

Are you too busy to get everything

lives, to figure out what they really want

done? Do you lie sleepless thinking

from life and how to get that. It’s not, say

about all the things that you haven’t

the author, another piece of pop-psych

got to or which are overdue? Do you

offering you a ‘drug dealer’ quick-fix

feel helpless and overwhelmed by the

version of getting your life right, but

pace of life and your crazy schedule?

rather a tried and tested series of steps

Well, join the club because a huge and

that require your dedicated application

growing number of people feel exactly

but which have a real chance of helping

as you do. The answer? Read the subtitle

you help yourself. Like all such books,

to this one: 'live more, relax more and

it either works for you or it doesn’t,

re-energise'. Sounds trite, but still true.

depending on your resonance with the

This is one of the keys to managing our

author and the approach taken. Take a

rush-around lives. Read this one and

look when next you get a chance and

perhaps cope a bit better.

see if this one is a fit for you.

Lutge Media • 978 0 6206 2549 4

This book is designed to enhance your

This is a specific CD for meditation, of

vision and enlarge your boundaries of

which there are four options to choose

self-development. It is meant to help


you become the most effective version

meditations are the same length and

of yourself so that not only do you feel

although Alana Fairchild is Australian

fulfilled but so that you can go out and

in intonation, she is a gentle and quite

make a real difference in the world. The

clearly an experienced guide. Isis is a

enthusiasm and inspiration of the author

strong Goddess energy to be aligned

are infectious – just the thing for anyone

with and therefore this CD requires

lacking the drive to get up and make

mindful application when one is ready




se and here he expertly blends his beautiful instrumentation with that of the sounds of the humpback whales calling. It is supremely gentle and most pleasing to the ear; easily enticing the listener deep within. The last track is specifically meant to be a 30 minute meditation to delicately guide one to a place of profound peace. Highly recommended. Available from Blue Angel Music.

Aqua: A Musical Journey to the Exquisite Stillness of Being Elvina Munir & Daeva Skye A




ambient harp and flute music by

Isis: Power of the Priestess Healing Meditations Alana Fairchild

ODYSSEY 192 • 

If what you want is to find happiness

Random House Struik • 978 0 0919 3996 0

Impossible is Nothing! Peggy Mahlaba


Oshun Books • 978 1 7702 0021 0

Robert Boyd is a gifted composer per




humback whale song, Aqua is a musical journey to the exquisite stillness of being – a state of joyful peace and pure bliss. This music is inspired by the beloved whales and dolphins who – through their presence – bring joy, love and healing into our lives. Available from Angel Music.



the Art of Living’s breathing techniques, processes & knowledge you can:


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Sacred life-changing interventions handed down from ancient times

The Art of Living Foundation, founded by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is an international nonprofit organisation dedicated to serving society by strengthening the individual. The Art of Living works in special consultative status with the UN. Call the national office on (011) 781 7687 Visit 035-041-NPO


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Hypnotherapy Coaching Regression Dr Cecile Gericke, is a registered psychologist using hypnotherapy. She combines sound scientific methods and a holistic mind / body / spirit approach to enhance human growth and potential. Dr Cecile works with 15 modalities. She is also the president of SASCH (South African Society for Clinical Hypnosis) Accommodating hours. 011 787 3996 • 079 133 8490 • •

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Paulo's Column

Notes on my

Inexistent diary Paulo Coelho shares some personal inspirations.

ODYSSEY 196 • 


The ceremony of tea

Blaming others

In Japan, I took part in the well known 'tea ceremony'.

All of us have already heard our mother saying about us:

We entered a small room. We admired the teapot. The

'My son did that because he lost his mind, but deep down,

tea was served, and that was it. However, everything

he is a very good person.'

was done in a unique ceremonial manner, in which a

One thing is blaming ourselves for thoughtless

quotidian practice became a moment of communion with

actions of our own. Blaming ourselves does not take us

the universe. Okakusa Kasuko explains: 'The ceremony is

anywhere. Another thing, however, is to forgive ourselves

about adoring the beautiful and the simple. All its effort

for everything we do. Acting that way, we will never be

is concentrated on trying to reach the perfect through the

capable of correcting our path. There is something called

imperfect gestures of our daily life.'

common sense, and we should judge the result of our

If a mere meeting to drink tea can bring us closer to

attitudes and not the intentions we had as we did them.

God, it is wise to be alert to the many other opportunities

Deep down, everybody is good, but that does not matter.

life offers us to get there.

Jesus said: 'Every tree is known by its fruit.' An old Arab proverb says: 'God judges the tree for its

Begging Alms

fruits, not for its roots.'

It is part of the Zen Buddhist monks' training to carry out something known as takuhatsu – a pilgrimage to begging

The power of the word

alms. In addition to helping monasteries that live off

Of all the powerful destruction weapons man was able

donations and compel disciples to become humble, this

to invent, the most terrible – and most cowardly one – is

practice still has another meaning: purify the city in which

the word. Daggers and firearms leave blood vestiges.

the monks live.

Bombs shake buildings and streets. Poisons end up being

That is so because, according to the Zen philosophy,

detected. But destructive words awaken evil, leaving

donor, beggar and alms are part of an important chain of

no clues. Children are conditioned over years by their

balance. The one who begs, does it because he needs it.

parents; artists are mercilessly criticised; women are

The one who gives, acts that way because he needs it

systematically massacred by the commentaries of their

as well. Alms serve as a connection between two needs,

husbands; and the faithful are kept away from religion

whereas the city's environment improves as soon as

by those who judge themselves capable of interpreting

everyone takes the actions that need to be taken.

the voice of God. Question whether you are using this weapon and watch out if it is being used against you. And do not allow any of them. O

The Alchemist has remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 264 consecutive weeks and is currently (August 21, 2013) at 5th position. Paulo Coelho's enchanting novel, The Alchemist, has inspired a devoted following around the world. This story, dazzling in its powerful simplicity and inspiring wisdom, is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago who travels from his homeland in Spain to the Egyptian desert in search of a treasure buried in the Pyramids. Along the way he meets a Gypsy woman, a man who calls himself king, and an alchemist, all of whom point Santiago in the direction of his quest. No one knows what the treasure is, or if Santiago will be able to surmount the obstacles along the way. But what starts out as a journey to find worldly goods turns into a discovery of the treasure found within. Lush, evocative, and deeply humane, the story of Santiago is an eternal testament to the transforming power of our dreams and the importance of listening to our hearts.

©Translated by James Mulholland • Travel with Paulo through his blogs, visit

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FOR READINGS CONTACT 082 823 8358 or 021 712 8540

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Magic fynbos mountain retreat ...sleeps 25-30 people... Ideal for hosting workshops or group getaways. 140sqm function hall. Plus self-catering eco-barn with accomodation for 9-10 people • Tel 021 813 9700 / Skype sybillenagel

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Odyssey Magazine Issue 4, 2013  

South Africa's Leading Lifestyle Magazine

Odyssey Magazine Issue 4, 2013  

South Africa's Leading Lifestyle Magazine